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Alone Together: Pandemic USA

Alone Together: Pandemic USA

By Alone Together: Pandemic USA
An audio document of American life during the COVID-19 pandemic, hosts Jasmine O'Connell and Joe Scott talk about important topics that people are facing in a world radically different from the one they knew only months ago, life advice, some news, and then a whole lotta streaming movies and TV series. Plus they take calls from listers to check their status, hear recommendations, and find out how to beat their favorite video games.
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Alone Together: Pandemic USA (Episode 8, Day 58)
Joe Scott dives headfirst into the shallow waters that is the controversial pseudoscience doc "Plandemic" as he and co-host Jasmine O'Connell talk about the misinformation that is spreading about COVID-19 and what people can do when they find it. They also share their thoughts on the far more superior doc "Spaceship Earth" and the Netflix romantic comedy "The Other Half," which might be one of the very best Netflix original movies ever made. 
May 11, 2020
Alone Together (Episode 7, Day 51)
At the half-way point to 100 days of quarantine, hosts Joe Scott and Jasmine O'Connell ask if quarantine were to end as scheduled in their state on May 8th, would they leave their home? Other topics include armed militias who fight for anything but what people actually need, and the showdown between film studios and movie theaters sparked by  COVID-19. On the streaming side, they review the "Parks and Recreation" reunion special, Netflix's "Hollywood," the Chris Hemsworth action film "Extraction," and Clint Eastwood's controversial drama "Richard Jewel."
May 04, 2020
Alone Together: Pandemic USA (Episode 6, Day 44)
What are we supposed to do when our President suggests that doctors cure COVID-19 by injecting human beings with UV rays and disinfectants on live TV? This is the essential question that hosts Jasmine O'Connell and Joe Scott tackle on this week's episode of Alone Together. They also explore how Chuck E. Cheese is behaving like a rat towards locally owned restaurants, the mentality that some white people have that makes it unsafe for others to leave their homes, and a nice thing people can do right now with letters to help pass the time. On the streaming side of things, they review the "Beastie Boys Story," Hugh Jackman's fantastic performance in "Bad Education," the Netflix gay porn store documentary "Circus of Books," and Alex Garland's Hulu series "DEVS."
April 27, 2020
Alone Together: Pandemic USA (Episode 5, Day 37)
On this week's episode, host Jasmine says people need to learn how to 'Namaste out of other people's business.' Joe attempts to rate our national response to the pandemic as well as the fiasco that occurred this week with the PPP small business loans. Then later, they review a mini film festival of movies that includes recent streaming releases "Bad Boys for Life," "The Gentleman," "Extra Ordinary," and "Rambo: Last Blood." Plus an interview with registered dietician Deborah Bowles.
April 20, 2020
Alone Together (Episode 4, Day 30)
Can we all please just take it a little easier on Justin Timberlake? The darkness of self isolation is starting to impact our show's hosts on this week's episode of "Alone Together." Joe discusses sinking into deep personal depths that is known as Ricecooker KFC and Jasmine reviews "Downhill," a movie she enjoyed a great deal but does not recommend couples watch during the pandemic. Plus dealing with a feral 'diaper boy' who is now roaming their neighborhood and an interview with local healthcare worker and friend Matthew Cravey. Also -- come play virtual pub trivia with us on Thursday! There's always a cash prize, plus live music from a local musician who will get paid for their work! Click here for more info:
April 13, 2020
Alone Together (Episode 3, Day 23)
Now that the CDC said everyone is supposed to wear a mask in public, what kind of mask should you wear? Hosts Jasmine O'Connell and Joe Scott explore the answers to this question as well as ways couples can get along while being stuck in a house together. They also review the latest Disney/Pixar film "Upward," talk to Los Angeles resident/filmmaker Jay Floyd about how COVID-19 might affect the entertainment business, and give tips on working from home. Resources: Joe's breakdown on how to make your own Facemask PART 1 - PART 2 -
April 06, 2020
Alone Together: Pandemic USA (Episode 2, Day 16 - Goin' Batty, 'Tiger King,' 'The Way Back,' and Comic Book Stores)
On this week's episode of the newly retitled Alone Together: Pandemic USA, hosts Joe Scott and Jasmine O'Connell start to wonder 16 days of social distancing has caused some people -- including themselves -- to get a little batty. They also interview Stephen Mayer (, co-owner of a locally owned comic book store to talk about how COVID-19 has impacted both small businesses and his business in particular. Plus on the streaming side of things, you'll get reviews of the Ben Affleck movie "The Way Back," the mega-hit Netflix docu-series "Tiger King," and season four of "Baskets." Plus a little bit of advice to help everyone get through this pandemic -- TOGETHER!
March 30, 2020
Pandemic USA (Episode One, Day Nine)
On the premiere of Pandemic, USA, hosts Jasmine O'Connell and Joe Scott explore what it is like living with the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States for just over one week. They talk about the challenges of working from home, working from work, the importance of wellness routines, being gentle to yourself, and how to make your own copy. They also share some of their favorite and least favorite parts of their streaming movie/video diet over the last week, including the movies "Invisible Man," "The Hunt," "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot," and the Amazon original movie Troop Zero. Which of these movies was better than the rest? Tune in to find out! Also -- ANIMAL CROSSING!!!!
March 23, 2020