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Reading in Bed

Reading in Bed

By Amanda Steel
A monthly podcast by Amanda Steel and Andy N, where the pair review the books they've been reading.
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Reading in Bed: Episode 56
In this episode, Andy and Amanda review a selection of books including an experimental novel on mental illness, and several which ask the question 'what would you do if...'
August 01, 2022
Storytime with Andy and Amanda: Episode 9
In this episode, Andy and Amanda are joined by special guest, Quigley CB.
July 13, 2022
Reading in Bed: Episode 55
In this month's episode, Andy and Amanda review fiction and non-fiction, including a book co-written by Dolly Parton. 
June 27, 2022
Storytime with Andy and Amanda: Episode 8
In this episode, Andy and Amanda are joined by special guest, Mike Booth. The three of them read out a selection of their work.
June 20, 2022
Reading in Bed: Episode 54
Back with their 54th Episode, Andy N and Amanda Nicholson review the following books: 1) Ransom Riggs - Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children 2) Elizabeth Lee - Cunning Women 3) Charles Veley - The Wilhelm Conspiracy (Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Book 2) 4) Sarah James - Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic
June 05, 2022
Storytime with Andy and Amanda: Episode 7
In this episode, Andy and Amanda are joined by two guests - Alta Mabin and Chuck Haffner. The four of them read a selection of their work.
May 16, 2022
Reading in Bed: Episode 53
In this episode, Andy and Amanda review a selection of fiction and poetry books about space, neurodiversity, and much more.
May 02, 2022
Storytime with Andy and Amanda: Episode 6
In this episode, Andy and Amanda are joined by special guest Regi. The three of them read a selection of poetry, flash fiction, and a monologue about zombies. 
April 18, 2022
Reading in Bed: Episode 52
In this episode, Andy and Amanda review poetry and fiction books. WARNING: Some of the books reviewed and discussed later in this episode contain subjects which may not be suitable for everyone. This is adult only content. 
March 28, 2022
Storytime with Andy and Amanda: Episode 5
In this episode, Andy and Amanda are joined by special guest, Ray Douglas. They read poetry and stories featuring an annoying parrot, an angry ghost, pies, and much more.
March 14, 2022
Reading in Bed: Episode 51
In this episode Andy and Amanda review the following books: Last One at the Party by Bethany Clift Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit Geek Love by Katherine Dunn Her Perfect Twin by Sarah Bonner Dark Horse by Gregg Hurwitz
February 28, 2022
Storytime with Andy and Amanda: Episode 4
Andy and Amanda are joined by special guest, Steve Mingle, to read poetry and stories (many with a valentine or anti-valentine theme).
February 14, 2022
Reading in Bed: Episode 50
In this episode, Andy and Amanda review books about witches, being stranded with a tiger, and everything in between. 
February 01, 2022
Storytime with Andy and Amanda: Episode 3
Andy N and Amanda Nicholson read out a selection of their own poetry, prose, flash fiction and a well placed cover of a classic comedy poem by Edward Lear.
January 17, 2022
Reading in Bed: Episode 49
In this episode, Andy and Amanda review the following books: Nell Pattison - Hide Gabby Hutchinson Crouch - Darkwood Keith A Pearson - Beyond Broadhall (86 Fix 2) Daniel Sloss - Everyone you hate is going to die Jon Moxley - Mox
January 03, 2022
Storytime with Andy and Amanda: Episode 2
Andy and Amanda are joined by special guest, Rich Davenport, to share a mix of funny and dark stories and poetry. 
December 20, 2021
Reading in Bed: Christmas Special 2021
In this year's Christmas Special, Andy and Amanda review Christmas books, discuss their best and worst books of the year, and share some Christmas themed spoken word.
December 06, 2021
Storytime with Andy and Amanda: Episode 1
In this new spin-off from Reading in Bed, Andy and Amanda read some of their own poetry and prose, exploring winter, and Remembrance Sunday themes.
November 15, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 47
In this episode, Andy and Amanda review: 1) Teresa Driscoll - Her Perfect Family 2) F.D. Lee - The Fairy's Tale 3) Marius Gabriel - The Girls in the Attic
November 01, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 46
In this month's (shorter than usual) episode Amanda and Andy discuss their news and review 4 books.
October 04, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Asya Grengauz
The Green by Asya Grengauz Blurb: Welcome to a world filled with magic...and smog. But mostly smog. That is a big problem and it won't be left by the wayside if the witches have anything to say about it. A magical world it may be, but with some real-life problems that are all too familiar to anyone who inhabits planet Earth. Can be purchased from Amazon: To have an extract of your book read on the show when we return, email
September 27, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: J.P. Choquette
In this episode, Amanda reads an extract of See No Evil (Tayt Waters Series Book 1) by J.P. Choquette. Blurb Tayt Waters is a vigilante. A business owner. And a woman on a mission. Helping people who've been failed by the legal system get their just way or another. And then Tayt's estranged father shows up: the key suspect in a murder case involving a young, local woman. As she races to find answers that prove her father's innocence, Tayt realizes that murder isn't the only criminal act he's accused of. And the further she digs the more danger she finds herself in. Just how far is too far when your life is at stake? Tayt is about to find out. You can buy the book on Amazon.
September 20, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Zoe Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe
In this episode, Amanda reads two poems from Pocket Full of Stones by Zoe Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe. *** Zoë is a Poet and Mum from Dukinfield. She has an MA in Poetry from Bath Spa University. Her first pamphlet 'Love is the way bark grows' came out with Half Moon Books in June 2019 and her second 'I have grown two hearts' with Hedgehog Press in Autumn 2020. Her First Collection 'Pocket Full Of Stones' came out with Indigo Dreams in July 2021. Her work has appeared in Anthologies and Journals including For the Silent, Atrium, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Picaroon, Algebra of Owls, Bonnie's Crew and Here Comes Everyone. The book can be purchased from her website:
September 13, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 45
In this episode Andy and Amanda review books on Dating, Clones and Immortality.
September 06, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Ray Douglas
In this episode, Amanda reads three poems from the collection, Lucy the Tooth Fairy’s Last Chance and Some Pretty, Witty Ditties by Ray Douglas Blurb Lucy the Tooth Fairy’s Last Chance and Some Pretty, Witty Ditties is an illustrated children's book containing oodles of rhymes and poems about all kinds of things. Great for all ages with more than enough to get kids thinking, smiling, laughing and, ultimately interested in and entertained by rhymes and poems. You can buy the book from Amazon.
August 30, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Jackson Arthur
In this episode, Amanda reads an extract of Cellar Door by Jackson Arthur Blurb The voice of a strange man forces two young women into a fight for their very survival. Who is Dr. Brant? And what is the silent invasion? Darryl Rashad can't sleep. Terrorized by dreams of a flesh-eating creature, he returns to his childhood home in search of answers and peace. During his search, he must face not only his past but the monsters that hide there. Joseph Keppt has a good life. He has a successful career, a beautiful daughter, and a loving wife. But when he wakes up in a strange room, in a strange bed, he is not sure if he has awoken into a nightmare or if reality is not how he remembers it. What terrifying tales lie beyond the cellar door? What creatures await to devour you? Will you open it? Are you brave enough? Buy it on Amazon
August 23, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: From the Shadows Special
In this episode, Amanda reads poems and short story extracts from the forthcoming anthology "From the Shadows". Blurb In this Printed Words anthology, the lines merge between crime and horror, fiction and poetry. So, you’ll be kept guessing whether the villain is human or monster. Sometimes, the worst monsters are those who pass as human. Thanks to the authors: Jack Horner, Rosie Cullen, Amanda-Jane Bayliss, Yaqub Abdullahi, Jennifer Crow, Chloe Allen, Richard Harries, Michael Thame, Roz Ottery, Maria Byrne, Andrew Scott, Charles Robertson, Dorinda MacDowell, Amanda Steel, Nigel Astell, Stephen Oliver, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Christy Vincent, John Grey, John Ward, Kara Blackwood, Gary S. Watkins, Lynn White, Lena Ng, Andy N, Tony Domaille, Daragh Kennedy, Miriam H. Harrison, Harry Hawke, LaVern Spencer McCarthy, Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe. *** Some of the ways to buy a copy: Paperback UK: Paperback US: Kindle UK: Kindle US: Other eBook platforms: If the paperback is out of stock at Amazon, you can use this link to see where it is available:
August 16, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Richard Harries
In this episode of Reading in Bed Extracts, Amanda reads three poems from Awakening by Richard Harries. *** After a decade of performing sharply focused observational, protest and war poetry Richard has gathered together a collection of his best-known work which is as fresh on the page as it is on the stage. Awakening can be purchased from Stairwell Books
August 09, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 44
In this month's episode, Andy and Amanda review a bad zombie book, and you might recognise some of the authors' names whose books they review.
August 02, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 43
In this shorter than usual episode, Andy and Amanda review three books between them; covering hauntings, serial killers and music. 
July 05, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 42
Andy and Amanda review a selection of books; from crime to non-fiction. They also discuss some of their own news and projects, including a novella which will be published on Medium instead of as an eBook, and a Haiku collection with one Haiku for each year of life. 
June 01, 2021
Reading Bed Extracts: Sydnie Beaupre
Such Exquisite Calamity by Sydnie Beaupre Spencer and Cayden have always known that they were different from each of their parents, but when Spencer saves Cayden from a stab wound using only her tears and sheer willpower, they find out exactly what they are: the only two of their kind, born under a prophecy. Not Caster, not Familiar, but an impossible combination of both known as The Two, or The Lovers. Stumbling through the new world of Casters, Familiars and Demigods together proves dangerous for the pair, and unwanted enemies arise as emotions between them become more and more complicated. Will Cayden and Spencer be able to find themselves amidst the chaos? Or will they succumb to the power of those trying to stop them? *** The book can be purchased from Amazoné-ebook/dp/B088CRBZ59
May 17, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Hope and Magic (Bonus Episode)
Hope and Magic by Amanda Steel is out on 10th May. it can be pre-ordered/purchased on Kindle or in paperback on Amazon. It will also be available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription, if you have one.   Blurb Previously published as three novellas, Hope and Magic includes all three parts of the story. Hope doesn't know anything about magic when she decides to leave Dublin and head to London to pursue her dreams. Her boyfriend, Steven is unable to let her go. He seeks the help of a witch, resulting in Hope becoming his unwilling captive. Can she break free and discover her own power? And what does the witch really want from Hope?
May 05, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 41
Andy and Amanda review a varied collection of books; with subjects including travel, near death experiences, horror and near future sci-fi.
May 03, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Dario Cannizzaro
Dead Men Naked by Dario Cannizzaro Would you go on a road trip with Death? Lou's couldn't say no to that question. If you witnessed the inexplicable death of your best friend Neil and were haunted by visions of the Grim Reaper and a giant black crow - your answer would be yes as well. Embark with Lou and the anthropomorphic embodiment of his own Death on a tequila-induced journey and descend from cities to desert to chase Angelene, a charming exotic dancer who holds the secret to save your soul, all the while poetically ruminating on the meaning of life, the universe, and the saving grace of love. Dark, hilarious, profound and charming - this must-read novel is a steaming hot cup of magic realism, dark fantasy, literary fiction and poetry that will make you laugh and cry and want to read it again and again. Buy on Amazon or read on Kindle Unlimited.
April 19, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 40
This month, Andy and Amanda share their book related news, and review a mixed collection of books: from gothic to crime and everything in-between. 
April 05, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Ann Gosslin
The Double – Ann Gosslin Following a violent outburst at an awards ceremony, Vidor Kiraly, a prize-winning neuroscientist and Cambridge don, is sent to an isolated psychiatric clinic in the Swiss Alps. When the clinic’s director, Anton Gessen, tries in vain to unearth the missing pieces of Vidor’s life, he suspects his reluctant patient is not who he appears to be. After one of the patients at the clinic goes missing, Gessen has reason to doubt Vidor’s self-proclaimed innocence. But what is he hiding, and who might be next? *** The book can be purchased on Amazon and from other booksellers. Your can find out more at her website:
March 08, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 39
In this month's episode, Andy and Amanda review poetry, fiction and non-fiction.
March 01, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Stephanie Harper
Wesley Yorstead Goes Outside explores the life of Wesley Yorstead, a thirty-three year old graphic novelist who suffers from a severe case of agoraphobia that has kept him shut inside for over five years. When he meets Happy Lafferty for the first time, delivering groceries on behalf of her father’s neighborhood market, Wesley can’t shake the inherent magnetism between them and seeks to get to know this young woman who invades his space—both physical and mental. As their relationship grows more intimate, the restrictions of his situation become an even greater obstacle. When Happy’s past life catches up to her, Wesley must decide if he can finally leave his apartment to help. A meditation on anxiety, fear, and human connection, Wesley Yorstead Goes Outside asks the reader to consider what our fears take away from our lives, and how we might overcome them. The book has already received some praise. Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean said: "A dark jewel of a story, as funny as it is heartbreaking, as heartbreaking as it is true." Alena Dillon, author of Mercy House and The Happiest Girl in the World, had this to say: “Succinct, artful, and full of heart; there’s never been a character like Wesley Yorstead.” You can buy the book on Amazon Or find out more about the author at her website: *** The new “Ghost of Me” podcast (as mentioned at the start of this episode) is available on Anchor.
February 08, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 38
In this month's episode, we review books about poetry, hoaxes, lockdown and more. 
February 01, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Rich Davenport
In a slightly different format to our usual Reading in Bed Extracts episodes, the author of this week’s book reads two of his own poems. (Audio used with permission from Spoken Label) Gormless – Rich Davenport Rich Davenport is a comedy poet, stand-up comedian and musician from exotic Bolton, in the UK. He has gigged all over the UK, spreading mirth and making loud noises. He was first encouraged to compile a book of his poems of extreme gormlessness by Hovis Presley in 2003. After accidentally winning a couple of poetry slams, other encouraging individuals said the same thing. And now, finally, here it is, with fabulous illustrations from the marvellous Minty B Gormless can be purchased from Chinbeard Books.
January 25, 2021
Coming Soon: Ghost of Me podcast
A preview of the new podcast by Amanda Steel. Each week she will be reading a chapter a of her book, Ghost of Me. 
January 24, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Peter Humphreys
Hong Kong Rocks – Peter Humphreys Nick Powell, arriving in Hong Kong with his soon-to-be-ex-wife Lennox, finds himself drawn into the political machinations affecting the city as the Occupy movement takes root. A fatal accident exposes the factions vying for control of the SAR and gives Nick the second chance desired by many Hong Kong expats, but will he make the most of the opportunity, or find himself on the wrong side of history? Shifting between a variety of unique voices, HONG KONG ROCKS (a Proverse Prize 2018 finalist) is part thriller, part meditation on the challenges facing a special autonomous region punching above its weight. "'Hong Kong Rocks' is a story set in an alternative present; it is in part a whodunit, with the who and the it constantly in doubt. At the centre is a group of dissolute, middle-aged, expatriates, who are held more or less upright, or let fall by surer, stronger women. Dissolution, however, has its consequences, in conflict with either the newly introduced Deportation Act, or two cross-border goons, or both. And, as the tale reaches its finale, we cannot but agree with the narrator that Hong Kong is 'hotting up'."—Philip Chatting, author of "The Snow Bridge and Other Stories", Winner of the Proverse Prize 2014. "Funny and twisted, in Humphreys’ spirited novel Nick and a garrulous band of expats are caught in the shifting societal landscape of Hong Kong. Nights drinking at the Brolly, missing friends, the Occupy movement, fear of deportation and the threat of discovery by Chinese agents, all loom large. As his freedom hangs on the edge of a precipice, Nick seizes on the absurdities, secrets and joys of a life lived with regret."—Maria Roberts, author of "Single Mother on the Verge", Penguin. *** The book can be bought from UK Amazon: US Amazon: The book is also available on Kindle Unlimited. To take up the 30-day Kindle Unlimited offer, if you’re in the UK, please follow the Affiliate link below.
January 18, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Leila Ziari
Leila Ziari’s first collection of poetry invites readers into a world of transformative love. Dedicated to and inspired by Bob Dylan, these one hundred and eleven poems reveal the bliss, pain, expansion, longing and ecstasy of eternal love. Earthly and ethereal, timely and timeless. Just as Ziari chronicles her own metamorphosis, she invites the reader to be inspired, uplifted, healed, and renewed. Through her bold confession of passionate devotion, Ziari dissects the very essence of love and the whirlwind of emotions therein. It is her vulnerability that allow for such immersion, reminding readers that those we love are part of our spirits and have been embedded in our souls since the beginning of time. While she hints at deep scars, this poet never wallows. Her transcendent poetry reaches beyond. Ziari shows us what we know but so often forget - the evolutionary and revolutionary power of love. The book can be bought at: Amazon US: Amazon UK:
January 11, 2021
Reading in Bed: Episode 37
In this episode, Andy and Amanda review books about elves, murder, witches and much more. 
January 04, 2021
Reading in Bed Extracts: Andrew Shaffer
Secret Santa – Andrew Shaffer Blurb Out of work for months, Lussi Meyer is desperate to work anywhere in publishing. Prestigious Blackwood-Patterson isn’t the perfect fit, but a bizarre set of circumstances leads to her hire and a firm mandate: Lussi must find the next horror superstar to compete with Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Peter Straub. It’s the ’80s, after all, and horror is the hottest genre. But as soon as she arrives, Lussi finds herself the target of her co-workers' mean-spirited pranks. The hazing reaches its peak during the company’s annual Secret Santa gift exchange, when Lussi receives a demonic-looking object that she recognizes but doesn't understand. Suddenly, her coworkers begin falling victim to a series of horrific accidents akin to a George Romero movie, and Lussi suspects that her gift is involved. With the help of her former author, the flamboyant Fabien Nightingale, Lussi must track down her anonymous Secret Santa and figure out the true meaning of the cursed object in her possession before it destroys the company—and her soul. *** You can buy the book from Amazon US: Amazon UK: Find out more about the author at: *** First Charge (My YA book I mentioned on the podcast) is free until the end of December on most eBook platforms.
December 21, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Summer Campbell
Diamonds and Deception - Summer Campbell A Bite-Size Mystery Novella Nurse Juno is looking forward to some festive downtime in the seaside town of Fareport Cove when shocking theft gets in the way. The Christmas season turns out to be anything but relaxing when thieves swipe a priceless necklace from under her patient's nose. It's no surprise when big-hearted Nurse Juno tries to help by stepping in to help her distraught patient out. Juno is racing to beat the clock and find the necklace before Christmas day with the help of best friend and local bookshop owner, Kate. Who is behind the dastardly deception? Can Juno solve the mystery and get the diamond necklace back in time to save her patient's Christmas? Diamonds and Deception is a short prequel novella to the Nurse Juno Investigates clean cozy mystery series. *** You can buy the book from Amazon UK: Amazon US: It is also available on Kindle Unlimited. If you’re in the UK and wish to support the podcast, please consider using our affiliate link to get a free trial of Kindle Unlimited: To find out more about the author, visit her website:
December 14, 2020
Reading in Bed: Christmas Special 2020
In this episode, Amanda and Andy review Christmas books (mostly), discuss their favourite books of the year and read out some of their own Christmas themed work.
December 07, 2020
Reading Bed Extracts: Michael Thame
GeeGee and the Germans (The Conyers Street Gang) – Michael Thame Based on real people. Based on real events. Eight-year-old GeeGee is scared. And it’s not for the first time. Since her arrival in Scotland, the Germans have dropped their murderous bombs and nearly killed her, as well as her mum Ida, sister Betty, and brother Alec. Uncle Angus has lost his home. When Ida takes her children to the beautiful Campsie Glen, a place where she felt they would be safe, they got a shock. The Laird of the Clan has refused them shelter and his butler, Knox, has thrown them out. GeeGee never wanted to go anywhere near the Laird’s house again, but when the local kids decide to build a snowman in the grounds, she joins in. That’s when Knox the butler pulled the trigger on the shotgun and shattered the night’s calm in Campsie Glen. Only later does GeeGee remember; her scarf. She left it on the snowman they had built before Knox chased them away. It was a beautiful red scarf her mum and dad bought for her as a birthday present. She had to get it back. Betty isn’t keen, but the sisters go out in the middle of a wintry night to retrieve the scarf. However, it’s what GeeGee sees on the way back that stops her in her tracks. An aircraft flies overhead, but they cannot see it. Moments later something catches GeeGee’s eye; a parachute silently falls on the wooded hillside below the imposing Lennox Castle. GeeGee knows she must tell someone. There is a war on and her first thought is that the parachutist must be a German spy. Before long Campsie Glen is awash with police and soldiers. Strange things start happening and suddenly GeeGee’s life hangs in the balance. Can she survive the strange goings on at Lennox Castle? Can she get through the night in the haunted house? Will she ever be able to trust the self-styled Laird of Clan Galt? More than that, will GeeGee be able to survive the Germans that are surely in their midst? The book can be bought on Amazon UK: Amazon US: You can also see the author’s YouTube page: *** You can support the podcast by purchasing from the online store:
November 30, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Finbar Hawkins
Witch - Finbar Hawkins In 17th-century England, civil war rages and witches have become pawns in a plot to oust the King. Young, red-haired Evey does not want to be a witch, but she cannot deny the magick coursing through her veins. A storm is coming. After witnessing the murder of her mother by witch-hunters, Evey vows to avenge her. Fury burns in her bright and strong. But she has promised her mother that she will keep her gifted, little sister Dill, her mother’s favourite, safe. But battling terrible jealousy, Evey abandons Dill with their Aunt Grey at the coven in the woods, and sets off to town where crowds are gathering for the witch trials. As the lust for blood and retribution rises to fever pitch, will Evey keep true to the bonds of sisterhood and to her witching ways? If you’re in the UK, the book can be bought from: Or from Amazon, if you’re in the US. You can also follow the author on Twitter:
November 23, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Jacy Morris
This Rotten World – Jacy Morris A sickness runs rampant through the world. In Portland, Oregon it is no different. As the night takes hold, eight men and women bear witness to the horror of a zombie outbreak. This Rotten World is the zombie novel that horror fans have been waiting for. Where other zombie works skip over the best part of a zombie outbreak, This Rotten World revels in it the downfall of humanity, dragging you through the beginnings of society's death, kicking and screaming. The book can be bought on: Amazon US: Amazon UK:
November 16, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Matthew Oates
Beyond Spring – Wanderings Through Nature by Matthew Oates A love letter to Nature – This was written as armchair winter reading – when we have forgotten what spring is like – that it will even come again. The chapters are all short and rich in language, knowledge and love. Each chapter is headed ad footed with a poetic extract Brett Westwood – known to you on Radio 4 and Springwatch says of the book: Matthew Oates is an equally enthusiastic naturalist, poet and writer of prose, with an abounding affection for his subject which shines out in every sentence of this book. It’s an exuberant celebration of the British countryside at its joyous, rampant best, interweaving natural and literary landscapes as it explores spring in some of the finest spots for  wildlife... A book to savour on winter evenings when the anticipation of spring tempts us all: whether he’s describing the song of a blackbird or the scent of a garlic snail, you know you’re in safe hands. Patrick Barkham - nature writer , and journalist on the Guardian says : Matthew Oates is a witty and imaginative companion: poetic, subtly subversive and as elusive and fast-moving as spring itself. Beautiful and Brilliant. It was one of only 5 Nature books shortlisted for the Countryfile magazine’s Country book of the Year, despite having been turned down by his normal publisher Bloomsbury; and his TV, Radio and National Trust credentials. £10.99 paperback; or £17.50 for limited edition hardback.
November 09, 2020
Reading in bed: Episode 35
We reviewed books on a variety of subjects this month; from learning how to draw - to the persecution of native Americans. To find out about the online events we mentioned in the introduction, please see the following links. Writing workshop: Twelve Deaths of Father Christmas reading:
November 02, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Andrew Shanahan
Before and After – Andrew Shanahan Blurb THE BEST-SELLING SCI-FI THRILLER THAT BLENDS HEALTHY LIVING AND LOTS OF DYING "A big fat five stars. This is a horror story. It's a visceral portrait of addiction and the hope of redemption in a world turned mad by hate and fear. The worst thing is that it is true. A must-read." Jane Almond-Deville, The British Obesity Society. Ben Stone is terrified. He's terrified because he weighs 601 pounds and needs his right leg amputating. He's terrified because a crane will shortly lift him from his fourth-floor flat and lower him 44 feet to an ambulance waiting below. He's terrified because he hasn't been outside in nine years and he doesn't know who will look after his beautiful dog. He needn't worry though, because the world is about to end. *** You can buy the book from Amazon UK link: US link: You can also follow the Andrew Shanahan on Twitter: *** To take up the 30 day Kindle Unlimited offer, if you’re in the UK, please follow the Affiliate link below. (As mentioned on the podcast)
October 26, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Cynthia A. Morgan
The Reviled: The Power Of Hope (Dark Fey Book 1) – Cynthia A.  Morgan Blurb: From a young age, Ayla has known her gift. Dedicated to become a Guardian of Childfey, she has spent her young years in the Temple, studying magic and ancient rites. There, she also learns about the mortal enemy of all Fey of the Light: the Reviled. Gairynzvl is a Fey of the Light, abducted by the Reviled when he was young. Now, he is a Dark One; lurking in the shadows, lingering near Ayla. After Gairynzvl commits treason against his own kind, Ayla listens to him when no others will – and the conflict that unfolds will change their world. *** The book can be bought from Amazon. UK link: US link: You can find out more about the author at her website: *** For details of the Creative Writing Workshop (as mentioned on the podcast) go to:
October 19, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: H. G. Lynch
Dead Boys Don’t Cry – H. G. Lynch Blurb This story doesn't begin with my death. It begins with someone's else's. Antonio is sick of his mother's drunken, abusive boyfriend, and when Dave starts acting strange following the disappearance of a young woman, Antonio suspects he's responsible. But when he confronts Dave about the missing woman, Antonio finds himself facing down the barrel of a gun. Waking up dead was not part of his plan. With a Reaper at the gates and a gravestone at his back, he'll risk his afterlife to catch his killer. Amazon UK: Amazon US: Author Page: *** To help support the podcast, please consider signing up for Draft2Digital, using this affiliate link, if you’re planning on self-publishing a book.
October 12, 2020
Reading in Bed: Episode 34
If you’re in the UK and want to buy any of the books mentioned on the podcast, please consider supporting us by using the affiliate links below. The Minders: The Curse of Knowing: The Haunting of HG Wells: Quiet: Love on the Isle of Dogs: *** If you would like to attend the online Creative Writing workshop we mentioned on the podcast, the details are here:
October 05, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Lali A. Love
The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance: 1 (Ascending Angel Academy) by Lali A. Love Blurb What would you do if you accidentally discovered a holographic portal into the cosmos, in the basement of your high school's library? Would you take the leap of faith? Ever since the fatal night her mother was taken hostage by a homicidal maniac, sixteen-year-old Jo has been plagued by debilitating nightmares. As she tries to unravel her bleak reality while attending Forest Hill Academy, a preppy co-ed private school, Jo and her friends discover a mysterious gateway into a Black Hole. Accidentally, evil is released from the portal as demonic parasites spread throughout the school. One by one they turn her classmates into an army of sleepwalkers, serving the Lord of Darkness in a sinister plot for universal domination. When Jo is activated by the Council of Light, she discovers her mission and confronts her celestial identity, revealing the mystery of existence. With the help of her best friends and a Galactic Compass, Jo unleashes the cosmic powers of creation to prevent the Darkness from enslaving all of humanity into obscurity. Will she be able to decode the artificial system in time to save her friends and the sacred Light? As the first book in the Ascending Angel Academy series, The De-Coding of Jo is a beautiful melding of fantasy, paranormal and science fiction with a diverse, gender inclusive cast that young adult readers can fully immerse themselves in. Buy on Amazon UK: or Amazon US: Find out more about the author at: *** To vote for my Ghost of Me by Amanda steel (as mentioned in the podcast) please go to: and vote in the thriller category. Voting ends of 22nd October 2020. *** If you would like your book to be considered for Reading in Bed Extracts, or to request a free Audible code for Ghost of Me, send an email to:
September 28, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Colleen Cowley
Subversive (Clandestine Magic Book 1) by Colleen Cowley Blurb A wizard. An unwilling assistant. An explosive secret. In an America controlled by wizards and 100 years behind on women's rights, Beatrix Harper counts herself among the resistance – the Women's League for the Prohibition of Magic. Then Peter Blackwell, the only wizard her town has ever produced, unexpectedly returns home and presses her into service as his assistant. Beatrix fears he wants to undermine the League. His real purpose is far more dangerous for them both. Subversive is the first novel in the Clandestine Magic trilogy, set in a warped 21st century that will appeal to fans of gaslamp fantasy. All three books will be released in the fall of 2020. You can buy the book from Amazon UK: Amazon US: You can learn more about Colleen Cowley, and follow her writing/publications at: *** To have your book considered for Reading in Bed Extracts, or to be referred to Reedsy Discovery  (as mentioned on the podcast) please email: or go direct to:
September 21, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Joshua G.J. Insole
A Chance of Rain: Short Horror & Sci-Fi Stories by Joshua G.J. Insole Over forty tales of monsters, magic, mystery, and madness, ranging from the horrifyingly real to the fantastically weird, from the soul-wrenchingly heartbreaking to the gut-bustingly hilarious — including three shortlisted works. So, make yourself a cup of coffee or a pot of tea. Turn off the lights. Make sure your front door is locked. (Did you remember to lock it? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. Best check.) Wrap your hands around your steaming cup and wrap your blanket around your shoulders… and spend a while in the twisted corners of the human mind. And always keep an eye on the shifting shadows — sometimes, terrible things lurk in the darkness. Buy from Amazon UK:
September 14, 2020
Reading in Bed: Episode 33
This month, Andy and Amanda review a wide selection of books; from crime and horror to poetry and non-fiction. To find out more about the different projects they both mentioned in this months extensive news section, you can find links and more information on their Facebook pages. Amanda: Andy:
September 08, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Charity Anthology Special
In this episode, Amanda reads two poems and a short story extract from the charity anthology, Words to Remember. All profits from this anthology will be donated to several cancer charities in the UK, so please buy a copy if you can.  The book is available on most eBook platforms, and as a paperback from Amazon, Abebooks and Blackwell's.
August 31, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Roz Weaver
You can buy the book at Amazon Blurb Smoke the Peace Pipe is a collection of poems inspired by the author's experience of trauma and how this settled in her body, sometimes as her own worst enemy. She encourages the possibility that we all can find hope and healing by showing up in the present moment, in the environment and with people around us, and through a shared appreciation of nature, spiritual exploration, and sacred connection with the Earth. By sitting and sharing a peace pipe with ourselves, we have an opportunity to bear what we thought was unbearable and make space for the possibility of a bigger picture.
August 24, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: David Jackson
You can buy The Resident by David Jackson at Amazon (and all the usual places you would expect). He also has a website, where you can find out more about him and his other books. The Resident – Blurb THERE'S A SERIAL KILLER ON THE RUN AND HE'S HIDING IN YOUR HOUSE Thomas Brogan is a serial killer. With a trail of bodies in his wake and the police hot on his heels, it seems like Thomas has nowhere left to hide. That is until he breaks into an abandoned house at the end of a terrace on a quiet street. And when he climbs up into the loft, he realises that he can drop down into all the other houses through the shared attic space. That's when the real fun begins. Because the one thing that Thomas enjoys even more than killing is playing games with his victims - the lonely old woman, the bickering couple, the tempting young newlyweds. And his new neighbours have more than enough dark secrets to make this game his best one yet... Do you fear The Resident? Soon you'll be dying to meet him.
August 17, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Aldo Cernuto
You can buy the book in paperback or eBook from Amazon, or from several other eBook platforms. Blurb Vittoria Armieri—a humble worker at a ministry in Rome—has the ability to access people’s lives: their pasts, their thoughts and feelings, and especially their tragic memories. Others would call it a superpower, but to her it’s a curse: it’s the source of such misery for her, that she’s now desperate to die, possibly at the hands of a murderer. But while she recalls her youth and the events that brought her to this point, something unexpected occurs. Something that not even Vittoria, with all her eerie savviness, could possibly have foreseen.
August 10, 2020
Reading in Bed: Episode 32
This month, Andy reviews some non-fiction books he’s read recently, while Amanda goes a bit supernatural and tries not to get outraged, or spend too much time worrying about those strange noises in the attic.
August 03, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Roz Morris
You can buy the book at several retailers or visit Roz’s website at To sign up for her newsletter go to You can also follow her on Twitter My Memories of a Future Life (Blurb) If your life might be another person's past... What do they know of you? Could they have the answers you need now? Carol is a gifted pianist who has never needed anything but her talent – until an untreatable injury stops her playing. Terrified that it might end her career, she moves to a village on the coast to convalesce and teach singing. She becomes beguiled by glimpses of her next life – a healer called Andreq. Is he really what he seems to be? Does his life have any clues that can help her now? A duet between land and sea, past and future, trance and waking, My Memories of a Future Life shimmers with mystery and questions. It’s a novel about clairvoyants and charlatans, the all-consuming dedication of the professional musician, the shadows that shape us, the yearning for a soul-mate, the tyranny of small towns, and what we do when we lose the thing that gives us our identity.
July 10, 2020
Reading in Bed: Episode 31
This month, we review books about Tom Baker, the kindness of humanity, children with special powers, and much more.
July 05, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Nicholas P Adams
In Gone are the Light-Wielders by Nicholas P Adams, a shepherd boy holds the fate of the colony in his hands when he must choose between keeping a promise to his mother and his responsibility to the community. *** This extract from Gone are the Light-Wielders, is published in the anthology, Cresting the Sun. This is a collection of 12 award-winning short stories by three talented authors, including Nicholas P Adams. The book can be bought from Amazon US link: UK link: You can find out more about Nicholas at his website.
June 27, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Laura Besley
The Almost Mothers by Laura Besley is collection of flash fiction. A first-time mum struggles with her new-born baby. An alien examines the lives of Earth Mothers. A baby sleeps through the night at long last. Written with raw honesty, Laura's debut flash collection, The Almost Mothers, exposes what it really means to be a mother. The book can be bought from: You can also follow Laura on Twitter at:
June 19, 2020
Reading in Bed Extracts: Patrick Leber
WHY RUN WHEN YOU CAN DRIVE AND SMOKE AT THE SAME TIME by Patrick Leber is a collection of amusing, engaging, and embarrassing running stories from nearly 40 years of hitting the pavement. These stories will resonate with both runners and non-runners alike as they embark on different journeys with Leber across the United States. Why Run is an endearing running memoir, combining humor, sport-related insights, and observations about life while on the move. Patrick Leber’s website is Below are just some of the links where his book can be purchased.
June 12, 2020
Reading in Bed: Episode 30
This month, we review books about demons, split personalities and a lot more.
June 07, 2020
Reading in Bed: Episode 29
Andy and Amanda talk about ghostwriting, poetry, short stories that aren't really short stories and much more in this packed episode of Reading in Bed.
May 16, 2020
Reading in Bed: A Choose Your Own Adventure Special
Amanda reading from her book "How to Write Wrong: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story" with Andy making the choices as he stumbles through the murky world of writing and trying to get published.  The book is available on Amazon.
May 09, 2020
Reading in Bed: Lockdown Special
In this lockdown special, we talked about the book “Footprints and Echoes” and whether now is a good time to market a book on grief. We had a special reading from one of the authors “Ruth Loten”. We also read out “Hope” a story written by the talented writer Jan McCarthy.
April 26, 2020
Reading in Bed: Episode 28
In this episode, we review books about the end of the world and a horror anthology. It could almost be a non fiction episode, but it's not.
April 19, 2020
Reading in bed: Episode 27
This month, Andy and Amanda review Poetry and Fiction in an unofficial male authors vs female authors episode. 
March 15, 2020
Reading in Bed: Episode 26
This month we review books about sisters, choosing the wrong housemates and awakening your darker side.
February 26, 2020