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Coming Home Podcast by Alyssa Donato

Coming Home Podcast by Alyssa Donato

By AlyssaDonato
Coming Home Podcast hosted by Alyssa Donato provides you with the knowledge and tools to help return home to your most divine, authentic beautiful being.

Coming home is a place of connection, remembrance, grace, and a little bit of woo-woo. We will chat about all the ways in which we can be guided to return home and how we are our most powerful healer. Coming Home will be here to guide you on your most sacred journey home to ourselves each and every time we feel astray.

Come follow along on the journey of coming home to your divinity

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02. the path of surrender

Coming Home Podcast by Alyssa Donato

15. word as movement ft: Kendra Adler
Kendra Adler is an artist of the earth, speaker of the stone -- in constant dialogue with nature and her nature. As a somatic movement facilitator, of a site-specific practice she calls Word As Movement (WAM), she wants to help people discover the language of their embodied truth and elemental connection. Her investigation of words through movement have bred explorative performances in the communities of Taos, New Mexico and State of Bahia, Brazil. Every moment is gold -- it's her mission as an interdisciplinary artist of the earth to bring these conversations to the spaces that most need to remember their ancestral connection. Her work bridges the realms of intuition and science to create ritual-based performance, practice and installation labs. Get your copy of Braiding Sweetgrass.  You can find Kendra's websites and offerings here -  or on Instagram @kendra_adler Be sure to give her a follow for more information around somatic movement, and story telling of the earth.  
June 16, 2021
14. root home ft: Rachel Bare
In today's episode you'll hear from tea student, community guide, and friend Rachel Bare.  If you are interested in low waste, journeys through the globe to find yourself, or of course tea, then this is the episode for you to dive into.  I'm beyond excited to welcome Rachel to the podcast, and know that this community will find so many gems inside of this episode.  We talk about: Rachel's journey from Ohio to fashion school, and being a lead stylist in NYC  How she gave up her career to follow the path of tea  Connecting back with the present moment  Giving gratitude for the lessons life has presented  Rachel's remembrance of Coming Home to herself WHERE TO FIND RACHEL You can join Root Home - A women's tea gathering using my link here.  or Join Rachel inside the Simply Bare Community - where activism and self-care meet.  Follow Rachel on Instagram: @rachel_baree or @simplebarecommunity 
April 23, 2021
13. infusing life with joy ft. Emily Mearns
13. infusing life with joy ft. Emily Mearns Today we are sitting down with energy guide, and spiritual mentor Emily Mearns. Emily is a service-based entrepreneur helping individuals reclaim their innate joy, connect with their spirit, while invoking a sense of childlike wonder. Emily and I dive into her journey of coming home to herself, and how she followed the clues to her path of awakening. She shares stories about her childhood and how they have framed her current experience as an adult today. You'll hear stories about who we were as children, who we were taught to be, and how to reclaim those parts of yourself that became fragmented. You'll learn Emily's favorite tools for activation and remembering who she is in her highest expression.  You can find Emily on Instagram @emily_mearns  or join her inside the Energetic Society 
March 16, 2021
12. a very Saturn return
Welcome back to the podcast 2.0 as you can see there are some beautiful upgrades happening to this platform. I'm finally settled into our new house in WA & ready to create regular content for this platform.All of which seems to tie into today's episode, a VERY Saturn return. Today's episode Alyssa shares with you her experience of entering into her Saturn return. In this episode you will hear about the planetary aspects for your Saturn return, potential road blocks, and how to create a roadmap for success during these really formative years. You'll uncover what the planet of Saturn represents and how it can impact our lives roughly 3 times.  You can calculate your own Saturn return by heading here! You can hangout with me on Instagram @alyssa.donato for more sweetness 
February 26, 2021
11. from darkness to light
hi sweet beings.  welcome back to another episode of the Coming Home Podcast. It's been too long, but it's all divine timing.  Today's episode I give you a life update and share my experience of moving into this season of Autumn, of water, of transition.  I chat about the Libra energy we are experiencing and the true meaning of duality. This is an invitation to take house keeping of yourself, how you are managing your light & dark, masculine and feminine in this season of balance with Libra.  Happy Full Moon illuminations from my heart to yours! 🌚
October 2, 2020
10. the f word, and I don't mean f*ck
that daunting F word...  FAILURE  We each experience failure in our own self-sabotaging ways. Why are we so afraid of this word?  Today I'm diving into my most recent failure, and how I am giving myself permission for it.  & how this sneaky word invades our life, preventing us from connecting with our higher self.  LINKS from the episode: Anthony's Book Cleanse to Heal  Anatomy of The Spirit by Caroline Myss  See you next week for another episode of the Coming Home Podcast! 
May 22, 2020
09. why I'm social media detoxing + how you can too
today's solo episode I talk about my continuous journey working through the Artist's Way and what inspired my recent social media detox.  the universe rang in loud and clear to stop social media so we will talk about what I'm doing instead, how I'm feeding my creativity, and how this is one of the best decisions I've made for myself in a long time.  tune in for some tips on how you can join me in stepping back from social media & how you can channel that energy into different areas of your life I can't wait to share today's episode with you and look forward to regularly scheduled Friday episodes!  I'd love to connect with you in different ways so feel free to reach me via email  blessings to you beautiful beings on this sunny spring day 🌸 big happy hearts, lyss 
May 8, 2020
08. an invitation to the present moment with Olivia Ashton
I'm so excited to share today's episode with everyone. I got to bring on such a special guest, Olivia Ashton. Olivia is an intentional, heart centric photographer based out of Portland, Oregon.  Her work flows organically from her curiosity of the mystery of existence here on Planet Earth! She is such a beam of light, and wealth of knowledge.  We chatted about finding our meditation practices, striving for balance, and creating harmony in every moment.  I'm so grateful I get to share this platform with such incredible humans.  You can check out more of Olivia's work at OR on Instagram  IG: @olivia_ashtonn 
April 26, 2020
07. breathing in the light with Maya Keane
today's episode I bring in the beautiful Maya Keane! Maya is a Breathwork Facilitator, Guide, & Space Holder based in Santa Fe, NM. Her innate sensitivity has taken her on a journey of exploring her curiosities and continuous personal evolution, healing, and transformation. After years of thinking her empathy was her downfall, something that only caused her pain, she has now learned that it is her greatest gift. She believes that emotional health is key to wellbeing, and through feeling our feelings in a safe and grounded way we can work through limiting beliefs, stuck energy, develop self-acceptance, open our hearts, and find clarity from our inner guidance. Maya holds safe space for self-discovery and healing in her one-on-one sessions and in groups that are held both in-person and virtually. We dive deep into our own journey's of healing and how it can look so different, and so similar. I'm so blessed to share this episode with you!
April 17, 2020
06. empaths guide to surviving coronavirus
today's episode starts with a little guided meditation to ground and clear our energy. I invite you to take a breath with me during this challenging time.  We talk about some tools that you can rely upon when things feel exceptionally challenging. I talk briefly about how to schedule play into your day, make room for creativity and embrace the unknown.  grab a cup of tea and join me in today's episode titled: the empaths guide to surviving coronavirus 
March 27, 2020
05. human design hacking with Eden Carpenter
today's episode my sweet friend, and human design expert, Eden spills the TEA on all things human design and how we can live in our highest vibration possible. We chat about human design basics, plus she provides some insight and tips for each individual design. We dove into what it means to be a projector, and some not self themes that can come up for fellow projectors in the world.  To check out more of Eden's work you can follow her on social media @intuitionlifestyle or to check out her amazing offerings to the world.  so many blessings to share this information with the  collective
March 6, 2020
04. spirit guides + angel numbers
today's podcast episode I share how I found my angel number when I was 13 years old! what the guides share with me, and how to tune back into our highest vibration to receive messages from our spirit guides.  I also share a cosmic joke and how we are constantly reminded to not take life too serious.  it's a fun little journey I deeply hope you enjoy taking with me.. 
February 26, 2020
03. synchronicity + self-care with Courtney Klop
In today's episode I chat with the self-care creature herself Courtney Klop!  We talk about all the ways in which synchronicity will find you even in the darkest of times and how the universe is always supporting us every step of the way. Tune in to hear about our wild synchronicities and journeys through life in the PNW.  You can find Courtney online at or instagram @selfcarecreature 
January 10, 2020
02. the path of surrender
In this episode I talk about all the shit we are so terrified to let go of. I share some of the gentle, or not so gentle nudges from the universe that I received on this path of surrender. What does it feel like when you are standing on the edge but so afraid to jump off? Listen in to hear some cosmic jokes and harsh realizations on this path of surrender. 
October 25, 2019
01. a brief introduction
WELCOME HOME - to the Coming Home Podcast Series. This Episode I talk all about all the ways in which we remember to come home to ourselves and return back to our most divine authentic being. I share some information about who I am, how I got here, and what my hopes and dreams for this podcast series are. 
October 2, 2019