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You Can't Mistake Their Anthology: A Girls Aloud Commentary Podcast

You Can't Mistake Their Anthology: A Girls Aloud Commentary Podcast

By Adem Eve
Join myself, Adem Eve (The Record Doctor/This Is Disco/Doctor Pop Pod) each month as I delve deep into every single official Girls Aloud release; singles, albums, books, even the TV Specials, tours and all of their solo efforts! Diving in from the very start of their careers right through to 2013's TEN TOUR and beyond. Each month I'll also be joined by a very special guest Alouder to chat with me about the greatest pop group of all time.
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08: Off The Record, Part 2
Continuing their celebration of the iconic Girls Aloud E4 Docuseries OFF THE RECORD from last month, Adem is once again joined in the virtual studio by return special guest Joe Anderton! The two pick things up from Episodes 4 through 6 of the hit documentary in this conclusive second part.
July 18, 2022
07: Off The Record, Part 1
Celebrating the iconic Girls Aloud E4 Docuseries OFF THE RECORD, Adem is joined in the virtual studio by this month's very special guest, the UK's Joe Anderton! In Part 1 of 2, Adem and Joe dig RIGHT in on Episodes 1 through 3 of the documentary, to the point that there's even a dramatic recreation of 'The Wardrobe Malfunction Scene' involving Cheryl, Nadine, manager Hilary Shaw and a poor Australian Stylist named Lauren Jones.
June 30, 2022
06: Interview with Form Design & Branding UK's Paul West
Adem sits down with FORM DESIGN & BRANDING UK's PAUL WEST to talk all about Form's visual work with Girls Aloud across their WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBOURS SAY and CHEMISTRY eras. A must-listen for any die-hard Alouder!
May 23, 2022
05: Girls Aloud B-Sides
Episode 5 is finally here! Your host Adem Eve is joined by this month's special guest Mark Savage (BBC Music Correspondent & Journalist) as they discuss every single Girls Aloud B-Side that exists - and do is in release order! Everything from SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND's STAY ANOTHER DAY right through to SOMETHING NEW's ALIAS MEGAMIX. For more info on the show, visit
April 23, 2022
04: Chemistry & Christmastry
Episode 04 is here and she's a GIANT! Jump aboard with your host ADEM EVE for this month's instalment of YOU CAN'T MISTAKE THEIR ANTHOLOGY, a GIRLS ALOUD commentary podcast brought to you by THE RECORD DOCTOR. This month, Adem is joined by very special guest BENNIITAR as they talk about meeting Girls Aloud during their 2006 Australian Promo Tour, as well as diving deep into the Aloud's CHEMISTRY and CHRISTMASTRY era, discussing all of its singles, videos, remixes, available demos and a WHOLE LOT(TA) MORE. A magical episode for a truly magical record!!
March 21, 2022
03: What Will The Neighbours Say?
Episode 03 of the podcast is finally here and it’s the longest episode yet! Hold on tight as your host ADEM EVE is joined by this month’s very special guest ED PITTS, merging pop forces in The Record Doctor’s virtual studio to cover the girls’ WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBOURS SAY? era for February’s instalment of the show! From the singles, to the videos, to the tour, to the remixes and of course to the album itself, YOU CAN’T MISTAKE THEIR ANTHOLOGY is ready to tackle it ALL.
February 25, 2022
02: Sound of the Underground
It's finally time for Episode 02 of the pod! Your host ADEM EVE is joined by very special guest CRAIG as they cover the girls' creation on POPSTARS: THE RIVALS and dish on the ins and outs of the entire SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND debut era.
January 31, 2022
01: An Introduction
Join your host Adem Eve for the very first episode of YOU CAN'T MISTAKE THEIR ANTHOLOGY as he spills a bit more information on his future plans for the podcast, shares a story that explains the (very long) podcast title, and talks about the Irish TV moment starring our Nadine Coyle that technically serves as the actual beginning to the GIRLS ALOUD story. This episode is very much a breezy, slightly cheeky intro to the podcast, a special lil' New Year gift! A shorter episode to kick us off all before I am joined by monthly specials guests (the first for Episode 2 on January 31st) who'll help me dive deep into the back catalogue of our Almighty Aloud - starting at 2002 right through to 2022!
December 30, 2021