The Creative Podcast

The Creative Podcast

Alondra Lopez
I am a Visual communications artist with love for graphic design, photography and video. With this podcast I hope to give you an inside look at my life as a designer and hopefully offer you helpful tips on design, photo and video as well as motivation and encouragement in different areas of life.


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Sunday’s Blessings - Life is a gift - The Creative Podcast

Sunday’s Blessings - Life is a gift - The Creative Podcast
Hey guys! Happy Sunday! Today I share with you what I am thankful and blessed for. I express gratitude for this beautiful day. We need to realize that life is a gift not a right and that only one day at a time is given. So stop and realize all the blessings you have in your life. Have a beautiful Sunday! #AL_Designs #thecreativepodcast #sundaysblessings
March 18, 2018
My Saturday Start - The Creative Podcast
Good morning!! This is how I started my beautiful Saturday morning. How do you start your day? #AL_Designs #TheCreativePodcast #SaturdayStart
March 17, 2018
Do something that makes you uncomfortable - Creative Podcast
Hi guys! Today I encourage you to do something new that you normally don’t do or that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe it’s something you have been putting off. I share with you my fear and how I plan to change it. Let connect twitter al_designs Instagram alondralopezphotography #TheCreativePodcast #AL_Designs #TGIF
March 16, 2018
Thursday’s designer tip - The Creative Podcast
Hey guys here is my quick tip on assuring you don’t have any problems sending your files to a printer or other party when opening them. #AL_Designs #TheCreativePodcast #Adobe
March 16, 2018
Back up your work - The Creative Podcast
Hi guys make sure when designing to always save your work every 5 mins. Back up your files! And make sure you keep your original unedited photo files. #AL_Designs #TheCreativePodcast #WednesdaysWordsOfWisdom
March 14, 2018
Pack your day w/ productivity
Hey guys! Let’s start filling our day with goal oriented productivity. Let’s us our down time to practice our skills to make us better in our craft. I share with you what I do on my down time at work to help both the company and I improve. Let connect on twitter @al_deaigns Instagram @alondralopezphotography and YouTube alondra Lopez designs. #TheCreativePodcast #AL_Designs #TuesdayThought
March 13, 2018
Treasure your life to the max
Treasure your life and health. Live it to the max and don’t worry about what others think or say. Its true guys, we need to really live our life to the max because we are only here for a moment. We can be here right now in this moment, but gone the next. So live your life without fear. If you want to do, start or say something, right now is the best time because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Don’t waste your life waiting for permission from others. #AL_Designs #TheCreativePodcast #MondaysWordsOfWisdom #MondayMotivation
March 12, 2018
The grind includes Friday!
What are your plans for tonight? Let’s work towards improving ourselves 😊 #TheCreativePodcast #AL_Designs #TGIF #TheGrindIncludesFriday
March 9, 2018
Raw vs JPEG
Here is my thoughts and use when it comes to shooting in #Raw vs #JPEG. #TheCreativePodcast #AL_Designs #photography #ThursdaysPhotographyTip
March 9, 2018
Remain focused!
Hi guys! This is just a reminder to stay focused on your end results/goals, but also embrace the positive results you are attaining on the way there, be proud and happy because you’ve worked hard. Take the time to celebrate but not for too long, keep working towards the main goal daily and remain patient. #WednesdaysWordsOfWisdom #AL_Designs #TheCreativePodcast
March 8, 2018
Express gratitude daily
It’s important to express gratitude daily but it’s not just when things are going great, it should also be when things are going bad. Our difficulties are the lessons that help us grow and improve. Take a listen and reach out if you need to talk. Twitter@al_designs Instagram @alondralopezphotography FB alondralopez.deaigns #TheCreativePodcast #AL_Designs #TuesdaysThought
March 6, 2018
New opportunities for Monday!
It’s Monday!! Happy Monday everyone! Today is a new day, a new start and a perfect day to take advantage of the new opportunities that await us today! Change your outlook on Monday and I promise you your Mondays will be amazing! 😊 #MondaysMotivation #AL_Designs #TheCreativePodcast
March 5, 2018
It’s not work it’s passion!
The grind includes Friday! #TGIF my schedule for tonight after work! Love what you do and you will never feel like it’s work. #TheCreativePodcast #AL_Designs
March 2, 2018
Memory cards #PhotographyTip
This is a photography tip to help you with memory cards and why you should always format your cards after each use. #TheCreativePodcast #AL_Designs #ThursdaysPhotographyTip
March 1, 2018
Challenge yourself daily
Challenge your self daily to become a better more positive person. 1 life, give it your all #TheCreativePodcast #AL_Designs #WednesdaysWordsofWisdom
February 28, 2018
Tuesdays Thought - Trust the process
Motivation for your Monday!
February 28, 2018
Give thanks for your blessings
We should always give thanks daily for all the #blessings we receive daily. We also need to spread more #positivity and change ourselves first so that we can impact those closest to us and then to the world.
February 25, 2018
Wednesday’s words of wisdom
Wisdom for motivation
February 15, 2018
The Creative Podcast - T.G.I.F
The new meaning of T.G.I.F! I hope this short segment gets you thinking about where it is you might be wasting your time and correct it so you can reach your goals :)
December 9, 2017
Thursday’s design Tip - 12/7
Hi guys! It’s Thursday and here is your designer tip. I talk about what you need to know to set up a design for web use vs print use. If you have questions let’s connect! Twitter@al_designs #AskAlondraLopez #TheCreativeVlog
December 7, 2017
Wednesday words of wisdom 12/6
A quote to get you thinking:)
December 6, 2017
Intro to Alondra Lopez Deaigns
Intro to Alondra Lopez Designs “The Creative Vlog”
December 5, 2017

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The easiest way to make a podcast, ever.

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