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Allsorts of Thoughts - LGBTU+ Podcast

Allsorts of Thoughts - LGBTU+ Podcast

By Allsorts Young People
Made by LGBT young people for LGBT young people from Allsorts Youth Project. This LGBT Youth Podcast invites you to be entertained and inspired as well as finding out about Allsorts and what it's like being part of our LGBTU+ community (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and unsure).
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Allsorts of Community
The release of this latest episode, ‘Allsorts of Community’, coincides with LGBT+ History Month, and reflects on what it means to be part of a community. It begins with an insightful interview with Allsorts Training & Education Manager, Ben, who talks passionately about his work at Allsorts and his role as co-founder of the Brighton Kop, The Official Liverpool FC Supporters Club for Brighton and Sussex. Ben shares his experiences of being a gay man involved so closely in the football world. Having founded the Brighton Kop with his partner, inclusion has been central in facilitating a safe space for all Liverpool supporters in their community. Ben says, “Football is a sport I love...I chose to openly and proudly be gay and who I am. It has come with challenges, in the early days of setting up there were people who wanted to do it the ‘old way’. We were very firm and said it’s about inclusion. My sexual orientation was a way to make a stand and do it a different way.” This engaging interview is followed by a series of moving Q&As with Allsorts Young People. LGBT+ Youth Support Worker, Jo, who has supported the young people in creating ‘Allsorts of Thoughts’ since its launch in 2019, asks the young people if they feel part of any communities, and how those communities have been affected by COVID-19 lockdown. This thought-provoking and heart-warming episode of Allsorts of Thoughts is neatly rounded off with a touching reflection on community from Community Volunteer, Riley, and another ‘Felice’s Faves’ segment, reviewing LGBT+ media.
February 26, 2021
Allsorts of Wellbeing
The latest episode, ‘Allsorts of Wellbeing’, is a gathering of ideas, tips and information about how to embrace the practical things that we can all do for our mental wellbeing. The team of young people behind the podcast were inspired by World Mental Health day (10 October) and chose this as a focus for their first episode produced entirely online! Everyone’s mental wellbeing is important and now more than ever we can all do things to help us along the way. ‘Allsorts of Wellbeing’ takes a close look at some top tips for wellbeing and mindfulness through an insightful interview with Allsorts LGBT+ Youth Support Worker, Anna Roscher. A huge thank you to our young people who have made this episode possible. Thank you to Lucy for making the music for the episode, interviewing Anna Roscher and for working so hard behind the scenes. Credit to Felice and Lucy for deciding on the theme and content.  Thank you Felice for your book reviews! Thank you Nathaniel for being one of our presenters!  This youth led episode is a showcase of an ambition to thrive and keep going despite adversity, and entertains, inspires and brings a message of hope during these challenging times.
November 19, 2020
Allsorts of Voices: LGBT+ History told by the Founder and Young People of Allsorts Youth Project!
In the latest episode of LGBT+ youth-led podcast, Allsorts of Thoughts, Jess Wood MBE and the interview panel reflect on 20 years of Allsorts Youth Project and LGBT+ history. Find out how and why Allsorts began, what challenges the LGBT+ community were facing at the time, and what have been the highlights for Allsorts founder, Jess Wood. This episode reflects on historic and cultural events during the last 20 years that have had an impact on LGBT+ History. Intergenerational differences are discussed and showcase the significant postitive changes that have happened, such as same-sex marriage, the Equalities Act 2010, and the end of Section 28. This episode is both funny and deeply moving, hopeful and yet confronts events that were real and devastating. The interaction between Jess Wood, (a impromptu contribution from the Producer) and the young people's thoughts and feelings about the topics covered give an incredible insight into our shared LGBT History. Furthermore, you can feel the purpose of the work Allsorts does in giving a safe space to LGBT+ children and young people, elevating their voices, and helping them to feel supported in making their own decisions and thriving. Please note that this episode contains conversations about living in the era when HIV was new and before good treatment plans were available, this part of the interview also discusses death and grief. This episode also covers the topic of supporting LGBT young people with life events that were traumatic. It's also noteworthy that the theme of homophobia is part of this episode.
February 21, 2020
Allsorts of life:The Journey of a Parent & Their Trans Young Person
  Ever wondered how it could be to listen to someone talk openly and compassionately to their parent about their journey as a young person navigating explorations of their trans identity? In the latest episode of Allsorts of Thoughts, a podcast produced by the young people of Allsorts Youth Project, Colin and their mum, Jane, share their experiences of being a young trans person, and the parent of a trans child.  From the two distinct perspectives, this episode of Allsorts of Thoughts covers themes such as ‘coming out’ as a young person, family unit and parent, access to support networks available through Allsorts, and much more. 
January 23, 2020
Allsorts of Coming Out: a mini episode to celebrate National Coming Out day 2019
Coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT+) can be a big deal, so in the latest episode of ‘Allsorts of Thoughts’, podcast hosts Ray & Colin spoke to some of the young people that attend Allsorts to find out more! Questions are answered, and real life experiences are shared as the 11-15 year olds talk about what coming out means to LGBT+ young people today.
October 10, 2019
Episode 1: Allsorts of Pride!
Welcome to the very first Allsorts Youth Project Podcast! In this episode Colin (they/them) and Ray (they/them) talk about Pride, ponchos and worrying about people getting cold when they wear shorts. Tune in for this and much, much more, plus interviews with Allsorts young people from last year's Brighton Pride!
July 31, 2019