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The Fab Over Forty Show

The Fab Over Forty Show

By Alison Kay Parsons
The Law of Attraction has changed my Life and Business in my Forty’s and now I am Passionate about sharing my learnings to help others create Lives of Freedom and Joy and prove anything is possible regardless of Age #theloalover #lawofattraction
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#episode2 ~ Give yourself permission to be Imperfectly Imperfect
Not the episode 2 I planned but I just went with the flow after attending virtually Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s World Summit. Allow yourself to be imperfectly imperfect and start moving the needle on your life For the blog version of my outlook on the world and how the law of Attraction impacts my life check out my blog at For the full version of who I am and what I do check out my website and don’t forget to click on the freebie tab for a little gift from me and don’t forget to have an awesomely attractive day because we are all capable of having lives of Freedom and Joy when we align with our highest self ~ For a free morning routine guide email me at
October 5, 2020
#episode1 ~ Introducing me the Law of Attraction Lover
A basic introduction of who I am and why this podcast is called The Law of Attraction Lover - the intentions for the Podcast unless the Universe has other plans For more information on The Law of Attraction Lover check out the blog at or my full website Feel free to email at ~ don’t forget to claim your free Morning Routine guide discussed in the podcast
August 6, 2020