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An Unconventional Life

An Unconventional Life

By Amanda Shortman
Join Amanda and Thea as they talk about life as two Queer, Disabled, Christian Pagans. As you can imagine, life can be pretty unconventional for them.

Thea came out as a Bisexual, Non Binary Transfeminine person in 2021, and as a result Amanda began to explore her own sexuality and currently identifies as a Panromantic Asexual. This has been a big influence on what they talk about, especially in relation to being Queer Christians. They are also both chronically ill, and so disability comes up from time to time as well. They hope that by sharing their conversations others will feel less alone.
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Being Queer Christians
In this episode Thea and Amanda discuss what it was like coming out in the church, and how their theology is inclusive of the LGBTQ+ Community. The book Amanda mentions in this episode - The Gay Gospels - can be purchased in the UK from Queer Lit
June 10, 2021
Living with Chronic Illness
Both Thea and Amanda are chronically ill and disabled, so in this episode we talk about what it is like living with chronic illness and the many ways in which it impacts on our lives. We cover education, work, finances, family life, and more...
May 27, 2021
Questioning Your Sexuality: Amanda's Story so far...
What is it like to question your sexuality after years of thinking you were straight? Join Amanda and Thea as they discuss Amanda's experience of this, and how it's okay to be in a questioning space without any firm answers. Trigger Warning for this episode: from around 38 minutes until around 45 minutes Amanda and Thea talk about an assault (non-sexual) that Amanda experienced as a teenager and had repressed from her memory until very recently. It is mentioned in passing again later in the podcast but not in detail. If this may trigger you, please do skip this portion of the podcast.
May 20, 2021
Exploring Thea's Identity as a Bisexual, Non-Binary Trans Feminine Person
This is our first ever episode, and we're starting off as we mean to go on with a subject very close to our hearts. We discuss Thea's identity as a Non-Binary Trans Feminine Person - what that means to her, what it was like coming out to others, and the things that have helped her.  The two books that Thea mentions in this episode are: Trans Like Me by C.N. Lester  They/Them/Their by Eris Young
May 10, 2021