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A Little Bit Grim

A Little Bit Grim

By A Little Bit Grim
Two life long friends tell each other the cases, stories, and reports of the true crime, paranormal, folklore, conspiracy, cults, and disasters that haunt them the most. Honestly, it’s all just a little bit grim.
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44: Demon Catnip
In this extra heeby episode of A Little Bit Grim, Jenni and Taylor discuss paranormal hoobie whatsits, how you lose arm privileges, and Taylor's distrust of anything she can't see. Jenni covers the history and haunts of the famous Stanley Hotel and Taylor talks about the incredibly unsettling story of the Zozo demon. Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
January 22, 2021
43. Disasters: Daddy von Thirst Trapp
We are 43 episodes in, and the Grim Gals have decided that there should be a Trigger Warning for everything but in this episode specifically, we are going to be talking about Nazi's in WWII (not sure if that warrants a TW, but better safe than sorry!). Beyond talks about sinking ships and cities covered in snow, Taylor and Jenni start out with a mini disaster of their own named Donut, unreasonable irritation at life, and general shenanigans. Then Taylor covers the Great Blizzard or Great White Hurricane of 1888. Then Jenni talks about the v horrible sinking of the MV Wilhelm Gustloff. Please send in your bright and shiny things - we could use them after this! Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
January 15, 2021
42. Cults: The Necro Comic Con
This week on A Little Bit Grim, Jenni and Taylor discuss black flags, alphabet soup, and that emo girl from High School we all know (or were in some cases). Jenni does a dive into a not-too-terrible cult/religious/granola hippy movement that is the Aetherius Society. Taylor does a cult-adjacent story and talks about the Vampire Clan Cult and it's ring leader - 16 year old Rod Ferrell. Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
January 8, 2021
Grab Bag: Vol 9
In this month anything-goes-grab-bag, Taylor and Jenni reveal just how insane they were as young adults, talk about why you absolutely should not go into caves, a mini train disaster, and a light hearted listener's story!  Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
January 5, 2021
41. Conspiracies: Time's Not Real
Hello! Are you real? Are we real? Are we living in another dimension? We have lots of questions and very few answers for you in this Conspiracy installment of A Little Bit Grim. This is a wild tale of missing airplanes, black hole jelly donuts, and the question is reality even real? This week, Taylor covers the very suspicious disappearance of flight MH370 and Jenni takes on the Higgs Boson Particle and the Mandela Effect. In summary, time isn't real and you can't change our minds. Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
January 1, 2021
40. Folklore: Overgrown Goats
Welcome to our last episode of Grim-mas! Thank you for sticking it out with us as Taylor and Jenni indulged in a month-long theme. This week, Taylor and Jenni once again get tangled up in a conversation about gross foods and struggle with the anatomy of a reindeer and the fear of goats. Jenni does a deep dive into the Pagan Wheel of the Year and tells us about Yule and all the gory details. Taylor talks about Saint Nicholas and his buddy Krampus. You better watch out, you better not cry! Krampus will come beat the crap out of you! Follow us on the sosh-meedz: Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
December 25, 2020
39: True Crime: Murder but Make it Festive
We wish you a Scary Christmas! Welcome to the true crime installment of our holiday themed month! This week, Taylor tells the gruesome story of the murder of Kevin Bacon (not the actor, obvi) which needs a big fat trigger warning for gore. Kevin's case is a sad reminder that people cannot be trusted, mental illness can go untreated unnoticed, and that Christmas isn't always full of sleigh bells and reindeer. Jenni takes us back to history class to tell us about the murder of the Lawson family - one of the first cases of a family annihilator. Hold your loved ones tight as you listen to these unnerving tales of murder on Christmas.
December 18, 2020
38. Paranormal: If You're Going to be Dead, Don't Sass Me
Welcome to our second Christmas themed episode! This week, Jenni and Taylor do things a little differently and share some Christmas Ghost Stories along with some haunted holiday reviews! It's a little bit different, a little bit sharp left, and always a little bit grim.
December 11, 2020
37. Disasters: It's Science - Run!
Welcome to our first regular cycle episode of A Little Bit Grim-mas! We can't wait to bring you Christmas themed episodes all month long! This week, Taylor deeply struggles with pronunciation while telling the devastating story of the Tangiwai Train Disaster. Then Jenni tells the truly horrible story of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Don't forget to spread some cheer this holiday season! You never know when you'll be swept away by an angry river or a brutal 500 mph ocean wave. 
December 4, 2020
Grab Bag: Vol. 8
Welcome to the first annual holiday themed Grab Bag of Grim-mas! We are so excited to bring you Christmas themed stories in this grab bag episode. Hold on to your reindeer! We can't promise holly jolly or holiday cheer, but we can promise some wild stories from Christmases long, long ago. 
December 1, 2020
36. Cults: 762 Pages of Ick
Hello Grim Gang! We hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving - if you went to a gathering, we hope you brought up some solid political arguments and SLAYED! :) But we hope you stayed home because you know... pandemic. In this episode, Jenni goes rouge (again, we can't stop her) and covers a Hate Group - The Aryan Brotherhood. It's always sobering to find out just how many horrible people there are out there. Taylor then talks about the cult The Family of God (aka The Family or The Family International) which is pretty far up there in the list of awful groups we've covered so far. -- check out this podcast for more info on hate groups in the US.
November 27, 2020
35. Conspiracies: Surprise Acid Trips
Hello and welcome to another Conspiracy Theory installment of A Little Bit Grim! Today, Jenni and Taylor have some wild stories to tell and there may be some facts along with these tall tales! Science! Facts! Figures! These are not often found in conspiracies, but there maybe a stray fact or two here for you. Taylor messes with Jenni's whole head and tells the bizarre alien abduction story of Travis Walton who swears to this day that he was taken into an alien spaceship and just decided to have a little look-see around. Jenni shocks Taylor to her core with the very scary drug infested story of MK-Ultra - which has way too many facts for anyone's liking. We hope you're safe and sound - we encourage you to double check your coffee for additives and check your surroundings for aliens! 
November 20, 2020
34. Folklore: Always Frozen Never Fresh
Hello and welcome back to another Folklore episode of A Little Bit Grim! We are glad you're here. It's Friday the 13th and in all it's spooky bad vibes, Jenni tells us all the horrible things that have happened on Friday the 13th and gives a little history of why this date strikes fear in the hearts of superstitious people everywhere. Taylor does a dive into a cryptid and covers the extremely unsettling nature of the Wendigo - a zombie, werewolf, spirit thing that either eats people or makes people into cannibals. We hope you're living in a world where we know who the president is and that you're being extra careful on this Friday the 13th!
November 13, 2020
33. True Crime: Stay out of the Caves
Hello A Little Bit Grim family. Gremlins? Grim Gang? We don't know - We just hope you're here to stay. In this cycle's True Crime episode, Taylor and Jenni discuss the importance of being right, personality flaws, and most importantly crimes against women and children. First, Taylor talks about the atrocious acts of one man in San Diego and the harrowing survivor's tales of the women he attacked - including actress Charisma Carpenter. Then Jenni keeps things very (too?) close to home with a brutal murder of an 8 year old girl in our home town. This is the story of April Tinsley and how the local police caught the perpetrator years later. 
November 6, 2020
Grab Bag: Vol 7
It's November which means we only have 2 more months of 2020! *Praise* we hope you've done your civic duty and made your way to the polls! This month's Grab Bag features a dragon, a heart in a box, and our favorite - a listener's story! We'd love to read your story! Send them to us at
November 3, 2020
32. Paranormal: Bodies on Parade
It's Halloween Spooky Samhain All Hallows Eve Eve so pour yourself a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or a goblet of blood because we are ready to tell you some very spooky tales. Jenni takes us across the pond to Paris for the deets on the Catacombs. AKA Nopeville. Jenni and Taylor are firm in their belief that something v bad is lurking in those dark, damp passageways. Taylor desperately searches for facts and tells us what she learned about the haunted mirror of Bela Lugosi. Is the mirror a haunted item? Or is ZB completely full of it? We may never know, but we hope you enjoy this creeptastic episode of A Little Bit Grim.
October 30, 2020
31. Disasters: Make it Fireproof
Hello everyone and welcome to a new Disaster episode (but every day in 2020 is a disaster, amirite?). The gals at A Little Bit Grim accidently made it a themed fire episode, and what's worse is that both were completely avoidable. Jenni takes on the task of telling us about the doomed Hindenburg flight in 1937 while attempting to talk Taylor out of wanting to fly in a blimp. Taylor brings us to Connect-i-cut for the truly horrible Circus Fire of 1942. once again they try to measure distance in football fields, convert then-money to now-money, and generally flail at math related questions. 
October 23, 2020
Mashup: Stabby Vlad
Hello and welcome to another Mashup episode of A Little Bit Grim! Every month, Jenni and Taylor take 2 sides of the same story and mash them up to give you what they consider a full rundown. Now get ready, because it's Spooky (or as Jenni says "spoopy") Season and there is nothing Spookier than the big daddy vamp himself Dracula! And of course they will tell you all about the man, the myth, the legend Vlad the Impaler as well. Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride!
October 20, 2020
30. Cults: Dolores Umbridge Vibes
We must not tell lies... which is why we are always reminding you not to join a cult! Jenni and Taylor dive into some interesting groups this week. Jenni covers the bizarre (and slightly appealing) granola hippy cult of Father Yod. Then Taylor talks about a lesser known Brazillian cult of Flordelis de Souza and her crazy family sex cult turned murder plot. Welcome to another installment of A Little Bit Grim where we tell you grim stories but try to keep it light!
October 16, 2020
29. Conspiracies: Problematic Themes
Welcome to another installment of A Little Bit Grim - the podcast that breaks down some truly terrible events, ideas, and people. Join us, won't you? In this episode, Taylor attempts to live out her dream of spending her birthday at Disney (thanks, Covid) and shares an interesting theory that the skeletons in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride are or were real human skeletons! Jenni gives us a four-fer and goes through a handful of conspiracies surrounding the untimely death of Marilyn (Norma Jean
October 9, 2020
Grab Bag: Vol 6
Hello spooky friends and welcome to another Grab Bag episode. This is the version of A Little Bit Grim where Taylor and Jenni tell you the stories that made them go, "huh?" but aren't quite long enough for a full cycle episode! If you'd like to submit your own story to be read in a future Grab Bag episode, slide into those DMs or send us an email at
October 6, 2020
28. Folklore: Look Out for the Shadows
In this especially spooky episode of A Little Bit Grim, Taylor and Jenni warn you to look out for the shadows (Jenni wants that on a tshirt). Jenni introduces some whales when she tells us the lore behind Mabon - a spicy, autumnal pagan celebration that incorporates all things fall and harvest. Taylor goes deep into a cryptid folktale and introduces us to the totally metal origins of the Headless Horsemen. In short, this episode explains that the sun is a lie and Taylor and Jenni are down for #spooky4eva.
October 2, 2020
27. True Crime: It's Their Dead Body
This week on A Little Bit Grim, Taylor finishes the story of Annaliese Michel and the court case that followed her death. Did demons do it? Was she mentally ill? Are her parents responsible for her death? Find out this week! Jenni covers the amazing story of a total badass babe named Davine Arckens who survived after she was kidnapped in Australia. We hope all Davine's have their Aiko's. 
September 25, 2020
26. Paranormal: A Communal Van of Ghosts
Hello Grim Gang of guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Welcome to another installment of A Little Bit Grim where Jenni and Taylor succeed in wigging the other all the way out with a very ooky spooky paranormal episode! Jenni tells the wholesome and light hearted tale of the ghosts that still call Pluckly, England home. Then Taylor takes a sharp left into a story that is much less light hearted and dives into the Possession of Anneliese Michel, a 23 year old woman who died in Germany after over 60 exorcisms. You'll want to tune into episode 27 to find out how Taylor's story ends as this is her first 2 part episode! Stay tuned for the True Crime portion of the Possession of Anneliese Michel. 
September 18, 2020
Mashup: The Salem Witch Trials
Hello and happy almost-spooky-szn! Go get your broomsticks, pointy hats, black cats, and cauldrons because we are ready to give you the true deets on the Salem Witch Trials and the events that lead up to the persecution of so many women in Europe and colonial America. It's a wild ride of misogyny, paranoia, and superstition. Buckle up your broomsticks, and let's go!
September 15, 2020
25. Disasters: A Second Good Keith
Disasters abound! Disasters come in many forms. Sometimes they're natural - an act of God, if you will. Sometimes they are more sinister and are the result of humanity showing the very worst of itself. Sometimes it's sheer negligence. This week, Taylor and Jenni dive into disasters that were created by man during The Year of our Lord 1984. Jenni tells the horrifying story of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and some very serious issues of negligence while Taylor freaks out about the importance of a Safety Manual. Taylor then has the unfortunate task of relaying the events that took place during the McDonald's Massacre in San Ysidro, CA. Join us while we talk through these horrible events while also trying to bring some light into the world. 
September 11, 2020
24. Cults: I Know I'm Trash
Hello spooky friends and welcome to a Cults episode of A Little Bit Grim. This week, Taylor gets into the nitty gritty of the Moonies or the Unification Church and it gets very gross and graphic as they talk about their sexual practices. Then Jenni goes completely to level 10 and talks about The Chicago Ripper Cult. We need to put a big ol fatty Trigger Warning on Jenni's story. It's graphic and not at all good. 
September 4, 2020
Grab Bag: Vol 5
It's time for a couple of Grab Bag stories! This Grab Bag episode is chalk full of suicide forests, unknown gelatinous substances, and a dummy with a pet tiger. Enjoy the lighter side of A Little Bit Grim!
September 1, 2020
23. Conspiracies: Alien Google Maps
Hello again and welcome back to A Little Bit Grim! If you're new here, Hi! This is a show with two best friends scaring the ever lovin' crap out of each other with tales with Big Heebee Jeebees. In this Conspiracies installment, Taylor and Jenni take alien encounters to a whole new level. Jenni takes on the massive story of Skin Walker Ranch and while we have many questions, the biggest one is "Where is the blood?" because nothing good comes from bloodless animals, that's for dang sure. Taylor does a dive into the first publicized alien abduction in the U.S. and tells us about Barney and Betty Hill. We all learn together that Jenni is more afraid of aliens than she is of anything on this earth (or outside of it). 
August 28, 2020
22. Folklore: Spicy Deja Vu
It's the lighthearted installment of A Little Bit Grim - Folklore! Taylor and Jenni are here to tell you, advise you, and warn you - Do Not Mess With The Fae. They'll mess with you right back.... or burn your house down! Jenni gives us the lore of the Fae in their many forms while Taylor does a dive into one specific type of Fae - The Domovoi. They didn't plan it, but it worked out well (a change for this indie podcast). Thanks for listening!
August 21, 2020
Mashup: The Manson Family
Hello spooky, ooky friends! You'd think this is a disaster's episode because Jenni and Taylor are a mess this week! But nevertheless, they persisted to tell you about the crazy, wild, and shocking life of Charles Manson, his family, and the horrific murders they committed. Grim doesn't even begin to cover it.
August 18, 2020
21. True Crime: A Color Guard of Red Flags
Welcome back to another Crime installment of A Little Bit Grim. This episode is chalk full of not-so-fun facts, wtf moments, and chocolate wrappers. Taylor's story started as a grab bag and quickly morphed into a full blown episode like a beautiful butterfly. She tells us about a man and his Serial Killer Detector and how it pointed to a killer named Darren Deon Vann who was on the loose in Gary, Indiana. Sorry, Gary, we are coming for you again! Jenni keeps it close to Chicago and tells us the truly heinous and unbelievable story of the one and only Killer Clown - John Wayne Gacy. 
August 14, 2020
20. Paranormal: A Bachelor's Degree in Ghosts
Another cycle of A Little Bit Grim starts now with a very ookey spooky girl amateur hour! Jenni takes us to the west coast and gives us the scoop on the Winchester Mystery House located in San Jose, CA. Mystery is the perfect word to describe the bizarre nature of this house. Is it a result of a curse of the Winchester empire or was Sarah Winchester simply an obsessed woman overcome with grief? Taylor takes us to the mid-west.- the home of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a vast and vacant building that houses thousands of souls that met an unfortunate end. It's all terrible. Welcome to the show!
August 7, 2020
Grab Bag: Vol. 4
Welcome to this month's Grab Bag issue where Jenni and Taylor talk about an unfortunate walmart photo incident, a spidery firey hell hole, and some ding dong baby witches. 
August 4, 2020
19. Disasters: People Drumsticks
Hello and welcome to this Disasters installment of A Little Bit Grim. Jenni and Taylor both talk about water based disasters this week and in true A Little Bit Grim fashion, there are quick 180's from laughter to "oh my God, that's terrible." Taylor does into the many tragedies that have happened at amusement parks that involve Orcas (killer whales) - specifically Sea World. Trust us, it's a whale of a tale. Jenni then takes us across the globe to China to discuss the Great China Flood of 1931 that killed pretty much everyone. If you'd like to watch the video's taylor mentioned the links are provided for you below:  - Kenneth Peter's Attack - Tamarie Tollison attack - Video of Dawn Brancheau just before her attack
July 31, 2020
18. Cults: Tax Frauding, Misogynistic, Yayhoos
In this episode of A Little Bit Grim, Taylor and Jenni discuss the living, breathing, happening-right-the-heck-now cults of the Kingston Clan aka The Order and the cult (?) of Jared Leto and Thirty Seconds to Mars. Beware of your surroundings, question everything, and DO NOT follow anyone who walks around thinking he IS Jesus or says he knows what Jesus wants. The. End.  Jenni mentions some resources if you would like to donate financially to assist women who have decided to leave the Kingstons. and
July 24, 2020
Mashup: The Romanov Dynasty
Welcome to Grim History 101 with Taylor and Jenni! This month in our Mashup episode, we decided to look at the True Crime and Conspiracies that surround the mystery of the Romanov dynasty. Taylor dives into the history of how the Romanov family came to be murdered in 1917. Jenni leads us down a dark path of cover ups, novice murderers, and really shoddy body disposal. There is a little bit of gore, a lot of rich history, a few sharp lefts, and as always - awkward laughing in between terrible sentences.
July 21, 2020
17. Conspiracies: The Great Trumpkin
If you didn't know where Taylor and Jenni stand politically or morally before, you will at the end of this Conspiracies episode! Taylor dives into a wild ride of a story that has it all - time travel, historical facts, a peculiarly named government office, and a hate-able presidential candidate. Jenni takes us back into the Bible and describes the vin diagram of Donald Trump and the Anti-Christ. Could Donald Trump be a time-traveling Biblical figure out to end the world? Maybe. 
July 17, 2020
16. Folklore: Cletus' for Jesus'
Welcome back to A Little Bit Grim! This week, Taylor takes us back in time (or forward in time?) to the Book of Revelations and gives us the deets on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - talk about some heebee jeebees. Jenni is team Witch during her tale of the Bell Witch from Tennessee. They also discuss the difference between a hazelnewt and a bananalam and wonder what on earth the Bible would say if it went through it's first translation today. 
July 10, 2020
Grab Bag: Vol. 3
This month in Grab Bag land, Jenni and Taylor chat about a firework disaster, past life craziness, and a listener's tale of a v suspect trashbag in the woods. As always, this episode is full of laughter, disasters, and wine.
July 7, 2020
15. True Crime: Go Back to the 1800's
In this episode of A Little Bit Grim, Taylor and Jenni debate the best way to hide from a serial killer, find awe in a survivor's story, and are baffled by an unsolved case.  Taylor covers the harrowing survival story of Teri Jendusa Nicolai who endured a brutal attack by her ex-husband. Not only did she survive, but she is now an advocate for victim rights. Taylor mentions the book The Gift of Fear and you can purchase it here - Jenni covers a story that we know well here in Indiana - the mysterious unsolved murder of Liberty German and Abigail Williams in Delphi, Indiana. This is a case that is continually evolving and we hope to have justice for Libby and Abby soon. 
July 3, 2020
14. Paranormal: No Respect for Housekeeping
You'd think this was a disaster's episode with Taylor and Jenni recording in their new space for the first time. It felt new, it felt fresh, it felt like they'd never done this before! This week, Jenni talks us through the case that inspired the Conjuring films - the Perron Family. A whole lotta history in this cursed house, the hardwood is new throughout the home, HVAC needs a little TLC, but otherwise works great! Don't mind the lady out back by the tree - she'll be gone before you move in! Tour today! But is the house haunted by a badass, Satan worshipping witch? They kinda doubt it but you'll have to listen to find out why.  Taylor keeps it close to home and covers the truly haunted Whitley County Jail (aka the Columbia City Jail) in Columbia City, Indiana. Yet again the criminals are kept too close together and chaos ensues! Welcome to A Little Bit Grim.
June 26, 2020
13. Disasters: Alive a Little Bit
Although the world seems to be one giant disaster right now (thanks, 2020), Taylor and Jenni are still super excited about telling you some of their favorite disasters. Taylor gives us the low down on the Lucasville Prison Riot while Jenni sheds light on the most famous of all plagues - the Black Death. Hope you have some time to have the crap scared out of you, because this one is a doozy! Links mentioned:
June 19, 2020
Mashup: Slenderman
Woah buddy has life gotten crazy for Taylor and Jenni these past couple of weeks. But never fear! They are still here to tell you quickly researched fun facts about your favorite modern day folklore: Slenderman! Jenni tells us about that time some dude on the internet created a fictional boogyman and Taylor tells us the tragic consequences when a couple of pre-teens become obsessed with the sensationalized Slenderman character. We don't have to tell you - you already know - it's A Little Bit Grim.
June 16, 2020
12. Cults: A False Bottom
In this truly terrible episode of A Little Bit Grim, Jenni tells us all about the fun loving, free spirited, alien cult of Raelism and Taylor gives you A BIG FAT TRIGGER WARNING for her tale of Roch Theriault and the Ant Hill Kids. Seriously, if you don't like your cults dark af please stop listening after Jenni's story - Taylor's gets a little (LOT) bit grim. 
June 12, 2020
11. Conspiracies: Invasion of the Body Snachers
We are not black, but we see you. We are not black, but we hear you. We are not black, but we mourn with you. #blacklivesmatter Taylor and Jenni recorded this episode last week before the protests, which is why you don't hear them talk about current events.  In this episode Taylor covers the unlikely story of the "death" of Avril Lavigne and Jenni discusses Project Preserving Destiny, a wild tale of aliens and government cover ups. Did Avril die in 2003 and get replaced by a body double? Is the government covering up knowledge of aliens (yes - obviously).  As always, there are twists, turns, and sharp lefts and mediocre research. Welcome to A Little Bit Grim! Stay safe out there, yall.
June 5, 2020
Grab Bag: Vol. 2
In this months grab bag Jenni and Taylor talk deadly danger noodles, a modern day Gilderoy Lockhart, an our first listener's story! Of course there are too many puns and a lot of laughter. Thanks for listening! *Update* Maddie Bell was found safe and sound and seems to have had left home of her own accord with a man she met online. 
June 2, 2020
10. Folklore: You Gotta Believe the Vatican
Taylor and Jenni have very different tales to tell today, but both folklores have similar themes! Taylor gives us a short peek into the tale of Persephone, the goddess of the Spring and Summer and also the Underworld. She realizes her attraction to the bad boys in a shocking turn of events. Jenni *finally* tells us the history of Lilith and Taylor makes her eyes bigger in order to hear better. Once again they try to relate these old af tales to modern film, tv, and books in a desperate attempt of understanding the massive implications of these two beautiful and terrifying deities. 
May 29, 2020
9. True Crime: Urderedmay
Settle in, buckle up, grab yourself a beverage and get ready for some twists, turns, and hard lefts. This week, Jenni thought she would do a little swamp murder and uncovered a truly terrible case involving a small town that will do anything to protect its own. We're talking about the Jeff Davis 8 or the Jennings 8. Taylor goes down a deep rabbit hole and tells the incredibly heartbreaking story of the Bathtub Killers of Canada which makes Jenni v uncomfy. It's more than a little grim.  
May 22, 2020
Mashup: Villisca Axe Murders
Because they can't do anything on a level 2, Jenni and Taylor decided to add another episode into the mix! In these special Mashup episodes, they'll be covering different sides of the same story. In this mashup episode, they cover the horrible events of the Villisca Axe Murders. Taylor gives you the whens, the wheres, and the whys, and some snide remarks about the suspects. Jenni then gives you the creeps, the spooks, and the nope-demons. As always, they muddle their way through with some pronunciations, math, and geography.
May 19, 2020
7. Paranormal: Pandora's Monthly Unboxing
As we continue to endure quarantine, Jenni and Taylor decide it would be a good idea to scare the bejeesus out of each other with spooky ghost stuff. Taylor shows that she is a type-A nerd while she tells the story of the Congress Plaza Hotel in the Windy City. Of course, Jenni talks about demons and the uber scary ghosts and entities that haunt the Ancient Ram's Inn. 
May 15, 2020
6. Disasters: Make it Swirly
In this episode of A Little Bit Grim, Jenni and Taylor finally remember to A) introduce themselves, B) remind you that Donut is the fat floof cat mascot of the podcast and he is here to stay, and C) tell you the name of the show! Oh! And they talk about some truly horrifying events such as the Tiger mauling at the San Francisco Zoo and the Tri-State Tornado. They encourage you to immediately watch Jurassic Park and Twister after listening to this episode. Happy Nightmare Fuel, y'all.
May 8, 2020
Grab Bag: Vol. 1
Welcome to the first Grab Bag episode! Originally we had planned to release the Grab Bag episodes as the last category in the cycle but we decided to change things up and release them on the first Tuesday of every month!  Jenni and Taylor love crazy, odd, peculiar stories but not all of them are long enough to make a full episode. These stories are still worth telling and like all good Grab Bags, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. They apologize for their terrible puns, hyena laughs, and general jibber jabber - but as per usual - we are going to blame that on the wine. 
May 5, 2020
5. Cults: One Good Keith
It was a ... CULT CLASSIC. In this episode of A Little Bit Grim, Jenni and Taylor dive into the baffling world of cults and how the heck people end up in one of these groups. Jenni tells us all the twists and turns of the Rajneesh movement and Taylor gives us the deets on the NXIVM cult from the late 2000's. 
May 1, 2020
4. Conspiracies: No Facts to be Found
Jenni and Taylor deeply struggle with the idea of conspiracies, how the Catholic Church works, and the fact that a gazillion people believe in lizard people. Taylor covers the super sus death of Pope John Paul I and Jenni covers the absolutely wackadoodle conspiracy that our world leaders and celebrities are actually Lizard People in disguise. 
April 24, 2020
3. Folklore: Giant Squidwards
Jenni and Taylor discuss the goddess Ostara and the legend of the Kraken over cocktails. They also don’t know how long a football field is, the plural of octopus, or the names of the men in the Skarsgard family - but we are going to blame that on the cocktails!
April 17, 2020
2. Crime: Schemin’ and Aplottin’
In this True Crime episode of A Little Bit Grim, Taylor talks us through the murder of Suzanne Jovin and Jenni describes the Antwerp Diamond Heist. 
April 10, 2020
1. Paranormal: Leave the Interns Out of It
Hello and welcome to our very first episode! This week our theme is Paranormal - it's time to get spooky. Jenni will cover the very bizarre case of the Ammons House in Gary, IN., while Taylor gets increasingly uncomfy. The Ammons House is also known as the 200 Demons House or the Demon House. Taylor gives you the history and ghosts of the RMS Queen Mary and Jenni tries to educate us on the megawatts in a Ford Ram F250. 
April 4, 2020
A Little Bit... About Us
Welcome to our first recorded mini-episode! We are here to tell you a little bit about us and give you a preview of the new podcast - A Little Bit Grim! Taylor and Jenni will cover a wide range of grim tales from conspiracy theories to the paranormal to true crime and more!
April 3, 2020