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Calgary Business Podcast

Calgary Business Podcast

By Allen R. Wazny
Calgary Business Podcast is focused on meeting Calgary business owners, educators, students, influencers, artists, musicians and other business leaders based in Calgary to discuss issues of importance to them. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I managed to reach out and interview several founders, entrepreneurs and investors across Canada and the globe including individuals from Victoria, Kamloops, Edmonton, Toronto, Kitchener, Kelowna and Dubai.
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Episode 172 | Corey Ma, Founder of Ma Pies | 8 August 2020

Calgary Business Podcast

Episode 231 | Ellen Parker, CEO of Parker PR Inc and Parker Media | 15 January 2021
Ellen Parker not only owns and manages a public relations and media business, she lives it! From her relentless charity work in the community and schools to helping small businesses manage through the Covid crisis to having a solid understanding of the nuances of each ot the main social media platforms, Ellen  really relates to what is happening with her public: the Calgary community.  To learn more about Ellen Parker and her team at Parker PR and Parker Media, click on one or more of the links below:  §§§  Parker PR website |  Parker PR on Instagram | @parkerpr  Parker PR on Twitter | @parkerprca  Parker PR on Facebook |  Parker PR on LinkedIn |  §§§  Ellen Parker on LinkedIn |
January 15, 2021
Episode 230 | Kevin Harrison, Principal, Sturgess Architecture | 14 January 2021
Kevin’s 17+ years with Sturgess Architecture has clearly gone beyond the 3D CAD drawings, the cladding of a city building or the fence surrounding a house. His ideas on community, connecting, combining old and new (social media, technology), spatial awareness, Covid and creativity, training and learning and even issues of climate change, provides a real indication that the firm he has taken over from Jeremy Sturgess, takes into consideration the 4 decades of history that preceded him.  To learn more about Sturgess Architecture (_SA), click on one or more of the links below:  §§§  Sturgess Architecture website |  Sturgess Architecture on Instagram | @sturgessarchitecture  Sturgess Architecture on LinkedIn |  §§§  Kevin Harrison on LinkedIn |
January 14, 2021
Episode 229 | Dwarf Stars, Co-founder, Kathryn Kozody | 13 January 2021
“You had me at Chocolate” is one of the key phrases when you visit the website of Dwarf Stars and it is clear from the photos of the Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups on their Instagram page why that phrase exists!  Kathryn has done her homework when it comes to understanding the key ingredients in the Dwarf Stars vegan and allergy-friendly chocolates and it seems that she is helping others to gain such knowledge through regular postings on the company blog.  To learn more about Dwarf Stars, click on one or more of the links below:  §§§  Dwarf Stars on Instagram | @dwarf.stars  Dwarf Stars on Facebook |  Dwarf Stars on Twitter | @dwarfstarsco Dwarf Stars Website |  §§§  Kathryn Kozody on LinkedIn |
January 13, 2021
Episode 228 | Sexy AF Spirits, Founder and CEO, Jo-Anne Reynolds | 13 January 2021
It appears that the “Sober Curious” movement has become a thing in Calgary and the founder and CEO of Sexy AF Spirits (AF stands for “Alcohol-Free” in case you are wondering) wants to ensure your “Liquid to Lips” experience is amazing without the “next day” side affects.  To learn more about Jo-anne and her Sexy AF Spirits business, click on one or more of the links below:  §§§  Sexy AF Spirits on Instagram | @sexyafspirits  Sexy AF Spirits on Twitter | @sexyafspirits  Sexy AF Spirits Website |  §§§  Jo-Anne Reynolds on LinkedIn |
January 13, 2021
Episode 227 | Dentro Financial, Founder and Managing Director, Andre Degagne | 12 January 2021
In my view, Andre really takes the “personal” side of being a Personal Financial Planner seriously and he does this by continuously asking his clients to think of two personal questions: (1) Where am I? and (2) Will I be okay? In fact, a lot of our chat frequently reverted back to these questions whether it was Covid, market volatility, Crypto-currency or small business digitation.  To learn more about the work of Andre and Dentro Financial, click on one or more of the links below:  §§§  Dentro Financial website |  Dentro Financial on LinkedIn |  §§§  Andre Degagne on LinkedIn |
January 13, 2021
Episode 226 | Open People Network | CEO and founder, JP (Jeffery Potvin), | 12 January 2021
Jeffery (also known as Jeff or JP) has been “Open” with startups and founders for a long time, dating back to his days as an internal IT / dev guy for the Loblaw’s grocery chain. In those days, Jeffrey used his server room to meet with startups that “pitched” their ideas for the Loblaw ecosystem; fast forward a few years and now Jeffery and his Open People Network (“OPN”) team use Zoom, YouTube, Podcasts and social media to bring entrepreneurs and investors together.  Jeffery did get on the end of the Kaboose, drove down Route 15 and made a HardBoot before he landed on the OPN gig!  To learn more about the work of Open People Network, click on one or more of the links below:  §§§  Open People Network website |  Open People Network on Instagram | @openpeoplenetwork  Open People Network on Twitter |  Open People Network on Facebook |  Open People Network on YouTube |  §§§  Jeffery Potvin on LinkedIn |
January 12, 2021
Episode 225 | Agro Systems Inc | Victoria Ross, CEO and founder | 9 January 2021
From a Grade 9 science project to an MBA assignment and ending in a business plan to help provide a second income to Canadian farmers, Victoria Ross and her Agro Systems team are currently helping both farmers and craft brewers by transporting spent grains from the beer producers to be used as feed stock for farm animals.  To learn more about the work of Agro Systems Inc, click on one or more of the links below:  §§§  Agro Systems website |  Agro Systems on Instagram | @agrosystemsinc  Agro Systems on Twitter | @aGRO_Systems  Victoria Ross on LinkedIn |
January 9, 2021
Episode 224 | Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta | Project Manager, Chris Doble | 7 January 2021
The Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA) follows the MIT framework set in place in the year 2000 to provide free mentoring advice to entrepreneurs from volunteer mentors. The MIT program has 100+ organizations like VMSA across North America and other global locations, that matches local entrepreneurs with seasoned mentors from their local community.  As Chris Doble, the project manager for the Calgary-based entity, outlined during our chat: “…the primary focus of the VMSA is to provide leadership advice and focus on the individual and less on how to operate their business…”  §§§ To learn more about the work of Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA), click on one or more of the links below:   Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA) website |  VMSA on LinkedIn |  Chris Doble on LinkedIn |
January 7, 2021
Episode 223 | Inspired Go | Co-founder, Derek Rucki | 21 December 2020
Finding a fresh salad for lunch inspired Jon Karwacki to join with Derek Rucki to create “Inspired Go”, a tech enabled platform to order fresh salad — at work. When Covid hit, Derek and Jon found that their customers, although working from home, still needed to eat. That inspired them to change their method of ordering from text messages to a mobile-enabled app.  Two key partnerships ensure they have a reliable fresh food supply (via Star Produce) and timely delivery (via Routeique).  Entrepreneurial minded students from Mount Royal University (which Derek is an alumni), use of social media (Facebook and Instagram) and constant communication with customers (email and newsletters) appear to be recipe to scale across Canada (now in YYC, YVR and YXE)  §§§ To learn more about Inspired Go, click on one or more of the links below:  Inspired Go website |  Inspired Go on LinkedIn |  Inspired Go on Instagram | @inspired.go  Inspired Go on Facebook |  Derek Rucki on LinkedIn |  Jon Karwacki on LinkedIn |
December 21, 2020
Episode 222 | InUnison | Co-founder, Graeme Math | 21 December 2020
Graeme Math, and his co-founders Jeff Weaver and Kevin Black, are seeking to democratize HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) for the small to medium sized oil & gas, mining and industrial companies that may not be in a position to engage full-time HSE experts. Combining years of practical experience, a mobile-enabled technical platform and a focus on data management, InUnison ensures it clients are fully compliant with health and safety regulations. Also, by automating much of the manual paperwork associated with key processes, InUnison clients are able to free up their HSE staff to work on more value-added and higher impact activities. §§§ To learn more about InUnison, click on the links below: InUnison website | InUnison on LinkedIn | Graeme Math on LinkedIn |
December 19, 2020
Episode 221 | Raft Beer Labs | Founder, Euan Thomson | 17 December 2020
Euan and his two colleagues, Christine Dawson and Peter Rynsburger, have the best job in the world! Not only do they get to sample hundreds of craft beers from across Alberta and neighbouring provinces, they also get to provide feedback to their customers that can help them improve the quality and possibly safety of future samples!  In the event that listeners also happen to be Microbiology students, the growing popularity of micro and craft distillers of beer and alcohol, coffee and tea houses and specialty drinks like kombucha, will likely increase the need for more scientists like Euan, Christine and Peter to enter this unique line of business! To learn more about Raft Beer Labs, click on the links below:  §§§  Raft Beer Labs website |  Raft Beer Labs on Instagram | @raftbeerlabs  Raft Beer Labs on LinkedIn |  Euan Thomson on LinkedIn |
December 18, 2020
Episode 220 | A to Z Liquidation | co-founders, Abir El Kadri and Aya El Kadri | 17 December 2020
Omer Chaer coordinated the podcast with Abir and Aya to allow me to learn the origin story of how a shop-a-holic mother (Abir) was convinced by her book worm daughter (Aya) to start A to Z Liquidation to allow other shoppers to share this experience at one location — rather than spending hours shopping for deals at retail stores and on-line.  There is a real community feel for how these two entrepreneurs have approached the business including helping local charities, such as “In From the Cold” ( and offering local merchants to list their products on their website.  To learn more about A to Z Liquidation, click on the links below:  §§§  A to Z Liquidation website |  A to Z Liquidation on Instagram | @atozliquidation  A to Z Liquidation on Facebook |  A to Z Liquidation auction link |
December 17, 2020
Episode 219 | Pizza Face | Co-founders, Tony Migliarese and Mike Garth | 16 December 2020
When people order a pizza in their community, it usually arrives in a cardboard box. Imagine answering the door to find two guys standing there with a 600-lb wood-fired oven, fresh dough, fresh ingredients and a bundle of wood? That isn’t quite how it happened when Tony and Mike started making pizzas out of various restaurant kitchens in the Renfrew area of Calgary, starting with the Diner Deluxe restaurant on Edmonton Trail.  The mobile oven played a big part in growing their pizza-loving community before Tony and Mike found a more permanent location to mix the key ingredients of flour, yeast, water, tomato paste and mozzarella cheese.  To learn more about how to order your pizza from Pizza Face, click on the links below:  §§§  Pizza Face website |  Pizza Face on Instagram | @pizzafaceyyc Tony Migliarese on Instagram | @the_handtalker Mike Garth | @garthopolous
December 16, 2020
Episode 218 | Black Cloud Bitters | Co-founder, Rob Kaczanowski | 15 December 2020
This is a terrific story of how two co-founders, Rob and his wife, Brandy, started experimenting in their home kitchen with making home-made bitters. Those experiments turned into researching about how to extract flavours from diffusing alcohol and herbs together; how best to package and ship the finished product; how to navigate through provincial and federal government regulations and a host of other activities over a 5-year span Such steps lead them to expand from their home kitchen to a commercial kitchen and expand gifting their product to family and friends to sell at scale to liquor retailers across Canada and into the United States. Rob managed to pack his 5-year journey into a 55 minute podcast! To learn more about Black Cloud Bitters, click on the links below: §§§ Black Cloud Bitters website | Black Cloud Bitters on Instagram | @blackcloudbitters Rob Kaczanowski on LinkedIn |
December 16, 2020
Episode 217 | Electra Learning | VP North America Operations, Neil Summers | 14 December 2020
It is not often that a temporary 6-week project turns into a permanent 7 year relocation from Aberdeen, Scotland to Calgary, Alberta. That is what happened with Neil Summers when he agreed to an assignment for an existing client for his Scottish employer, Electra Learning. That was in 2013. Now Neil employs 16 full-time staff and numerous contract consultants to provide targeted IT learning, training and coaching initiatives to employees of oil and gas, mining and industrial companies.  To learn more about the Electra Learning management system, click on the links below:  §§§  Electra Learning website |  Electra Learning on YouTube |  Electra Learning email contact |  Neil Summers on LinkedIn |
December 15, 2020
Episode 216 | Receipt Depot | CEO and Co-founder, Rashad Bayram | 14 December 2020
When Rashad was working with various freelancers and tradesmen (plumbers, electricians) as a business consultant, he noticed the pain points they felt around dealing with their invoices and receipts — or rather, their lack of desire to want to deal with the accounting and bookkeeping of such receipts — it inspired him to develop a simple and effective solution to help them. That is where Receipt Depot comes in. Photo images of expense receipts can be easily uploaded to the Receipt Depot platform and converted into the relevant file format for exporting into existing accounting systems.  To learn more about Receipt Depot and how it can help small businesses, entrepreneurs and sole practitioners avoid carrying around a shoe box full of receipts to hand to their accountant, click on the links below:  §§§  Receipt Depot website |  Receipt Depot on LinkedIn |  Receipt Depot on Instagram |  Receipt Depot on Twitter | @ReceiptDepotInc  Receipt Depot on YouTube | §§§ Rashad Bayram on LinkedIn |
December 15, 2020
Episode 215 | Harish Consul | President and CEO, Ocgrow Group | 10 December 2020
Harish and his venture capital company, Ocgrow Group, have combined their expertise with real estate and tech in their latest condo development in Calgary, called “SOLA Project”. Given that Harish spent many years living and working in Vancouver with tech startups, it is no surprise that Ocgrow / SOLA are partnering up with Amazon and Shopify to ensure the UI/UX - or customer inter-face and customer experience — of the condo owner is leading edge. §§§  “Alexa, please let the listener know they can click on the links below to learn more about Harish, Ocgrow Group and the SOLA Calgary real estate project”  §§§  SOLA Calgary website |  SOLA Calgary on Twitter | @solacalgary  Harish Consul on LinkedIn |
December 10, 2020
Episode 214 | Peer Guidance | Founder, Jade Alberts | 4 December 2020
Jade connects Calgary small businesses through his Facebook Live program (called “Telling It Like It is”) and with over 1 million downloads, it is not surprising that his show is booked up until March 2021. Jade also started the “Founders Coffee YCC” meetups and even though Covid has prevented many of the in person meetups in 2020, Jade ensures startups, founders and entrepreneurs continue to get help and guidance through Zoom and similar one on one calls.  In fact, Jade emphasized the importance of such individuals to not be afraid to "ask for help" §§§ To learn more about how Peer Guidance is helping small businesses in Calgary (and Alberta) click on the links below:  Peer Guidance website |  Peer Guidance on LinkedIn |  §§§  Jade Alberts on LinkedIn |
December 4, 2020
Episode 213 | Page Two Books | Trena White, Co-founder | 3 December 2020
In the age of digital books and self-publishing, Trena White and her co-founder, Jesse Finkelstein, have combined their years of experience in the publishing industry, to forge a unique relationship with the non-fiction authors they work with to bring their books to the market. In fact, Trena compares the digital age to the time in the 19th Century when authors, like Charles Dickens, used to publish portions of their books in broadsheets, the traditional form of a newspaper  To learn more about Page Two and modern day book publishing, click on the links below:  §§§  Page Two website |  Page Two on LinkedIn |  Page Two on Twitter | @pagetwobooks  Page Two on Instagram | @pagetwo_books  §§§  Trena White on LinkedIn |
December 4, 2020
Episode 212 | ONITT Inc | CEO and founder, Randene Seeman | 2 December 2020
Randene brings 20+ years of education and oil field experience into ensuring her startup, Onitt Inc, reflects solutions that deal with the “pain points” she suffered while managing projects and ensuring compliance with government regulations. In turn, the U/X or user experience of her customers on the Onitt Inc platform will save time and allow engineers, geologists, land personnel to perform more “value-added” activities. To learn more about ONITT Inc, click on the links below:  §§§  ONITT Inc website |  ONITT on LinkedIn |  §§§  Randene Seeman on LinkedIn |
December 2, 2020
Episode 211 | Yaldi Renting | Co-founders, & brothers, Scott and Mike Andrews | 1 December 2020
This brotherly duo is set to create a marketplace where landlords and tenants can potentially transact beyond the move-in and move-out checklists, collection of monthly rent checks and adhoc service requests that are inherent with living in a rental property. Scott and Mike are seeking to build a rental property platform that rewards renters with cashback and protects landlords from bad tenants. To learn more about Yaldi Renting, click on the links below: §§§ Yaldi Renting website | Yaldi Renting on LinkedIn | Yaldi Renting on Instagram | @yaldirenting §§§ Scott Andrews on LinkedIn | Michael Andrews on LinkedIn |
December 1, 2020
Episode 210 | CH Financial | President and CEO Jeremy Clark | 30 November 2020
Having a rocket science degree may or may not help when working in the financial profession but a degree in neuro science from McGill University provided Jeremy Clark with some of the core skills that have helped him be successful in his 22+ years in the financial management industry.  To learn more about the work of Jeremy Clark and CH Financial, including philanthropy work with the Calgary Philharmonic, McGill University and the Calgary Police Foundation, click on the links below:  §§§  CH Financial website |  CH Financial on LinkedIn |  CH Financial on Instagram |  §§§  Jeremy Clark on LinkedIn |
November 30, 2020
Episode 209 | MNP “Self-Employment Program” | Troy Deck, MNP Senior Manager | 27 November 2020
Self-employment is difficult at the best of times and if there is a lack of support during crisis periods, the challenges for such individuals increases dramatically. In fact, it was only recently that I heard about the MNP “Self-Employment” program and I thought:  “…what a terrific initiative to make available to small businesses and entrepreneurs during the Covid pandemic…”.  I quickly learned from Troy Deck, the senior manager at MNP here in Calgary, that the program has been in place since 1992 and to date, over 2000+ entrepreneurs have moved on to start their own businesses. Although jointly funded by the Governments of Alberta and Canada, the MNP team brings together an array of advisors from within their firm and experts from the business community §§§  To learn more about how MNP Calgary is helping professionals pivot into self employment, click on the links below:  MNP website (English) |  MNP website (French) |  MNP on LinkedIn |  MNP on Twitter | @MNP_LLP  MNP on Instagram | @mnpllp  §§§  Troy Deck on LinkedIn |
November 27, 2020
Episode 208 | Altitude Flight Simulation | Founder, Tammam Altajar | 26 November 2020
Pivoting from oil and gas has been a consistent theme on the Calgary Business Podcast. After a 17-year career as an electrical engineer, Tammam Altajar converted his hobby with flight simulation into a startup business.  §§§  To learn more about Tamman’s journey into entrepreneurship with his business, Altitude Flight Simulation, click on the links below:  Altitude Flight Simulation website |  Altitude Flight Simulation on Instagram | @AltitudeFlightSimulation  §§§  Tammam Altajar on LinkedIn |
November 26, 2020
Episode 207 | Nicerr founder, Robin Daultani | 24 November 2020
It is rare when the underlying business model seeks to help more than one party at the same time. The Nicerr platform does exactly that. It is designed to bring volunteer advisors together with entrepreneurs / small business owners to provide them with targeted guidance for a fee. In parallel, Nicerr contributes a portion of such fees to a charitable cause.  In my view, it does not stop there. The advisor indirectly benefits from learning about a new business in which he/she can share experiences with similar businesses, including the charitable organization adopting such advice to their own activities. Finally, each transaction expands the Nicerr community to benefit future newcomers!  §§§  To learn more about Nicerr, click on the links below:  Nicerr website |  Nicerr on LinkedIn |  Nicerr on Instagram | @teamnicerr  §§§  Robin Daltauni on LinkedIn |
November 24, 2020
Episode 206 | Launchpad Learning: Sampada Begai, Yashasvi Purwar & Abhishek | 17 November 2020
In what initially started as a hobby tutoring children on maths and sciences, Launchpad learning started offering coding courses to students in a Southeast Calgary recreation centre. Covid required them to shift virtually all classes to their on-line platform (which they named “Learning Management System”) to allow students to submit their code for immediate review and comment by instructors  §§§  To learn more about the Launchpad Learning team and their plans to scale up their coding for grade 3 to 12 students, click on the links below:  §§§ Launchpad Learning website | Launchpad Learning on LinkedIn |  Launchpad Learning on Instagram | @launchpadlearning_l2i Launchpad email |  §§§  Sam Begai on LinkedIn |  Yash Purwar on LinkedIn |  Abhishek on LinkedIn |
November 18, 2020
Episode 205 | Eric Crowell, founder of Awesome Journey | 17 November 2020
Since 2006 or so, Eric Crowell has been coaching CEO’s and senior executives across Canada and the globe. As Eric highlighted, the first 9 months of 2020 has brought about more change and complexity than he has seen in the 10+ years that preceded this year. Eric does a wonderful job articulating some of the major trends he has seen with CEO’s and leaders as they manage through such complexity. Eric finished our chat with a heart felt story and words of wisdom from Suzanne West, who had a successful career in Calgary as an executive, entrepreneur and Board member. Sadly, she passed away from cancer in 2018 at the age of 52. §§§  To learn more about Eric and his work with CEO’s from across Canada and globally, click on the links below:  Awesome Journey website |  Awesome Journey on LinkedIn |  Eric Crowell on LinkedIn |  Eric Crowell email |
November 18, 2020
Episode 204 | Colin George, Canadian Distribution Network | 16 November 2020
Colin and his team at Canadian Distribution Network benefited from an existing product (handsanitizers) and an existing network (with major  supermarket chains) to help other small businesses when Covid hit.  One example was "white labelling" a product for third parties to get them shelf space with such food retailers.  This creativity and innovation extended to the development of a new product called "Mask Careier" to provide a means for individuals to store surgical / medical masks that are mandated in public places across Canada. §§§ To learn more about Colin and his work as a Calgary entrepreneur, click on the links below: Mask Careier Kickstarter campaign (expires early December 2020) | Canadian Distribution Network website | Canadian Distribution Network on Instagram | @canadiandistributionnetwork CDN Citrus Clean on Instagram | @cdncitrusclean §§§ Colin George on Instagram | @CNG649 Colin George on LinkedIn |
November 16, 2020
Episode 203 | Origin Energy, Founder and President, Jason Gravelle | 13 November 2020
Pivoting from a career in social services, Jason found a co-founder, Michael Knisely, to form a company focused on helping businesses reduce their environmental impact, reduce expenses and improve the efficiency of their energy consumption.  The unique feature of their platform is to require customers to pay nothing upfront for the capital costs and seek to earn their revenue by sharing in the future savings experienced by their customers. §§§  To learn more about Origin Energy, click on the links below:  Origin Energy website |  Origin Energy on Twitter | @originenergym  Origin Energy on Facebook |  Jason Gravelle on LinkedIn |
November 13, 2020
Episode 202 | Yassine Azzouni, Business Coach | 11 November 2020
Yassine provides a unique view of how he used his own personal experiences with Covid to pivot into raising funds for healthcare workers in Algeria and now coaching Canadian startups to match them with investors from private family offices in the Middle East.  §§§  To learn more about Yassine and his work, click on the links below:  Coach Business Solution |  Algeria fundraising on LinkedIn |  §§§  Yassine Azzouni on LinkedIn | h
November 11, 2020
Episode 201 | Teser Technology, CEO Phil Alle | 9 November 2020
Teser Technology was literally born at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic when Phil and his team brainstormed on how to sanitize their own production and fabrication facilities. This quickly led to development of a compact unit that allows for sterilizing / sanitizing of “Personal Protection Equipment” (PPE) used by healthcare workers such as face masks and medical instruments. In a short period of time, the Teser ACT — Advanced Cleaning Technology — is set to scale its activities beyond simply a few healthcare facilities.  §§§  To learn more about Teser Technology, click on the links below: Teser Technology website |  Teser Technology on Instagram | @tesertech  Teser Technology on LinkedIn |  §§§  Phil Alle on LinkedIn |
November 10, 2020
Episode 200 | Gentleman Rogue, Co-founder Matthew Andrade | 6 November 2020
What happens when an investment banker goes rogue? He starts trading in cuff links, pocket squares and scarves for men!! He secures contracts with Italian suppliers and hedges the downside risk by offering a line of women’s scarves. Finally, he swaps ideas with his family on how to invest a portion of top line revenues into charitable programs.  §§§  To learn more about Gentleman Rogue, click on the links below:  Gentleman Rogue website |  Gentleman Rogue on Instagram | @GentlemanRogue1  Gentleman Rogue on Facebook |  §§§  Matthew Andrade, CFA on LinkedIn |
November 7, 2020
Episode 199 | Bode Canada, Robert Price and Alan Kelly | 4 November 2020
The co-founders of Bode Canada, Robert Price (CEO) and Alan Kelly (Chief Revenue Officer) referred to the “Humble Abode” as being one of the key aspects behind naming their startup. There is nothing humble about the disruption these entrepreneurs, including their fellow co-founder Jeff Jackson, have unleashed on the real estate market. Their customer focused approach has unlocked the door to tremendous potential that exists in the “home sweet home” including using data to allow buyers to fully understand that the “home is where their heart will be” from the very beginning.  §§§   To learn how to more about how Bode Canada is set to “Democratize Real Estate Buying”, click on the links below:  Bode Canada website |  Bode Canada on Instagram | @bode.canada  Bode Canada on Facebook |  Bode Canada on LinkedIn |  §§§  Robert Price, Founder and CEO |  Alan Kelly, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer |
November 4, 2020
Episode 198 | WaitWell, Shannon Vander Meulen | 2 November 2020
Shannon and her partners used one business, the East Calgary Registry, as the inspiration to start a new tech-driven business called “Wait Well”. The trigger? Long lines during Covid and little or no information to provide her customers with an estimate of wait times. Well, the wait experience will change forever — at least for those individuals that have a mobile phone that allows for text messaging! No app to download. No advance registration. Simply send an SMS text to opt in and, well, wait for notification from “WaitWell” that your turn in line is next!  §§§  To learn how to more about WaitWell can improve your waiting experience, click on the links below:  WaitWell website |  WaitWell on LinkedIn |  WaitWell on Twitter | @waitwell2
November 3, 2020
Episode 197 | Studio Spero, Adam Mercier and Justin Lam | 24 October 2020
Entrepreneurs are found in all areas of Calgary. Kinesiology classmates at the University of Calgary, the Studio Spero team turned their combined photography hobby (Justin) and a propensity to critique videography in films (Adam) into a self-learning studio of innovation and creativity.  ... Given their understanding of engaging their customers and removing the conservative barriers in the Calgary real estate community, it is likely that Justin and Adam will find other niche markets in their new chosen profession to move from firing bullets to firing cannons. ... §§§ To learn how to more about Studio Spero, click on the links below:  Studio Spero website |  Studio Spero Intagram link | @Adam.studiospero
October 24, 2020
Episode 196 | Studio D Clinic Director, Kate Exley | 23 October 2020
Studio D is seeking to disrupt the health and wellness business by offering its patients and clients with access to multidisciplinary experts in the areas of kinesiology, physiotherapy, nutritionists and related disciplines.  With a focus on risk management and prevention, the Studio D team also works in the community with sports team to assess athletes in action and recommended targeted corrections to prevent injury. This community outreach has stretched into the corporate offices of the Studio D patients to understand how best to match individual treatment to the health and benefits included in their company insurance plans.  It appears that Studio D will soon disrupt the health insurance industry by ensuring corporate plans are specially curated to reflect the lifestyle of each of its individual employees.  §§§  To learn how to more about Studio D, click on the links below:  Studio D website |  Studio D on LinkedIn |  Studio D on Instagram |
October 23, 2020
Episode 195 | Integra Data and Analytic Solutions, CEO and Founder, Babak Shafiei | 22 October 2020
When Babak mentioned his father working as an accountant without a computer and greenledgers, he already had my full attention. That reference was just one of many during our chat that completely resonated with me and likely will appeal to not only oil and gas engineers but also machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science experts.  §§§  To learn the predictions for the next simulation of innovation available from Integra Data and Analytic Solutions, click on the links below:  Integra Data and Analytic Solutions website |  Integra Data and Analytic Solutions on LinkedIn |  Babak Shafiei on LinkedIn |
October 22, 2020
Episode 194 | Agriolabs, CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Mui | 21 October 2020
Not only has Jonathan bootstrapped virtually all (if not all) of the initial funding for his vertical farming startup, he has done a deep dive into researching the virtually all of the technical aspects related to getting his demo model ready for commercial use. This includes, but was not limited to, learning about preventing mold spores through proper air flow, use of hemp fibre as a growth medium and corn-based polymer to print the planter boxes on his 3D printer.  It all started with a desire to reduce / minimize food waste!  To learn more about Agriolabs, click on the links below:  §§§  Agriolabs website |  Agriolabs on Instagram | @agrio.labs  Jonathan Mui on LinkedIn |
October 22, 2020
Episode 193 | Neuraura, CEO and co-founder, Pierre Wijdenes | 21 October 2020
Innovation from the University of Calgary science lab to the corporate board room is a growing trend on the Calgary Business Podcast. Pierre Wijdenes and his co-founders at Neuraura have found the right combination to take their research and studies of the brain to produce a medical device to help patients with epilepsy.  To learn more about Neuraura and the incredible science behind their company, click on the links below:  §§§  Neuraura website |  Neuraura on LInkedIn |  Neuraura on Twitter | @neuraura  Pierre Wijdenes on LinkedIn |
October 21, 2020
Episode 192 | InnoTech College, CEO and Founder, Julie Rubin | 20 October 2020
EdTech and tech-focused learning has been top of mind since the Covid pandemic came into the classroom. However, tech education has been on Julie Rubin’s mind since 2016 when she founded InnoTech College and over a decade since she became involved in the learning field. This podcast is fully stacked and it will take only 6 months to complete! Okay, that is the length of time students need to commit to obtain a Full Stack Development Diploma.  To learn more about InnoTech College click on the links below:  §§§  InnoTech College website |  InnoTech College on InstaGram | @innoTechCol  InnoTech College on LinkedIn |  Julie Rubin on LInkedIn |
October 20, 2020
Episode 191 | Michelle Cederberg, author, business coach and motivational speaker | 19 October 2020
Michelle Cederberg is a Calgary-based author, coach, and sought-after motivational speaker. She specializes in helping people who are stuck on autopilot shift to living a life that energizes and fulfills them. Her main areas of expertise include work-life balance, productivity, and health and fitness 
Her new book, The Success-Energy Equation is due to be released in the coming weeks, shows readers how to combat modern stress and tap into a well of energy that will fuel every area of their life.  Michelle shared some key areas of her book which she described as a “Covid Survival Guide” but is also meant for the long term.  To learn more click on the links below:  §§§  You can learn more about Michelle Cederberg here:  Michelle Cederberg on LinkedIn |  Michelle’s publisher is Page-Two Books out of Vancouver |
October 20, 2020
Episode 190 | Unhako, owner and co-founder, Angela Penner | 15 October 2020
Launching an e-commerce site can be scary at anytime; launching it within a few days of the Covid lockdown in March 2020 took a lot of courage. However, the combination of a quality website designer, existing products and consumers shift to on-line helped Angela and her husband Jake start and expand their business of selling health and beauty products on-line.  To learn more click on the links below:  §§§  UnHako website |  Unhako on Instagram | @Unhako_
October 15, 2020
Episode 189 | Secure-Rite president, Lucas Griffin | 15 October 2020
In the first ever Zoom-Anchor podcast, the Secure-Rite team connected me with their President, Lucas Griffin via Zoom from their Kelowna office. The creativity and innovation around modifying a standard metal sea containers into storage, living and office spaces hardly scratches the surface of the depth and variety of uses for this seemingly one dimensional product!  To learn more about the Secure-Rite business and how they have “Democratized Storage”, click on the links below:  §§§  Secure-Rite website |  Secure-Rite on LinkedIn |  Secure-Rite on Instagram | @Secure_Rite  Lucas Griffin on LinkedIn |
October 15, 2020
Episode 188 | Seeo2 Energy, co-founders Paul Addo and Beatriz Molero | 14 October 2020
What happens when your PhD dissertation becomes so compelling of an idea? Of course, you file patents, form a company and fly to Norway to attend a TechStars accelerator! Well, at least that is my interpretation of this exciting company that captures C02 (carbon dioxide) from just about any industrial application to remove it from the atmosphere and allow alternative uses for the by-products. Did I forget about the Oreo cookies Paul and Beatriz serve while demonstrating their invention?  To learn more about Seeo2 Energy and how to order your “cookies”, click on the links below:  §§§  Seeo2 Energy website |  Seeo2 Energy on LinkedIn |  Paul Addo on LinkedIn |  Beatriz Molera Sanchez |
October 14, 2020
Episode 187 | Sleem Hasan, private investor and founder of Privity LLE (Dubai) | 6 October 2020
In May 2018, I had the privilege of meeting Sleem in person on a trip to Dubai. Today, a Zoom call and the Anchor app combined to connect with Sleem from his home office in Dubai. Sleem has been investing in startups for many years with a variety of sectors covered recently including investments in Fintech, HealthTech, Information tech, e-commerce, IoT, wearable, social media and blockchain startups  §§§  To learn more about the venture capital and entrepreneur spirit of Sleem, click on the links below:  Privity LLE website |  Privity LLE on LinkedIn |  Sleem Hasan on LinkedIn |
October 6, 2020
Episode 186 | Calgary Social Value Fund, co-founders Tyson Bilton and Laura Foster | 5 October 2020
Student-led innovation and entrepreneurship has moved beyond simply studying what is happening (or has happened) to businesses in the private and public markets. Tyson and Laura shared the origin story of Vancouver-based “National Social Value Fund” — founded by UBC graduate Steve Petterson — which provided them with the inspiration, along with 4 other co-founders, to create the Calgary Social Value Fund.  With an array of activities ranging from recruiting to marketing to investor outreach to managing deal flow to performing due diligence, Tyson, Laura and their team are set to make a real impact on social enterprise in Calgary!  §§§  To learn more about the Calgary Social Value Fund, click on the links below:  Calgary Social Value Fund website |  LinkedIn page of Calgary Social Value Fund |  Calgary Social Value Fund on Instagram | @nationalsvf  Calgary Social Value Fund on Facebook | Tyson Bilton on LinkedIn | Laura Foster on LinkedIn |
October 5, 2020
Episode 185 | Milk Jar Candle Co, owner Holly Singer | 29 September 2020
Holly Singer literally allows a candle to burn at both ends as she continues to seek new ways to expand her business and in parallel help others in need. Rather than “spill the wax” on how this one time kinesiology graduate turned into an entrepreneur, you need to listen to the podcast to hear how Holly sheds light on this topic.  §§§  To learn more about Holly and the Milk Jar Candle Co click on the links below:  Milk Jar Candle website |  Milk Jar on Instagram | @milkjarcandleco  Milk Jar on Facebook |
September 29, 2020
Episode 184 | Arie Miette — Tattoo Artist | 24 September 2020
When your canvas for creating art is the human skin, you really need to ensure you practice a lot before going “Live”! In fact, one of the first tests for Arie was to self-tattoo her own body: “…if you cannot hurt yourself, then you don’t have the right to hurt others…” §§§  To learn more about Arie and her artistic talent with a needle, ink, sharps and liners , click on the links below:  Arie Miette website |  Arie Miette on Instagram | @ariemiette
September 24, 2020
Episode 183 | Vandy Midha, owner of Art Match | 23 September 2020
A picture is said to be worth a thousands words but if an artist cannot sell their painting, no words will help. Vandy and her on-line platform creates an opportunity to match the artists with potential buyers while sipping coffee and relaxing in their pyjamas.  §§§  To learn more about Vandy and her business, Art Match, click on the links below:  Art Match website |  Art Match on Facebook |  Art Match on Instagram | @ArtMatch  Vandy Midha on LinkedIn |
September 23, 2020
Episode 182 | David Moore, owner of Bridgeland Bread | 14 September 2020
Bread is a staple part of most people’s diet. Bread is stapled on the name-tag of David Moore. Those of my listeners in the Renfrew and Bridgeland districts of Calgary will know first hand what it is like to break bread with David!  §§§  To learn more about David and his ability to raise the wheat levels in your diet, click on the links below:  Bridgeland Bread website |  Bridgeland Bread on Facebook |  Bridgeland Bread on Instagram | @BridgelandBread
September 14, 2020
Episode 181 | Angela’s Olives, founder and entrepreneur Angela Umbrich | 9 September 2020
In the first ever “Olive Cast”, Angela shared how her work with an Edmonton olive distributor lead her to “branch” out on her own and “pit” her self against other food entrepreneurs in Calgary. Nearly 10 years later, Angela stuffs 6000+ olives a week for her customers and has earned the nickname “Olive Lady”  §§§  To learn more about Angela and her Calgary olive business, click on the links below:  Angela’s Olives website |  Angela’s Olives on Facebook |  Angela’s Olives on Instagram | @OliveLady_yyc
September 9, 2020
Episode 180 | Worthy Jams, founder and entrepreneur Ashlee Steinhauer | 3 September 2020
When I think of jam, I think of the little packets of various flavours available at most restaurants when you have toast with your breakfast. That is just not the case with Ashlee and her company, Worthy Jams. She has migrated from making 5 litre batches in her home kitchen to 300 litre batches in a commercial kitchen. Imagine how many jam jars can be filled with 300 litres of home-cooked Artisan Jam? Ashlee does not reveal this mystery during our chat but she does spread a lot of ideas around during the podcast!  §§§  To learn more about Ashlee and how she has managed to “solo-scale” her jam making production, click on the links below:  Worthy Jams website |  Worthy Jams on Instagram | @enjoyworthy
September 3, 2020
Episode 179 | Owen Poffenroth, Videographer | 31 August 2020
Student entrepreneurs are becoming a theme on this podcast and 16-year old Owen Poffenroth has been at this for a couple of years!  From creating Go Pro hockey videos like kids everywhere, Owen decided to take it to the “next level” and is now the videographer of choice for a local wedding business. Imagine the positive influence Owen will have on fellow students and teacher over the next couple of years before he finishes high school?  §§§  To learn more about Owen and his work, click on the links below:  Website where you can see the past and current works of Owen Poffenroth |  Owen Poffenroth on Instagram | @Owen.poffenroth
August 31, 2020
Episode 178 | Airdrie Food Bank, Executive Director Lori McRitchie | 28 August 2020
When “food” is not the only activity of a Food Bank, you know there is something unique going on in this bustling community located just north of Calgary. Lori McRitchie provides insight on the importance of community and technology and volunteers and local businesses and global network and Olympic athletes have helped to change the narrative on how people view food banks in their area.  §§§ To learn more about the work of Lori and her team at Airdrie Food Bank, click on the links below:   Airdrie Food Bank website |  Airdrie Food Bank on Instagram | @airdriefoodbank  Airdrie Food Bank on Twitter | @airdriefoodbank  Lori McRitchie on LinkedIn |
August 28, 2020
Episode 177 | JAMH.AI co-founders: Jackson, Alec, Maggie and Huda | 26 August 2020
Some incredible innovation happening by the JAMH team up at the University of Calgary campus. You really need to listen to the podcast to understand how these talented young founders are using machine learning to aid in the battle against “Fake News” and provide valuable information to consultants in the ESG realm (Environment, Sustainability and Governance).  To learn more about JAMH.AI, click on the links below:  §§§  JAMH.AI website |  JAMH on Instagram | @JAMH.AI  Jackson Cooper on LinkedIn |  Alec Lamb on LinkedIn |  Maggie Thai on LinkedIn |  Huda Abbas on LinkedIn |
August 26, 2020
Episode 176 | Jeff Adamson, co-founder and Chief Merchant Officer of Neo Financial | 26 August 2020
In the world of small business, often times digital and banking and e-commerce and marketing and data do not necessarily come into the conversation, especially with traditional “bricks and mortar” merchants. Jeff Adamson and his fellow co-founders, Andrew Chau and Kris Read and the team at Neo Financial are seeking to change that.  As Jeff said “…we are seeking to keep local businesses modern…by connecting them to their local customers…”  To learn more about the origin story of Neo Financial and how they are seeking to disrupt the banking experience for its customers and merchants, click on the links below:  §§§  Neo Financial website |  Neo Financial on Instagram | @neo_financial  Neo Financial on Twitter | @neo_financial  Neo Financial on LinkedIn |  Jeff Adamson on LinkedIn |
August 26, 2020
Episode 175 | Local Laundry, co-founder Connor Curran | 24 August 2020
There is a lot to unpack from this podcast, not least being the closet full of “laundry” that Connor and his fellow co-founder, Dustin Paisley, seek to change for Canadian consumers by creating a community of locally made clothing made by local manufacturers and locally-sourced materials. Connor credits his parents for instilling a solid work ethic, creativity and community spirit when they first came to Canada and worked in the restaurant industry To learn more about the origin story of Local Laundry, click on the links below: §§§ Local Laundry website | Local Laundry on Instagram | @locallaundry Local Laundry on Twitter | @locallaundry Local Laundry on LinkedIn | Connor Curran on LinkedIn |
August 24, 2020
Episode 174 | Flahmingo Investments, Co-founders Taran Singh Kainth (CEO) & Gio Moros (CTO)
These two-time entrepreneurs are truly set to “democratize investing” for a community of students and young investors across Canada. Rather than re-creating the wheel and waiting until 2050 to release their platform, Taran and Gio are seeking to benefit from existing SaaS tools available on the market and already have a BETA version of their platform ready for users to test. Click on the links below to learn more: §§§ Flahmingo Investments website | Flahmingo Investments on Instagram | @askflahmingo Flahmingo Investments on Twitter | @askflahmingo Flahmingo Investments on LinkedIn |
August 19, 2020
Episode 173 | Greg McKiernan, President & CEO of Deltaform Technology | 13 August 2020
This podcast is packed with all things tech — for small businesses, for non-profit entities, for hot-tub owners for pretty much anybody. Greg has taken his years of knowledge around working with large companies with big tech solutions and seeks to find the “low hanging fruit” to help his clients. Click on the links below to learn more: §§§ Deltaform Technology website | Deltaform Technology on Instagram | @deltaformtech Deltaform Technology on Twitter | @deltaformtech Greg McKiernan on LinkedIn |
August 13, 2020
Episode 172 | Corey Ma, Founder of Ma Pies | 8 August 2020
Another fantastic story of an entrepreneur that has pivoted from his core profession. In this case, Corey not only pivoted from a career as a civil engineer but he also travelled to New Zealand and Frqnce to further his talents in the art of pie making! Listen to our "pie-cast" to learn how Corey managed to pivot once more during Covid to sell pies on-line. Click on the links below to learn more: §§§ Ma Pies website | Ma Pies on Instagram | @ma_pies Ma Pies on Twitter | @ma_pies Corey Ma on LinkedIn |
August 8, 2020
Episode 171 | Amish Morjaria, CEO and Founder of Forward Level Marketing | 5 August 2020
Forward Level Marketing originated from a desire to bring access to a full scale marketing department to small businesses in Calgary. After nearly 9 years in business, the focus on team, customers and community appears to be a strong indicator of success Click on the links below to learn more: §§§ Forward Level Marketing website | Forward Level Marketing on Instagram | @ForwardLevel Forward Level Marketing on Twitter | @ForwardLevel Amish Morjaria on LinkedIn |
August 6, 2020
Episode 170 | Neil Gruninger, co-founder of Kidoodle TV | 29 July 2020
Truly a pleasure to get introduced to Neil Gruninger and Kidoodle TV, the company he co-founded, with Michael Lowe, a little over 9 years ago Click on the links below to learn more: §§§ Kidoodle TV website | Kidoodle TV on Twitter | @kidoodletv Kidoodle TV on Instagram | @kidoodletv
July 29, 2020
Episode 169 | Humdinner co-founders, Kevin Bessy (CEO) and Brett Gould (CMO) | 16 July 2020
Humdinner is a concept that allows for contact-less drive-thru for restaurants and retailers with seemingly unlimited possibilities to expand into other areas of day to day life.  Listen to the podcast to hear Kevin and Brett share a “Hum-Dinger” of a story behind Humdinner!  Click on the links below to learn more:  §§§  HumDinner website | HumDinner on LinkedIn | Kevin Bessy on LinkedIn | Brett Gould on LinkedIn |
July 16, 2020
Episode 168 | Margo Purcell, CEO and Co-founder of InceptionU | 9 July 2020
There is more to Margo and her team at InceptionU; as I peeled the onion layers back during the podcast, the conversation “evolved” to “open up the possibilities” on the other businesses that have a link / connection to InceptionU and more importantly, helping businesses and individuals to learn with meaning! Click on the links below to learn more: §§§ InceptionU website | InceptionU on Twitter | @_InceptionU InceptionU on Facebook | InceptionU on LinkedIn | Margo Purcell on LinkedIn | EvolveU website | EvolveU on Instragram and Twitter | @evolveuYYC
July 9, 2020
Episode 167 | Kozak Vodka Alberta, founders Daniel Krys, Serhiy Adamyk & Ivan Pedyash | 8 July 2020
Rather than try to make Ukrainian vodka (or Horilka) in Alberta, Daniel, Serhiy and Ivan decided it would be better to “bring” the vodka from the source — a factory located in Ukraine!! To learn the origin story of Kozak Vodka Alberta, grab a shot glass and click on the links! §§§ Kozak Vodka on Instagram | Kozak Vodka can be found on the LIquor Connect website |
July 8, 2020
Episode 166 | Scott Kessler, Fountain Tire Northland (F090) in Calgary | 2 July 2020
Scott brings nearly 26 years of experience as a Fountain Tire veteran into this podcast. His Northland location in the northwest part of Calgary is just one of 160+ location across Canada.  §§§  To find Scott and his team, check out the following links:  Address: 4911 Northland Drive NW Calgary  Phone: (403) 286-3386  Email:  Fountain Tire website |  §§§
July 2, 2020
Episode 165 | OPLII, founders Johan Rothzen and Rob Pittman | 19 June 2020
Rob and Johan embarked on being their own bosses back during their days at Mount Royal University in 2003 and have not looked back. Oplii was founded in 2014 after they saw an opportunity to help oil and gas companies while busy with their first business, Urban Lighthouse.  While Urban Lighthouse provides tech services and solutions for many sectors, Oplii focuses solely on the oil and gas sector.  Oplii helps connect oil and gas operators in the field — while they are in the field.  To learn more about how Oplli is set to “disrupt” the oil and gas sector, click on the links below:  §§§  Oplii website |  Oplii on Twitter | @opliiapp  Urban Lighthouse website |  Urban Lighthouse on Twitter | @UrbanLighthouse  LinkedIn profile of Johan Rothzen |  LinkedIn profile of Rob Pittman |
June 19, 2020
Episode 164 | Dennis King, Konnect Marketing | 17 June 2020
To learn more about how Dennis and his team are seeking to creatively connect people in Calgary, click on the links below:  §§§  Konnect Marketing website |  Konnect Marketing on Instagram | @konnectyyc  Konnect Marketing on Facebook |  LinkedIn profile of Dennis King |
June 17, 2020
Episode 163 | Aleppo Savon, Founder AbdbulFatah Sabouni and PR Manager, Afif Tabish | 15 June 2020
This is a wonderful origin story of a local Calgary business that stretches across 4 generations of a family-owned soap making business that commenced approximately 125 years ago in Syria. To learn more, click on the links below: §§§ Aleppo Savon website | Aleppo Savon on Instagram | @alepposavon Aleppo Savon on Twitter | @alepposavon Link to Red Cross Covid-19 campaign | Afif Tabish on LinkedIn | Afif Tabish and his company link |
June 15, 2020
Episode 162 | Aleks Bradasevic, Rainfall Landscapes | 12 June 2020
Aleks is another podcast guest that managed to successfully pivot from a career in oil and gas (including a degree in Chemical Engineering) to owning and operating his own small business. To “dig” into this a little further, click on the links below: §§§ Rainfall Landscapes website | Rainfall Landscapes on Instagram | @rainfallandscapes
June 12, 2020
Episode 161 | Andy Nguyen and Yenukwa “Nuke” Kombian, founders of Kings of Hearts | 11 June 2020
This was an energized podcast to talk about the non-profit organization that Andy and Nuke founded to provide a private outlet for men to talk about mental health and other issues impacting their lives.
June 11, 2020
Episode 160 | Dr. Steven Hoang, founder of Respect Eyecare in Inglewood | 10 June 2020
Steven truly had his “sights” set on being an Optometrist from an early age (grade 9). When he “saw” the perfect location in the Inglewood district of Calgary, he “looked” no further before he opened his retail store in November 2019.  To learn more, click on the links below:  §§§  Respect Eyecare website |  Respect Eyecare on Instagram | @respect.eyecare  Respect Eyecare on Facebook |  §§§ Dr. Steven Hoang, LinkedIn profile |
June 10, 2020
Episode 159 | Jason Ribeiro, WEF Global Shapers Calgary Hub and Calgary Economic Dev | 5 June 2020
There is a lot to unpack in this podcast as Jason and I talked about Covid19, education, 4th Industrial Revolution, outcomes, community, digital transformation, blockchain, scaling….  To learn more, click on the links below:  §§§  World Economic Forum (WEF) link |  WEF Global Shapers Calgary on Instagram | @yycshapers  WEF on Instagram | @worldeconomicforum  Calgary Economic Development (CED) website |  CED on Instagram | @lifeinCalgary Jason Ribeiro LinkedIn profile |
June 5, 2020
Episode 158 | Meredith McNamara and Antonio Querin, co-owners of Spirits with Smoke | 29 May 2020
Imagine being able to create a cocktail combination based upon your “mood”? That is exactly what Meredith and Tony are able to do with a bottle of alcohol and a “smoke” board. To learn more, click on the links below: §§§ Spirits with Smoke website | Spirits with Smoke on Instagram | @spiritswithsmoke §§§ Meredith McNamara on LinkedIn | Antonio Querin on LinkedIn |
May 29, 2020
Episode 157 | Matthew Wilson, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor; Co-founder of BeerGuys Promotions | 28 May 2020
Matthew Wilson, or Matt, shares his philosophy on how small businesses and startups can effectively and affordably “land and expand” in today’s market. Matt instinctively draws from his teenage days of getting his neighbors to sign “exclusivity contracts” for his snow shovelling business — at the age of 13! To learn more, click on the links below: §§§ BeerGuys Promotions website | BeerGuys on Instagram | @beerguysyyc §§§ Matthew Wilson on Twitter | @mattwilsonyyc Matthew Wilson on LinkedIn |
May 28, 2020
Episode 156 | Thomas Deneve, CEO of Red Spot Marketing | 28 May 2020
Thomas has an abundance of ideas that he brings to the table with his digital marketing company, Red Spot Marketing. There is a lot to unpack in this podcast ranging from marketing strategies for small businesses to the fires and floods in Ft. MacMurray, Alberta to getting paid for your YouTube channel. Click on the links below: §§§ Red Spot Marketing website | Red Spot Marketing on Instagram | @redspotmarketinginc §§§ Thomas Deneve on LinkedIn |
May 28, 2020
Episode 155 | Colin Pischke, President of Print Your Mind 3D Inc | 26 May 2020
There is a lot to unpack in this podcast so I am just going to stop here and let Colin Pischke explain first hand about what got him started into 3D printing, what he is focused on, how the global 3D printing community has responded to the Covid-19 crisis and some ideas for the future direction of 3D printing. Click on the links below: §§§ Print Your Mind 3D website | Print Your Mind 3D on Instagram | @printyourmind3d Print Your Mind 3D on Twitter | @printyourmind3d Print Your Mind 3D on YouTube | §§§ Colin Pischke on LinkedIn |
May 26, 2020
Episode 154 | Renee Shilmover, founder of Kids OT Calgary | 25 May 2020
Renee truly takes her work home with her every day. As a career Occupational Therapist, Renee saw an opportunity to not only provide OT (or occupational therapy) for her son but also for other families. That prompted her to start the “Kids OT Calgary” in 2010.  To learn more about Renee and her “OT” work, click on the links below:  §§§  Kids OT Calgary website |  Kids OT Calgary on Instagram | @kidsotcalgary
May 25, 2020
Episode 153 | Malka Labell, President and CEO of The Green Generation Company | 25 May 2020
Malka created the Green Generation Company from a project idea during her MBA studies at Queen’s University.  Malka has a real passion for the potential in the Canadian cannabis industry and is dedicated to “…ending the stigma on Cannabis…” through education and awareness.  To learn more about Malka and her work, click on the links below:  §§§  The Green Generation Company website |  The Green Generation Company on Twitter | @GreenGenCo1  §§§ Malka Labell on LinkedIn |
May 25, 2020
Episode 152 | Brendan Boyle, CEO of Vintri Technologies | 21 May 2020
Vintri Technologies is a software solution to provide traceability of key materials (such as pipes and valves) in the construction and management of oil and gas assets. To learn more about Vintri Technologies, click on the links below: §§§ Vintri Technologies website | Vintri Technologies on Twitter | @VintriTech Vintri Technologies on LinkedIn | §§§ Brendan Boyle on LinkedIn |
May 21, 2020
Episode 151 | Kevin Dahl, Co-founder of EvryWork and Advisor at Platform Calgary | 20 May 2020
Kevin has been around business and tech pretty much since graduating from University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Commerce, Development of Information Systems degree. His current business, the EvryWork co-working platform which he co-founded with his 3 partners, appears to be well suited to help small businesses effectively and affordably function in the years to come. To learn more about Kevin Dahl and his work in Calgary, click on the links below: §§§ Evry Work website | Evry Work on Instagram | @evrywork Evry Work on Twitter | @evryworkwork §§§ Platform Calgary website | Platform Calgary on Twitter | @PlatformCalgary Platform Calgary on Instagram | @PlatformCalgary Platform Calgary on LinkedIn | §§§ Kevin Dahl on LinkedIn | Kevin Dahl on twitter | @kevindahl
May 20, 2020
Episode 150 | Patti Morris, CEO of Wellspring Calgary | 19 May 2020
Wellspring Calgary is an incredible support organization for individuals with cancer that was fittingly founded in 2007 by 3 (three) cancer survivors.  Patti Morris introduces the Calgary Business Podcast listeners to a fully functioning operation of staff, volunteers, and programs that are geared towards focusing on the needs of its 6000+ members.  To learn more about Wellspring Calgary, click on the links below:  §§§  Wellspring Calgary website |  Wellspring Calgary on Twitter | @WellspringYYC  Wellspring Calgary on Facebook |  Wellspring Calgary on LinkedIn |  §§§   Patti Morris on LinkedIn |
May 19, 2020
Episode 149 | Andi Caruso, Founder of Tadoo and Managing Director of Proof Consulting | 14 May 2020
Andi Caruso is an inspiration to those wanting to start their own business, for those that may need help with their business and for those that need help clearing those pesky “To Do Lists”.  To learn more about both of her companies, click on the links below:  §§§  PROOF CONSULTING Proof Consulting Website |  §§§  TADOO  Tadoo website |  Tadoo on Instagram | @tadooinc  Tadoo on Twitter | @tadooinc  §§§  Andi Caruso on LinkedIn |
May 14, 2020
Episode 148 | Jonathan Herman, Co-founder and Creative Director of Daughter Creative advertising agency | 13 May 2020
There is no surprise that the “daughter” of this creative studio works with many iconic brands in the Calgary community, not least of which was a past guest of the podcast (episode 56) To learn more about how the Daughter team can help brands create, click on the links below: §§§ Daughter Creative website | Daughter Creative on Instagram | @Daughter_Creative Daughter Creative on LinkedIn | Jonathan Herman on LinkedIn |
May 13, 2020
Episode 147 | Matthew Widmer, Co-founder of Wild Life Distillery in Canmore, Alberta | 13 May 2020
What a terrific origin story. From working at his father's restaurant in Banff to taking a "Spirits" course in Chicago, Matt and his co-founder, Keith, decided to open their own craft distillery in the town of Canmore! To learn more, click on the links below: §§§ Wild Life Distillery website | Wild Life Distillery on Instagram | @wldspirits Wild Life Distillery on Twitter | @wldspirits Matthew Widmer on LinkedIn |
May 13, 2020
Episode 146 | Cory Fehr, CEO and founder of Integrity Insitu | 12 May 2020
The technology Cory Fehr and his team introduced to the oil & gas sector in 2016 was critical in terms of saving time and money for their clients. This just may be the period when such benefits will play a part on helping oil companies navigate through the Covid-19 crisis. To learn more, click on the links below:  §§§  Integrity Insitu website |  Integrity Insitu on Twitter | @IntegrityInsitu  Cory Fehr on LinkedIn |
May 12, 2020
Episode 145 | Dan Beach, CEO and co-founder of SoCIAL Lite Vodka Soda | 12 May 2020
Fantastic to learn that Toronto-based Social Lite Vodka began it’s origin story on the shelves of liquor stores in Calgary and across Alberta before expanding across Canada. To learn more, click on the links below:  §§§  SoCIAL Lite Vodka website |  SoCIAL Lite Vodka on Instagram | @sociallitevodka  SoCIAL Lite Vodka on Twitter | @sociallitevodka  Dan Beach on LinkedIn |
May 12, 2020
Episode 144 | Raza Jafri, President and CEO of 3D City Scapes | 7 May 2020
What happens when an urban planning graduate ends up working as a flight attendant? He decides to launch a tech company focused on providing a 3D vision of skyscrapers in downtown Canadian cities. To learn more of this exciting company and its energetic CEO, click on the links below: §§§ 3D City Scapes website | 3D City Scapes on Instagram | @3dcityscapes 3D City Scapes on LinkedIn | Raza Jafri on LinkedIn |
May 7, 2020
Episode 143 | Derek Manns, Founder and CEO of Stagehand | 7 May 2020
In yet another episode, the Calgary Business Podcast featured a guest that pivoted from his career as an engineer into a real business opportunity providing talented artists with an off-stage platform to find gigs. To learn more, click on the links below: §§§ StageHand website | StageHand on Twitter | @stagehandlive StageHand on Instagram | @stagehandlive Derek Manns on LinkedIn |
May 7, 2020
Episode 142 | Vanessa Chislett, Founder of Shisso Tea | 6 May 2020
Vanessa has a passion for tea that has inspired her to create a unique customer experience behind each cup of tea similar to a glass of fine wine or Cuban cigar. Since Vanessa informed me that tea has a 5000 year history, we barely scratched the surface on this podcast! To learn more, click on the links below:  §§§  Shisso Tea website |  Shisso Tea on Twitter | @ShissoTea  Shisso Tea on Instagram | @shissotea  Vanessa Chislett on LinkedIn |
May 7, 2020
Episode 141 | Matthew Lowe, CEO and co-founder of ZeroKey Inc | 4 May 2020
What an incredible origin story. Matthew and his partners initially wanted to solve the problem associated with a hands-free or key-less keyboard to complete work for a client. That idea lead to the ZeroKey team solving a decades old problem for the German car manufacturer, VolksWagen (VW). To learn more, click on the links below:  §§§ ZeroKey Inc website |  ZeroKey on Twitter |  @zerokey123 Matthew Lowe on Twitter | @OnTheMF ZeroKey on LinkedIn |  Matthew Lowe on LinkedIn |
May 4, 2020
Episode 140 | Natasha Spokes, CEO and co-founder, FarCloser Travel | 1 May 2020
It is well known that Covid-19 has shut down the global travel industry. Natasha Spokes and her FarCloser Travel team are using this downturn to get “closer” to their existing partners and seeking ways to improve their platform for the future. To learn more, click on the links below: §§§ FarCloser Travel website | FarCloser Travel on Instagram | @farclosertravel FarCloser Travel on Twitter | @farclosertravel FarCloser Travel on LinkedIn | Natasha Spokes on LinkedIn |
May 1, 2020
Episode 139 | Capt Kirk Furniss, FKN Beer | 30 April 2020
FKN Beer, derived from the initials “Furniss Kirk Nterprises” has a combined a unique marketing strategy with a quality brewer in Calgary, “Last Spike Brewery”, to launch a new business.  To learn more about this unique beer brand, click on the links below:  §§§  FKN Beer website |  FKN Beer on Instagram | @fknbeer  Captain Kirk Furniss on LinkedIn | §§§  To find more about Last Spike Brewery, click on this link |
April 30, 2020
Episode 138 | Moe Ali Khawaja, Owner of Swiss Chalet Shawville in Calgary | 30 April 2020
Moe has been around the Swiss Chalet franchise since the early 2000’s, first as a manager in Edmonton and secondly as a franchisee owner at the Shawville location in Calgary since 2009.  To learn about how to get 20% off of your next food order, listen to the podcast and then click on the links below:  §§§  Address: 265 Shawville Blvd SE, Calgary  Phone: 403-919-2636  §§§ Swiss Chalet website |  Swiss Chalet Shawville on Instagram | @swisschaletshawville  Moe Ali Khawaja on LinkedIn |
April 30, 2020
Episode 137 | John Evans, President and CEO, EverLine Coatings and Services | 30 April 2020
Being part of the College Pro Painters franchise during his university days inspired John to find another franchise. Ironically, he went from painting houses to painting roads while forming a successful franchise business of his own.  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  EverLine Coatings & Services website |  EverLine on Twitter | @EverLineCoatngs  EverLine on Instagram | @everlinecoatings  EverLine on LinkedIn |  §§§ John Evans on LinkedIn |
April 30, 2020
Episode 136 | Paul Dan, CEO and co-founder, ivy - Social Network | 29 April 2020
Paul is a computer science student (and recent U of C graduate) that felt there was a “social media” void for students to access all relevant aspects of campus life. The ivy app brings events, people, classes, ideas, news, activities direct to students. To learn more about how this innovative project turned business, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  ivy website |  ivy on Twitter | @network_ivy  ivy on Instagram | @theivysocialnetwork  ivy on LinkedIn |  Paul Dan on LinkedIn |
April 29, 2020
Episode 135 | Aziz Rahman, Calgary franchise owner of “Get In the Loop” | 29 April 2020
What happens when a financial planner decides to invest in a franchise? He selects one that is low cost and has the potential for high growth. To learn more about how Aziz Rahman got in the loop, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  Get in the Loop website |  Get in the Loop on Twitter | @getintheloopca  Get in the Loop Calgary on Instagram | @getintheloopCalgary  Get in the Loop on LinkedIn |  Aziz Rahman on LinkedIn |
April 29, 2020
Episode 134 | CostCertified, co-founders Mike Bignold and Dave Vass | 23 April 2020
Dave and Mike have combined their expertise in digital marketing, construction, entrepreneurship and software coding to bootstrap their residential construction SaaS marketplace that is set to disrupt the industry both in Canada and abroad.  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  Cost Certified website |  Cost Certified demo on YouTube | Cost Certified on LinkedIn | §§§  Mike Bignold on LInkedIn |  Dave Vass on LinkedIn | 
April 23, 2020
Episode 133 | “We Are Nidum” with Jose Azares | 23 April 2020
What happens when a serial entrepreneur attends an incubator program in Denmark? A Virtual Reality (VR) training application called “We are Nidum” is created for the hospitality sector! In fact, Nidum may just have more widespread application to other sectors, including oil and gas — the exact sector where the Founder and Chief Ideology Officer, Jose Azares, began his career and entrepreneurship!  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  Nidum website |  Nidum on Instagram | @we_are_nidum  Nidum on LInkedIn |  Jose Azares on LinkedIn | 
April 23, 2020
Episode 132 | Ian Holloway, Professor and Dean of Law at the University of Calgary | 22 April 2020
Ian Holloway shared some unique insights into the changes of teaching law at the U of C law faculty that has made their graduating students more relevant upon entering the work force.  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  U of C, Faculty of Law website |  U of C, Faculty of Law on Instagram | @ucalgarylaw  U of C, Faculty of Law on Twitter | @ucalgarylaw  Ian Holloway on LinkedIn |  Link to University of Calgary website |
April 22, 2020
Episode 131 | Chantelle Little, Founder and CEO of Tiller Digital | 21 April 2020
Chantelle provided some unique insights on the shift in marketing from traditional “word of mouth” to the need to understand and learn in a rapidly changing digital marketing world. Chantelle also provides some key recommendations for businesses (small or large) to create content during the Covid-19 crisis.  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  Website  *  * Follow their blog |  LinkedIn  * Tiller Digital |  * Chantelle Little |  Instagram  Tiller Digital |  @tillerdigital  Chantelle Little |  @chantellemlittle
April 21, 2020
Episode 130 | Spencer Kerber, Founder of Bessie | 21 April 2020
“Bessie” is a business that facilitates the direct ordering of meat and poultry from ranchers and farmers to consumers. Bessie cuts through many supply chain layers to reduce the “order to delivery” time from more than a week to “same day” service  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§ Link to Bessie website |  Bessie on Instagram | @getbessiebox  Bessie on Twitter | @getbessiebox  Spencer Kerber on LinkedIn |
April 21, 2020
Episode 129 | Carrie Gour, CEO and co-founder of PwrSwitch | 21 April 2020
Carrie has combined her power of the “pen” to co-found a software company that takes the written word, from text or email, to provide evidence used to resolve difficult relationships.  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  Link to PwrSwitch website |  PwrSwitch on Instagram | @getpwrswitch  wrSwitch on Twitter | @getpwrswitch  Carrie Gour on LinkedIn |
April 21, 2020
Episode 128 | Tom Morin, Calgary speaker, author and instructor | 20 April 2020
Tom Morin has taken his life skills to the classroom, consulting table and book pages. Personal life and work incidents in the past have motivated Tom to change his work focus on several occasions and inspired him to write a book on work titled “Your Best Work”  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§ Link to Tom’s website |  Tom’s book can also be found on Amazon |  Tom Morin on LinkedIn |
April 20, 2020
Episode 127 | Iggy Domagalski, CEO of Tundra Process Solutions | 17 April 2020
Iggy has some wise advice for business leaders that are managing through the Covid-19 crisis including embracing video-conferencing and engaging staff through other creative means such as recording short video and audio messages then upload onto YouTube for your staff and/or customers.  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  Tundra Process Solutions website |  Tundra Process Solutions on YouTube | TundraProcess Tundra Process Solutions on Instagram | @tundraprocesssolutions  Iggy Domagalski on LinkedIn |
April 17, 2020
Episode 126 | Jimmy Diep, owner of RE/MAX iRealty Innovations | 16 April 2020
To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  Website |  Jimmy Diep on Instagram | @remaxirealtyinnovations  Jimmy Diep on Twitter | @Jimmy_Diep  Jimmy Diep on LinkedIn |
April 16, 2020
Episode 125 | Deepak Saini, Health Performance Longevity Coach | 16 April 2020
A fellow member of CPA Alberta, Deepak used a personal health moment to pivot from accounting  into helping others with their health, fitness and diet to improve their wellbeing.  To learn more about  Deepak and his work, consider clicking on the links below:  §§§  Deepak Saini Health Website |  Deepak Saini Health on Twitter | @DSainiHealth  Deepak Saini Health on YouTube |  Deepak Saini on LinkedIn |
April 16, 2020
Episode 124 | Lisa Genovese, President of BottomLine | 16 April 2020
Lisa and her team provide targeted advice to clients on their marketing strategies by mixing together research, data analytics and technology with staff that understand the human side to consumer behavior, patterns and trends. To learn more about the “BottomLine”, consider clicking on the links below: §§§ BottomLine website | BottomLine on Instagram | @BottomLineYYC BottomLine on Twitter | @BottomLineInc BottomLine on YouTube | Lisa Genovese profile on LinkedIn |
April 16, 2020
Episode 123 | Brian Bazely, CEO of Driverseat Inc (in Kitchener, Ontario) | 15 April 2020
To learn more about Driverseat Inc, the franchise business that Brian started with his brother, Luke, in 2012 and has expanded across Canada including 2 states in the USA, click on the links below:  §§§  Driverseat Inc website |  Driverseat Inc on Instagram | @driverseatinc  Driverseat Inc on Twitter | @driverseatfirst  Driverseat Inc on YouTube |  Brian Bazely profile on LinkedIn |
April 15, 2020
Episode 122 | Margaret Taylor, founder of nudemarket | 15 April 2020
If you ever want to know about peanut butter, Margaret Taylor in Calgary is the person to ask. From all natural ingredients to reusable glass jars, Margaret makes sustainable and zero waste peanut butter through her Nude Market brand name. To learn more, click on the links below:  §§§  nudemarket website |  nudemarket on Instagram | @Nudemarket.yyc  nudemarket on Twitter | @nudemarketyyc
April 15, 2020
Episode 121 | Vek Labs owner and director, Andrew Peloso | 15 April 2020
Andrew combined his time away in Italy with watching a ton of YouTube videos to become a creative and “certified” videographer in the Calgary community.  Learn why clients approach the Vek Labs team when they require video content for their business.  §§§  Vek Labs website |  Vek Labs on Instagram | @VekLabs  Vek Labs on Twitter | @VekLabs  Vek Lab podcast titled “Vek Cast” link |  Andrew Peloso on LinkedIn |
April 15, 2020
Episode 120 | Rahul Kumar, Franchise Owner of Driverseat Calgary | 14 April 2020
From working in the car rental business to investing in a chaffeur / car driving franchise in Calgary, Rahul found himself and his team in the front-line of helping Calgary citizens navigate their grocery shopping needs  in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.  §§§  To find out more, click on the link to the podcast or find Rahul and his Driverseat Calgary franchise from one of the links below:  To call for service | 1-587-355-5905  To email for service |  Driverseat Inc website |  Driverseat Calgary web link |  §§§ Driverseat Calgary on Instagram | @driverseatcalgary  Driverseat Calgary on Twitter | @DrvstCalgary  Driverseat head office on Twitter | @DriverseatFirst Rahul Kumar on LinkedIn | 
April 14, 2020
Episode 119 | Karen Ball, Principal of Karen Ball & Associates | 14 April 2020
Karen talked a lot about the resilience of Calgary as a community and its long history of volunteering and giving; that history will go a long way to help those in (more) need during the Covid-19 crisis. Karen feels that humanity and humility will be key principles that will help to re-build the community when the pandemic passes.  §§§ To find out more about Karen and her work, click on the links below:  Karen Ball & Associates website |  Karen Ball on LinkedIn |  Karen Ball on Twitter | @Kay_B
April 14, 2020
Episode 118 | Kamea LaFontaine, Founder and CEO of Intelli Network | 14 April 2020
What a pleasure it was to chat with Kamea about community, security, data, blockchain, small business and how it is likely Covid-19 will lead to “hyper localism” once the global pandemic affords a return to (quasi) normal.  §§§  To find out more about Intelli Network, click on the links below:  Intelli Network website link |  Intelli Network on Twitter | @Intelli_Network  Kamea LaFontaine on LinkedIn |  Calgary Crime Stoppers (Kamea is on the Board of Directors) |
April 14, 2020
Episode 117 | Gordon Bristow, Co-founder of F45 Kingsland in Calgary | 13 April 2020
In another story of executives that pivoted from Oil & gas, Gord and his wife, Deborah, took the initiative to invest in an F45 personal fitness franchise. The Covid-19 crisis resulted in an unexpected pivot into the virtual fitness world which the F45 Kingsland team appears to have adapted quite well.  §§§  To find out more about F45 Kingsland and their initiatives to move on-line, click on the links below:  F45 Kingsland website link |  F45 Kingsland on Instagram | @F45_training_Kingsland  F45 Training on Twitter | @f45training  Gordon Bristow on LinkedIn |
April 13, 2020
Episode 116 | Eric Yeung, Co-founder and CEO of PostGame; owner of PAWS Dog Daycare | 10 April 2020
Eric pivoted from oil and gas to caring for dogs to creating a food and beverages ordering app for amateur sports teams.  Eric’s “thirst” for innovation and creativity lead Eric to start a new Instagram site called “@yyctakeoutspecials”. Not satisfied with drawing attention to restaurants that are open for take-out and delivery during the Covid-19 crisis, Eric decided to start a charitable initiative to feed 50 families for Easter weekend. Imagine that they will be feeding 69 families instead?  §§§  To find out more about Eric’s companies, click on the links below:  PostGame website |  PostGame on Instagram | @postgame_app  PAWS on website |  PAWS on InstaGram | @pawsdogdaycare  PAWS on Twitter | @pawsdogdaycare  Eric Yeung on LinkedIn |
April 10, 2020
Episode 115 | Tony McGrath, CEO of THE GRAND theatre in Calgary | 9 April 2020
From its original construction in 1912 to its major refurbishment in 2001, THE GRAND has been hosting a variety of performing arts and creative events over the past few years.  As Tony explained “…in the post Covid-19 period, we will see a resurgence in live performances…THE GRAND will play an active role in the Calgary arts community…”  §§§  To find out more about THE GRAND, click on the links below:  THE GRAND website |  THE GRAND on Instagram | @thegrandyyc  THE GRAND on Twitter | @thegrandyyc  Tony McGrath on LinkedIn |
April 9, 2020
Episode 114 | VizworX Inc, chat with Founder and President, Jeff LaFrenz | 9 April 2020
This was a terrific discussion that covered various forms of technology that Jeff and his team recommend for clients to adopt when solving basic and complex problems. This includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and data visualization. Of course Covid-19 formed much of the discussion in terms of remote access to client facilities to student education to slower WiFi due to increased connections from home.  §§§  To find out more about VizworX, click on the links below:  VixworX inc website |  VixworX on Twitter | @vizworx  Jeff LaFrenz on LinkedIn |
April 9, 2020
Episode 113 | Mark Freeland, Managing Partner, Two Rivers Distillery | 8 April 2020
From making his own beers in the basement to opening a hard liquor distillery months before the Covid-19 crisis changed the course (temporarily) of their activities, Mark Freeland and his partners are now making hand sanitizer for healthcare workers and other front-line individuals providing essential services in Calgary.  §§§  To find out more about Two Rivers Distillery, click on the links below:  Two Rivers Distillery website |  Two Rivers Distillery on InstaGram | @two_rivers_distillery_yyc  Mark Freeland on LinkedIn |
April 8, 2020
Episode 112 | Guillermo Salazar, founder, ICwhatUC and Raven Hockey | 7 April 2020
Frustration with trying to repair garage door opener lead to Guillermo co-found ICwhatUC to help businesses and consumers avoid costly “service” calls. A similar challenge with ensuring hockey dads could find suitable sticks for growing boys lead to the formation of Raven Hockey. §§§  To learn more, consider clicking on the links below:  ICwhatUC website |  ICwhatUC on InstaGram | @icwhatuclive  *** Raven Hockey website |  Raven Hockey on Instagram | @raven_hockey  Raven Hockey on Twitter | @raven_hockey  *** Guillermo Salazar can be found on LinkedIn:
April 7, 2020
Episode 111 | Groundswell Marketing founder, Scott Martin | 7 April 2020
This was a dynamic interview whereby Scott highlighted his recent article on LinkedIn “Adaptive Ideation during a Crisis” and how isolation will foster innovation. Scott expressed his views on how many people will “shift to trust” after the crisis. He shared his experience attending the Gary Vaynerchuk “Inside 4D’s” seminar in New York. Finally, Scott is writing a book which will likely feature a compilation of ideas from his 25+ years in business.  §§§  Groundswell Marketing website |  Groundswell Marketing on InstaGram |  Groundswell Marketing on Twitter | @groundswell_m  Link to the Groundswell Marketing Podcast |  Scott Martin can be found on LinkedIn:
April 7, 2020
Episode 110 | Picture Perfect Cleaning , owner, Jared Sarbit | 6 April 2020
This is an amazing story that started with me seeing a post on LinkedIn! I really don’t want to spoil the surprise of my listeners.  §§§  To learn more about Jared and his cleaning business, click play!  Then consider visiting the website of Picture Perfect Cleaning |  Picture Perfect Cleaning on InstaGram | @pictureperfectcleaning  on Twitter | @PicturePerfectClean  Jared Sarbit can be found on LinkedIn:
April 6, 2020
Episode 109 | My Body Couture, owner, Janis Isaman | 6 April 2020
Janis has taken what she learned from her own running injury “Runners Knee” to teach, train and educate others on how to focus on their own individual body movements to improve their wellbeing — whether or not they are athletes.  §§§  To learn more, visit the website of My Body Couture |  My Body Couture on InstaGram | @mybodycouture  Janis Isaman on Instagram | @janis.isaman  My Body Couture on Twitter | @MyBodyCouture  Janis Isaman can be found on LinkedIn:
April 6, 2020
Episode 108 | Home in a Bag, Founder, Micah Louison | 3 April 2020
From a real life hurricane experience in Grenada as a child, Micah Louison created a real business solution to a global social issue linked to natural disasters. Micah and his team are gathering research to help communities better plan and manage temporary facilities and supplies during emergencies.  §§§  To learn more, visit the website of Home in a Bag:  On Twitter: @myhomeinabag  Micah Louison can be found on LinkedIn:
April 3, 2020
Episode 107 | Collis Insurance, President, Andrea Collis | 3 April 2020
Andrea shared her experience in the insurance sector which included comments on various risks such as cybersecurity and ransomware and local catastrophies like the Calgary floods of 2013 and the forest fires in Ft McMurray. Andrea also shared some thoughts Covid-19 crisis that may be of benefit to business owners as they navigate through these uncertain times. §§§ To learn more, visit the website of Collis Insurance: Collis Insurance can be found on Twitter: @collisinsurance Collis Insurance on LinkedIn: Andrea Collis can be found on LinkedIn:
April 3, 2020
Episode 106 | KnoGeo, CEO and co-founder, Jesse Brown | 2 April 2020
In another remote podcast to ensure social distancing requirements are met, Jesse Brown walked through his real estate tech (or “PropTech”) solution for the commercial real estate industry. Jesse also had some practical suggestions on what he and the KnoGeo team are doing to manage through the initial stages of the Covid-19 crisis  §§§  To learn more, visit the website of KnoGeo:  KnoGeo can be found on Instagram: @knogeo  Consider visiting the KnoGeo blog on Medium:  Jesse Brown can be found on LinkedIn:
April 2, 2020
Episode 105 | Luxura Diamonds owner, Lindsay Jones | 2 April 2020
This is the 4th remotely recorded episode since the Covid-19 crisis mandated social distancing.  To learn about Lindsay's  ability to design engagement rings, visit the website of Luxura Diamonds:  Luxura Diamonds on Instagram: @luxuradiamonds  Lindsay Jones on LinkedIn:
April 2, 2020
Episode 104 | Goodlawyer, co-founder and CEO, Brett Colvin | 1 April 2020
This is the 3rd remotely recorded episode after the Covid-19 crisis mandated “work from home” for non-essential business activities. Brett and his “good team” have created a legal SaaS (software as a service) that helps match legal freelancers across Canada to provide affordable legal help to small and medium-sized businesses across Canada.  §§§ Website of Goodlawyer: Goodlawyer on Instagram: @Goodlawyerinc  Goodlawyer on Facebook:  Goodlawyer on LinkedIn:  Brett Colvin on LinkedIn:
April 1, 2020
Episode 103 | Rviita, founder and CEO, Mitch Jacobsen | 1 April 2020
This is the second podcast episode that I remotely recorded subsequent to social distancing becoming the norm across Canada and the globe. Mitch is a Petroleum Engineer that has pivoted from oil and gas into entrepreneurship. Only months after launching the Rviita energy tea, Covid-19 has required Mitch to once again “pivot” and manage his business through the current crisis.  §§§ Website of Rviita:  Rviita on Instagram: @reviitalize  Rviita on LinkedIn:  Mitch Jacobsen on LinkedIn:
April 1, 2020
Episode 102 | Abeego, chat with founder, Toni Desrosiers
In my first podcast since Covid-19 forced social distancing and mandatory work from home requirements, Toni Desrosier joined me on the podcast to provide background on her business, Abeego, and fruitful discussion on how the Abeego team are managing through the early days of the crisis.  . §§§ . Website of Abeego:  Abeego on Twitter: @abeego Abeego on Instagram: @abeego  Abeego on LinkedIn:  Toni Desrosier on LinkedIn:
March 31, 2020
Episode 101 | SensorUp, Steve Liang, co-founder and CTO
Website of SensorUp: On Twitter: @sensorup Steve on LinkedIn:
March 13, 2020
Episode 100 | YWCA Calgary | Sue Tomney, CEO
To find out more about YWCA Calgary and its new headquarters on the edge of Inglewood in SW Calgary, follow this website link l Check them out on Instagram: @YWCalgary On Twitter: @YWCalgary LinkedIn profile: Sue Tomney on LinkedIn:
March 10, 2020
Episode 99 | EducationMatters | Marilyn Field, Executive Director and Helen Nowlan-Walls
This was a unique podcast that took place in an historic Calgary landmark, Carl Safran Building, a former Calgary high school. To find out more about EducationMatters, follow this website link l Check them out on Instagram: @edmattersyyc On Twitter: @edmattersyyc LinkedIn profile: Marilyn Field on LinkedIn: Helen Nowlan-Wells |
March 10, 2020
Episode 98 | Calgary Arts Development, President and CEO, Patti Pon
To find out more about Calgary Arts Development, follow this website link l Check them out on Instagram: @CalgaryArtsDev On Twitter: @CalgaryArtsDev Patti Pon LinkedIn profile:
March 9, 2020
Episode 97 | Liz Nandee, owner and designer, Basic Black Designs
To find out more about Liz Nandee and her interior design work, follow this link to her website l  Check her out on Instagram: @basicblackdesignsinc  On Twitter: @basicblkdesigns  LinkedIn profile:
March 9, 2020
Episode 96 | Vine Styles, Nathalie Gosselin, Chief Experience Designer
To find your favorite wine, craft beer and craft spirits, follow this website l Check them out of Instagram: @vinestylesyyc On Twitter: @vinestylesyyc
March 6, 2020
Episode 95 | Zelos Capital, founding partner and President, Gilbert Bong
To find out more about Zelos Capital here in Calgary, follow these links: Website: Company profile on LinkedIn: Gilbert Bong on LinkedIn:
March 5, 2020
Episode 94 | World Bier Haus, Joanna Andreopoulos, co-owner
To find your favorite beer and food, follow this website l Check them out of Instagram: @world_bier_haus
March 5, 2020
Episode 93 | Bow Valley College, Digital and Emerging Media Course
Eileen Gaetz, instructor of the Digital and Emerging Media class referred to as “PREL2103”. This short podcast session was conducted to introduce the students to editing and distributing their own podcasts. Allen managed to interview a few of the students to learn the subject matter of their planned podcasts! To learn more about this course and other programs offered at Bow Valley College, click on this website link: Follow Bow Valley College on Instagram: @bowvalley Reach out to Eileen Gaetz on LinkedIn to learn more about this innovative and practical course:
March 4, 2020
Episode 92 | Soul Float Studio, co-founder Shannon Vander Meulen
To find out more about Soul Float Health follow these links: Website: Instagram: @soulfloatstudio LinkedIn Profile of Shannon: Facebook: @soulfloatstudio
March 3, 2020
Episode 91 | Tash Marshall Bean, Authentic Instructor Training
To find out more about Tash Marshal Bean follow these links: Website: Instagram: @trainingwithtashie LinkedIn Profile: Facebook: @trainingwithtashie
March 2, 2020
Episode 90 | Great West Radon with founder, Dorothy Bewernick
To find out more about Great West Radon, follow these links: Website: Instagram: @greatwestradon Facebook: LinkedIn:
March 2, 2020
Episode 89 | Prairie Dog Brewing with co-founder, Gerad Coles
To find out more about Prairie Dog Brewing, follow these links: Website: Instagram: @prairiedogbeer Twitter: @prairiedogbeer Facebook: @prairiedogbeer
February 28, 2020
Episode 88 | Career Vitality Services with founder, Brian Lambier
To find out more about Career Vitality Services follow these links:  Website:  Instagram: @careervitality1  Twitter: @careervitality
February 27, 2020
Episode 87 | Communo CEO and co-founder, Ryan Gill
Communo was described by Heidi Lacey, Office Manager as “a talent optimization platform”. That summation barely scratches the surface on the innovation and creativity behind the Communo business! To find out more about Communo, follow these links: Website: Instagram: @communohq Instagram: @ryangillshares Twitter: @communohq Ryan Gill LinkedIn profile:
February 26, 2020
Episode 86 | Village Brewery, Stefan Horsky, co-founder
To find out more about Village Brewery, follow these links: Instagram: @villagebrewery Website: Twitter: @villagebrewery
February 26, 2020
Episode 85 | GAM Tech, Adrian Ghira, Managing Partner
To find out more about GAM Tech, follow these links: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @GAM_Tech_CA LinkedIn profile of Adrian Ghira:
February 25, 2020
Episode 84 | Brain Mechanics Foundation, Karim Delgado, CEO, Director of Product and R&D
To find out more about Brain Mechanics Foundation, click on this website link: Instagram: @brain_mechanics LinkedIn profile of Karim:
February 25, 2020
Episode 83 | :AM CLEANING YYC, Owner and operator, Mariya Podeyko
To find out more about all natural cleaning, click on this website link: Instagram: @amcleaning_yyc
February 25, 2020
Episode 82 | Calgary Food Bank, CEO James McAra
To find out more about how you can learn more about activities of the Calgary Food Bank, follow this website link: Instagram: @calgaryfoodbank Twitter: @calgaryfoodbank LinkedIn profile of James McAra:
February 24, 2020
Episode 81 | Marlo Brausse, founder of Barre Body Studio
Marlo has built this energetic and modern workout studio in a re-purposed brick warehouse in the Ramsay area of Calgary. To find out more, click on this website link: Instagram: @BarreBodyStudio Twitter: @BarreBodyStudio
February 21, 2020
Episode 80 | Tyrone Mellon, CEO of Mellon Real Estate Inspection
To find out more, click on this website link: Instagram: @mellon_real_estate_inspection
February 20, 2020
Episode 79 | Yin Sung, owner of Sucre Patisserie & Cafe
To find this quaint cafe in southwest Calgary, click this website link: Instagram: @sucrecafeyyc
February 20, 2020
Episode 78 | Alex Sulkin, CEO and founder of E.O.I. Technologies
Alex has taken his understanding of “off the shelf” sensors to create a complete technical solution that combines hardware software, data and cloud capabilities to be applied to monitor conveyor systems used in the food processing industry To learn more, follow this link to the E.O.I Technologies: LinkedIn Profile of Alex Sulkin: http://
February 19, 2020
Episode 77 | Lisa Maric, Owner of Distilled Beauty Bar
Lisa Maric has created a real sense of community in this quaint social house located in the heart of Marda Loop and Garrison Woods community. The Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House combines coffee, food and personal aesthetics to create a wonderful customer experience. How wonderful? As Lisa explained “...some guests will stay for two or three hours...” To learn more, follow this link to the Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House website: www. Instagram: @distilled_beautybaryyc
February 19, 2020
Episode 76 | Karen Judge, Founder of “A Dose of Happiness”
Karen is a serial entrepreneur that has successfully transitioned from running her “Studio Gorgeous” business for 13 years to writing a book to starting her latest venture “A Dose of Happiness” right in the heart of downtown Calgary in Bankers Hall. To learn more, follow this link to Karen’s website: Follow Karen on LinkedIn: Instagram: @doseofhappinessyyc
February 13, 2020
Episode 75 | Jackie Rainforth, President of Rainmakers Business Solutions
Jackie shares her experiences from working as a sales and marketing executive in the plumbing business to starting her own business to writing a book titled “The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling”. To learn more, follow this link to Jackie’s website: Follow Jackie on: LinkedIn: Instagram: @jackierainforth Twitter: @jackierainmaker Facebook:
February 12, 2020
Episode 74 | Stan Peake, founder of InSite Performance Coaching
Stan Peake is obsessed with removing the barriers to business growth, and empowering leaders to transform their organizations into the powerhouses they should be. To learn more, follow this link to the InSite Performance Coaching website: Follow Stan and his team on: Instagram: @coachpeake Twitter: @yourbizcoaches Twitter: @stanpeake Facebook:
February 12, 2020
Episode 73 | The Harvest Hub, Sean Fillion, co-founder
Sean took his experience as a real estate developer and combined it with his love of farming to delve into the world of “controlled-environment agriculture” or CEA. To learn more, follow this link to the Harvest Hub website: Follow them on: Instagram: @theharvesthub Twitter: @theharvesthub
February 11, 2020
Episode 72 | Vicki Knott, CEO and co-founder, Crux OCM
Vicki shares a brilliant story of how one day she was working in a pipeline monitoring control room and the next day (metaphorically) she was traveling to Oslo, Norway to attend a Techstars Energy accelerator. To learn more, visit the Crux OCM website : LinkedIn profile of Vicki: Twitter: @cruxcom
February 10, 2020
Episode 71 | Son of the Pharaoh, Jacob Adly, family-owned business
This family-owned business has done an amazing job at recreating what can only be described as a typical Middle East retail shop. Jacob and his parents truly understand the products they are selling for Calgary and international customers. To learn more, visit their Instagram pages: @sonofthepharaoh @realegyptianpapyrus The link to their website:
February 7, 2020
Episode 70 | The Dandelion Cafe, co-founder, Bryce Currie and partners Raven, Andre and Jules
Bryce Currie, one of the co-founders of The Dandelion Cafe, took me through the origin story of the cafe and yoga studio — located just off the beaten Inglewood path and close to Scotsman’s Hill in the Ramsay district of Calgary. Instagram: @thedandelioncafe_ Website:
February 7, 2020
Episode 69 | Briana Loughlin, founder of PlasticFreeYYC
Briana started her journey in 2017 as a blog writer in order to share the message with others. Briana takes pride in impacting her family, friends and relatives but simple ideas like “a plastic free month” or “don’t take your plastic to work” days (okay, I made that last one up!) will easily spread to others. To learn more about the programs and initiatives of Briana Loughlin and her team at PlasticFreeYYC, follow one or more of the links below: Instagram: @plasticfreeyyc @zerowastefestyyc Twitter: @plasticfreeyyc Website:
February 6, 2020
Episode 68 | Alex Putici, founder of Work Nicer Coworking
Work Nicer provides a real community for startups and small businesses to share common resources and work in a thriving hub of activity that really defines the term “coworking”. Instagram: @worknicer Twitter: @worknicer Website:
February 5, 2020
Episode 67 | Kyle Chow, owner of Plant and Recess in Inglewood
Set in the heart of Inglewood, Kyle Chow has built two cozy businesses: Plant and Recess. Words can hardly describe the care and attention Kyle and his team have taken to ensure the experience of their customers takes precedence. Instagram: @plantshopyyc Twitter: @plantshopyyc Website:
February 5, 2020
Episode 66 | Conrad Ferrel, CEO and founder of True Büch Kombucha
Conrad and his wife, Louisa, have taken the trendy kombucha tea drink to the next level in Calgary. From his Chartered Accountant roots, Conrad has branched out into the world of entrepreneurship with his True Büch beverage drink. To learn more, visit the True Büch Kombucha website: Twitter: @true_buch Instagram: @true_buch Finally, check out Conrad’s LinkedIn profile:
February 4, 2020
Episode 65 | Kyla Zalapski, founder of Fitness Evolution
Kyla took me through her life as a political science student that did not want to go to law school and search land titles on micro fiche. Kyla has spent a number of years in the health and fitness industry working with amateur and pro athletes. This work recently lead to Kyla working on mental health issues. To learn more, visit her website: Twitter: @fitnessevolyyc Finally, check out Kyla’s LinkedIn profile:
February 3, 2020
Episode 64 | Steve and Zoe Klintberg Nagy, Co-founders of Spin for Life and Rocket House
Steve and Zoe understand what it means to combine their efforts in events management with drama, performing arts, tech, nostalgia, and creativity, to name a few. That probably explains how they can transcend their work at RocketHouse into an fundraising event, Spin for Life, for the Canadian Cancer Society. To learn more, visit the Rocket House website: and the Spin for Life website: Instagram for both: @rockethouseinc @spinforlifeyyc Finally, check out Steve’s LinkedIn profile:
January 31, 2020
Episode 63, Bridgeland Distillery, co-founders Jacques and Daniel
Jacques and Daniel have masterfully converted the retail showroom of this former furniture seller located just off Edmonton Trail and Memorial Drive. To learn more about this unique business: Find them on Instagram: @bridgelanddistillery Website link:
January 31, 2020
Episode 62 | Matthew Rai, General Manager, Lina’s Italian Market
Within seconds of walking into the market, anyone will understand the user experience (or UX) will be terrific. Lina’s Italian Market is a thriving Mediterranean experience that Matthew and his team have curated with a combination of staff, fresh ingredients and reliable suppliers. You can find out more about Lina’s Italian Market on their website: You can follow their posts on Instagram: @linasmarket
January 30, 2020
Episode 61 | Meghan Huchkowsky, co-founder of Doodle Dogs
The origin story is brilliant. Sister and brother co-founders. Oil and gas professional that pivoted into the world of entrepreneurship. Doodle Dogs focuses on pet foods and accessories but also is becoming an educator on the benefits of nutrition and pet health. To find Doodle Dogs on Instagram: @doodledogsyyc To find out more about the two Doodle Dogs locations in Calgary, visit their Website at:
January 27, 2020
Episode 60 | Amber Craig, VP Marketing of Four20 Premium Market
Surprises are usually meant for birthday parties and anniversaries. Four20 markets themselves as a premium cannabis retailer and that was not obvious from their Instagram feed! Amber did a terrific job of introducing me to the cannabis focus of Four20 and their unique approaches to marketing their Calgary retail stores before opening a branch in each community. To find Four20 Premium Market on Instagram: @four20yyc To find out more about Four20, visit their Website at:
January 24, 2020
Episode 59 | Natalie St Hillaire, founder of Yoga Nova Studio
Finding your “dharma” (not “darma”) is really the only way to describe the yoga studio that was founded by Natalie St. Hilaire in the Altadore community (edge of Mardaloop) in Southwest Calgary. To find Yoga Nova Studio on Instagram: @yoganovastudio and Natalie: @natsthilaire Website link:
January 23, 2020
Episode 58 | Jyoti Gondek, Ward 3 Councillor, City of Calgary
From University of Calgary Adjunct Professor to Councillor for the City of Calgary (Ward 3), Jyoti Gondek shares how her prior experiences have helped her to understand the day to day activities of running and managing the municipal affairs of a local government. Find her on LinkedIn: City of Calgary Website link:
January 22, 2020
Episode 57 | Carrie Korithoski, co-founder of The O.T. Brewing Company
What an experience visiting the O.T. Brewing facility in the Blackfoot industrial park in southeast Calgary! Carrie and Mike Korithoski have mixed nostalgia with beer drinking alongside the micro-brewery distillation process in the back warehouse. There is boundless creativity around the premises that only enhances the experience of enjoying a brew. Find them on Instagram: @otbrewing_co Website link:
January 22, 2020
Episode 56 | Phil Robertson, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters
Driving to the Phil & Sebastian coffee shop located in the basement of the old Simmons Building reminded me of how long I have been away from Calgary. The cafe (or barista) has real charm and character. I truly appreciated learning the origin stories behind an #iconic #Calgary brand that literally did not exist when I last resided in Calgary. Thanks Phil! Instagram: @philandseb Website link:
January 21, 2020
Episode 55 | Aubrey Blair-Pattison, CEO and co-founder, Ammolite BioModels
Aubrey shared the origin story of how her Masters thesis pivoted from focusing on the spine to focusing on the knee. Aubrey and the Ammolite BioModels team have constructed a synthetic model of the knee to help not only sports medicine and physiotherapy specialists but also medical professionals as they train in the “competencies” related to the knee. LinkedIn Profile: Website link:
January 21, 2020
Episode 54 | Terry Booth, Audit Partner, RSM Canada, Calgary office
Terry has always brought an incredible level of energy and dynamics to his approach to professional services. I learned that first-hand during my tenure with EY Calgary; 25 years later has not changed a thing. A pleasure to obtain Terry’s view on the CPA profession and the increasing importance of tech in his work and that of the clients of RSM Canada. LinkedIn Profile: Website link:
January 20, 2020
Episode 53 | Dino Falvo, founder of Amato Gelato in Kensington Area of Calgary
Dino brings a generation of experience in the restaurant and gelato business in Canada. Dino relocated to Calgary from Vancouver to initially sell gelato to restaurants and hotels to starting his own cafe to create more awareness for the general public. Instagram link: @amatogelato Website link:
January 20, 2020
Episode 52 | Annie Cole, founder of Muttley Crue YYC
Annie is a 20 year veteran in the pet care industry and in 2009 decided to start her own facility. Annie and her team make an effort support to local Calgary suppliers and be an eco-friendly business owner. Instagram link: @muttleycrueyyc Website link:
January 17, 2020
Episode 51 | Hafiz Mitha, CEO and Co-founder, PlayCity app
Hafiz went from trying to find a tennis partner on the empty tennis courts connected to his apartment building to executing a plan to create a fully functioning app to bring link-minded sports enthusiasts off their phone and onto the court. Link to website: Link to Instagram: @playcityapp LinkedIn Profile of Hafiz:
January 16, 2020
Episode 50 | Caleb Clark, Hook + Ladder, Chief Strategist and co-founder
What an appropriate name for a marketing and branding company. Caleb and his team understand how to approach the market, irrespective of a companies product or service. Some real old school ideas mixed with new school way of approaching marketing in the new digital economy. Link to website: Link to Instagram: @hookandladderdigital Caleb’s LinkedIn Profile:
January 16, 2020
Episode 49 | Kevin Boyles, CEO and General Manager at Calgary Winter Club
What happens when you take a former Canadian Olympic volleyball player and appoint him to manage a private fitness center? You end up with a community of members that enjoy a variety of social and fitness activities to make the Calgary Fitness Club a real part of the lives of members and their families. Thanks Kevin for sharing this hidden gem on the base of Nose Hill in northwest Calgary! Link to the CWC website: Link to the CWC Instagram: @calgarywinterclub Kevin’s LinkedIn profile:
January 14, 2020
Episode 48 | Kerri McGrath, President & CEO of International Ultrasonic Technologies Inc
Chemistry, shipping, sulphur, heavy oil and technology all play a part in this innovative company, International Ultrasonic Technologies (or IUT), located in the Foothills industrial park of southeast Calgary. In a combination of technical, oil & gas and business terminology, Kerri enthusiastically introduces IUT to the Calgary Business podcast listeners. To learn more, click on the IUT website link: Kerri’s LinkedIn profile:
January 13, 2020
Episode 47, Perry Toms, CEO and Co-founder of Steeper Energy
This hidden gem of a company is poised to disrupt the way we view waste and the everyday biomass all around us. Link to website: LinkedIn profile of Perry Toms:
January 10, 2020
Episode 46 | Mary Moran, CEO of Calgary Economic Development.
This was an excellent discussion with an individual that I would classify as knowing the “macro” and “micro” issues faced by Calgary businesses. Mary provided her insights on key life sciences, agri-business and talent initiatives the team are working on including much broader matters such as foreign direct investment and trade. Link to website:
January 9, 2020
Episode 45 | RNDSQR founder, Al Devani
I travelled to the Calgary community of Altadore to meet the founder and CEO of RNDSQR, a real estate developer and inner city community builder. Al Devani wowed me with his vision for the next steps to the connected home — a connected community. Truly fantastic! Link to website: Link to Instagram: @rndsqr_
January 7, 2020
Episode 44 | Tyler Chisholm, CEO and co-founder, clearmotive marketing group
In this episode, Allen meets with Tyler Chisholm to learn about his journey from flying airplanes to navigating through the intricate world of marketing and advertising. clearmotive website: Instagram: @tylerchisholmyyc @collisionsyyc @theyjustgetit LinkedIn profile:
December 18, 2019
Episode 43 | Bodega Brands, CEO Zack Lister and VP Taylor Davies
This podcast goes retro and the days of trying Tequila as a teenager came hauntingly back as Zack and Taylor walked through the origin story of the “Hecho” Tequila Soda Link to website (Bodega Brands): LinkedIn profile:
December 13, 2019
Episode 42 | Icon Dance Company, Jen and Chris Zacharias
In this episode, Allen had the pleasure of meeting with Jen and Chris, the founders and owners of the Icon Dance Company, a newly established business in the Legacy Community of South Calgary. Instagram and Facebook: @icondancecompanyinc Website:
December 12, 2019
Episode 41, Paul Varella, Associate Professor, Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University
This was a fantastic Podcast! Paul walked me through the new and old parts of Mount Royal University and outlined some of the exciting “hidden gem” programs up at the Campus. Link to MRU websites: Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship:  MRU graduate Oxford University prize: Paul Varella LinkedIn profile:
December 11, 2019
Episode 40 | Victoria Bradbury, CEO of Pendragon Construction Services
In this episode, Allen Wazny had the pleasure of interviewing Victoria Bradbury, the Chief Executive Officer of Pendragon Construction Services and a Board member for two companies: Canada Land Company and the British and Commonwealth British Association of Canada.
December 10, 2019
Episode 39 | Lorie Abernethy, MEOW Foundation Executive Director
In this episode, Allen had the pleasure of learning about the origins of Meow Foundation and the unique ways Lorie and her team have adapted the business model of the foundation. Link to the website: Link to LinkedIn:
December 9, 2019
Episode 38 | Pete Smith, CEO of Strata Health in Calgary
In this episode, Allen Wazny meets with Pete Smith, the CEO of Strata Health. Real interesting to learn that their health SaaS has been around since 2002 — well before the IPhone! Website link: LinkedIn Profile:
December 9, 2019
Episode 37 | Sarah McAllister, CEO and founder of Go Clean Co
In this episode, Allen Wazny met with Sarah Bronwin, the founder of Go Clean Co and Go Dog Co talks about starting up in Calgary from 2018 to 2006, Instagram handles: : @godogco @gocleanco Websites:
December 6, 2019
Episode 36 | CIBC Chestermere, Darren Blasetti & Oleks Prysyazhnyy
In this episode, Allen Wazny had the benefit of having both Darren Blasetti (CIBC Branch Manager) and Oleks Prysyazhnyy (Personal Banking) on the Podcast. Darren and Oleks talked about the incredible changes in Chestermere along with the changes in digital banking and readily available banking-related information online. Both Darren & Oleks talked of the importance of building strong relationships with individuals and business owners in the Chestermere community. Link to CIBC website: Link to Darren’s LinkedIn profile: Link to Oleks’ LinkedIn profile:
December 6, 2019
Episode 35 | Tammy Oliver-McCurdie, CEO and founder of Lockdown Calgary
In this episode, Allen Wazny had fun visiting the LockDown Escape Rooms facility just down the road from Chinook Mall. This was truly fun!! To learn more visit: Tammy’s LinkedIn profile: Instagram connection: @lockdowncalgary
December 5, 2019
Episode 34 | Barbara Spain, Executive Chef / Owner of Cleaver and Gringo Street Restaurants
In this episode, Allen Wazny had the chance to meet with Barbara Spain and learn the origin story of how she came to Calgary from Ireland 6 years ago to set up the Cleaver restaurant. She then opened the Gringo Street restaurant, right next door, a few years later. Barbara also shared the story behind the “50 seats and a Cow” description on her Instagram profile. The secret is on the walls! To learn more of this trendy “Irish” restaurant: To learn more of the Peruvian themed restaurant: Instagram links for both restaurants: @cleavercalgary @gringostcalgary
December 4, 2019
Episode 33 | Shannon Pestun, Director of Women’s Entrepreneurship at ATB Financial
In this episode, Allen managed to track down Shannon Pestun and learn about the key initiatives established by ATB Financial for Calgary women entrepreneurs. Shannon also happens to be on the Board of Governors at Mount Royal University To learn more, this is the link to the ATB website: This is the link to Mount Royal University website: This is the link to Shannon’s LinkedIn profile:
December 2, 2019
Episode 32 | Pamela Draper, CEO and President, Bitvo Inc
In the episode, Allen had the unique opportunity to meet Pamela Draper, the President and CEO, a crypto-currency exchange here in Calgary. Link to website: Linked profile:
November 29, 2019
Episode 31 | Mike McAra, CEO and co-founder of RealOffice360
In this episode, Allen Wazny meets with Mike McAra and finds out how low oil prices allowed him to pivot from his geology roots to co-found a successful tech startup in the Calgary real estate sector. Mike’s website link can be accessed here: Mike’s LinkedIn profile is here:
November 28, 2019
Episode 30 | Desiree Bombenon, CEO of Surecall
In this episode, Allen Wazny had the pleasure of chatting with Desiree Bombenon, the CEO and Chief Disruption Officer of Surecall. Desiree talked through the early days of how pagers were initially disrupted by cell phones to what is today a complete offering of corporate communication solutions for startups to large organizations. Link to website: Link to Desiree Bombenon LinkedIn profile:
November 27, 2019
Episode 29 | Lourdes Juan, founder and Executive Director of Leftover Foundation in Calgary.
In this episode, Allen Wazny meets with Lourdes Juan and learns about the numerous profit and non-profit activities that she is involved in within the Calgary community. This includes co-founder of Moonlight Market Foundation, founder and executive director of Leftovers Foundation, CEO and director of Soma Hammam & Spa, and director of Hive Developments. Unfortunately we did not have time to focus on all of these activities and the links below should provide more details that the podcast could not. Link to Leftovers Foundation website: Link to Soma Hammam & Spa: Link to Hive Developments: Link to FreshRoutes: Link to Moonlight Market:  This is the link to Lourdes’ LinkedIn profile:
November 27, 2019
Episode 28: Lancy Qiu, CEO and Co-founder of iWare Travel
In this episode, Allen had the pleasure of meeting with Lancy to learn the origin story behind her travel insurance platform. Link to website: Link to Lancy’s LinkedIn profile:
November 27, 2019
Episode 27 | Tanya Eklund, The Tanya Eklund Group
In the episode, Allen Wazny has the pleasure to meet with Tanya Eklund, the managing director of The Tanya Eklund Group and learns the origins of an exciting 19 years in the Calgary Real Estate community. With amazing energy, Tanya shares her journey of the changing landscape in Calgary real estate. Link to Tanya’s website: Tanya’s Instagram handle: @tanyaeklund Link to Tanya’s LinkedIn profile:
November 26, 2019
Episode 26 | Rick Hu, CEO and founder, Vivametrica
In this episode, Allen Wazny had the pleasure of chatting with Rick Hu, the CEO and founder of Vivametrica, a health analytics company focused on predictive tools for insurers and wellness program providers. Link to website: Linked to Rick’s LinkedIn profile:
November 26, 2019
Episode #25 | Justin Bobier, Owner and President, Crystal Creek Homes
In this episode, Allen Wazny had the chance to learn about how Crystal Creek homes has managed to weather the Calgary “economic storm” and continue building homes for the Calgary community. Link to website | LinkedIn profile of Justin Bobier |
November 22, 2019
Episode 24 | Brad Vescarelli, Marsh Canada in Calgary, Canada Energy and Power Leader
In this episode, Allen Wazny meets with lawyer turned insurance expert, Brad Vescarelli, who is the Canada Energy and Power Leader with Marsh here in Calgary. Link to Marsh corporate website: Link to Brad’s LinkedIn profile:
November 21, 2019
Episode 23 | Stephen King, CEO and Founder, CMO4Hire
In this episode, Allen Wazny has an energetic discussion with Stephen King, the founder and CEO of CMO4Hire, and learns some unique aspects of digital marketing in the Calgary community. These are his website links: This is the LinkedIn to his LinkedIn profile:
November 20, 2019
Episode 22 | Dominique Fraser, CEO and Founder of TeamFund
In this episode, Allen Wazny had the pleasure to meet and then chat with Dominique Fraser Landry, the President and CEO of, an innovative approach to helping amateur sports teams raise funds. This is a link to the TeamFund website: This is a link to Dominque’s LinkedIn profile: Link to podcast:
November 19, 2019
Episode 21 | Irfhan Rawji, founder and CEO of Mobsquad; partner with Relay Ventures VC
In this episode, Allen Wazny meets with Irfhan Rawji, the founder and CEO of Mobsquad, an innovative idea to attract software engineers and match them with their clients with local and “near-shoring” capacity. This is a link to the company website: This is a link to the Venture Capital firm in which Irfhan is a partner:
November 12, 2019
Episode 20 | Dr Brad Donaldson, VP Academic at SAIT
In this episode, Brad Donaldson shares his views with Al