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By Amadeus
A lot of things have happened since creating this and other podcasts. A lot of episodes have been removed as a result. I hope to return again someday before I die. I might not though, we'll see I guess.
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The Making of The Story of Us, Part I: The Humiliation of Loneliness
Featuring the making of The Story of Us single. Lyrics, music and told through the eyes of Robert Saenz as well as 2 early demos created in 1995 on 4 track cassette. Program & Track List Amadeus Intro The Humiliation of Loneliness Rain (The Story of Us/Waterworld Early Demo) Walking Home In The Rain (Early Demo 2) Amadeus is a 'behind the music' and radio station podcast sharing the inspiration behind the making of my music. Site, shops and more at
May 20, 2021