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All Things Aloud

All Things Aloud

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We only made it through two episodes in 2015, but hey: the official Aloud podcast. Your humble hosts, Jen, Henry, Charles, and Frank dissect the arts and the world around them through the prism of a rock n' roll band (and the occasional guest). ** Season 2 arriving in 2021.
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The War on Whiplash: Frank Hegyi's War
* BONUS EPISODE: The long lost third episode of the Aloud podcast, recorded 5/19/2015. In the van on the way back from a gig, Frank spends his final 30 minutes as Aloud's drummer orating an epic takedown of the Academy Award-winning film, Whiplash. (Spoiler alert: he hated it.)
January 21, 2021
The War on Sustenance
You say pecan, I say pecan. Charles Murphy joins the podcast as Aloud shares tales of eating on tour, getting sick on the road, bad burritos, and Jack White's (not Jack White's) famous guacamole recipe.
March 11, 2015
The War on Songwriting
Jen and Henry chat about their first songs, share strikingly disparate experiences writing "Back Here With Me Again", and Charles and Frank read some of the pair's questionable teenage lyrics as poetry. Plus: upcoming Aloud shows in Boston and NYC.
January 19, 2015