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The Declassified Adoptee: Living Out Loud

The Declassified Adoptee: Living Out Loud

By Amanda Woolston
The Declassified Adoptee: Living Out Loud is a Podcast component to the blog, The Declassified Adoptee. This small podcasting journey showcases each blog post in audio format to give more accessibility to the content. Let’s dive in to the journey of being adopted as a lifelong experience and all of the insight about family, life, and politics adoptees have to share along the way.
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My Story: Before I was Adopted (content warning)
In this episode, I share the story of the circumstances that led to my adoption. I walk you through the narratives shared with me by both my first family and my adoptive family and how my adoption records offered unique insight to these stories. Content Warning: birth, birth trauma, separation, infertility, brief mentions of sexual assault.
October 16, 2020
On Choosing Your Adopted Child First: the Abby Johnson Dilemma
In this episode, I continue the conversation I began in episode three. Using Abby Johnson's evolving social media approach, I discuss cognitive science and cognitive tools. These tools can help parents of adoptees (and all parents) know how to choose their children first over politics in this age of political turmoil. 
October 01, 2020
Getting this MD is my Form of Protest: Being in Medical School During COVID and a Pandemic of Anti-Blackness (Part II)
In this episode, I conclude my interview with MD candidate, Brittanie N. Floyd. Come listen and learn with me as we hear everything Brittanie has gone through with medical school, a hurricane, multiple moves, COVID19 in New York City, and being given the burden of making medical institutions feel anti-racist. Stay tuned for my next episode where I use cognitive dissonance theory to explore what I call the "Abby Johnson dilemma." Let's uncover how strong political views may interfere with an adoptive parent's relationship with their transracially adopted child. 
September 05, 2020
This Adult Adoptee Takes Down That Abby Johnson Video
In this episode, I counter scientific claims within a video recorded by adoptive mother and pro-life advocate, Abby Johnson. Johnson is a former director for Planned Parenthood, and she recently spoke at the RNC. I address the flawed reasoning in her defense of racial profiling done by police where she used her adopted black son as an example. I stress the importance of putting adopted children first when modeling what adoptive parenting looks like from a national platform.
August 29, 2020
Meet the Black Female Late-Discovery Adoptee Poised to Become a Psychiatrist & Change the Word (1)
Brittanie N. Floyd is a black female late-discovery adoptee navigating her own search for self and ADHD diagnosis in the midst of working during a pandemic and taking medical school exams. In this part one of two episodes, Brittanie introduces herself to us and discusses why psychiatry became her passion.
August 20, 2020
Is Being Transgender Just Like Being an Adoptive Parent?
Recently, Professor Sophie Grace Chapell took on trans-exclusionary radical feminism by making an analogy of transgender people to adoptive parents. Feeling torn between being an effective ally and with desiring adoption analogies portray adoption adequately, I process these themes out loud in this episode.
July 29, 2020