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A Loaded Pipette

A Loaded Pipette

By The Drunk Scientist
We make drinks, we talk science! On this show researchers from around the country sit and sip with The Drunk Scientist himself, to explore cutting edge discoveries happening around the globe and their wonderfully unique lives as scientists. All that and more with curated cocktails in hand!
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Onto Greener Pastures...
In the final episode of season 2, The Drunk Scientist sits down with Dr. Natasha Slepak. She is a research scientist at a biotech company who completed her PhD thesis on protein degradation in the brain. Over delicious blood orange margaritas, she walks us through the culture differences between academia and industry, common misconceptions around basic science, the joys of hiking in scenic San Francisco and much more! We want to thank all of our listeners for the continuing support for Season 2, and we can’t wait to see you guys for Season 3! In the meantime, make sure you’re following us on all social media @aloadedpipette!
April 12, 2021
Hot Toddy-oddy-oddy...
Thanks for tuning into another episode of A Loaded Pipette! On this episode, The Drunk Scientist knocks back bourbon hot toddies with James Crawford, a PhD student at UCSD. James is in Education, and he walks us through the fateful path that led him to Education, his hopes for future Black students and educators, the groundwork he's doing to achieve his vision, and much more! Follow us on all social media @aloadedpipette!
April 2, 2021
Two Drunk Mice
Hey! A Loaded Pipette is back from our mid-season break with an enlightening episode with Christian Cazares. Christian is a neuroscience PhD student at UCSD working on research around decision-making in the brain and how it’s affected by alcohol. With spicy pineapple margaritas in hand, Christian leads The Drunk Scientist through his uniquely interdisciplinary approach to neuro, the truth about the “acceptable” limits of alcohol, the meditative powers of skateboarding, and much more! Follow us on all social media @aloadedpipette!
March 25, 2021
Meet Mr. 28 by 28
Welcome back to another episode of A Loaded Pipette! For this offering, The Drunk Scientist gets sloshed with Nathan Lubega, an engineering Master's student at UCSD. It was Nathan's birthday, so you know we had to celebrate accordingly!  Nathan takes us through the wonder to be found in wandering the world, the culture shock of moving from Uganda to the States, the importance of aerosols in the fight against climate change, and much more.  Send Nathan a birthday shot on Instagram! @lubega Make sure you're following A Loaded Pipette on all social media (including Tik Tok now!) @aloadedpipette Thanks for all your support!
March 12, 2021
The Pain Woman
In this episode, The Drunk Scientist shares potent cocktails with Jada Wiggleton-Little, an infectiously bubbly Philosophy PhD student at UCSD. Her dissertation surrounds the philosophy of pain and pain perception, and she takes us through the intricacies of pain language and the various problems with clinician expectations and responses. We also learn more about philosophy in general, the joys of trash TV, the underlying shade behind the word "pragmatic" and much more. Enjoy! Follow us on all social media @aloadedpipette!
March 4, 2021
The Nahdia Philosophy
Season 2 of A Loaded Pipette is here! We’re so grateful for all of our friends and supporters who’ve uplifted the podcast for S1, and we’re so excited to continue bringing you great guests and convos. For Episode 1 of the new season, The Drunk Scientist sits down with Nahdia Jones, a PhD candidate at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She's a neuroscientist whose research centers around the relationship between obesity and brain chemistry. Pour up a Subia (*wink*) and kick back with us as Nahdia takes us through her intuitive approach to life decisions, the intricacies of working on a seldom-researched health topic, and the mental benefits of obstacle courses. Make sure you're following us on all social media @aloadedpipette!
February 25, 2021
The L.B.J. Episode - A Perfect Climax
*wink wink*  Mix up a Sidecar (cognac, lemon juice, and triple sec) and sit back for our Season Finale! In this episode, I sit down with Jordan "Jojo" Campbell, a material scientist here at UCSD with a personality like no other. In this episode, Jojo and I cover a myriad of topics, everything from the often unrecognized societal reach of material science to the intricacies of his complex thesis project to universal advice for anyone considering grad school.  Shout out to Keira Knightley, we love you! Host: Kevin White; Editor/Producer: Dywanye Washington
December 10, 2020
In My Algae Flip Flops
On this episode of ALP, I sit down with Alexia Moore, a graduate chemistry student at UCSD. As we kick back our kiwi-rum concoctions, she schools me on the layered world of atmospheric chemistry, the nuances of co-ed soccer, the dangers some clouds can pose, and the surprisingly varied uses of algae. Kick back and enjoy! Host: Kevin White Editor/Producer: Dywanyé Washington
December 3, 2020
A Trophy Wife Life
In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Chandler Puritty, a longtime friend and peer of mine. As we savored drink after drink, our discussion hit on several important topics. Chandler provides us with her unique insight into climate change, the politics of evil colonizer plants, and much more. Strap in for this one! Host: Kevin White Editor/Producer: Dywanyé Washington
November 19, 2020
Self Care Everywhere
In the first episode of A Loaded Pipette, I sit down with Michael Rosario at the 2019 Society for Neuroscience Conference in Chicago. In between refills, we dive into neuroscience of racism and memory, the importance of self care, and the joys of plant parenthood. Grab a drink and queue it up! Host: Kevin White Editor/Producer: Dywanyé Washington
November 12, 2020
ALP SZN 1 - Trailer
First episode coming soon!
November 3, 2020