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Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real

By Alicia Sullivan
Alicia Sullivan has over 12 years of experience. 6 years in Computing and Information Technology, over 3 years of experience in Business, and over 3 years in Creating Content.

Aside from her eCommerce stores, Alicia has a YouTube Channel by the name “Keeping it Real Alicia Sullivan. During the Black Lives Matter Movement, the channel has raised 1 Million Dollars toward The Center for Policing Equity. This assisted in policing equity in the United States.

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Interview with SocietyRowTV

Keeping It Real

Interview with SocietyRowTV

Keeping It Real

Interview with Author, Ashley Evans of the book, "The Unpolished Diamond"
Interview with Author, Ashley Evans of the book, "The Unpolished Diamond"   Ashley Evans is from New Orleans Louisiana raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She started writing at age 7. In 3rd grade, she won first place in the reading rainbow best short story contest. She is an entrepreneur and content creator. She has a cleaning business, and she is a Spiritual Advisor; she has a podcast and a YouTube channel as well. She self-published The Unpolished Diamond in June 2021.   To get more information about her you can check out her pages below:   Instagram Page : Ashley_self_published_author   Facebook Page: Ashley Evans & Royal starseed   To order the book, visit the link below:
October 26, 2021
Interview with Ursula Keith
Ursula Keith, your BADASS mindset coach! Founder and creator of the BADASS ATM* Alignment method. *ATM stands for aligned Action at the Right Time with the correct Mindset = BADASS Action!! Her purpose ... Is to powerfully serve independent businesswomen who are ready to unlock their full potential by helping them transition into the next level of a BADASS life. I wouldn’t call myself your average mindset coach, my experience and my methods make me the expert you need to take BADASS action for a BADASS life. I walk my walk and talk my talk, TRUST me!
October 14, 2021
Interview with SocietyRowTV
Interviewed by SocietyROWTV - The Simply Irresistible Girl / How I Started My eCommerce Business   The Simply Irresistible Girl is an eCommerce business that sells products and services to following categories:   -clothing, -home, -sports, -games, -accessories, -invitations, -stationery, -office, -school, -electronics, -baby, -kids, and -Weddings.   These products and services are personally designed by Alicia (Nelson) Sullivan.  The Simply Irresistible do little promotional work, but the minimal product that can be ordered is 24. We start with a minimum of 24 products for promotional requests. Customers and Clients can request our product catalog.  The business can be found on different eCommerce platforms such as Spring, Zazzle, Storenvy, Wish, Redbubble, and Amazon Merch.    To add, Alicia Nelson has over 12 years of experience. 6 years in Computing and Information Technology, over 3 years of experience in Business, and over 3 years in Creating Content.  Aside from her eCommerce stores, Alicia Sullivan has a YouTube Channel by the name "Keeping it Real Alicia Sullivan.  Check out The Simply Irresistible Girl website: https://www.thesimplyirresistiblegirl...
October 14, 2021
Red flags in a relationship talk with Shanade Beharry
Don't miss out this podcast and look out for more
March 31, 2020
Hope you enjoy.
March 22, 2020
Dean Williams Short Bio 2019    Born in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, Dean Williams began his journey in music during his studies at his high school, Hillview College. He began playing all instruments in the school band, drums, bass, keyboards and the guitar.    He further studied and performed onstage on the trumpet and double bass.      He has studied classic guitar with Anthony Williams, Graham Newling and Anders Kappel and completed grade 8 ABRSM certificate in classical guitar.  He completed the final level Jazz guitar certification at Berklee online with Bruce Saunders and UTT with Dave Marcellin.  He has completed both his Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) and his Masters of Arts (MA) degrees at UTT.    He has taught music theory and guitar at both BP RENEGADES and BIRDSONG and the Holistic School music academies.  Dean has lectured in Music Theory and instructed in guitar at Community College COSTAATT and works in their outreach programme.   He worked at the UTT Academy of Performing Arts from 2014 to 2017 as adjunct instructor of contemporary and classical guitar.    Dean has toured extensively across Asia, Europe, North, Central, South America and the Caribbean.    His career of recording, touring and performing with music acts include Kitchener, Sparrow, Rose, Machel Montano, Destra, Atlantik, Xtatik, 3Canal and Kindred. Shaggy, Wyclef Jean, Sean Paul, Ray Holman, David Rudder, Bp Renegades, Ras Shorty I and the Love Circle, Isaac Blackman, Vashawn Mitchell, Luther Francois, Ronald Boo Hinkson, Michele Henderson, Michael and David Boothman, Clive Zanda, Etienne Charles, Larnell Lewis (Snarky Puppy), Jonathan Scales  and Leon Foster Thomas (Ropeadope Records).     He has recorded in genres including Pop, Jazz, R&B, Calypso, Soca, World Beat, Rapso, Gospel Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Calypso Jazz, Rock/Blues, Classical and Folk music.        Dean as a composer and producer has won the Silver Addy Award in the Caribbean Region for his suite of music composed for a major ad campaign in Trinidad.    Guardian Peter Ray Blood calls Dean the ‘eclectic jazz guitarist.’ and Guardian Tennille Alleyne praises his “masterful touch.”  Guardian Simon Lee says Dean ‘delivered a set of sensual George Benson - inflected smooth guitar, marking him as one of the young local musicians who embraces the challenge of taking his instrument to ears beyond our shores.’     He is a featured Jazz artist and composer on The TriniJazzProject CD 2014 debut album on Parlemuzik label.    Dean recently led his quartet to three major jazz festivals; St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2016, Mt Irvine Jazz on the Beach 2015/2016 and the Jazz Artistes on the Greens Festival 2016. He has been the band leader at North Coast Jazz for 2018, 2019.     Dean Williams   Artist/Composer/Educator  1-868-681-3326  1-868-338-5756
October 18, 2019
Get it only on my podcast
August 1, 2019
 Welcome to Keeping it Real Alicia Nelson Channel. Feel free to subscribe, like, comment and share my videos. Always to also comment on my super chat. I want to hear from my audience.   Today on this podcast I have Arron George, CEO of Innersanctum Entertainment Limited. In this podcast he talks about:  1. What drew him to the musical industry  2. Who is inspired by  3. What is his plans for Innnersanctum Entertainment Ltd  4. He talks about the few music he is working on 
April 25, 2019
Welcome to Keeping it Real Alicia Nelson Channel. Feel free to subscribe, like, comment and share my videos. Always to also comment on my super chat. I want to hear from my audience. Instrumental composed by Arron George, CEO of InnerSanctum Entertainment Limited.
March 27, 2019
Dreams done by Andre Jack
 This piece was done by Andre Jack entitled, "Dream". It was inspired by motivation for God. In his podcast interview, he mentioned how much this piece, Dream inspired him to aim high. 
March 20, 2019
Happy New Year 2019 done by Arron George
This piece was composed by Arron George also know as Kyle Tone.  Happy New Year 2019 was done as introduction to the new year, encouraging people all over the world to have love and success for 2019.
March 20, 2019
 Welcome to Keeping it Real Alicia Nelson Channel. Feel free to subscribe, like, comment and share my videos.  On this podcast interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron George, CEO of InnerSanctum Entertainment Limited.  InnerSanctum Entertainment Ltd is a company that has its arms in lots of different categories of entertainment.  They do instrumentals and studio production. They also create advertisements. They are involved in modeling and event preparation, management etc.  InnerSanctum Entertainment Limited started officially in 2014 due to the interest in the guys in my neighborhood and I wanting to record music. At the time it was the only person with useful space that could be turned into a studio. There began InnerSanctum Studios.  They did lots of covers and demo type songs at first, then as they gained recognition they expanded to a second studio.  The space was bigger and more like an actual studio.  They did some music there that ended up on radio and the rest is history.  The company has a very strong music department, but they also have a very strong Children's events arm as well. It started some years before the first studio did and was run as a family business with Aaron George's  mother at the helm.   They also offer other amenities as well outside of the two major ones stated above. The business does Social media Optimization and event promotion and they are heading into heavy videography and photography.  They have and are currently partnering with designers to create merchandise and other network ventures.  They are headed forward with exciting ideas. They are planning a major concert to build our third iteration of InnerSanctum Studios and they are currently working on an album to assist with the funds for this venture as well.  So for the near future that’s what they are working on, expanding renovating and rebuilding the studio with a global market and international ventures in mind. 
March 16, 2019
 Welcome to Keeping it Real Alicia Nelson Channel. Feel free to subscribe, like, comment and share my videos. 
March 4, 2019
 Welcome to Keeping it Real Alicia Nelson Channel. Today I was privileged to have a podcast interview with Kedron Issac and Andre Jack.  It was honor to have them both on my YouTube Channel. Kedron Issac a Musician, Keyboardist and Musical teacher talk about his experiences of being in music and how it has provide a balance to all aspect of his life with the help of God firstly.  Andre Jack as you would seen in my previous interview shares his views, thoughts and experiences as a successful musician, musical director and bassist. He spoke about how God has led his life and every decision he has made.  These two men have been an inspiration to my life and great friends. 
March 4, 2019
 Today on my channel I have Dr. Wayne Goodridge. A well-known lecturer at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad.  He teaches in the Faculty of Science and Technology in which he is under the department of Computing and Information Technology. His main aim is to improve content and delivery of his courses through continuous learning and sharing of tacit knowledge.         His main research goal is to convert concepts into useful products for the Caribbean Region. His research and business interests are communication networks, student management systems, decision support systems, medical applications and software engineering.   Dr. Goodridge is involved in quite a number of projects all over Trinidad and Tobago and still continues to help students at the University to pursue after there dreams and goals. 
February 13, 2019
Interview with Andre Jack, Bassist, Musical Director, Tutor and Session Musician
Today Andre Jack, Bassist, Musical Director, Tutor and Session Musician shares his experiences as a professional musician. He spoke of his struggles and his persistence to pursue his musics. He encourage young people in music to be original and not to mimic others. He refers to it as being your own originality like Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.  That is how people know your worth. He has a number of years of experience in music and further his Bachelors and Masters in Music. Andre Jack has quite the talent and he has more to do.  
January 8, 2019
Interview with Onika Nkrumah-Lakhan, President/Founder of Speak out Sisters of Trinidad and Tobago
Today on my Channel, it was a wonderful pleasure to interview the President/ Founder of Speak out Sisters of Trinidad and Tobago, Onika Nkrumah- Lakhan. In her interview she spoke about the Emancipation Gala that is held every year but this year Gala IV will be hosted at  Creative Centre in San Fernando. Come and learn about Emancipation and our history as blacks in the Caribbean.
December 24, 2018
Interview with Dara Afiya Lyons from Aromaland Fantasy
 Welcome to Keeping it Real with Alicia Nelson.  Today I interview  Dara Afiya Lyons, a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist who studied at Trinidad and Tobago College of Therapeutic Massage and Beauty Culture Limited. She has been in this field for the past ten years. For her research paper, she did “Massage and The Aging” which focused on the importance of using massage to improve the well being of senior citizens with different conditions.  She worked with different age groups, both males and females. In her course of study,  she also learned techniques of Sports Massage. She worked with other massage therapists. In extenuating situations she has done house visits for elderly clients.   Her work experience included some fun times such as holding spa parties for both adults and children.              In the year 2010, she did in depth Aesthetician training with Face and Body Clinic in Charlieville. Her training in Cosmetology and Nail Art continued with The Ministry of Community Development in 2012.  Aromaland Fantasy got its name from a vacation Aromatherapy course she pursued at UWI, San Fernando. Her love for essential oils extended to the love of massage. Her spa was officially opened in 2016 at Westpark Cocoyea, San Fernando. At Aromaland Fantasy, we care about your health and well being. The services we offer are massages (full, partial, chair), facials, manicures and pedicures.   Here are her  links for her business page:-  1) Facebook -  2) Instagram -  
December 24, 2018