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"Photo, Flash, Focus, Record"
Kate Warren, aka GoKateShoot, is a DC based photographer and creative entrepreneur whose work has been featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Playboy Magazine and more.
October 08, 2017
Cuttin' Up a Storm
Our interview with master barber, florist and entrepreneur Dexter Fields
October 01, 2017
Be a 'G', Follow My Lead
We talk with creative entrepreneur and digital coach, Shelly Bell, about wearing many different hats, motherhood, dating, tech access through art, and much more.
September 24, 2017
Episode 40: "Photoshoot Fresh"
A conversation with youth advocate and photo activist Donald Stevenson
September 13, 2017
Dress it Up and Make it Real
Anika Hobbs is the owner of Nubian Hueman, a retail store featuring products and designs reflective of Black Culture. From H&M to entrepreneurship, Anika is one of the best at keeping DC fly!
September 05, 2017
Laced Up, Dripped Up
Geronimo Knows interviews Tarik "Star" Baker, owner of premium leather shoe lace brand Aglit Italy
August 30, 2017
6PM in New York
Working on the Corporate Side of Fashion \u2022 Urban vs "Urban" \u2022 Premium Denim's True Popularity in the U.S. \u2022 Dating in a Major City
August 22, 2017
Episode 33: Shaolin Jazz with Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones
We love lifestyle events at All The Fly Kids which is why we invite the producers of some of the best to come through. Shaolin Jazz, made up of Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones, has given DC and some other cities across the globe incredible events infused with the four elements of hip-hop and all of the culture’s influences. We talk about the beginnings of each man’s career, how they came up with the name Shaolin Jazz, the decrease in the number of experiential/lifestyle events in DC, and cooperative economics among DC creatives. This is also our second week of Critical Place Theory - a break in the show when we ask guests three things they love and hate about DC. As always, things get real. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Links: Shaolin Jazz on social media
July 25, 2017
Episode 32: Writer's Block with Briana Younger
If you're a music lover who occasionally clicks on a link to an artist interview or album review in a major music publication, chances are you've read word written by Briana Younger. The North Carolina native and Howard alum was gracious enough to let us in on her life, how she got started writing, why Gucci Mane is her favorite rapper and that one time she met him, what it's like working as a SiriusXM music programmer and her takes on the being a music journalist in today's music industry. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Briana's Links: Twitter and SoundCloud - [at]TheQueenBri Instagram - [at]itsnotyouitsbri Online articles -
July 18, 2017
Episode 31: "Untitled" with Ari Theresa, Esq.
We chopped it up with community activist, attorney, and owner of Stoop Law Firm Ari Theresa for this week's episode. This one goes untitled because we thought it would be unfair attempting to condense the invaluable work Ari does everyday. Oftentimes, the most influential among us aren't poppin' on the 'gram. We covered everything from being a fourth generation Washingtonian, why he started Stoop Law in DC's Historic Anacostia neighborhood, representing the Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association (BFTAA), black capitalists and exploitation, and why the media exploits Southeast DC as the epicenter for all struggle in the Nation's Capital. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Where to find Ari: Facebook - Ari Theresa (He accepts all friend requests) Stoop Law Firm 1604 V Street SE Washington, DC 20020 (202) 651-1148 actheresa[at]
July 06, 2017
Episode 30: "4:44 on a Sleepless Morning" with Marcus K. Dowling
Late but still great. No BBQ invite? Our favorite cultural agitator and friend of the show, Marcus K. Dowling joins us for an impromptu discussion on Jay Z's latest release. With critics and fans alike calling this his best work, it's also his most polarizing. Social media has been abuzz (read: a mess) since Friday. We break down the most discussed opinions on the album - #MenAreTrash, what Black Empowerment means to black nationalists & black socialists (and everyone in between), Apathy leading to Catharsis leading to Vulnerability, and the metaphorical death of Jay Z. You'll also hear a woman's point-of-view from one of our studio visitors (Peace to Arielle). Let us know what you think in the comments or on social media. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Marcus K. Dowling on social media and Medium [at]marcuskdowling Read “4:44,” Jay-Z FINALLY Eclipses B.I.G. As The “King Of New York” by Marcus K. Dowling -
July 04, 2017
Episode 29: “More Green than my Whole Foods” with Chris Bradshaw of DreamingOutLoud, Inc.
Most of us don't give food much thought until we're hungry. Food consumption has become a social trend in recent years, with food pics taking over sites like Pinterest and Instagram. However, food is a stressor for many others who don't have access to the best restaurants or even quality grocery stores. This is where Chris Bradshaw and organizations such as DreamingOutLoud, Inc. come in. We talk to Chris about what led to him to launch DOL, why he chose to focus on food justice, moving from Tennessee to attend Howard University, the benefits of urban farming, and some #BlackTwitter topics - all over some "magic" iced tea compliments of the good brother ArtshowOGK (Google him). Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Links: [at]DOLDC (Instagram/Twitter)
June 27, 2017
Episode 28: "Find Ya Wealth and Speak On It" with Candice Nicole PR
Publicist and Serial Entrepreneur, Candice Nicole, talks with us about launching the Candice Nicole Public Relations agency ten years ago today, being one of the early entertainment publicists in the DC area, who needs a publicist and who needs a consultant, Women Who Hustle, the importance of business relationships, the Men are Trash hashtag, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, and more. Spread the word and Follow Us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Links: Social Media - [at]candicenicolepr & [at]womenwhohustle
June 20, 2017
Episode 27: “Smarten Up, Open the Market Up” with Paris Cole
Some of the most successful businesspeople don't wear "business attire" and are still greatly respected by businesspeople who do. Paris Cole is well on her way to being one of these same successful businesspeople who ditched the suit for a more expressive dress code. The DC area native wears many hats (no pun intended, or maybe it was), as you'll hear on this episode as we discuss her sneaking into gogo shows as a teen, how working the doors at nightclubs and managing DJ Alizay opened doors to the entertainment industry and commercial DC real estate, building a career as an A&R, helping launch creative agencies in DC, dabbling in the fashion world, the importance of nurturing and maintaining relationships, dating in the social media age, walking the social line in DC, and her soon-to-launch website, Paris Cole. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Links: Social Media - [at]paris_cole Tin Shop - Creative Theory Agency - http://www.cre
June 13, 2017
Episode 26: "Let's Take it Back to the First Party" with DJ Heat
New Intro Music! Let us know what y'all think. We talk about DJ Heat's love for music (of course), sneakers, cereal, and Kanye West on this episode. We also learn about her path to becoming a DJ and becoming a radio personality on DC's WPGC, how she missed the Akon wave during her mixtape days, being the official DJ for the Washington Mystics, and the return of her DC Mumbo Sauce blog. Our conversation ends on DC's DJ culture and the growing list of women DJ's in the area. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow DJ Heat on social media [at]djheatdc Stay Tuned for the relaunch of DC Mumbo Sauce -
June 06, 2017
Episode 25: "Reek the Ruler" with Nyrik Lee
Nyrik Lee calls himself a "serial entrepreneur" - we just call him an "all-around cool guy." We talk to Reek about a summer job he and Geronimo had transporting rental cars throughout the DC/Baltimore region, working for independent retailers in the DC area like The H.O.B.O. (Helping Our Brothers Out) Shop, the influence early DC streetwear brands had on fashion, his start as an A&R rep working with Osinachi and Wale, being an instrumental partner with the Board of Administration, Anatomy Projects/Still Learning, and Made In The DMV, the who's who of young music talent in the DC area, and what would happen if everyone wasn't in their feelings. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Nyrik on social media [at]reekdude Links: Anatomy Projects/Still Learning - Made In The DMV -
May 30, 2017
Episode 24: “Music is the Answer: Live from the Underground" with Marcus K. Dowling
This week’s episode we brought back writer and cultural agitator, Marcus K. Dowling. We picked up where we left off on DC in the age of President Donald Trump, a resurgence of dance music and nightlife in the city, how being middle class in DC looks good to those on the outside, DC government partnering with creatives, and the new sound and look of aspiration in DC’s rap scene. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Marcus K. Dowling on Twitter and Instagram: [at]marcuskdowling Links: Defiance in DC: Raving in Donald Trump’s Washington by Marcus K. Dowling - Forty-Nine Straight Hours Inside Trump’s Washington Hotel by Max Abelson - Washington DC Economic Partnership - Federal DC - Diet Starts Mo
May 16, 2017
Episode 23: "Like Magic in a Flash" with Vickey Ford aka Sneakshot Photography
Peace y'all! There are lots of jokes this episode so get ready to laugh. Vickey Ford is a DC-based [concert] photographer who took a roundabout way into the craft. We talk about her musical childhood, being a retired sneakerhead and party promoter, Erykah Badu giving her mother of Vickey's photos of the singer, being a photographer in the digital age, an infamous titty pic on Instagram, and she also gives us a story on when she met Prince. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Vickey on social media [at]sneakshotphotography To purchase any of Vickey's work, visit
May 09, 2017
Episode 22: "The New Workout Plan" with Darryl Perkins of Broccoli City
Backpack Matt speaks! Geronimo and Matt sit down with Darryl Perkins, Director of Social Impact for Broccoli City. The social enterprise kicked off its Broccoli City Week this past Saturday with a 5k Run, with a few more events taking place in the coming days leading up to the music festival on Saturday. We spoke to Darryl about his pre-Broccoli City years growing up in Oakland and attending Howard University, inspiration for the music festival, making healthy living cool, creating the Chip-In app, being the first to bring Cam'Ron back to DC, Bay Area rappers and more. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on Everything. For more information about Broccoli City and Broccoli City Week: For more information on Chip-In: For more information on Wattsstax: Follow Broccoli City on social media: [at]broccolicity [at]thebroccoliproject
May 02, 2017
Episode 21: "Crew Love" with Miles Gray III
This week's episode we talk to creative entrepreneur and former nightlife promoter Miles Gray III about going from medical school into a nightlife career, DC nightlife in the mid- to late 2000s, opening two restaurants in the #NewDC, why anyone worth their weight will eventually end up doing business in DC, and supporting DC's creatives. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. For more information on Smith Commons and Smith Public Trust, visit and Follow Miles Gray III on social media [at]kingmilesiii
April 25, 2017
Episode 20: "Run Joe" with Matt Green and Ashlee Lawson of District Running Collective
We're all about healthy living here on the show, so interviewing District Running Collective was a must. We talked about the obvious activity, how DRC began from a birthday celebration, partnering and running with other collectives across the globe, the business of fitness, community embrace, and much more. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. For more information on District Running Collective, visit Follow District Running Collective: Instagram - [at]districtrunningcollective Twitter - [at]districtrunning Facebook - District Running Collective
April 18, 2017
Episode Interlude (Part Two): GoGo as DC History Panel Discussion
On Part Two of our episode interlude, the panel gets into the movement started by the Backyard Band, Unifest, the widespread popularity of Rare Essence's "Overnight Scenario" and the controversy behind Jay Z's "Do It Again", and ends with some audience questions and comments. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Check out GoGoRadio Live, the world’s first 24-hour station dedicated to playing GoGo Music -
April 11, 2017
Episode Interlude (Part One): GoGo as DC History Panel Discussion
You thought we didn't have one for y'all this week? Better late than never. For the next couple episodes, we take a break from the norm and give you a panel discussion All The Fly Kids founder and show host, Geronimo Knows, took part in called GoGo as DC History. This discussion took place in February at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in downtown DC. Geronimo shared the stage with three OGs of the city’s native musical genre: Andre “Whiteboy” Johnson of Rare Essence, Michelle Blackwell of The What?Band, and Nico Hobson of GoGoRadio Live. Moderated by DC based journalist, Marcus K. Dowling, we broke down the influence of five of gogo’s most popular songs, starting in the early 1980s. You’ll hear some great info on what the city was like and how the genre evolved over a 20 year period. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Check out GoGoRadio Live, the world’s first 24-hour station dedicated to playing GoGo Music -
April 06, 2017
Episode 19: "Intellectucool" with Austin Weatherington and Victor Purcell
In an era of increased real-life disconnection among people and an unusual redefining of cool, Intellectucool provides events to restore this connection and bring a diverse group of people who add their individual cool to the mix. In this episode, we talk about how the brand was created, past Intellectucool events, doing business with DC venues, false distinctions, pseudo-intellectuals, and being a savage in dating. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. For more information on Intellectucool, visit Follow Intellectucool on social media [at]Intellectucool
March 28, 2017
Episode 18: "Suited Up in Street Clothes" with Doyle Song
'DC' and 'fashion' aren't often associated with one another. However, for anyone who has had a connection to DC's street culture throughout the years, they'll realize the town has been producing its own flavor for decades. This episode we sit down with fashion designer and entrepreneur, Doyle Song, to discuss the street culture of Banneker City, his introduction into and ascent through urban fashion, his apparel brand Enemies, and where DC fashion is today and how it can become a true force inside and out the beltway. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. For more information on Doyle's work, visit Follow Doyle on Instagram [at]with0ut_cause
March 21, 2017
Episode 17: "Culinary Chemist" with Smithsonian Chefs Jerome Grant & Stephen Kerschner
If you live in any major city, food and dining have become top interests held by urban dwellers within recent years. If you've been to DC within the past six months, you've probably visited one of the Smithsonian museums but may not have eaten at any of the restaurants. Well you missed out, but all isn't lost. We talked with two of the cultural institution's top chefs about their years prior to working at Smithsonian cafes, revamping the menus at Mitsitam Cafe (National Museum of the American Indian) and Atrium Cafe (National Museum of Natural History, opening Sweet Home Cafe (National Museum of African American History & Culture), sneakers & whiskey, and DC's culinary scene. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Chef Jerome Grant [at]chefjgdetails and Chef Stephen Kerschner [at]chefbigsteve on Instagram
March 15, 2017
Episode 16: "Grab Your Passport" with The Wayfarer Study
We're live from our new home at The Innovators Studio at Impact Hub, located in the Penn Quarter neighborhood in Downtown DC. It's only right we have the good brothers Jamaal and Shep of The Wayfarer Study to kick things off at the new spot. This episode is all about global traveling, being promoters of craft beer while Black, their YouTube vlog 'One Beer' (now in its second season), and doing it for their hometown of Charleston, SC. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Find The Wayfarer Study [at]TheWayfarerStudy on social media and Find Jamaal [at]sweetgrass3 on Instagram Find Shep [at]soundbwoy.shep on Instagram
March 07, 2017
Episode 15: "Radical Classical" with Marquis Perkins
Mentors aren't easy to come by so I was excited to have one of mine on the show. Virginia native, Marquis Perkins has worn a number of hats during his time in DC - Nightclub manager, creative director, marketing director, and now photographer - when it was time for change, he made adapting look easy. In this episode, we talk about switching college majors from music to marketing, shaking things up in DC nightlife and its cultural agencies, booking Kim Kardashian for $8K, launching the DC day party trend, and DC having a better understanding of its position in the creative world and how to leverage it. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Find Marquis [at]marquisperkins on Instagram and
February 28, 2017
Episode 14: "How Much a Dollar Cost?" with Cee Smith Media Group
The worlds of venture capitalism and angel investing have been exclusive clubs to many who aren't white men. However, there have been strong efforts by many people of color and women of all races to make these clubs more inclusive and be more visible in them. This week's episode we talk with Cee Smith and Yaani Supreme of Cee Smith Media Group. Their mission: to be "a creative investment firm that prioritizes LGBT entrepreneurs; we invest in queer-led creative projects, start-ups, film and you." We talk being a minority in the startup investment world, how these two women met having taken two different career paths, the cannabis industry, black gay pride festivals needing to be more than parties, and more. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Cee Smith on Instagram: [at]ceethenoise Contact Yaani by phone at (202) 904-0266 or by email at yaanisupreme[at] Follow Cee Smith Media Group on everything: [at]ceesmithmedia
February 21, 2017
Episode 13: "Paint it Black" with Charles Jean Pierre (Part Two)
We're back this week with Part Two of the "Paint it Black" episode. JP and me get into intersectionality, the number 13, not letting anything (read: Donald Trump) steal your joy, making money from art, The Black Love Experience and more. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Catch JP in real life this Saturday at The Black Love Experience. Great vibes with some of the most beautiful people in the city: Follow Charles on Instagram: [at]cjpgallery Website:
February 14, 2017
Episode 13: "Paint it Black" with Charles Jean Pierre (Part One)
This episode's convo was so good, it went longer than usual and we had to break it up into two parts. This week's guest is artist and educator, Charles Jean Pierre. In part one, we talk about his beginnings in the south suburbs of Chicago, growing up Haitian in a predominantly Black American metropolitan area, custom sneaker designs, predatory lending, and being an art teacher in DC Public Schools. He also gave us a new hashtag - #NoKidsBallin. Remember where you heard it first. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Charles on Instagram: [at]cjpgallery Website:
February 07, 2017
Episode 12: "Politics As Usual" with Michelle Busch
If you ever meet Michelle Busch, keep two things in mind: she doesn't bite her tongue and don't speak ill of DC in her presence without a strong argument. We talk about "The [Gentrification] Plan", holding residents and the local government accountable in amid rapid development, the possibility of more black people returning to the city, and DC Statehood. You'll also catch a few mentions of current and former DC landmarks that greatly impacted local culture. This is our most DC episode yet and a great listen for anyone considering a move to the city or just wanting to know what DC is like from a longtime resident's perspective. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Michelle on Twitter: [at]chellebofdc
January 31, 2017
Episode 11: "The Artistic Game" with Muhammad Hill
It takes a strong individual to be an entrepreneur. It takes a creative individual to be an influential one. This was the overall theme of the conversation we had with Muhammad Hill - co-owner of the DC-based creative space, The Museum. On this episode, we discuss Muhammad's early days of being a style trendsetter in DC, his time in the music industry as co-founder of The Board of Administration, when he knew he held influence, street fashion's influence, and more. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Muhammad and The Museum: [at]m0_schino [at]themuseumdc
January 24, 2017
Episode 10: "Paradise Lost" with Chioma Iwuoha
"Community Service" is a topic often discussed this time of year - from the holiday season through Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. However, there are few who rise to the occasion throughout the entire year. Chioma Iwuoha, or "ChiChi" as she's known by friends and family, is one of those people. A native of the Shaw neighborhood in Northwest DC and currently residing in Northeast DC, ChiChi is currently one of the adult mentors partnered with Melanin Uprising - a youth-led collective on a mission to create a safe, positive healing space for Black youth. In this episode we talk her early years of activism, fundraising in private education, why DC youth are missing out the wonderful sounds of Go-Go music, and how black and brown residents of DC can hold the city's local politicians and leaders accountable. We were also joined by another guest, a fly kid named Ngozi (ChiChi's daughter) who gave her two cents as she saw fit. Gotta love the kids! Spread the word and follow us. All The Fl
January 17, 2017
Episode 9: "Stop, Look, Listen" with The Hippie Junkie
Happy New Year! We ended 2016 with a creative outlook from a tenured creative professional. Because it's important to maintain balance, we talked with Glo and Trilla of The Hippie Junkie - two creatives who are still early in their careers but already making an impact - for their thoughts on DC's creative scene in 2017. These two women may very well be contenders for a future 30 under 30 list, having started a creative agency in their early 20s, with a focus on cultivating much of the region's arts & entertainment talent and building a notable resume which includes blogging, being DTLR Radio hosts, and event production. In this episode you'll also hear us talk about their Trap Mom Commandments, applying the teachings of DJ Khaled every day, a Beyoncé & Quavo collab, attending New York Men's Fashion Week, and starting a DMV record pool. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow The Hippie Junkie on everything - @thehippiejunkie
January 10, 2017
Episode 8: "Creative Control" with Victor Nguyen-Long
Creatives have always worked behind the scenes of the world's most well-known brands. However, we're now seeing more of these minds stepping away from cubicles, co-working spaces, and corner offices - pairing progressive, innovative ideas with corporate experiences and starting their own ventures to have greater control of their creative voices. Victor Nguyen-Long is one of those same individuals. The Arlington, Virginia native has worked at Red Bull, Nike, and Audi - to name a few - but has recently taken his talents to the streets, currently freelancing as a marketing strategist and planning to soon launch an artist incubator in Washington, DC. In this episode, we talk about going to Georgia Tech as an engineering major during the Freaknik era, when he knew marketing was the better career choice, influencer marketing in the digital age, currency in DC's creative economy, and his 2017 creative outlook for DC. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Follow Vict
December 15, 2016
Episode 7: "In the Streets or Behind the Wall" with Ty Stunna
Young people applying lessons learned and ideas cultivated in the streets within the entertainment industry has become increasingly common during hip-hop's existence. Ty Stunna has done these very things within his five years in DC's entertainment scene. A community philanthropist and CEO of SpillGang Entertainment and TYSEvents, he's on a mission to show people that greatness is attainable, even for those coming from humble beginnings. We talk about what inspired his career in entertainment, his current work, out-of-towners and DC residents getting money in the city, local music festivals, and sharing our outlooks on the future of DC for black native Washingtonians. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. For more information on Ty Stunna's work, be sure to visit: On Instagram: @tystunna1 @tysevents @spillgangdc
December 13, 2016
Episode 6: "Style and Grace" with Dionna Dorsey
Fashion is determined by trends, but style is determined by the individual. Dionna Dorsey has been influenced by and an influencer of both concepts. The founder and creative director of DC-based brand District of Clothing and creative agency Dionna Dorsey Design has taken a whirlwind tour on the paths of creative, maker, and entrepreneur. We talk about growing up in DC and Pittsburgh (at the same time), her foray into fashion as a student at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, working in the industry in NYC, coming back to DC and making a career 180-degree turn, and DC's creative future. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. For more information on Dionna's work, be sure to visit: On Instagram: @dionnadorsey @district_of_clothing
December 13, 2016
Episode 5: "Homie, Health is Wealth" with Dr. Sunyatta Amen
We're recording live from our new home at One Love Massive Studios! Health & wellness has become trendier and sexier over the years, with more people wanting to adopt better eating and living habits. Dr. Sunyatta Amen was born into the lifestyle with a mission to teach the world to live a more natural, sexy life. The fifth generation herbalist is a native New Yorker and owner of Calabash Tea & Tonic, located in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC. On this episode, we talk her Jamaican roots, working in her parents wellness shop in Harlem, her nomadic path prior to settling down in DC, belly-dancing, the politics of healthy eating, and gentrification in the local food business. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Peace!
December 09, 2016
Episode 4: "The Show Must Go On" with Hakim Hughley
People who make their money off the land always have to be ready for changes in the climate. Hakim Hughley is someone who luckily has had the foresight to stay ready for said changes in his years long entertainment career. The burgeoning creative director, and now retired party promoter, started where many who later end up working in the music industry did - in nightlife. Having since moved on from promoting some of DC's most popular nightclub events and gogos (the music, not the strip clubs) for the 25 and under demographic, Hakim is now co-manager for Motown Records artist Chaz French and produces more lifestyle-centered events in DC. We discuss all of this, along with what to consider when starting an entertainment career and how to sustain one in the New New DC. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Peace!
November 29, 2016
Episode 3: "Git Up, Git Out, and Git Somethin'" with Byrd
Performing artists need a few elements to be noticed in the music industry and by listeners of today. One of those elements is great marketing. This is where creative people like Byrd come in. One of DC's most known unknown creative consultants, Byrd has been connecting the dots for DMV artists and the music industry for almost ten years. Her passion for music, lifestyle brands, and the "DC Ereah" are what drive her to continue her mission to help increase the DMV's prominence. In this episode, we talk past and present roles, being a creative consultant to the streets, fighting for what's right in a snake pit, and DMV rap under the reign of The Orange One. More necessary listening for the masses. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Peace!
November 29, 2016
Episode 2: "You Wasn't There" with Risikat Okedeyi
When thinking about what's poppin' in DC, Lil SoSo Productions is often one crew that comes to mind. Risikat Okedeyi is the company's lead cultural architect and is responsible for many of the city's coolest, most soul-driven events for over a decade. If you've ever been to the rooftop lounge at Restaurant Marvin on a Monday night, you're already familiar with a Lil SoSo Production. We talk her early years, being an educator while producing events, executing a compelling event, the state of DC nightlife, and the social climate amidst a Trump presidency. More necessary listening for the masses. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Peace!
November 22, 2016
Episode 1: "Music Is the Answer" with Marcus Dowling
It's our first show! We couldn't be more excited, especially with writer/entrepreneur/broadcaster Marcus Dowling as our guest. The Northeast DC native talks with our host, Geronimo Knows, about how he got his start in music journalism, being a human music encyclopedia and cultural agitator, DC in the Trump Era, and The McMahons (of the WWE) working side-by-side the president-elect in the White House. Spread the word and follow us. All The Fly Kids on everything. Peace!
November 15, 2016