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A Little T.L.C.

A Little T.L.C.

By Collins Pritchett
Join us bi-weekly for a new series hosted by Trinity's own. Faith based conversations about current events and everyday life with guests and experts from a variety of professional backgrounds. How do we make faith part of our hectic pandemic lives? How does faith play a part in our community? Let's talk about it.
Craig and Alex: Aquamos
Craig Gauerke and Alex LeClair join us to speak about their passions. About owning and operating a small business (Aquamos Coffee Collaborative) amidst a pandemic, and their relationship with faith while doing it all. We had incredible issues during production and this podcast really takes a dive 15 minutes in, but please hang around and try and absorb the awesome messages these great people had to share. Thank you, we will only get better.
November 18, 2020