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Living Truthfully

Living Truthfully

By Amani Maranga
Authentic conversations of an African Man, discovering self, owning choices, building spirituality, parenting, navigating relationships, work and business and all that is life
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Episode #85 Rethinking Marriage - Feat. Emmanuel Gachanja
It is another Ushago edition! I love it when good people come visit me in the village ☺️, this one especially because he’s been making waves in the weddings and marriage scene. Are we well prepared for our marriages? What do you do when your marriage is in trouble? For this and other stories, listen, share and feedback. I invite you to support this work on PayPal amanimaranga@gmail.come or MPESA till 5305207.
November 12, 2021
Episode#84 "What Worries you, Masters you" Featuring Uncle Kamande
Uncle Kamande has always been one of my coolest uncles, had this airport gig that had him in sunglasses and a walkie talkie, as a kid nothing could be cooler. He was a basket baller too, and he and his crew including another uncle of mine had the kind of relationship you wished you had with your boys. This coolness did not shield him from the same pain and tragedy that we all go through. In this episode, he bares it all, the way you wish your uncle would. Listen, share and feedback. I invite you to support this podcast on MPESA Till no. 5305207, PayPal
October 14, 2021
#Episode 83 Learning My "Enough" Feat. Kevin Mwachiro
A few months ago I relocated from Nairobi, in a quest to understand what my move meant, I visited an old friend who had made a similar move 3 years before. Kevin and I have some fundamental lifestyle differences and perspectives, and this was a most enlightening conversation, one that had me reach deep into my empathy human experiences.  You are likely to learn as much as I did from this conversation. Listen, learn, feedback and share.  Also let me thank you all for supporting this podcast as you have so sacrificially done. Every gift that you have shared with me however small has been needed and received with gratitude. If you would like to support this podcast, you can do so through MPESA till No. 5305207, or paypal
July 22, 2021
Episode #82 - Pushing through the Pain of Change feat. Roy 'King' Wachira
How does it feel to be an entrepreneur in Kenya right now? With the un-predictable pandemic and lockdowns? Does experience prepare you enough? Listen to Roy’s story, and maybe you will identify, or get inspired to push through the pain! Please share with friends and other entrepreneurs, and if you can please continue supporting us via M-PESA 5305207 or PayPal
May 07, 2021
Episode #81 How to Treat Covid-19 at Home and Save your Parents- Feat Dr. Wahome Ngare!
Hey good people!! This is probably the most important episode I have ever recorded. As promised Dr. Wahome and I chat about Covid treatment, prevention and what the field of medicine is learning. He shared his heart on how we can make progress effectively and affordable against Covid 19 as a country. Please, please share this episode, it will save lives!!! Thank you for all the support you’ve given me. If you’d like to support this podcast you can use MPESA TILL No. 5205307, PayPal or go to
April 08, 2021
Episode #80 I Got Covid-19 And Other Short Stories
Yes! I got Covid-19 and by God’s grace Survived. Here’s my story of that experience. Please listen, share and feedback and if you’d like to support this podcast, please send your support via MPESA till number 5305207, or via PayPal or via
April 04, 2021
Episode #79 - Don't miss your chance to Dance ft Mugambi Nthiga
What an episode we have for you!!! Award winning actor, director and Ad man Mugambi Nthiga (Mugash) came over to the house and we had the most awesome conversation on our life journeys, the learnings and yes being single to your 40’s. Please listen share and feedback. Also please support the podcast on MPESA TILL 5305207 or
March 12, 2021
Episode #78 Success and Happiness Lies in You ft Joram Mwinamo
Joram Mwinamo is the founder of Wylde and The SNDBX. He has tasted success despite some very challenging circumstances, oh and he was my very first housemate when I eventually moved out of my parents home. From a humble flat in Rousambu we have both grown and here is our catch up! Listen, Dhare and Feedback. Please support this work on M-PESA TILL NO 5305207 or go to
February 19, 2021
Episode #77 " How to die well" feat. Anthony (Tosh) Mwaniki
My Friend Tosh sadly lost his dad last month, you’ll remember him from Episode 26 when I interviewed both of them. After laying his dad to rest, Tosh wanted to share lessons from his father, who by all accounts finished well. Please listen, share and feed back. I also invite you to support the making of this podcast via MPESA TILL 5305207 or go to
February 14, 2021
Episode #76 "Am I a human doing or a human being?" feat Aaron Rimbui
Maestro Pianist Aaron Rimbui dropped in at my place to hang out. It’s been a few years since he relocated to New York, has it been a good move? Do you know the story behind his burns? Listen, Share and feedback. If like to invite you to buy me a coffee on and support the work we do o this podcast. If you’re in Kenya you may use my MPESA TILL number 5305207.
February 04, 2021
Episode #75 “You Don’t Succeed Everyday” Feat Michael Hjelmåker!
During International Men’s day last year I attended an event hosted by the Swedish Embassy for men, dubbed “#GlobalGuyTalk. At the event I met the host, the Deputy Swedish Ambassador who is passionate about authentic vulnerable guy conversations. He graciously agreed to have one of those conversations with me! Have a listen. I’d like to invite you to consider supporting this podcast by contributing on MPESA TILL NUMBER 5305207 or PayPal! Thank you
January 21, 2021
Episode#74 "There are a lot of ways to live" feat Dan and Avi
What does a weary traveler know? A Lot! I had the privilege of hosting two Israeli travelers and we had a chat and boy was I humbled by the things I learnt! This is a must listen, and please share and feedback
November 27, 2020
Episode #73 The Opportunity in front of you( Ft. Torooti Mwirigi)
It’s international Men’s day and we are celebrating all the roles that men play!How do you recognize the opportunity in front of you? I have a meaningful and revealing chat with a friend and serial entrepreneur, Mwirigi! Please listen, share and feedback!
November 19, 2020
Episode #72 "Who’s with you in the storm?” featuring Eric Thimba
This is one of the deepest most encouraging conversations I have had in a while. I invited Thimba over because of his fascinating business, I wasn’t ready for why he shared! A must listen episode, and please share widely!!
October 23, 2020
Episode #71 - "Is Job loss a blessing in disguise?" Feat. Joseph Kamata
My friend Kamata came over and boy didn’t he have a story! What’s your typical reaction when you’re edged out of your job? Fear? Anxiety? Is there opportunity in job loss? You better listen and share and feedback!!
October 16, 2020
Episode #70 "Give me a Break" Feat. Anthony Mwaniki
In this epsiode Tosh and I discuss how to recognize burn out, from his own story and how to prevent it and deal with it. 10th October 2020 marks World Mental Health Day. This comes at a time when our daily reality has changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The challenges we have faced in the past few months have been considerable; the excessive fear and anxiety of the unseen virus, students all across the country adapting to no-school or online classes, limited contact with family members or close friends, the loss of livelihoods and loved ones and the strain on health-care workers. All this has increased our awareness of our own mental health. And makes it clear that psycho-social support will increase exponentially in the coming months and years. This year’s objective for WMHD is greater investment and access to mental health care and Inuka Wellness Kenya is collaborating with Living Truthfully to make your life better. Inuka is a digital wellbeing app that is available on WhatsApp and provides anonymous mental and emotional support through certified coaches on your phone through chat, at anytime and anywhere. Get your FREE session on us, at +254 770728940!
October 09, 2020
Episode #69 "Are you Living Life or Living Expectations" Feat. Tony Ngatiari
Tony has lived many lives in a very short time.  In this conversation we dive into picking ourselves up when life has happened to us. He challenged me to live for everything that it is, rather than live for other peoples expectation. We all know that this is easier said than done, and to be honest I feel that I lack the courage to live the life that I want.  Please listen, Share and Feedback! 
October 01, 2020
Episode #68 "There is Purpose in your Pain" Feat. Biko Mang'ula
What do you do when you feel you’ve watched the end of your rope? What do you do with the pain of failure? I have found that you can find purpose from your pain and this is exactly what Biko came to share with me. How he found purpose from his pain. Listen share and feedback!!!
September 25, 2020
Episode #67 "Healing Starts at the Rehab...or After" Feat. Gregory Ndege
The truth is I am concerned at how important alcohol has become for the average Kenyan man,  After Solomon's mind bending episode, Gregory reached out to me wanting to share his own journey with alcohol. This very articulate lawyer breaks down the journey in easy to follow stages. Please share it with anyone who is struggling with addiction. As usual Listen, feedback and share
September 17, 2020
Episode #66 "A Quarter Mile at a Time" Feat. Paul Mumo Kimuyu "Pablo"
In this episode I get into the mind of an advertising genius, as he shares his life a quarter mile at a time.  He shares candidly from his experience, life, friendships and love.  Please listen share and feedback! 
September 03, 2020
Episode #65 "Love in Absentia" Feat. Dr. TIm Theuri
Why does love hurt? Does it hurt men too? Dr. Tim and I have a candid conversation, on dating, undating, redating and the mess that comes with it, as we make some ribs!  In this episode as well I give an opportunity to our listeners to advertise their businesses in the podcast! Listen, Share and feedback!
August 27, 2020
Episode #64 "ADDICTION" - "Rock Bottom Finds a Basement" - Feat. Solomon Gitau (Part 2)
Did you know rock bottom had a basement?  If you thought last week's episode was dramatic, wait until you hear this one!!  In this episode we go deeper into the dark deep throws of the abyss that is addiction and its effects. This episode reeks of death but ends in redemption! Sweet Redemption!  After you have listened and you want to support the work that Solomon is doing in rehabilitating street men, please send your donations to MCHANGA- PAYBILL 891300 Acc. GLC You can contact him on  +254715874094, Website Please listen, share and feedback
July 09, 2020
Episode #63 "ADDICTION" - "Booze turned me to a Chokora" -Feat. Solomon Gitau Kilanga (Part 1)
A few of my friends have been to rehab recently for alcohol addiction, and I am concerned about how important alcohol has become in our society.  This is probably the most gripping story that I have ever heard, we had to break it down into two episodes.  The level of vulnerability shared here is probably unprecedented!!  After you have listened and you want to support the work that Solomon is doing in rehabilitating street men, please send your donations to  MCHANGA- PAYBILL 891300 Acc. GLC You can contact him on  +254715874094, Website  Please listen, share and feedback
July 02, 2020
Episode #62 "DAD'ing Different" Feat. Bruce Muchelule
Fatherhood is a gift, and this is our Father's day special!! How do men experience pregnancy? How do we experience childbirth?  Bruce and I share an interesting and intimate conversation. Please listen, feedback and share!!
June 18, 2020
Episode #61 "We can't get a child! Should we adopt?" Feat. Gowi Odera
What happens when you are unable to get a child? My Friend, brother and Pastor Gowi Odera, takes us through his journey, through childhood that shaped his thoughts on adoption and then through his marriage and the decision to adopt. How does one navigate these conversations in an African Context? Please Listen, Share and leave me some feedback 
June 01, 2020
Episode #60 "How do we Respond to Covid-19?" Feat. Tonee Ndungu
Tonee Ndungu is one of my most "woke" friends. He actually challenges some of the social structures I have grown up to believe are true.  In this episode Tonee does just that, he looks at how the Covid 19 isolation period is revealing to us about ourselves and our relationships.  Please listen, share and give feedback @amanimaranga on social media and  If you need to talk to someone anonymously who can help unpack your experience, download the Inuka wellness app on Google playstore and enter the code LT2020 to get 4 Free Sessions.
April 23, 2020
Episode #59 "Coping With Covid-19" Feat. Sidney Nderitu & Martin Wambua
It's April 2020 and Covid- 19 has forced many of us into isolation and social distancing so as to slow down the spread of the disease.  In this episode I speak to two of my soul brothers as we share on how we are coping in this period. What is your experience? Please listen share and feedback. @amanimaranga on FB, Twitter and Instagram, or
April 20, 2020
Episode #58 "Dealing with Isolation" Feat. Eddy Peter
Hey guys, how are you doing? How are you dealing with Isolation? In this SELF PRODUCED Episode I call a friend and discuss how he is dealing with isolation. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our lives, all of us. Some of the hardest hit are creatives, whose jobs depend on a lot of social contact. How has your world been affected? Listen, Share and please send me feedback on twitter, facebook and instagram, my handle is @amanimaranga
April 06, 2020
Episode #57 "Dealing with Isolation" Feat. Fareed Khimani
So we are all facing isolation as we quarantine during this unusual season of Covid 19. How are you dealing with Isolation? I give a call to Fareed Khimani and he shares his experience. The world is in an uncertain place and everyone is dealing with unprecedented times. Please listen, share and feedback. Let me also know if you would like to share your experience, we are in this together.
March 25, 2020
Episode #56 "What’s Masculinity in the 21st century?” Feat. Kimathi Kaumbutho (Yours Truly)
I met “Yours Truly” at an event “The Inside Man” a few weeks ago and his spoken word piece blew my was like he was inside my head, so I invited him to studio and he not only did THAT piece on this episode, he also sat and we had the most interesting conversation. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!! Then share and feedback
March 12, 2020
Episode #55 "Made for Friendship" with Pastor Drew Hunter
Pastor Drew Hunter and I explore male friendships , why they are important and what makes them work. He is wisdom and passion in one package, listen share and feedback. Drew Hunter is the author of Made for Friendship: The Relationship That Halves Our Sorrows and Doubles Our Joys.  He is also the teaching pastor at Zionsville Fellowship in Zionsville,  Indiana, where he lives with his wife, Christina, and their four sons. Reference article: Why is Friendship hard for Men? Five ways to build stronger relationships by Drew Hunter.
March 05, 2020
Episode #54 "Male Friendship" - "Who are your Boys?" Feat. Gerald Owino and Kanjii Mbugua
The journey of vulnerability is hardest with the people who know you most, and these two friends are at the core of my inner circle. These are my boys!! Listen, share and feedback
February 27, 2020
Episode #53 "Male Friendship" - "Who are your Boys " Feat. Big Ted
In this episode I have a candid chat with my good friend Thomas Edwin Kwaka aka BIG TED . Big Ted shares what he’s learnt from working in government, the value of real friendship and we catch up and ponder on this one question "Who really are your boys?". Listen, share and give us feedback
February 20, 2020
Episode #52 "Male Friendship" - "Who are your Boys?" Feat. Gowi Odera
I continue on a quest to explore male friendships and if they have any value. Are male friendships important? Is there any reward for vulnerability with the boys? What do you look for in male friendships? Join me as I have a chat with my long time friend Gowi Odera as we catch up and ponder on this one question..."Who are your boys?",. Listen, share and feedback
February 13, 2020
Episode #51 "Male Friendship" - " Who are your Boys?" Feat. Mwongera Mutiga
Do male friendships have any value? Is there any reward for vulnerability with the boys? Are male friendships based on need only? My long time friend Mwongera and I ponder on these, listen, share and feedback
February 06, 2020
Episode #50 "Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a Choice" Feat. Eddy Kimani (Part 2)
REDEMPTION! Eddy Kimani’s story has a beautiful redemption, and I am a sucker for happy endings, so here is a happy ending 😄. Please listen, share and feedback
January 30, 2020
Episode #49 "Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice" Feat. Eddy Kimani (Part 1)
In this episode Eddy Kimani shares details of an adventurous decade. He shares his successes and some of his failures. Listen share and feedback
January 23, 2020
Episode #48 "The Reward is in taking the Risk" Feat. Anthony "Tosh" Mwaniki
In this episode Tosh and I look back into the last decade and draw learnings for ourselves, acknowledging what its done for us and why we must take bigger risks in the new decade! Listen, Share and Feedback
January 16, 2020
Episode #47 "The Center of every Man's Existence is a Dream"
Martin Luther King Junior changed the world with a speech about dreams. He knew that dreams capture the essence of our desires and motivations, dreams bring our imagination to life! It’s 2020, can you dream(again)? Please Listen, Share and feedback?
January 10, 2020
Episode #46 " The New Year, Self Reflection and Decade Thinking" Feat. Edward Wanyonyi and Eric Kinyua
In this episode Edward, Erick and I reflect on 2019 and cast forward the next decade. What’s your plan for the next decade? Listen, feedback and share!!
January 02, 2020
Episode #45 "Christmas memories, the Star and New Beginnings" by Amani Maranga Feat. Eric Kinyua
In this episode I reflect on the growth I’ve had since last year Christmas, I interview a friend who’s going through his first Christmas “alone” and I share my message for this season. Thank you for your continued support. Listen, Share and Feedback
December 25, 2019
Episode #44 "Co-parenting 101" - " There is no such thing as a perfect Parent. So just be a real one" Feat. Moses Nderitu
In this episode Moses Nderitu and I sit down to chat  co-parenting.  This is probably one of the most difficult challenges any parent could face and Moses who has 7 children from 5 mothers shares candidly from his own experience. This is a must listen. It's unscripted, raw and uncut. An episode like no other! Please give us your feedback and share. Follow us on IG @livingtruthfullythepodcast, twitter @livintruthfully and Facebook @Livingtruthfully by Amani Maranga. This episode is brought to you through generous support and contributions of listeners like you. To Donate: go tp MPESA Paybill business no. 787055.  Account "Living"
December 13, 2019
Episode #43 "Co-parenting 101" - "Fortunate to have great co-parents" Feat. Tonee Ndung'u
In this episode Tonee Ndungu and I discuss, co parenting and everything in between i.e. career, sex, owning mistakes, his children etc. This is a must listen conversation, please give us your feedback and share. Follow us on IG @livingtruthfullythepodcast and twitter @livintruthfully , FB @Living Truthfully by Amani Maranga.  This episode is brought to you by the generous support of listeners like you.  To Donate go to MPESA Paybill Business No; 787055 A/c “Living” About Tonee Tonee has spent 15 years in Social Entrepreneurship, is a founder in two  companies (exited one), been part of the initiators of the Kenyan  technology scene and was born and educated exclusively in Africa. He is  also an angel investor and COO of East African impact investment firm  One Village Fund, he is the spokesperson for the Kenyan Dyslexia  society. Tonee has also started a podcast My African Start up Podcast. first-hand stories of Startup founders in Africa, both from Africa and  other nationalities, and the unromanticized madness that goes into this  amazing but demanding continent. You will hear everything from advice to  warnings, successes to failures, myths that are facts to facts that are  mythical and the romance and heartbreak, then romance that can all  exist in a 24-hour cycle.
December 06, 2019
Episode #42 "Co parenting 101" - "Co parenting is not a Competition" Feat. Robert Burale
In this episode Robert Burale and I discuss, celibacy, sex, owning our pasts and finally co parenting. This is a must listen conversation, please give us your feedback and share. Follow us on IG @livingtruthfullythepodcast and twitter @livintruthfully , FB @Living Truthfully by Amani Maranga. To Donate go to MPESA Paybill Business No; 787055 A/c “Living”
December 01, 2019
Episode #41 "Friendship can only be Purchased by Friendship" Feat. Dr. Oscar Githua
In this episode I have a conversation with Dr. Oscar Githua a Psychologist and good friend. We discuss the “Jujube” doll and he shares his thoughts on it, and then we dig deep in friendship! Listen, share, feedback and please support! HOW TO DONATE To support the podcast, send your love donation via  MPESA PAYBILL Business No. 787055 ACC NAME “Living” then enter amount.  The payment will be processed by Luxil Ltd on our behalf.  Thank you for your support
November 07, 2019
Episode #40 "Scars and Stilettos" - "How women hurt the male ego" Feat. Dr. Jay Carter
In this episode I have a conversation with Dr. Jay Carter a Psychologist from Pennsylvania. USA. He shares an interesting concept on the power men give women over their esteem! Reference Michelle Burford's "Women's power to hurt the male ego"  To support the podcast go to MPESA PAYBILL Business No. 787055 ACC NAME “Living” then enter amount. The payment will be processed by Luxil Ltd on our behalf. Thank you for your support
October 31, 2019
Episode #39 "Self Doubt & Fear - Greatest killers of personal genius"
In this episode I share the effects of failure on my confidence, I share my challenges with self doubt and my source of inspiration. What’s your hack to confidence? Listen, share and leave me a voice message
October 24, 2019
Episode #38 "Things can change in an instant. So why not live truthfully"
In this episode I reflect on my healing journey, and how the Vicissitudes of life affect my journey of Living Truthfully. Do you relate? Please listen, share and feedback
October 19, 2019
Episode #37 "Scars and Stilettos" - “She said she doesn’t date short men!” - Feat. “The Intern”
In this episode “The Intern” shares how rejection traumatized him, and has never dated at 26yrs. Listen, share and please feedback!
September 21, 2019
Episode #36 "Scars and Stilettos " - "My breakup sent me to a psychiatric ward!” Feat. Dannish Odongo
In this episode Dannish Odongo shares how a broken relationship breaks his spirit and his mind. He shares candidly about his battle with anxiety as a result of a hurtful revelation during their break up! Listen, Share & Feedback!!
September 14, 2019
Episode #35 "Men and their Hustle" - “I Lost my First Business to Debt" Feat. Zimbabwean Simbarashe Mabasha
In our last installment of this series, I have a conversation with a visiting Zimbabwean trying to break through to the African Market. He shares his failures, his successes and his ambition. Simba also gives us an insight on how to widen our scope on African Markets and how to raise capital through trade. Listen, Share and feedback.
August 29, 2019
Episode #34 "Men and their Hustle" - "I was auctioned 11 times, but later launched a 64 million dollar power plant" - Feat. S.K. Blue
Samuel Kuria aka S.K BLue shares his entrepreneurial journey. What principles and philosophies he has learnt from his failures (auctioned 11 times) that set him up to run several companies under a private equity fund called Gold Avenue Africa which includes a $64million dollar power plant. Get ready to be provoked, to be inspired, to be encouraged.
August 10, 2019
Episode #33 "Men and their Hustle" - The Rich also Cry - Feat. Moses Nderitu (Part 2)
Who are the entrepreneurs you admire? What is it about their lifestyle you admire? Have you ever considered what's behind the person, or who they go home to? What makes them cry? Moses Nderitu a serial entrepreneur and I go raw and deep behind the veil of what you see!  Listen, Share and Feedback
July 26, 2019
Episode #32 "Men and their Hustle" - The Rich also Cry - Feat. Moses Nderitu (Part 1)
Who are the entrepreneurs you admire? What is it about their lifestyle you admire? Have you ever considered what's behind the person, or who they go home to? What makes them cry? Moses Nderitu a serial entrepreneur and I go raw and deep behind the veil of what you see!  Listen, Share and Feedback
July 18, 2019
Episode #31 "Men and their Hustle" - Righteous Anger by Amani Maranga
This “Men and their Hustle” series has made me realize that I have a lot of unresolved anger, in my journey of living Truthfully these are my musings on anger
July 13, 2019
Episode #30 "Men and their Hustle" - Feat. Sumeet Walia
What happens when you build a multi million business only to see it collapse? How do you build again? Sumeet and I delve into his story and the journey of one of Kenya’s biggest branding and merchandising companies. Listen Share and Feedback
July 05, 2019
Episode #29 "Men and their Hustle" Feat. Steve Kariuki
It is widely accepted in most societies that men are providers. So what do they have to do and what do they go through to provide, build a career or a business? How do they handle failure and success? What motivates them? Listen to Steve Kariuki's story, share and feedback!  Credits: More on Steve Kariuki's Businesses  Music Ojay's - For the love of Money Horace Brown - One for the money Host Amani Maranga Producer Lee Kanyottu
June 30, 2019
Episode #28 “Men and their Hustle”- Feat. Steve Nyumba
It is widely accepted in most societies, that men are providers. So what do they have to do to provide, to build a career or a business? How do they handle failure and success? What motivates them? Listen, share and feedback!
June 22, 2019
Episode #27 "Papa was a Rolling Stone" (Dad is Destiny) Feat. Pastor Simon Mbevi
In this final episode on Papa/ Father Series, we discuss with Pastor Simon Mbevi founder of Transforms Nations on the difference a Father makes based on his book Dad is Destiny.   A father’s shadow follows you wherever you go. Whether your father is (or was) present or absent, abusive or passive, good or not so good, you owe it to yourself to understand yourself better as you understand what you got or missed from your dad. Listen to this podcast effectively, discuss it with your friends and family as we come to appreciate that Dad is destiny. This Episode is to Dads, Men and Boys, Women and girls, Wives and Single Parents as we celebrate Father's Day!  Happy Father's Day!! For more information on Pastor Simon and Transform Nations visit 
June 14, 2019
Episode #26 “Papa was a Rolling Stone” ( My Father, My Friend) Feat. Jotham & Anthony Mwaniki
In this episode, I take a road trip & have the awesome privilege of witnessing a great father and son relationship, as I glean Wisdom for my own fathering journey.
June 06, 2019
Episode #25 "Papa was a Rolling Stone" (Who’s Yo Daddy- Engage 24)
I had the honor of speaking at the 24th Edition of Engage Nairobi a Kenyan speaking platform now growing In East Africa, telling my own father story. This is the audio recording of that talk....Listen, share and please give Feedback.
May 23, 2019
Episode #24 “Papa was a Rolling Stone” ( Father’s Step Up!) Feat. Oyunga Pala
Alpha Male, Celebrated writer and Journalist Oyunga Pala talks about his dad, his journey as a new dad and challenges men, to stand up and be counted as fathers!
May 17, 2019
Episode #23 "Papa was a Rolling Stone" (I Love you Dad)- Feat. Edwin M. Kinoti
For some reason in these parts of the world we don’t tell our dads that we love them, we just never say those words to our fathers. So what happens if we do? Edwin find out.. Listen Share and feedback
May 09, 2019
Episode #22 "Papa was a Rolling Stone"- (A Long Distance One)- Feat. Sydney Nderitu
Should dad’s be in the delivery room for their children? What happens when dad relocates to another country? These are just some of the conversations I have with my soul brother. Listen, share and feedback
May 03, 2019
Episode #21 "Papa was a Rolling Stone"- (Blended Daddy) Feat. Edward Wanyonyi
In this episode Edward and I explore influences from his absent father and introduce his blended family dad situation....please listen, share and feedback
April 25, 2019
Episode #20 "Papa was a Rolling Stone"- (Father Unworthy) Feat. Paul Otieno aka Pau Shinski
His dad died 20yrs ago, and now he is a father of 3 wonderful girls trying to figure his way around this eternal role. Are Fathers important? Did you learn anything from him? Pau and I start a new series on the dad factor. Listen, share and feedback.
April 18, 2019
Episode #19 “Hostage 101 Relationships" Feat. Dr. Oscar Githua (Round 5)
In this Episode we discuss  1. Biology: Women cycles and its connection in choosing preferred mate.  1:49 - 7:50 2. Biology: Men also have Cycles. 7:51 - 11:09 3. An email feedback from a male listener Titled "I don't know what being a man technically is". 11:20 - 18:49 4.  Hostage 101 Relationships. Conversation starts with a male perspective/ analysis on a relationship situation where a female friend  is dating a man going through a divorce. What's the end game? Are we better off with each other or without each other  18:50 - 31:46 5. Dr. Oscar shares insight about Life, Family, Work balance from his personal experience.  32:03 - 42:55 6. Men! Don't feel guilty for creating space for yourself 42:57 -47:14 7. Next Biggest Podcast...The Dr. Oscar Podcast...coming soon!  47:22 - 51:31 Listen, SHARE, and kindly give us feedback, because we value your comments. 
April 04, 2019
Episode #18 Are men in “HOSTAGE SITUATIONS?” Feat. Dr. Oscar Githua (Round 4)
Dr. Oscar explains why men in most relationships are in hostage situations! Listen, share and feedback!!!
March 28, 2019
Episode #17 "The Catch Up" A Heart to Hart Feat. Chris Hart- (Round 3)
Chris Hart a renowned psychologist and relationship guru comes in to add insight on how men make relationship decisions, or do they?
March 21, 2019
Episode #16 “The Catch Up” Feat. Michael Oyier (Round 2)
In this episode Michael and I explore some of the nuances raised in previous episodes of the podcast. Listen, share and feedback
March 16, 2019
Episode #15 “The Catch Up” Feat. Michael Oyier (Round 1).
In this episode former news anchor now turned counseling psychologist and Life, Career & Communication Coach, Michael Oyier, and I catch up and explore living Truthfully.
March 07, 2019
Episode #14 “Bruh! Why are you Still Single?” (Part 3)
In this final installment of this series we have two brothers open up and share why they haven’t gotten married yet...listen, feedback and share!!!
March 01, 2019
Episode #13 “Bruh! Why are you Still single?” (Part 2)
In this episode we continue the conversation with guys who are at “marriage age” who have never been married. Amani Maranga asks them why!
February 21, 2019
Episode #12 “Bruh! Why are you Still Single?”
Why would a man at “marriage age” not want to walk down the aisle? Do they feel societal pressure? In this episode we start a new series talking to men who are not married yet, and they tell Amani Maranga why.
February 14, 2019
Episode #11 “Why do Men get Married?” (Part 3)
In this second last installment of this series, Amani interviews two old friends, one whose marriage ended and one who’s about to get married, all in the quest to understand the considerations men make while about to “jump the broom.”
February 07, 2019
Episode #10 “Why do Men get Married?” (Part 2)
In this episode Amani Maranga continues conversations with different men in a quest to understand what they considered when getting married...and more
January 31, 2019
Episode #9 "Why do Men get Married?" (Part 1)
What goes on in the mind of a man when he’s ready to get married? How does he know he’s ready? What are the things that men consider when choosing a partner to marry? Amani Maranga interviews several men in a quest to understand why men get married.
January 28, 2019
Episode #8 “Heal the Boy, Make a Man” (Part 3) Feat. Dr. Oscar Githua
In this episode, Forensic scientist Dr.Oscar Githua and Amani Maranga conclude the conversation on the “Pain Bank”...listen in to this last part of the friendly “shrink” session
January 21, 2019
Episode #7 "Heal the Boy, Make a Man" (Part 2) Feat. Dr. Oscar Githua
Do you know you carry a “Pain Bank?” Do you know the events that deposited in your “Pain Bank?” Dr. Oscar Githua and I continue the conversation on cycles and expand on the “Pain Bank!”
January 18, 2019
Episode #6 “Heal the Boy, Make a Man” (Part 1) Feat. Dr. Oscar Githua
Dr. Oscar a Forensic Psychologist take Amani Maranga back to his 9yr old self, revealing how that boy affects the man 30 yrs later!
January 10, 2019
Episode #5 "Truth is not Neat!" (Part 2) Feat. Marcus Olang’
Marcus Olang’ and I talk about coping with “break up” pain...and the question of faith!
December 31, 2018
Episode #4 "Truth is not Neat!" (Part 1) Feat. Marcus Olang’. Men hurt in break ups too!
In this episode Marcus Olang’ and I bust the myth that Men don’t feel the pain of break ups...
December 29, 2018
Episode #3 "Oh! No! It’s Christmas!" Feat. Marcus Olang’
What does Christmas look like after a break up?
December 22, 2018
Episode #2 "Crossing Fingers is NOT a Strategy!"
How to recognize moments when you’re making significant decisions
December 04, 2018
Episode #1 "Healing through Acceptance"
Adulting is about accepting who you are, your choices and your experiences and embracing all that you are...
December 04, 2018