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Creative Consciousness - with Amanda Sellers

Creative Consciousness - with Amanda Sellers

By Amanda Sellers
Amanda Sellers is a Voice Actor, Meditation teacher, and entrepreneur with a lot of passion, love and curiosity on how to live your best life. Tap into your creative source, unlock the chains of self-limiting beliefs, dream bigger, find peace within and have hope that the best is yet to come. Join Amanda as she sits down with some of the most consciously creative, inspiring and motivating people on the planet!
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14:Attracting Personal Professional and Parental Success with Lisa Van Reeuwyk

Creative Consciousness - with Amanda Sellers

19: Self Love in Sisterhood with Psychotherapist Elizabeth DeVaughn
Episode Notes Intro What do you get when you cross Clinical Psychotherapy with women in community? This episode’s guest. Elizabeth DeVaughn overcame her own traumatic origins in order to realize her purpose as a licensed professional counsellor and Owner of Woman Emerging, a holistic, highly specialized counseling practice that also offers a safe, healing, and fun community for women. Elizabeth knew she couldn’t have made her incredible transformation without a strong circle of women around her. And so, by uniting women on similar self-love journeys through Woman Emerging, she’s created a safe space to pay that profound support forward to women all over the world. Her insights on tapping into our intuition and self-love capabilities are beautiful and heartening. Hope you enjoy her many gifts! Resources Find Liz: Instagram: @ElizabethDeVaughn_
September 22, 2020
18: Finding your Confidence with Kate Eckman
In this interview, I dig deep with Kate Eckman- a Columbia University-certified Executive coach, a journalist, broadcaster and tv personality, a model…and that just skims the surface of her extraordinary career. Through her years of speaking engagements and her time on screen, Kate has come to know what it truly means to be confident…and lucky us, she shares many of her insights in this episode! Kate is the author of The Full Spirit Workout: A 10-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun & Fulfilling Life, a workout for your spirit that will help you get fit on the inside. (Coming in 2021!) A quick note: Due to a power loss, we moved the last bit of our conversation to the phone, so you may notice a slight difference in quality in the last few minutes, but the conversation was just too juicy! I couldn’t leave it like that! Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed having this vital conversation. Resources Find Kate Eckman! Kate Eckman: Insta: @kateeckman
August 11, 2020
17: Validating Grief and Living Life to the Fullest with Jessica Reis Mendivil
I think we all know what it’s like to suffer great loss. Be it that of a loved one, a dear pet, a relationship…even a job. Jessica Reis Mendivil has dedicated her life to bringing comfort to those crossing over, and those living with the pain of loss. She is a Death Doula for People and Pets, and a Grief, Loss and Trauma mentor who helps people navigate the depths of sadness and pain through One-on-One coaching, Storytelling and Transformative Speaking. In this talk…the key word is Transformative. Prepare to lean in. Resources Find Jessica: Instagram: @DeathEmpath
August 04, 2020
16: Living Life FULL OUT with Samantha Jo Harvey
Today’s conversation is with Samantha Jo Harvey, an amazing woman who has been through it all! After battles with worthiness, disordered eating and divorce, she has emerged triumphant and now Lives her Life FULL OUT, all while showing other women how to do the same. She is a professional dancer, life coach and multi-faceted entrepreneur who leads by example as she empowers women to rediscover our passions, rewrite our stories, and step into our power. How do you want to show up? How do you want to feel? Samantha helps us increase our confidence muscles. Be ready to take notes and change your life. Resources Mentioned Find Samantha: Samantha’s Facebook group: The Full Out Collective Samantha’s Podcast: Full Out Samantha on Instagram: @SamanthaJoHarvey Books Mentioned: Untamed by Glennon Doyle The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein Light is the new Black by Rebecca Campbell Heart Minded by Sarah Blondin The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioners Gala Darling, Nick Orner Coaching Program University of Wellness
July 28, 2020
15: Having It All and Living the Life of Your Dreams with Aaliyah Madadi
If the fantasy of “having it all and living the life of your dreams” feels like an unattainable cliché, prepare to be proven wrong…in the best possible way. Today’s conversation is with Lawyer-turned-Mindset & Holistic Health Coach Aaliyah Madadi, and I can tell you, it’s a radically inspiring one. Aaliyah helps you understand the mindset shifts required to empower you to truly “have it all” in your career, health, relationships, and lifestyle! If you’re looking to clarify your purpose, reconnect with your inner joy, and lead a healthier holistic lifestyle with more ease and flow….this episode is for you. Follow Aaliyah: @AaliyahMadadi References made: Jenna Phillips Ballard
July 21, 2020
14:Attracting Personal Professional and Parental Success with Lisa Van Reeuwyk
Today’s episode is chock-full of golden wisdom nuggets to help you increase your quality of life, personal, and professional success...and do so joyfully! From winning habits for optimal focus, organization, finding your unique positioning and maximizing impact for your output, business coach Lisa Van Reeuwyk is handing out gold! If you’re looking to take your life to the next level, (and love yourself and have more fun while you’re at it) spend some time with this episode, and brace yourself for inspiration. Resources Instagram: @BloomLisa LinkedIn Lisa Van Reeuwyk Insight Timer (meditation app)
July 14, 2020
13: Ryan Van Poederooyen - Believe In Yourself, Take Action and Never Quit
An unbelievable testament to the power of visualization, world-class drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen knew who and what he wanted to become at the age of twelve. Never letting go of his vision, he’s been an in-demand musician since the age of 15! After years of touring and recording with household names on major labels, he’s now a hugely endorsed musician, touring the world with the likes of Devin Townsend and beyond! Not only is he an incredible drummer, but Ryan is also a leader in the realm of living in gratitude, offering Free Motivational seminars across the globe as he tours.  If you’re stuck on how to make your dream a reality, and want a hit of inspiration, this episode is for you.
March 17, 2020
12: Lea Morrison - Stop Being an Asshole To Yourself!
Are you hard on yourself? Do you struggle with negative self-talk? Today’s guest, Lea Morrison, is a mind, body and spirit connection master whose profound personal journey has led her to become the intuitive and empathetic holistic healer she is today. From suffering trauma-created seizures to seeing auras around people, Lea Morrison has embraced her super power of sensitivity and is now helping others to heal themselves. As an intuitive reader and medium, personal development coach, and energy healer with a focus on trauma, abuse and addiction, Lea helps people live in Love and self-compassion….and to stop being an a-hole to yourself! Do yourself a favor and listen, this one is full of golden advice.
March 10, 2020
11: Lisa Durupt - Never Say No To An Open Door
If you’ve ever streamed films and tv or watched a Hallmark movie, you’ve most certainly seen the amazing Lisa Durupt. She’s an actor, dancer, hockey player, stuntwoman, acting coach, zumba instructor, film studio owner and creator of a new film company. Oh, and did we mention? She’s also a new mom! She’s witty, hilarious and wise beyond her years. Her talent is through the roof...sometimes literally depending on the stunt she’s doing! We hope you enjoy our enlightening conversation with Lisa as much as we did.
March 03, 2020
10: Rebecca Kordecki - Breathing Into Your Happy!
This week, we dive deep with Breath Work and Fitness Guru Rebecca Kordecki. A legend in the health and wellness world, Rebecca Kordecki has been a celebrity trainer, a massage therapist, fitness ambassador, wellness consultant, podcast host, entrepreneur, innovator and speaker. After a personal awakening on her journey to align body, mind and spirit, she has now dedicated her career to the practice and teaching of Breath work. Her mission is to help more people on this planet find the true path to becoming “the boss of their own happy” on the inside AND the outside-- one breath, one person, at a time. Take three deep breaths and get ready to be inspired as we have an amazing chat with Rebecca Kordecki!
February 25, 2020
9: Dean and Leigh Brandt - Get and Stay Motivated on your Health and Fitness Journey
We’re not kidding when we say today’s guests are a POWER COUPLE! Dean and Leigh Brandt are Body Building legends, personal trainers and owners and operators of BodyByBrandt. They produce the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic, they make supplements, they train people in person…and online! She’s Canada’s first lfbb Bikini pro and a fitness model with a multitude of magazine covers under her belt. He’s the one who helped innovate the bikini competition training program that got her there. You’ll want to listen to this one to get some fantastic tips on how to get…and stay motivated on your health and fitness journey.
February 18, 2020
8: Desiree Dupuis - Who Knew Some Lightly Used Shoes Could Help Change the World.
Ready to change the world and learn some game-changing business and lifestyle practices? This is the episode for you. Socially Conscious Entrepreneur Desiree Dupuis is a fundraising and marketing superstar. She’s cofounder of Ruben’s Shoes, a charitable society that helps children in developing countries access education, she’s amplifying the animal rights movement with her soon-to-be-launched eco-friendly vegan fashion brand, and her spiritual alignment and positive approach to life and business are endlessly inspiring.  We learned so much in our time with her. We know you will, too.
February 11, 2020
7: What Is the Mike and Amanda Method?
I’ve rebranded the podcast and joined up with my husband, Mike. We both wanted to have a place to share, so we thought instead of doing it separately and twice the work- just join forces! Have a listen to our first episode. We talk about 2020 goals, our worst ever business ideas, Mike’s mission to “keep it tight” and fitting in enough quality material while our boys were upstairs watching Paw Patrol.  FYI, I say the word bitch if you have sensitive ears listening.
February 07, 2020
6: Kenneth Soares - Life Changing Meditations
Want to attract the life of your dreams? Kenneth is a spiritual teacher and the creator of the 10 day course called Manifest Your Ultimate Goals and Dreams on the Insight Timer app. All the way from Norway, we chat a very universal topic (parenting!) and how to lead by example, and how to stay in a higher state when everyday life keeps you on your toes. Kenneth’s meditations have been listened to millions and millions of times. He has a knack for creating healing, inspiring and life changing pieces of meditation that have helped so many people shed light on their true potential.
January 12, 2020
5: Our Marriage Went to the brink of Divorce - How We Made it Through
We almost broke up!  Amanda talks to her husband Mike about the ups and downs in their 8 years of marriage. They almost separated last year, but they held on and are stronger than ever as a couple.  Listen in to hear what helped them push past the pain and find peace, love and the commitment to grow old together.
December 31, 2019
4: Kelsi Kendel - Living Your Best Life
Today I’m overjoyed to be talking all things “best life” with the beautiful blogger Kelsi Kendel.  After five years of blogging with Our Collective Muse, Kelsi has forged her own path and is taking her wealth of experiences to the virtual page at Her blog explores lifestyle topics galore, including fashion, family, beauty, home, and motherhood.  She joins me from Saskatchewan where she lives her best life with her husband Garrett, daughter Bella, son Luca, and Yorkie Chanel.
December 17, 2019
3: Lisa Van Reeuwyk - Blowing Possibilities Wide Open as a Super Power
Today I’m joined by a force of nature whose superpower is showing people how to make more money and, get this… have more fun! Who doesn’t want that? Since 2009, she has been coaching purpose-driven leaders to become change makers, personally and professionally….and her website is brimming with the testimonials to prove it! She is a coach at the business, executive and group levels, she is a powerful speaker who defines the heartbeat of special events, she is a workshop facilitator who blows possibilities wide open…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Lisa Van Reeuwyk brings to this world.
December 10, 2019
2:Karlene Karst - Healing Through Nutrition
Our guest today is Karlene Karst, who is a prominent figure on the health and wellness scene. Her journey was born out of one of the lowest points in her life when she was diagnosed with a painful auto-immune disorder. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she educated herself, healed herself through nutrition, and has since dedicated her life to sharing that vital knowledge. Today, she is a nutritional guru, author, speaker and entrepreneur, and founder of omega nutrition brand Sea-Licious. We discuss burnout, self care, goal setting, morning routines and the power of an epsom salt bath! (and MORE 😉)
December 03, 2019
1:Amanda Sellers - Having Courage and Leaning into the Unknown
Amanda Sellers is a voice actor, a voiceover coach, meditation teacher and an entrepreneur with a lot of passion, love and curiosity on how to live her best life. Join her as she explores the different avenues on levelling up in health, wellness, business, and personal development! Creative Consciousness is about having the courage and awareness to lean into the unknown and create a fulfilling life you love.
October 18, 2019