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Al Val, a rising Canadian comic, rants about today's topics, spins hilarious yarns, explores and shares her reflections of gender during her transition, and covers a wide variety of topics, all while injecting a little therapeutic optimism in there.

A podcast full of impressions, characters, ridiculous premises, non-sequitors, and wild, silly thoughts... but above all, it's a podcast full of heart.
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E055 - Bindle Sack
HELLO HELLO PAT PAT PAT! In this fun and introspective episode (were you expecting anything less??) Val talks bindle sacks, the relevance of clowns, how people talked in the 1920's, and a wide variety of philosophical reflections regarding meaninglessness, nihilism, and the movie "Everything Everywhere All At Once". Enjoy!!
April 25, 2022
E054 - Pocket Shortage
After a brief hiatus, Val is back! In this one, she freeforms about recently losing her credit card because of silly pocket standards for women's clothing; funny sound bites with her Roommate & Friend; a tale about being far too stoned on edibles at the club; and some closing thoughts on neurodivergence, human nature and social media. Have a good week, ya jackals!
April 15, 2022
E053 - Wobble Bobble!
Hey hey hey happy 'Trans Day of Visibility'! Get your WOBBLE BOBBLE on and have a super visible day, trans friends! In this fun, frolicking episode Val begins by offering some positive, optimistic thoughts on Trans Day of Visibility (as well as some observations on her own hormonal and... physical... progress). She then dives into two of the more ridiculous takes she's observed online in regards to the Will Smith/Chris Rock "Oscars slap" incident (I know, I know...), after which she describes her new favourite Twitter account @ClubPhotos_, then ends on some parting thoughts about teaching improv to children. Have a listen to "PodGis" and don't go getting forgot! Even if you find yourself clanking a metal bucket on your head, sometimes you gotta order a gabagool from T-Dov, give it a YBWC shrug, and say to yourself "Wobble Bobble"! 'Cuz that's life, baby! Wobble Bobble! 
March 31, 2022
E052 - The Roast Revelation
Hello, PodGis listeners! Check out this episode, why dontcha?? In this episode, Val starts out joking about the "UNCUT JAHHHMZ" valley girl, and the idea of being one's 'muse'; after which, she tells you the full details of a hilarious Instagram video that made her laugh so hard she cried on the couch and got a headache. Finally, for the second half of this episode of "PodGis", Val digs pretty deep and personal, reflecting on a painful recent 'roast battle' experience, and reflecting on how she represents herself and her community onstage.
March 23, 2022
E051 - Pic-a-nic Basket
This is a true yin-yang, self-reflective episode of weighing the positives and negatives! In this one, Val talks about her gag reflex; about dress codes in standup; the cesspool of the comments section; her definition of modern day saintliness in the social media era; the time a woman wrote and performed a dating request to Val in song; and the previous night's misadventures with mentally unhinged folks in the city.
March 14, 2022
E050 - Positive Entropy
Oh no! Al Val is sick with Covid :( But that won't stop her joking and hanging out with you! It does, however, make her sound hella raspy. It is what it be! In this one, Val talks about sad balloons; how her high school experience differs significantly from modern media's portrayal of being that age; the first time she got drunk; her life principle about "Positive Entropy"; and closes on an anecdote that illustrates how set in her ways Al Val can be. When you like something you like it, and YOU like PodGis!
March 07, 2022
E049 - RecoGnize, With a Hard G
*I apologize for the hollow sound; it was a mistake I won't make again. The episode is still a fun one! :)* In this episode, Al Val discusses her gift-giving philosophy, and how she is trying to be a better person; a Will Smith-inspired bit of life advice in regards to taking chances and making proactive decisions; a story about the highs and lows of being in the public eye; fish procreation; bank accounts that are there for no reason; and then a closing exploration of the Canadian Trucker Convoy as it relates to Captain America.
February 24, 2022
E048 - The Lugubrious Episode
This is the lugubrious episode. Al Val ENDURES a crappy mood and delivers a shorter podcast with observations on the latest "Spiderman" movie, feeling lugubrious, micropenises and micropenis science, liars abound online, and a brief observation on Michael Cain and Forrest Gump. We'll be back next week with more gusto! I promise!
February 09, 2022
E047 - "She's a MAN, Maury!"
Welcome back and of course, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" from Algis herself LOL JK JK it's 2/2/2022 you dunderhead! In this episode, Al Val pulls on some more complicated threads and explores some complicated multi-sided issues abound with different perspectives. Overall though expect such topics as: the doomsday clock on her computer; about being on the frontier of brand new material and taking the leap into material yet unexplored; brutally callous, outdated episodes of Maury Povich/Jerry Springer that made audiences determine whether the women onstage were "men or women"; arguing in the TikTok comments, and the idea of 'infringing' on someone else's freedoms; and her recent guilt-ridden encounter with an unsavory video game that wasn't what she expected it to be.
February 02, 2022
E046 - I'm Tucker Carlson Now
Hello there! Would you like a slice of PodGis? Well then, here it is! After a brief catching-up with you, the listener, Algis discusses Tucker Carlson's weird fetish for M&M's and the trademark "Tucker Carlson Face", the weight of steel versus feathers, then back again to Tucker Carlson and co., then Algis talks about the inside-ball vocabulary in "Succession", the TikTok endorphin slot machine and other millenial social media complaints. See you next week!
January 26, 2022
E045 - Deadskin Beard
In this fun, boundless episode of PodGis, Al Val kicks things off by 'trying something new' - as in, a video component (spoiler: it fails.)! BUT we'll work on that, I guess... After that interesting little experiment, Val goes on to talk about her rosacea; her history of adolescent acne and Accutane to get rid of it; her annoyance when people do a "gotcha" when they didn't actually get her; a couple stories about "Intention vs. Execution", which is a timelessly trademark Al Val struggle; and then ends things off with some rambling about religion and having a dry face. Working on levelling up the content, I promise! See you on on January 22nd! (Don't forget to use promo code 'AL10'!)
January 19, 2022
E044 - Clint Eastwood Talked to a Chair Once
Happy New Year, even though it's a 'new year' every day! Get it?? Algis does! In this episode of PodGis, Al Val talks about being on the cusp of another lockdown in Ontario, tells all the scientists out there what to do about the aging process, talks about video games and the time she accidentally trolled someone in GTA5 Online, then proceeds to speak at length about Clint Eastwood in "Gran Turino", how racists think in general, and the time Clint Eastwood talked to a chair onstage at the 2012 Republican National Convention.
January 04, 2022
E043 - New Years, Anytime!
HAPPY NEW YEAR...GIS! Al Val breaks in the new year with a podcast reflecting back on the year she's had and the profound personal growth she's experienced, declares her New Year's Resolutions (with the caveat that you can resolve at various other times of the year, of course), sends lots of smushy, mushy love out to you, her listeners (
December 31, 2021
E042 - The Tide PodGis Debacle
Happy holidays, y'all! Sorry for the late upload! In this not-so-festive episode, Algis talks about weighing optimism and pessimism equally, her terribly sticky experience with Tide Pods, "Apollonian" vs. "Dionysian" artistic impulses, adapting as a standup comic, and comics who believe in "TRUE" comedy.
December 24, 2021
E041 - The Story of J (NOT Jason)
What a crazy "PodGis" we have in store for you today!! Algis comes out hot, fresh off enjoying a delicious panini, and briefly talks about having chapped lips before she launches into a crazy story about a colleague who threw a 'terminally ill goodbye party'... She then talks about acting in murder mystery dinner theatre shows, tells a brief 'epic bomb' tale, and then closes on a theory about "Horseshoe Movies". What a story, Mark!
December 14, 2021
E040 - Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Bitter
"I just got back from the Ontario Science Center, and boy are my arms science!" -Al Val In this episode of PodGis Val talks about her recent experience at the Ontario Science Center and her lifelong connection to David Attenborough; from then she explores a variety of topics such as people who believe that she's just "trans for stagetime", the science of Operant Conditioning as it applies to hopelessly romantic strangers on FaceBook, and the unfortunate amorality of pet ownership by the noisiest species on the planet.
December 07, 2021
E039 - I've Lost My Marbles
Al Val is down as ever to have a hodgpodge, silly vanilly time this week! Al Val takes a short trip down memory lane, talking about album covers she'd designed for CD's she burned as a teen, a "letter from a fan" she received one time in university, domain names/capitalism and Martin Shkreli, one particularly personally resonant line from the movie "Hook", and finally a tale of putrid, comforting warmth on the subway.
November 29, 2021
E038 - Please Clap
Al Val is back from her tour in B.C. (the place, not the... measurement of time) and she's getting her SILLY on! Welcome, new fans! Val rips right into this one, talking about the stresses of everyday living, poignant memories of Jeb Bush, some observations on TikTok and joke theft, a fond memory of the time a flight attendant tried reading the synopsis to a Russel Crowe movie, and a new world order as a result of line etiquette deviance. See you soon! Muah!
November 22, 2021
E037 - MindfulGis
Al Val is away! In British Columbia, Canada! But have no fear - she recorded a "PodGis" so you don't miss a single fun-having dang-blasted crumb-nibbling moment. In this one, Al Val talks about being "hoisted by your own petard" and then provides a transition update regarding boob pain in sports; after that she guides you through a very exclusive meditation practice, then closes on a whole bunch of nonsense about Rodney Dangerfield.
November 08, 2021
E036 - C'est L'Halloween!
As the French say, "C'est L'Halloween!" Are you dressing up as Luke Skywalker wearing a t-shirt of all his friends? What are you doing? Listening to this podcast, of course! Al Val talks a bit about Halloween (AKA Closet Crossdresser Christmas), a bit more about Dave Chappelle's "The Closer" and the ongoing fallout, being Luke Skywalker one time as a child, Al Val's very dear friend Omid, and her recent inspired performance as a "Sentient Speaker at an Open Mic". Check out the Youtube clip online! Search "Al Val as 'Sentient Speaker does open mic comedy'"
November 01, 2021
E035 - Here Comes Trouble!
Uh ohhhhhhhhh! Warning: BIG controversies addressed in this one! Lol just kidding, maybe! Algis tackles some big controversies like Netflix's "Explained" episode, elaborate high-fives, the Canadian Men's National Soccer Team, catchphrases, imbroglios, another story about Algis' naivete, and a short story about someone complaining about Al's arms. Al Val is a controversial comic now! Look out! HERE COMES TROUBLE!
October 14, 2021
E034 - Oh, Chappelle
Al Val recorded this one hot off the release of Dave Chappelle's last Netflix special "The Closer", and of course shares her opinions on the thing - the good, the bad, and the... inflexible.
October 11, 2021
E033 - Paisan!
We're talking voices! You know you got a voice? Isn't that NUTS??? In this one, Al Val does a whole bunch of Italian accent nonsense, talks about being related to doctors, voice feminization training, "Hamburger" Jones, and comics who claim to have never bombed.
September 29, 2021
E032 - Bread Jesus and Pastrami Paul
Uh oh! We're getting a little sacrilegious on this one! Al Val ventures headlong into the unknown this time with next to NOTHING prepared, but nonetheless finds delightful fodder in discussing the poster of Jesus she recently hung up in her room, a missed pitch opportunity to a TV exec, a perfectly silly and heretical TV show idea, and an old bit about a married couple raising a pet hippopotamus.
September 21, 2021
E031 - CriticGis!
Al Val welcomes you back from a brief hiatus by getting SUPER introspective, pulling on several existential threads. She talks about her recent (hormonal?) crying episode, goes OFF on what she thinks of professional art/comedy critics, bathroom graffiti and legacy-making, The Marijuana Party of Canada, and ends on a tale of a recent catcalling experience that went sideways for both parties.
September 14, 2021
E030 - Standing OLDvation
Fresh from a weekend in which she got a standing ovation, Al Val riffs and raps about the sun, fun patronizing love games, treating her lovers as she would have liked to be treated while she was in the closet, and of course, standing ovations. Al then establishes her legendary "Horseshoe Theory" of bad movies, using M. Night Shyamalan's recent movie "Old" and the first "Suicide Squad" film. This is the kind of podcast that will make you stand up from your chair and raucously applaud with all your might.
September 01, 2021
E029 Tickly Nose Catfish Hunter
Al Val's schedule is BONKERS, DAWG! Just ALL over the place! So we've got another mid-week episode coming atcha, whether you like it... or love it. In this one, Al Val talks about a baseball player named Catfish Hunter; how to drink juice in a classy way; Val's obsessive love for Monty Python; her bidet conundrum; Tickly Nose Hair Syndrome; being Gulliblegis (+ eating a pigeon); the 'JFL Stool Story'; and a video Al watched involving gorillas and soccer moms.
August 27, 2021
E028 - AssGis
It's ASS time! Count up the "asses" and you get a prize! In this episode, Al Val discusses her voice, online haters, the nature of being a "badass", people who like to cause scenes and make noises in public, using 10% of your brain and the hazards of getting punched in the head, and Al ends on a story about a Quebecois MMA coach.
August 20, 2021
E027 - Clean and Jerk
First of all, rest in peace Andrew Albert - a longtime Canadian comic I had the pleasure of meeting only once but had an enormous reputation for kindness, empathy, selflessness, and of course, humour. In this episode, Al talks her chronic neck pain, people who have taken an odd amount of credit for her accomplishments, a little bit about weed and CBD, sweat stink and hormonal changes to it, and she closes strong by going after Olympic events like 'speed walking' and the 'clean and jerk'.
August 09, 2021
E026 The Just For Laughs New Faces Recap Episode
Here Al is, on the other side of her whirlwind weekend at the "Just For Laughs" Festival in Montreal! Al recaps her adventures in the beautiful city of Montreal, taking you through the weekend: the man on the plane with separation anxiety from his wife, the fine art gallery, the "New Faces Showcase" itself and one particular adoring fan, and the concluding Flair airlines disaster.
August 03, 2021
E025 - New Face, Old Face
In this episode, Al comes hot out the press with a BIG announcement about a show she's in on Friday July 30th! She has been selected for Just For Laughs' annual "New Faces Showcase", a very prestigious and high-profile show for breakthrough comics. As such, she reflects for a bit on her career before moving on to the regularly scheduled programming of silliness, talking about violent games she used to 'play' with her older brother, texts with mom, and domesticated animals and their future. HUSKY ATE A BABY BYE
July 27, 2021
E024 - That's What I Always Say!
We're back to the usual antics! "You can't stop my antics" - that's what I always say! In this episode, Al Val talks about her shitty memory (forgive her if she's spoken about this before), swallowing pills, time travel in movies and tv, funny air instruments, more complaints about movies, tv and Batman, wrangling children/the Harambe incident, and a brief story about Al's brother and a carpet store.
July 20, 2021
E023 - PsychGis - The Psychology Episode!
IT'S THE PSYCHOLOGY EPISODE! This episode's got a new flavour to it, so put on your snuggest pants and firmest thinking cap! We're getting all academic on your ass, dudes! In this episode, Al Val dives into the deepest recesses of her memory bank to pull out one intellectual nugget after another, drawing upon her University degree in Psychology in order to explain various social psychological phenomena. Some parts are dark, some parts are funny, but most parts are informative - and PodGis is all about surprising listeners at every turn! So sit back and enjoy Al Val's particular brand of... 'edutainment'... as she talks about The Bystander Effect, Phineas Gage, The Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment. It sounds dry, but come on! You know Al Val is almost as entertaining as Brian Smith, the most interesting man in the world.
July 13, 2021
E022 - Podgonia
Since Algis' frenetic delivery on the last PodGis, she's decided to slow it down as much as her attention span will allow, breezing through such silly and personal topics as memories triggered simply by the word "Hello"; reintegrating as a non-passing trans woman in society; European national anthems, and how to write one; wearing spandex around the house; and Jason Statham movies.
July 07, 2021
E021 - Impulsegis!
I know nobody asked, but this episode is THE most strem of consciousness episode of PodGis, EVER! Hang on for dear life as Al Val sorts through her conflicted emotional state in real time, soaked in true crime documentaries and canned peach juice! Al Val bounces all over the place, discussing through the theme of her debilitating childishness: online age checks for 'mature' content; her first set of business cards; people who wait for days in line outside Apple stores for the latest phone, and belligerent, passionate 'Android vs. Apple' brand loyalty; "The Bowl Cut Laser Helmet That Does Not Work but Refuses to Quit"; a brief aside about the film "The Mummy"; then a sober, insightful concluding reflection on Al's relationship with you, the audience. Strap in, it's going to be a bumpy ride.
June 28, 2021
E020 - Saint MEANgis
*If you are religious (mostly specifically Catholic), fair warning: Algis goes a little harder on this one!* In this delightfully rambunctious episode, Al Val talks about being forced by his fanatic grade 3 teacher to dress as a saint for Halloween; the online gaming community's hard-to-interpret adoption of gay culture; the world's biggest poop, which somehow tangentially turns into reflections on heaven itself, which then tangentially spirals into the pope, Catholicism, and church music. Yeah, I guess this one flew off the topical rails. But it's like the sign on Al's front door (written in lamb's blood, of course) reads: "Don't get me started on religion".
June 21, 2021
E019 - Pride and (Referee) Prejudice
HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! Al Val is once again back after life knocked her down for a bit; HOWEVER, this episode is sure to delight and make you giggle into your cold beverage! In this triumphant return of an episode, Al Val talks about this year's Euro Cup, along with a couple soccer stories from her teen years (don't worry non-sports-fans, they're not too 'sport'-y); Pride month, corporate pandering and people who hate on queerbranding; and then Al closes with her thoughts on the French Prime Minister's relationship with his former high school teacher. WARNING: gratuitous French accent.
June 11, 2021
E018 - Fear Marbles & Bravery Pogs
Fresh out of a hot cry session, Al Val gets right into the issues that matter in another episode that mixes the deeply personal and profound with the silly and irreverant. Al advises on the many things that make a dick pic ineffective; tells a poignant, deeply poetic and personal story about homophobia, repression, and redemption (AKA the time she got suspended from her University Improv Troupe); the simple additive-subtractive nature of bravery vs. fear; then she ends on another vivid personal tale - this one about the time she performed Tom Green's "Bum Bum Song" in front of her Grade 5 Class to woo her hot teacher.
May 25, 2021
E017 - What I Wanna Know Is...
FOIL BEGONE! Al Val has shaken off the loathsome foil and in this one Al is back to their delightfully silly, optimistic ways! Al talks about being a chump and avoiding that chump life; 'Wheelies' and this generation's stigma against rollerblading, as well as another brief tale of childhood heartbreak; 'Boomer' internet confusion; and a profound realization on transness and triumphing over newly learned agoraphobia. Al Val has come a long way, and damnit that's something worth celebrating! So let's get silly.
May 17, 2021
E016 - 'Git!
Al Val is back with a firm message to any fans that are cruel to other people. GO ON, 'GIT! And same goes to you, depression! GO ON, GIT! GIT! In addition, Al talks a lot about crying and getting emotional, an emerging subgroup of new Al Val admirers, wearing a skirt at work that one time, masculinity & repression & butt hygiene, therapy, and a whole bunch of other personal stuff. This one's reeeeal close to the heart! Take care of yourselves!
May 12, 2021
E015 - Trans/Jedi
What an absolute HOOT! You bet your bottom dollar we're on a roll now. Al Val sheds last week's Loathsome Foil and gets into a silly little reminiscent rumpus, waxing poetic about the buffet experience at Mandarin; Movie theatres AND a guaranteed way to get a laugh in the theatre during the previews; Al Val's childhood "am I trans?" moment; doing battle with modesty/self-esteem, and being a "SOOOO RANDOM" person; grown trans adults who detract from the human rights cause because they also seriously think they're Jedi; and naturally, Al Val's brief but thoroughly cynical thoughts on religion in general. See you next week!
May 03, 2021
E014 - Loathsome Foil
Al Val discusses being on the cusp of a depressive "Loathsome Foil" episode and all the feels she's dealing with, but still forges onward with some insights on her pen pal friendship with Kentucky Fried Chicken; other people's embellished stories that end with "...and then everyone clapped"; The French crossdressing Duke in the movie "Elizabeth"; Al's totally scientific, totally legitimate concerns about Elon Musk's hyperspeed underground train; and a brilliant "House Turtle Party" that Al thinks Elon should put ALL of his focus and resources into. Have a good week, and be good to each other, AH?!
April 26, 2021
E013 - YBWC
We're on episode (unlucky??) THIRTEEN! What a wild ride. Al Val talks about watching back their "New Wave of Standup" set (available for free on CBC Gem in Canada!) and the dumb, cringey thing Al did at the very end; Al talks about cool slang that sounds weird when she uses it; some more gender insights; two PIPING HOT CATCHPHRASES that are super cool, will totally catch on, and are epic tools to help you live a better life and to leave incredible impressions in social situations; a little bit about video game characters that totally ease into being genocidal murderers; the "Planet of the Ape" series; THEN she brings it all together for a callback finale that will spin your puffy marshmallow nipples.
April 21, 2021
E012 - I'm Growin' Up Fowl
In this one, Al Val gets deeply personal with some recent gender revelations and upgrades, but always sprinkles in goofs and riffy gags aplenty, touching on rap lyrics Al misinterpreted, 'morning wood' and the general characterization of a penis, chaos via egg selection, the time Al met a tax income guy who lived up to 'tax guy' stereotypes, and a dream Al had about a heavenly Apple Strudel that had hellish consequences.
April 14, 2021
E011 - Four is First Leather
Hey we're back! And SILLIER than a horse wearing pants. Now THAT is silly! In this one, Al gets a bit nostalgic, with the usual deviations along the way. We cover everything, including: The best number of all the numbers; The Magic School Bus and a highly recommended MSB-themed prank; "Small Talk with Al Val", the hit new radio show pumping out the classics; Al's 'First Leather'; and Tales from the time Al went to a Lithuanian Summer Camp as a child.
April 05, 2021
E010 - AlGeezer Yells at Cloud
EPISODE 10 IS A THING, YES YES IT IS! *DISCLAIMER* Sorry for the weird audio to start; I fix it around the one-minute mark. But bear with me! I learned how to fade in and out my themesong! A GREAT VICTORY INDEED. In this one, Al talks about: Sending a message from Past-Present Al to Future-Present Al who will all eventually become Past Al; Getting old and cranky about what's popular with the youth; Being a 'Lucid Dream Coach'; Al's body's sophisticated pain test during the first jog of the season; Old-timey talking and flirting; and... Head shapes?
March 23, 2021
E009 - That Time I Mooned A Lady
Al Val is back to their ramblin' ways, twisting this way and that with sincerity and silliness. In this one, Al reveals a secret childhood wish that they kept to themselves and never told anyone until now - something that I'm sure you'll find is very telling about the person Al Val is. They also go on to talk about famous horses, 'horse girls', Al's super wicked awesome triplet of phone game ideas, and a riveting story about the time Al mooned a woman out the back of an elementary school bus and suffered the consequences of such heinous behaviour.
March 16, 2021
E008 - A Potato Ruined My Childhood
AL VAL IS BACK after another lazy, undisciplined two-week break! How do I top the "Roommate and Friend" episode? By making an INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY episode, baby! In this one, Al Val does an International Women's Day Jokerrific countdown; speaks a bit about genderfluidity, about The Potato Head "controversy", Dr. Seuss and people who complain about their childhoods being ruined, and what Al would do if they were in charge of Westworld.
March 09, 2021
E007 - My Roommate and Friend
Al is back with their FIRST GUEST!!! This week Al is joined by best friend and roommate (one person, not two) Stephen! The two of them juddle around a single mic and share silly conversations about the coolest new drink in town - the "Stanley Tucci"; Steve compliments the show(!!!); Al introduces a new segment called "Curveball Corner" and throws some moral curveballs at Steve; the two discuss weird dreams; Steve throws a REVERSE CURVEBALL at Al; then Al ends on an unpaid ad for a new sponsor, as well as his hit single "COVID Rules". You'll love it more than the time your grandma took you to McDonald's and bought you TWO happy meals because she thought you had a twin for some reason!
February 23, 2021
E006 - The Tale of Long John Schlong
Al took a wee mental health break there but is BACK with a walloping new chunk of good times! WARNING: EXPLICIT TALK OF CARTOONISH GENITALS IN THIS ONE In this glorious homage to the comedy gods, Al talks about Tom Brady and "Deflategate" (don't worry non-sports-fans, it's not exhaustive); the tale of a (very real) man named Long John Schlong; St. Martin/St. Maarten the tropical island, and the time Al witnessed a boat burn down on New Years' Eve; people whose personalities are just RuPaul's Drag Race stereotypes; and Al Val's experience with bullying growing up with the Lithuanian community. Forgive your tormentors and forgive yourself, people - even if you have an inconveniently long appendage.
February 17, 2021
E005 - Corporation, Maaan
Al is back! A day late, but if you're a glass-half-full type, that's a day less you'll have to wait for the next one! WHOOPEE! In this one, Al waxes poetic all about: - The current 'Wall Street Bets vs. Hedge Funds, GME' situation - CORPORATIONS, MAAAN - Bell Let's Talk Day, and public displays of mental anguish - Different types of British accents, and Boris Johnson's tumbledry hair - German accent nonsense, and raccoons at German zoos
February 03, 2021
E004 - I've Been Better
WE'RE ON AND ROLLING, BAYBAY!!! In this episode, Al is feeling especially cheery, rambunctious, and inspired. As such, he jumps gleefully from topic to topic, including: - Action movies and internet discussions around them - Really bad voice over acting and dialogue in video games - Voice acting, acting for cringey commercials, and dumb observations about acting in general - A philosophical observation or two on politics, and the nature of freedom - The creepy things rappers do that somehow pass as cool - Positive vibes, and words to live by
January 25, 2021
E003 - Fear and Loathing in Las Algis
In this one, Al Val embraces their crappy state of mind and explores their own procrastination and self-loathing. But it's not all sad! Al also talks a lot of trans/genderbendy stuff, like "passing", male-pattern baldness, BREASTFORMS(!!) and trans dating apps. This one gets real personal.
January 22, 2021
E002 - Hey, Drink Water
SORRY THERE'S NO EPISODE ONE, THAT WILL REMAIN A WEIRD, EXCLUSIVE (TWO-PART) PILOT EPISODE YOU CAN ONLY FIND ON SOUNDCLOUD. Al picks up RIGHT where they left off and explores an abundance of topics, including: - Standup comic narcissism - ZOOM Standup material! - The impulse to troll on social media (with bonus Ray Romano impression) - Human beings as the noisiest species - A bit about a podcast about describing memes - FORREST GUMP and observations on kindness (with bonus Bill Clinton impression) - "Hey, Drink Water"
January 22, 2021