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Almost Empty Nesters with Rob and Becky

Almost Empty Nesters with Rob and Becky

By Rob and Becky
We’re Rob and Becky. As parents of twin boys, we have gone through every stage with our sons. From double diapers to now double the college tuition. We have reached the stage of the empty nest... well, almost. As one will go away to college, the other decided to go to college close by. So close, he’s still living with us! Join us as we experience this new stage of being almost empty nesters.
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Addicted to Tik Tok
Rob is addicted to Tik Tok. The spirit of giving touches both Rob and Becky. Becky would like to go to the bathroom for once without interruptions. A word to describe the year 2020. Countdown to Dylan moving away has begun. Leo would like to do multiple things. Becky’s show Celebrating the Arts has taken off and how happy it’s made her. Guests from around the world. Listeners from around the world. Supporting one another in each endeavor. Drinking with your parents. Getting ready to say goodbye to 2020.
December 24, 2020
From Hollywood To Morning Wood?
Rob started walking with a walking group in the neighborhood. Walking benefits and how they affect the body positively. Recovery and keeping it going. The twins got to vote for the first time in a Presidential Election. The podcast gets featured in Genica Magazine and is being heard in interesting places around the world. Becky started a new series on Instagram called Celebrating the Arts/Celebrando las Artes. The young vote and what an impact it can do. Maryland vote stickers and the keepsake Rob wants to make for the twins. Rob’s pet peeve is when the American flag is displayed improperly. He goes over how to properly display it. Hollywood and how they need to call Leo because of how savvy he is about movies. What about the morning wood? Rob gives an explanation of morning wood. Ashgawanda and Rob being calmer. Three blue jays came by the yard during the podcast. Blue jays visiting means angels are with you. Pandemic and traveling during the holidays.
November 1, 2020
Spanky, Spanky!
Becky needs a spanky. Rob celebrated a birthday and so did the twins. Starting new things. Becky is evolving as a vegan. Rob started coaching with a new organization. Concluding 2020 but didn’t come close to the hype of what it was supposed to be. New hobbies now as an almost empty nester. Reverse! Reverse! Take chances in life. Seize an opportunity and don’t let them pass. Becky shares a missed opportunity story. Dancing with Britney Spears. Dream girls and boys. Life is good despite the struggles. Some people need spanking. No politics. Looking at the kids little. The twins and their future wives and kids. Rob will be rough and tough even with his future granddaughters. How will their kids be? Crazy or well behaved? Becky is sad that the twins’ dynamic will change. Artificial Intelligence and do we believe in them taking over the world. Rob asks Alexa and her answer is worth hearing. Rob shares his plans and goals in his new year.
October 10, 2020
Living Better Forever and Ever
Becky talks about Makoto’s encounter with a scared dog owner. Pitbulls have a stigma that’s been hard to shake. Training is key. Becky has decided to adopt the vegan lifestyle. Rob has decided to incorporate vegan meals after talking to actor, Mena Massoud. Becky talked about Mena Massoud’s book Evolving Vegan. Coca. Coco. Cacao. Rob wants to live long. Becky believes taking care of yourself helps you live longer. Forever and ever. All the new things they are doing as almost empty nesters. 2020 not such a great year. The importance of voting. Every election is important. Leo is starting school and online learning. Supporting online learning and the parents, too. Dylan found a job as a coach before going away for school. Rob’s new guilty pleasure. Becky is ready if there ever was a “purge”. Talking and looking at each other’s eyes. Three or four times a week or three or four times a month? We don’t want to know!
August 29, 2020
Communication Is Key
Rob and Becky talk about redecorating their house now that their almost empty nesters. Becky shares a moment where she helped a kid that was contemplating suicide. Rob discusses how parents can contribute in a negative way to kids feeling like there’s an easy way out. Mental Health Days should be a part of our lives. Learning from failures and how it sets you up for the next success. Sometimes pushing can help kids reach their inner potential. Parents demands and comparisons. Cultural difference in parenting. Living in a toxic environment. Rob shares a case of an athlete and his Dad’s unsupportive attitude. One of the things that makes Becky upset is parents who laugh at their kids’ plans. Rob and Becky talk about how each of the twins will handle college and their plans of study. Rob the over-communicator. Communication is key. Expressing feelings to let it out and not necessarily having someone fix it. Listening is also a part of communication. Talking things through. Communication with your kids is key. Rob gives advice on supporting your kids. Don’t laugh at your kid’s dreams. Foster their dreams and their love for things. Becky shares the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number 1-800-273-8255.
August 10, 2020
Live In The Present
Lucky numbers. Numbers matching with the twins. Rob took Makoto to the vet and is healthy. Rob feels like he’s losing some weight. Becky wants to get back to a routine. Rob is always saying he’s waiting until he’s retired. Becky wants to live in the present. Becky’s love for Puerto Rico. The search for Zuleyka. Getting a second dog. Leo’s baby face is gone. The twins and their rooms. Entanglements and name changes. Something on Becky’s Bucket list. Going topless? Hooters and Halloween. 2020 and keeping positive. The Zoom expert. Perspective during quarantine. Back to school during covid. Becky predicts how Trump will distribute the vaccine once we get it. Living in a drain pipe that is stuck. Rob tells a joke.
July 18, 2020
Start With A Song, End With A Song
Becky and Rob had fun at the beach for the day despite Rob’s fear of being out in public. Becky feels empathy for the mothers who have lost their children while away at school and while in the military. Rob sees Hamilton for the first time and realizes he needs to stretch! Reality tv in our future? Sleeping at the movies. What songs make Becky cringe? See if you agree with her list. Making the bacon. Song favorites and favorite genres of music. Dancing in Forrest Hills and a Little L..
July 10, 2020
Discovering Something New
Becky wonders if couples have discovered anything new about themselves during quarantine. Rob has his answer. Overindulgences and covid pounds. A new activity discovered. Rob is still uncomfortable going out to eat at restaurants but is willing to take a day trip to the beach. Sports and social distancing. Becky can’t wait to see Dylan play baseball again. Rob is looking forward to Leo driving. Rob hires a dog sitter for Makoto. Becky reminisces about the twins’ birthday trip to Disney and them being little. Their greatest discovery and advice will be revealed.
July 3, 2020
Keeping The Fire Lit
Rob tries to suggest possible jobs for Leo. Becky thinks that couples sometimes discover that their kids are the only thing in common after the nest becomes empty. Sex is one of the secret ingredients to a lasting marriage. What keeps the fire lit? Rob certainly has his take on how to keep it lit!
June 27, 2020