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AMA Podcast

AMA Podcast

By Ricardo Gonzales
Austin Metaphysical Academy teaches different modalities in the field of Metaphysics. You will hear guest speakers talking about healing, soul healing, curanderismo, shamanism, spirituality, mediumship, crystalist, psychic abilities, theories in any of the fields and more. You want to learn something new in any of the fields, come and listen. This is the place to do so. We have been teaching people new ways of this for over 9 years and we are going to continue teaching more.
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AMA Tarot Card Lesson - 7 of Cups
Great lesson to learn about Tarot Cards, this lesson is 7 of Cups. You can listen to it several time until you understand it. You can learn more about Austin Metaphysical Academy on 
April 13, 2022
AMA Tarot Card Lesson - Queen of Pentacles
Listen to this podcast to learn about the Queen of Pentacles. Great lesson to learn more about Tarot Cards.  For more go to: 
April 10, 2022
AMA Tarot Card Lesson - The ACE of Cups
This is a lesson on learning the Tarot Card. The lesson for today is the, "ACE of Cups". Learning how to read the Card in a Tarot spread. You can find out more by going to, 
April 01, 2022
AMA Tarot Card Lesson - 8 of Wands
This is the lesson on how to read your Tarot Card and the lesson for today, is the 8 of wands. You can listen to this lesson over and over until you until you understand it. You can learn more of what Austin Metaphysical Academy has to offer, by going to  Your Metaphysical Instructor is Ricardo Gonzales, who has been in the industry for 30 years. 
March 29, 2022
Tarot Card Lesson from Austin Metaphysical Academy! King of Wands
We are having lessons on the Tarot Cards. Get a quick lesson on a tarot cards. The lesson for today is the King of Wands.  Hosted by the Austin Metaphysical Academy, 
March 11, 2022
Tarot Card Lesson from Austin Metaphysical Academy - 10 of Pentacles
Austin Metaphysical Academy is hosting a serious of learning about the Tarot Cards. Come and learn with us. Today's lesson is about the 10 of Pentacles. It is a great card to have in a reading. You can learn by going to
March 10, 2022
AMA Tarot Card Lesson - The 4 of Pentacles Card
Today's lesson is on the 4 of Pentacles and you will get a quick lesson on what it means and how to work on and with it. More Tarot Cards are coming. If you wan to see what Austin Metaphysical Academy is doing, just go to the following. Go to:    
February 28, 2022
COVID Meditation hosted by Austin Metaphysical Academy
We have brought this series ti help people to heal from COVID. You can listen and hear the way to help in other ways. 
February 25, 2022
Tarot Card Training for the Beginner - The Hierophant
Austin Metaphysical Academy has begun a series on learning Tarot Card. The lesson for today is the Hierophant. Learn what it means and how to use it for yourself. Get the quick lesson that you need to hear. Don't give up and learn. You can play this over and over again. 
February 25, 2022
Tarot Lesson for beginners an AMA Podcast Class
AMA is conducting a Tarot Lesson and it's helping Tarot readers a lesson on Tarot. We will be doing one card at a time. Helping you get a feel for it. More lessons are coming. #Tarot #lessons #AMA #Class #miniclass  
February 15, 2022
Tarot Card Lesson - Learning a New Card
AMA will be hosting mini-lessons on the Tarot Cards, This lesson is the the 7 of pentacles.  You will learning the meaning of the card. Come and listen to what it means.  Austin Metaphysical Academy 
February 13, 2022
AMA COVID Healing Meditation for the world, Second Session 02-11-2022
We are here to heal the world from COVID. This is AMA Contribution to the world. This a relaxing meditation to help you heal from the devastation of what it has caused you and what it has done to you. Take some time to heal you.  
February 11, 2022
AMA World Healing Meditation, February 4, 2022 -12:15 pm
AMA will be conducting COVID Healing Meditation Every Friday in the month of February 2022. This our way to provide a service to the Metaphysical Community and those who want to be part of it. Conducted by Ricardo Gonzales, President of Austin Metaphysical Academy.  For more information about Austin Metaphysical Academy,   
February 04, 2022
An Introduction to Austin Metaphysical Academy
This is an introduction to the Austin Metaphysical Academy. We talk about the beginnings and why we got started. The Pod caster is Ricardo Gonzales, President of AMA. 
February 03, 2022
An Introduction to AMA 02-03-2020
This is a short introduction to the Austin Metaphysical Academy. 
February 03, 2022