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All By My Shelf

All By My Shelf

By Jessica Mary
Hello Booknerdigans! My name is Jessica and this is All By My Shelf. I'll be podcasting writing advice for kid lit and YA writers, interviewing middle grade and YA authors, and doing a few deep-dive book reviews to see what makes them so good... or bad...
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The Writer’s Journey

All By My Shelf

The Writer’s Journey

All By My Shelf

Writing Through Your Lack of Motivation
This episode is also available as a blog post:
July 23, 2021
Finding Your KidLit Voice
This episode is also available as a blog post:
July 2, 2021
An Interview with Brandie June
My first guest on ALL BY MY SHELF is debut YA author Brandie June! Gold Spun is already out on shelves so you can make your purchase through the Bookshop link here in the show notes. BUY GOLD SPUN FROM BOOKSHOP Connect with Brandie June Visit All By My Shelf Buy Me a Coffee Buy Yourself a Tee Shirt "June shines in this retelling of Rumpelstiltskin . . . with memorable characters that will appeal to a broad range of fantasy readers." -School Library Journal If Nor can't spin gold, she can always spin lies. When seventeen-year-old Nor rescues a captured faerie in the woods, he gifts her with a magical golden thread she can use to summon him for a favor. Instead, Nor uses it for a con-to convince villagers to buy straw that can be transformed into gold. Her trick works a little too well, attracting the suspicion of Prince Casper, who hates nobody more than a liar. Intent on punishing Nor, he demands that she spin a room of straw into gold and as her reward, he will marry her. Should she refuse or fail, the consequences will be dire. Desperate for help, Nor summons the faerie's aid, launching a complicated dance as she must navigate between her growing feelings for both the prince and faerie boy and who she herself wishes to become.
June 26, 2021
The Writer’s Journey
This episode is also available as a blog post: BuyMeACoffee and add your questions for my guests to my interviews.
June 21, 2021
Hello from All By My Shelf
This episode is also available as a blog post:
June 11, 2021