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The "Almost" Podcast

The "Almost" Podcast

By Almost Podcast
A podcast where those who haven't yet achieved their goals or perhaps never got to where they wanted are interviewed.

Hard work, talent and graft are said to be the way to success but thats not necessarily always the case. This podcast aims to shed some light on the people who are still trying or maybe have given up completely.

It's easy for those who have achieved their dreams to give advice and inspiration but isn't it more useful to listen to those who aren't living their dream and what they recommend?

Podcast by runner, swimmer, musician, content creator and blogger Benedict Golde
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The "Almost" Podcast: Episode Three - Harris Christison "Making a Music Festival"
Harris Christison and I went to school together, he often threw gigs and parties in his parents barn. In this episode, we discuss how these parties manifested into the idea of creating a music festival, feeling way out of depth in big business/financial situations, how trying to make a sucess of yourself effects mental health and a rather interesting festival in Portugal. Harris is putting on the first rendition of the music festival on 25th May 2019. What will hopefully one day contend with festivals such as Secret Garden Party, 2000 Trees and other UK based music festivals. 
March 17, 2019
The "Almost" Podcast: Episode Two - Leon Schwier "Acting vs. Self Preservation"
Leon Schwier is a good friend of mine who was a professional actor. In this episode we spoke about the ups and downs of trying to be successful in the acting field, how putting your own mental health first is essential and how your goals change due to your circumstances. Leon is now working on a project called We Are Role Models (#WARM) who are a company set up to inspire young people into the right avenues in life and to stop them falling into the wrong directions.  
March 10, 2019
The "Almost" Podcast: Episode One - Benedict Golde "Why I'm not a famous musician"
Welcome to episode one of the "Almost" podcast. This is a podcast about people who are or were "almost" successful, where expectation didn't quite match up to reality. Through this podcast, I will be interviewing various people and exploring the reasons why people didn't quite reach their dream goal or haven't reached it yet. It's hard when your work ethic is high, you're putting in the time and you have the talent but you're not at the level you feel you could be. I want to shed some light on those people who are in this position. In this episode I ask myself these questions and talk through the reasons I don't think I ever made it or will make it as a full time touring musician. 
March 03, 2019