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Better Expert Of Your Body

Better Expert Of Your Body

By Coach Alyssa Chang
Offering strategies and story telling to help provide brain based solutions to help you rewire your mindset, restore your metabolism and move pain free.
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Have you exercised correctly for your body?
In this episode, I wanted to walk you through how to utilize the BOLT score to determine whether or not your workout was suited for what you needed that day. Please take a listen to how we can begin the process of connecting to our bodies, especially when it comes to rest days!
February 20, 2020
Breath Work Warmup
In this episode, I’d like to walk you through how to ease into your movement practice by bringing awareness to your breath. It will drastically cut the risk of injury, improve energy and overall your enjoyment with exercise. Please take a listen of how to properly warm up for your workout!
February 20, 2020
BOLT Score
In today’s guided practice,  I will be walking you through how to conduct your BOLT score (Body Oxygen Level Test). This assessment is a useful and accurate tool for determining your breathing volume and how we can go about improving your efficiency when it comes to breathing.
February 16, 2020
Breathe Light to Breathe Right
In today’s episode I’ll be walking you through a breath work practice that will help you explore a bit what we call “air hunger”. All too often we're focused on deep inhales, and not enough on full exhales. This segment will encourage a soft and gentleness to your breathing practice. Allowing you the time and space to reconnect to a breathing rate that will positively influence your parasympathetic nervous system. 
February 04, 2020
Movement Intention
In this episode, you’ll learn how to set an intention for your movement practice. For many of us, we may meet our movement practice with some self doubt, fear or anxiousness. During our movement practice we may also feel old narratives take over the experience of movement. With this exercise, I hope to help you learn how to set an intention for your movement session.
January 30, 2020
5 Minute Body Scan Meditation
In this 5 minute meditation (courtesy of, I will walk you through a body scan meditation. All too often, the days pass us by. We're running errands, checking off to-do lists, and missing the valuable pockets of time where we can check back in with our body. This body scan meditation will offer you a pause in your on the go day, where you can settle into stillness and check back in with your body. Asses how she is doing and the power of intentional breath work. Please join me for 5 minutes of your day as we take a time out, to time back in.
January 29, 2020