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Black In Edmonds Podcast: 2021 Election Season

Black In Edmonds Podcast: 2021 Election Season

By Alicia Crank
In this series, Alicia Crank recaps her year-long campaign in running for Edmonds City Council. Her third attempt in doing so, this latest experience proved significantly different from the others. Alicia will share, month by month, the twists, turns and triumphs along the way to November 2, 2021. Alicia's goals are to have listeners take in the information shared and draw your own conclusions on what should happen next in our fair city of Edmonds.
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Alicia In Edmonds: Part 4 / Final
Truths and consequences. The final leg of the campaign and what came after.
February 03, 2022
Alicia In Edmonds: Part 3
Part 3 (of 4) of my Edmonds City Council campaign. July - September, 2021 Primary season, volunteering too much and duplicity.
January 31, 2022
Alicia In Edmonds: Part 2 of 4
Part 2 of my 4 part 2021 Edmonds City Council Campaign journey (April - June)
January 28, 2022
Alicia In Edmonds Podcast - Part 1 of 4
Part 1: A summary of my 2021 city council campaign journey in Edmonds. January - March 2021
January 26, 2022
Black In Edmonds Podcast - Prologue
Why Alicia decided to run for office a third time in Edmonds, and what she hopes will come out of this series.
November 22, 2021