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Celestial Science Alpha and Omega

Celestial Science Alpha and Omega

By Alpha and Omega
Knowledge received by Telepathic Writing by Alpha and Omega (Luis Antonio Soto Romero). The Author has written 4,000 Celestial Plans in Spanish, with galactic drawings in Chile and Peru, until 1978.
This Revelation is prophesied in Revelation, chapter 5, as The Scroll and the Lamb.
This Doctrine explains the Origin of Things, and announces What is to Come; reveals that the Earth is a planet of trials, whose inhabitants have a forgetfulness of their galactic past. And it prepares humanity for the advent of a New World: The Millennium of Peace.
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Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.- DIVINE ORIGIN OF THE CELESTIAL POINT; TIME AND SPACE ARE MEASURED BY A DIVINE POINT; RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE HUMAN ACTIONS AND THE DIVINE AWARD; THE DIVINE LIVING SOLAR SCALES; THE NUMBER 318 AND THE HUMAN VIRTUES.- Yes little son; so it is; just as your divine mind thinks so; the Celestial Sciences are about to be published; very son you shall see yourself surrounded by your honorable Dalai-Lamas; the world of knowledge shall be shaken; they do not imagine that the Lamb of God is son Earth; the same philosophy that emanates semana from the Celestial Sciences, is the divine Doctrine of the divine Lamb; for it is destined to living creatures; it is the same divine comforter announced by the First-born Solar Son; which in the Most Holy Trinity are the same thing; they are proper laws of the Holy Trinity; whose divine free will is the most sublime and divine loving communism; the divine justice works by means of common love for everybody; therefore, the philosophy of communism is in the laws of creation; it has always been there; and the children who struggle for a similar philosophy on Earth, are very advanced spirits; they recognize that only one unitarian knowledge is the most fair; the greatest thing about this philosophy is that they fulfill the divine law of work; which your divine Father Jehovah expressed in other terms: Thou shalt earn thy bread on the sweat of thy face; what I meant was: It will cost you a lot to earn your daily living; for your world shall be invaded by the demons of ambition; who make the progress of the worlds a damned business; if the Earth did not have this damned exploitative demons, it would certainly be like a paradise; even more; the Earth would not have had the need of a Final Judgment; for the divine points of the philosophy of work would have overcome the own spiritual destiny; above all craftwork; but, since the moment these demons invented the damned money, without consulting my divine Scriptures, it became the worst yoke that humanity has ever known; for my flock was divided in rich and poor; within an obliged exploitation; and perpetuating injustice; the divine moment in which the world shall get rid of this yoke has arrived; which makes the generations of the planet only shed tears; and the bitterer tears are still to come; when millions and millions of creatures see that because of money they changed their own feelings; they became proud, false, interest-driven, and even criminals; and when they see that each second of time of their own lives has been closing their entrance to the Kingdom of heavens; for no points has money given them; on the contrary, because of money they will have to confront the divine judgment; within a crying and gnashing of teeth; envying the own dead beings; and they shall see that because of having known money, they will not be able to be resurrected in flesh; in the year 2001; for it was written: It is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a rich to enter the Kingdom of Heavens.- Yes little son; this celestial drawing shows that every human virtue is of infinite colors; the divine essence of each virtue is to have a solar calorie; which gives a certain magnetic power; and within the own virtue, this magnetic power acquires infinite degrees; constituting itself in the divine hierarchy of the respective philosophy; each virtue is a living philosophy; for it has been generated by a living spirit; the virtues as a whole, constitute a thinking life; this thinking life came out of another older thinking life; in the case of the human spirits, they were created by the suns Alpha and Omega; of the galaxy Trino; when the spirits are born, infinite intelligences are set in divine motion; among them the marvelous silver ships; which you the terrestrial beings call flying saucers... Please visit:
October 16, 2019
Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.- DIVINE ORIGIN OF THE TERRESTRIAL SUN; THE ETERNAL SUCCESSION OF THE SOLAR LUMINARIES; THE DIVINE LAMB OF GOD IS BEFORE THE SUNS; HOW A SUN IS BORN; HOW THE SUNS DIE; RESURRECTION OF THE SUNS.- Yes little son; I shall reveal to you the divine origin of the microscopic suns; of the ones that man is used to seeing; through their microscopic instruments; the sun of the Earth is older than any planet of the so-called Solar System; from this sun many solar systems have come out, which are not in space anymore; its own origin took place in another point in space; for the heavenly bodies have had movements and routes, which have not been seen by the creatures of the present that is being lived; when these movements took place, the Earth had not been born yet; neither were the suns Alpha and Omega in space; one must not confuse the present sun, which makes the planet Earth germinate, with the luminaries Alpha and Omega from which the Earth was born; among infinite more worlds; worlds of flesh; worlds that correspond to a solar family in an infinite state of evolution; the Sun of the Earth was born from the galaxy Love; and the suns Alpha and Omega in the very remote galaxy Trino; the galaxy Love and the galaxy Trino are galaxies of life systems of humanoids; within them there are infinite worlds of flesh; and of infinite evolutions; all their creatures of flesh are little monkeys in a solar evolution; which means that they are in the process of becoming divine luminaries of wisdom; for every knowledge becomes a magnetic brightness; from the most microscopic until they become colossal suns of living wisdom; creators of worlds and suns; older children of the divine Father Jehovah; it was written: And he shall come back in Glory and Majesty, shining like a sun of wisdom; every spiritual effort becomes a physical brightness, which surrounds the body of flesh; this brightness is invisible to the human eyes; nobody can see it; only a few who have prepared for it; the honorable Dalai-Lamas know about this law; they know it by their own evolution; what is wrong is that being my laws universal, these children remain themselves in what is called hidden; the occult sciences shall pass, as every philosophical tree that the divine Father Jehovah did not plant shall pass; there is nothing occult in my divine creation; according to the intention given, one who hides something from my children, he hides it from the divine Creator; for I am in all the minds; therefore, children of the spiritual science: apply the divine parable that says: He who has ears listen; he who has eyes see; he who has a mouth speak; this means that every knowledge must be propagated, and not be hidden; every knowledge that could make the creatures advance, must be taught; the spirit must not take anything with him when he leaves the planetary dwelling; all the contrary, if he lets the demon of the intellectual ambition deceive him, he shall be accused of intellectual selfishness in my divine dwelling; the occult sciences shall make millions of children feel the crying and gnashing of teeth; for all the seconds lived are judged; and each second of time used in life corresponds to a heaven; they correspond to the divine Addition; which is the award of each spirit; this divine award has no equal; for it is an award of living eternity; it consists of visiting colossal worlds; to arrive in remote galaxies is to penetrate the infinite Cosmos; in those dazzling silver vessels; which the children of the Earth call flying saucers; these trips shall be carried out in the year 2001; after the resurrection of every flesh; which means all the species of flesh known; but, not all shall be resurrected to children of 12 years old; one has to deserve it; the creature who has scandalized in the most various forms, shall not enter the Kingdom of Heavens...  Please visit:
October 1, 2019
Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.- DIVINE THINKING EXPANSIVE UNIVERSE; THE SOLAR SPARKLET GETS EXPANDED; ITS SOLAR FLUIDS MULTIPLY; THE MICROSCOPIC WORLDS ARE BORN; THE TERRESTRIAL PARADISES EMERGE.- Yes little son; we shall write the divine beginning of life; life is a divine plan of the divine Creator; every perfection starts by being microscopic; nobody is great in the Kingdom of Heavens, if he has not been very little; so very little as a microbe can be; all the angels of my divine Reign were very little and humble; and now they are great in the Kingdom of Heavens; they are the divine solar luminaries; they shine in living wisdom; they have enough knowledge as to produce worlds; nobody has a creative power if he has not fulfilled the divine law that says; Thou shalt earn thy bread on the sweat of thy face; this is the only divine philosophy to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; no other one can make my children become great in my divine dwelling; every well-being of every planet is a reward of the world; it lasts just as an sparkle in front of the eternity; every well-being in which all my children do not participate equally, that well-being, is not a tree planted by the divine Father Jehovah; and it shall be pulled out from its roots; it has always happened like that, in the worlds that have a life that is just a trial; everything is accepted in the universal philosophies of trial, but the abuse; less the injustice, which certain demons try to impose on others; to the divine Father Jehovah, a demon is every spirit who when creating a philosophy, does not take Him into account for anything; he does not consult the divine Scriptures; such philosophies are not trees planted by the divine Father Jehovah; and they shall be pulled out from its roots; it means that the so-called materialism, disappears from the face of the Earth; this was divinely written: The Earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass.- Yes little son; this divine drawing explains that everything was microscopic; this means ; One has to be little and humble to become great in the Kingdom of Heavens; it means that being the sparklet that came out of the solar luminaries invisible, it was at the same time visible; it belonged to another numerical vibration; which means that what is microscopic exists when it is seen from another dimension; what is microscopic is what is gigantic; for when the creature arrives in his future world, he does not notice that his dwelling is microscopic; he is geometrically proportional to his own development; and his development is parallel to the evolutionary birth of the epoch lived; this is, every encounter of every spirit with his own planet, was a divine plan that came out of the invisible to the visible; it is in a divine agreement of divine cherubs; they are thinking gases; more microscopic than the atoms; for no instrument of augmentation from Earth can see them; every spirit feels it, but they never have seen them; they express themselves in virtues; they become living when every spirit returns to the place where they came out of temporarily; they accuse every spirit who did not live according to the divine Commandments; for every spirit is a spiritual magnet; it is a microscopic solar fire; who at the same time attracts other microscopic solar fires; the human creature was divinely warned about this; he was taught that the Lord is everywhere; in infinite forms; known and unknown; He is also in every spirit; He is in every living virtue; and it was also written that every spirit is trialed in the human philosophy he chose; the divine cherubs that accompany every spirit, do it in the form of living virtues; they are also trialed; but subordinated to their own Solar Father; which is to the spirit who they see from their own microscopic dimensions, as an immense sun... The Scrolls are at:
September 20, 2019
Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.- DIVINE ORIGIN OF THE TERRESTRIAL SOLAR SYSTEM; THE NUMBER 318 GETS EXPANDED IN OTHER PLANETARY COVENANTS; WHAT IS UP ABOVE IS THE SAME AS DOWN BELOW; IN THEIR FIRST CAUSES; GALATIC ORDER OF THE WORLDS.- Yes little son; I will explain to you the Solar System; this galactic name is correct, only for the Earth’s evolution; for the Kingdom of Heavens, this name does not count much; for the Solar System and the universes close to the Earth, are almost unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens; the Earth is a little less than a molecule; and its creatures acquire unprecedented proportions; and nobody thinks about wealth; everybody thinks about the universal knowledge; everybody thinks about creating worlds and to offer them to the divine Father; everybody is a Microscopic imitator of my divine creation; nobody is idle; everybody participates in the laws of the Universe; an infinite totality is spoken about; the destinies of the spirits are Planned; and of the worlds; a divine hustle and bustle is seen, as no human eyes have ever seen; only you, divine son, have the divine mental power of seeing what you see every day; for you are from the Kingdom of Heavens; and as such, your divine Telepathic Scripture shall be eternal; it is in you; and it shall sprout from you from world to world; one knows the tree by its fruit; if all of those first children I introduced to you would have guided themselves by this divine parable, they would have been the most joyful creatures on this planet; they would have been among the first ones in the divine Revelation; their own skepticism makes the doors of the Kingdom of Heavens close on them; no skeptical being shall enter the Kingdom of heavens; only the advanced spirits enter; those spirits who because of their own spiritual advancement, do not need material proofs; they simply believe; they believe that nothing is impossible to the Creator of life; the own faith transports them to the Kingdom of Heavens; that is meant by the divine parable: Faith moves mountains; almost all the skeptical beings are like the divine Thomas; they need to see in order to believe; saint Thomas showed that he was a backward spirit; he requested proofs of the world; he did not request eternal proof; his belief was reduced to a proof of one instant; he did not see beyond; therefore, those who say: One has to see in order to believe, are mundane spirits; they request proofs that show their own spiritual backwardness; if these creatures do not believe in the resurrection of the flesh in the year 2001, they can say good bye to being eternal; they have received their awards in advance; the skeptical beings should not forget that nobody reads his future; that is much better to be quiet and humble than a false prophet of his own eternity.- Yes little son; so it is; just as you see on your mental television; this celestial drawing teaches that from the sun Alpha divine solar sparklets came out and still do; which shall become future worlds; every planet was a solar sparklet; a microscopic sparklet; it is written: That one has to be little and humble to become great in the Kingdom of Heavens; this divine law, is fulfilled in any point of the Thinking Expansive Universe; all, creatures and worlds are microscopic; to get expanded in growth and become big in spacelater on; every grandeur disappears, at the same time, before the grandeur of the Father; He is of eternities before every grandeur; and He is also before the most microscopic being that any mind can imagine; He is, has been and shall always be the first; He is known in all the Universe; His divine Names are infinite; according to the infinite evolutions that exist for a world He is called this Name or those Names; for other worlds is the same; there is no point in the Universe in which His divine Name is not pronounced with devotion...  The Scrolls are at:
September 3, 2019
Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.- DIVINE CREATIVE NUMBER; THE BIGGEST CREATIVE EXPLOSION IN THE SUNS ALPHA AND OMEGA IS INITIATED; INFANCY OF A NUMBER; THE DIVINE COVENANT OF THE DIVINE CHERUBS; THE FIRST HUMAN SPIRIT IS BORN.- A Divine Cherub is a living magnetic line; its exterior is passivity; known as an inert matter; each cherub is magnetic in its own thinking philosophy; the first cherub with which the Earth was born was the First-born Solar Son; that is why in the Kingdom of Heavens he is known as the First-born Son; for from Him came out all the other magnetic cherubs; and the divine First-born Son sowed a seed called Christianity; to make a world made by his own solar fluids advance; for the Holy Trinity in each cherub is infinite; what the Father creates and expresses the Son also creates and expresses; what is of the Father is also of the Son; when the divine Father Jehovah said: Let there be light and there was light, infinite suns got into infinite explosions; from the most colossal to the most microscopic; being man the most microscopic one; for having him brilliant ideas in life, he does not see his own brightness; for every emanated idea in his own mind, shines around his physical body; from the spiritual it becomes matter; the divine creation of the divine Father was solar; His older children were the ones who expanded their brilliant ideas; by getting into divine solar loving conversation; among those colossal suns were the suns Alpha and Omega; with their own philosophies; having each solar luminary its own living philosophy; they are still creating; they are still producing solar sparklets; they continue adding new future planets; they are still expanding the infinite Thinking Expansive Universe; which contains all the philosophies that the mind can imagine; the divine magnetic cherub, is the first author of all the rest; in its own expansive power, it carries microscopic magnetic lines; which succeed each other as they grow more mature; this means that from the divine instant that the divine Father Jehovah said: Let there be light and there was light, the Universe has been expanding itself; being the own microscopic ideas, which are emanated from every mind, the ones that expand the Universe; which means that the own magnetism of the sparklet creates the idea; aside from creating the physical bodies; and the terrestrial natures; the solar sparklet had at the beginning an oscillatory and vibratory movement; with a lineal impulse; that is the first movement that the Earth had; when it was a microscopic sparkle in the sun Alpha yet; there the rotation and translation of the planet was born; these movements were not as a whole, but separately; it started from the first molecule; getting expanded to the others; there were movements that the Earth does not have any more; movements proper of its infancy; just like a human baby, who had to take its first and uncertain steps; and which as time passed by has been forgotten; the expansion or growth of the Earth was geometrically linear; Alpha and Omega; which means that all the lines of invisible magnetism were getting together in a rotational and linear way, in its expansion; the same growth has every flesh; the cells of the flesh get united in a circular way, and get expanded in a linear way; they pass through Omega and Alpha; they have an angular and circular form; the human spirit is the same; when a spirit gets united to a baby’s body, he does it in a circular form; and the union is made cell by cell; ending in an angular way; with an impulse of a lineal growth; this means that matter and spirit are of the same geometry; expressed in different free wills.- Yes little son; this drawing shows that in the first creation there were already creatures with an abysmal wisdom; the reason for that is that the divine light of creation of the divine Father Jehovah was being fulfilled since eternities ago...
September 3, 2019
Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.- DIVINE PARABLES; TRANSLATED BY LIVING TELEPATHY; DICTATED BY FATHER JEHOVAH; HOW MOVEMENT IN MATTER TOOK PLACE; HOW THE FIRST VEGETATION EMERGED; FIRST VEGETAL GEOMETRY.- And God said: Let there be expansion amongst the waters; and let the waters separate from the waters: It means that the molecules of the waters had a growth or expansion; each molecule has a free will; and they are independent from each other; and they are conductors of their own form at the same time; all of them form covenants; the Ark of Covenants is their celestial symbol; the entire nature is represented in the Ark of Covenants; the term Ark means Assembled in Geometry; and it is the most representative of matter in the Kingdom of Heavens; there are infinite ways of expressing the Father’s creation; for in Him there is no limit whatsoever; for the Father a molecule is a universe; He sees what nobody sees; for He is where nobody is; the first waters were not like the present ones, they were instead liquid gases; which contained multitudes of gaseous beings; never seen by human eyes; these gaseous beings had powers of fire; for in that amazing epoch, everything boiled; everything turned into heat; that heat is now reduced to the central fire of the planet; and all of you also got saturated of heat; Does your body not have calorie or temperature? Many may ask themselves why; for man had not been born yet; the truth is that while this was taking place, from the same heat and in an invisible form, the first creatures of flesh were being born; it was the first birth; the first reincarnation; this divine process continues taking place in the own cosmic elements; matter’s free will makes nobody notice its own process; the term: And let the waters separate from the waters has an eternal meaning; the best way of showing a free will is with the movement of waters; one never knows what determination there will be in its own movements; the free will is so fine and delicate in its composition that only the Creator touches it; and He never does it without a reason; for it is His own creation; He wanted to say at the same time: Free will you are free; for your Creator when He creates worlds, He does it by talking to the elements; and all of this takes place within a joy that is unknown to you; a joy characteristic of the psychology of the children of your planet; the favorite psychology of the Father; as one who does not create and expand his own psychology, does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; never have the apathetic spirits entered; to be entitled to enjoy happiness one has to cultivate it first; just then you can claim for joy in the Kingdom of Heavens; if you did not cultivate it on Earth, what right does assist you to claim for it in the Heavens?.- Yes, little son; the waters were gases of fire; there was separation between the individualities of the molecules of the waters; for they have free will; the molecules are also born again; they reincarnate again; which is the same law; the Universe is expansive due to the own determinations of matter and spirit; everything is living in its own laws; the human spirits do not understand this; for they requested it so; and so it was conceded to them; they have oblivion of themselves and of the matter that surrounds them; the oblivion of the past is part of a spirit’s trials; the celestial mandate is in matter and spirit; it is complete; the waters in their composition as gas had infinite metamorphosis; each metamorphosis is a living existence; just as the human existence is only a relative form of living philosophy; the new knowledge acquired by the spirit in each relative form gives it, in an immediate future, a new form of physical body; the physical forms are eternal in the eternity of the spirits; this is what means: Every spirit is born again... The Scrolls are at:
August 28, 2019
Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.- DIVINE ORIGIN OF THE DIVINE FATHER JEHOVAH; HIS DIVINE AND ETERNAL CREATION; THE DIVINE BALL OF PURIFYING FIRE; THE DIVINE FATHER AND THE ETERNAL SUCCESSION OF THE NUMBERS; THE NUMBER 318 OF THE DIVINE JUSTICE.- Yes little son; this celestial drawing is what gets closer to my divine free will; for being there relativity in matter as well as in spirit, my divine free will is in them; for I am everywhere; I am infinitely expansive and contractile; I am everywhere and in the most microscopic; in the human evolution, what is most microscopic are their own ideas; they let themselves be felt but not seen; I am also in them; I am in their own relativity; and I am in their free wills; I am in the 318 living virtues of the human spirit; I am up above and down below; I am in matter and in the spirit; I am in life and death; I am in the everything above everything; I am in what is thought and what is not thought; in what is imagined and what is not imagined; my divine essence is a divine fire; a fire which all the Universe has come out of; the Universe is a microscopic variation of my divine fire; all of you have my divine inheritance; all of you have temperature; you have electricity in your bodies; creatures and planets; there is nothing that has not got a sign of fire; the suns and the microbes; all the Thinking Expansive Universe; and so shall it be for all eternity; the living eternity is also fire; which has unprecedented vibrations to the human understanding; fire has hierarchies too; degrees of purity; just as the individualities who are also of fire; and every spirit shines like the fire of a ruby; they shine like a microscopic sun; all of them are electrical; being flesh the exterior cover of the radiant source; flesh is also fire; it is an abstract and living product of the solar fire; by saying abstract I mean temporary; for flesh accompanies the spirit only for its journey to life; it is an alliance, in which they depart together to gain experience to the life of the planets; both do it with first-hand knowledge; both promise in the Kingdom of Heavens to fulfill the divine Commandments; both belong to the Living Universe; both try one of the infinite forms of life that exist in the Universe; whose number shall never be calculated by the creatures; only the Eternal Father knows it; the matter that surrounds man is not and shall not be the only one; each formed world is of a different matter; its salt is another one; Salt means the coming out of this or that solar philosophy that they had; Outward Journey means spirituality in a galactic journey; the human body turns back again into what it had previously been; a magnetic essence of the own Universe; magnetism is the own matter; both are from the eternal fire; the human life feels pain and joy; both are also magnetism; as all its virtues are; they are nature’s power; temporarily enclosed in a body; once the body is left, all the virtues look for their own infinite; where they were from; before joining the spirit; just as the suns join the worlds, so do the virtues join a spirit too; what is up above is the same as down below; the spirits are microscopic suns; they have brightness in their relative proportion; they are known in the Kingdom of Heavens as spirits-suns; suns that are just starting; they still are so microscopic that even their owners do not see their own brightness; the human spirit is formed according to its own intentions; if it does not advance according to the Commandments, it remains as a backward spirit; in respect to the time that it lives in the Universe; a living time that started in the own suns; for it came out of there; it came out of a greater fire; and it shall also become a brilliant sun of wisdom... The Plans are at
August 21, 2019
Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.- DIVINE ORIGIN OF THE PHILOSOPHIES; RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TERRESTRIAL COMMUNISM AND THE CELESTIAL COMMUNISM; COMMUNISM IS BORN WITH MATTER AND SPIRIT; THE COVENANTS ARE COMMON TO EVERYBODY.- Yes little son; the doctrines are messages requested by the spirits in the Kingdom of Heavens; they are requests that influence on the minds of the beings; among all the philosophies, the most sublime is the philosophy of Work; not of the exploitation; the capitalist doctrine by exploiting others, violates the Father’s law of love; it constitutes itself in one of the trees that the divine Father did not plant; and it shall be pulled out from its roots from the human evolution; the Doctrine of the Lamb of God shall crush it; it was written: And he shall crush his enemies; one who violates the law of love of the Father, constitutes himself in His enemy; for one cannot serve two masters; or one serves truthfulness or falseness; capitalism says it serves everybody; with the condition of exploiting them; I say to the creators of exploitation spirits: it is just enough one second or less of time of exploitation, and you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; your god is gold; may it resurrect you; you know very well that when you leave the world you are in, you shall not take with you a single molecule of your gold or your temporary belongings; even though you know it, you still attach yourselves to them; you are the greatest deluded beings; who unfortunately infect the others; for you was it written: May the left beware of what the right does; the left are the children of work; of the spiritual merit; they are the exploited ones; the greatest in the Kingdom of Heavens; for the more long-suffering a life was, the greater is the glory they receive in the Kingdom; you requested it so and so was it conceded to you; no pleasure lover on the planets requested Glories in Heaven; they requested to enjoy them on Earth; and it was conceded to them; and for you rich and deluded beings of the world was it written: It is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a rich to the Kingdom of Heavens; it is a parable warning for you, blinds of the laws of the spirit; a warning that has many centuries and which is coming closer to its end; for everything that exists has its time; and the time has come to its end for you; that is how you requested it, spirits of only one present; for as long as your eyes see gold you shall believe in life; this philosophical concept is unknown in the Universe; for it is a living imperfection; a weakness characteristic of the imperfect spirits; who requested to know work and exploitation; for they did not know them; and it was conceded to them; what they did not request was to forget the Father’s laws; expressed in the Commandments.- Yes little son; this celestial drawing teaches infinite things; among others that the Solar Trinity is in every philosophy; one is born thinking in three things; past, present, and future; behold the time given to every human philosophy; Communism as a living philosophy is the only one that shall remain; the past, present, and future are reduced with Communism to a new Era; the New World starts with it; the generations of the future shall not be like the present ones; the present ones have a material struggle; for that is how its creatures requested it in the Kingdom of Heavens; and the struggle of philosophies was given to them; according to the Commandments, the humblest philosophy remains reigning on Earth; it was written that the humble are first; this is in every order of things; which includes matter and spirit; to be the first ones before the divine Father, is to be one up above as well as down below; the mandates of the Creator not only include one world, but infinite worlds... The Plans are at
August 15, 2019
Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-  DIVINE PARABLES; TRANSLATED BY LIVING TELEPATHY; DICTATED BY THE DIVINE FATHER JEHOVAH; THE LAST DOCTRINE THAT THE PLANET EARTH SHALL RECEIVE; A NEW SCIENCE AND A NEW WORLD ARE BORN.- And the Earth was formless and empty; and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God hovered over the surface of the waters: it meant that by being in disorder one arrives to be in order; the free will of the spirit and matter is initiated in disorder, for they are born in innocence and lacking of science; this disorder was darkness with a tendency to the order of light; they were gasses that came from the suns Alpha and Omega; those very old elements are the same ones that you can see on the nature Earth; nothing is born with wisdom; everything is started with ignorance; it is a universal right of spirit and matter; these gases because of their dark color and in infinite hues, gave the impression of a colossal abyss; it is the same principle of a puddle of water; smells and gases are born in it; what is up above is the same as down below; these gasses underwent an infinite transformation; by the effect of the suns’ magnetism; I am talking about an epoch in which the sun that shines on you was not born yet; the heavens were open; scenes never seen by human eyes took place at any instant; beings from remote worlds travelled with naturalness; just as you travel; what is up above is the same as down below; as time passed by, the gases were turning into colored gases; a new maturity emerged from their molecules; a process that still takes place in your world; when the fruit that you use as food ripens, you are witnessing the development of your planet; the maturity or development of everything that exists, takes place by microscopic dimensions; which your human eye cannot perceive; this form of manifestation of matter is not the only one; if there are as many worlds as the grains of sand of a desert, the same thing takes place with their respective origins; do not forget that matter has got the same rights as you do; nobody is less before the divine Father; you have got individuality; so does matter; within its own laws; just as you enjoy yours; in the future and immediate knowledge, humanity shall have just one Universe; the Living Universe of Father Jehovah; or Thinking Expansive Universe; in this Universe there is everything that the mind can imagine; it is just enough to think of a universal theory, and that theory in the form of an idea gives place to worlds, universes, and galaxies; in such a degree that it escapes from the own calculation of the author of the idea; who unknowingly is filling the space with new future worlds; this takes place from the very instant that every creature starts thinking; and it lasts until the last sigh of life, it is the galactic harvest; it was written that everyone makes his own Heaven.- Yes little son; this celestial drawing shows how the Earth’s primitive gas was; every matter is initiated by microscopic densities; it goes through infinite stages of boiling; the gas of the drawing has been enlarged; the starting point of the Earth was like a microbe that was expanding as time passed by; it grew as a seed does; which being very little becomes big afterwards; what is colossal has got the same principle as what is microscopic; what is up above is the same as down below; everything that surrounds you was a microbe; not only your world, but all the Universe; this was written in my divine Scriptures: One has to be humble in order to be great in Heaven; for matter as well as for the spirit; the human faith only takes itself into consideration; it forgets that the Universe is living; that matter has got the same rights as the spirit has... The Plans are at
August 13, 2019
DIVINE LAMB OF GOD; ITS DIVINE PHILOSOPHY; THE DIVINE LAMB OF SILVER; HUMILITY TURNED INTO A LAMB; A NEW TRIUMPH OF THE DIVINE LAMB OF GOD, OVER THE HUMAN FORCE AND PRIDE.-  Yes little son; we shall continue with the divine philosophy that my divine Commandments teach; if all humanity had led themselves by them, I assure you little son, that this humanity would not have the need of a divine judgment; the divine Commandments were given to the world so that every spirit would do their trials in life through them; there was a given instant in which every spirit did not know any life in the worlds of flesh; but they knew that sooner or later they would try a determined philosophy; not only a human philosophy; for the trials on the planets are infinite; they shall never have a limit; nor have they ever had it; the divine Lamb of God is the divine mandate of love and humility to every thinking creature; among all the wrongly called animals, only the divine little Lamb represents the only innocence; for it is alien to any act of force; its sensibility has given it a divine preference in the divine Father Jehovah’s free will; humility is in the divine Lamb; and without humility, nobody enters the Kingdom of Heavens; it is written that it is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a violator of my divine law to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; every human spirit talked to the divine little Lamb, before coming to the trials of life; all the human spirits praised it in the Kingdom of Heavens; it played with everybody in the Celestial Dwelling; for in there every son is not an animal; everybody is the son of the same Father; whichever his physical form or philosophy may be; in the Kingdom of Heavens everybody is telepathic; for everybody has attained the eternal Glory; which costs infinite sweat of faces; in infinite planets; for it is written that every spirit has to be born again to be able to enter the Kingdom of God; this means that every spirit has got a pilgrimage through the material universe; it goes through infinite planets; it tries new infinite philosophies; and all of them are one of the divine forms that the Divine Lamb of God takes; the divine solar innocence has got a form; for everybody has got the same principle; nobody is born big in the Kingdom of Heavens; for nobody has got the total eternity; but only the Father; everybody with no exception at all is divinely subordinated to the Divine Father’s love; and this divine love is living and expansive; the Father progresses and so do the children; keeping their divine spiritual hierarchies through eternity.- Yes, little son; I know you cannot stop thinking about the brother jeweler from Ondania Jewelry Shop; I know all the world shall despise him; for he dared to sell the Lamb of God in five hundred escudos; he shall be remembered by all the generations as the modern Judas; there are millions of greedy people like him in your world; who do not hesitate in selling even their own eternity; well, I shall tell you, little son, that this demon of the commercial ambition shall cry tears of blood; he shall request the own Lamb of God to be resurrected in a new flesh; he shall request as millions will to become a child again; but he will not obtain anything; not even to wear the divine little Lamb of Silver in life; a symbol of the cleanliness and purity of conscience of each one; we gave him enough time to reconsider; he is one of the millions who shall curse gold; he shall curse his own customs; he shall curse his own parents; and he shall envy the humble at heart; those who have been respectful of the divine Word; this spirit did something similar in another world; he lived with his hopes up on a philosophy which lasted as long as an ephemeral life of flesh lasts...  Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.- Continues on:
August 8, 2019