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Along "The Way"

Along "The Way"

By Hosted by Down the Hall Dave
Faith and life observations made Along "The Way".
Hosted by Down the Hall Dave
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Deacon Harold Burke Sivers; Praying in tough times

Along "The Way"

Trace Chamberlain; It Don't Come Easy
Along “The Way” is a podcast that meets people where they are. Most guests are accomplished in their Catholicism, and share a take away that we can all learn from. My guest in this episode has just begun his journey towards the Catholic faith from a Southern Baptist background, but he has a fire in his belly for the Lord and moved by the Holy Spirit to help sharpen the constitution of other men. Joining me alog the way is the host of the You Tube Channel “Iron Sharpens Iron, Trace “Big Guns” Chamberlain. To Visit Iron Sharpens Iron on You Tube Click on the link below
April 10, 2021
Michael Phelan; Into the Breach.
If you have followed this show for any time now, you know that Dave Imhof and I are proponents of Bishop Olmsted’s apostolic exhortation “Into the Breach”. We truly are in a man crisis and masculinity is under constant attack by the principalities and powers of this world. In this year dedicated to St. Joseph the patron and protector of the universal church the need for a powerful saint has been answered and authentic masculinity has its hero. Joining me along the way to discuss Bishop Olmsted’s clarion call to all men is Michael Phelan. Michael is with the office of Marriage and Respect for Life for the Diocese of Phoenix and has worked closely with Bishop Olmsted.
April 3, 2021
Fr. Joe Laramie SJ; Prayer and Spirituality
Our spirituality affects the way we pray and conversely the way we pray affects our spirituality. What does that mean? I ask Father Joe Laramie SJ to help me understand how within a universal church there can be a wide variety of spiritualties.  Father Joe Laramie is the National Director of “Popes Worldwide Prayer Network” He is also the author of the book “Abide in the Heart of Christ” a 10-Day Personal Retreat with St. Ignatius Loyola. This casual conversation covers some common sense approaches to praying and for me a chance to discuss a saint that I hold in high regards. To find out more about the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network go to To find out more about Fr. Joe Laramie SJ and his book “Abide in the Heart of Christ” go to
March 27, 2021
David Lawrence-Hawley; Beliefs
Through triumph and tragedy our beliefs are formed challenged and reformed, sometimes leading to a complete shift in our paradigm. These changes in belief can and do have the ability to change our future. Joining me “Along The Way”, is clinical social worker David Lawrence-Hawley. Join us as we discuss how beliefs are formed and changed.
March 20, 2021
Matt Lozano; Deliverance
Evil wants to bind you to your past, accuse you now and leave you hopeless in the future. Today’s casual conversation may be the starting point for someone’s walk with Christ or it may be the reminder of what being a follower of Jesus is really about. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ certainly opens up a world of possibilities for us.  That is if we are unbound to the lies that evil will have us believe not only about ourselves, but God too. Jesus is The Way The Truth and The Life, Trust in him and renouncing those beliefs about our sinful past will set us free, making us Unbound. Joining me Along The Way is Matt Lozano. Matt is the son of Neil Lozano, author of the book “Unbound”. Matt is currently the Director of training and leadership development for the Heart of the Father Ministries. Please join us as we discuss those thing that can leave us feeling trapped and strategies of letting the Holy Spirit work miracles in our lives. For more information about the Heat of the Father Miniseries and the book “Unbound” go to
March 7, 2021
Deacon Harold Burke Sivers; Praying in tough times
Prayer is our interaction with the one living God that loves each of us beyond measure. Sometimes when we pray we feel like God hears us because the outcome of a situation turned out as we hoped. Sometimes though it seems like God doesn’t hear us and those that we pray for don’t recover by way of a miracle. Joining me along the way is Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. The Dynamic Deacon helps me to understand how prayers are always heard and answered even when the outcome is different than we hoped for. To find out more about Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers go to his website
February 27, 2021
Daniel Schachle; Do You Believe in Miracles?
Miracles, they are everywhere. Because God is everywhere we should expect them. I have to say that sometimes I am so wrapped up in life that I miss the little everyday miracles. Then when I pray for a miracle it sometimes seems like God doesn’t hear my prayer. Honestly I have been mad at God because I did understand his decision. Helping me to understand better is Daniel Schachle. Daniel is a true man of faith that has experienced loss and miraculous intervention.
February 14, 2021
Ryan Tremblay; Trust
Trust is fundamental to faith and that measure of trust can be what transcends suffering, filling those that hold on to that trust with courage and hope. Joining me Along The Way is international recording artist Ryan Tremblay. Ryan and I talk about how his sister Erika became an example of trust in Ryan’s life. Her Example led Ryan to dedicate his song “Trust” to her. Ryan Tremblay is an incredible singer, song writer and multi-talented musician. To find out more about him and to sign up for his newsletter go to
January 30, 2021
Fr. Ron Meyer O.M.I.; What is Prayer
There are many different forms of prayer in our Catholic tradition. Some peoples prayer may be based in traditional methods such as the Rosary or the Liturgy of the Hours while some of the more charismatic prayers may take other forms, The question is not always how do you pray?, but do you pray? Joining me to discuss what is prayer and how we pray is a beloved priest Father Ron Meyer O.M.I.
January 23, 2021
Jim Wahlberg; Redemption
From the rough and tough streets of South Boston, to time spent behind the walls of Walpole state prison, Gods love has no bounds. What happens when a future saint dispels all the untruths you have believed about yourself and God, you find redemption. Stories of redemption are best told by the redeemed themselves. Joining  me along the way is the CEO of Wahl Street Productions who’s busy schedule find him multitasking as a writer, director, producer and the  author of the book  “The Big Hustle” Jim Wahlberg. To find out more about Jim Wahlberg’s works go to
January 16, 2021
2020 Recap
This episode is many things. It is a testament to my gratitude to all the men that have been a part of this dream coming to fruition.  For me it is a step forward as I trust God, believing that God doesn’t always call the qualified he qualifies the called. I have always wanted to do radio, it has always been my passion, but Fear and uncertainty have always stopped me from realizing that dream. In a year that has been full of fear and uncertainty I decided to put my simple theology based in Divine Mercy and the mantra of “Jesus I Trust in You” to work. Soon the questions of how were answered and why became my inspiration and my motivation. For the love of Jesus and Mary and the glory of God this podcast comes to you. This is a recap of the twelve guest that were able to join me along the during the COVID 19 pandemic of 2020 as we talked about manliness.
January 10, 2021
Fr. Lance W. Harlow; True Devotion to Jesus through Mary.
Fr. Lance W. Harlow is the author of the book “The Echo of God” a commentary on St. Louis De Montfort's Treatise on the True Devotion to Mary. Farther Harlow Joins Down The Hall Dave and producer David Imhof in consecrating the Podcast to the Blessed Mother.
December 13, 2020
Terry Barber; Sharing the Faith
Terry Barber has been involved with the media for years and has developed some strategies for sharing the faith. In this episode Terry shares from his years of experience and wisdom the Ten Commandments of Evangelization. To find out more about Terry Barber go to
December 13, 2020
Fr. Louis Cameli; The Devil You Don't Know
Father Louis Cameli is a priest of the Arch Diocese of Chicago and the author of one of my favorite books. The Devil You Don't Know is not a Hollywood look at the devil but a day to day look at the enemies attempt to move people from God. This book is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that has been brought together through the years of Father Cameli's years in ministry. Fr. Cameli is the author of many books available through Ave Maria Press.
November 22, 2020
Doug Barry; Prepare Mind, Body and Spirit.
For eight years Doug Barry was the co-host of the television show Life On The Rock. He has since move on to Host EWTN's Battle Ready. This is gritty show, about preparing the mind body and spirit for the possible struggles ahead. Doug Talk with Down The Hall Dave about how to be ready to defend those we love.
November 19, 2020
Fr. Skip Thompson; A Faithful Catholic's Civic Duty
There are two things that you do not talk about, religion and politics. well in this episode we break the rules and talk about them both. Father Skip Thompson Joins Down The Hall Dave in a street fight of truth and no punches are pulled.  WARNING; The opinions expressed in this show are those of Father Jeffery "Skip " Thompson. 
October 13, 2020
Father Donald Calloway, St. Joseph, A Saint For Our Time.
In this Conversation, I learn how important St. Joseph is to men, women and families. In these times he is needed more than ever. Please visit to find out more.
September 26, 2020
Leonardo Defilippis The Roles of a Lifetime.
My Guest today has answered many curtain calls as an award winning actor. But a choice to answer the call to use these talents for God led him into the roles of a lifetime. St. John Vianney and Maximillian Kolbe are only the beginning of the historic and heroic tellings of the Catholic saints. He is the founder and president of St. Luke Productions.  To find out more go to
August 15, 2020
Bear Woznick, Not a nice guy, but a good man!
Being a good man transcends being a nice guy, and EWTN's Bear Woznick rolls thunder Along "The Way" . He shows me how to stand up and be that protector I was called to be. This interview is about real manhood. I hope that you will enjoy listening to it as much as I did interviewing him. Honestly I was a bit nervous about interviewing him but a few minutes in, it truly became a casual  conversation with a real interesting person. Please Check out his website at to find out more.
August 8, 2020
Brian Caulfield; Beatification
May 27th 2020 the Vatican reported that Pope Francis has approved a medical miracle that is attributed to Father Michael J. McGivney’s intersession. Joining me for this episode is Brian Caulfield the Vice Postulator for the cause of canonization. We discuss Father McGivney’s heroic and virtuous life  then and the importance of his intersession now. We talk about the Father Michael J McGivney Guild and much more. Producer Dave Imhof joins in the conversation. To find out more information about Father McGivney go to   and
July 18, 2020
Joe McClane; Jesus first
Joe McClane , Also known to so many as "The Catholic Hack" , is the Guadalupe Radio Network Director of Mission Development. Joe is accomplished at many things as radio show host on GRN, a documentary film maker and a public speaker at conferences. It truly was a blessing to have this casual conversation with this interesting person. In this Episode, Joe helps me understand how to put Jesus first in my life and by doing so I become the man I was intended to be. Joe is such a wealth of Catholic teaching sorry to say we couldn't talk more. I hope to have him back. but if you want to find out more here are some resources online.
July 11, 2020
Larry Barile; Discenment
This is the pilot episode
July 4, 2020
Marty Rotella; Inspiration.
This interview was during the COVID 19 Pandemic when inspiration for me was at a low. Music has a way of lifting the soul. This casual conversation with Marty Rotella  reminded me that we can find inspiration anywhere. Guest; Marty Rotella Host; Down the Hall Dave Producer; David Imhof Music and Cover art; Shawn Kelly For more information about Marty Rotella go to
June 28, 2020