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Almost Famous | Music Industry Podcast

Almost Famous | Music Industry Podcast

By The Famous Company
Created for the independent music space, Almost Famous is a music industry podcast dedicated to bringing insights and knowledge for emerging musicians and music industry professionals from experts at the top of their field. Surviving the music industry is never going to be easy, but lucky for you we’ve got years of experience and a bulging contact book to help make the journey a little smoother.

Each episode answers the questions you’ve always wanted to ask and gives you tips and advice on how to succeed in your music industry journey.
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Leroy F. Moore Jr. (Founder of Krip-Hop Nation)
We’re honoured to welcome to the stage, Leroy F. Moore Jr. He is a poet, hip-hop artist, academic and co-founder of the Emmy-Award winning Krip-Hop Nation: the global association of disabled artists with the clear mission to connect, make great art and recognise the overlooked history of disability in music. Leroy takes us back to when Hip-Hop was diverse and inclusive in the 70s, when you would see people breakdancing with crutches, and why this changed. Growing up in these times with a disability was hard but he talks about how this made him the person he is today. We learn about how society is failing disabled artists - he is done with ridiculously good artists not being taken seriously by others with the “charity bullsh*t” mindset, and so are we. Leroy discusses the need to go deeper, and change the intrinsic structures that are keeping disabled artists from entering the mainstream arena. Krip-Hop Nation is actively dismantling them by continuously creating exceptional music and changing perceptions. One thing is for sure - our attention is squarely set on them and what they’re doing next. Tune in to hear what an artist from the disabled community REALLY thinks about Lizzo’s controversial lyrics and Leroy’s hot takes on the music industry today - we think you’re going to like this one.
June 29, 2022
Turning Ocean Plastic Waste Into Vinyl Records - Ralph Derksen (Founder of Re-Record)
This episode promises to inspire as we welcome onto the show Ralph Derksen, the founder of Re-Record, the revolutionary company that makes vinyl out of plastic waste from the ocean. Tune in to hear about the very real impact that streaming our favourite songs has on the environment that needs to be spoken about more. You will learn about traditional vinyl pressing, its pitfalls, and how Re-Record, is changing the record (see what we did there). He forces you to confront the uncomfortable truth with the industry that we know and love and reminds us that we need to be making changes in the way we consume music. Ralph talks about the sense of ownership you get from building your own business from the ground up and his predictions for the future of the music industry, and how the big old world of Web3 will fit into all of it.
June 22, 2022
Keeley Hudd aka sadsugar (Longthrow Radio co-founder, ESO, Noods Radio)
In this week’s “Almost Famous” music industry podcast episode we catch up with the amazing Keeley Hudd also known as sadsugar - the Bristol DJ, music educator, and co-founder of Longthrow radio. In this episode, they talk about their nonlinear journey into the music world; it may or may not have started with a fruit platter, but they have developed their musical practice to tackle issues with intersectionality and accessibility in the club scene and changing perceptions of what being a talented DJ looks like, by being campy in a world of males in tiny roll-up hats. They talk about their experiences with the grind; having to look like you’re doing stuff, promoters that are not good at their job, promoters that are good at their job, and Handbag House. Zaid agrees that it’s time the music industry threw down its handbag of outdated assumptions and had a dance to combat gender inequality. The Famous Company is expanding its roster. If you are an artist, manager, or label looking to take your project to the next level, get in touch at
June 15, 2022
Nomine aka Outrage (Education & Bass, Backlash Records, Metalheadz, Tempa)
The ‘Almost Famous’ podcast returns for episode 24 with a fascinating interview with music producer, radio and touring DJ, and online music educator Andrew Ferguson (aka Nomine, aka Outrage). A renowned name in the world of 140 and drum and bass, he sat down with us to talk about 25 years in the industry, his music education platform Education and Bass, getting signed to Goldie's label Metalheadz, sobriety and much more… He told incredible stories from his career so far about how he got into music – and how he’s maintained a successful career in the industry ever since. He also gave his best advice for upcoming producers looking to get into the underground music scene. The Famous Company is expanding its roster. If you are an artist, manager, or label looking to take your project to the next level, get in touch at
June 08, 2022
23. Tech & Blockchain Advisor - AJ (Help Me With Web3, Launch My NFT)
Metaverse? Blockchain? NFTs?? Why is this even relevant?? We invited AJ, songwriter & producer, founder of Help Me With Web3, and CCO of Launch My NFT, to illuminate the world of Web3 to us. His message is clear: Web3 is not something creatives should be intimidated by, this is an exciting opportunity that will revolutionise the music industry for the better. He explains why blockchain will be empowering for the individual artist both financially and emotionally. Tune in to get ahead of the game and find out what the future of the music industry is predicted to look like in the not-so-distant future.
April 13, 2022
22. DJ, broadcaster, radio and podcast producer - Milly Chowles (BBC Radio / Back 2 Life)
It’s Women’s History Month, and as promised we’re releasing a collection of episodes about ‘Women Who Inspire Us’ in music, events and the creative industries - featuring a host of enterprising, motivated and inspiring professional women. Our second guest in this series is Milly Chowles. She’s a DJ, broadcaster, and radio and podcast producer who has made programmes for BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, BBC 6 Music and more. She’s the creator of Back 2 Life, the podcast exploring addiction, mental illness and recovery with the help of music and creative spaces. An all round inspiration, Milly is a true example of the power that music, art and creativity has in healing difficult patches in people’s lives. In this episode, she talks about how her own experiences with rehab shaped her successful music career, challenging the stigma around women and mental health in the industry and her experiences so far as a woman in music. It’s an honest and fascinating interview - and we’re very grateful to Milly for coming on. To find out more about Milly’s work, her story and the Back 2 Life podcast, check out the links below. Milly Chowles’ projects Back 2 Life podcast For more information about our range of creative, promotional and mentoring services, or to sign up for a free consultation about your music career, visit The Famous Company.
March 21, 2022
21. Event Producer - Lucy Caswell (Team Love)
Happy Women’s History Month! To celebrate, we’re releasing a collection of episodes about ‘Women Who Inspire Us’ and have invited a selected group of talented women to chat with us about their experiences in the music, events and the creative industries. This series features a stellar lineup of enterprising, motivated and inspiring professionals. Our first guest in this very special series is Lucy Caswell! She’s an Events Producer at Team Love, Media and Journalism graduate, Marketing Assistant for Aspiration Creation Elevation and has experience of journalism and digital marketing management in the charity sector. Lucy takes a leading role in producing ‘Elevate Us’, a series of industry events curated to connect 18-25 year olds with opportunities in the events and festivals industry. At just 22, she’s already achieved so much - not least for herself. In this episode, she talks about the importance of putting yourself forward, making the industry more accessible and offers her wisdom to people who think networking isn’t for them. If you’re in need of a bit of motivation, this one’s definitely worth a listen. To find out more about Elevate Us and Team Love, follow the links below - and remember to tell your mates! For more information about our range of creative, promotional and mentoring services, or to sign up for a free consultation about your music career visit
March 16, 2022
20. Christmas Special: Songwriter & Musician - Rob Davis (GRAMMY Award Winner, Kylie Minogue, Founding Member Of Mud)
In the lead up to Christmas, we had a conversation with GRAMMY award winning songwriter and founding member of glam rock band Mud (Lonely This Christmas, Tiger Feet, L-L-Lucy) to talk about all things songwriting, Christmas classics, working for Kylie Minogue and more. Associated artists: Mud, Kylie, Fragma, Spiller, Rachel Stevens, Holly Valance, Klaxons.
December 20, 2021
19. Sync & Music Publishing - Danny Champion (Publisher & Music Supervision at DC Music / Music Podcast Host)
The world of commercial music can be confusing. But don't worry as we're joined by the host of Behind The Music Business podcast, Danny Champion, to dive into sync and music publishing.  Danny has over 15 years of music business experience, dealing with music and general intellectual property licensing, and is a supervision specialist currently freelancing at DC Music. #AlmostFamous #podcastAF
December 08, 2021
18. Recovery Special: Record Label Director - Chris De Banks - We Are Not Saints
September was #NationalRecoverMonth so we sat down with the director of We Are Not Saints - the worlds first not-for-profit record label working exclusively with musicians in recovery from addiction. For more info visit: For more exclusive content follow us @TheFamousCo #AFpodcast
November 22, 2021
17. Artist Manager - Danny Angove (Red Light Management - Bonobo, Jordan Rakei, RY X)
Need an artist manager? Or, want to be an artist manager?  We're joined by the founder of One On One, and Red Light Management's own Danny Angove to discuss the dos and don'ts, and his journey to becoming a success in the music industry. Associated Artists: Bonobo, Jordan Rakei, RY X
November 07, 2021
16. Booking Agent & Promoter - Ian Shaw (TKO Surprise You're Dead 3OH!3, INME, Danny Worsnop)
Ever wondered how to get a Booking Agent? From starting his career as a local promoter, to working for one of the world’s biggest rock and alternative booking agencies. Ian Shaw is here to give you advice on how to go from local support slot to a full tour. Associated artists: 3OH!3, INME, Danny Worsnop
August 24, 2021
15. Festival & Artist Logistics - Zaniah Carigiet (Festivals - Love Saves the Day, Summer of Love)
Want to perform or work at your favourite music festival? From starting her music career at the age of 6, to making sure the wheels keep turning at Love Saves The Day Festival. We’re joined by Zaniah Carigiet and she breaks down all things festivals and dives deeper into the UK Governments introduction on Covid Passports. Associated events: Love Saves the Day Festival, Summer of Love Festival
August 13, 2021
14. Club Promoter - Liam John (Bitch, Please! - Motion, Oasis Festival, Meadows In The Mountains)
Promoter, events manager and co-founder of Bitch, Please! Liam John is here to talk pride and the future of the UK events industry. Associated Venues/Events: Motion, Oasis Festival, Meadows in the Mountains
July 02, 2021
13. Music Marketing Manager - Jamie Ahye (Atlantic Records - Anne-Marie, Charlie XCX, Maisie Peters)
Senior Marketing Manager at Atlantic Records / Pride In Music Jamie Ahye is here to talk about music marketing, education, and the future of Pride In Music. Associated Artists: Anne-Marie, Charli XCX, Maisie Peters
July 01, 2021
12. Music Marketing Manager - Laura Bruneau (BMG - Joan Armatrading, Nakhane, Brooke Eden)
BMG and Pride In Music's Laura Bruneau, is here to talk about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, also known as DE&I, and dive deeper into the LGBTQ+ music community. Associated Artists: Joan Armatrading, Nakhane, Brooke Eden
June 26, 2021
11. LGBTQ+ Advocate & Marketing Director - Mark Fabish (Pride in Music - BMG - Sony Music)
We continue our Pride Month Specials with a familiar voice. Mr Mark Fabish is back! This time we dive deeper into Pride in Music and the great things happening in the music industry for the LGBTQ+ community.
June 23, 2021
10. Social Media Expert - David Ashby (TikTok - 3D Artist - Bristol Pride)
Kicking off our special strand of Pride Cosound Podcast episodes with a freelance 3D Artist with over 7.2m Likes on TikTok. Dave Ashby talks about his work with Bristol Pride Festival and how Pokemon took his social media to new heights.
June 22, 2021
9. Studio Engineer - Will Reeves (BRIT Certified - Wes Nelson, Will.i.Am, Bree Runway)
Flying over 5000 miles for a job interview ✈️ #BRITcertified Gold mixing engineer who went from bartending to working alongside Wes Nelson and Will.I.Am Find out how Will Reeves approaches his dream artists, and the best way to get his attentions via his DMs. Associated artists: Wes Nelson, Bree Runway, Will.I.Am
May 14, 2021
8. TV Talent Shows - We McDonald (NBC The Voice - Alicia Keys, Charlie Puth, Tony Bennett)
What really happens on a TV Talent show? NBC The Voice finalist Wé McDonald shares her experience. From the ‘real audition’ to the Finals. Associated artists: Alicia Keys, Charlie Puth, Tony Bennett
April 06, 2021
7. Marketing Director - Mark Fabish (BMG - Kylie Minogue, Fatboy Slim, Motorhead)
A lot of hard work, determination, and a lot of rejection” From struggling to break into the music industry, to being the International Marketing Director at BMG. Mark Fabish talks about music marketing, an 80s popstar with TikTok success, and his work with Pride In Music - An LGBTQ+ collective that helps and guides young, up and coming queer musicians and industry professionals. Associated artists: Kylie Minogue, Fatboy Slim, Motörhead
March 01, 2021
6. Social Media Marketing - Fabien Furst (Prince, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, Furst Agency, NRJ Radio)
Former radio station head of Social Media Marketing, turned entrepreneur and founder of Furst Agency, Fabien Furst talks about his time at NRJ Radio (France), promoting live streams in 2020 and the impact of Brexit on the music industry. Associated artists: Prince, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson
December 21, 2020
5. TV Talent Shows - Denise Beighton (X-Factor - ITV - Upside Records - Karen Harding)
With over 35 years experience in the music industry, Upside Records’ Denise Beighton talks about working alongside ITV and Warner, goes into detail about the real reality of shows like X-Factor, and explains how she helped Simon Cowell make his first £1m. As the manager of the ‘infectious dancefloor slayer’ Karen Harding, Denise goes into detail about the rise of the UK singer-songwriter, and also explains why your own country may not be the right market for you music.
November 27, 2020
4. Club Promoter - Tracey Webb (Power Promotions - David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Ministry of Sound)
Missing clubs in 2020? You’re not alone! So is today’s guest, Director of Power Promotions (UK’s Leading Independent Club Promotions) Tracey Webb. Tracey talks about the importance of remixes, why patience is key, and how she went from the mail room to being the top dog.
November 26, 2020
3. Social Media & Content Curation - Andy Gesner (MTV - BET - REVOLT - Johnny Cash, Maroon 5, 30 Seconds to Mars)
"Fighting the good fight since 2000" with helping emerging artists with music videos, social media and Spotify playlisting, president of HIP Video Promo, Andy Gesner is here to talk about building relationships in the music industry. As well as being no stranger to MTV, BET and Revolt. Andy talks about his early days promoting video’s for Johnny Cash, Maroon 5 and 30 Seconds To Mars. He also gets real about 2020 artist's mistakes, and he explains why right now is the best time for up-and-coming artists to invest in music video promotions.
November 24, 2020
2. Music Law & Copyright - Luke English (BBC - Sony Music - Disney TV - One Direction)
With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, working with artists and well know companies like the the BBC, Sony Music and even Disney Television, English Media's own Luke English is here to talk music and commercial law. We discuss his time at Sony with One Direction, the actually law behind cover songs on YouTube and a fact about copyright that EVERY musician should know.
November 23, 2020
1. Music Educator & Artist - Hannah White Head of Creative Development at BIMM - UK Soul Chart Topper
Hannah White is Head of Creative Development at BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music), one of Europe's leading & largest music education providers. She’s a UK Soul Chart topping singer and writer who mentors up-and-coming artists into the music industry.
November 18, 2020