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By Aliza Rosen
Podcast by ALIZA ROSEN
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5 years of Reality of Reality – a farewell
It’s a bittersweet day as I say goodbye to Reality of Reality. It feels fitting that this farewell is on the 5th anniversary of my podcast — which started as a fun whim with Jenny Daly and turned into over 200 episodes of interviews with the best in the business.  The why is simple: I’m just too busy with my core business to sustain the pace any longer. I realize that’s a lucky place to be — especially given how hard this last year has been for so many— and I don’t take it for granted.  Thank you to Taste of Reality for believing in me and putting me on your fabulous network. Thank you to my stepson Kevin Clobes for composing the fabulous theme music. And a huge thank you to my editor and engineer Jesus Murillo who has been with me from day 1 and might be the nicest human being I know. He’s done late night edits, very early morning edits and many other annoying edits and has never ever complained. He is a rock star and I’m lucky to continue working with him on my other ventures.  And finally, thank you to all my guests: it’s been an honor speak to every single person I’ve interviewed. I can honestly say I’ve learned something from everyone and I’m humbled by the experience.  If you want to connect with me feel free to email me: aliza@ayr-media and/or follow me on IG at @realityaliza xo
April 26, 2021
Diona Vaughan Mankowitz & Ray Dotch – Divergent Content
Diona Vaughan Mankowitz is an Emmy nominated producer and casting director who founded Divergent Content in 2020. Soon after she founded the company, Ray Dotch, an Emmy winning Executive Producer and Showrunner, came on board and became Diona’s ipso facto partner.  The goal at Divergent is to use the voices of people of color behind the camera to support, amplify, and elevate diverse stories and talent. We talk about inclusivity and hiring in unscripted content, the history of racism in our industry, the importance of hiring Black producers for all kinds of shows and what the Sharon Osborne firing says about where we are right now as a culture. Divergent content: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
April 22, 2021
David Eilenberg – CCO ITV America
Today on the podcast – everyone’s favorite producer and all around human David Eilenberg. Dave is now Chief Creative Officer at ITV America where he’s guiding creative strategy, leveraging intellectual property, and helping grow the group’s six vertical production labels, including ITV Entertainment, Leftfield Pictures, Sirens Media, Thinkfactory Media, High Noon Entertainment and Good Caper Content. Dave cut his teeth in this industry working on game shows which led him to The Apprentice – where he learned how to produce a competition show when all of NYC is a set. He went to help create Are You Smarter than Fifth Grader which was put together at lightening speed from pitch to series. He also talks about the pressure to reboot Queer Eye, what it’s like being the head of a massive company, where this business is headed and why we should be working with producers all over the country. Follow me: Instagram Twitter
April 14, 2021
Mioshi Hill – President, Sirens Media
Today on the podcast, Sirens Media President Mioshi Hill. Mioshi is a long time producer, starting on the production company side then going to Lifetime were she was VP of development overseeing shows like Little Women: LA, Finding Justice, Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid and Vivica’s Black Magic. She joined Sirens in January of  2021. The company is coming in strong this year with a great season of Real Housewives of New Jersey and the new show Wedding Coach which premieres April 7th on Netflix! Follow me: Instagram Twitter
April 08, 2021
Andrea Blaugrund Nevins – Director FX/Hulu’s HYSTERICAL
Andrea Blaugrund Nevins is a writer, producer and director who’s helmed the new documentary on FX/Hulu called Hysterical. This film is a great portrait of what obstacles female comedians face in the very male-dominated world of comedy. It profiles a wide range of hilarious and thoughtful women, as well as the newcomers who are breaking new ground and changing the game. Andrea and I also talk about her fantastic documentary Tiny Shoulders – rethinking Barbie also streaming on Hulu which examines 60 years of women through the lens of the iconic plastic doll. Hysterical premieres April 2 at 9pm on FX, streaming next day on FX on Hulu: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
April 01, 2021
Erika Bryant – Showrunner and Author: Doing it Scared
Today on the podcast, Showrunner and now author Erika Bryant. Erika’s a seasoned Executive Producer who’s worked on shows like  Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine and is now show running the third season of Family or Fiancé  on OWN -a show Erika’s been with the show since the beginning. We also talk about her new book DOING IT SCARED: An Inspirational Guidebook to Facing and Conquering Fear which is on sale now (links below in the show notes). We talk about Erika’s career, her being a leader not a boss, making vulnerability ok and how not every show is fit for everyone. But most of all – going for what you want and doing it scared! Erika’s first time on the pod: The Black Female Producer’s Reality of Reality-Erika Bryant, Jamala Gaither, Nakia Williams   Follow me: Instagram Twitter
March 25, 2021
Lauren Lazin & Dave Sambucchi – For Real: The Story of Reality TV on E!
Showrunner and Oscar and Emmy nominated director Lauren Lazin and Vice President of Development for Bunim Murray Dave Sambuchi are both are Executive Producers of the new 7 part series on E! called FOR REAL: THE STORY OF REALITY TV. I was lucky enough to help develop this series that drops on March 25th and will be aired across multiple NBC Universal platforms. This show truly has it all – from the roots of reality with MTV’s The Real World to celeb reality starting with the Osbournes of of course bookending with the Kardashians to dating shows to competion and of course the reality show presidency we just endured. It gets to the deeper questions of how does the culture impact reality TV and vice versa and the reasons behind why do we love to watch. Follow me: Instagram Twitter
March 18, 2021
Sabrina Soto – TV Designer, Lifestyle Influencer and Podcaster
Excited to have my friend Sabrina Soto back on the podcast to talk about what she’s been up to the last four years – and it’s a lot! Sabrina is a designer on the HGTV show Ty Breaker, Secret Celebrity Renovation on CBS and hosts her own podcast Re-Designing life. We talk about the shows, vision boards, Clubhouse and our kween Wendy Williams. Enjoy! Links to Sabrina: My first interview with Sabrina: Sabrina Soto Follow me: Instagram Twitter
March 11, 2021
Allen vs. Farrow HBO documentary series – w/Evolution Media President Alex Baskin
It’s the long awaited breakdown of the 4-part HBO series ALLEN v FARROW with my friend and President of Evolution Media Alex Baskin. We get into ALL of it so be forewarned that “spoilers” abound and we talk about intense subjects like sexual assault and incest which can be triggering for some. As someone who has believed Dylan since she came out publicly in 2014, I was blown away by this series and all I had NOT known about this case. I highly recommend watching it and listening – as we went into several areas not covered in the doc series. Lastly- I saw this on Twitter and to me it resonated with me:  Dylan, Mia and Ronan didn’t owe us their stories. They chose to share this with us.  Watch Allen v Farrow on HBO Max: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
March 04, 2021
Billie Mintz – Filmmaker/Guardianship Expert & #freebritney
Filmmaker and social justice warrior Billie Mintz has directed and produced many award winning films. I was blown away by his 2018 film The Guardians – now on Amazon Prime – which exposes a criminal enterprise running through family court where the legal kidnapping of elderly people took place in Las Vegas. Because of that film, Billie has became an advocate for vicimts of guardianship fraud around the country and a hero to the #freebritney movement. We talk about that and the NYT/Hulu documentary Framing Britney and the new Netflix film I Care A Lot – and beware of spoilers on that one! Billie’s film The Guardians: For more on Billie’s work: Great article from the New Yorker that is covered in Billie’s doc: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
February 25, 2021
Justin Lacob – Head of Development, XTR Studios
Justin Lacob has the dream job of many people in our business. He’s the Head of Development for XTR – a studio that helps filmmakers on their journeys to get their films made.  Justin also co-founded Documentary+, the Netflix of documentaries. Justin’s a veteran producer who got started on old school reality competition shows like America’s Top Model and ended up on the network side at Spike (which became Paramount) overseeing a gazillion episodes of Bar Rescue. At Paramount he was an Executive Producer with Jay-Z on the Emmy nominated documentary series, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, as well as on Gone: The Forgotten Women, directed by Academy Award nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger. Follow me: Instagram Twitter
February 18, 2021
Non Fiction United: Johanna Vanderspool, Toni-Ann Lagana & Jason Martinez
The Non-Fiction United group is fighting for better conditions for our industry: from fair pay to safe work environments. Today I have on the founder of the NFU, Johanna Vanderspool, who is a showrunner and director who’s worked on shows like the BET Awards and Undressed. She’s joined by Toni-Ann Lagana, a freelance producer who’s worked on shows like Dancing with the Stars and American Idol and Jason Martinez, a longtime director/producer who most recently produced Temptation Island during the pandemic. We talk about how Covid-19 has shined a light on core issues in our business, how rates have changed (or haven’t changed) over the years and how the whole industry is set up like a “mafia family” (!) For more on the NFU: Toni Ann’s article in THR: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
February 11, 2021
Unscripted Development Executives – Matt Shanfield, Michelle Byars & Tom Huffman
Today on the podcast – a trio of development executives who go way back. They all sell shows for competing companies – but have strong friendships and rely on each other as sounding boards and support: Matt Shanfield  – EVP of Development at IPC,  Tom Huffman – EVP of original content at Pilgrim Media Group and Michelle Byars – VP of unscripted at ITV. What are the trends and buzzwords these days in unscripted? What’s the best way to get a show sold straight to series? How do you  pitch in a pandemic and what do you pitch? Who are the best network execs in the biz? And is Real Screen a good place to sell shows? We get into it all and much much more. Enjoy! Follow me: Instagram Twitter
February 04, 2021
Ricki Stern – Director/Executive Producer of Surviving Death on Netflix
The new six part series Surviving Death on Netflix blew me away so I knew I had to talk to the Director and Executive Producer who also happened to be behind many other stellar films and series. Ricki Stern talks about what attracted her to the subject matter, how she chose the stories to profile and what she believes after immersing herself in the spirit world. We also get into some of Ricki’s other work like the Preppy Murder series on AMC, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein on Lifetime and one of my favorite all time docs, Joan Rivers: a Piece of Work.   More on Ricki and her work: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
January 28, 2021
Tiger Woods HBO documentary – with golfer and husband Bryan Clobes
The two-part documentary Tiger on HBO/HBO Max requires a deep dive and who better to do it with than golfer extraordinaire and my husband Bryan Clobes. Bryan’s not only a gifted golfer (not biased – he actually is a 3 or 4 handicap – whatever that means) but a documentary fan who has great insight into the themes of Tiger’s life: his relationship with his parents, his rise, fall and rise again, his relationships and whether he’ll ever be the true GOAT of golf. Follow me: Instagram Twitter
January 21, 2021
Susan Horowitz & Irina Grobman – From Reality to Real Estate
On this very special episode, two of my all time favorite people talk about the transition from reality TV to real estate. Both Susan and Irina worked in television before switching careers to become realtors and own their own brokerage firm. They talk about why they made the move, what skills they learned in TV helped them become successful realtors and what’s it’s like to be partners in business and life. Follow Susan and Irina on IG: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
January 14, 2021
Rosie Mercado – Curvy Girls, Life Coach and TV/podcast host
Rosie Mercado is a true inspiration – a proud Latina woman who’s struggled with self esteem issues her whole life. When she decided to join the cast of Curvy Girls (now streaming on Peacock), she got serious about losing weight and changing her life. She talks about her journey to losing 240lbs, her new book and podcast “The Girl with Self Esteem Issues” and how she had another baby at 40 years old in the middle of a global pandemic! Follow Rosie here: Watch Curvy Girls here: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
January 07, 2021
End of 2020 TV recap with blogger Brian Samuels
It’s our bi-annual end of year TV recap with my friend and TV blogger Brian Samuels. We’re talking about all the shows we’re watching and recommend. From The Queens Gambit to Murder at Middle Beach to Shark Tank, we tell you about everything we love from the last few months. And of course we’ll tell you what we love to hate watch (looking at you Emily in Paris) and what you definitely want to miss. Enjoy! Brian’s blog: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
December 23, 2020
Vanessa Grigoriadis – Hollywood Con Queen podcast and more
Journalist, writer and podcast host Vanessa Grigoriadis joins me to talk about her new podcast Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen about a con artist who fooled Hollywood players big and small for years with elaborate and often nefarious schemes. We also talk about her podcast about Ivanka Trump on Luminary which is very juicy and illuminating and discuss her book about men, women and consent on college campuses. Enjoy! Listen to Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen: Listen to the Ivanka podcast on Luminary: Buy Vanessa’s book: Check out Vanessa’s work: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
December 16, 2020
Matt Tyrnauer – The Reagans documentary series
You don’t want to miss the four part documentary THE REAGANS on Showtime directed by my guest Matt Tyrnauer. We do a deep dive about shattering the mythology around Reagan and his presidency and what it was like to produce this film in a pandemic. What is happening in politics today makes a lot more sense after you watch this amazing series. Plus, you’ll find out that global decisions about our democracy were being made by…an astrologer?! . All episodes are now available on Showtime and Showtime to Go! Follow Matt on IG: Follow Matt on Twitter: @mtyrnauer Follow me: Instagram Twitter
December 08, 2020
The Crown Season 4 recap with Sarah Kanter and Miriam Kanter
The cousins – Sarah and Miriam Kanter – are back for another fun recap- this time of THE CROWN. The incredible Netflix series dropped it’s fourth season recently. It’s based on real events in the royal family and we try and separate fact from fiction (with the help of other podcasts, documentaries and Wikipedia). We dive into the royal family dynamics, Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s marriage (and his long time affair with Camilla Parker Bowles) and Margaret Thatcher’s stint as Prime Minister of England.  And we also compete for who has the worst (or best?) Thatcher accent. Enjoy! Follow me: Instagram Twitter
December 03, 2020
Cecilia Peck & Inbal Lessner – Seduced: Inside the Nxivm Cult
Today on the podcast, the women who brought you new Starz documentary Seduced: Inside the Nxivm Cult. I had the pleasure of talking with the Executive Producers Cecilia Peck and Inbal Lessner about how this four part series came to be. The first order of business was telling the women’s stories by women – all in key positions of production.  We talk about how a cult member trying to recruit Cecilia led them to this dark story, how India Oxenberg became the focal point of the series and what it was like  producing this series at the same time as The Vow. Link to Seduced documentary: Link to Brave Miss World documentary: Link to Brave Miss World website: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
November 26, 2020
Real Housewives of Salt Lake City w/ podcaster Ryan Bailey
Drama is going down in Salt Lake City Utah! Never thought I’d say those words – but that is what’s happening on the new Bravo franchise Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Fellow podcaster and hilarious tweeter Ryan Bailey and I break down all the shenanigans. We cover burning questions like is Mary the new Keith Raniere minus the volleyball plus the Versace? Is Meredith’s son the best housewife adjacent character or is T’Challa?! We also talk OC and whether it can redeem itself again… Check out Ryan’s podcast: Follow Ryan on Twitter: @ryanbailey25 On Instagram: @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey Follow me: Instagram Twitter
November 19, 2020
Sharon Liese & Sasha Alpert – TRANSHOOD (HBO)
Today on the podcast, Sharon Liese and Sasha Alpert. Sharon directed and Sasha produced the amazing new film TRANSHOOD – premiering on HBO and HBO Max on November 14th. It’s a beautiful story following 4 trans kids over the span of five years, documenting their lives and their families, amidst conflict, celebration and change. What makes it even more interesting is all the families live in (conservative) Kansas City, KS against the backdrop of a harrowing political environment for the trans community. It’s a fascinating film and conversation and I hope you’ll check it out and listen! Link to film: Follow me: Instagram Twitter
November 12, 2020
Holly Carter – Producer – The Clark Sisters (and much more)
Today on the podcast – Producer extraordinaire Holly Carter. Dr. Holly Carter to be precise. Holly is a force to be reckoned with!  Starting out in casting, then transitioning to managing little acts like Usher,  then creating hits in unscripted like Preachers of LA and Atlanta to recently bringing her 17 year old baby to life – the Clark Sisters – which has done record ratings for LIFETIME and in a pandemic no less. Holly tells us how she did it all – while also being a spiritual grounded person with an amazing head on her shoulders. Enjoy! Holly’s website: Follow me here: Instagram Twitter
October 29, 2020
Eric Evangelista & Naimah Holmes – Deaf U on Netflix
It’s a behind the scenes look at the new Netflix documentary-series Deaf U that follows students at Gallaudet University – a deaf college based in Washington DC. Executive Producer Eric Evangelista (Hot Snakes Media) and Supervising Producer Naimah Holmes talk about how the show was conceived, how hard it was to sell, what it was like working with deaf crew members and some of the challenges and excitement with creating a unique and groundbreaking show. Check out DeafU on Netflix: Transcript of episode available (transcript offer 70% accuracy). My original interview with Eric: Eric Evangelista Follow me here: Instagram Twitter
October 22, 2020
The Real Housewives vs Reality – with Vulture’s Brian Moylan
Can Bravo’s Real Housewives survive a global pandemic and the racial justice movement? RH recap writer Brian Moylan tackled that in his brilliant piece in Vulture this past week and we break it all down in this podcast. Should we cancel housewives like Ramona and Kelly Dodd for their attitude toward masks and traveling in the time of Corona? Can these franchises survive without racial diversity? Do we still want escapist TV from our housewives and can we actually escape reality right now? Listen and learn!:) Link to Brian’s article: Follow me here: Instagram Twitter
October 14, 2020
Real Housewives of Potomac recap with LaKendra Tookes
The country’s falling apart – but at least we have Potomac!!! I’m recapping all the drama, madness and hilarity that is the Real Housewives of Potomac with writer, comedian and TV & podcast personality LaKendra Tookes. We get into the fight to end all fights, the aftermath, the Pastor, his wife and the hot mic and Michael Darby’s endless shenanigans. Enjoy! Follow Lakendra on Instagram: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
October 05, 2020
Beth Belew – VP Funny or Die
Beth Belew is a delightful guest AND a talented producer. She’s currently the Vice President of Long Form Development and Current Programming for Funny Or Die and has spent most of her career producing and developing comedic unscripted shows on her own and on the network side. We cover it all – including Harry Hamlin’s obsession with plants (?!), how it’s possible women did not know they were pregnant, what its like to work with Conan and how to turn a scripted TV show with Kevin Bacon into a podcast. The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon podcast: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
September 30, 2020
Dan Partland – Director of #UNFIT the documentary
Dan Partland is a talented documentary filmmaker who directed and produced an important film you must see now: #Unfit (link below). The first half is medical doctors, mental health professionals and leading Republican influencers talking on the record about the behavior, psyche, condition, and stability of Donald Trump. The second half of the film looks through a historical lens to examine how someone like him even became president, and how this Presidency is mirroring what’s happening all around the world. It’s a must see if you want to understand what is really going on in our country and how much is at stake in this election. LISTEN, WATCH and VOTE! Watch the movie here: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
September 23, 2020
Dometi Pongo – MTV’s True Life Crime
Dometi Pongo is a journalist and host the MTV series True Life Crime, MTV News’ Need to Know and Conversations in Context on the Smithsonian Channel. He’s already done a ton in his short career and we get into how it all happened so fast for him (hint: he’s really smart and talented) and what his goals are for the future. We talk shop, Black Lives Matters and why he decided to start taking groups to Ghana a few years back. Enjoy! Find Dometi and his shows here: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
September 17, 2020
Stefanie Ziev – Permission to Choose
A lot of people in our industry know Stefanie Ziev, not just from her time as a network executive, but as their personal life coach. Stef’ coaches lots of people inside and outside our industry and now she’s launching a new podcast called Permission to Choose with guests like Mario Lopez and Darin Olien, co-host of the new Netflix show with Zac Efron. Stef and I talk about her career trajectory, how she’s navigating the pandemic (plus tips on how you can keep your sanity) and how to throw off those golden handcuffs and pursue the career or position you really want. I am in my feelings on this one and this might be the first time I actually cry on my own podcast.  You’ve been warned! Find out more about Stefanie, her podcast and how to hire her here: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
September 10, 2020
Jazzy Collins – “White-washing” on the Bachelor
Casting director Jazzy Collins made headlines when she came out publicly to renounce ABC’s The Bachelor for not doing enough to cast people of color and criticize their lack of diversity behind the camera as well. Jazzy breaks down her powerful post, talks about how she experienced the show as a Black woman and how she’s hoping to change the industry from the inside when it comes to diversity. We also dig into her fun career casting shows like Flirty Dancing and The Circle and what the future looks like. Enjoy!
September 03, 2020
Courtney Sexton – SVP of CNN Films
Courtney Sexton has the best job on the planet! As Senior Vice President for CNN Films since 2013, Courtney works day-to-day with filmmakers to supervise the production of documentary films for theatrical exhibition and distribution across CNN’s platforms. Some of the films we talk about include “Blackfish”, “Three Identical Strangers” and the new doc on HBO Max “On the Trail” – about women journalists covering the campaign trail for CNN. Courtney tells me how these docs came to be, what she’s looking for in a film, and who her “white whale” is as a documentary subject. You might be surprised! Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
August 20, 2020
Karina Longworth – You Must Remember This podcast
I’m thrilled to have Karina Longworth on the podcast today. Karina is the host of the very successful podcast YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS–every season is another deep dive into a story about old Hollywood. This latest season, THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, is about the life and career of producer Polly Platt. I can’t remember the last time a series affected me so deeply. Karina is a former film critic and writer of books – most recently of Howard Hughes – and her writing and research skills are in full display in this podcast. We get into Polly’s story, how this podcast was able to come together, whether Polly’s experience in Hollywood as a woman would be different today and how doing the podcast effected Karina on a personal level.  Karina’s podcast YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS: Karina’s latest book: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
August 13, 2020
Best TV you should be watching w/ Brian Samuels
My friend and TV blogger Brian Samuels is back for another recap of all the best shows we’re watching and recommend. From Fauda to Lenox Hill to Outcry to The Last Dance, we tell you about everything we love from the last few months. And of course we’ll tell you what we love to hate watch (looking at you Selling Sunset) and what you definitely want to miss. Enjoy! Brian’s blog: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
August 06, 2020
Tracy Tutor – Million Dollar Listing LA/Fear is a Four Letter Word
Tracy Tutor’s back for another round on the podcast! Tracy is the only female real estate agent on MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA and a powerhouse rock star bad ass boss woman. Today we’re talking about her new book – Fear is a Four Letter Word – which is already a best seller (and a book I think every woman should read). We talk about the book, the impossible client from Malibu, the Pasadena drama with David and James and some new changes in her personal life since her divorce. Buy Tracy’s book here: Follow Tracy on IG: Listen to my first podcast with Tracy here: Tracy Tutor – MILLION DOLLAR LISTING Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
July 30, 2020
Carlos King – Showrunner/Production Company Owner
Carlos King is an uber successful Executive Producer who owns Kingdom Reign – a full service production company here in Los Angeles. He cut his teeth running shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta and of course my favorite reality show ever Oprah: Season 25 Behind the Scenes. He created and now produces the hit show for OWN Love and Marriage Huntsville and the Netflix series Styling Hollywood. Carlos and I talk about how he started in reality TV, what it was like to meet Queen Oprah and how that show changed his life, why Black reality stars are judged by a different standard than their white counterparts and how he transitioned from show runner to running his own company. Checkout Carlos’s company: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
July 23, 2020
Laura Richards – Crime Analysis on Filthy Rich & Athlete A
Back for the third time on the podcast: Laura Richards. Laura is a Criminal Profiler, Behavioral Analyst and Victims Rights Advocate. Today she’s back to talk about the recurring subject of serial predators and how they’re portrayed in unscripted content. I wanted to have Laura back on since Gihslane Maxwell is in the news now. She was finally arrested in the Jeffrey Epstein case and is being held without bail. We’re talking about JEFFREY EPSTEIN: FILTY RICH – the multi-part documentary now streaming on Netflix. We also touch down on ATHLETE A – an excellent doc also on Netflix which looks at how a group of journalists in Indianapolis  exposed Dr. Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse of young gymnasts. Laura gets into how our language needs to change when we talk about these cases, the psychology behind these predators and what we can do to hold them and their enablers accountable. Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
July 17, 2020
The Black Female Producer’s Reality of Reality-Erika Bryant, Jamala Gaither, Nakia Williams
Today on the podcast, I’m continuing my conversation I started a few weeks ago with Black producers in the unscripted industry.  I’m talking to another amazing group of women: Erika Bryant, Jamala Gaither and Nakia Williams-Richardson. Erika is a seasoned Executive Producer who’s worked on shows like OWN’s Family or Fiance and Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine. Jamala is a Supervising Producer who just wrapped the HBO Max show The Event, produced Kevin Hart’s What the Fit for YouTube, Flirty Dancing for Fox and Encore! for Disney Plus. Nakia is a content creator and producer – working on shows like American Portrait for PBS, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Potomac for Bravo and Black Ink Crew for VH1. We cover a lot – including what it’s like to be the only black woman on a crew, the obstacles that have stood in their way in the business and what can be fixed to get better content and more representation behind the camera. Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
July 09, 2020
Andy Dehnart – 20 years of Reality Blurred
Andy Dehnart is making his second appearance on the show! Today we’re celebrating 20 years of his blog REALITY BLURRED. We talk about shows that have been around since the beginning and of course the reboots, some of recent controversy with shows like Live PD and Vanderpump Rules, what new shows he’s loving right now and how unscripted looks now and going forward. Andy’s website: Our original chat: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
July 02, 2020
LaNee Griffin-Carroll – Showrunner
Today on the podcast, LaNee Griffin-Carroll. LaNee always knew she wanted to be in television – growing up with a father in the business. She started hustling at an early age and hasn’t stopped. We get into her career, starting as an assistant at VH1 and working her way up the ranks and going over to Universal and NBC. Then 4 years ago her heart was in creating content and show running. She’s executive produced the new show on Disney+ Be Our Chef, Road Trippin with Ricky Thompson and Denzel Dion for Snap Chat and Truth To Power with Reign – just to name a few. She tells me her ambitious professional dream which I love and her perspective as a black woman in the business of unscripted. For more on LaNee go to: Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter
June 25, 2020
The Black Producer’s Reality in Reality – Toni Judkins, Sean Rankine, Anthony Sylvester & Bree Frank
It’s part one of my podcast with black producers in unscripted. I can’t even express how eye opening this was and how much I learned.  I talk to four amazing producers and we cover a lot of ground including: what it’s like for them to work in this industry, why inclusion matters for the people making content and green lighting it, how black culture needs to be better represented in unscripted and what can be done at production companies and networks to make things better.  Please share widely so everyone in our industry can hear it! Follow Toni on Instagram! Follow Sean on Instagram! Follow Anthony on Instagram! Follow Bree on Instagram! Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
June 18, 2020
Luann De Lesseps – The Inside Scoop On RHONY
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Countess speaking. It’s Real Housewives of NY’s Luann De Lesseps back on the podcast for another fun chat! If you missed our first epic pod (done lying down in her hotel room) a year ago you definitely want to hear that one too (link below). Today we get into the current season, how she really feels about Bethenny leaving, whether Tinsley should be marrying Scott and if Ramona has changed at all. And.. you won’t want to miss the cameo from son Noel (“shoo shoo”) who weighs in on what’s wrong with society. Listen to my first episode with Luann! Follow Luann on Instagram and Twitter! Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
June 10, 2020
Jen O’Connell- HBO MAX
Jen O’Connell is Executive Vice President of non-fiction and kids and family programming at HBO Max. The first time Jen was on the podcast in 2016, we went in-depth on her career but today it’s all about the HBO Max Launch! They’ve got an amazing slate of unscripted shows including underground ballroom competition show LEGENDARY, the new Amy Schumer doc-series EXPECTING AMY and the new Selena Gomez quarantine cooking show coming out this summer. We also get the inside scoop on what to expect on the Bethenny Frankel Apprentice-type show and it sounds amazing! Check out my first podcast episode with Jen!Check out HBO Max!   Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
May 28, 2020
Jason Evans- Producing Travel Shows (And In A Global Pandemic!)
Jason Evans is a long time producer who specializes in the travel show genre. He moved to Hawaii in 2005 and hasn’t looked back. He was able to funnel his love of travel into an exciting career – working all over the world – as recently as Botswana – where he got turned around after 3 days when Covid hit and the country went on lockdown. We talked a lot about how the pandemic will change travel shows now and in the future and how Hawaii has been able to be relatively Covid free. Learn more about Silver Shark Media! Follow Jason on Instagram!   Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
May 22, 2020
Evolyn Brooks – Show Runner/Experimental Producer
Evolyn Brooks is an award winning TV Show Runner and Experiential Events Producer and has worked for major networks and syndicators. She’s taken all her skills as a producer and turned into an entrepreneur who does inspiring events for corporations and small groups alike. We talk all about what that means and how she got into it and chat about her new podcast Built By a Boss where she interviews other female entrepreneurs about how they started their businesses. Check out Evolyn’s podcast, Built By A Boss! Check out Evolyn’s website! Intention Candle Experience & Create A Side Income Workshops  Follow In My Solitude LA on Instagram! Follow Evolyn on Instagram!  Follow In My Solitude LA on Facebook!  Follow Evolyn on Facebook! Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
May 15, 2020
Brandon Alvarado- RHOBH Recap
Today on the podcast, my friend and Bravo guru Brandon Alvarado. Brandon is an encyclopedia of housewives knowledge, and we’re breaking down Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Is Kyle a mean girl? Is Teddi a good housewife? Do we like the new additions? We mention it all and more. Enjoy! Follow Brandon on Instagram and Twitter! Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
May 08, 2020
Producers In The Time of Covid-19: Dwight Smith, Michael Agbabian and Mark Kadin
It’s my part 3 (!) of producers in the the time of Covid-19. We’re in week 7 of quarantine in Los Angeles and how is everyone holding up? Where are we now with producing and developing content? First up, Dwight Smith and Michael Agbabian, founders and owners of Mission Control Media. They’re best known for their hit shows Face Off and Hollywood Game Night. They also produce the re-boot of The Soup and a new show on Quibi called Floored. After that, it’s producer and owner of MAK Pictures, Mark Kadin. MAK has 2 seasons of Car Masters now up on Netflix with another one coming soon. They also have a new show coming up on Quibi called Bad Ideas with Adam Devine and an upcoming big special for Discovery on Mt. Everest. Enjoy! Check out my older podcast episode with Dwight and Michael! Learn more about Mission Control Media! Learn more about MAK Pictures!   Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
May 04, 2020
Alex Piper- Head of Unscripted at YouTube Originals
Alex Piper is the Head of Unscripted at YouTube Originals. Since joining YouTube, Alex and his team has launched many acclaimed projects including Justin Bieber: Seasons– a massive success worldwide. Alex got into this business through sports and the Olympics then eventually to Asylum Entertainment and Fox. Alex has some great stories and gives us a peek behind the curtain on how the Bieber series almost didn’t happen. Check out Justin Bieber: Seasons! Follow Alex on Instagram! Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
May 01, 2020
Network Execs In The Time of Covid-19: Courtney White & Jason Sarlanis
You heard from the producers, and now it’s time to hear from network executives in the time of Covid-19. How are they handling the quarantine and production stop-downs? What are viewers tuning into now for escapist content? What do they want to buy now and what does the future look like? I talk to Courtney White, President of the Food Network, followed by Jason Sarlanis, SVP of Development at TLC. Enjoy!   Listen to my original pod with Courtney! Listen to my other two episodes with Jason!   Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
April 27, 2020
Amy Phillips – Bravo In Quarantine
So excited to have my friend, talented radio host and housewife impersonator Amy Phillips BACK on the podcast after more than 3 years. Amy hosts the radio show Reality Checked daily on Radio Andy (SiriusXM) where she breaks down all the Housewives and all things Bravo. And we’re doing the same – talking RHOBH, RHONY, Shahs and Summer House. Come for the breakdowns and stay for the Housewife Q&A at the end. Nothing is better than Amy doing Dorinda and Erika Jayne! Check out my original pod with Amy! Follow Amy on Twitter and Instagram! Follow me on social media: Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
April 24, 2020
Producers In The Time Of Covid Pt 2: Jodi Flynn & Matt Sharp (90 Day Fiancé)
It is part 2 of my conversation with unscripted producers in the time of Covid-19. It’s a weird, unpredictable and often scary time for everyone, and especially people working in an industry that depends on field work to make our shows. How are companies coping with the new normal? What kinds of shows are selling now during the time of quarantine? What will change going forward? First up is Jodi Flynn, president of the Content Group – part of Asylum entertainment – they have a new show that just launched on TNT called the Shaq Life with Shaquille ONeal. And second – I talk to Matt Sharp – owner and head of Sharp Entertainment – most famous for 90 Day Fiancé and all the of spinoffs of that franchise for TLC.    Learn more about Content Group and Sharp Entertainment! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
April 20, 2020
Matt Iseman & Dave Noll – FACTORIOUS Game Show
It’s my first podcast about a game show and the first podcast that’s an actual game show! So excited to chat with American Ninja host Matt Iseman and Creator/Producer Dave Noll about the new (really, really fun) show FACTORIOUS, now available anywhere you get podcasts. The show gives contestants the clues, the facts, and the first letter of the answer. All they have to do is figure it out. The guys talk about how the pod came to be, how Matt won the New Celebrity Apprentice and became buddies with Ahhnold and they put ME in the hot seat for a (very stressful!) bonus round of Factorious. Will I win or lose? It’s a nail biter ’til the very end! Check out Factorious on iTunes! Check out my original podcast episode with Dave Noll! Follow Matt on Twitter and Instagram! Follow Dave on Twitter and Instagram!   Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
April 17, 2020
Producers In The Time Of Covid Pt 1: Jenny Daly & Drew Tappon
It’s part one of my chat with producers in the unscripted industry in the time of Covid. How has the industry changed in the last month? How are shows being produced differently and what’s being sold right now? How will the future of the industry change because of all this? I talk to my friends Jenny Daly, President of Critical Content and Drew Tappon, Chief Creative Officer for 495 Productions. It was so good to catch up with them personally and professionally and find out how they’re weathering the storm (hint: family dinners and Howard Stern are helping!) Learn more about Critical Content and 495 Productions! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
April 13, 2020
Jarett Wieselman- Social Media Manager at Netflix
After a childhood spent in front of TV and at the movies, Jarett magically found a way to get paid to watch films and television shows; first as an entertainment journalist (for outlets like BuzzFeed and The New York Post) and now as social media manager for Netflix. Jarett shares some insider tricks of the trade at his job watching and promoting amazing content for Netflix including deep dives on Tiger King and Love is Blind. We talk about the Netflix shows we both love to watch and Jarett recommends a few you may not have seen but should be watching! Follow Jarett on Twitter, and Instagram! Follow Netflix on Twitter!Watch “Real Housewives of Manitwoc County” here! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
April 10, 2020
Brian Samuels- What To Watch In Quarantine! Part 2
Tigers, Taylor and Schemers oh my! It’s Part 2 of my “What To Watch In Quarantine” podcast with my friend and TVUncovered blogger Brian Samuels. We talk about the shows we’re loving and recommend plus the ones you should definitely miss. Come for the Tiger King critique and stay for the deep dive on the amazing new HBO doc The Scheme.   Check out Brian’s blog!   Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
April 06, 2020
Erin Martin- RHONY Season 12 Premiere Recap
Today on the podcast, Erin Martin. Erin is my friend and a fabulous podcaster. She hosts the podcast PINK SHADE WITH ERIN MARTIN and the HEY BUNKIE Podcast with Mary Payne Gilbert which breaks down the We show Love after Lockup. Erin and I break down the SEASON PREMIERE (YAY!!) of Real Housewives of New York. We answer the burning questions: is Sonja still the best? Is Luanne still delusional? Is Leah going to be a good housewife? And will Ramona ever change? This is a great one – enjoy! Check out PINK SHADE WITH ERIN MARTIN! Follow Erin on Instagram! Follow Erin on Twitter!   Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast
April 03, 2020
Justine Harman- Host of THE BARON OF BOTOX
Justine Harman is a journalist and host of the popular podcast The Baron of Botox. The 10 part series deep dives into the life and death of Dr. Frederick Brandt, a well known NYC based plastic surgeon to the stars, an early Botox adopter and pioneer of fillers. We talk about how Justine’s work at beauty magazines influenced the podcast, how Tina Fey’s team reacted to her request to talk about a character from UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, and which A-list celebrities (who were also Dr. Brandt patients) wouldn’t take part in the podcast. Check out The Baron of Botox!Follow Justine on Twitter! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
March 30, 2020
Farnaz Farjam – Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Just in time for the Season 18 premiere, we have Farnaz Farjam on the podcast! Farnaz is the SVP of Entertainment and Development for Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP), creating and developing new celeb-reality series and overseeing current series and projects.  Farnaz has Executive Produced KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS from day one! We talk about how the family and their lives have changed from the beginning. We re-live some of the crazy drama over the years, talk about the Kim/Kourtney epic fight and do a lightening round of fun questions -find out which K is late for their call time and which one will spill your secrets!   Check out Farnaz’s Instagram! Check out Bunim/Murray’s Website! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
March 27, 2020
Brian Samuels – What To Watch During Quarantine!
Brian Samuels, my good friend and blogger at, is back to give you another “what to watch” podcast Covid-19 edition. We have a blast breaking down some recent Netflix shows like Kevin Hart’s doc series and the epic train wreck Love is Blind. Stay for the Hillary deep dive and listen to the end where we hit the mess that is this season’s Shahs of Sunset. Also, stay tuned for part 2 coming soon! Check out Brian’s blog! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
March 22, 2020
Mary Beth Anderson- HGTV Executive Producer
Five years ago Executive Producer Mary Beth Anderson and her family sold almost everything they owned, packed up their car and hit the road headed toward her next production. They’ve been on the road and on location ever since, filming in cities all across the country  together.  Mary Beth – or MB as everyone knows her – specializes in the home renovation space. She’s produced HGTV’s Brother vs Brother, Restored by the Fords, My Lottery Dream Home, Design Star, and Good Bones. She started her career in 2001 on the TLC breakout hit Trading Spaces as well as a ton of other cable nets and broadcast networks. We get into the off the beaten path her career and family life has taken- its a wild ride! Listen to my podcast episode with Loren Ruch! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
March 16, 2020
Jamie Goldstein- Vice President of Fishbowl Productions
Jamie Goldstein has had an unconventional path to her job as Vice President of Fishbowl Productions. Fishbowl is Vin DiBona’s company – a TV legend best known for creating America’s Funniest Home Videos back in the late 80’s. Jamie talks about her ambitions including expanding the clip show brand into premium content. She’s also very open about how hard it can be to sell any content – especially when you’re a natural introvert. Learn more about Fishbowl Productions! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
March 10, 2020
Gayle Gilman- CEO and Co-Founder of Ripple Entertainment
Producer/Content Creator/Entrepreneur Gayle Gilman is one of those women in this industry I’ve heard a lot about for year but had never met. And I couldn’t have been happier to finally meet her and have the chance to talk to her about her storied career. Gayle’s had three chapters so far in her career – all in unscripted- but all wildly different. Starting off in documentary TV at A&E, then running male skewed programming for Thom Beers and now doing digital content in the young adult realm. We get into all of it and have a great time chatting. Visit Gayle’s website to learn more about Ripple Entertainment! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
March 03, 2020
Brian Moylan and Kate Casey
Brian Moylan and Kate Casey are two reality TV experts who I adore. Brian is a brilliant re-cap writer for Vulture and author who co-wrote Erika Jayne’s book and is writing an upcoming book on the history of the Housewives franchise. Kate is the queen of reality TV and host of Reality Life with Kate Casey. We get into Housewives, Shas, Summer house, Vanderpump and Dating Blind on Netflix. Kate spills some good tea on Dorinda and Tinsley and Brian reveals the housewife he hates the most. Follow Brian on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Kate on Instagram and Twitter. Buy Erika Jayne’s book, Pretty Mess on Amazon! Listen to Kate Casey’s podcast, Reality Life With Kate Casey! Check out my previous episodes with Brian Moylan and Kate Casey!   Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.  
February 25, 2020
Jenny Hutt- Radio Host, TV Personality, Author, and Entrepreneur
Jenny Hutt is a popular radio host, TV personality, author and entrepreneur. She hosts the “Just Jenny” radio show every day on SiriusXM Stars, where she talks about everything from pop culture to diet to women’s issues to raising kids. She also started an eyewear company with her sister, which makes her living proof that you can always take a risk and start a second act. We get into how she’s overcome some really tough obstacles in her life, how she deals with difficult callers and how she rebounded when Martha’s Stewart’s daughter decided to up and leave their partnership. Check out Jenny’s website! Check out Jenny’s Instagram! Check out Bunny Eyez! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
February 18, 2020
Sarah and Miriam Kanter- Oscar Recap
The cousins are BACK on the pod today recapping Oscar night. Sarah Kanter, Miriam Kanter and I are breaking it down: from the best and worst red carpet looks to Janae’s opening number to Eminem to the (surprising) best picture win- we get into it all! There is wine, a lot of laughs and lots of controversial opinions! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
February 11, 2020
Geno McDermott- Producer/Director- KILLER INSIDE: THE MIND OF AARON HERNANDEZ on Netflix
It’s the Netflix documentary series everyone is talking about: KILLER INSIDE: THE MIND OF AARON HERNANDEZ. I go in-depth with the creator and director Geno McDermott. Geno founded the production company Blackfin – based in New York City -and when his company was bought by E-One this past fall, he became the president of alternative programming at E-One. Geno and I talk about how the Hernandez series came to be and dig into the complicated story and many themes it covers. And (spoiler alert!) we do talk about the entire series in some detail. So if you haven’t seen it yet, (run don’t walk) to check it out. Check out the series here! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
February 04, 2020
Karrie Wolfe- EVP and Co-Head of Development & Programming at Kinetic Content
She’s a mover, shaker, former agent turned producer and here to tell us how it all happened! Karrie Wolfe is an EVP and co-Head of Development & Programming at Kinetic Content. She takes us on her journey from small town Indiana to the big city where she became a young agent in the days where life was imitating art (and vice versa) on the HBO show ENTOURAGE. We deep dive on her hit shows MARRIED ON FIRST SIGHT – the origin story – and LITTLE WOMEN – how it went from a crazy internal pitch to a crazy pitch in the room to a hit show with several spin-offs. Check out Kinetic Content’s website here! Kinetic’s new dating show on Netflix, Love Is Blind, premieres Feb 13! Check out the show, Friends Speak, on Reelz! Here is the scene from Monster In Law with our mutual friend Stephanie Turner! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
January 28, 2020
Shane Nickerson- Co-creator of RIDICULOUSNESS, Producer, Actor & Company Owner
Shane Nickerson went from acting in commercials to producing hundreds of hours of television, parlaying those early years at MTV into huge success. In 2013, he founded Superjacket Productions with former pro-skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, and together they created the massive hit show RIDICULOUSNESS, now in season a million (or something like that😏). We talk about his early days at MTV, where he worked on some of my favorite shows like NICK AND JESSICA and RICH GIRLS and – one of my favorite stories to date – how he ended up on the front page of the National Inquirer with Cameron Diaz (!) Follow Shane on Twitter and Instagram. Check out new episodes of RIDICULOUSNESS on MTV! Check out Superjacket Productions! Here are some clips from NICK AND JESSICA: NEWLYWEDS and RICH GIRLS!   Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
January 21, 2020
Deanna Cheng- Actor, Producer, and Director
This podcast has it all! Real Housewives, plastic surgery, scandalous affairs, hair pulling, keto muffins and Andrew Yang! Actor, producer, director and Bravo connoisseur Deanna Cheng and I break it all down and yet still run out of time. Enjoy the recap! Follow Deanna on Instagram and Twitter. Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter   Receive 10% off your first order of up to 10 hours of video with Transcription Farm services by mentioning the Reality of Reality Podcast.
January 14, 2020
Pete Dominick- Stand Up Comic
Starting off 2020 with a bang! I have a wide ranging conversation about life and politics with Pete Dominick. Pete is a stand up comic, speaker, news commentator, activist, moderator and host of podcast Standup With Pete Dominick. We talk about Pete’s career and how he’s been coping with losing his gig of 12 years. We also have a long conversation about politics, the media, the 2016 and 2020 election and more. This is the first time I’ve had an in-depth conversation about politics on the podcast so whether you agree with what we talk about or not, I hope you’ll embrace the reality of that reality and enjoy my chat with Pete. Check out Pete’s website and his podcast! Follow Pete on Twitter here! Like Pete’s page on Facebook here! Follow me on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter
January 07, 2020
2019: The Year In Content With TV Blogger Brian Samuels
My last podcast for 2019 is a recap of all the great content of the year with my good friend and TV blogger Brian Samuels. We get into all of it: unscripted, scripted, documentaries and doc series. Even the shows that should have never been made (with one major disagreement on that front!). Here’s hoping for more amazing content in 2020. Enjoy! Check out Brian’s blog here– Check out the first episode I did with Brian here– Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-
December 29, 2019
VITAL CASTING: Alissa Haight Carlton, Rebecca Snavely & Jen DeMartino
It’s a new company with a great mission! Vital Casting was formed by Rebecca Snavely, Alissa Haight Carlton and Jen DeMartino – three friends and former colleagues from PROJECT RUNWAY who decided to come together to do casting with a socially conscious mission. We talk about their refreshing approach to casting and building a company, how the #metoo movement directly affected their careers and the craziest show they’ve ever been asked to cast. That’s a good one! Visit their website here- https://www.vitalcasting.comYou can find them on Instagram here- more about them here-   Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-
December 17, 2019
Daniel Sivan- Co-Director of THE DEVIL NEXT DOOR
Daniel Sivan is an award-winning director who recently co-directed the new Netflix series, The Devil Next Door, a five-part documentary series that delves into the legal battles of John Demjanjuk, a retired autoworker in Cleveland accused of being a German-Nazi prison camp guard known as “Ivan the Terrible.” I highly recommend you watch this riveting series if you haven’t seen it. Daniel and I talk about what drew him and his directing partner to the material, what didn’t make it into the series, and whether or not he thinks Demanjuk is indeed “Ivan the Terrible.” You can watch The Devil Next Door here-   Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-
December 10, 2019
Rob LaPlante- Producer (Are you the One, The Apprentice and more)
Rob LaPlante is the co-president of Lighthearted Entertainment – the production company responsible for hits like MTV’s ARE YOU THE ONE and DATING NAKED on VH1. Back in the day, Rob was on the ground floor of casting THE APPRENTICE and getting it off the ground. You can’t really blame him for Donald Trump but you can blame him for giving the world Omarosa – one of the greatest TV villains of all time. Rob and I go deep on the Trump he knew very well, how he found Omorosa and why this past season of ARE YOU THE ONE is one of the most groundbreaking casting stints in reality TV show history. Learn more about Lighthearted Entertainment here- Catch up on MTV’s Are You The One? Here- Follow Rob on Instagram- Follow Lighthearted Entertainment on Instagram-   Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter- Visit my website!
December 04, 2019
Melissa Rivers- Producer and Writer
I had the BEST time talking to Melissa Rivers about literally everything. We cover her career as a producer, writer, entertainment journalist and now host of the new podcast GROUP TEXT. We get into her iconic star turn on CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and what was really going on behind the scenes (and what she thinks happened to that show’s host). We talk about her iconic mother Joan, the documentary on her life and whether we’re see the biopic on her life anytime soon. Plus we get into all the TV we love to watch and what’s going on in this crazy unscripted world right now. Visit Melissa River’s website here- Follow her on Twitter (@MelRivers) and Instagram (@melissariversofficial). Check out Melissa’s podcast, Group Text, here- Watch the amazing clip of Melissa on Celebrity Apprentice here! You can watch the documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, here: You can also learn more about the documentary film I directed and produced, Latter Day Jew, here!   Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter- Visit my website!
November 26, 2019
Erin Martin- Podcast Host and Housewives Fan
We mention it ALL on today’s Housewives recap with the brilliant and hilarious Erin Martin. Erin hosts the fabulous podcast Pink Shade with Erin Martin on Taste of Reality (same network as me!) and appears weekly on The Jenny McCarthy Show on Sirius XM. We’re breaking down Jersey, OC and the death march that is Dallas. We also talk about Kelly Dodd’s big news and whether Salt Lake City will work as a new franchise. Enjoy! Check out Erin’s show here- Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-  
November 19, 2019
Alex Baskin- President of Evolution
HOUSEWIVES FANS! Get ready. President of Evolution, Alex Baskin, gives us the inside scoop on producing RHOC and RHOBH and answers all your questions. We FINALLY learn when Vicki knew she was being demoted to “friend,” what Shane really thinks about being on the show, which housewife was a big mistake, who did (or didn’t) leak Puppygate and the greatest lengths a housewife has gone to get on a show. ENJOY! Visit Evolution’s Website- RHOC is currently airing its 14th Season- Catch up here! RHOBH is currently filming its 10th Season- Catch up on last season here! Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-
November 12, 2019
Eliot Goldberg- EVP of Unscripted for AMC and Sundance
Today’s guest is the head of unscripted for AMC and Sundance and also a good friend. Eliot Goldberg first came on the pod in March of 2018 and talked about how he brought the Kardashians to our TV screens. Today, it’s a more somber conversation about his new compelling documentary series, THE PREPPY MURDER: Death In Central Park, which starts airing simultaneously on AMC and Sundance November 13th at 9pm. It all centers around a horrible case that gripped the country back in the 80’s: the gruesome murder of Jennifer Levin and the infamous “preppy murderer” Robert Chambers. Eliot had a special connection to this case which helped fuel his commitment to getting the story right. The series is a fascinating intersection of true crime and the #metoo movement- more than 30 years after the fact. AMC Preppy Murder My original interview with Eliot about Kardashians and his career:   Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-  
November 05, 2019
Sarah & Miriam Kanter- Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Doc
I have two of my very favorite people on the planet with me for this episode. My cousins – Sarah Kanter and Miriam Kanter. We love to gossip about everything and the Royals are one of our favorite topics. So today we’re breaking down HARRY AND MEGHAN: AN AFRICAN JOURNEY which aired last week on ABC. Is Meghan over being a Royal? Are these two built for the long haul? Is Harry still even handsome? We mention it all! Learn more about the documentary here: Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-
October 29, 2019
Debbie Gibson- International Pop Star (With Guest Co-Host Doug Cohn)
I am THRILLED to welcome international pop star Debbie Gibson to the podcast today! All made possible by my co-guest and friend Doug Cohn, Senior Vice President of Music and Talent at Nickelodeon. Debbie has been famous since she burst on the scene as a pop phenomenon in 1987, and she has been working ever since. She’s one of the judges on the new competition series for Nickelodeon, AMERICAS MOST MUSICAL FAMILY, which premieres November 1st at 7pm. Not only do Doug and Debbie talk about the show, but Debbie tells some great stories about her early days and how she stayed sane when the record business tried to make her insane. Make sure you listen until the end for some live (and unexpected!) singing from Debbie! Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-
October 23, 2019
Brant Pinvidic- Author and Former TV Exec
Brant Pinvidic is back for a second time, and he has a whole new story to tell. He was one of my early guests back when I started the podcast in 2016. He was once a television executive, but Brant’s career has pivoted in a major way – transitioning out of television into the business world – coaching, speaking and now writing. His new book, THE 3 MINUTE RULE: SAY LESS TO GET MORE FROM ANY PITCH OR PRESENTATION, is available for pre-order now on Amazon and will be released in hardcover on October 29th. This book s great for anyone in the TV industry who develops and sells content for a living, but it’s also great for absolutely anyone in ANY client service business because it teaches you the mechanics of how to give a simple, clean, and effective presentation in 3 minutes. We get into the book and some of Brant’s great stories, and we talk about what made Brant finally leave TV and explore his next projects. Spoiler alert- they have nothing to do with television.   You can find Brant’s book to order here: You can also find my first interview with Brant from May 2016:   Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-    
October 17, 2019
Alex Stapleton- Director/Producer
On today’s episode- Alex Stapleton. Alex is a super talented director and producer both of TV and film. I was excited to have her on to talk about the recent doc she just directed for Netflix – HELLO PRIVILEGE. IT’S ME CHELSEA.. It follows Chelsea Handler as she tries to figure out what white privilege is and how it’s affected her own life. Alex and I have a fascinating and deep conversation about race and white privilege – a first for this podcast. We talk about Alex’s experience as a black filmmaker making this doc, as well as her own unique path in the entertainment industry. We also get into some of her amazing career highlights including her film that showed at Cannes AND Sundance while she was in her 20’s!  Here are the shows we talked about on today’s episode: Hello Privilege. It’s Me Chelsea- Netflix Chelsea Does- Netflix The Case of JonBenét Ramsey- CBS   Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter- Website-
October 09, 2019
Liz Astrof – Sitcom Writer/Author
Liz Astrof is an amazing writer – so much so that she does that for a living. She’s been writing and producing on many successful sitcoms for years, including 2 BROKE GIRLS, KING OF QUEENS, LAST MAN STANDING and THE CONNERS. She recently wrote an amazing true life memoir called DON’T WAIT UP – CONFESSIONS OF A STAY AT WORK MOM – now available on Amazon. The book is REALLY funny, but it’s also very poignant, with details about her tough childhood and how that affects her own mothering with her two kids. I was so excited to sit down with Liz to find out how the sitcom world works, what writers rooms are really like (with major scoop about her time at THE CONNERS), and how different it is from the unscripted world. You can find Liz’s amazing book here- Liz’s book is featured in Marie Claire, and you can find the article here- We also talk about the new Showtime documentary series, COUPLES THERAPY, which you should all binge watch immediately. All nine episodes are available now- Follow me on social media: Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-
October 02, 2019
***Bonus Episode – RHOC recap with Kate Casey
Queen of all Podcasts Kate Casey and I gather for an emergency session to recap one of the craziest episodes ever of Real Housewives of Orange County. If you watched this week, you’ll see it was fight after fight with Kelly Dodd fully off the rails (so good!). Kate and I hold nothing back (is Gina accomplished or not?) break it all down (is Emily good television?) and spill some insider tea you don’t want to miss!
September 27, 2019
Jason Sarlanis – Kelly Clarkson, Kardashians, Emmys and true crime on TLC!
So much fun today with repeat guest Jason Sarlanis. To get some background on Jason, you can listen to our great chat from June 11th 2018. We talk all about his career rising from young assistant at E! To SVP of development of unscripted at TLC. Jason wanted to come on again to talk about his Queen Kelly Clarkson and her new daytime talk show. We also talk about the famous family he helped put on the map, give some Emmy predictions and talk about TLC's first foray into true crime!
September 25, 2019
Izzie Pick-Ibarra – THE MASKED SINGER
Izzie Pick-Ibarra came across the pond many years ago to help get the US version of DANCING WITH THE STARS off the ground after she made it a hit in the UK. She ended up staying in LA, working many gigs in TV over the years, most recently as Executive Producer of the hit Fox show THE MASKED SINGER which has it's second season premiere on Fox September 25th. It’s weird and addictive in all the best ways (I'm obsessed!). Izzie shares ALL the inside info on how it got to air, the story of how TPain pulled off the season 1 win and what the judges are really like off air.
September 18, 2019
Laura Richards – UNTOUCHABLE – Harvey Weinstein documentary
Back by (very) popular demand, Criminal Behavioral Analyst and Victims Rights Advocate Laura Richards is back on the podcast to break down UNTOUCHABLE - the Harvey Weinstein documentary now streaming on Hulu. We talk about the serial predator and monster who hid in plain sight for decades, the morally corrupt people and systems who enabled him, the brave women who had to endure physical and emotional trauma, often losing their careers in the process and the tenacious journalists who finally broke the dam of silence. And yeah - we're pissed off!
September 11, 2019
Here’s the story... of a VERY exciting Brady podcast! I’m thrilled to have my friend and amazingly talented Discovery executive Loren Ruch on the podcast today. Among a million other things he’s done in his career, Loren helped bring A VERY BRADY RENOVATION to life which premieres Monday Sep 9th @ 9pm on HGTV. Loren tells me how it went from a crazy concept to a reality and shares what it was like to work alongside the show's stars to renovate the epic 70's house right here in Studio City. We'll talk about some other fun shows he's worked on and most importantly - what the Property Brothers are REALLY like to work with!
September 05, 2019
Real Housewives of OC recap with podcaster Jess Zadeh
Reality of Reality is officially a weekly pod! And to kick it off, I’m recapping one of my favorite shows - Real Housewives of Orange County -with fellow fan and podcaster Jess Zadeh from The Real Housewives of the Westside podcast. We had so much fun talking about these crazy train wrecks and their epic road trip (90 minutes?) to Beverly Hills! (Really guys?). Enjoy the mess!
August 29, 2019
Ben Berman – THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN DOCUMENTARY (and an announcement!)
Today on the podcast - Ben Berman. Ben is the very talented director whose incredible documentary THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN DOCUMENTARY just dropped on Hulu last week after premiering at Sundance earlier this year. The best way to listen to this podcast is to watch the doc first but you can still enjoy it then watch because we have very few spoilers. It's a brilliant tour de force in filmmaking and totally blew me away. We break it all down and get all the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes (you'll see - it's beyond meta). Also - listen to the intro for a special announcement!
August 22, 2019
Dave Noll – CHOPPED – Anatomy of a hit show
If you've ever watched the hit Food Network show CHOPPED (how can you not?), you'll want to listen to today's podcast. Dave Noll is behind creating the show, now in it’s 10th year. As a fan of the show - what Dave calls the "4,3,2,1 format" - I was fascinated with the story of how it came to be. And as you’ll hear, this was NOT an easy one to get to the finish line. But it's proof that not all hits happen overnight. not even close on this one. Enjoy!
August 11, 2019
Dave Metzler – CATFISH – Behind the Scenes!
Dave is probably best known for Executive Producing the hit MTV show CATFISH, now going into it’s 8th (!) season. As someone who loved the documentary, I’ve always been curious about how that show is produced and Dave shares some really interesting behind the scenes tid bits and stories. Dave was also there for the genesis of QUEER EYE for the STRAIGHT GUY for Bravo back in the day and he tells a great story on how that show came to be and got off the ground. Enjoy!
July 29, 2019
Sheri Salata – OPRAH producer and author of THE BEAUTIFUL NO
She's one of my personal heroes and someone I feel so honored to talk to - uber producer and inspiring human Sherri Salata. I first found out who Sheri was watching my favorite unscripted show ever - Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes - one of the first shows on the OWN network years ago. Sherri spent 21 years with Oprah and shares the ups and downs of working on one of the most challenging shows to produce. We also talk about her fabulous new book THE BEAUTIFUL NO. It’s a great read - all about how she ended up on the journey she’s on now. She also has a great podcast called the Sheri and Nancy show - trust me you want to start binging that one from the beginning!
July 15, 2019
Kerri Kasem
So honored to talk to the daughter of legendary radio icon Casey Kasem. Kerri Kasem is one of Casey’s 3 children and a great broadcaster and activist in her own right. If you keep up on the news, you've probably heard some stories in the last 5 years about the insane battle that’s gone on between Casey’s kids and his wife Jeanne. I'll be shocked if your jaw is not on the floor after you’re done listening to his podcast. Make sure to visit to learn more about elder abuse and how you can help get laws passed to help your family members and others.
June 30, 2019
Karamo Brown is one of the Fab5 on the Netflix reboot of QUEER EYE (which if you’re not watching you need to be!). Karamo brings heart and soul to the show that always makes us cry because he really gets to the core of who the hero is and what’s stopping them in their life. Karamo is as lovely, smart and funny in real life as he is on the show. We talk all about QUEER EYE and his history on reality TV (REAL WORLD anyone?). You’ll hear me refer to his book a lot which a really good autobiography of his life - a lot of which will surprise you. it’s called KARAMO and it’s out now on Amazon and in bookstores. Enjoy!
June 17, 2019
Katy Wallin
Casting guru and producer Katy Wallin has been in the business a long time with an incredible resume- casting unscripted TV since the early oughts - but doing a lot of fascinating TV stuff before then. Her story of how he started her career in LA is right out of a movie. How she met her iconic mentor? Even more amazing. Her company MysticArt is getting ready to launch an exciting game show on ABC this summer with Ryan Reynolds which we talk about (and casting is going on. Her positivity is infectious and I hope you’ll be as inspired by her as I was.
June 03, 2019
Rob Shuter
He's an old friend who gossips for a living and is always a blast to talk to. Rob Shuter's in my phone as "Naughty but Nice Rob" because that’s also the name of his gossip website where he dishes on everything but is never mean. I met Rob working together on a fun idea for a show we cooked up based around his hilarious and outgoing personality. We talk about how even ended up in the gossip game and he gives us a behind the curtain look at how the whole publicity game is actually played. Enjoy!
May 20, 2019
The Podcast Gals – Erin Martin/Mary Payne Gilbert/Jessica Zadeh
When you meet on Facebook, do each others podcasts, but never meet in person, there's every chance your new besties will turn out to be serial killers. Well, that's still possible - but if so, they're the most fun, murderers I've ever met! Erin, Mary Payne, Jessica and I recap our amazing dinner with the one and only Countess Luann, her "we should have been drunk" cabaret show and of course dish Housewives galore. Chic c'est la vie!
May 06, 2019
LaKendra Tookes
Excited to finally have the fabulous and hilarious LaKendra Tookes on the podcast. I first heard LaKendra on Amy Phillps' radio show on Radio Andy and laughed so hard I became obsessed with her and her housewife and reality TV musings. She’s a comedian, actress and pop culture TV host who wrote for Saturday Night Live a few years ago. We talk about that great story and of course dish on all the housewives drama. Come for the Drake story and stay for the Dorit and PK rant!
April 23, 2019
Lynne Kirby
Lynne Kirby is a talented development producer, brilliant creative mind and all around amazing human being. Lynne’s managed to parlay that brilliance to television somehow - both as a network executive and producer. She now works as a development executive for Nutopia where she created the hit show FINDING JESUS for CNN and also created a documentary about water that found it way to the Sundance Film festival (!). But knowing Lynne… we haven’t even seen the best of what she can do just yet.
April 08, 2019
Matt Hanna – VH1, Esquire & more!
Matt Hanna is a longtime friend and former colleague who’s toggled between the network and production company side for many years. Chances are if you’ve been in the industry a while, you’ve either worked with him or pitched him at VH1 or Esquire. He now runs the US arm of Our House Media doing some cool projects including a top secret Jenna Lyons show. He’s got some great stories from his storied career and turns the tables at the end for a very obnoxious conversation about Los Angeles. Is there any other kind?:)
March 25, 2019
Today on the podcast, my first repeat guest since I started the pod almost 3 years ago. And you’ll know why I broke my own rule for this one. After watching the incredibly powerful documentary LEAVING NEVERLAND, I knew I had to speak to Criminal Behaviorlist Analyst Laura Richards. Laura is not just a friend but has been my partner in crime on several big projects over the years. We break down the psychology of predator behavior and coercive control, not just in the Michael Jackson case but in the incredibly bizarre but must see doc ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT. Warning - we do touch on some sexually explicit material so this is not one you want to listen to around the kids.
March 11, 2019
Beth Greenwald
She's an old and dear friend and great producer to boot: Beth Greenwald. Beth and I met many years back when she was the VP of development at E! She’s had super interesting jobs before and after that gig and we get into all of it. Beth is an independent producer now who hustled really hard to get her new series on the air. So it’s fitting that new series is called HUSTLE and it’s airing on Viceland right now. It’s all about pursuing your dream and making it happen which is what Beth personifies. Enjoy!
February 25, 2019
As a huge fan of MILLION DOLLAR LISTING on Bravo, I was thrilled to talk to the only (finally) female agent on the show Tracy Tutor. Tracy was already a big shot realtor in Los Angeles before she joined the cast last season she wasn’t just cast because she’s gorgeous and has great style. She is a top seller, has great relationships and knows how to stay above the fray and be a mature adult when her male co-stars are acting like children. I had a great time talking to her about it all - her career, the end of her marriage - some of the more emotional scenes we’ve seen so far this season - and of course - where she gets all those fabulous clothes!
February 11, 2019
Kevin Bartel
As soon as I saw the fabulous Netflix doc-series MADE IN MEXICO, I knew I had to interview this producer. Kevin Bartel runs the American arm of Love Productions who are probably best known for the GREAT BRITISH BAKEOFF - a huge hit in the UK and now the US. Kevin started on the agent's desk and worked his way up through the production world and then to the network side. The story of how he ended up at Spike is a good one that includes a death threat - so you gotta hear how that turned out!
January 28, 2019
Sean Rankine
What's it like to run a hit show for 11 seasons?! I asked uber producer and Show Runner Sean Rankine who's done just that for VH1's BASKETBALL WIVES. We talk about what he learned from EP'ing that show, working with P Diddy, Tyra Banks and starting his career with reality pioneers Bunim/Murray. Sean's also got an envious passport and we talk about how he plans to merge travel and producing in the next chapter. Enjoy!
January 15, 2019
K.P. Anderson – The Soup, another (great) Kardashian story and more!
If you’ve been a rabid SOUP fan for many years like me then you know K.P. Anderson's work very well. K.P. became showrunner and headwriter of the show on E! back in 2004 when Joel McHale took over. He ran the show until the end in 2015 and a few years later, he and Joel re-vamped it and took it to Netflix for a reboot where it's just as great as the original. KP’s brand is comedy - running Norm McDonalds show at Netflix and Kevin Hart’s show with Lyft all under his company’s overall deal with Lionsgate. He's one of the best talkers I’ve ever interviewed and his Kardashian story is gold!
December 31, 2018
“Stuttering” John Melendez
This one's a real treat for all you Howard Stern fans out there! John Melendez - better known as Stuttering John - spent a long time working for Howard and being a staple on the show. He was best known for his celebrity interviews which often times went sideways but were always hilarious. When he left to go work for Jay Leno he shook up his life and the show and the rest is kind of history. He’s out with a new book - EASY FOR YOU TO SAY - that’s a memoir of his life and spills a TON of juicy stuff about Howard, Gary, Artie, Jackie, the list goes on. And we get the whole story of his latest and maybe greatest prank so far - talking to President Donald Trump on AirForce One.
December 17, 2018
Pam Healey – RHONY and more!
All roads lead to Bethenny Frankel. But to get there you have to go through Pam Healey! Pam runs the very successful production company Shed Media which of course produces Real Housewives of New York. But Pam (and Shed) have a broad spectrum of shows like WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE and LONG LOST FAMILY for TLC and 12 seasons of VH1's hit show Basketball Wives. Pam and I have a great chat about her career and how she ended up going from a childhood in New York City to working in Denver and finally to Los Angeles. She’s an inspiration to producers and women everywhere. Enjoy!
December 03, 2018
Mark Herzog – DIRTY JOHN
For all you fans of the true crime podcast DIRTY JOHN - brace yourself! My guest Mark Herzog is an Executive Producer of the series and tells some behind the scenes scoop on how they made both versions of the amazing true crime show. Mark is a long time producer who got his start in feature films and went on to produce many documentaries and docu-series that have garnered him Emmys and a great reputation in our industry. Make sure you tune in to the Bravo scripted series DIRTY JOHN premiering Nov 25th (it's really good!) and the 2 hour documentary airing on Oxygen this January!
November 19, 2018
****Podcast update 11/12
Hey Guys - just a quick update about why there's no podcast this week. Don't forget to subscribe and give me 5 stars thanks!! xx
November 12, 2018
Joe Livecchi
Joe Livecchi is a seasoned producer with years of experience on the network and cable side. His TV career trajectory is definitely not the usual one, but it's definitely entertaining. Joe tells a great story about how he got DEAL OR NO DEAL sold to NBC after it getting rejected everywhere, and what it was like to be on the network side running unscripted at CMT. And then what happens when that all goes away... As owner of the production company NOBLE SAVAGES, Joe is always looking for great stories to tell and producers to partner with. Let him tell you why he's the guy you should bring your ideas to!
October 30, 2018
Lauren Gellert
If you’ve been in the industry a while you have probably either worked with her, pitched to her or maybe even been pitched BY her. You’ll hear how Lauren Gellert went from an aspiring choreographer, to getting her TV education at VH1, to getting pushed over the edge by a powerhouse producer at Tru TV, to her current job as EVP of development and programming at WETV. Lots of good lessons baked in along the way on this one so pay attention!
October 15, 2018
Cedric the Entertainer
Cedric the Entertainer is someone I’ve been lucky to know for almost a decade. As you’ll be able to tell from this interview, he’s a down to earth, smart, cool and of course very funny guy. You know him from basically everything including the barbershop movies, the Steve Harvey show, Soul Man, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and now his new show premiering October 1st on CBS, The Neighborhood. I loved talking to him about his journey from his St Louis roots, to his start in standup comedy, to his amazing movie and tv career. It’s a fun, wild and unpredictable ride. Enjoy!
September 30, 2018
Deanna Cheng
She's a hilarious actress, writer, director and pop culture guru. Deanna Cheng has been such a great guest on so many great shows like Bitch Sesh and Reality Checked so I wanted her on to talk about all things Bravo and of course 90 Day Fiancé. Deanna makes a very funny appearance in season 2 of GLOW and she’s got a fabulous new digital show coming up on Comedy Central called UNSEND with fellow actors/comedians Paul Sheer and Matt McConkey. Enjoy!
September 17, 2018
Gretchen Bonaduce
She’s a reality star turned normal person – as much as that’s possible:) We first got to know Gretchen Bonaduce about 13 years ago with the show BREAKING BONADUCE which was some of the best real documentary programming I had ever seen. We saw a lot of intense scenes with her (then) husband Danny – who was struggling with addiction and his marriage. But the woman behind the man often gets overlooked. Gretchen not only survived the dysfunctional marriage and the show, but she’s got a lot of story to tell. Her awesome book “Surviving Agent Orange: And Other Things I Learned From Being Thrown Under the Partridge Family Bus” is out on Amazon now – and I highly recommend it!
September 03, 2018
Shannon Beador
She’s America’s favorite Orange County housewife and my personal favorite. Shannon Storms Beador has been through it all in her 5 seasons on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County and she talks about it all very openly and honestly on the pod. From her horrible first season, to her vow renewal to her eventual divorce - Shannon has never been afraid to put her struggles front and center, which is what makes her relatable and so likable. I loved spending time with her at her beautiful new home and of course getting to meet the very famous Archie the dog. Enjoy!
August 21, 2018
Courtney White
It's a real treat to have the fabulous Courtney White on the podcast. She’s a big shot network executive at Scripps (now Discovery) where she has spent a lot of years climbing the ranks — starting at HGTV then Travel Channel then to her current position as EVP of HGTV and Food Network. Courtney’s been a friend since the day I walked into her office 12 years ago and every time we see each other, our conversation goes in about 20 directions. You’ll definitely see that today not the podcast.
August 06, 2018
Amy Savitsky
She's a network executive very well known in our business - Amy Savitsky. Amy is the SVP of development and programming and A&E - where she helped develop and is an Executive Producer on Leah Remini’s hit show on Scientology and the series The Murder of Laci Peterson (obsessed). Before Amy joined A&E in 2015 she had spent more than a decade at Discovery and we talk all about those years including how a little hit show called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo came to be. Amy is very open and honest and someone I know I can always get a straight answer from. Enjoy!
July 23, 2018
Leslie Greif
He’s a legend in our industry – both in unscripted and unscripted. Leslie Grief is the founder and owner of Thinkfactory Media. They are well known in unscripted for hits like Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Marriage Boot Camp. On the scripted side, he actually created Walker Texas Ranger in the early 90’s and then the hit series Hatfields and McCoys for History Channel. Leslie grew up in the entertainment business and when you hear about his amazing journey from NBC page to big shot producer it will become clear he was destined for this business. **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
July 09, 2018
Yun Lingner – SHARK TANK
It’s the day I’ve been waiting for since the day I started this podcast more than 2 years ago. Anyone who listens, knows the one show I mention over and over again is SHARK TANK. It’s my absolutely favorite unscripted show and I am beyond privileged to talk to Executive Producer Yun Lingner. Yun has been with the show since the pilot, and we talk all about how the show started and how it’s evolved. She answers some of my burning questions of how the donuts are made and shares some good gossip on the Sharks! **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
June 25, 2018
Jason Sarlanis – The E! story of The Kardashians
He’s a great producer, great network executive and a great friend. Jason Sarlanis is the head of development for TLC where he brought back Trading Spaces to killer ratings is always looking for another big hit like 90 Day Fiance and all the great spinoffs. Jason started his reality career at E! back in the day where he oversaw shows like Keeping up with Kardashians, the Soup and Fashion Police. He went on to become VP of development of programming at ABC with a quick stop in between at Ryan Seacrest’s company. He’s smart, creative and one of the savviest people i know. Enjoy! **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
June 11, 2018
Ramy Romany & Sharra Romany
Ramy and Sharra Romany are (successful)partners in business and life. Together they own Romany Films which is a full service production company specializing in documentary, branded and basically anything you need filmed and crewed - they do it. They are 2 of the top Directors of Photography here in LA but it's the story of how they met and what happened after that, that will blow your mind. It's like the BIG SICK meets EXODUS - you'll see what I mean when you hear it. No spoilers!! **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
May 28, 2018
Countess Luann de Lesseps
Whether you call her the Countess, Luann, Lu, Darling, or the former Mrs. D'Agastino, just don't be all uncool! Lu is an an OG of The NY housewives and if you’re a fan you’ve seen her through 2 marriages, 2 divorces, 2 falls, 1 arrest, one pirate, 1 eggs de la francais, a pandora station and so much more. I sat down with here while she was out in LA performing her cabaret show and as usual she did not disappoint. Ladies and gentlemen - This is the countess speaking. **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
May 14, 2018
Kyle Richards – RHOBH
Whether you know her from her acting past (Halloween, Little House on the Prairie!) or from her 8 years as one of the OG’s from The Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards needs no introduction. Kyle was born into show business, left to get married and raise her 4 daughters & then went back into the game for what she thought would be an easy low key show. How did that turn out?:) We have a lot of fun talking about the Housewives and her new show American Woman premiering June 7th on the Paramount Network. We go deep into her childhood growing up as a showbiz kid the 70’s, talk about why Mauricio's family didn't want her to marry him and how she became an extroverted introvert. Enjoy! **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
May 01, 2018
Latter Day Jew **BONUS Episode
If you’re in a creative field, you likely have a passion project you’re doing (or want to do someday) and you’ll do anything to make it happen. That happened to me when I met H Alan Scott, former Mormon, Gay comedian, Cancer survivor and Jewish convert. On this podcast, we’re talking about the documentary I’m directing and producing about his journey; and we're asking for your help in making my dream a reality. You’ll hear about his story, what we’ve filmed this last year and how we plan to bring this film into the world. Check out where you can see the trailer, and press on the donate button to make a tax-deductible donation. Every little bit helps! **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
April 16, 2018
Erika Jayne – RHOBH
It IS expensive to be her because she is the one and only ERIKA JAYNE. To most of you, Erika needs no introduction. She’s in her 3rd season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and splits her time and personalities being Erika Girardi and Erika Jayne - singer, performer and gay icon. Her autobiography PRETTY MESS is on sale now and its great - we talk all about her past, present and future and she doesn't hold back on anything. Enjoy! **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
April 10, 2018
Eliot Goldberg – the REAL story of the Kardashians
It's the REAL story of that Krazy family from the guy who brought them to your screen 10 years ago. Eliot Goldberg took a flyer on a Hollywood clan who seemed so weird and wacky he didn’t know what to make of them at first. You may have heard a lot of versions of how the Kardashians came to be, but this is how it really happened, from the very first meeting on that fateful day in 2007. I have a great chat with the head of unscripted at AMC and Sundance Channels. Eliot oversees some great series like THE TALKING DEAD AND the "Visionaries" anthology series including James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction and Eli Roth’s History of Horror. **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
March 26, 2018
Brent Montgomery
He's one of the biggest names in our industry and one of the smartest. Brent Montgomery made big headlines back in 2014 when he sold 80 percent of his company Left/Field to ITV for what was widely considered the biggest payday to date in an unprecedented deal. He started his company with 10k and soon was creating and producing hits like PAWN STARS and AMERICAN RESTORATION for History Channel. He was a shrewd businessman early on, making strategic moves that would pay huge dividends later like buying other companies before he had the deep pockets to even do that. We get into all of that and how he went from getting bought by ITV to running ITV to now starting his latest venture all over again. **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
March 12, 2018
Ryann Lauckner
She's a powerhouse executive who works behind the scenes to quietly run one of the biggest production companies in our industry. Ryann Lauckner's quiet calm and smarts is what made her climb the ranks at Asylum Entertainment - from a low level producer to the Executive Vice President of Programming where she’s overseeing shows for major networks and keeping the train on the tracks every day - no easy feat. Ryan's road is not a traditional one — starting as a poor kid in North Dakota, to film school at USC, to her first job on one of the biggest competition reality series, to reluctantly climbing the ranks, to grabbing the bull by its horns at Asylum, Ryann is a true inspiration. **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
February 27, 2018
John Hill
Today on the podcast, TV producer, actor, radio personality and Andy Cohen bestie John Hill. I first heard of John when I started listening to Andy Cohen’s radio show a few years back and had no idea he was a prolific reality producer who has worked on shows like Tori and Dean, Project Runway, Top Chef and Watch What Happens Live. John started as an actor and still gets to let that personality shine on Andy’s radio show and his own show on Radio Andy THE FEELS. John and I have a lot of fun talking about his non-traditional career trajectory and he tells me the real story of how he and Andy met-cute. **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
February 13, 2018
David Collins
He's an amazing person AND an amazing producer who I absolutely adore and he’s responsible for one of the reality TV’s earliest hits. David Collins created QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY back in 2003 with his partner Michael Williams at Scout Productions. It was a totally unique idea that turned Bravo, a network no one had ever heard of, into a household name. It was such a revolutionary show, that 15 years later, Netflix had the brilliant idea to re-boot it with a new Fab5 and a new location. David and I talk the inspiration for Queer Eye and the rest of his interesting and sometimes surprising career. Make sure you stream the new Queer Eye starting Feb 7th on Netflix! **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
January 30, 2018
A very exciting day on the podcast! I sit down with a guy I watch every week on my TV screen, at least when the show is in season. James Harris is one half of the dynamic British real-estate duo selling multimillion dollar homes every Thursday night on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. James started doing real estate at 16 years old and hasn’t stopped since. We talk about how he really feels about his fellow realtors on the show, how the show is produced and why its worth it to spend 30 thousand dollars on a lavish open house. **PLEASE GO TO ITUNES TO GIVE ME A 5 STAR RATING AND SHORT REVIEW -THANK YOU!!
January 15, 2018
Howard Owens
He's a very well known name in our industry who's worked in every pocket of unscripted. Howard Owens started as an agent, moved to the production side, then jumped to the network side, then came back to the producer's side a few years ago with Propogate Content, a company he started with Ben Silverman, his former partner at Reville. Needless to say -it’s been quite a ride - and we get into all of it: the journey from Law school, to outdoor billboards, to the agency mailroom, to one of the most prolific producers in our industry... Howard is in a league of his own!
January 02, 2018
Damla Dogan
She's a fierce woman and network executive who's responsible for some of your favorite guilty pleasure shows. Damla Dogan is the SVP of Programming Development at E! Entertainment where she oversees unscripted series and live events. She’s led some series you may have heard of like KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, TOTAL DIVAS, SECOND WIVES CLUB and REVENGE BODY with Khloe Kardashian -just to name a few. Damla’s been at the network 10 years and counting. She spent time producing scripted and unscripted content before that, so that makes her one of those execs that producers just love working with!
December 19, 2017
Robyn Lattaker-Johnson
Today on the podcast, another kick ass amazing rock star in our industry - Robyn Latteker Johnson. Robyn stands out because she’s done something very few people have done in unscripted - going from producer to network executive to manager. Robyn’s had great success on the network side as a development executive at SyFy and BET, but her move to become manager surprised even her. Yet, in many ways, it was the perfect culmination of her illustrious career that proves saying "yes" and making your own destiny will get you places.
December 05, 2017
Kate Casey
Today on the podcast, comedienne, writer, entreprenuer and all around super impressive uber reality fan, Kate Casey. Kate hosts a successful podcast called REALITY LIFE WITH KATE CASEY and also recaps reality shows on her website Love and Knuckles She’s spoken to more present and former reality stars than maybe anyone on the planet and is even friends with a bunch of them. Kate has had a wildly fascinating life - from her former (unexpected) career to her rough childhood, she’s refreshingly honest about all of it.
November 21, 2017
Joel Gallen
He's a legendary producer and director with a long and storied career. Joel Gallen has carved out a unique niche as THE go to guy for live events, music, comedy and even as “the disaster guy.” He’s produced 17 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, countless award shows, A list comedy concerts, every Comedy Central Roast and the list goes on. I have to say Joel’ story about Prince might be my very favorite story on the podcast to date. Enjoy!
November 07, 2017
Chachi Senior
Another network executive sitting down for the podcast and this time it's producer turned exec Chachi Senior. Chachi is now Senior vice President of Original Series at the Paramount Network (nee Spike) where he’s also in charge or development. The fact that Chachi's even AT a network at all might surprise you when you hear about his career path from a filmmaker to a reality producer with a REALLY fascinating stop in between (hint - not in television).
October 24, 2017
Jonas Larsen
Excited to have another accomplished network exec on the podcast! Jonas Larsen is Comedy Centrals Executive Vice President of Talent and Development. He hails from Denmark - a first for this podcast - and his amazing journey from Denmark to LA has a lot of twists and turns - and may not be what you expect from the guy who went after Charlie Sheen to be roasted on the Comedy Central Roast. We’ll hear all about how he got to where he is and how Temptation Island and the Joe Schmo Show turned out to be pivotal moments in a very interesting career path.
October 10, 2017
Drew Tappon
Today on the podcast, one of my favorite people, not just in the business but in life! My good friend Drew Tappon finally came to the hot seat which he found out wasn’t so hot and we actually had a great time. We talked about his long successful career on the network side, studio side and now the production company side. He’s currently the chief creative officer for Sally Ann Salsano’s hugely successful 495 productions which created mega hits like Jersey Shore and Party Down South. Drew is an EMMY winner for a wonderful show on A&E called BORN THIS WAY and you maybe shocked where he stores those Emmys..
September 25, 2017
Jacqui Pitman
It’s our second casting guru on the podcast. Jacqui Pitman is widely known through Hollywood as, "the Casting Director with an Executive Producer's eye.” She started her casting career in the late 80's then detoured into producing for 10 years and has run her own casting and production company since 2009. She's cast basically every single show you’ve ever heard of and her resume is too long to list but she tells us the highlights. Jacqui's story is not just impressive but incredibly inspiring too.
September 11, 2017
Sasha Alpert
Sasha Alpert's a rare gem in this business because she does 2 very different jobs at the same company. She's in charge of casting at Bunim Murray and also created and runs their documentary division. She's produced award winning films like VALENTINE ROAD and AUTISM THE MUSICAL and her latest doc is called THEY CALL US MONSTERS - now streaming on Netflix. Sasha's also cast some of the most well known shows in the history of reality TV and I loved talking to her about her illustrious career.
August 28, 2017
Alec Shankman
It's our first agent on the podcast! Alec Shankman has created a powerhouse division at Abrams Artists not just representing talent and producers in unscripted, but he's created and runs the digital, licensing and branding division where his clients are making waves and money running their own shows online. We talk about how to make it in the digital landscape and why producers need to think differently when it comes to this space.
August 14, 2017
Jarrett Creative (Julie Insogna & Seth Jarrett)
Here's proof that being married for over 20 years and working together side by side most every minute of that time can actually work! In fact, it doesn't just work - it can be extremely successful. Julie Insogna and Seth Jarrett happen to be two of my favorite people in the business and interviewing them was a blast. You'll hear their meet cute story, find out the secret recipe to building a wildly successful company and why they've turned down big bucks to follow their dreams.
August 01, 2017
Brian Moylan
He's one of the funniest human beings I had never even seen a picture of before we met in the studio. Brian Moylan is someone I've been dying to meet forever. He writes hilarious recaps of the REAL HOUSEWIVES for Vulture and I've always wondered about the genius behind the genius. We find out his favorite and least favorite housewives, the worst husbands and who's crazier: Ramona or Vicki? (Spoiler alert : it's a tough call!)
July 18, 2017
Lara Spotts
Here's another kick-ass woman who proves there's not just one way to go anywhere or get anywhere. Lara Spotts is someone I've always admired since my days of pitching her at Bravo where she brought in hits like SOUTHERN CHARM and THE PEOPLE'S COUCH. She also brought Bravo into the scripted world with GIRLFRIEND'S GUIDE TO DIVORCE AND ODD MOM OUT - which is the show she now Executive Produces. The third season of this hilarious show premieres July 12th at 10pmET and you can watch the trailer here:
July 04, 2017
Ben Relles
Today on the podcast, I’m continuing to dive deep into the world of digital content with the head of unscripted content at YouTube. Ben Relles figured out the power of the internet early on. In 2007, his digital short “I Got a Crush on Obama” became a huge breakout hit and started what would be a successful career combining comedy and YouTube. We talk about the inspiration for that video and how Ben came to climb the ranks - now working on big shows with Kevin Hart, Demi Lovato and Ellen. He just struck big with Katy Perry’s Worldwide Online Experiment which attracted fans from 190 countries(!) and is buying lots more content — so producers take note. Ben has only one regret, which may very well become yours too…
June 20, 2017
Josh Zeman
If you’re a fan of true crime you probably know Josh Zeman’s work. His award winning documentary CROPSEY put him on the true crime map and is a must see. We talk about how he became interested in the subject and made that film. Josh went on to do another successful doc called KILLING LEGENDS which you can see now on Amazon Prime. Most recently, he did the in-depth docu-series THE KILLING SEASON on A&E. Even though Josh got his start in feature films, he’s firmly planted his flag in the true crime genre, which lucky for him is as hot as ever.
June 06, 2017
Marc Marcuse
Here's a guy who keeps reality stars going long after their day in the sun is gone. Marc Marcuse is the founder and owner of Reel Management. His company works with reality stars to make money after their reality paycheck is gone. Our talk may make you think differently about the industry and the value of reality stars. Plus, Marc has some great insight on being a reality star since he was one himself - which is how this all started...
May 22, 2017
The Jay & Tony Show
It's the famous and maybe even infamous Jay and Tony Show! You may know them from their fantastic podcast - the aptly named Jay and Tony Show. If you don’t listen - you should - because they say everything we all are thinking and their refreshing honesty has given me me life every Thursday for the last few years. These 2 are like an old married couple who love each other like crazy and drive each other crazy too. We go back to the college days when it all began and find out how they came together to become a successful producing duo.
May 09, 2017
Jon Collins
You may not know his name but you’ve probably seen his brilliant work. The brilliant and talented Jon Collins is behind the iconic movies that get a round of network notes. You can find them on his blog “Jeez Jon” - In real life, Jon is not just a great writer with his eye and ear firmly on the pulse of reality TV, but also a senior story producer who’s come up in the business in the edit room. So when he writes those fake network notes, he knows exactly what he’s talking about.
April 24, 2017
Jodi Flynn
Adding to the roster of powerhouse women who own production companies! Jodi Flynn is the president of Outpost Entertainment which produces lots of unscripted content for lots of networks and digital outlets. Before launching Outpost Entertainment, Jodi was in development at Cineflix and Screaming Flea Productions where she developed and sold a bunch of successful series, including the Emmy-nominated Hoarders for A+E, Three Sheets for Spike and My Shopping Addiction for Oxygen. Jodi’s successful show on the History Channel FORGED IN FIRE – now in season 4- premieres April 11th so be sure to check it out. It’s kind of like Chopped but for weapons.
April 10, 2017
Stephanie Drachkovitch
The amazing Stephanie Drachkovitch founded the company 44 Blue with her husband Rasha back in 1984 (!) She and I talk about her early roots in TV news through her many years on the studio side then back to producing with her very successful company today. 44 Blue is known for hits like PITBULLS and PAROLEES, WAHLBERGERS and HOLLYWOOD MEDIUM. We break down how some of those famous shows came to be and why passion is EVERYTHING when you’re trying to make great TV.
April 04, 2017
Scott Carter
Scott Carter's the Executive Producer of Real Time with Bill Maher that airs live every Friday night on HBO. He's been the EP on the show since it debuted on HBO in 2003 AND he produced the first 1,100 episodes of "Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher" from its 1993 Comedy Central debut. Scott and I talk about his career producing and writing and even his short lived stint as a standup comedian. He has incredible stories including a gem about Carrie Fisher and George Lucas and some very interesting insight on the very big recent controversy on Real Time.
March 20, 2017
Josh Entman
It's a different kind of guest - but its really about time. In the unscripted world, we’ve been slow to get into the digital space and today's guest is one of its huge success stories. Josh Entman is the co-founder and Chief Development Officer for Jukin Media. Jukin has been in the news a lot lately because of their huge success. Their core business: acquiring videos and making them go viral. Josh tells us how that business has blown up and why what they're doing is indeed the future of our industry.
March 07, 2017
Aliyah Silverstein & Sara Quick
Two superstar show runners who have deep experience and insight: Aliyah Silverstein and Sara Quick. They're both top of their game and specialize in different genres but have incredibly similar ways of seeing their jobs and their approach to every show they tackle. I loved talking about everything from what it means to be a show runner to their particular experiences as women in the industry. Enjoy!
February 21, 2017
Andy Dehnart
He's someone who spends every day of his life immersed in reality television: Andy Denhart. Andy created the blog REALITY BLURRED, a great place to get news on the industry, Andy’s take on specific shows, trends in the industry and interviews with some of the creators behind the shows. Andy and I talk about the state of reality TV and go in depth on his favorite shows of the year. Enjoy!
February 07, 2017
Eddie Schmidt
The incredibly talented Eddie Schmidt is quite the multi-hyphenate. He’s an award winning prolific documentarian and and a very seasoned unscripted show runner. And now that those 2 worlds are intersecting in a really interesting way in our business, it’s a great time to be Eddie! Eddie is a special gem in our business and I urge you to watch all his work as soon as you can!
January 24, 2017
Doron Ofir
He's probably the most well known casting person in our business. Doron Ofir has notoriously cast some the most iconic reality shows of all time including Jersey Shore, Ru Paul's Drag Race, Joe Millionaire and Party Down South. He's done hundreds more and has got some incredible stories of how he finds and connects with random people to turn them into great characters for television. He also waxes philosophical about how reality TV got us into the presidency and why he wants every show he casts to look like a John Hughes 80 movie. You won’t find a better(or more insightful) talker in this business!
January 10, 2017
Aliza Rosen
For the 20th episode of the podcast, we're turning the tables. My friend and colleague Tim Duffy is asking me the questions. Yes, I am my own guest. I’ve been hearing for a while now that at least some of you want to know more about me and my background. So I'll answer burning questions like: how did I end up starting my career in Bangor Maine and getting chased by men with machetes into the Thai jungle. I have been very humbled by all the feedback I get from my listeners and appreciate everyone who listens. I would love for you to follow me on social media at @realityofreal and spread the word to your friends in and out of the business. Thank you for all the love and support!!
December 27, 2016
Lisa Rinna
It's OUR FIRST REALITY STAR and bono-fide celebrity - Lisa Rinna! She went from actress to big-time reality star a few years ago when she joined the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It wasn’t her first foray into reality but she’s definitely made quite the splash -feuding with everyone from Kim to Yolanda to Lisa Vanderpump. She’s not afraid to take anyone on and that’s what makes her so much fun to watch and talk to. She’s gorgeous, funny smart and inspiring and I’m so glad I had the chance to sit down with her the same week of the RHOBH premiere. PS - I'm on Twitter @realityofreal.
December 13, 2016
Julia Cunningham
This podcast is where reality TV and pop culture intersect in one human being! Julia Cunningham is host of EW's SiriusXM radio show LA Daily and her job it is to watch TV all day, every day. We dig deep into reality TV and she explains why the Bachelor is the best reality show ever. Julia’s also a true crime junkie and a BRAVO lover - where she especially loves a good “shape shifter” - she’ll explain. Enjoy!
November 29, 2016
Dwight Smith & Michael Agbabian (Mission Control)
They're famous for producing hit shows like FACE OFF on Sy Fy and HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT for NBCToday. Dwight Smith and Michael Agbabian- are co-owners of the company Mission Control. Dwight and Michael have been producing partners for a long time and shockingly have never gotten into one fight! You’ll hear them break down how they created Face Off and about the incredible night when Hollywood Game Night became a reality. Plus the joys of working with a celebrity EP who really gets his hands dirty (you'll have to listen to find out who!)...
November 15, 2016
Steve Harris
Today on the podcast: my first guest to run a celebrity production company. Steve Harris runs the unscripted division of Marlan Wayans company Workaholics Entertainment. Steve met Marlon in college and the road to their partnership was paved with a first (unsuccessful) attempt to move to LA, lots of producing gigs and network executive gigs including one at A&E where Steve put icons on the air like MC Hammer, Shaquile O'Neil and the Jackson family. You’ll hear what it took to convince Papa Joe to put his family on TV and what happens when Michael (yes that Michael) calls you out of the blue. And Steve's biggest regret is my favorite one to date. Enjoy!
October 25, 2016
Darrell Miller
Today on the podcast I'm going out of the box -just a little - but whether you're in this industry or not I think you'll find this interview as fascinating as I do. Darrell Miller is a very well known and respected entertainment attorney here in Los Angeles He runs the entertainment practice of Fox Rothschild where, as one client says he's more of a "consigliere" than a lawyer. Darrell's got a lot of famous clients in reality, scripted, film, and music. He takes each of them on as a brand which he talks about in his book The "16th minute of fame" which is part instruction, part memoir and many parts inspirational -like Darrell himself.
October 10, 2016
Jim Clemente & Laura Richards
If you watched the Case of JonBenet Ramsey on CBS you'll be familiar with my two guests Jim Clemente and Laura Richards. They aren't just the lead investigators on the documentary-series but they're also my Co-Executive Producers. While there's a lot of information about the case out there, this is a peek behind the curtain of how we put the show together and sold it and what it took to do an in-depth investigation on a crazy production timetable. We also talk about some of the footage that didn’t make it to air that will air internationally on the 6 hour version.
September 27, 2016
Amy Phillips
An exciting day on the podcast with the Queen of all things Bravo: AMY PHILLIPS!! If you watch WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE and any of the Housewives shows, you have probably seen her spot on impressions of the ladies which are hilarious and brilliant. Amy hosts the Sirius XM radio show REALITY CHECKED every Tuesday and Thursday morning and she's game to do anything which makes her a fantastic guest!
September 13, 2016
Tim Duffy & Mike Duffy
Today on the podcast - 2 of the best guys in the business - Tim Duffy & Mike Duffy - twins and co-partners at Ugly Brother Studios. They’re on fire with lots of new exciting projects including the much buzzed about Emeril Eats the World premiering on Amazon Sep 2nd. We talk about the incredible places they got to see and eat producing this show (you will salivate) and have some REAL talk about the business. Truth telling never felt so good!
August 30, 2016
Jason Carbone
This week on the of the best-known and well-respected producers in the business Jason Carbone. He started on some of the best early MTV shows (Real World, Road Rules) and was the first producer hired on a little show called The Bachelor. Now considered one of Godfathers of “celeb-reality” (remember Run’s House?) he’s producing one of the best shows on TV right now - Barely Famous - on VH1. He’s got so many great stories, I could have talked to him for hours. Enjoy!
August 16, 2016
Douglas Ross & Alex Baskin
If you can't get enough of the Real Housewives, you have these two Reality heavyweights to thank. Evolution Media partners Doug Ross and Alex Baskin have a stellar reputation in the industry not just for making great television - but also for being great guys which I can vouch for. They produce some of my personal favorites like RH of Orange County and Beverly Hills and talk all about how the franchise started and what it really takes to get a housewife through a season. You'll also hear how their hit show BOTCHED for E! came to be and a tease of the spinoff that's on deck.
August 02, 2016
Dave Broome
A lot of people in our industry take credit for creating the BIGGEST LOSER but only Dave Broome can make the claim for real. We’ll hear all about how he came up with the idea and the journey to make the show - now a billion dollar international franchise as well as his other hit shows and an exciting new one in the works for Netflix. Dave's company is 25/7 because that’s how much he works. His work ethic is only matched by his intense passion which is incredibly infectious.
July 19, 2016
Eric Evangelista
Today on the podcast: kick- ass producer Eric Evangalista - co-founder of Hot Snakes Media who’s best known for creating the hit shows AMISH MAFIA and BREAKING AMISH. Eric and his wife Shannon own Hot Snakes together and their new show RETURN TO AMISH premieres July 10th on TLC @9pm. He tells me how he survived 14 years in news before making the move to reality and why he’s allowed to film in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Enjoy!
July 05, 2016
Brian Balthazar
If you don't know him already, you'll wish you did after this interview. Brian Balthazar's a HUGE personality who's a network executive with HGTV, a pop-culture expert who’s a regular on Wendy Williams and The Today Show and has a website called Pop Goes the Week. He also crushes it on social media so follow him immediately and enjoy this entertaining chat!
June 21, 2016
Jennifer O’Connell
What’s the real reason Bethenny and Jill are no longer friends?? These and other burning questions will be answered on today’s podcast with our first studio executive, Jennifer O’Connell! Jen is the head of unscripted at Lionsgate Television and knows all about the Real Housewives of New York drama because she was one of the producers who helped get the show off the ground. She’s had a big career overseeing some of the biggest shows in reality TV (see: Biggest Loser) and is one of those people in the business that everyone just seems to love - including me!
June 07, 2016
Brant Pinvidic
It's heavy hitter time with reality producer Brant Pinvidic. If you're a network executive, you know his pitches are among the most creative in the business. And if you've seen his documentary, you know why he's not on Facebook. Brant's created hit shows like Bar Rescue and almost passed on another that became a huge hit anyway (gotta listen to find out). He hangs with reality royalty like Spencer Pratt and David Foster and has worked with just about everyone else in between. Enjoy a really fun and enlightening conversation!
May 31, 2016
Sabrina Soto
How do you turn a TV hosting gig into a lifestyle brand?? Just ask Sabrina Soto - my guest on this week's podcast. Sabrina’s come a long way from our days working on a TLC daytime show together.You might recognize her from her Target commercials and hundreds of episodes of many shows on HGTV. We had a totally unfiltered conversation about her career path, how seriously she takes her brand and how bloggers are taking over the lifestyle space. Oh, and her passionate love of the Golden Girls!
May 24, 2016
Sara Auspitz…
This week on the podcast.. it's our first network executive: Sara Auspitz, VP of programming at GSN. She's a reality vet who truly loves the business and goes all in with every show she does. We talk all about Sara's illustrious career, our scary (but classic) moment working on a pilot together and how to stay cool when a producer threatens to punch you in the face.
May 17, 2016
Eli Holzman & Aaron Saidman – Part2
This week on the podcast… PART 2 of my fantastic conversation with uber producers Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman. You’ll hear all about their new company IPC and their thoughts about the current state of TV and where it’s headed. If you’re a producer with your own company or thinking of striking out on your own - you won’t want to miss their insights on how to build a company in 2016. Enjoy!!!
May 10, 2016
Eli Holzman & Aaron Saidman
Whether you’re in “the biz” or not, you’ll definitely want to tune in to Part 1 of my talk with uber producers Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman. Known for hits like Undercover Boss and Project Runway they've got fascinating backgrounds working in film and TV and have some priceless Harvey Weinstein stories. We also talk about their phenomenal documentary called The Seven Five (run don’t walk). Hope you love the conversation as much as I did!
May 03, 2016
Jenny Daly
On this weekly podcast, long-time TV Producer and Development Executive Aliza Rosen interviews people in all aspects of the unscripted business. First up - TGroup owner and producer dynamo Jenny Daly - who shares her experience coming up in the biz and her insights about the future of reality. A must listen!
April 26, 2016
Brian Samuels
Here's a guy in reality TV who really does give zero f*&ks. Brian Samuels, talent manager,casting gur and self-described Jack of all Trades, talks completely unfiltered about his job, networks, agents (spoiler alert - he hates them) and difficult talent. And I guarantee he watches more TV than you.
April 26, 2016