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All In Politics discusses all events in the culture and in the world of politics, including the Black Lives Matter movement, social justice, and national and local elections.
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“The battle for the SOUL of America” and “”Black Lives Insurance Matters”
Jeff Moore joins All In Politics: To discuss #BlackLifeInsuranceMatters to combat systemic racism.
May 1, 2021
“Biden’s Executive Order on Gun Control”, “DMX Tribute”, “Derek Chauvin Murder Trial”
Episode details legislative stance to combat gun violence, the prosecution’s blitz on The George Floyd trial and a tribute to DMX
April 11, 2021
Hip Hop vs Politics: The changing of the guard from its inception through its generational change.
How the hip hop industry directly influences societal and cultural norms. The use of the FBI and CIA programs that infiltrated urban advancements.
March 8, 2021
“Black Wall Street” pt 2 District Greenwood The Amalgamated People
Our 2nd interview with Nasir and Hershey Alston regarding their upcoming film “District Greenwood The Amalgamated People”......
February 21, 2021
Biden’s Inauguration
Topics include:The Capitol insurrection, Trump’s failure to America and Biden’s Plan.
January 22, 2021
Twitter Bans Trump Indefinitely
Topics include the Capitol riots; Twitter ban on the thief in charge; the 25th amendment and the call for the imprisonment of our corrupt politicians
January 9, 2021
Technological approaches to deal with Covid-19
Finding solutions to mitigate COVID-19 through the use of technological advancements
December 19, 2020
What is the Future of the Republican Party?
Discussion of Trump’s pardon promises, Rudy Giuliani comments and the election in GA that will shape the Senate.
December 5, 2020
All In Politics examines President-Elect Biden’s Plan for Black America
The Covid 19 Pandemic and the danger we are facing with the gap in the political transition from the Trump to the Biden administration. The debt that the Biden Harris administration owes to Black America & the Black Agenda that they are proposing for us.
November 21, 2020
The Day After: The tale of an Electoral nightmare on the brink of a crisis
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
This episode deals with the election fallout, AOC comments over the Democratic Party and what democracy should look like in the near future.
November 14, 2020
Previewing the Presidential Election
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
The Founders of the Dump Trump Facebook Group join the All In Politics crew to discuss polling data, how to get involved, and preview the upcoming presidential election!
November 1, 2020
American Dream vs The Two America Nightmare
Today’s episode is a cross brand discussion on the political climate and future Presidential predictions.....
October 30, 2020
Presidential Debate Wrap Up
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
All In Politics review the debates and discuss the pros and cons along with takeaways from the event.
October 24, 2020
All in Politics discuss #IceCube and the #PresidentialCampaign
Discussion on Ice Cube controversy, Presidential campaign and the influence of hip-hop and politics......
October 17, 2020
Is it Time for the 25th Amendment?
Eli Cooper fills in for Walt Damaja to go All In on the VP Dates, The Elections and the 25th Amendment...
October 10, 2020
#No Justice for Breonna while searching to replace a Supreme Justice.
No Justice for Breonna Taylor, Comedian Granville Bazemore joins All In Politics to discuss current issues.
September 26, 2020
“Unite or Throw it all away”
All in Politics remembers #RuthBaderGinsburg.
September 19, 2020
“How do you want it” #Fascism vs. #Democracy
The dwindling down of the Constitution and the emergence of an In-house coup d'é·tat.......
September 12, 2020
Liberation or Death: The fall of an Empire w/guest Florindo Chivucute Tribute to Malik Aziz
Discussion of today’s economic, electoral and racial disparities in the US and abroad; Tribute to Malik Aziz (activist, pioneer)
September 4, 2020
Is America at the crossroad between #democracy and #fascism?
All In Politics discuss #PoliceTerror, #Marxism, the #DNC and #RNC
August 29, 2020
What you have at stake for the 2020 Election...
All in Politics discuss the #DNC and preview the #RNC.
August 21, 2020
This is where we are Now
Topic: All In Politics discuss Biden’s selection of Harris as VP candidate, and Trump’s voter suppression tactics of slowing down the US Postal Service.
August 14, 2020
Filmmakers Nazir and Hershey Alston join us to discuss Black Wall Street
Upcoming project called “DISTRICT GREENWOOD The Amalgamated People.”
August 7, 2020
All in Politics Remembers John Lewis
Special Guest Host Cody Santiago join Walt and Rob on All In Politics to discuss the celebration of Representative John Lewis’ life, the Elections, COVID19 and the Re-Opening of Schools.
July 31, 2020
“Breaking down Hamilton”
Actor and Professor Keith Arthur Bolden joins All Politics to breakdown Hamilton and discuss the impact of COVID19 pandemic on the entertainment industry.
July 24, 2020
“Is Marxism the solution to racism and the economy?”
As Capitalism is at its Event Horizon can it be salvageable or is the replacement of Marxism the end result towards civil and societal stability???
July 17, 2020
Ep 1. All In Politics Debut: Discussing the New Platform, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the Return of Sports During the COVID-19 Pandemic
On this joint podcast, All In Politics teams up with the All In Podcast to discuss their new found partnership, the Black Lives Matter Movement, the 2020 election, and the return of sports during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
July 13, 2020
Real to Real “New Platform”
July 10, 2020
Coronavirus Chronicles
Discussion involving the state of affairs with the virus and its daily impact on the African American livelihood.
May 7, 2020
Taking to the street
This episode deals with the insurgence of election meddling and the upswing of the Saunders campaign.
February 24, 2020
The Good life- Carolyn Wilson Author, Inspirational Speaker, Producer, Film Maker & Yolanda Forman
"The Good Life" is a story of trauma, scars, healing, and freedom. This documentary is about a choice made from a pinnacle moment that changed a life of trauma, abuse, depression and nonexistence to one of healing from sexual child abuse, being set free, and the movement created out of the process. Change Begins with a Choice"
January 16, 2020
Year End Wrap up
2019 year end review
December 23, 2019
“Psychological Warfare”- The war for the thoughts and direction in the African American plight
Pt 2 of our Talk w/ in studio guest Dr. Dwyane Wright on extension from Tuesday night’s podcast
November 22, 2019
“Psychological Warfare”- The war for the thoughts and direction in the African American plight
Today’s episode deals with the torn cultural acceptance and rejection of Kap’s decision and African American’s turn over opinion vs false media projections........
November 20, 2019
#POWERHOUR W/ MALIK AZIZ “What are we gonna do now”
Addressing the alarming rising statistics of gun violence and the need for gun reform. Looking for solutions and getting the resources needed to combat this ailment.
November 10, 2019
Title “Unfollow Corporate Media”
Break down on today’s media and corporate manipulation of facts and societal norms.. What you think is generated by a study group
November 4, 2019
Episode 8: Exposing the corruption in our election system
Exposing the truth behind the Russian influence in our election system. America’s price tag on the Hillary email conspiracy and where America is headed. R.I.P to Trailblazer and Civil Rights activist Elijah Cummings
October 23, 2019
Radio round table with Malik Aziz community activist and social justice advocate addressing issues from gun violence, justice reform and the current American political climate.....
October 13, 2019
”The Guyger Effect”
The relations between law enforcement and Blacks in America. Racism losing its lucrative grips on American culture and norms.
October 3, 2019
Impeach the Proxy-President
Detailed conversation discussing the treasonous and high crimes being charged to the President and his high official co-conspirators.
September 28, 2019
September 19, 2019
Kaepernick vs NFL; White Supremacy in sports. Debate over Hall of Fame criterion
Discussion with Quarterbacks durability and the disparity of achievements of Black QB’s vs White QB’s. Kaepernick blackball and Jay Z’s no dhow with a Justice reform platform.
September 19, 2019
Mental Health: Connectivity vs Availability
Episode 4 Mental Health in the urban areas. What is being done to address the issues and what resources are available to help stabilize one’s mental and behavioral health.
September 13, 2019
Games people play
Review on the Presidency Critical thinking vs Logic and Entertainment news
September 6, 2019
Trump update Jay Z. NFL
September 1, 2019
Test after being on hiatus
Bring back the Bang
August 31, 2019
Jump off
Jay z trump world issues
August 22, 2019
Draft run with so
General talk
August 21, 2019