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Controlling Consciousness with Allyson Roberts

Controlling Consciousness with Allyson Roberts

By Allyson Roberts
Join Allyson Roberts every other week to explore topics on mental health and personal development. Allyson will dive into topics like breaking through negative thought patterns, how to take professional and personal matters to the next level, and her personal experiences developing her business and her personal growth. Allyson has been successfully coaching others in these areas for 10+ years through classes and programs, so come reap the benefits of her experience and enjoy these bi-weekly mental check-ins.
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Ep. 5 - Living Your Dream
Allyson shares some of her own recent accomplishments and explores how to work toward a dream.
September 21, 2021
Ep. 4 - The Sneaky Signs of Trauma
Whether we like to admit it or not, we have all experienced some form of trauma. And whether we notice it or not, our trauma can impact our daily lives in small or big ways that can alter the way we live our lives. Let's explore trauma, what it means, and how we can navigate it together. - If you feel you are unsafe in your environment please call 800-799-SAFE (It is free and anonymous) - Facebook Community: Instagram: @outrageous_freedom
September 7, 2021
Ep. 3 - A Preview of Painless Pivots to Power
Painless Pivots to Power is a webinar I host a few times a year. This 7-day crash course is an introduction to my thought models and cognitive behavioral work. This webinar session offers insight into codependency and how it can hinder our success. Visit to learn more about this webinar and other programs I offer.  -  Instagram: @outrageous_freedom Email: Facebook community: 
August 31, 2021
Ep. 2 - Discussing Overcoming Childhood Trauma with Karen Thomas
Join me as I talk to Karen Thomas, healer and animal communicator, as we discuss what it means growing up and living with childhood trauma. How do we navigate trauma so it does not define us? How do we find success and joy while also being survivors? This is a conversation you do not want to miss! - Follow me for more content on Instagram: @outrageous_freedom Join the Facebook community: Email me with feedback or episode ideas:
August 24, 2021
Ep. 1 - An Interview with Juan Catalan of Netflix's "Long Shot"
Juan Catalan joined me for a conversation with his attorney, Todd Melnik, and Robert Gajic, the seat attendant who let Juan and his daughter back to their seats at the Dodgers stadium on the fateful day Juan's life changed forever. If you haven't seen "Long Shot" on Netflix please take 40 minutes of time to witness this incredible story of determination, faith, and intuition. This conversation was the very first time all three of these amazing men had an opportunity to talk to each other about their experiences, and it is a major tear-jerker BUT so worth it! These men have passion, courage, and most of all, they know what it means to follow intuition with perseverance. - Follow me for more content on Instagram: @outrageous_freedom Facebook group for more content:
August 16, 2021
Preview - An Introduction to Controlling Consciousness
Welcome to Controlling Consciousness with Allyson Roberts (that's me!). I am the owner of Outrageous Freedom, a company that focuses on wellness and personal development. Join me every other week as I dive into mental health and wellness topics, as well as business and relationship development. I've made a living for the last 10+ years teaching classes and offering programs that encourage people to take back control of their negative thought patterns and focus on how to live genuinely. I encourage people to work through trauma and pain with honesty, humility, and authenticity. I help people get businesses started through mindset coaching and business strategizing. I've aided countless clients in healing their trauma, achieving their goals, and getting on a great path toward living outrageously free.  ... My own trauma has been a huge part of why my focus is to help others who just need some guidance to get out of the place they feel stuck in. I use my own professional and personal struggles and triumphs to help people who have big goals, personally and professionally, and who just need a little help getting to the next level. ... This podcast is a much anticipated addition to the classes and programs I offer, and I am beyond grateful to have the time and means to make this for anyone who may need it. Find out more about me through my website or any of my social media platforms listed below: ... Website: Facebook: Instagram: @Outrageous_Freedom TikTok: Coming Soon!
August 2, 2021