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The Talk to You Later Show

The Talk to You Later Show

By Alex Hicken
Trevor and I produce the Very Hicken Bros. podcast, and that is our flagship podcast; however, we have additional conversations that we want to share to entertain your imagination. We always wanted to share our side conversations. The podcast has always been inspired to share our interesting conversations.
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We cover the Apple & Google events.

The Talk to You Later Show

The Most Significant Events of 2021
We discuss the year of 2021 after a quick topic about Amazon's Alexa, telling a girl to electrocute herself.   Alex's most significant events are the launch of Polkadot and EIP 1559. Trevor's are the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake, the announcement of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the release of the OLED Switch, the launch of the James Webb Telescope, and the Chip Shortage. Nick's are mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens; and the release of Fuji's GFX 100S, Nikon Z9, Canon R3, raising the standard of professional photography.
December 30, 2021
Nick Chao shares Western film inspired melodic sketches.
Merry Christmas. This whole month Nick Chao has been sharing music, and the last two songs feel like Christmas. We discuss the following topics: Truly implements Wisdom: the audio community app's vision better, Final Fantasy XIV is not admitting new subscribers temporary, Should Pokemon make an adult themed game?, My first impressions of the Whoop 4.0 strap, OnlyFans Ghostwriting, and Orchestral Sketches.
December 24, 2021
Nick Chao explores music genres in his new song "Winter Field," a cinematic Christmas theme.
Nick share new songs two weeks in a row! We discuss the following topics: Nintendo OLED Switch Review, Whoop Strap 4.0 delivery delays, new Google and Apple COVID-19 policies, Nodle Cash and Clover Finance Polkadot Crowdloan, Observing Cosmic Creation, and Nick’s new song Winter Field.
December 18, 2021
Nick Chao shares a new song, “Rough Seas.”
The regular crew attends this episode, discussing the following topics: RoomieOfficial is active again back to his more regular schedule, Penguins enjoy a solar eclipse on Antartica, I host a Jag Industrials' SenseCap Helium equipment, Iron Maiden tours with Within Temptation, The annual 5% average staking rewards of Cardano is not enough for me, Instagram is going back to Chronological order, Trevor reviews Pixel leaks, and I interview Nick on his new song that he titles "Rough Sea."
December 15, 2021
Oura Ring 3 Review
This episode was a little wild. Trevor had a bunch of topics. News was a little weak for me. I finished my arch of Acala news last week, and all I had was my Oura Ring experience to share. The following are the topics that Trevor had: GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition's latest patch fixes 117 bugs and 'adds cloud cover' | VGC, Linux Mint 20.3 Arriving Soon with a Surprise New App, Rare Candy is Bitcoin's newest NFT platform, and CERN collider detects neutrino for the first time. I recall that Trevor's topics were hidden until the last minute, so I was unable to craft the conversation better. We discussed the delay of the James Webb Space Telescope. NASA delays launch of new James Webb Space Telescope after 'incident'. Kyler and Nick made same music. Nick has a possible five new song, pending. He is considering publishing them as a collection on a platform. Kyler explained his Twitter post about recreating the first part of 'Ric Flair Drip' in FL Studio BY EAR.
December 05, 2021
Nodle seeks Acala Network's Polkatodot slot auction win momentum with their crowd-loan.
Nick Chao joins us for this Thanksgiving episode. We discuss the following topics: Verizon will begin selling Nreal's augmented reality glasses on November 30th. ( Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive Edition gets a patch. ( Acala Network wins Polkadot's first slot auction. ( Nick discusses the Cowboy Bebop movie.
November 25, 2021
Nodle Cash announces a Token Pre-sale.
I officially announce the affiliation of the podcast and my content with NoName Nerd. ( Trevor raves about the Taco Bell DOUBLE BLACK BEAN GRILLED CHEESE BURRITO. ( I attempt to share my screen on the Google Meet video chat, but my computer crashed. I was trying to show my new NoName Nerd NFTs. They have to do with food. ( I invited Trevor to get one for free from an opportunity on Twitter, since he is a chef, but he is not interested in crypto. ( Trevor and Nick discuss the Game Award Nominees while I recover from my computer from crashing. ( I introduce NoName Nerd. ( Trevor discusses the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake. I discuss the recent announcements of Nodle Cash, redenominating and pre-saling their currency. The November 22nd Nodle Token pre-sale is actually conducted at, but the opportunity is not available for United States residence. Trevor discusses Blizzard's lack of personal integrity; however, he is happy to say that Jeff Kaplan, the producer of Overwatch, "shielded Overwatch devs from 'corporate BS.'" ( Trevor also discusses the Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition. ( Nick sympathizes with Egypt for an infestation of scorpions. ( Lastly, Trevor concludes with one of his classic astrophysics topics: Scientists Surprised by Mysterious Barrier at the Core of our Galaxy. ( The video presentation of this podcast episode is found at the following link:
November 20, 2021
Neeva is a search engine without advertisements.
Kyler joins Nick, Trevor, and I. Trevor discusses the leaked Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake gameplay, and Overwatch's loss of Kyung-bo “Alarm” Kim. I explore Neeva's ecosystem. We also discuss a couple movies. Eternals and Wolfcop were discussed specifically. We also discuss life with Kyler.   Article links below:   Check out the Very Hicken Bros YouTube channel, if you want to see the video chat.
November 11, 2021
Nick shares his new haunting song, "Roses and Lead Paint."
After an awkward start; Trevor, Nick, and I discuss the following topics: Overwatch 2 is delayed again, Nikon and Canon "catch up with Sony" with new mirrorless cameras, My Oura Ring 3 ring size kit arrived, MacBook Pro still tempts Nick, Apple Ad Tracking Transparency reduced social media companies' profits by ten billion, The Acala Crowdloan started Friday November 5, 2021 (, Pixel 6 Pro review, and Nick explains his new song "Roses and Lead Paint."
November 06, 2021
Oura Ring introduces their third generation product.
I installed Windows 11 on my work laptop, and I share my first impressions. Trevor almost got his Pixel 6 Pro. We discuss the new features of the third generation of the Oura ring are. ( Something Really Wants Our Attention: One Cosmic Object Emitted 1,652 Fast Radio Bursts in 47 Days. ( PS5 and Xbox Shortages Could Last Until 2023. ( Lastly, Nick recommends that you listen to Rat by Ghost. ( The YouTube video chat episode of this recording can be found at the Very Hicken Bros channel and the following link:
October 28, 2021
We cover the Apple & Google events.
This episode 3 of season 5 shows the rare recording of all four team members. We discuss many things, catching up with Trevor and Kyler. We discuss the following topics: obtaining a email address, preparing for the Acala Crowdloan, the Pixel 6 announcement, Apple's M1 Pro and Max announcement, and Muse S Gen 2 ( We have many other discussions like Lucifer, the TV show; the oldest gamma-ray; James Webb Space Telescope, and more.
October 21, 2021
Polkadot auctions their first 5 parachain slots, starting November 11, 2021.
This is the second episode of season five of the Very Hicken Bros. We finally have a video to share! ( This has been Trevor's vision for the podcast basically since the beginning. Neither Kyler or Trevor were available to join Nick and I. We discussed the following topics: Polkadot Sets Date for Hotly Anticipated Parachain Auctions (, Apple events and products, Nokia's release of the brick phone (, and FanX (
October 15, 2021
DC Comics is giving free NFTs for their FanDome event.
We are starting Season 5, planning to publish a video along with our livestreamed audio. Kyler couldn't join the livestream for an odd reason. We discuss the following topics: Wisdom: an audio community app, launching next week; Google announces October 19 event to fully launch Pixel 6 - 9to5Google (; Android 12 Beta; Ghost - Hunter's Moon (Official Music Video) - YouTube; and DC, giving free Ethereum NFTs (
October 08, 2021
iPhone 13 Pro review by Nick Chao
Trevor and Nick talk about their favorite phones. Nick reviews the new iPhone 13 Pro, and Trevor discusses Google's Pixel 6 ( The astrophysics news of the week is that "Scientists Accidentally Discovered Hidden Galaxies At the Edge of Time" (
September 28, 2021
I claimed my NFT, celebrating the launch of Kusama Parachains.
Kyler had to cover for someone this evening, so he can’t join us. Nick joins the Very Hicken Bros, discussing the following topics: Nick’s “A Dark World” series of pictures, Birdboy by Vidam (, STEELSERIES ARTIS PRIME(, Apple Event - September 14, 2021 (, & Mysterious repeating radio signal discovered in the center of the Milky Way (
September 16, 2021
Most of the Olympics' facilities in Japan are powered by Hydrogen.
Nick Chao ( joins us for this fun conversation. We talk about the following topics: Japanese Government Appoints a Vaporeon as Its Water Ambassador (, Corning Inc. unveils new Augmented Reality automotive glass, partnership with Hyundai (, Netflix is reportedly developing a live-action Pokémon series (, and Hydrogen is Powering the Olympic Village – Heat, Electric, and Lights That Are a Model of Japanese Innovation (  Kyler shared the following song:
July 31, 2021
Kyler explains how Virtual Riot may have influenced Dubstep.
Kyler ( joined us for the fourth episode of the Talk to You Later Show season four, according to Trevor. We talked about the following topics: Marko: Beyond Brave - an epic hand-drawn metroidvania (, Kyler's new computer, Pine64's $30 Linux Smartwatch Launches (, Microsoft Quietly Released Its Own Linux Distro (, Verizon is also switching to Android Messages as default for RCS (, Android 12, Pokémon Unite launches for Nintendo Switch next week (, Lightyear One to be manufactured in Finland by Valmet Automotive (, Ukrainian cryptocurrency mining operation with 3,800 PS4 Slims was actually designed for grinding FIFA Ultimate Team coins (, New Coheed and Cambria song - Shoulders. (, Evolution of Dubstep (, Chrome OS hardware is getting weird — and that's just the way we like it (, DuckDuckGo launches new Email Protection service to remove trackers (, We Just Got an Image of a Plasma Jet From Another Supermassive Black Hole, And Whoa (, and Cosmic fireworks in nearby galaxies shine light on star formation (
July 22, 2021
The Livestreamed Introduction to Nick's Song, "Promise the World"
Nick joins us for our third livestream on the Talk to You Later Show. We talk about the following things: The Black Widow movie, the Gameboy Advance in 2021, Final Fantasy XIV Is So Popular Even The Digital Version Sold Out (, YATS ARE NOW NATIVE URLS ON OPERA — Yat (, Report: Google Pixel Foldable, others will use ultra-thin glass (, Billionaire Jackass Space Race,, Kepler Seems to Have Detected a Bunch of Rogue Planets Drifting Through The Galaxy (, and Promise the World (Nick's New Song).
July 15, 2021
Launching Season 4 of Very Hicken Bros
This is the Season 4 launch episode's livestream on Spotify's Greenroom. The recording is better than I expected. There is a little ASMR. No one joined the livestream, and Trevor was tired, so there is not much extra content in this livestream. We talk about the following topics: Vintage GBA gaming, the new Digimon card game, OFFICIAL PLUSHIES FOR GIGANTAMAX SNORLAX AND GIGANTAMAX GENGAR ANNOUNCED IN JAPAN (, OnePlus 9 Pro gets delisted from Geekbench for benchmark manipulation (OnePlus responds)  (, This 5G-controlled car will roll up and expect you to drive (, Nothing’s debut earbuds will cost $99 and feature noise cancellation (, Aircar Successfully Flies Intercity, Then Transforms Into Car and Drives Off (, Scientists Found a New Type of Space Explosion, 10x More Energetic Than a Supernova (
July 10, 2021
First Livestreamed Podcast
Karan joins our Spotify Greenroom. Trevor and I tested Spotify Greenroom because it sends me an MP3 of the audio. The audio seems inconsistent. Season 4 will be live streamed! We talk about the following topics: Pentagon Cancels a Disputed $10 Billion Technology Contract (, Nintendo Switch OLED: Everything We Know - GameSpot (, Black Mirror in Real Life: Facebook Now Owns and is Developing a City (, and more.
July 08, 2021
First Impressions of Whoop, PS4 pro Cyberpunk, and M1 Macbook Air
Nick Chao joins us for the Talk to You Later Show. We discuss Cyberpunk 2077, Kadabra (, Whoop, and the M1 Macbook Air ( I also share a couple stories of my foolishness like almost losing the last episode of the Very Hicken Bros and disabling my work iPhone; furthermore, we discuss our path to season 4 with Vtubing.
December 26, 2020
Trevor's first impression of his PlayStation 5
Trevor shares his first impressions of the PlayStation 5. He also introduces the LG's Rollable Project B phone. ( I consider the Oura Ring, comparing it to Whoop. Trevor ends the show in the deep sea rather than outer space. (
November 19, 2020
Album Review of Amaranthe's Manifest
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Nick and Trevor has enjoyed symphonic metal for over a decade as I listen to it occasionally. Amaranthe is a favorite of the music genre, and we review their latest album called Manifest.
November 03, 2020
Imagine a Mixed-Reality Gamification of Life
Trevor and I love to exercise our imagination, and it feeds off each other. This is the first official episode of the Talk to You Later Show, where we talk about whatever we want to entertain your imagination. We talk about a possible gamification of life, creating a mixed reality immersive experience. We also introduce season three of the Very Hicken Bros., where Trevor will begin running a YouTube channel for our podcasts. We typically update season numbers, when we upgrade our service.
October 27, 2020
The quantum internet doesn't require an internet connection.
This episode is the first bonus episode of the Very Hicken Bros., which we dubbed an episode the the Talk to You Later Show. Trevor and I researched some in-depth articles. I learned about the quantum internet (, and Trevor dove deep into the operating systems of spacecraft. (
October 12, 2020