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Producer: Brad Singletary, LCSW Men must be better. Our mission is to help men improve relationships by changing their attitudes, actions, and attributes and by promoting the RED9 principles of being a grown-ass man: > Responsibility > Resourcefulness > Reverence > Energy > Engagement > Endurance > Discipline > Discernment > Distinction Check us out on our website
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080: NICE GUY SYNDROME with Steve Edwards
If you're like most dudes, no one taught you how to be a man. Instead, you've probably been taught pretty much the opposite. So many personal influences in our lives: our parents, our peers, and society has conditioned us to be obedient rather than strong. We've been taught to be a good boy, follow the rules, not be rude and these ideas have been forcibly injected in our heads since we were able to speak. The problem is it doesn't work and is hardly ever in our best interests. These messages manipulate us into being manageable and compliant, the standards of systems that are about control. Sometimes giving is not right. Sometimes sacrificing is wrong. Sometimes being nice damages us. Today we're going to discuss the book No more Mr. Nice guy by Robert Glover. Questions answered on this episode: 1. What's wrong with being a nice guy? 2. What does it mean to be integrated? 3. What's the making of a Nice Guy? 4. How do you please the person who matters the most? 5. How do you prioritize your needs?   What ways we can do to be integrated? Be honest about your feelings, your interactions. Quit being afraid of new experiences or what's around you. Learn to surrender what you can't change. Do what you want to do. Learn how to get help. Recognize that people are human. Stop trying to be perfect. Stop seeking approval. Take care of your own needs with integrity. Stop building such huge walls and let people in. Don't try to cover up or take attention away from your weaknesses. Don't be afraid of your shortcomings. Be aware or cognizant of your childhood events and some of the conditions or influences that led you to where you're at today. Set boundaries. Be transparent about what you're feeling about things. Spend more time with men. Recognize that women, they reject nice guys. Learn to be more passionate, more assertive, more responsible. Recognize that you don't have to do everything right, or you're allowed to be flawed. Don't let the fear of failure or the fear of success. Go after the life you want, quit settling. Make your own rules.
December 2, 2021
079: MOTION, EMOTION & ENERGY - Alpha Energy with Joshua Roy
You’ve never seen a person of tremendous influence who didn’t have some sense of control over their energy. The most influential people in your life have carried themselves with unmistakable vitality and positivity. Those high-value qualities are generated in our minds and bodies. An ALPHA is a man of energy. If his mission is to have life, create life in himself and others, and preserve life, he must be focused on the needs of his body and use it as a machine that helps him deliver high-level power into his daily life and share contagious power with those in his influence. How a man manages the care of his physical machine is a predictor of his successes with everything and everyone with which he is involved. Questions answered on this episode: What are some of the challenges you have faced as a man, and what has been most helpful in recovering from those difficulties? Why do we sabotage ourselves and how can we kind of work through that habit? What drags us down? How can a man create positive energy with his thoughts? How can a man create positive energy with his words? How can a man create positive energy with his movements? Thoughts to Ponder: “There are two fundamental thoughts that just about everyone on the planet has, in fact, I'd say everybody on the planet has, so every listener here has these two thoughts. It's universal. The first one is I'm not enough. The second one is, if I'm not enough, I won't be loved.” "Depression makes us shrink. Depression makes us want to be small and unseen. We try and slink into the background, whereas someone who's energetic and full of life, the alpha that you're talking about, he's out there. His chest is up. His chin is up. He's looking in at an elevated level. His eyes are up. He's feeling good about himself. He's walking on his toes. He's not dragging himself around." "You and I have a choice, what are we going to do with our words? Are we going to use them in positive ways? Are we going to repair ourselves by asking better questions and by speaking in more positive ways? Or are we gonna do the reverse?" - Joshua Roy Sign up for the meetup: Other related link:
November 24, 2021
078: DON'T HATE. APPRECIATE. - Alpha Reverence with Dean Sanner
In today's episode, we discuss the second part of Alpha Reverence in which we talk about the secular versions of spirituality from the book "The Power of Ritual" by Casper ter Kuile. He recommends taking some of the things from religious teachings and using them in your life. We can be spiritual even without religion. Sometimes our most meaningful rituals are ones that we create. Spirituality is a connection to yourself, to a higher power, and to others. Sacred and transcendental experiences don’t ONLY exist in churches or synagogues, temples, or mosques. Anyone can access those experiences, we just have to learn how, with our intentions, to invite that to happen. It can be achieved through: Sabbath - a day of rest and reflection. Community - synchronized singing or movements (example: CrossFit); and joining a group with a common cause Sacred Texts - you can find wisdom through texts such as reading a book or joining a book club or some community. Meal Time - communal, start with a prayer, or a toast. Prepare it with intention. Sacred intentional thoughts about how amazing it is to eat this food. Rituals where people are asked to share something or end with a board game. Fasting - but not just for health benefits, save calories or get into ketosis. But do it for mental clarity and donate your saved $$ to a shelter. Pilgrimage - a contemplative journey to a sacred place. Going to the ocean to scatter ashes. A pilgrimage has a purpose. To heal? To find forgiveness? To just experience something new or awesome. Seasons - honor the beginning of spring, summer, fall, or winter. Connect with nature with a hike, picnic with friends, donate leftover food to a shelter. Confession groups - such as AA, 12 step type addiction, recovery groups, and other spiritual programs. Sacrifices - giving up something for other people or charity. Other questions answered in this episode: What is humility? And how do we do it? What is the value of forgiveness? Why do we need to do that? And how do you do it? To seek out sublime experiences enlarges us. What does this mean and how might we do it? How do you create and foster gratitude?
November 18, 2021
077: RULES VS. RELATIONSHIP - Alpha Reverence with Dean Sanner
The 18th century philosopher Immanuel Kant asked these questions: (1) What can I know? (2) What ought I to do? (3) What may I hope for? (4) What is man? These are the basic questions of philosophy.  The root of the word PSYCHOLOGY is  psyche, which is Greek for spirit or soul. An evolved man is many things, he is tender and he is tough. He is humble and he is confident.  He is grateful for what is and yet still constantly seeking.  Today we discuss REVERENCE. This is about deep respect.  This is about respect for life, respect for others, and has to do with the connections we can improve with a higher power, with other people, and even to the natural world. Reverence is about RECOGNITION of the purpose of life, the sanctity of life, the significance of life and it includes spirituality but not necessarily traditional religion. Questions answered in this episode: What makes it so tough for men to have their connection with a higher power? Is there any obligation following belief? What is religious practice do you do that does help you find that connection to your higher power? Topics discussed: Reasons why men find it difficult to connect with a higher power: Sometimes people find it difficult to have any concept of a higher power because they come from dysfunctional backgrounds such as having horrible, abusive, and distant fathers. Some religious models have unhealthy perspectives. They do things to an extreme which is opposite to the biblical perspective of God wanting to have a balance. When a person prays for something that didn’t happen, they don’t have the understanding of the purpose of prayer and that God is not a Santa Claus. It all comes down to readiness of being connected to a higher power because nobody is going to be able to make you do it. The obligation following a belief: Find beliefs, systems, structures that work then study those and apply discipline towards them. It’s beneficial to people. If religion is a vehicle that works for a particular man, apply with caution and be thoughtfully aware of how much influence it has on you. Religious practice that can help men find the connection to a higher power: Service (voluntary) Offering Efforts and Time Giving and Sharing Teaching the Fellowshippers ATHEIST / AGNOSTIC How can a person like that explore spirituality? How can a person not interested in the traditional view of God improve their spiritual life? It depends on what they are trying to achieve. You have a decision to make in improving your spiritual life. It can also start on sublime experiences. Final words, when it comes to a man trying to mend a relationship with God: One of the things that God says is that if you seek me, you'll find me. And if you want to find God, the first thing you do is look, and I think you can look in creation. Just like in Google, whatever you're searching for in life, you're going to find it. We start with the rules, but eventually, in spirituality, things have to move beyond that. There's gotta be more to life than just me, even if it's just others. We connect to God through relationships with others as well, because if he's truly created everybody and we're created in his image, then we can see him in other people.
November 11, 2021
076: ALIVE IN EVERY MOMENT - Alpha Engagement
Host: Brad Singletary Co-host: Taco Mike Guest: Justin Mackie  An alpha is engaged. He lives in the moment, recognizing the value of his opportunities and he seizes them like a soldier captures his enemy. He's a master at influencing the energy around him. He works hard and plays hard, keeping his own emotions and reactions in check and taking care of whatever's important in the moment. He's not just a dreamer, but a doer. And he fearlessly puts himself in situations that bring life to himself and those he is associated with. Today we welcome back a man who epitomizes what it means to be an alpha, especially in his ability to live life with no excuses and instead strives to engage himself in every situation with strength.  We begin talking ADHD and managing distractions.  Justin shares how he has learned to use this condition as a superpower by "making friends with it."  We discuss how to focus on the demands of home life, which include allowing your partner to be "Alpha too." That means that if they are highly invested in order and cleanliness, you can "take orders" without having your value threatened.    Finally, Taco Mike and Justin discuss the value of play, and specifically outdoor adventures with other men as a requirement for lasting friendships and personal fulfillment.     🔺️
September 2, 2021
(TRAILER) 076: ALIVE IN EVERY MOMENT - Alpha Engagement
Highlights from the soon-to-be-released episode about Alpha engagement with Justin Mackie and Taco Mike. ENGAGEMENT - he participates with good vibes ✔ He shows up fully present and focused.  ✔ Works hard at home and on the job.  ✔ Enjoys leisure and recreation: he can entertain and be entertained.  ✔ Honors, creates, and participates in traditions. ✔ He connects, listens, laughs, and loves openly.  ✔ Assertively expresses thoughts and feelings. He is bold, honest, respectful.
August 30, 2021
075: THE CRAFTSMAN AND THE CASH - Alpha Resourcefulness (with Justin Mackie)
EPISODE 75!! The Alpha Quorum Show welcomes unmistakable ALPHA Justin Mackie to discuss resourcefulness.  Justin is an entrepreneur, pilot, boy dad, rancher, private aircraft owner, ADV bike boss, 2021 Alpha Quorum Father of the Year, and licensed Financial Advisor and he and Taco Mike drop some straight WISDOM about: ☑ being resourceful as a man ☑ managing the most important resources you have ☑ how the alpha sees money and other forms of wealth ☑ mistakes you could be making financially ☑ gaining better positioning and judgment with money ☑ and a whole lotta more awesome stuff. Whether you're a first-year apprentice amateur part-time graveyard shift trash taker outer who is out on FMLA from a ruptured scrotum making corndogs at the mall or a qualified investor, this conversation will be a gift, I promise you.  🔺️ ========== 🔺 Alpha Quorum Private Facebook Group for Men: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Website: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Apple Podcasts: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Spotify: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Google Podcasts: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Instagram: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show Facebook: 🔺 Brad Singletary's Website: 🔺 Taco Moto: 🔺 Taco Moto Youtube Channel: 🔺 John Galt Wealth Solutions:
July 26, 2021
074: THE NEXT RIGHT THING - Alpha Responsibility
Brad Singletary and Taco Mike finish the series on Alpha Responsibility with some ultra-valuable lessons about how men can admit wrongs, make amends, accept the things they cannot control and do the next right thing.   We discuss the language of responsibility: examples of words and phrases that men need to be comfortable with in taking ownership of their failures.  But first, Taco Mike describes how he became so comfortable with the language of responsibility by first getting right with who he is as a person and learning to be comfortable in his own skin, having an identity that was purely his own and not the template that others told him he should be. He describes one of the unlikely ways he did this: refusing to go along with something he once believed and taught others to do because it no longer made sense for him to continue. We discuss apologies and how they are more harmful than good if they come from a place of victimhood and how words are usually not enough. Taco Mike describes a moto trip in Mexico with a group of men that went terribly wrong as they became stranded on a treacherous mountainside, the surprising way he went about handling his responsibilities as the leader of the expedition and the outcome that required Alpha-level humility. Find out how things ended up and what he gained from this experience. 🔺 Alpha Quorum YouTube: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Private Facebook Group for Men: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Website: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Apple Podcasts: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Spotify: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Google Podcasts: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Instagram: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show Facebook: 🔺 Brad Singletary's Website: 🔺 Taco Moto: 🔺 Taco Moto Youtube Channel:
June 9, 2021
073: FACE TO THE WIND - Alpha Responsibility
Episode 73 of the Alpha Quorum Show with Taco Mike from TacoMoto. Mike discusses what he's been up to and drops WISDOM. We discuss how the Alpha accepts responsibility, never plays the role of a victim, and never victimizes others. Host Brad Singletary and Taco Mike call men out for their excuses and share some insights about how to Alpha Up and be a man who accepts responsibility.    PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and like and share our content.    This is for men to be better. We can and must improve. No Excuses, Alpha Up 🔺   ==========   🔺 Alpha Quorum Private Facebook Group for Men:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Website:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Apple Podcasts:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Spotify:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Google Podcasts:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Instagram:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Show Facebook:  🔺 Brad Singletary's Website:  🔺 Taco Moto:  🔺 Taco Moto Youtube Channel:  ==========   The Alpha Quorum Show is produced by Evolved Worldwide, LLC. © 2021 Evolved Worldwide, LLC.  While we may feature professionals on the show, this content is meant to be educational entertainment and not to be considered professional advice or 'therapy'.  It's a podcast. But you're gonna love it.
May 27, 2021
072: ALPHA IS AN ARCHETYPE - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 6)
This is the final episode of a 6-part series on our review of the book, "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover." We share some highlights and personal insights about how this information is helping us be better men and what we still need to be working on.  
May 17, 2021
071: THE LOVER - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 5)
This episode is about living life as a man with the energy of a LOVER. When we say “the lover” you may think we are talking about romantic and sexual love, but there a lot of different types of love. You love your homies differently than you love your woman.  You love your mom differently than you love your kids.  The ancient Greeks talked about agape, or non-erotic love, referenced in the Bible as “brotherly love.” They used the term eros to mean sexual love. The romans used amor which means the union of one body and soul to another body and soul. The Latin term libido doesn’t just refer to sexual energy, a general passion and appetite for life, or life energy. Moore and Gillette say that the Lover energy includes vividness, aliveness, and passion. The Lover is driven to satisfy basic human hunger for sex, food, well-being, reproduction, creativity, and a sense of meaning in life. This is about sensitivity to the external environment. This has to do with our five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. It notices colors and shapes, the feeling of different textures, the beauty of sound and the power of aroma. It is also about the internal environment: changes in sensations of incoming stimulus and the feelings those things produce INSIDE us. We discuss the Lover in his fullness and share example of men living this way. We also discuss the bipolar shadows THE ADDICTED LOVER and THE IMPOTENT LOVER. This is one of our most important topics and most well-done episodes ever.  Check this out. **ADULT CONVERSATION INTENDED FOR ADULTS. 
May 6, 2021
070: THE MAGICIAN - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 4)
Brad Singletary, Clint Albright, and guests Jim and Jay continue a 6-episode series on our review of the book “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, who describe the difference between 'boy psychology' and 'man psychology' and give a very effective model of healthy manhood by helping guys rediscover the archetypes of mature masculinity. In this episode we discuss the MAGICIAN. Topics:  > Magicians are masters of technology and are the ritual elders > They have special knowledge that is passed down > Initiation is important symbolism > They continue to share magic by giving it to worthy apprentices > They put themselves in sacred space and understand things both seen and unseen. 
April 15, 2021
069: THE WARRIOR - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 3)
Part 3 of 6 Men are faced with unique challenges and many of our failures come from operating with “boy psychology” instead of the mature and evolved “man psychology”. We often find ourselves asking “what kind of men should we be?”  There are many perspectives about healthy masculinity and even more widely varying ideas of what it means to “be an alpha.”  Today my 3 ALPHA guests and I continue a 6-episode series on our review of the book “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, who describe the difference between boy psychology and man psychology and give a very effective model of healthy manhood by helping guys rediscover the archetypes of mature masculinity: in this episode we discuss the WARRIOR. What is the WARRIOR archetype, expressed in its fullness? What are some relatable examples of men living this way?   What does it look like when a man is operating from SADIST energy? And relatable examples? What does the MASOCHIST act like? And relatable examples? How can a man fully access the WARRIOR energy within himself? Many people are pretty uncomfortable and uneasy about the “warrior” form of masculine energy. Most of the time, that is because they have only encountered the negative side of that...the abusive shadow side of the warrior in us has victimized far too many people.  If a man’s warrior energy is repressed, it just keeps flowing underground and unchecked it erupts into verbal and emotional and physical violence. The archetypes are patterned in us.  There is no ignoring it because eventually it surfaces.  The key is to understand which of these energies is present and mindfully choose the discipline of the warrior within. LINKS
April 6, 2021
068: THE KING - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 2)
Men are faced with unique challenges. And many of our failures come from operating with 'boy psychology' instead of the mature and evolved 'man psychology'. We often find ourselves asking what kind of men should we be? There are many perspectives about healthy masculinity and even more widely varying ideas of what it means to be an alpha today. My three alpha guests and I continue six episode series on our review of the book King warrior, magician lover, I Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. They described the difference between boy psychology and man psychology. If a very effective visual model of healthy manhood by helping guys rediscover the archetypes of mature masculinity. In this episode, we discuss the King. We're continuing the conversation about this book review and this isn't so much about the book, but just talking about issues related to men. The questions that we're going to answer today are what is the King archetype expressed in its fullness? What are some relatable examples of men living this way? What does it look like when a man is operating from tyrant energy? What does the weakling act like? And how can a man fully access the King energy within himself? This segment is about living life as a man with the energy of a King. One special thing about the King archetype is that he embodies all of the other mature masculine energy. He's also a warrior. He's also a magician. He's a lover. This episode is about leadership.  In this episode we discuss the archetype of the KING, and the dysfunctional, biploar shadows of the TYRANT and the WEAKLING. Special quote:  "In any moment of sadness, loneliness, emptiness, uncertainty, or discomfort,  ask yourself this.  What does my King say? The King is that gentle wise loving elder within you, who connects you directly to an all-knowing and all-loving source. To cultivate him, to know him, ask the question again and again, day in and day out.  Ask it regarding your relationship. Ask it regarding your work. Ask it regarding parenting. Keep asking until you get an answer. Keep asking until you know your King like a trusted guide and a good friend. Keep asking until you have confidence that you can stay true to yourself in all moments, when your light is bright and when it is dim. And when the desire arises to avoid what you fear, fill emptiness, eliminate loneliness, or cling to anything or anyone, ask the question. You will feel a fullness, a knowing, a wisdom within that was always there but unknown until now. And once you have cultivated yourself in asking, you will become the all-loving and all-knowing King yourself, with no neurosis, no self-betrayal, and peace within.  And you will notice he is you and you are him. So ask yourself now and in the days to come. Make it part of your daily practice.  What does my King say?  And listen deeply within."  (Stuart Motola) Buy the Book Alpha Quorum Website Brad Singletary, LCSW Private Facebook Group for Men
March 25, 2021
067: BOY PSYCHOLOGY - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover - Part 1
Men are faced with unique challenges and many of our failures come from operating from “boy psychology” instead of the mature and evolved “man psychology”. We often find ourselves asking “what kind of men should we be?”  There are many perspectives about healthy masculinity and even more widely-varying ideas of what it means to be an Alpha.  Today my three ALPHA guests and I begin a six-episode series on our review of the book “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, who describe the difference between boy psychology and man psychology and give a very effective visual model of healthy manhood and help guys rediscover the archetypes of mature masculinity: the KING, the WARRIOR, the MAGICIAN, and the LOVER.  We explore the dysfunctional shadow energies of the immature masculine in 'boy psychology.'  We talk about:  the highchair tyrant the weakling prince the grandstander-bully the coward the know-it-all trickster the dummy the mama's boy the dreamer We discuss what it looks like when men are still operating from an immature (boy) mindset and introduce the healthy mature archetypes in their fullness. Buy the Book Alpha Quorum Website Brad Singletary, LCSW Private Facebook Group for Men
March 15, 2021
066: STIGMA BREAKERS: Understanding Mental Illness
One in five people have a diagnosable mental health disorder. Someone you love has a mental illness. Today we’re going to discuss common mental health disorders, how they look in everyday life, what causes them, and how men can respond to their own potential illnesses and support others so they can be successful in their treatment. We interview Matt Marx, LCSW, who is working as a mental health clinician in the Las Vegas area.  We describe four common mental health disorders including PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression and various forms of anxiety.  We teach men how they might recognize the need for further evaluation when the emotions or behaviors the see in themselves or their loved ones are cause for alarm. We discuss medical assessments, how to communicate with a prescriber who may evaluate you for medication, how to deal with loved ones who struggle, and other super helpful tips. *While we feature professionals on our show, the content is intended informational entertainment purposes only.
February 17, 2021
065: THE ALPHA360 - A 60-day Challenge for Men to Alpha Up
Meet the top five finishers in the first-ever Alpha360, a 60-day challenge consisting of difficult daily tasks requiring each man to stretch himself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and with their loved ones.  Hear about why they were interested in this challenge, what kept them going, and how they learned to Alpha Up and improve their lives in 60 of the final days of the historically-difficult year that was 2020. All combined, the men in this show are fathers to 24 children.  One of these Alphas is a dapper dirt bike braaaper and process engineer for Intel, living and raising his two young children in the Pacific Northwest.  One is a therapist and life coach who has endured 27 surgeries and has been on forearm crutches for 40 years.  The fittest man here is a 56 year-old grumpy drama teacher and actor who adopted all five of his children and found a noticeably different environment in his home as he focused on what was right in his world, worked out with a buddy and read several non-fiction books on "how not to die."   One man owns a highly-successful catering company in Las Vegas, chairs AA meetings and listens to podcasts and audiobooks on multi-tasking walks every single day, even though he walks 15-20 miles a day in his profession. And lastly, the hog-hunting earth-mover Australian who won the Alpha360 challenge after inspiration from his doctor who told him he was "not obese, but FAT", and his biochemist father who convinced him to give up energy drinks and as a result now drinks only water. Hear how they changed their mood and their mindset about life by writing 30 words of gratitude every day, prayed or meditated, avoided addictions, journaled and more fully engaged with their families.  These men show what it means to make a commitment to leveling up by tracking and reporting their daily progress and using a tribe of brothers  to improve their attitude, actions, and attributes.
January 6, 2021
064: SOMETIMES WARRIORS GET NAKED: Taking Off Your Emotional Armor
Why is it so hard to ask for help? In this episode we discuss personal limitations and the bravery involved in seeking outside help. Talking points in this episode: How can a man know when he needs outside help? Our own experiences in therapy and famous men who have been to therapy. What prevents men from being willing to seek help? Other topics discussed: Pushing ego, pride and fear away in order to find the different available resources for help and self improvement. Finding appropriate help and what to expect in a therapy setting. Also, how to get the most out of your experience.
November 24, 2020
063: OLYMPIAN SPEAKS - Being ALPHA Against All Odds
This is the inspiring story of an Alpha who became that against all odds. Bill Schuffenhauer spent some of his childhood homeless and was in 17 foster homes because of his mother's addictions and prostitution. As he became a man, he made some Alpha decisions about who he was going to be and became a three-time Olympian. He is now a motivational speaker, an advocate for homeless families and coaches corporations and mentors men dealing with depression, addiction and suicidal impulses. This is such a big opportunity to learn from a guy who's been there and done that, from the despair that led to a suicide attempt, himself, to representing the USA in three Olympic Games and winning the first medal for the US in 46 years in four-man bobsled. Trust me, this will challenge you to reach for the Alpha in you. Questions answered today:  When did you first realize that you were special and had some gifts and talents?  You had every excuse in the book...why didn’t you fall into the trap of making excuses?  When was your athletic journey the hardest and what did you do then?  What was your motivation to succeed?  Of all of your accomplishments and successes, what single moment stands out the most as a defining moment in your journey? Describe that.  Do you or did you have haters?  What struggle are you the most proud of for pushing through?  What makes a man a real man?  What is the most 'alpha' thing about you and were you born with that or did you develop it?  What are you doing now? Links:
September 4, 2020
062: UNCOMMON QUESTIONS - How to Think Like an Entrepreneur
Alpha Nick joins the quorum with a super-charged and premier-value message for dudes who wanna level up as an entrepreneur. The change in thinking that will happen in you will boost you toward everything to which your heart is trying to guide you. This dude's a straight frigging ALPHA and needs to be heard. Nick lived in Asia for six years and has 10 businesses. He teaches that the ability to start businesses fast and cheap is a worthwhile skill to build for the evolving Alpha entrepreneur. Being able to ask uncommon questions has been a major key to his growing success. From his home in his flip-flops and board shorts, he operates Find Fakes, a highly-successful international counterfeit-defense company that last year removed over 600,000 online listings for counterfeit products on trademarked items like popular streetwear. He and his wife created a conversation starter card game for couples that is highly popular on He explains the method he used to start this business with zero of his own money. His resourcefulness will astound you as he motivates the aspiring business owner to take courageous steps in the direction of who they really are. Dig deep into YOU, but also do the research. He teaches that men should first truly come to terms with what is important to them and what they want, an absolute prerequisite to executing well as an entrepreneur or otherwise-Alpha out there who is trying to magnify his distinction. You will hear the voice of a well-read man, a dedicated father and community servant. He will teach you what it means to get on the other side of your ideas and make them happen. He shares the books and influencers that have had the most impact on him and teaches from his experience in the execution of multiple top-selling retail products and brand-protective services for small- to medium-sized worldwide corporations. Nick's charismatic swagger will enliven whatever is already good in you. Give this one a listen, brother. You need to be different.
July 30, 2020
061: WRONG POLE - How Alphas Respond When They Are Wrong
Sometimes we are flat wrong and the things we thought we knew are way off base.  Today we’re going to be discussing how to know when you may be wrong and what to do next. My guest Jimmy Durbin teaches some high-value lessons about why men are so prone to having trouble admitting when they are wrong and outlines the steps he needs to take to grow into that kind of maturity.  This is the most valuable message in all of our 61 episodes to date.  Whoever you are, this will help you, trust me.  Questions we answer today: What makes us believe that we are right even though we are headed the wrong direction about something? What are some indicators that we may be wrong about something? What would an ALPHA do upon discovering that he is wrong? How can we approach life with the humility that we may be wrong sometimes? What about over-apologizing?
July 15, 2020
060: BOSS - Why Leading Too Loud is Faux Alpha
Host Brad Singletary interviews his father, Emory, in this Father's Day 2020 Special.  "Today, I'm interviewing a man that has shaped me more than any other man. He's been on this planet for three quarters of a century. He's been married for 56 years. He raised six children professionally. He's done everything from being an over the road trucker, a commercial fishermen, an international business executive, a hospital business manager, a practice manager for a surgeon, an administrative director of a hospice organization and owner of multiple corporations. He's volunteered with the Red Cross, the Boy Scouts of America, and he spent decades serving in his faith community and volunteer roles. He graduated from Florida State University, but of course holds honorary doctorate degrees from the school of hard knocks. Our guest today describes what it means to be a real man and how he has grown over 75 years of failures and successes." Brad's dad begins by sharing the example his father set about restraining emotional reactions when he broke his own father's tooth with a pair of pliers. Emory describes the problem with the 'faux alpha' who are too angry and self-oriented, leading too loud thereby pushing people away. He recounts mistakes he has made and what he might have done differently.  Taking supplements, drinking water, exercise and planking have kept him healthy into his 75th year, 23 years after an 8-vessel bypass which was previously thought to only have been remedied by a heart transplant. He teaches how an Alpha can bring life wherever he goes with friendly conversation and how strong negotiations begin with simple engagement. He shares a story of how he worked for free with a failing non-profit who was being evicted from their office building until he found ways to increase revenue sufficient to pay for a brand new multi-million dollar facility which was paid for in cash. Brad's father was an expatriate business executive and lived in Jamaica where he learned what it meant to be a minority, reversing some of his upbringing in a racist environment in the South.  He shares what he hopes for his sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons: that they live lives which reflect a relationship with God and enjoy a happy home life. In this Father's Day Special, Brad and his father get up close and personal about their own relationship and what they have learned together about being a good man.  Alpha Up. 
June 19, 2020
059: PISSING BLOOD - How McGriddles and Sudoku Save Lives
In another super-personal and starkly-informative episode, Brad Singletary discusses his own experience with suicidal thoughts and what he did to save his own life.  Brad describes the Alpha Quorum's intention with using the term 'alpha.'  We are talking about men who are strong, capable, reliable, getting things done, and are enjoying fulfilling lives.   The Alpha is concerned with LIFE.  He has a life. He preserves his own capacity and remains strong, saving himself first: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He enjoys life and faces challenges in his own journey with courage and diligence.  He creates life. He brings life, not by fathering children, necessarily.  But where ever he goes he brings light and life and brings value to any situation he finds himself in.  He passes life on in his relationships to those close to him, and every human that he appropriately can.    He saves life. He lifts and rescues those in need, helping others preserve their own life.  Brad recounts a traumatic family experience dealing with the suicide of an American soldier.  He also describes some mind-blowing statistics about the duration of the crisis leading up to a suicide or an attempt, most often counted in minutes, not days.  Suicidal thoughts should be seen as a medical crisis, much like sudden blindness or pissing blood.  He shares tips for how to recognize suicidal risks and what to do when you or someone around you is feeling these things. Whoever you are, this information will prepare you for a situation that you will likely be affected by in some way or another during your life. Please listen and share.
June 4, 2020
058: WHIPPED CREAM - How to Validate Your Partner
Validation.  In its simplest form, it's recognizing your spouse or partner.  When you validate her, you see her - you get it.  That's what she wants and needs from you.  Today, we're going to talk about what validation is, how you can provide this need to your partner, and how being a high-value man is the ultimate validation. Questions to be answered today: What is validation, and why do we need to validate our partners? What is the ultimate source of validation in a relationship with a woman? How and when should I validate my partner? Do you know your partner and what kind of validation she needs from you? What is validation? Direct feedback - you see the actions and contributions Acceptance for who she is.  Her thoughts/feelings are valid. being with her without judging her What validation is not ? You don't have to agree or accept her ideas as your own. You don't have to give up your ideas to accommodate her. Not correcting her if you perceive faulty logic (just being emotional) (invalidation) Why do we need to validate our partner? Validation elicits participation - promotes communication, intimacy (better sex) Let's your partner know you are engaged (Red 9) and on the same page Maslow's hierarchy of needs - validation is a part of esteem, this makes her feel protected, less isolated, less vulnerable, and safe. You!  An Alpha is a high-value man. You are a leader- the kind of man she's proud to be with.  Be a WIN for her. High-value validation- it feels good when someone at work notices your contributions, but when the big boss notices you, it's on a whole other level. You meet and exceed her expectations - you get it. How does being a high-value man validate her? Not reactive, you're in control (exactly what she needs when she needs validation) Honest with her when you need to be (this adds value to your validation, she knows you won't just patronize her, your talk isn't cheap, it's genuine) You being with her is social proof that she's a high-value woman. Your self-validation makes you a high-value man. When you validate yourself, you lead by example.  The stronger influence you have in her life, the more she will mimic you (follow your lead through mirroring) Living by Red 9 principles makes you a high-value man An Alpha is balanced, he keeps her inspired, his words matter because he lives up to his ideals (he has validity). Sincerity Don't be disingenuous.  That will just make her suspicious (does he just want to get laid) Be consistent.  Consistency will prove your authenticity. Be truthful, say what you see. Other tenets of validation Be present, paying attention, not multi-tasking, really listening. Acceptance - there is no right or wrong, no judgment, no fixing When do you validate her? Good to be consistent, but don't make it something you check off a list each day, reserve it to when needed so it remains genuine. When she's not expecting it, be engaged enough to notice any changes in mood. Especially during a bad/stressful day, be discerning.
May 27, 2020
057: BRO, YOU BETTER BREATHE OR YOU'RE GONNA DIE - How the Alpha Deals with Stress
.An incredibly-deep dive into understanding stress and overcoming the potential negative effects of stress.  We are living through times of immense difficulty.  Most of us were already stressed to the max before the coronavirus stopped so many of us in our tracks. Today we’re gonna take a look at stress and how we can better understand and cope with the hardships in our lives. There's never gonna be a time in your life where you’re completely free of stressful situations or beyond pressures and difficulty. Life is nails and that’s not gonna change. What can change though is you. How you see, deal with, and feel stress. That’s what you have control over moment by moment. Alpha up and face your stress like an overcomer, like a survivor, like a man, like an alpha. Questions answered in this episode: Where does stress live in you? In your head, in your shoulders? In your gut? What are some signs that stress is diminishing your quality of life? What controllable factors compound stress? The ultimate Alpha hacks to cope with stress. Topics discussed: The nature of and purpose of emotion Bodily reactions to stress Hormones and neurotransmitters The body’s stress-response system The connection between stress and fear What makes your body’s stress response worse Ways to conquer the battle with stress Relevant Links: Kelly McGonigal : How to Make Stress Your Friend Alpha Quorum Website TRIBE: Join the Private Facebook Group for Men Follow Alpha Quorum on Instagram Taco Moto Brad Singletary's Website Follow Brad on Instagram Follow Taco Mike on Instagram
May 15, 2020
056: ALPHA UP - An Introduction to the Quorum and The Red9
.For those who may be new to our show and our movement, we introduce the Alpha Quorum philosophy.  We also outline the RED9: nine attitudes, actions, and attributes of the ALPHA. Questions answered in this episode: What does it mean to Alpha Up? What is the Alpha Quorum about? Why does this exist? What is the Red9? Other topics discussed: The Red9: Responsibility Resourcefulness Reverence Energy Endurance Engagement Discipline Discernment Distinction Relevant Links:
May 8, 2020
055: PISSED ON - Finding Humility to Mend a Separation (with Jimmy Durbin)
Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Some research indicates that 5 years after divorce, people are no happier than they were in their “unhappy marriage.”  While sometimes divorce is the only option, it isn’t always the only option.  Today we will be discussing how separation can, in many cases and when done with the right approach, save your relationship.  We share some insights we have gained from men we have worked with on this, some applicable research on this topic, and some of our own very personal experiences with separation as a means to save a marriage. Questions to be answered today: What are the not-so-obvious issues that make people believe that divorce is the answer? Why is separation something that men should consider as an alternative to divorce? What actions should a man be taking during a separation? What does a successful separation and eventual reunion look like? This segment is about separation as Option C. Stephen Covey talked about continuing to look for alternatives in general until you find something that works. Option A might be to continue to stay miserable in a dead relationship. Option B may be divorce (which can feel like an emotional murder-suicide). Option C is often separation. We aren't encouraging anyone to separate, rather we are encouraging people to consider separation before proceeding with a divorce first. You can always get a divorce; you can file tomorrow.  But once you do, you can’t undo it.  Is there any decision more impactful on your ENTIRE FUTURE and the ENTIRE FUTURE OF GENERATIONS AFTER YOU than whether to not to stay married? Sometimes it is an inevitability.  Sometimes divorce is the only sensible choice.  But let’s talk about how not to BLOW the one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. No Excuses. Alpha Up.
May 1, 2020
054: SH*T SANDWICH - Surviving Separation to Save Your Relationship
In our most deeply-personal episode ever, Brad, Taco Mike, and guest Jimmy Durbin discuss how they all three survived lengthy separations that ultimately helped save their marriages. Learn from these examples about how they were wrong in the first place, how they were wrong throughout the process, how they made it right again and how YOU can get right by recognizing your own part in relationship wrongs, regardless of your current status as a single, married, partnered, separated or divorced person. We discuss how trauma, failures from past relationships, self-righteousness and fake, phony strength and other issues made us drift intro colossal failure. Mike makes a comparison between his past and a character from Lord of the Rings, Jimmy discloses his slow maturing process, and Brad outlines his self-righteous judgement and projecting, all of which led to near-divorces. Ultimately, we became grown-ass men and acknowledged our faults and worked it out. Miraculously, our wives forgave us and we are each now happily married. Brad and Jimmy are therapists and Taco Mike is a recovery and relationship coach and entrepreneur. We teach how our crucial mistakes created pain in our lives: ego masks denial addiction blaming perfectionism control idealism impatience We also share how we discovered these principles after a lengthy season of hardheadedness and how these saved our relationships: humility patience discipline gratitude forgiveness of self and spouse controlling selfish urges contact with a higher power ongoing dialogue with honest men If you are the person in a failing relationship with a dirtbag of a human, this can help you understand where he may be coming from and what you may be able to do to help him. Who*ever is reading this: you need this information more than you could even know. You don't even have to be in a bad relationship to learn through our experiences what may be amiss, perhaps even in you. This episode colorfully illustrates the grueling and gut-wrenching experiences of a combined 5 years of manning-the-freak-up by three unassuming alphas who learned to conquer their self-absorption and reconnect with the women they love.
April 24, 2020
053: YOGA PANTS - Commitment and Conflict Resolution
In segment two of a two-part series on healthy relationships, we explore the role of commitment and conflict resolution in healthy relationships. Questions answered in this episode: What is the role of commitment in good relationships? How do we improve our ability to resolve conflicts in romantic relationships? Other topics discussed: HOW DOES THE TYPICAL, UN-EVOLVED DUDE DEAL WITH COMMITMENT Holes in the fence Flirty Lusts after others DEFINE COMMITMENT In the short-term, to the decision that you love this person in the long-term: the decision to maintain that love. These two aspects of the decision/commitment component do not necessarily go together, in that one can decide to love someone without being committed to the love in the long-term, or one can be committed to a relationship without acknowledging that one loves the other person in the relationship. DECIDE TO LOVE THEM They’ve probably changed Decide to be their person, always Me now vs. us always DECIDE TO MAINTAIN IT Do the work Decide to stay Decide to be loyal Know where the pitfalls are BOUNDARIES Stay true Don’t jeopardize it with poor boundaries HOW DOES THE TYPICAL DUDE FIGHT? Gaslighting Avoids Rolls eyes Complains about her crying Attack mode Passive aggression ESTABLISH RULES In UFC, hockey, and even war there are rules YOU HAVE TO FIGHT Avoidance of conflict: one of the  greatest predictors of divorce Conflict IS intimacy You’ve never had a true friend if you didn’t have some squabbles MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Is now a good time? Take a time out if needed STATE YOUR OWN FEELINGS WITH EMOTIONAL WORDS Our emotional vocab is so limited Know when to express frustration vs. annoyance vs. I feel __________ when _______ happens Try not to even say “YOU” NO YELLING OR NAME CALLING In court, there is none of this, even though parties HIGHLY disagree.  Why? Respect for the institution! NO OLD STUFF Bringing up the past is a weapon used to WIN APOLOGIES and FORGIVENESS Apologize when you’re wrong But don’t demand one if they are Forgive Relevant Links:
April 17, 2020
052: TRIM YOUR BALLS - Creating Conditions for Passion and Intimacy
You’re in a relationship that isn’t working or certainly not as well as you’d like.  Maybe there isn’t enough of something that you once had, but you don’t know what it is.  You feel a growing emptiness and want to do what you can to salvage this thing.  While it takes two willing parties to make a relationship work, we introduce some things that help you at least identify what might not be working and how you might make adjustments to have a happier relationship. In part one of a two-episode series, we explore the concepts of passion and intimacy from Dr. Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love.  We address how men get it wrong in these two areas and how they can change their attitudes, actions, and attributes to have a healthier partnership. Questions answered in this episode: What are the factors that create a healthy sense of passion in a relationship? How do you develop intimacy with your partner? What is the role of commitment in good relationships? How do we improve our ability to resolve conflicts in romantic relationships? Other topics discussed: How the non-alpha handles passion The role of fun and humor in creating passion Increasing your attractiveness without overdoing it How arousal works Some differences in sexual fulfillment for men and women Intimacy defined How the average guy messes up intimacy Increasing friendship and conversation How her closeness with her friends and your bonding with your own tribe of dudes improves your sense of intimacy in your romantic relationship Relevant Links:
April 10, 2020
051: You Mad, Bro? How a Grown-Ass Man Deals With Anger
We are wired for anger.  It is protective. Jordan Peterson says that aggression is the default in our wiring and chemistry.  Testosterone is the power hormone but too often we get tricked into believing there is a threat when there is none.  Today we’re going to discuss anger and how men can be more aware of what they are feeling and have more control of an emotion that too often diminishes our actual power. Questions answered in this episode: What is the nature of anger.  What is it and why are men so prone to the struggle with anger? What biological and cognitive processes predispose us to anger? How can men be more aware of what’s happening with their anger and gain more control over this often destructive emotion? What are the actions that men need to take if they have a pattern of destructive anger? Other topics discussed: Anger is a gift to protect us It has evolutionary value. The tribal man who could become angry survived. It remains with us through natural selection. All about the “fight or flight” response We can be tricked into believing there is a threat. The role of managing expectations in maintaining emotional regulation How incorrect interpretation of triggers create negative emotions and negative reactions Relevant Links:
April 3, 2020
050: WHAT'S GOOD? How to Be an Alpha Amid Crisis
We live in troubled times. If there ever was a time for men to step up and be leaders, it is now. While the coronavirus may not be affecting you and those around you yet, it will.  Estimates are that one in 10 Americans will get the virus.  You will likely not *die from this illness, they say, but the impact has already begun in terms of anxiety and worry, we see this in the grocery shortage.  It is affecting the economy, people are losing their jobs, and your wives and children need your strength.  Today we will be discussing how you can be a man of strength when everything is falling apart. Questions to be answered today: What exists in the average guy that may create challenges for him at a time like this? What are the principles that men can govern themselves by in tough times? What are some things that men need to be doing to preserve their own strength? How can men be supportive of others, within their own families, other dudes, and their larger communities? Major topics discussed: How to deal with fear and doubt. Why it is unproductive to gather conspiracy theories. Instead focus on what you control. The Earth doesn't care about you. Nothing is owed to you by anyone or anything. You are not special. You have a duty to provide and protect. Real men feel a responsibility to take action assisting the vulnerable. Spend ZERO energy on what you cannot control. See this as an opportunity to learn new things. Get creative. Be humble and appreciative. Call on your higher power. See how you can serve others. See yourself as connected to everyone else. Continue to be disciplined. Get up, get dressed, make the bed, sort out your day, and keep up on maintaining your home. See this entire thing as a gift and be grateful for it.
March 27, 2020
049: THE VALET KEY - Boundaries and Expectations
In this episode, hosted by Mike Olsen, we discuss boundaries in relationships and in the workplace. What is the definition of “boundaries”? What kinds of problems are created with un-defined, un specified, lack of clearly defined boundaries? Undiscussed boundaries lead to resentment, disappointment, anger, frustration, sketchy behaviors, then excuses. What happens when boundaries are overly rigid? Isolated, boring life, stifling creativity and spontaneity, suffocation What does it look like when you have healthy boundaries: Negotiated between the parties, third party approval, free and safe to explore who they are / what they want to become, safety and security, permission to explore life, shared control. Why men lack assertiveness in boundary setting? Fear, laziness, people pleasing Effective ways to set boundaries?  What are the words to use? Pro TIPS: “I” statements: discuss what you are willing to do, NOT what the other MUST do. Don’t duck out.  Don’t quit. If you need to take a break, do so, but don’t walk out entirely and not come back to it. Believe that at the end, there will be a solution, make it so. Be as emotional as is warranted, and be free with those emotions Put them in writing if you feel you can't communicate them verbally Learn how to argue and negotiate, be gracious in your ‘defeat’ Accept that conflict is going to happen and be mature enough to endure it “What do you expect the boundary to look like” Define the  boundary title.  What is it you are trying to decide? Examples of  when a boundary is crossed? Finances “Dates” or involvement with other people Lying Substance use What is a HEALTHY way to deal with a crossed boundary Relationships are continually re-negotiated based on new information or new situations as they come up, be mature and wise enough to see where you may have been wrong-humble and teachable Communicate Move out, sleep in a different bed, do what you gotta do. Communicate effectively, right time and right space, that the boundary has been crossed. Schedule it. Allow your partner to prepare Let them know that there has been a boundary crossed and it’s important to discuss.
March 24, 2020
048: TRIBE - The Day The Quorum Became Alpha
Derik Johnson shares an important truth about the unmet needs of men: isolation will destroy you.  We need tribes of other men to hold us accountable, teach us about our own potential we may not be seeing, and call us out when we need it.   He recounts a moment in a recent meeting where he was called out by Brad who used some uncharacteristic language to confront Derik with a challenge to become better.  Brad's comments are seconded my Taco Mike, Thunt, and Mike Olsen.   This short episode represents a year of podcasting for the Alpha Quorum.  Get ready, dudes.  We've only just begun. 
August 16, 2019
047: Road Closed - Seek Alternate Route
Taco Mike describes three keys to living a healthy life: not throwing away your confidence, enduring difficult times, and not shrinking from the hardest challenges in life.  He describes a pivotal moment in his life when he had to realize that the road he was on wasn't taking him anywhere that he wanted to be and he had to "find an alternate route." 
July 30, 2019
046: EMOTIONOSCOPY - Preventing Mental and Emotional Cancer
Mike Olsen describes his recent "greasy cheek" colonoscopy at his 50 year-old physical with Dr. Cindy and relates how choosing temporary discomfort can prevent disease of the medical, emotional, social, or spiritual type.  He shares how it takes the courage to be vulnerable to feedback to live a healthy life. Hear how much he was entertained by nurse Myra's discomfort with her first procedure like this and Mike's relief that they only use their pinky!   He asks himself:  "Am I happy at work? Am I happy with my relationships? Could I have an emotional or a mental cancer and be in denial of it or not even be aware and be so afraid of change that I'm not even going to ask those questions. And I know that there are many people that ignore the medical advice to their own peril. They ignore personal advice to make changes when they could take action that would dramatically improve their medical and or mental or spiritual wellbeing. So why? Fear. That's the reason. Fear of change. Fear of other people's opinions. Fear of hearing the truth, lack of faith. Getting out of our comfort zone and FACING the uncomfortable situation and facing any potential truths and doing what the data proves can dramatically  increase the quality of our life, or even save our life is worth it. " 
July 24, 2019
045: King Baby Syndrome - Overvaluing Yourself
 In this short episode, Brad reveals a personal struggle  --and one he often sees in the men he works with--overvaluing one's own worth, contributions, and story as  KING BABY.  He teaches men how they should stop placing such high value on their own suffering and pain, and instead find those who are themselves in need of rescue.  This is the first of a few short episodes where each member of the Quorum teaches something they are learning.  Stay tuned as we prepare to celebrate our one year anniversary and re-calibrate for a new and even more powerful future. 
July 17, 2019
044: You Will Be Tested - Stress Reveals Weakness
Taco Mike reveals one of the sources of his profound inspiration lately: thoughts he is channeling from his ancestor dubbed the "Price of Preachers," the great Charles Spurgeon from 19th-century England. The quorum tells of lessons they have learned from stories in their family histories.  Negative emotions are futile to try to harbor.  Taco Mike teaches how he lets anger go by realizing he is only screwing himself and paying the price even when the person he is angry with has long moved on.  Thunt makes a return to share an update about the loss of a friend he felt he was overly dependent on.  Stress tests are how some systems are evaluated for their strength and integrity: the cardiovascular system, the foundations in buildings, fire systems, and certainly relationships.  See those tests coming before they even happen. Stress points us to our weakness.  Derik teaches men that expectations are often what gets us so tied up in knots. We share again the benefits of having a tribe of men to share your thoughts with and men who will challenge you and push you through the difficult times that will inevitably come. 
July 3, 2019
043: His Name Was Drifter - Adventure Makes Us Men
 BEST EPISODE EVER!!  Derik, Brad, Taco Mike, and Mike Olsen discuss the adventures that helped them become grown-ass men.  Brad discusses a recent trip to Zion National Park and shares a lesson about what to do when you get lost in life.  Derik describes a recent experience in a sauna with an elderly man in a Speedo and the colorful adventure he took traveling alone from Marseilles, France to Barcelona, Spain (alone) at the age of 18.  Mike describes his solo cross-country motorcycle trip where he learns love from a legless guy named 'Drifter' and how he lost three boy scouts overnight in a national park.  Mike Olsen discusses the Lake Mead bike race he put together with the once-homeless and former US Olympic Gold Medalist Alexi Grewal and a trip to a gay bar during a Las Vegas Metro Police ride-along. Derik 'the bear' tells how  disappointed when he was never ONCE hit on at a gay bar in California and wraps up this Alpha episode with a powerful summary of how adventure ultimately brings men closer to their Creator.  
June 14, 2019
042: Leadership - Humility, Not Hiding
In yet another voyage into new territory, the Alpha Quorum speaks with ordained Rabbi and licensed psychologist, Dr. David Brownstein. Our topic is LEADERSHIP.   We each describe our personal leadership mentors or heroes and describe what it means to be a leader and the attitudes, actions, and attributes are of effective leaders.   We discuss Brad's first clinical director: author, presenter, and licensed psychotherapist Dennis Ashton.  Taco Mike teaches about the leadership qualities of Ernest Shackleton, a 20th-century British explorer who led a heroic survival effort in 1914 after tragedy struck his team of expeditioners while trekking across Antarctica. Derik discusses the qualities that were modeled by former President Ronald Reagan and New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. Dr. Brownstein describes the inspiring and remarkable qualities of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, known as the Rebbe, one of the most revered and influential Jewish leaders of the 20th Century.   We describe what it takes to be an effective leader: Vision Unwavering commitment Humility Positivity Instinct Curiosity Skepticism Intuition Recognition of Strengths in Others Clarity of Purpose Selflessness Sensitivity Serving Others Confidence Dr. Brownstein teaches about the importance of promoting others and helping your team actualize their individual and collective strengths. This episode will help you take more responsibility in you own behavior and become the leader that the people around you are waiting for you to become.  Take your candle out from under the bushel and let your light shine.  
May 20, 2019
041: Let Him Scratch It (What Women Need to Know About Men, Part II)
In part two of a two-part series for WOMEN about how to understand men, we discuss some feedback from the previous episode (040 Bring the Honey).  Taco Mike teaches how men 'doing their part' isn't necessarily an aphrodisiac, but failing to do your part at home during the day can definitely kill her mood for 'business-time' at night.  We discuss Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages, how men aren't mind-readers, and the importance of men having toys and the need for a masculine tribe of supportive men who challenge them to tell the truth and who tell THEM the truth.   This is truly one of our best episodes yet, on all dimensions, and we speak to both men AND women about the experience of being a man.    Derik ends the show with a promise to record the next show without his shirt on if we can get 10 comments on our Facebook page about this episode.  Twenty ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts or iTunes demands Derik's follow-through on his commitment to do the next show with no pants on!   With Derik's signature style of humor, Brad's clinical expertise working with men and women in a counseling setting, and Mike's experience as a recovery coach, the Alpha Quorum comes through BIG-TIME with part two of this one-of-a-kind series about how women can best understand some of the basic needs and perspectives of men.   ***This is an adult conversation most suitable for adults. 
May 10, 2019
040: Bring the Honey: What Women Need to Know About Men
 In a ground-breaking move, the Alpha Quorum addresses WOMEN for the first time as they review some of the principles illuminated in the best-selling book, "For Women Only," by Shaunti Feldhahn.     We specifically talk about two common complaints of men: 1) that the emotional environment is negative and what he needs is appreciation and 2) the importance of physical touch and sexual fulfillment, specifically. Women: he needs to be appreciated and his sexual interest in you is not merely a selfish desire for a sensual release but a desire to truly connect with you. If you want to own your man, say "thank you" and affirm him with touch Men: she needs to feel LOVED, lovable, beautiful and when she feels special with your compliments, she opens herself to you in a way that you may not have encountered before.   Brad describes why women should NOT reluctantly and begrudgingly accommodate him sexually when they don't want it, but that communication is the key to sexual fulfillment for both partners.  Taco Mike teaches how men can bring the intimacy to the intimacy and the importance of putting in the work and being attentive throughout the day. Derik explains how men *aren't pigs* who simply need a biological release, but they want a connection that is based in a desire for emotional connection.   While we try to address our comments to women, this hybrid-style episode will be informative to both women AND men.    **ADULT CONVERSATION, MOST SUITABLE FOR ADULTS. 
May 1, 2019
039: Tell the Truth, Luke - Humility and Reverence in Masculinity
As part two of a two-segment episode, we discuss mortality and why we should consider the finite nature of our lives and how this helps men develop an attitude of reverence, which is the openness to all valuable things.  Derik discusses 'rock bottom' and how men can find the gifts in his worst and darkest hours.  We must tell the truth in order to grow.  Telling the truth requires humility which is an attribute of masculinity. It takes an Alpha to admit wrongs and work to make changes.  Sometimes 'rock bottom' is a gift toward discovering and rediscovering manhood.    Mike says "gratitude is sexy" and Brad teaches how seeing the good in even your most difficult circumstances is a prerequisite for hope.  In order to know that the future is going to work out, we have to realize how things has always worked out.  Even in the midst of self-destruction, gratitude makes all the difference.  Mike teaches about the Hero's Journey and how men either choose to be humble or are compelled into humility through hardship.  But there are 'guides' all around you.  Luke Skywalker was reluctant to move forward into his future until he made the decision to start his journey.  Only then did he find a worthy mentor in Yoda.   Take ownership in the problems of your life, tell the truth of your situation, especially when you have created your own mess.  Maybe we are like Luke Skywalker, and are forced into growth.  You don't know every thing bro.  Humble yourself and develop a masculine sense of reverence.  Submit to the process of healing as you become a grown-ass man: an Alpha. 
April 17, 2019
038: Yelling at God Like Lieutenant Dan -- Atheists, Faitheists and Reverence in Masculinity
Mike recounts some special moments where he and his dirt-biking brothers brought some love and service to an orphanage on the most recent of his 'Taco Tours' in Baja, Mexico.   After last weeks episodes on porn, we decide to turn our discussion to reverence: the respect and awe of all valuable things.  We discuss the need for a having a framework for understanding the bigger-picture of life which helps men understand themselves, other people, hardships, and the universe as a whole.   Whether you are an atheist or a faitheist, this episode will inspire you to tap into universal power and beauty, which ironically includes the need for you to 'lay down in the dirt' and be like David, King of Israel, who said he is "a worm, and no man."     Talking points include Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump, narcissism as the enemy of spiritual growth, when you should just keep on sinning, and the need for a higher power and how to connect to it, with and without traditional religious practices.  This is part one of a two-part episode which covers Reverence, from The Red 9, the principle characteristics of masculinity as seen by the Alpha Quorum. 
April 10, 2019
037: Porn. Is. Beta. (What to do when you're stuck in an addiction to porn)
Segment 2 of a two-part episode about porn and compulsive sexual behavior.  We answer the following questions: When does it become "an addiction"? What is the cycle of compulsive sexuality? What keeps men stuck in it? What do they need to do to get out of it? Taco Mike and Brad disclose their own struggles with this and other addictions and discuss ways men can get out of this cycle.  We discuss  steps men and young men need to take in order to avoid the pitfall of pornography, which is NOT alpha.  This information is based on decades of personal recovery and professional help for men who are dealing with these issues that diminish true masculinity. Feeling disconnection leads to self-indulgence, then shame and hiding, which returns the addict back to a feeling of isolation. Jeremy describes "warrior chemistry" and how to change one's mental state from temptation to fighting against the plague of porn and compulsive sexual behavior. Be sure to listen to Episode 036 as segment one to this epic series. 
March 29, 2019
036: Pornography - From Microdosing to Destruction
In what is sure to become our most popular episode to date, we explore the topic of pornography and answer the following questions: What's the big deal with porn anyway, it isn't hurting anyone? How serious a problem is this? Why is porn so addictive? Why does it hurt relationships? What predisposes men to this problem? We discuss the neurological and chemical reasons that pornography can be so addictive.  We explore the difference between occasional perusal and addiction and the wiring in the male sexual drive that predisposes men to pornography.  Up to 70% of all men (and 33% of women) have had or will have a problematic relationship with porn in their lifetime.  Taco Mike describes evidences in the ruins of ancient societies about compulsive sexual pursuits.  Brad and Jeremy teach about why there is no safe use of pornography and that it isn't possible to habitually view pornography without an impact on those around us.  Other topics include rape culture, visual cues of fertility and so much more.  This is segment one of a two part series.  Look for the next episode soon!   Disclaimer: We recognize that our views could be controversial.  We are using personal experiences and the experiences of men in the recovery environment who have badly damaged their personal peace and the strength and intimacy of relationships. 
March 25, 2019
035: Alpha Shots - She Likes Sex
 Introducing a new one-minute series called #alphashots. This one is about how much your woman DOES want to have sex. 
March 15, 2019
034: Don't Be a Weiner - Impulse Control (Lessons from Prison)
In this important episode, we discuss the ways that men struggle to control their impulses: rude comments, sexual mismanagement, anger and aggression are all explored as well as ways to take better control of urges coming from the surges of testosterone. Mike describes the differences between men and women as evidenced by their behaviors in their respective prisons, where he spends time every day for months at a time.  Derik drops knowledge: "Society really lives or dies with how men choose to use their masculine attributes." We should be using our power to protect, not to dominate others. Masculine impulses, depending on how they are channeled, will make or break you."  Mike teaches about 'the moment before the moment' where the control over these impulses can best be maintained.  Excellent episode, guys! 
March 5, 2019
033: Don't Cut Your Junk Off - How to Forgive Yourself and Others
Taco Mike hosts his first show while Derik is at home with heart troubles. This episode is a deep-dive discussion on forgiveness.  Clean-shaven Taco Mike reports on his recent trip to Spain and Italy and confesses to placing 'Taco Tours' stickers in front of the  Colosseum and somewhere in the Vatican and explains how he is now an international fugitive. Chad catapults himself into manhood with his first home repair and visit to Home Depot.   Chad Harmon and Mike Olsen share some deeply personal stories where they've had to learn how to see themselves and others in a more forgiving light.  We share some steps that you need to take to first acknowledge your wrongs and take a full and honest accounting for them and secondly, how to see yourself through the difficult process of forgiving yourself.  This episode is jam-packed with ideas about what you need to do if you are harboring haunting secrets or other mistakes that have produced guilt and shame within you. 
February 27, 2019
032: Cheaper Than Viagra - Lessons We've Learned From Our Parents
You might laugh *and* cry listening to this episode!  Brad, Jeremy, and Derik share the most important lessons they've learned from their parents.  These deeply-personal experiences help you get to know these three in a new way. Jeremy illustrates the most important thing he learned by his parents' example which he has carried into his own life. Amid his usual cheeky humor, Derik shares a divinely-profound lesson that his father taught him after a family tragedy.  His story will leave you stunned with inspiration and motivation to see your problems in a healthier way.  Dude. Awesome episode.  Leave us a review if you agree!
February 22, 2019
031: Parenting with Balls - The Paradox of Control
Derik insults the driver of an orange Camaro while gassing up.  We discuss mindful, proactive awareness vs. the reactivity and the victim stance that people often like to put themselves in.  The conversation evolves into parenting and how to help children most: by letting them fail.  Brad describes 'the paradox of control' and Jeremy teaches how we manifest our own outcomes by our thoughts and how parents are being selfish by not allowing children to learn through natural consequences. 
February 19, 2019
030: How to Fail UP - Listening to Life with Rainier Wylde
The Alpha Quorum Show is proud to introduce a brand new series of podcasts where we interview influencers in the field of personal development. For our first interview, Derik spends some time with Rainier Wylde, host of the Lost Man Standing Podcast, and discusses how sometimes our calling in life can come from our most painful experiences. Rainier gets raw and personal about some of his greatest failures and how he was able heal himself and his relationships while sharing cigars, whiskey and honesty with his tribe.
February 8, 2019
029: Losing Like a Champion - Clarifying Your Values
Jeremy reviews the book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" and highlights the part of the book about values. Guest Chad Harmon teaches how clarity of values helps you set healthy boundaries.  Chad and Jeremy describe the need to focus on values which you have 100% control over.  Derik is pleased to hear Chad's position that we aren't quite as fat as we sound on the show. 
January 28, 2019
028: Mike Is Not An Arsonist: Grown-Ass-Man Boundaries in Relationships
Derik wins the weekend by going Ghandi and fasting for 74 hours (except for Coke Zero). He returns fully alive and fully crushing on Tom Brady, but willing to leave his Patriots party for this show. The guys discuss what boundaries are, how to set them, respect them, and maintain them. Resentment or other negative feelings signal the crossing of boundaries which likely still need to be identified, articulated and agreed upon.  Quorum newcomer and future alpha influencer Chad joins the show to discuss the boundaries of dating in the world of social media. 
January 21, 2019
027: If You're Scared, You're Gonna Hurt Yourself: Board Breaking 101
Master Ninja Leavitt teaches the Quorum how to break boards with their bare hands.  Working through some initial nervousness and lack of know-how, everyone succeeds in tonight's mission: to visualize, slow it down, and not be afraid.  But first, Derik ends up on the floor and almost needs to use his new Christmas present: the iPhone EKG machine. This is one you won't want to miss!  
January 11, 2019
026: Put on Your Helmet - Catching Up With Taco Mike
Derik begins by busting Brad's balls about drinking a Monster Energy drink at 8pm and we explore whether or not "taurine" is extracted from bull semen. Mike details the very positive experiences he's had since implementating his wife's feedback. He details his approach, how he asked, what she shared, hows he's taken the initiative to fix his prior failures at home and how this has dramatically improved his marriage. He also describes his weekend trip to dirtbike in Mexico and how, behind his helmet, he sees more clearly what he should be more focused on: his family.
January 8, 2019
025: Running Sideways: Lessons We've Learned the Hard Way
Hear the things we've each had to learn the hard way regarding avoidance, not using your voice, foreboding joy, committing to things you shouldn't, and running sideways.  Brad talks about passing kidney stones and what he learned from his kids' great grandmother one day while being stuck in a room with her at Christmas.   Jeremy discusses how gratitude is the antidote for foreboding joy.   Derik can't do second grade math, and Thunt teaches us to use our support, pass the ball and get up field. 
December 26, 2018
024: Alpha Bits - Chicken Phone: What We Want For Christmas
Derik, Jeremy and Brad describe the old man gifts they hope to have for Christmas and Thunt shares about the chicken-head-phone-stabilizer thing he hopes Santa brings him. Another humorous look into the real-life situations of the Alpha Quorum.
December 20, 2018
023: Return and Report - Taco Mike Gets a New Name and What We Were Told We Need to Work On
Thunt makes his best contribution ever: a new name for Taco Mike. While Mike is gone riding motorcycles with the Tom Brady of dirt bikes, Tyler takes advantage of his inability to spell to give him a new name. We discuss what our wives told us we need to work on to make our relationships more meaningful and complete. Derik is looking for a new cardiologist and Brad teaches Thunt how not to overthink. This is one of our best ever. *Grown up language and grown up conversation.
December 17, 2018
022: Alpha Bits - What's for Breakfast? Predictions About Feedback
In Episode 019, the guys planned to ask their wives and family for feedback about what they need to be doing better. This was recorded the same night, BEFORE asking for this feedback. Hear what each man predicts will be the answers to his question. Listen next week to find out what they were ACTUALLY told.
December 14, 2018
021: Alpha Bits - What Our Wives (and Tyler's Mom) Think of Alpha Quorum
The guys share the support they've received from their wives about this project which takes a significant amount of prime family time on Sunday nights when we record the show.
December 13, 2018
020: Alpha Bits - Like a Virgin - Songs We Love But Shouldn't
Going back to 1984, the Quorum shares awkward and confusing songs they secretly love to sing. Jeremy defends his "dreamy" boy band and Derik overshares (like always) and takes off his pants.
December 13, 2018
019: Breakfast of Champions - Regaining Respect in Relationships
The process IS the content. Derik reports on his courageous contact this week. Brad sends a bitchy text to the Quorum and then gets punched in the mouth with feedback about his own failures and how he needs to have better work/life boundaries. He reveals how his overcompensation with work reflects a diminished sense of self-control in other areas of his life including relationships at home. This honest self-reflection inspires a profoundly-insightful discussion about how men can regain respect from their partners. The guys all share the things they are working on their personal lives. Another enlightening episode sprinkled with trademark humor regarding lumbersexuals, stretchy pants, and how Thunt won Thanksgiving will be sure to light a fire under the onions of the self-absorbed man. The assignment for the week is to solicit some feedback and have the balls to follow through with making the changes that she most desperately needs you to make. Check out our mini-episode later this week for the predictions each of us makes about the feedback our wives are probably going to give us. *Grown up conversation with some mild grown-up language.
December 11, 2018
018: The Power and the Spirit of The Ancestors: The One Where Derik Almost Cried
What is it about our modern society that is making all of us so anxious?! To those who have come before us, we are living their dream. Anything and everything that one could possibly want is right here for the taking. We are surrounded by abundance and opportunity and yet the rate of depression and anxiety it is high, and the suicide rate for men is critically high. The Quorum dives deep into their own experiences and internal struggles with depression and anxiety to discuss the effect it has had on their sense of well being as well their physical health. Old wounds are opened and Derik reveals a part of himself that even he wasn’t aware existed. Assignments were made, appointments were made to be kept. Every end has a beginning and every beginning has an end. This one is worth the wait. *These are grown-up conversations with some grown-up language.
December 5, 2018
017: Control Is Not Your Friend with Mike Olsen
We continue the conversation with Mike Olsen as he describes the wisdom he gained through two difficult divorces. He recognized that "control is not your friend" and that trying to manipulate your environment never works out but instead leads you to becoming less and less open to what you *should be seeing and hearing. Hear how he took lessons from these marriages to become a better father, business man, and husband to the beautiful Mrs. Olsen.
November 21, 2018
Alpha Bits: 016 Manrichment Review
BONUS EPISODE: Hear about the epic MANRICHMENT that occurred earlier this month. Mike discusses his three-wheeled wonder, the sparkly red VW hot rod trike that some are now calling Dorothy. Hear reviews from each participant as well as the general purpose of these events. The next one will be in March in celebration of Chuck Norris' birthday. Plan on it, dudes.
November 20, 2018
015: The Other Side of Divorce with Mike Olsen (part 1)
The Quorum welcomes its first-ever interview! Mike Olsen,, was introduced to the podcast very early in its existence and wanted to become a part of it. This is part one of his story. Born in a small town in eastern Utah, Mike overcame a birth defect to become a successful two-sport college athlete. Mike passes along some of the the lessons learned from his “normal” upbringing. The blessing of being born with a deformed hand and how it has landed him hard-to-get tee-times. Twice divorced, Mike reflects on difficult lessons learned from those experiences and how he has made peace with it. We loved having Mike be a part of the show and look forward to his future involvement with this movement.
November 20, 2018
014: Why Men Hate Church and What They Want Instead
New sound engineer Tyler Hunt gets the nickname of Thunt and Mike invents a new term to describe his ramblings: Flappin Off. Men hate church because they are underwhelmed. The stench of wound masking and the surface-level emptiness of non-attachment is why they are bored and resist the traditional church experiences of our day. What do they want instead? Authenticity. Real talk. We contrast the typical suburban experience of 'church' with the rawness and unconcealing that happens in addiction recovery groups like 12-step programs along the lines of Alcoholics Anonymous. But it aint the church's fault. YOU are the church. Open up, bro. Tell your story. Tell your truth. Be authentic, yourselves. Find the person that needs your welcoming generosity. Be the one who shakes up the staleness with your radical love and acceptance of (yourself first, and then) the people who are secretly there seeking the same kind of depth and connection.
November 15, 2018
013: The Ultimate Alpha - Learning Masculinity From the Perfect Man
In this episode, we explore an example of the perfect masculine (and it's not Rambo). Regardless of your beliefs about the historical Jesus of Nazareth, His story stands alone as an example of pure masculinity. Charity, humility, tough love, defending the weak, reproving the corrupt, and teaching by example are all contained in this ideal archetype of manhood. Whether you're an atheist and see Him as a fictional character or a faitheist believer, look to His story for the most complete portrayal of what it means to be man.
November 12, 2018
012: Sexual Self-Sabotage: How men are perpetuating their own lack of sex.
The guys discuss why 95% of sexless marriages are decided by men and how they can take better care of their woman and inspire more sexual desire.
November 1, 2018
011: Grown Ass Man: How to Be One in a Relationship
Jeremy reports on the weekend drive to Mexico which included witnessing a cartel crime scene and something about 70 tacos. Check in with Taco Mike who camped with his family on the beach in Cali, and Brad obsessed over whether or not he should attempt a first-ever brake job on his daily driver '09 Silverado. Serious talk begins at 6:46 where Brad, Jeremy, and Mike share their thoughts on what goes wrong in relationships and how men need to step up, slow down, and be in the present in order to have a better relationship. Don't get "tipped over..." every time she gives you a look. Be unf*ckwithable.
October 29, 2018
010: HOMELESS JOKES combust into passion-filled expose on the sanctity of life.
The process is the content. Deke begins by bullying Taco Mike again about his beard looking like a homeless man who hangs out by his office. Taco Mike becomes Yoda and starts dropping WISDOM. He comes uncomfortably out of the Christian closet to share his private 3-year ministry with Billy, a former Las Vegas homeless Desert Storm veteran that Mike helped get back on his feet and living with family. This humble brilliance comes between parts one and two of the interview with unmarried Vegas Mormon* millennial and rugby coach Tyler Hunt, and demonstrates the enormous range of this blossoming team of unassuming alphas. After learning what Tyler is going to name his first baby, we finish off this monumental episode with advice for how Tyler can live to be 100, not get dumped, expose himself to his friends (but not like that), and recognize the need for and grow his tribe of brothers. Mike refuses to use the V-word. Derik accentuates a curious syllable of the word "cockpit" and challenges the quorum to share something they need to be doing but aren't and how the others can keep them accountable. It's about to get real, hommes. See if you can find the part that should've been edited out.
October 25, 2018
009: BONUS EPISODE: Man Movies
Check out this short segment where the guys talk about their favorite man movies!! There's some good stuff in here and you can get a better understanding of each by learning about their movies. Listen now to find out which one said said "50 First Dates!!"
October 24, 2018
Episode 008 - "Take It Slow, It All Works Out"
Part One of Two. Derik, Mike and Brad talk with guest Tyler Hunt (a Las Vegas rugby coach bachelor) who shares how he feels his life as a millennial compares to that of the older hosts, as well as what keeps him up at night and the hilarious reason he likes to hover above 250+ on the ole scale. Stay tuned for part two later this week!
October 23, 2018
Episode 007: #HimToo #WhoCares, Jim Bob Duggar was right.
Derik, Brad, Mike, and Jeremy talk about the #MeToo movement and now the #HimToo absurdity, as well as how to protect your sons in this day and age, all about sexual consent, why your wife isn't having sex with you. Oh, and Jim Bob Duggar.
October 18, 2018
Episode 006 - "Meet the Quorum"
Tacos, Motorbikes and Mexico
October 15, 2018
Episode 005: "What is YOUR Legacy Going to Be?"
Host Derik Johnson explores the importance of being aware that your legacy will matter to those around you. He shares how a recent loss has him reflecting on the value of remembering who is watching and listening to you. Short episode. You're welcome.
September 28, 2018
Episode 004 - "Derik"
Meet the host and co-founder of Alpha Quorum, Derik Johnson as interviewed by co-founder Brad Singletary who explores Derik's background and the reason for his interest in this movement. We explore topics such as vulnerability, leadership, and the role of women in this changing world of ours. Oh, and sex robots.
September 17, 2018
Episode 003
"Brian" - Hear the story of a man who went from being unemployed and living like a hoarder to an IT professional who became a leader of himself, his family, and his home.
September 15, 2018
Episode 002
More about what men need to lead fulfilling lives.
September 14, 2018
Episode 001
We live in a time where traditional masculinity is under assault. What was once considered normal and honorable is being called toxic. Our young boys are treated as predators in waiting. Is it any wonder that there is a crisis of masculinity in western civilization?!
September 13, 2018