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All Bets Are Off

By All Bets Are Off - Gambling Addiction Recovery Podcast
The All Bets Are Off podcast was established in April 2020 as a gambling addiction recovery podcast. Our diverse portfolio of listening content covers a wide range of discussion points includes everything from recovery stories and signposting through to chats with industry specialists and a wanting for positive change and re-form.

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S2 EP10: Affected Others - The Story Of Julie Martin (including Steve Watts, founder of GamFam)

All Bets Are Off

S2 EP10: Affected Others - The Story Of Julie Martin (including Steve Watts, founder of GamFam)

All Bets Are Off

S4 EP12: Rick Benson (founder of Algamus Recovery Centers)
To round off the season we speak to Rick Benson about his experiences of gambling which started from a young age flipping baseball cards, before heading to the bright lights of Sin City (Las Vegas) in which he "kidded himself" that he was a professional gambler. During the episode, Rick speaks about the harm his gambling caused to himself and his loved ones, before everything coming to a head and entering recovery through the support of Gamblers Anonymous. In the early 90's Rick founded the Algamus Recovery Centre in Arizona which has since expanded into other territories (more information can be found by visiting the website Later in the show host, Ryan Pitcher is joined by his trusted sidekick Chris Gilham to recap the season and discuss the plans moving forward.
September 16, 2021
S4 EP11: Chris Murphy
In this, the penultimate episode of season four, Chris meets Chris. Today's host Chris Gilham speaks with professional darts commentator Chris Murphy about his personal experiences of gambling harm, including relapse, attempted suicide, and his recovery journey.  Chris is also the Communications Manager and Gambling Education Facilitator at the mental health charity Sporting Chance, which helps professional sportspersons suffering from addiction. 
September 9, 2021
S4 EP10: Dan Cuss aka 'Juron' (YouTuber)
In July 2021 Dan Cuss, more commonly known by his 'Juron' pseudonym through his popular footballing/FIFA YouTube account with over 60,000 subscribers, released a video detailing his battles with gambling addiction (click here to view). As a follow-up to this, we invited Dan to discuss his own struggles, gambling-related harm in general, and to hear what it's like as a young person growing up in a world in which gambling products are so readily available and liberalised. Undoubtedly, Dan's story has and will continue to encourage young people to reflect on their relationship with gambling and perhaps ask themselves: am I beginning to develop a problematic association with gambling as opposed to having just a bit of fun. Please go and support Dan by checking out his videos and subscribing to his YouTube channel. 
September 2, 2021
S4 EP9: Healthwatch Essex
Dan Potts and Renée Robey from Healthwatch Essex sit down down with Chris Gilham to talk all things addictions in this the latest edition of the All Bets Are Off podcast. Today we learn a lot more about their engagement project ‘Addiction: Gambling, Drugs & Alcohol' that has been conducted throghout 2021 & much more.
August 26, 2021
S4 EP8: Luke's Law feat. Annie Ashton
Host Ryan welcomes guest Annie Ashton. Annie, from Leicestershire, is petitioning to put an end to free bets and inducements after her husband Luke tragically took his own life in April this year. In today's programme, we talk about Luke and Annie's relationship. From what was a childhood crush to re-connecting on Facebook a few years later and the life that they had built for themselves and their children. We also hear a little bit about Luke's relationship with gambling and the Luke's Law campaign that Annie is crusading to bring to fruition. At the time of recording the petition was on just fewer than 6,000 signatures. However, just three weeks later when publishing the episode this figure had risen to over 15,000. To sign Annie's petition please click here. This episode is created in the loving memory of Luke Ashton. 
August 19, 2021
S4 EP7: The Broke Girl Society
In today's programme, we hear from Christina, the Founder of The Broke Girl Society, and take in her addiction story and the work that she is now doing to raise awareness of gambling-related harms and support those in need, especially women.  Please go and listen to The Broke Girl Society podcast by clicking here. You can also follow her story, and that of many others via social media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
August 12, 2021
S4 EP6: Childhood Trauma
After a mid-season break, we're back with the re-commencement of season four. In today's episode, we welcome Ian Richards who, as a child, was sexually abused. Ian and podcast host Ryan met a few months ago on The Big Step and became close having discussed their respective chilhood traumas and the similaraties of how this impacted them both and the events that ensued. 
August 5, 2021
S4 EP5: The Researchers
In today's show we welcome Dr Steve Sharman, a Research Fellow within the School of Psychology. His research  primarily focuses on the influence of within-game constructs on gambling behaviour, and virtual reality. Later in the programme TalkGEN's Chris Purnell aka CJ gives us a therapy of his lived experience and indicates gaps in research and the reasoning as to why he's so passionate about working in the sector.
July 1, 2021
S4 EP4: Gambling Harm - Scottish Edition
This episode is dedicated to our Scottish listeners as we welcome Darren Crocker a.k.a @Rule_ette_Out on social platforms. Now six years gamble free, Darren likes to utilise his lived experience to share practical advice and thoughts which, he hopes, helps others going through a bit of tough time. We cannot recommend his Instagram videos enough - go and check him out... once you've listened to the podcast! In part two we are joined by Warren Hughes, Gambling Education Project Manager at Fast Forward, a Scottish youth work charity focusing on drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and peer education. We hear all about what they are doing in their bid to prevent gambling harm in Scotland, the feedback that thy have received from young people and parents, and plans for the future.
June 24, 2021
S4 EP3: Anders Bergman (
Today we welcome the founder of, Anders Bergman. The Swede talks us through his story of how he worked for the gambling industry before having a change of heart and wishing to help those suffering gambling harms and implementing a well-structured methodology via QuitGamble, including a comprehensive programme designed to simplify things for individuals that have a problematic relationship with gambling.
June 17, 2021
S4 EP2: The Girl Gambler
Today we are joined by the author of The Girl Gambler, Stacey Goodwin. Stacey's gambling addiction started at the age of 18 years old when she landed what she thought would be an innocent part-time job working at a betting shop. Little did Stacey know just how much her life would take a dramatic turn and an 8-year addiction would ensure.  Stacey burst onto the recovery scene recently having grown a large following over on TikTok in which she talks through her story, offers advice based on her lived experience and interacts with her followers - go and check out her videos @thegirlgambler. You can purchase Stacey's book The Girl Gambler on Amazon, UK listeners click here to purchase.
June 10, 2021
S4 EP1: The Big Step (Scotland to Wembley)
Our first episode of season 4 pays homage to The Big Step’s campaign walk from Scotland to Wembley Stadium which starts on Friday 4th June. We are joined by two integral members of the team that have helped to organise the event, Tom Fleming and Emily Beck. Alongside them, we speak with Chris Hulse who will also be taking part in the gruelling 300+ mile walk in its entirety. Later in the show, we welcome the man charged to get the event on camera, investigate journalist Alexi Phillips. To support The Big Step please follow the link below: - Sign the open letter to support the call to suspend gambling adverts during the European Championships this summer - [CLICK HERE] Sign the petition calling on the government to end gambling advertising, sponsorship and promotion in football – [CLICK HERE] To donate - [CLICK HERE]
June 3, 2021
S3 EP12: The Difference In People
The final episode of season three welcomes our loved ones onto the programme to talk about the difference they've seen in us since finding recovery. We look back at the trying times of active addiction and how we've evolved over time and throughout recovery and what it means to them. In part one Chris speaks to Ryan's partner Rosa and later in the show Ryan hears from Chris' brothers Mike and Ian. This episode isn't about self-adulation, we hope it may inspire those that are coming to recognise that they have a problematic relationship with gambling and contemplating recovery life or at the start of their respective journey's to show just how much your loved ones care for you and your recovery, what it means to them, and the difference they see in you as you work through the process.
April 15, 2021
S3 EP11: Cricket - Gambling Addiction
Welcome to the penultimate episode of season three of the All Bets Are Off podcast. In today's show, we welcome Hampshire & London Sprint cricketer Chris Wood and former cricketer Patrick Foster, who both work for EPIC Risk Management. Although the theme of the programme is cricket, the majority of today's discussion specifically draws on Chris' and Patrick's (Patch to friends) addiction to gambling, their subsequent recoveries, and the work that they are now undertaking to try and prevent others from following a similar path. Enjoy the show!
April 8, 2021
S3 EP10: The Peoples FC
This week we welcome Kye Trott and Lewis Holloway from The Peoples FC, a charity YouTube football club from south-east London who was awarded the sponsorship package that we offered-up earlier on in the year. Although not gambling addiction specific, The Peoples FC are a club famed for raising awareness of mental health, and we really wished to introduce them to the community before the end of season three. During the episode we discussed a bunch of things, including the reasonings as to why the club was formed, what they've been doing since football has been interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, the work that they do in the community, and how great it is to be working together. We released today's episode to coincide with the release of the new kit with the All Bets Are Off logo which is now available to pre-order. Later in the programme, Ryan and Chris discuss the family fun day scheduled for Saturday 17th July.
April 1, 2021
S3 EP9: The Operator (Kindred Group - Maris Catania & Neil Banbury)
We understand that this episode may not be for all of our listeners and so as per the warning at the top of the show, if you are uncomfortable with discussions between a gambling addiction recovery podcast and a gambling operator then this recording isn't the one for you. However, we believe that it's good to have a healthy debate and discussion with operators especially those that are setting a high bar in terms of ethics and sustainability, and that has set an ambitious target to reach zero revenue derived from harmful gambling by 2023, as is the case with Kindred Group.  In today's show, we speak with Maris Catania (Global Head of Player Sustainability at Kindred Group) and UK General Manager, Neil Banbury.
March 25, 2021
S3 EP8: Authors
In today's show, Chris Gilham speaks to four different guests all with one thing in common, they are all authors of books that centre around gambling-harms. See below for the list of guests and links to their respective books. We strongly recommend them all! Tony O'Reilly [Tony  10: The astonishing story of the postman who gambled €10,000,000 ...  and lost it all] - click here Rebecca Cassidy [Vicious Games: Capitalism and Gambling] - click here Billiejo Priestley [My Addiction Is Just Fixation: Or So They Say] - click here Jody Bechtold [The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals] - click here
March 18, 2021
S3 EP7: Affected Others: The Children
In today's episode, we focus on the children of gambling addicts and how their behaviours have impacted them and shaped their mindset towards gambling and gambling-harm. Last year in a YouGov report commissioned by GambleAware, found that as many as 7% of adults, or 3.6 million people, report having been negatively affected by someone else’s gambling problem in the UK alone. Needless to say, that means there are a lot more people negatively impacted by someone else's problematic gambling, and yet as a recovery podcast, we feel that there still isn't a representative equivalent of their voices being heard and it's recordings such as this that will allow those affected others to talk openly, without judgement, and it may help others in a similar position. In today's show, we speak to UK-based sisters Jess and Em whose father was sent to prison for a crime that was driven by his addiction to gambling. We were keen to unearth how their dad's addiction had impacted them, what their relationship was like before and after his stint in prison (now in recovery), and the wider repercussions.  In part two we speak with US-based Tricia whose mother has been attracted to gambling venues ever since Tricia was a teenager, and following many years of health issues, her mum has become reliant on Tricia and others to facilitate her gambling addiction. 
March 11, 2021
S3 EP6: Relapse
Please note that this episode contains discussions around sensitive topics such as suicidal ideation and substance abuse. The purpose of today’s show is to try and inspire those that may be amid a relapse, struggling to overcome a blip, and/or for those of us that may be fearful of a regression. To help us in this quest we welcomed two disordered gamblers in recovery, both with very different stories to tell. Part 1: Richie Paxton Part 2: Stephen Gillatt
March 4, 2021
S3 EP5: Gambling In Journalism, Media & Advertising
Should the press hold the gambling industry to a higher standard of account? Do sports desks need to have an honest reflection on their relationship with the gambling industry? New Statesman journalist Rohan Banjeree gives his views on this and more in our Gambling In Journalism, Media & Advertising podcast.  In the second half of the show, we welcome the founder of Underdog Sports Marketing, Ged Colleypriest. Having previously headed up the sponsorship department at talkSPORT Ged's company Underdog Sports Marketing works with sports clubs and brands with a view to creating more sustainable sponsorship and advertising strategies as opposed to being reliant on revenue from the gambling industry. Today he shares his experiences with us.
February 25, 2021
S3 EP4: Social Casinos & Loot Boxes
Two topics that we had yet to discuss in any great detail until today are social casinos and loot boxes. In this episode we welcome Indira Tondu who, having had no interest in gambling previous, innocently wanted to learn how to play poker and downloaded a mobile phone application. The New Yorker went on to lose $200,000 in three years on virtual chips that had no real money value. Later in the show we are joined by Jonathan Peniket who became addicted to purchasing FIFA packs following some challenges in his personal life. Jonathan now works for EPIC Risk Management as an Online Gaming and Esports Consultant.
February 18, 2021
S3 EP3: Gambling In Football
As many of our listeners will know, we absolutely love our football here on the All Bets Are Off podcast, and a series really wouldn't be a series without having at least one episode that centres around gambling in our nations number one sport.  In today’s show, we welcome John Peel (Director at Lewes FC) and Nick Hutt (co-owner of Billericay Town) to talk about gambling in football. We were keen to draw upon John and Nick’s experiences in non-league football and how the betting industry impacts clubs - directly and indirectly - lower down the pyramid.  We hope that this discussion can play a small part in football reverting to type and being as beautiful as it once was, free of betting logos emblazoned on everything. Long live the beautiful game... without betting sponsorship, promotion and advertising. 
February 11, 2021
S3 EP2: Gambling & The Chinese Community
In this episode, we delve deeper into gambling within Chinese culture with experts from Hong Kong and San Fransisco. Join us as we talk through the gambling harm risk-factors and vulnerabilities of the Chinese community, including gaps in research and recommendations on how things can be improved. Part 1: Dr Edward Kwan was the first specialist certified gambling counsellor in Hong Kong SAR, China and has been helping people and family troubled by gambling disorder since 1996. In the programme, we touch upon a number of subject including his research on The Impact of Problem Gambling on the Female Spouses of Male Chinese Gamblers in Hong Kong (click here to view). Part 2: Kent Woo has served the Asian American community for more than 30 years, the last 20 as the executive director of NICOS Chinese Health Coalition, a San Francisco-based public-private-community partnership of more than 30 health and human service organisations.
February 4, 2021
S3 EP1: Online Slots - Addiction By Design
It's the moment you've all been waiting for... we're back! Season three of the All Bets Are Off podcast is here and returning to your ear drums each week for the next few months. We start with an episode that centres specifically around addiction to online slot machines. Part 1: In the first half of the show, host Ryan Pitcher welcomes Scott Russell who, like Ryan, quickly became fixated with online slots. Their experiences are commented on by Dr. Luke Clark (Professor in the Department of Psychology and Director of the Centre for Gambling Research at the University of British Columbia).  Part 2: We welcome Josh from slot slots streaming platform Fruity Slots to find out what it's like to be a UK-based slot streamer, especially with the upcoming review of the Gambling Act, and what challenges that this may bring.
January 28, 2021
All Bets Are Off: New Year's Special 2020-21
The All Bets Are Off crew come together for the final recording of what has been a breakthrough year. There are no guests this time out; just Ryan, Kishan, Chris and Tracey sharing their thoughts and memories from 2020, whilst also looking ahead on what's to come in 2021 both from the podcast and TalkGEN.   We would like to thank each and every guest that has appeared on the podcast ever since its inception eight months ago. Needless to say, we would like to extend this gratitude to all of our listeners who continue to listen and share the podcast.  We'll be back in four weeks time for season three! 
December 31, 2020
All Bets Are Off: Christmas Special 2020
Just two weeks after the finale of season two, the All Bets Are Off podcast is back with a bumper-packed Christmas Special edition.  The team are joined by all of the following guests: Henrietta Bowden-Jones: Director of the NHS funded Centre for Behavioural Addictions, overseeing the work of both the National Problem Gambling Clinic and the Centre for Internet and Gaming Disorders Sharon Collard: Professor of Personal Finance and Research Director / Personal Finance Research Centre, University of Bristol Minal Jain and Tejus Patel: co-founders of the RecoverMe app It's an actioned packed-one that's for sure... Merry Christmas everyone!
December 3, 2020
S2 EP12: The Review Show
For our final episode of the season we are joined by Chair and Vice-Chair of the Gambling Related Harm APPG, MP's Carolyn Harris and Ronnie Cowan. The Review Show also includes Business Correspondent at the Daily Mail, Tom Witherow. Later in the programme we have a Q&A session with Chair of the UK Gambling Commission, Bill Moyes. 
November 19, 2020
S2 EP11: Gambling Harm Among The Armed Forces & Veterans Community
The penultimate episode of season two of the All Bets Are Off podcast focuses on the armed forces and veteran community.  On today's show we're joined by three army veterans: Drew Crainie and Nick Phillips, formerly of the British Army, and from across the pond we have Dave Yeager, who served in the US Military.  Although research is limited, like many of the communities that we feature on the podcast, armed forces personnel and veterans are disproportionately affected by gambling harms in comparison to the general population. In fact, armed forces veterans are more than eight times more likely than non-veterans to exhibit problem gambling. During the episode we explore each of the veterans' personal stories, and discuss whether or not the environment, stress and trauma's of army life had an impact on their gambling behaviours. 
November 12, 2020
S2 EP10: Affected Others - The Story Of Julie Martin (including Steve Watts, founder of GamFam)
The incredibly brave Julie Martin joins us today to talk through her story of being married to a gambling addict, and the impact that this has had on her and their children. Julie has suffered many years of trauma as an affected other, including mental and physical abuse. Undoubtedly, this episode is one of the most emotive we've ever recorded.  Later in the show we're joined by Steve Watts, the founder of GamFam, a charity that primarily focuses on gambling addiction and related harms as an affected other.
November 5, 2020
S2 EP9: The Financial Element
As the name suggests this episode is all about finances. Disordered gambling is extremely likely to have a detrimental effect on your personal finances. In this episode we welcome Ben Holmes for his second appearance on the show to talk about handling large cash sums as part of his job since finding recovery and exploring how that makes him feel. Our second guest Lias Chalk has lived-experience of gambling addiction, and now works for Step Change, and so we catch up with him to learn more about his story. We round off the programme by speaking with Sara Williams, Founder of Debt Camel, to try and gain an insight into the exploitative nature of poor credit lenders ie. payday and guarantor loans. These are often a source of finance for those with an addiction to gambling.
October 29, 2020
S2 EP8: Stateside Special
Given that around a quarter of our listeners reside in the United States of America, the All Bets Are Off podcast wished to pay homage to our recovery friends, and those contemplating recovery, across the Atlantic Ocean. We believe that this particular episode comes at a time when the landscape of the gambling industry over in the US is evolving rapidly each and every day. In this episode we welcome three individuals that each have lived-experience of gambling addiction, Jake Fincher, Brian Hatch & Paul Buck. 1st guest: Jake Fincher - comes from the Southern state of Georgia and dissects his longstanding battle with gambling addiction and how it drove him to the brink of taking his own life, and how he later found recovery through Gamblers Anonymous 2nd guest: Brian Hatch (Co-host of All In: The Addicted Gambler's Podcast) - now residing in Connecticut, Brian opens up about his addiction to land-based casino's, he has now been gamble-free since July 2014, and over the past few years has racked up well over a century of episodes as co-host of his own podcast alongside Jeff Wasserman 3rd guest: Paul Buck (CEO of EPIC Risk Management) - EPIC Risk Management have been, and continue to be, at the forefront of the gambling education and harm-prevention sector in the UK, and have recently launched their model over in the US market - in this discussion we find out the reasons why and what EPIC are wanting to achieve
October 22, 2020
S2 EP7: Gambling Harm Among The LGBTQ+ Community
The All Bets Are Off team are joined by George Cooper and Kerri Nicholls to discuss the disproportionate levels of gambling harm among the LGBQT+ community.   Lonely and isolated, George's gambling addiction began in late 2016 following the breakdown of a personal relationship. Later in the show, Kerri reveals that gambling was normalised in the football changing room environment that she was a part of. During today's episode we explore the coming out and draw-on some similarities between this process and speaking openly about an addiction to gambling.
October 15, 2020
S2 EP6: Women's Week 2.0
Following the success of Women's Week in season one; the All Bets Are Off Podcast again shine the spotlight on gambling harm among women.  In this episode we briefly catch up with two of our former guests Jean Mulleary and Lisa Walker, whom following their introduction on the podcast around five months ago, became good friends and now work together. This week's host Tracey Gritt welcomes Nicole Hannah onto the show. Nicole shares her lived experience of gambling addition and tells us about the underground world of the gambling scene, which involves drug-dealers and unrepentant loan sharks. Tracey is later joined by founder of Level Ground Therapy, leading UK therapist in gambling addiction in women, author and consultant Liz Carter to discuss her role and learnings within the sector.
October 8, 2020
S2 EP5: Criminal Justice
The All Bet Are Off podcast panel are joined by Steve Ramsey, who in 2018 was sent to prison for stealing close to £200,000 from his employers to fund his addiction to gambling. We talk through this journey i.e. sentencing, Proceeds of Crime, the rehabilitation process and what support was available for gambling addicts inside of prison system.  In the second half of this episode Justice for Punters founder, Brian Chappell, discusses his direct dealings and investigatory work into gambling operators and the industry as a whole, and what he believes need to happen to ensure a level playing field.
October 1, 2020
S2 EP4: That Tony Kelly Episode
The team chat with the founder of Red Card Consultancy about his story, working within the gambling addiction and harms education sector and being on the UK Gambling Commission's interim Experts by Experience panel. At the back of the episode we also speak with Tim Livesley from the UK Gambling Commision.
September 24, 2020
S2 EP3: Sign The Petition!
Welcome to the third segment of season two of the All Bets Are Off podcast as we look ahead to next The Big Step event next week. Today we're joined by Alex Lewis aka The Invisible Addiction, James Grimes from The Big Step (who is now just one appearance away from a hat-trick ball) and founders of Gambling with Lives, Liz and Charles Ritchie. This episode is dedicated to the petition to End gambling advertising, sponsorship and promotion in football. You can do your bit by signing the petition by clicking here and sharing it with friends, family and work colleagues. Along with signing the petition you can make a monetary donation to the cause too by clicking here. Please only do this if it's affordable for you.
September 17, 2020
S2 EP2: International Episode
The panel welcome a couple of guests from abroad in this special edition of the All Bets Are Off podcast which focuses on gambling addiction related matters from around the world.  First-up we speak to Anna Bardsley regarding the problems that her native Australia has with the pokies and the tireless advocacy for positive change that she had embarked on over the years. Later in the show we chat to Collins Muhinda, the face of the BBC Africa Eye documentary Gamblers like me: The dark side of sports betting, as we discuss the rise of sports betting in Uganda.
September 10, 2020
S2 EP1: Gambling Harm Among The Student Population
The All Bets Are Off podcast kick-off series two with our Gambling Harm Among The Student Population episode. Our first guest is Bray Ash, a recovering gambling addict who once gambled his whole student loan within 24 hours. In the second part of the show we welcome the founder of Deal Me Out, Jordan Lea. Within this section we learn more about the tactics of land-based casinos and how they attempt to snare university students.
September 2, 2020
S1 EP12: Season Finale - Recovery Journey (Part 2)
Ryan, Chris & Kish present the second part of a storyboard through gambling addiction recovery. In this episode we speak to five guests: Matt Gaskell (Clinical Lead & Consultant Psychologist for the NHS Gambling Service), Rob Mabbett (Gambling Therapy Manager at Gordon Moody), Natalie Ledward (Monzo), Ed Stoner (Now We Win) and Jack Symons (Co-Founder & Director of Gamban).
July 23, 2020
S1 EP12: Season Finale - Recovery Journey (Part 1)
Ryan, Chris & Kish present the first part of a storyboard through gambling addiction recovery. In this episode we speak to four guests: Jamie Smith from Problem Gambling Northern Ireland, a gentleman by the name of Bernie who has been with Gamblers Anonymous for 46 years, Katie Reynolds-Jones from GamStop and Josh Munn (specialist in CBT and wellbeing).
July 15, 2020
S1 EP11: Gambling Addiction Discussion With Keith Gillespie
Ryan, Chris and Kish are joined by special guest Keith Gillespie. The former Manchester United youngster became a household name in the mid-nineties starring for Newcastle United and Blackburn Rovers whilst in the midst of a gambling addiction. In this episode the 86-cap former Northern Ireland international talks about his addiction as well as the grip the industry has on football today.
July 8, 2020
S1 EP10: Gambling Harm Among The BAME Population
Ryan, Chris & Kish are joined by two brave guests as they each speak about the gambling harm that they have lived through. In part one we are joined by Steven, who identifies himself as Black African and moved to the UK at the age of seven; he was once addicted to fixed odds betting terminals. Suhayl, a British Muslim, joins us for part two and tells us about his former relationship with gambling and the impact that this had on his family and career teaching in an Islamic School. This episode talks about how gambling-harm can disproportionately affect ethnicities, cultures and religion, and the need for more research.
July 2, 2020
S1 EP9: Protecting Our Future Generations feat. Professor Samantha Thomas & Matt Zarb-Cousin
Ryan, Chris and Kish are this week joined by Professor Samantha Thomas of Public Health at Deakin University and Matt Zarb-Cousin who runs Clean Up Gambling. In this episode our primary focus was to discuss how best we can protect children and young persons from gambling related harm, discuss some of the research and talk through what needs to change legislatively to halt the rise of gambling addiction among minors
June 25, 2020
S1 EP8: Benjamin Smile Talks Addiction & The Long Way Home; Tejus & Minal From The RecoverMe App
Ryan, Chris, Kelly and Kish welcome guest Benjamin Smile (pseudonym due to legal reasons) to discuss his newly released biography The Long Way Home. For anyone suffering with an addiction, this really is a must read. In the second half of the show we are joined by co-creators of the soon-to-be-available RecoverMe app, Tejus and Minal. In this section we learned everything about what the app is about, the science and medical research behind it and loads more.
June 17, 2020
S1 EP7: Tony Parente, Alex Macey (Gamvisory) & Matt Blanks
Ryan, Chris and Kish welcome guests Tony Parente and Alex Macey (Gamvisory) to talk through what appears to be systematic exploitation of compulsive gamblers and a whole other bunch of failures from the Operators and those charged in keeping them in check. VIP schemes, KYC & AML failings, NDA's and the Gambling Commission are all discussed. Later in the show we are joined by Matt Blanks as he gives a detailed version of just how hard it is to work in a betting shop whilst having an addiction to gambling, as well as the work he now does with Betknowmore and the up-and-coming Peer Aid project. This service will be up and running soon and so if you are listening in the London area and would like to get involved as a Peer Supporter email or message him over on Twitter @MattBlanks4.
June 10, 2020
S1 EP6: Family - Speaking To Family Members Impacted By Gambling Harms Through Their Loved Ones
Ryan, Chris and Kelly are joined by fourth member of the team Kish who talks about his father's gambling addiction until his sudden passing when Kish was a teenager. We also welcome three very special guests: Chris's father John explains what it's like to see his son battle gambling and alcohol addiction, another guest by the name of John whose son Ryan tragically ended his life at just 27 years of age and Becky whose husband Ben has been clinically diagnosed with a gambling disorder. Becky talks us through the behaviours he displayed - that only hindsight has given her - that she can now link to his gambling addiction.
June 3, 2020
S1 EP5: Women's Week - Raising Awareness Of Female Gambling Addiction
Kelly hosts this special edition of the podcast to celebrate Women's Week here at All Bets Are off. Kelly is joined by trio of EbE's: Lisa, Sarah and Jean (the latter from BetKnowMore) as they each share their journey's of recovery and discuss a number of topics.
May 27, 2020
S1 EP4: James Grimes from The Big Step & Q&A Session
Ryan and Chris welcome special guest James Grimes from The Big Step. In part two of the podcast we answer some questions sent in from our listeners.
May 21, 2020
S1 EP3: Mental Health (joined by Ben Holmes & Owen Baily)
Ryan is once again joined by Chris & Kelly for the third episode of the 'All Bets Are Off!' podcast. This episode explores Mental Health that little bit more - both as an active disordered gambler and into recovery. The usual panel are joined by guests Ben Holmes (part 1) and Owen Baily (part 2). 
May 13, 2020
S1 EP2: How Fair Are Gambling Operators? & Social Media Advertising
Ryan is joined by Chris & Kelly for the second episode of the 'All Bets Are Off!' podcast. In this episode we discuss just how fair (or unfair) gambling companies really are - why would they ban profitable players? In the second part of the podcast we go onto talk a little bit about social media advertising in the gambling sector among other things.
May 6, 2020
S1 EP1: Women In Recovery & Gambling Advertising Within Football
Ryan is joined by Chris & Kelly for the very first 'All Bets Are Off!' podcast. In this episode we touch upon women in gambling addiction recovery and the want to continue breaking down barriers. In the second part of the podcast we talk about celebrity endorsements of gambling companies and the extent of gambling advertising in English football.
April 29, 2020