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How to Bring Hospitality to the Tech Industry

An episode of Humanize Your Workplace

By Alissa Carpenter
We spend so many hours at work and maybe even more time with our coworkers and bosses than with our family and friends. We’re bound to have disagreements, experience miscommunication, have toxic coworkers, be thrown into change, or feel left out or underappreciated. Alissa Carpenter, along with other experts share "out of the box" strategies to move past those sticky situations. You’ll learn how to be a better colleague, employee, peer and overall human that not only provides value but brings value out in others.
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How to Incorporate Your Organization's Vision and Values into the Hiring and Performance Management Process
On this episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Joan Burns. She is the executive vice president of Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, and chief diversity officer at IDB Bank (IDB). We chatted about: the importance of sponsorship creating and embracing vision and values as an organization weaving your organization's vision and values during the recruitment process and in performance management being an accessible and approachable leader
September 16, 2019
Embracing Your Mess as a Leader
On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we’re joined Scott Miller.  Scott is a 23-year associate of FranklinCovey and serves as the executive vice president of thought leadership. His new book, Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow is an Amazon best seller.  We talk about: three messes you will face during your first 90 days in a leadership role how to initiate difficult conversations with your team how to become more self aware as an employee and leader
September 9, 2019
Humanizing Through Social Impact
 On this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we chat about the power of social impact and how giving back to the community can help build relationships with peers and managers. We also talk about some easy strategies to implement and some that can leave an even longer impact. 
September 3, 2019
Why It's Important to Be Intentional About Diversity and Inclusion
On this episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Joanne Lockwood.  Jo is the founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, an Equality Diversity & Inclusion Practice specializing in providing Transgender Awareness and support to organisations and businesses.  We chatted about: engaging in conversations with people different from yourself transgender awareness  diversity and inclusion strategy (and what to think about) 
August 28, 2019
How to Build Authentic Relationships That Increase Charitable Giving
 On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Brady Smith Director of Development for NW Works.  We chat all about:  transactional to transformational relationships seeing people for more than their title treat people like you want to be treated using the 5 love language concepts at work
August 26, 2019
How to Lead With Your Heart and Your Head
On this episode of Humanize Your Workplace, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rani Mani.  Rani Mani is the Head of Global Employee Advocacy at Adobe. She's passionate about cultivating and nurturing communities and coaching others to do the same. We chatted about: the incredible person that has made her who she is today (a must listen to segment) the power of positivity how to move away from trying to do everything and focusing on a few things
August 20, 2019
How to Bring Hospitality to the Tech Industry
On this episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Dylan Serota. He is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Terminal, a startup that helps build remote technical teams and offices for high growth companies. We chat about: The benefits of working for a startup Interviewing techniques to personalize the process for each candidate How to bring hospitality into the tech industry Why it's important for businesses to get involved in the community 
August 13, 2019
How to Spot and Empower Up and Coming Leaders
 On this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Shanna Hocking. Shanna is the Founder of Be Yourself Boldy. We chat about: Why it's important to create an "Atta girl" folder How to spot up and coming leaders How to align professional development opportunities with your employees Why it's important to show gratitude to your employees (and how to give it)
August 5, 2019
Why Managers Should Care About Student Loans (even if they don't have them)
 On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we’re joined David Carlson.  David is the Founder of Young Adult Money and the Author of Student Loan Solutions.  We chat about: why it's important for organizations to take a more active role in student loan repayment how to start and have a conversation with an employee facing debt how to embrace side hustles and promotions for even your best employees
July 30, 2019
Leadership Qualities Needed for the Future of Work
On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Darren Raycroft. He is a Partner at The Bedford Consulting Group/TRANSEARCH with a focus on executive leaderships. We talk about: the qualities and skills needed to stay relevant as a leader how AI can impact and enhance the hiring and talent management process how to demonstrate your aptitude during the interview process
July 25, 2019
The Missing Piece in Technology Training
 In this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we take a deep dive into the trainings offered when we bring in new technology.  When our company's provide trainings, they often share how to use it but not when and why.   We chat about what can be included in training programs as well as the assumptions people make about others and their ability to understand and use new technology. 
July 23, 2019
How to Empower Others By Identifying Their Strengths
On this week’s episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by former Eagles player and current CEO of Jersey Man, Ken Dunek.  We chat all about:  how one conversation changed the direction of Dunek's professional life  what it's like to work with your kids  why building relationships and authentic connections is crucial in business
July 18, 2019
How to Embrace and Learn From Feedback as a Senior Leader
 On this episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we are joined by Terry Rowinski.  Terry is the CEO and President of Health Payment systems.  We chat about: Embracing and learning from feedback Employee and vendor recognition programs Creating core values How to better understand and serve your client's pain points
July 15, 2019
Tricks to Enhance Creativity on Your Team
 On this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we chat all about team creativity.  One of the biggest concerns of some of my clients is their teams ability to think on the spot and come up with new ideas. I share examples of how we were able to push teams forward and what you can do to enhance creativity amongst your team.   
July 9, 2019
How to Efficiently Onboard Your Employees on Day One
The first day on the job is so important and can determine whether or not someone will stay within an organization.  On today's episode we chat with Drew Albert, Manager of Culture and Development at Merakey about their new Day One programming.  Their updated experience gives employees the opportunity to meet other new hires, reviews their mission and vision and helps them to better adjust to their new roles.
July 2, 2019
How to Connect with Your Virtual Colleagues
 On this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we're lucky to be joined again by Ryan Foland. This time we chat about making eye contact with the camera, sharing virtual stories, and how to be an active listener.  Video is something that is becoming increasingly more important but one of the most overlooked aspects is connecting with the audience (your peers and supervisors) on the other side of the lens.  Ryan covers: why human connection is so important in today's workplace easy ways to be more human in a virtual workforce tips for translating your whole self online at work
June 24, 2019
Increasing Impact by Being More Human
On this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we're joined by Ryan Foland, Author of Ditch the Act. We chat about how to increase impact by being more human.  Ryan covers: how to build a personal brand why companies should support building personal brands of their employees what people can do if their companies don't support their personal brand building
June 18, 2019
Why Mind Reading Doesn’t Cut it at Work
 On this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace we chat about the importance of speaking up at work.  As much as we might believe people understand what we're thinking, it's not always the case.  We need to make an active effort to verbalize out opinions, thoughts and concerns in a productive way. 
June 11, 2019
The Universal Way to Start a Conversation
Getting to know our managers, colleagues and employees can be beneficial not only to our careers but the organization as a whole.   But how can we do it?   In this episode, we're going to chat about the universal way to start a conversation.  HINT: you may already be doing it three times a day!
June 3, 2019
What Hiking Can Teach Us About Building Authentic Relationships
 On this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we chat about how hiking and staying in Arizona gave me a fresh perspective on building authentic workplace relationships.  Learning "simple" tricks from hospitality professionals and strangers when hit with adversity. 
May 28, 2019
Is Ghosting All That Bad?
 On this week's episode of Humanize Your Workplace, we talk about ghosting.  We break down what it is, why people are doing it, and why it can damage your career. We also talk about the difference between ghosting and forgetting. And how to follow up with someone when you've accidentally missed a meeting, call or an interview. If you've ghosted someone in the professional space or have been ghosted, I would love to hear from you and have you on a future episode.  Just sent me an email or tweet @notokthatsok.
May 21, 2019
Humanizing the Interview Process
One of the essential parts of the workplace we forget to humanize is when we bring new people in.    In this episode, we talk about why it's important to create a memorable experience during the interview and application process and how this can lead to more engaged employees.
May 8, 2019
How Expressing our Emotions at Work Can Lead to Stronger Results
We all express our emotions differently.  Some people yell at their coworkers, other skip work, and some just hide in the background.  This week we'll talk about how my 9yo's expression of anxiety over taking a standardized test relates to how we communicate at work and what to do to take our emotions (and projects) to the next level.
May 8, 2019
Welcome to Humanize Your Workplace
Welcome to Humanize Your Workplace.  A new podcast with Alissa Carpenter. Each week we'll uncover ways to become more self aware, build better work relationships and take your career to the next level. Today we'll talk about moving past "Treat others the way they want to be treated" to "Treat others the way they want to be treated."
May 6, 2019
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