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Client Experience Revolution Podcast

Client Experience Revolution Podcast

By Riah Gonzalez
This is the Client Experience Revolution with Riah Gonzalez, a podcast focused on business owners and entrepreneurs from all industries, backgrounds, and walks of life who work with their heads high and their hearts out. Listen along with Riah and her guests as they talk life, work, and getting shit done in a connection-centered, vulnerability first way.
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Ep. 89 - Mental Illness & Business: Shameful or Superpower?
Mental Health is an issue not to be taken lightly. Someone may look fine, but they may be getting through a battle they don’t even know about. Our guest, Angelica Gonzalez, experienced this during her grade school years. She always wondered why she got not-so-good results in class even when she exhausted a lot of effort into it. She understood what she was going through when she was diagnosed to have ADHD in 7th grade. As soon she became aware of her mental health, she and the people that surround her helped her cope up with the daily situations that she’s going through. And now she is very good at what she does because she was naturally born to do it! Angelica is an up-and-coming hairstylist in the Seattle area who believes that you never “just get your hair done.” She believes in creating energizing and healing experiences, leaving her clients confident and happier than before. Graduate of Gene Juárez Academy and an accomplished young entrepreneur, Angelica stands for being who you are - heart scars and all. She teaches others how to persevere through mental battles to unfiltered success. In this episode we talked about: · How important it is to be aware of your mental state. · What external factors can affect mental health. · How clearing your path and following your own timeframe can help with mental health. · How support people can help you succeed in your craft. Connect with Angelica: Instagram: @an.angelic.touch Email:
July 23, 2021
Ep. 88 - More than you can imagine: A Year in the Life of an Aligned Business
One year ago, amidst the world crisis unfolding as it did, our guest, Monique Gaffney was knee deep in making a big shift in my business. She had a healing modality that she had been teaching and essentially coaching people in that allows them to remember their Purpose and gets them in action in serving in it. For the years prior to last, she was following the "traditional" coaching/launch model and it just didn't feel good to her. Didn't feel aligned with who she is or what SHE KNOWS she is here to accomplish in the world. She decided to sign up with a strategy mentor and changed her business model to primarily working with women, while re-building her brand and credibility as a mentor in the MLM space. Exciting? Learn what else Monique did in the past year and how it helped her personally and her business. -- Connect with Monique Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Website Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
July 16, 2021
Ep. 87 - Mental Toughness: How to Navigate Extreme Stress
Many reasons explain why a growing number of people are stressed out today. Mental toughness makes it possible to put stress to work for us. With the right tools and skills, daily battles soon turn into sweet victories and we're able to liberate thebest in our teams to achieve more. Colonel Deb Lewis is a West Point graduate from its first class with women. A retired Army Colonel and Harvard MBA, Deb commanded three US Army Corps of Engineer Districts, including a $2.1B reconstruction program in combat. She survived the 9/11 Pentagon attack while serving on the Joint Staff antiterrorism team. Colonel Deb’s experiences leading while under fire inspired her unique 'Mentally Tough Women' (MTW)program to help women handle more stress - not de-stress - and put it to work for them. MTW arms women (and enlightened men!) with the proven strategies, insights, and tools they need in good times and times of crisis. After a 34-year military career, Colonel Deb and husband Doug Adams embarked on the Duty, Honor, America Tour October 7, 2010. She drove their RV 26K miles as Doug bicycled 18,067 miles through all 50 states in one year in support of the U.S. military, veterans, and families. They continue to work with non-profits, businesses, andleaders to lift up communities. "The better you get at handling stress, the easier it becomes to do insanely hard things and really love doing it." Here are some of the things we talked about on the show: · The dominant mindset towards stress and why is that important · The #1 problem ready to undermine the best intentions and efforts of leaders and managers · Warning signs should we look for that contribute to (the #1 problem you discussed earlier) · What role can leaders take to achieve greater success - no matter how much stress they face - and put stress to work for them -- Connect with Colonel Deb Lewis: Website LinkedIn Facebook Books published -- Connect with me: Facebook Instagram  LinkedIn
July 09, 2021
Ep. 86 - How to Reduce Workplace Stress and Laugh on Queue
We laugh less as we age, but we can change that! The average baby laughs 300 times per day while the average adult laughs 20 times per day – according to work by Dr. Robert Provine, one of the first psychologists to study laughter. Just as we exercise for physical health, we can proactively engage with laughter for our mental and emotional health. Today's guest is Ida is the Chief Catalyzer & Founder of Ability to Engage, Inc. Ability to Engage helps brands develop marketing communications, product ideas, brand strategies (brand personality, equity, and architecture), and consumer segmentations. The A2E team also develops and facilitates innovation sessions, strategic meetings, and team effectiveness workshops. Clients include start-up companies, international government groups, and some of the world’s largest and most respected companies in brand and marketing such as Clorox, ConAgra Foods, McGraw Hill, Ogilvy, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, and Red Bull. In addition to running an international award-winning boutique consultancy, Ida is a happiness coach, inventor (7 patents), motivational speaker (including the TEDx stage), professor, board member, author and podcast host. She also enjoys getting people to find their “inner child” through laughter, as a certified Laughter Yoga instructor. Here are some of the things we talked about on the show: · What are some strategies to bring laughter to work? · What is laughter yoga? Understand you’re a “laughter yoga” instructor · What to recommend people that may feel uncomfortable laughing intentionally and without a prompt · What to recommend people that work on teams that feel bringing in more laughter may be viewed as unprofessional -- Connect with Ida Website TEDx Talk Self Help Journal Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
July 01, 2021
Ep. 85 - Map to Millions: Do you want millions of dollars? We have the secret.
Having a strong business plan is something that most for-profit organizations overlook. Not many business owners begin with a clear plan or know how to make an effective one. Today, we are thrilled to have Dee Fretwell back as a guest on the show. Dee has been strategically planning and developing Operational systems of businesses across the nation since 1999. Fretwell’s business approach blends a straight-shooting communication style with a casual format that ultimately leads to a fun and efficient experience. Systematization and efficiency are at the top of Fretwell’s list of must-haves in any business and are also some of her favorite activities to do when working with companies who strive for bigger and better futures. Here are some of the things we talked about on the show: Business Plans: How Dee helps businesses map out a plan for funding Where else a business plan can come in handy (aside from marketing) How a business plan can help with determining pricing for coaches What makes a good business plan Where to start and what to do if you can’t afford yet to a hire support Dee’s services, how they differ, and other ways she helps businesses with their planning Start with the basics: Who, What, Where, Why, How -- Connect with Dee Fretwell LinkedIn Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
June 25, 2021
Ep. 84 - When Sorry is Not Enough: Making Amends
We are having conversations about accountability on the micro and macro levels. Whether it is about racial equity and inclusion,  healing childhood traumas, or figuring out how to move on as a team when you screw up on that major project. Being held accountable and holding others accountable is necessary but we haven't seen a whole lot of tools just yet. Today’s guest is Angie Nuevacamina. After serving her community as a small business consultant and seeing personal development issues play out in business and organizations, Angie Nuevacamina is now focused on educating, training, and developing those who are wanting to navigate a more socially aware world. Growing up in Detroit in a multiracial/Black family, then being able to travel the world, Angie has a deep understanding of the relationship of micro and macro and how one influences the other. A certified facilitator through the Gottman Institute, Angie understands relationships and the healthy dynamics that allow them to thrive. Whether working with those impacted by human trafficking, young professionals on the come up, enterprise-level teams committed to changing the culture, or parents wanting to do better, she has tools to help them on their way; on their nueva camina. Here are some of the things we talked about on the show: ● What made her choose to do this work ● What is making amends? ● What accountability is and why it is important to be accountable -- Connect with Angie Nuevacamina Website Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
June 18, 2021
Ep. 83 - Cultural Commerce
Now more than ever people want to feel connected and appreciate the meaning of the things in their life. We have an amazing opportunity to use today's technology to share our stories and inspire others in a more powerful way. Today’s guest is Wendy Jensen, CEO/founder of Scandinavian Hearts. In 1938 Wendy's grandparents immigrated from Norway and Sweden to Ballard to become a commercial fisherman. Wendy has always been proud of her heritage and traditions growing up in a Scandinavian home. Wendy has always loved hearts. She's combined her experience in eCommerce and creative skills to build a business where she can share her love of hearts and Scandinavian heritage with the world. Each heart tells a story and provides a meaningful way for people to continue to keep their heritage alive. Here are some of the things we talked about on the show: Why Wendy started her business What her ‘hearts’ represent Why sharing stories of her culture is important What impact she hopes to have -- Connect with Wendy Jensen Website Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
June 11, 2021
Episode 82 (Bonus!) Real Talk with Riah: Security & Confidentiality
How secured are you when it comes to sharing documents and personal information to your contractor? This episode is particularly important especially now that most people are working from home and will need to delegate work through the digital space. I talked about how important trust is as the foundation of your work relationship with your contractor. Also here are some things that I talked on the show: · Why good communication is important. · Non-disclosure and non-compete agreement. · Tools to use to keep all documents secured. · Background checks. There are a lot of things to consider when handing out information online and it’s always better safe to be sorry later. To safety and security, Riah -- Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
June 08, 2021
Ep 81: Need clarity? Time to reinvent your hustle
Building a business that meets your ideal lifestyle is the only way to live. Today’s guest is Kristine Schwartz. In this episode, Kristine discusses her three-step process for gaining clarity in where you want to go. Kristine Schwartz is a business coach, consultant & public speaker. She activates female, impact-driven brands to confidently build their strategic roadmaps and marketing plans in ways that are uniquely aligned to their greater purpose. Here are some of the things we talked about on the show: What made Kristine start Reinvent your Hustle The vision and why it’s such an important piece in helping clients gain clarity The three-step process that people can do on their own to get clear on their future. Once you have identified your vision, what's next? How does one make it a reality? -- Connect with Kristine Schwartz Website Free Vision Meditation Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
May 31, 2021
Ep 80 - ADHD Biz Brains Can Equal Productivity
People with AD/HD are essentially brilliant. They think "out of the box" and are typically not risk-averse. This bodes well with being an entrepreneur. Yet, being an entrepreneur requires much "self discipline," which is not typically the strong suit of people with AD/HD brains. Today’s guest is Carol Williams. As a solo business owner, certified life & business momentum coach, and single mom of 2 teen boys, Carol knows the feeling like you will never catch up. After 18 years of experience in the design profession as a project manager, Carol struck out on her own in 2009. She started out combining her passion for psychology and her project management experience. What has resulted from this transition is a beautiful manifestation of her true self, empowering business owners to own their greatness. She helps those with AD/HD get out of their own way, to live the life of their dreams while having the business of their dreams. Her motto is, “If I can do it, you can too.” When she’s not powerfully serving her coaching clients, Carol speaks professionally and plays in the outdoors near her home in Sutton, NH. She loves art, design, and dancing. Here are some of the things we talked about on the show: Best time management strategy for people with AD/HD Best way for people with AD/HD to remember things How an overwhelmed person can stop procrastinating when he or she has AD/HD How to help people stop beating themselves up for past failures and not doing things the "right" way? -- Connect with Carol Williams Website Email Facebook LinkedIn Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
May 28, 2021
Ep 79: Top Tips on Sales Prospecting - What's Tried and True, What's Shiny and New!
It's easy to get stuck in "worker-bee" mode but knowing how to get out of it, and the strategic ways to scale are critical for every entrepreneur Today’s guest is Elyse Tager. Elyse provides business coaching to women entrepreneurs who want to go from solopreneur to CEO. She helps coaches, consultants, and service-based businesses scale and grows to their next level by providing clarity and eliminating the chaos and confusion that can occur with growth. A long-time marketer and passionate entrepreneur, Elyse has helped hundreds of small businesses, associations, and nonprofits develop and implement effective online marketing strategies to grow their business or organizations. Elyse is a popular motivational speaker, writer, and educator known for providing her audiences with the practical tools, techniques, and strategies they need to grow their business or improve their lives. She has run 3 successful businesses and is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs to reach and exceed their goals. Here are some of the things we talked about on the show (and more): What is prospecting and why is it important? Visibility strategy and doing it on a consistent basis How to leverage and make the most out of the groups we are already in Adding value by recommending other businesses to clients who are not a good fit for you but might be a better fit for them -- Connect with Elyse Tager Website Email Facebook Her Freebie Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
May 17, 2021
Ep 78: Let's get real - Why Entrepreneurs Need Authenticity to Truly Succeed
Authenticity is not only about being fully yourself in all arenas; it's also about letting others have their own experience without making it mean anything about you. Today’s guest is Danielle Lindblom. Danielle is an adventurer, a badass, and a professional life coach. Her superpower is introducing to people how to create emotional sufficiency for themselves and others. She helps her clients cultivate comfortable authenticity through learning self-acceptance, courage, and vulnerability. Danielle is neuro-divergent and has a passion for helping other neuro-divergent entrepreneurs create businesses that support their mental health. In this episode, we talked about: Why authenticity is so important to for Danielle, and how that has shown up in her life The concept of emotional sufficiency How to take authenticity and break it down into things people can actually do -- Connect with Danielle Website Facebook Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
May 14, 2021
Ep 77- Mompreneurs: Breaking Free from "Doing it All"
As moms, we have a lot on our plates. Often we try to be the women we used to be before kids and have our lives organized that way. But it doesn't work, and it leads to frustration. That is why aligned prioritizing is important. Today’s guest is Aga Lawrynowicz, founder of Choose Clarity. She is a strategist, mentor, and Certified Life Coach on a mission to help mothers get back time, live on purpose, and continue being a great mom along the way. Aga is passionate about creating a community for women and shifting away from patriarchal culture by changing one household and one employer at a time. A former explosives queen, she spent over ten years working as an engineer in the oil and gas industry — now Aga is a mother of two, step-mother of two, and a huge fan of mindfulness. In this episode, we talked about: Main challenges of modern moms/ Aga’s clients Can you have it all: Personal fulfillment and being a great mom? Most frequent recommendation for your clients How Aga serves moms; what she helps them with -- Connect with Aga Website Email Freebie link Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
May 07, 2021
Ep. 76 - Top to Bottom Diversity and Inclusion
Social responsibility within communities is now shifting how businesses operate. And today’s guest specializes in implementing an innovative and accessible workforce design that transforms businesses and adds value to all aspects of organizations. Daniel Villao is the CEO at Intelligent Partnerships, Inc. He is an agent of change and value-oriented problem solver with decades of experience in policy development, Daniel Villao has had proven success in innovative supplier-access design and training. He excels in working closely with stakeholders to drive positive organizational change, having successfully helped major employers such as Microsoft, Lufthansa, Zurich, and AON adopt apprenticeship to create workforce development systems in his capacity as Deputy Administrator. Daniel has dedicated his career to analyzing the ever-changing workplace. Daniel is also the Immediate Past Chair of the Association of Latino Professionals for America(ALPFA) and the former Deputy Administrator in the Office of Apprenticeship for the U.S. Department of Labor under the Obama and Trump Administrations. In this episode, we talked about: Pro-diversity businesses and how they are doing better than other businesses Community Relations vs. Internal Staffing How small to medium-sized businesses equip themselves to be seen as an employer of choice or a partner of choice in the communities they work in Opportunities being missed by organizations that are not engaging in the D&I conversation -- Connect with Daniel Website Contact Page Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
April 30, 2021
Ep. 75 - Booming Business for Baby Boomers
People over 50 and especially over 60 can have trouble getting a job due to age discrimination. There are many people in their late 50s and up who have retired voluntarily from the workforce, yet they aren't ready to retire from the world of work. Today’s guest makes social media easy and fun for baby boomers. Joyce Feustel, the founder of Boomers’ Social Media Tutor, helps business professionals and job seekers aged 50 and above how to use social media, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, more effectively and productively. At the age of 61, Joyce founded and went full-time with her business after retiring from a 17-year career in sales. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in business and education, Joyce has lived in the Denver area for 25 years. In this episode, we talked about: The challenges that baby boomers face and how her business can serve this generation What led Joyce to become a social media tutor at the age of 61 How she decided what kinds of services to offer What she finds most fun about LinkedIn How her training as an educator, career in sales, and background as a Toastmaster contributed to her business success -- Connect with Joyce Website Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
April 23, 2021
Ep. 74 - The Return of Roots to Riches
Today’s guest is the Senior Vice President of diverse insights and initiatives at Nielsen Global Media. Her role sits in the intersection of community advocacy and business - what’s valuable for businesses and what’s valuable for our communities. A researcher, consumer behaviorist, and subject-matter expert for the U.S. Hispanic market, Stacie de Armas has made it her mission to educate the nation and elevate our understanding of the indisputable power and contributions of Hispanic consumers by turning data into insights and relevant stories. As part of the Nielsen family since 1998, she oversees data collection and analysis on diverse consumer behaviors and media consumption trends; she is also responsible for activating new platforms and research initiatives that allow detailed analysis of diverse representation in advertising and media. Aside from her dedication to diversity and inclusion within her workspace, Stacie is an advisor on Google’s 21st Century Multicultural Marketing council, as well as the board of directors for the Culture Marketing Council (formerly AHAA). In this episode, we talked about: What is Inclusion Analytics and what does it mean for the media industry? Tv shows, casting and storylines that change narratives and educate on cultural diversity How what we see on screen inform identity formation & the importance of diversity on screen How audiences’ media consumption habits been impacted by the pandemic Stacie’s advice to media companies wanting to reach diverse audiences Stacie leaves us with this food for thought to walk away from this conversation; “It is a new day.” “...the events of the past two years, have energized communities around seeking and demanding equity... Our communities are coming together. Now, there is a spotlight on these issues. And so you will see action and advancement from both the public and private sector. And for that I say, it is a new day.” -- Connect with Stacie Email Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
April 16, 2021
Ep 73 : LinkedIn at the Next Level
Women are rising in the world, and we need to SHOW UP in order to grow. LinkedIn can help us do that. A profile that positions us as if we're peers with the most influential people in the industry. A network full of people we've DREAMED of, consistent calls and meetings with these rockstars! Today’s guest is LinkedIn Strategist, Business Consultant, Speaker, and CEO of Uplevel Media, Karen Yankovich. Having “been there and done that” in the arena of losing (and then re-finding) a focused approach to business and life, Karen now offers coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs. Her unique specialty blends her “get it done” attitude with a passion for soulful living in her personal services and online workshops. Also, the host of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast and LinkedIn Evangelist, Karen guides entrepreneurs to creating wealth by combining smart business practices with simple proven systems that develop and maintain strong customer relationships. She offers results-oriented and expert LinkedIn Marketing strategies that position her clients to bring in instant results. Karen’s background includes over twenty years in the fields of information technology, marketing, and customer relationships, making social media her ideal niche. In this episode, we talked about: How Karen serves people with LinkedIn Why LinkedIn? And why LinkedIn now? Network strategy - Cherry-pick 100 Ways to have a more attractive and welcoming profile LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn Navigator Posting social content / LinkedIn Live Karen leaves us with a piece of advice to walk away from this conversation; “If you have a great profile, and you don't connect with people, then it's like nailing a beautiful flyer to a tree in the middle of the forest. Constantly curate and bring in new people to your network. And that is how you have a network full of people that you have intentionally built.” -- Connect with Karen Karen Yankovich Full Masterclass Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Linked In Instagram Twitter
April 09, 2021
Ep. 72 - Girl Power: Fostering Female Leadership
There are so many young women (13-19) struggling with self-esteem, confidence, self-acceptance, and life skills. They struggle to discuss these things with their families, and they usually struggle until adulthood. Today’s guest helps these young women with these struggles early, so they have techniques to navigate the obstacles and life decisions. Pamela Simon is a Teen Mindset Coach and she has been helping and mentoring for over 20 years.  Pamela has a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Psychology and has previously worked as a case manager at a group home for teens. She’s had a passion for helping teens since before college. Her mission for Divine Mindset is to help empower young women age 13-19 through building their self-confidence and self-esteem. In this episode, we talked about: Pressures and issues young women face What it was like when Pamela (and I) were a teenager How parental upbringing affects teens’ behaviors and life decisions Opportunities to make leadership a possibility for young women What’s it’s like to work one-on-one with Pamela Pamela leaves us a message for young women to walk away with from this conversation; “Always look to yourself. Because the end of the day you're going to always be there for you when nobody else is there. Look to yourself and as long as you feel okay with it, it's probably the right answer.” To fostering female leadership by empowering young women, Riah -- Connect with Pamela: Book an Appointment Email Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
April 03, 2021
Ep. 71 - How NOT to Start a Nonprofit
An overabundance of nonprofits means more competition and less resources for everyone, and guarantees that success in reaching your mission is that much more difficult. Today’s guest is Dee Fretwell of The Life Dom. She is an instructor, consultant, and global innovator, who works with both for-profit and nonprofit businesses, often working towards strategic planning, whether it's a business plan or strategic funding, and works in operational aspects of the organization. Dee has been working with nonprofits since she can remember. Having spent over 20 years in nonprofit development, strategy and business systematization, her experience in this industry is hard to compete with. Fretwell’s business approach blends a straight-shooting communication style with a casual format that ultimately leads to a fun and efficient experience. In this episode, we talked about: The common fallacy with nonprofits How to not start a nonprofit and what that actually means How a community can better support their favorite nonprofits Reasons why nonprofits fail How to find funding for nonprofits What Dee does as a consultant for nonprofits Dee’s favorite nonprofits Dee’s ideal client If you’re a nonprofit organization that's ready to roll up your sleeves and get some serious funding going, Dee can look at some systems and help put operational pieces in place to strengthen them, as well as find ways to collaborate with other nonprofits. Most importantly, from Dee herself, "Listen to your heart". There will be things you will care about that you will want to help make a change on, and it doesn't have to come from your own blood, sweat, and tears.  -- Connect with Dee: LinkedIn Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
March 26, 2021
Ep 70: Mentorship - Level up by Lifting Up
Launching a new career in today's rapidly evolving world is challenging. The world has changed, but the systems of job training have not. Today’s guest is a multi-awarded entrepreneur who launched his first two companies at the age of 19. Now he has built an innovative online platform for aspiring digital marketers to gain valuable experience, and in turn, allow business owners to find help in exchange for mentoring. Moe Abbas is the CEO and co-founder of Acadium, where anyone can launch a career in digital marketing for free. These include roles in social media, content writing, graphic design, and more. In this episode, we talked about: Moe’s story - his family background and how he became an entrepreneur at a very young age Issues on the cost of higher education Apprenticeships and how mentorship works in Acadium How someone can contribute to Acadium’s mission Higher education for millions fails to prepare people for the job market but leaves them with lifelong debt. That’s why we need a system that can train millions of people affordably, effectively, and quickly. To level up in business by lifting someone up through apprenticeship, Riah -- Connect with Moe: Acadium Website Twitter Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
March 20, 2021
Ep 69 - Business after Trauma - Pain with a Purpose
Today’s guest is someone who has a story of triumph over tragedy. Stephanie’s traumatic experience had her rising as a phoenix, finding her purpose in her struggle and helping others conquer theirs. Stephanie Shaw is the founder of Leigh & Ollie.  She took the strategies she implemented to recover from a two-year illness and turned it into a coaching and online education business where she teaches women how to manage their hormones so they can lose weight, have more energy, and slow the aging process. Stephanie created a protocol, The Mind Body Business Method. The protocol supports high-performing female divorceés by helping them peel back the layers of why they can’t lose the weight – down to the DNA.  As a result, clients build lasting lifestyles of confidence, energy, and a body they deserve. Stephanie’s Master of Science is from Northeastern University. She holds a nutrition certification from AHPA and an exercise and nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition. In this episode, we talked about: Her Story - how her illness led her to her purpose Who she was then in the corporate world versus now as an entrepreneur (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) Hardest part of starting a purpose-led business On suffering alone Her experience moving into entrepreneurship and how it has helped others going through similar struggles “Playing Jenga” (Work-life balance) Become your own advocate - health is wealth We all know the saying “If a door closes, another one opens”. And sometimes it’s hard to see the reason why we are suffering, but Stephanie’s story is a testament to the faith we should have in the bigger plan for our pain, so we can rise up and turn it into purpose. To overcoming struggles and turning it into sacred service, Riah -- Connect with Claire: Website Book a consultation (20% off promo) Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
March 12, 2021
Episode 68: Creating a Schedule that Actually Works!
Being the boss, with all the perks that come with it, requires being on top of our own schedules. But being efficient with managing our time and energy effectively is one of the biggest obstacles that business owners face on a day-to-day basis. And with countless techniques out there, how do you come up with a schedule that actually works for you? Today’s guest is Claire Jones. And in this episode, we are going to talk about sustainable schedules, what the heck that is, how our brain works with that, how we can create an effective calendar and in turn, a sustainable lifestyle and, that's based on science! Claire Jones is an experienced speaker, certified NeuroLeadership Coach, and Business Strategist that has worked with small businesses for over 15 years. As someone who knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle to build a sustainable business, her mission is to act as your trusted guide so that you can create the right schedules, marketing strategies, processes, and systems to scale your dream business. As a result, her clients are able to step away from having to do everything themselves and devote more time to the things they love. Claire delves into these topics: Balanced Business Leaders podcast Sustainable Schedules Healthy mind platter (social needs, physical needs, cognitive needs) Flexible time-blocking Self-Regulation techniques Situation selection Situation modification Attentional Focus Reappraisal Response Modulation Delegation Coaching habits Building a sustainable business starts with building a sustainable lifestyle. It starts with identifying our needs, how we want to show up, what we do best, what we can improve on, and building strategies that promote efficiency in all areas of our lives. To creating a sustainable lifestyle and business, Riah -- Connect with Claire: Book a consultation Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
March 05, 2021
Ep 67: Why no one cares if you're consistent, and other marketing gems
It can be tempting for small business owners or solopreneurs like myself to jump in the bandwagon of the hottest marketing trend to get ahead. But is it actually bringing valuable results? Today’s guest is Natalie Swan. And in this episode, she tells us about the misconceptions of marketing ourselves online and what we can do better, and to be able to present ourselves and reach our ideal clients more effectively. Natalie has 10 years of experience in brand strategy and marketing, with a background ranging from supporting small businesses, to large-scale national & international events, to enterprise-level companies. For nearly four years, she's supported small business owners with marketing by cutting through the common BS advice and being scrappy to get results. Her membership program, the Client Attraction Plan of Action, helps small business owners attract ideal clients who can pay for their services without all the time-consuming marketing strategies. Natalie delves into these topics on the show: * Consistency for consistency’s sake -- why it won’t move your business forward * Repurposing Content -- why it’s not working versus choosing the right platform for your business * Starting small and simple - Going deeper into relationships you already have * How to set yourself apart when you’re on a new platform While most marketing strategies are designed to create the facade that more content or more followers are good for business, at the end of the day, it’s making meaningful personal connections that really go a long way. To forging genuine relationships with our clients, Riah -- Connect with Natalie: Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
February 26, 2021
Episode 66: Listen Up! The art of meaningful listening
In this day and age where freedom of speech and expression is more valued and encouraged than ever, most of us fall into the trap of listening to respond rather than listening to understand. How can we find the balance and connect more with others by talking less and listening more? “We're all way more aligned than we think we are. We just aren't listening to each other.” Today’s guest is Lyn Lindbergh. And in this episode, she tells us the value and art of meaningful listening. Lyn Lindbergh is the founder and creator of, which provides group and one-on-one sessions that aims to help people improve their listening skills as a means to solve the world’s issues while creating deep and meaningful connections. She is also an award-winning author, blogger, fitness influencer, and host of three podcasts including Listening Skills. Today, Lyn talks about some of the ways we can listen deeply, intently, and more effectively: * Absolving judgment; listening to understand * Put that phone down. Pay attention * Active Listening. Rephrasing or clarifying points. If we can speak up about our truths and share them with others, we can also give others the chance to be heard. If people truly know how to listen, most of our global issues would be resolved easily. True connection is founded in mutual respect, and that includes respect for each other’s points of view, even if, and especially when we disagree with them. To seeking to understand rather than be understood, Riah -- Connect with Lyn: Listening Skills Podcast Facebook Twitter Book with Lyn Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
February 19, 2021
Episode 65: Fükitt: Power of Perspective
Everyone knows the saying “Live life to the fullest” but few really understand what that entails. Most people complain about what’s wrong with their lives but fail to take responsibility for it. Whether in business or in our personal lives, knowing when to say, "Fuck it!" and make the necessary changes is the key to growth and fulfillment. Today's guest will tell us why and when we should say, “Fuck it!” and decide to move forward. Ricardo Zulueta is the founder of Fükitt Clothing (pronounced [foo-kit]), an inspirational brand with the mission to inspire and motivate people to live life without regret and accept challenges that are worth the risk. Ricardo is also an advocate of mental wellness and suicide prevention awareness. His purpose is deeply rooted in losing his brother from suicide. He discovered that what causes mental illness is rarely our circumstances or situations, but by how we perceive what happens to us. Their company theme color is teal, which is the color associated with suicide prevention. Although pronounced differently, Fükitt acts as a reminder to say, “Fuck it!" It acts as a reminder to stop complaining about life, take it less for granted, and take more risks. Today, Ricardo talks about how important your mindset is for your business and for your mental health, and how making a decision is where it all starts: * Living life without regret. Just make a decision and everything else will follow * Having an infinite mindset. Developing a mission or sense of purpose. What is your Why? * Taking accountability when solving problems. Remedy the cause, not the result. * Changing your perspective. Your perspectives are always going to be a threat or a benefit to your purpose. If you find yourself in a loop of self-pity, resentment, anger, or regret, then say, “Fuck it!” Shift your perspective, decide where you want to go and why, and just take the steps that will move you towards that direction. To being proactive in shifting our mindset, Riah -- Connect with Ricardo: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Tumblr Snapchat Youtube Vimeo Fükitt Contact Page Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
February 12, 2021
Episode 64: I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up
The word "Quitting" has such a cultural and societal stigma on it that we are afraid of touching it and thinking it. But did you know that quitting for the right reasons can actually be beneficial to your life? Today's guest will tell us why. Coonoor Behal is the Founder & CEO of Mindhatch, a consultancy that helps organizations create the conditions for innovation and creativity to thrive.  Through Mindhatch, Coonoor delivers her unique mix of expertise in Design Thinking, OrganizationalImprov™, Innovation Facilitation, and Diversity & Inclusion. Coonoor has helped several big organizations such as Deloitte, Starbucks, Bethpage Federal Credit Union and Inter-American Development Bank’s Gender & Diversity Division (as well as the Department of State and the Pentagon) on strategy and collaborative thinking in many different ways.  Coonoor is also the author of I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up, which will be published by New Degree Press in April 2021. The book seeks to help readers rethink and reframe quitting by sharing stories from everyday people who summoned the courage to quit things in their lives  Today, Conoor talks about how quitting has changed her life and how it can change yours too.  Let's explore:  * Finding the confidence to quit that which does not serve us anymore  * Upholding our values even if it means letting go of a job or opportunity  * How quitting can make more room for joy and beauty and your life  * Understanding what you want to do versus simply putting up with something  * How talking to others who have a story about quitting can help you with your own choices  If you are thinking of quitting something or have just quit and are struggling now, Coonoor has one important piece of advice: Look back to what made you feel that way and make a list of what you can live with and what you can't.  Seeing the trade-off of the things that you are giving up should help you cope or make your decision. And remember, quitting isn't a bad thing!  To protecting our values and knowing when to quit,  Riah  --  Connect with Conoor: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Book a Chat Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
February 07, 2021
Episode 63 - Multi-Level Magnificence: Thriving in Your Side Gig
You, as a person, deserve recognition for your hard work. You deserve to feel like you belong. You deserve to feel like it's okay to be you. Don't you agree? LaShawn certainly does. LaShawn is a health and wellness promoter and is one of the leaders in her company. And I learned a lot about Multi Level Marketing from her than I ever did in all my years of being an MLM lover and kit hoarder.(wink wink!)  Here's the thing, not all of us want to belong to corporate America. Some of just want to be part of a community where we can belong and fit in without forgetting who we are and how we feel about ourselves.  In today's episode let's hear LaShawn tell us all about: * Quality Leadership * Misconceptions we have about MLM * Having a Team and Building Connections * How she approaches the process of inviting people on board * The value of community and connections Remember, you are IMPORTANT. And the way you feel and think matters. You deserve to belong in a place where you can THRIVE and live your best life. Now it's time to connect and do something about it. 🧡 To feeling good and being healthy inside out, Riah -- Connect with LaShawn:    Facebook Instagram Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
January 29, 2021
Ep 62: Pivot, Disrupt, Transform: Set Your Strategic Compass
Lets be honest, the word PIVOT has been thrown around so much last year that most people use it haphazardly now. So today, I wanted to have a conversation with someone who has been using this word and helping other companies pivot even before we all learned that it was an option. Enter Marcia Daszko. Marcia challenges leaders to Think, Pivot, and Act Differently. She is a trusted advisor who helps leaders pivot and navigate through crises, challenges, and significant growth. And Marcia likes to say, "Too many leaders are struggling and they don’t need to. Some fail; some succeed. Why the difference?" And Marcia answers a lot of the questions that some you may have already been wondering about... * Do new leadership trends work? Or are we better off following traditional strategies? * What steps and mindset shifts are needed to reach and exceed our targets? * What does it really mean to innovate?  * What if I think my business won't survive changes or disruption? * I am creative but I'm not good at business strategies, what can I do? It's a disrupt or be disrupted kind of world. How fast we can learn and apply what we learned is our COMPETITIVE EDGE. Think about it, And if you want to learn more, reach out of Marcia. She will disrupt you, challenge you and transform your business in ways you can't imagine!  To embracing disruption and never thinking out of style,  Riah -- Connect with Marcia:   LinkedIN Facebook Web & Resources Twitter Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
January 22, 2021
Ep 61: Sexy Sexy Money.... Create More Cash and Maintain Your Wealth! - Part 2
"You know what's important to somebody by looking at their calendar and their pocketbook." Where do you like spending your time and your money? We all have different viewpoints about how to spend and move our money in our own businesses. When someone gives you money advice, do you listen? Or do you throw it out into the wind?  If you've ever been in debt, have doubts about how to fix your life by fixing your money situation, or if you're just curious about whether you can learn something from today like oh you know... about SAVING money, CORRECT bookkeeping, and AUDITING yourself -- I urge you to listen in. Today, we have the ingenious Michell Cooper.  Michelle is a powerhouse entrepreneur, CEO of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping, author of Confessions of a Money Rock Star, Your MoneyDate Journal and co-author of the collaborative book, Women Rising.   Michelle supports the growth of her client’s business with real strategic planning while also addressing the mindset issues that arise with growth, in order to bust through and rise up to levels they never dreamed of.   Join us as Michelle shares her experience and expertise about the land of money and accounting. It's one for the books!  And don't forget to book a free consult below if you want to learn more. ♥ To money and making it work for us, Riah -- Connect with Michelle:  Free 30-min consult Facebook Instagram Youtube LinkedIn -- Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
January 15, 2021
Ep 61: Sexy Sexy Money.... Create More Cash and Maintain Your Wealth!
"You know what's important to somebody by looking at their calendar and their pocketbook." Where do you like spending your time and your money? We all have different viewpoints about how to spend and move our money in our own businesses. When someone gives you money advice, do you listen? Or do you throw it out into the wind?  If you've ever been in debt, have doubts about how to fix your life by fixing your money situation, or if you're just curious about whether you can learn something from today like oh you know... about SAVING money, CORRECT bookkeeping, and AUDITING yourself -- I urge you to listen in. Today, we have the ingenious Michell Cooper.  Michelle is a powerhouse entrepreneur, CEO of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping, author of Confessions of a Money Rock Star, Your MoneyDate Journal and co-author of the collaborative book, Women Rising.   Michelle supports the growth of her client’s business with real strategic planning while also addressing the mindset issues that arise with growth, in order to bust through and rise up to levels they never dreamed of.   Join us as Michelle shares her experience and expertise about the land of money and accounting. It's one for the books!  And don't forget to book a free consult below if you want to learn more. ♥ To money and making it work for us, Riah -- Connect with Michelle: Free 30-min consult Facebook Instagram Youtube LinkedIn -- Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
January 15, 2021
Ep 60: The Business Behind Business: You get a VA! and You get a VA! and You get a VA!
You probably don't know John. But you've heard of outsourcing to the Philippines. Well, he's the master of it!  When I asked John how he would describe himself, here is what he sent me: 1. I'm not employable. The work -> salary incentive doesn't work for me. 2. I really like to ride my bike, backcountry ski, and run with my wife. 3. In the 17 hours/week that I work, I manage my team of amazing Filipino workers. 4. I founded and run So cool, right? Here's more. John has been where we are now. He quit his office job armed with the dream of working less as he ventured into working for himself. But he found that he was working even more! What started as an accidental action to free up time for himself, turned out into this amazing platform of super star Filipino workers where we can find the BEST people to help us out with the things that we want done, and the things that we hate doing! This is a golden success story of how one man built his team, grew his business, achieved his financial goals while WORKING LESS than all of us. And if there's one thing that I wish you would take away from this episode, it's this: - If you think you can't afford a VA, you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG! - If you think you are taking advantage of VAs because their rates are lower than what you would pay local, YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN. - If you've tried but feel overwhelmed with the hiring process, reach out to me. We'll have a chat and see if we can help you out through our VA Matchmaking service. Our VAs are kick ass individuals who are happy to to be working for us while they stay at home and build the life that they envision, all the while helping us build our businesses and allowing us to find the time to do the things we love. Isn't it beautiful? To us and our Filipino VAs, Riah -- Connect with John: Facebook OJP -- Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
January 08, 2021
Ep 59: Shoulders Back, Heart Out - The Revolution New Years Edition
My life was saved this year. And I'll tell you all about that in this episode, but before that... how are you, friend? You've heard bits and pieces of my story throughout this podcast and in social media. But here I am sharing the uncut version. This I know to be true: I will never be the same again.  Allow me to round up this year's Revolution by telling you all about my lowest and highest points and what I did to get to where I am today. Was it pretty? No. Was it worth it? Hell, yes! And before you dive in, I'd like to do a tiny exercise with you so we can all go into this episode with intention. Tell me:  What word would describe what you want your 2021 to be? I want all of us to prosper next year. I want all of us to unstoppable!  LET"S DO IT!   To setting our intentions and reaching for the stars,  Riah  --  -- Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
January 02, 2021
Ep 58: And Festivus For The Rest Of Us: Airing The Business Grievances We’re Leaving In 2020
Do you know the story of Festivus? If you don't, then you should definitely watch this! You're gonna love it!  Now, the tradition of Festivus starts with the airing of grievances. And true to this tradition, I wanted to air some business grievances that I hope all of us leave behind for 2021. *What's something that you hate seeing in an email? What is the best way to start or close a message? *How soon before you follow up on someone who hasn't responded to you? When is soon too soon? *How approachable are you? How do you make your employees feel that you are a normal ass boss who they can comfortably talk to? *And guys, what the f*ck does business as usual even mean these days?  What business grievances do you have? Let them all out and leave all that crap behind... There's a new way of doing things, and there's a new way of doing things better. We can do this y'all! Thank you so much for being a part of this tiny podcast and I hope to connect with you on social media. Catch me everywhere. And that's a wrap for 2020! Happy holidays and merry Festivus to all! Riah -- Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
December 24, 2020
Ep 56: Beyond Six Figures: From Chaos To Clarity
What mistakes did you make when you were just starting your business? What did you do to turn things around? How long did it take you be successful and profitable?  As a long-time marketer and passionate entrepreneur, ELYSE TAGER has helped hundreds of small businesses, associations, and nonprofits develop and implement effective online marketing strategies to grow their business or organizations. Today, Elyse tells us exactly as it is -- WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO. Want some free coaching from Elyse? Let's dive in!  Here are a couple questions that Elyse answers for us: 1. What things can I allow myself permission to do/feel? 2. How long does it take a business to be really profitable/stable? 3. My business is at its "baby" stage, what should I do? 4. Is a business coach really necessary? 5. I've reached my goal, now what??? 6. How do I go from "solopreneur think" to "CEO think"? 7. How do I get to that elevated mode?  8. What is a CEO time block?  9. How do I establish proper goals and proper plans? 10. What does it really mean to BE OF SERVICE And so many more... AS our parting gift, here is what Elyse's biggest advice: Whether you are on your 1st year of business, on your third or your fifth, the important thing to do is to keep going forward. No matter how big your goals are, hold on to that MOMENTUM and KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Your goals will be a lot closer as you continue to put "one foot infront of the other"...with or without heels. 🧡 To reaching your dreams...and going beyond, Riah -- Connect with Elyse: 5 Mindset Solutions Download LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Page Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter Mentioned in the podcast: Appsumo
December 11, 2020
Ep 55: The Ultimate Copy Chat: Copy Writing at Its Best
This episode is packed with incredible information about genuinely connecting with people, writing copy that works plus insider information on how to be invited to Al Pacino's house. If you're ready to discover what to say and how to say it to magnetically attract your dream clients? Then you need Marisa Corcoran in your corner... In addition to writing the words that get landing pages converting at 60% (or higher!) and crafting personality-filled emails, Marisa helps coaches and creatives craft their uncopyable message inside her 6 month mastermind, The Copy Confidence Society. She’s also the creator of the wildly popular Copy Chat Masterclass Series which brings together 20+ leading copywriters, business coaches and online strategists to give you one doable tip to craft kick-ass copy that attracts clients, makes money and creates a massive movement online.  In a nutshell, this is what we learned, I'd invite you to listen in because the amount of valuable information is CRAZY! 1. Write in a way that makes people feel that YOU GIVE A SHIT! 2. Copywriting is TWO WAY. Don't just write to and for them -- Build a relationship with them and make them feel involved.  3. Be as SPECIFIC as you possibly can! 4. Your FANS are not your CLIENTS  And lastly, even if you think that no one is watching you, KEEP GOING!!!! Because somebody is watching and somebody is interested in what you're putting out into the world. To being original and uncopyable, Riah Connect with Marisa: Instagram Website The Copy Chat Facebook group Facebook Page Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
December 04, 2020
Ep 54: Project LAUNCH! Innovation and Exploration of Product Sales
Christie has been leading people and building companies for over 25 years. With experience in lifting companies from nothing to millions in revenue, building and scaling global teams with hundreds of team members and serving as an executive in companies with thousands of people… there isn’t a lot she hasn’t seen. Today, Christie takes her lifelong study of emotional intelligence paired with her habit of building successful businesses and shares her secrets to innovating and launching a product that sells! And we don't have to sell mascara or jewelry, maybe you're thinking of a course or an e-book in the future. Why not get some free advice from someone who's done it AND MADE IT! We won't spoil it here because the journey is just too precious -- listen in till the end.  But here's what we want to leave you with: Authenticity is still your best weapon 🤍 To the courage to launch, Riah ---   Connect with Christie: Twitter LinkedIn Website My Little Mascara Club Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
November 27, 2020
Ep 53: Digital Nomad: Business on the Road
What does it mean to live in your own terms? To Christina, of Christina Davis Coaching, it meant not having to be told what her hours were and how many vacation days she could have in a year.  And one fateful day, she decided to choose the life that she had dreamed of. She booked a flight to Hong Kong and never looked back. Join me in today's episode as we dive into the world of living and thriving as a digital nomad. What does it take to start and stay? How do you succeed? Fast forward to today, Christina is now a certified coach and spends her time writing or coaching, when she's not travelling. She shares very important points about: Mindset Logistics (and visas!) Overcoming obstacles and how beautiful it is to see the world we live in! If you're not a home body and your ultimate dream after winning the lottery is to travel the world, this is for you. You don't need to win the lottery. This is your ticket to fly! To living life anywhere you want to, Riah --- Connect with Christina: Facebook Instagram Website Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
November 25, 2020
Ep 52: The Vulnerable Leader
In the course of my leadership, I learned a lot of lessons from my peers and my team. I learned that I have to be more open and to receive feedback from a place that is not defensive. I learned that are days when you don't have to have everything figured out. You don't need to always "Go get it, girl." I learned to be aware of my vulnerability, and with it, I learned to be less afraid of difficult conversations. But not just that...I LEARNED SO MUCH MORE! TRUST. LOYALTY. IMPERFECTIONS. CAMARADERIE. Let's explore all of them.  To strength in vulnerability, Riah --- Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
November 20, 2020
Ep 51: Perfectionism and Procrastination: Embrace 'em and Break 'em
You've probably heard of a job interview where the applicant was asked what her greatest weakness was and the response was, "I'm a perfectionist." It was probably us at one point. Do you think the response given was because perfectionism is really considered a weakness, or because we want to say that our weakness is well... still a kind of strength?! The word perfectionist is so strong and imposing, we associate it with excellence and power. But what we don't know is that it cripples us from making decisions and taking action without realizing it. And because we hold off on making choices and getting things moving, we unknowingly procrastinate too!  In today's episode, Monja Meyer from the Women Making Money Podcast walks us through Perfectionism and Procrastination and how we can gain awareness and clarity to overcome these obstacles. Perfectionism It hinges on making sure that one thing is perfect before moving on, This is not an ideal trait to have in business because it equates to being risk averse. And as an entrepreneur, that's not going to cut it.  To this, Monja says: Don't be afraid of failure or what other people will say.  Not everything has to be perfect, they just have to get done. At the end of the day, it's NOT WHO YOU ARE. It's just a collection of thoughts that you have that prevent yourself from moving forward and getting to the next level.  Procrastination  It's our mind's way of saying "This task is uncomfortable to me, I don't want to do this now." Realizing that this is a stress reaction is the first step in embracing it.  Monja recommends, "Create a habit around one VERY SMALL task. Trust that you can accomplish it and build a habit around it."  The Dialogue  We say these things as if WE ARE these things. But WE ARE NOT, Pay attention to your internal dialogue and train your brain to be free from these limiting beliefs.  Growing is uncomfortable. Growing is painful. If you want to build and grow your business or thrive as a productive individual, believe that YOU CAN and everything else will follow. 🧡 To all or nothing... or a bit of something every now and then, Riah --- Connect with Monja: Women Making Money Podcast Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
November 17, 2020
Ep 50: Find Your Biz BESTIE
Today's episode is such a special one.  And no, I'm not turning 50 but it is Client Experience Revolution's 50th episode! And it's such a beautiful number to see. We've come a long way and who better to celebrate this episode with me than my biz bestie Monique Gaffney! Today, we celebrate friendship and all of the many beautiful wonders of finding a BBF - Business Best Friend. A BBF supports you, calls you out on your bullsh*t and shares all of your wins -- no agenda, no jealousy involved. And hey, we also talk about all the ways we promote each other's business within our overlapping circles. Maybe you can pick up a thing or two that you can do with a friend too?! My dream is to build my empire, I'm sure it is yours too. What better way to rule your business universe than with someone who reciprocates the same energy that you have for your business.  Let us share this beautiful moment with you... To friendship, Riah --- Connect with Monique: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
November 11, 2020
Ep 49: SPARK Your Business Community
Tracey believes that there are WAAAAAY too many entrepreneurs running on a hamster wheel trying to get to success when it can be so much simpler and effective. And this is where COMMUNITY and COWORKING come into the picture.  COMMUNITY is the key to success in life and business. Coworking, however hindered we are at the moment, is crucial. We are social creatures and we want to be with other people to celebrate our wins or lament our opportunities. If you haven't experienced this yet, this is probably what you're missing as an entrepreneur.  But what does all this really mean? Tracey explains the nitty gritty to us and and draws the line between what is considered to be acceptable networking and what is downright gross.  To put it simply, here's what it means to cowork and be part of a community: * Pulling people in with your authenticity * You can get work done while being with other people * Showing up for someone is not relative, it means one thing and one thing only * Quality over quantity, get to know a few good people. You don't have to know everyone. * JUST BE YOU Ultimately, Tracey believes we are better together – and that’s what community is all about. Don't you agree? To engaging and being there for your community, Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: Learn more about DISC Assessment -- Connect with Tracey: Facebook Instagram Website - get your freebie here!
November 06, 2020
Ep 48: Franchising: Business for Yourself, But NOT By Yourself
Many have been forced to pause their dreams and their aspirations because of the pandemic. Now they are on their search for "what next." The majority of us think that you have to be rich to afford a franchise, or that Real Estate and the stock market are the only ways to invest! Well man, have we got some big news for you!  Franchise ownership allows someone to build an asset that creates important tax shelters, be in control, create a work/life balance and hire others in their community to create a legacy.  Careyann Golliver is known as America’s Franchise Matchmaker™. Her greatest passion is helping people to take the leap into franchising. Careyann knows first hand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to go at it alone. With the assistance of Careyann and Franchise Logic as your franchise guide, she has mastered a process that not only helps people find their perfect franchise match but allows for abundant possibilities. After working with thousands of happy business owners, she has found 3 consistent critical success factors for everyone: Passion, Process, and abundant Possibilities. Stay tuned as Careyann shares how she started and how well her case studies have done since they started in franchising. What do you think? To the future and to realizing the American Dream, Riah Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: Learn more about DISC Assessment -- Connect with Careyann: Facebook Instagram Website
October 30, 2020
Ep 47: The Sassy Pinterest Guru: The Powerhouse Social Search Engine
With Pinterest having over 200 million users worldwide, it can be a marketing powerhouse for podcasters or content creators to get more visible and increase downloads. This platform creates 3.5 times the sales than any other platform so it can be used to drive profits in your business with different ways to drive traffic. Pinterest pins stay visible for 3.5 months to 6 months. Unlike other platform where the shelf life is shorter on the feed. This increases your visibility and downloads exponentially. Pinterest can help you create the podcast visibility and downloads that you desire and so much more! And this is where Sarah comes into the picture. Take it from the expert, THERE IS A WAY to leverage Pinterest to increase your online reach and searchability. And it comes with specific strategies that you'll definitely want to hear.  This is the search engine that we definitely have to be taking advantage of...NOW!  Let's dive in! 😍 Pin, pin, pin! Riah Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: Learn more about DISC Assessment -- Connect with Sarah: Pinterest Web Instagram Facebook Group: Make Money on Pinterest
October 28, 2020
Ep 46: Dream, Declare, Deliver!
Cristie is a sommelier, wine educator, creator of The Online Wine Course for Beginners, and President of The United Sommeliers Foundation. At such a young age, Cristie has already achieved her dreams and she's not stopping there! She is the perfect example of how it is to have a vision, going from clarity, imagining ideal life and going towards that goal to achieve raging success! The Cristie Norman Way: 1. #manifestthatshit - don't think about the obstacles that you will encounter. Immerse yourself in the work that you have to do and you won't even have time to doubt yourself. Before you realize it, you've already gone further! 2. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback - getting feedback every chance you get ensures that you find out what your audience wants so you can deliver exactly what it is that you have to deliver! 3. Create an evergreen product and if you can, give a part of it for free - When you provide value without asking for anything in return, people will follow you and will want to be in your community. Nothing beats creating new clients than creating a loyal community of followers.  4. Every interaction should be treated with positivity and respect - All messages you receive should be treated with equal importance because you never know who's at the other end of the line.  5. Outsource the things you hate - Make a list. And anything that you don't like doing or is taking up so much time and space for you, let someone else do it for you and take back your energy.  6. 100% commitment is easier than 99% - Do something and do it with everything that you have so you can get it done on time! As Cristie puts it, "It's never going to be perfect...but just go ahead and start with it!" If you have a product that's perfect and ready to launch, you've already started too late. And I know we all have projects at the back of our minds that fall under this exact description. So what are you waiting for? Manifest and work towards that goal, girl!  All the animosity and doubt in the world will have no power over you if you are clear about your dreams, your actions and your delivery! Do it like, Cristie!  Cheers! Riah Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: Learn more about DISC Assessment -- Connect with Cristie: Course & Web: Facebook: Cristie Norman Somm IG: cristienorman_somm Twitter: Cristie Norman LinkedIn: Cristie Norman
October 23, 2020
Ep 45: Imposter Syndrome: Never Doubt Yourself Again!
Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is known for making women’s success a priority through her coaching for Women leaders programs. She is a diversity speaker based in Maryland who provides key topics to transform organizations. Her audiences include executive women in government and women entrepreneurs.  She defines Imposter Syndrome as a feeling that makes us think that we are not good enough. And this happens when our businesses start to do well or we move up in the career ladder. But that's exactly it, isn't? We've actually achieved all these great accomplishments but we stress out and we're secretly afraid that someone will come up and say, "You're not supposed to be here!" So how do we overcome this?  Dr. Madeline talks about these points and explains each in detail: 1. Everything starts in the mind. Yes, YOU deserve to be there!  2. You are WORTH the PRICE that you SET.  3. Don't be afraid to toot your own horn! 4. YOU don't need anyone's approval. 5. Don't be afraid to ask for help. It's a long and crazy journey towards overcoming self-doubt and finally finding the confidence to say, "I deserve to be here!" But it is possible. As Dr. Madeline would say, "Never let anyone steal your joy (even if it's yourself)." Patience is the key. Keep your patient spirit and walk in it.  You got this! To holding on to our value and finding our best inside, Riah -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: Learn more about DISC Assessment -- Connect with Dr. Madeline: Web: Facebook: Dr. Madeline LinkedIn: Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis Articles from Dr. Madeline
October 20, 2020
Ep. 44: Dating and Achieving Career Success: Not As Different As You Think
Heidi B is the girlfriend who tells you what you need to hear! She believes that love and intimacy are accessible for everyone. But they won't come easy! Heidi "slaps" women with hard-core realizations that force them to look at themselves and how they are behaving and choosing men. In the process of doing so, Heidi creates a journey of expansion and self-discovery for her clients.  And this extraordinary soul-level work isn't just for relationships. They also apply to improving work-life, careers and bad habits.  She teaches us these universal truths that are true about dating and our careers: *Red flags are there for a reason - don't avoid them! Pay attention. *Just because you made a bad choice, it doesn't mean that you have to go down with it. Have faith and rise above it.  And most importantly.... *YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR MIND - whether you want to get out of a job, a long term relationship or an uncomfortable situation. You can always change your mind. Thank you for the truth bombs, Heidi B! You absolutely rock! And to all the women out there, buy  the book! #trustme To finding ourselves and owning it,  Riah -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: -- Connect with Heidi: FB: Heidi Busche Podcast: The Relationship Ready Podcast Web:
October 16, 2020
Ep 43: Don't Just Survive -- Thrive! A Woman's Guide to Uncovering HER TRUE WORTH
As an Author, Speaker and Coach for more than 24 years, Michelle has been helping women transform their lives by embodying their true self-worth, skyrocketing their self-confidence and busting through their financial glass ceiling on their terms!  Women working with Michelle shed their self-doubt, imposter syndrome and fear of inadequacy and learn to trust their intuition that leads them to greater wealth on their terms. Michelle breaks the mold for us and teaches us that we are WORTH IT and that we are VALUABLE no matter what female shape, color, and size we are. Today we'll learn the impact of: 1. Speaking up - Gone are the days when we allow ourselves to listen to "Don't say anything, just do it!" 2. Standing up for ourselves. There is no need to constantly prove yourself. It leads to burnout, anger, lack of connection and that just won't cut it! 3. Celebrating our wins and what we have ACHIEVED and SURVIVED! Michelle also helps us understand that we need to become our greatest fan, our greatest ally, and our best support. And that we  only receive the amount of support that we're willing to give ourselves. Times are changing and so should our internal landscape.  "Stop doing the invisible work invisibly!"  Allow yourself to be uncomfortable, start showing up for yourself and get that sh*t! You got it, mama! To kicking ass and showing up, Riah -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: -- Connect with Michelle: FB: Michelle Lee Coaching IG: @michelleleecoaching Free Gift: Web:
October 08, 2020
Ep 42: The Secret to Maximum Productivity
Audra understands the responsibilities of being a teen mother, single mother and now a wife and mother of six children. She's an entrepreneur of multiple businesses and she's also passionate about helping women across the world shift into peaceful productivity. Today, we break down mental load on women in their professional, family and personal life. Audra believes that it is crucial for a woman to have a support team, or ways to reprieve from the chaos. Because if she doesn't, it could cause burnout and  anxiety.... so how can a woman pick herself up? We will talk about these overarching points and Audra tells us exactly what we have to do to reach peaceful productivity. * Drink from your own cup * Hold your family accountable too * You don't have to do everything * Honesty and transparency * Self care does not have to be complicated * The power of delegation At the end of this episode, we learn that it is okay to say NO to others so you can say YES to yourself. When you begin to think of yourself as someone who is worthy, it is much easier to arrive at a place where you feel comfortable being in control and being able to share control at the same time. Listen in as Audra bares the tried and tested strategies she used in order to succeed (while running a business, taking care of her family and keeping her mental, physical and emotional wellness intact) so we can do the same too!  To thriving and conquering, Riah -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: -- Connect with Audra: FB: Richardson Audra Her IG: I Balance Her Web:
October 02, 2020
Ep 41: Accountability: A Gentle Butt-Kick Towards Success
Accountability -- Do we crave for it? Or do we resent it? What does it mean for us? Seeing too many women give up on their dreams gave Viktoria the drive to take action and make a difference. This is how she developed her BlockBuster™ Accountability Program. Each person requires a different approach when it comes to understanding and achieving accountability.  Viktoria has the perfect approach for each one. In this episode, Viktoria Talks about: - The Real Meaning of Accountability - The Importance of Accountability in Your Business - What the Accountability program is about and Who It Is For - What the BBA Can Do For You - The SOPS Method - How You Can Get Started At the end of this conversation, my biggest takeaway was what Viktoria said in the beginning, "Being accountable for someone other than yourself moves you." And true enough, remembering that we do the things we do for the people in our corner gives us the energy to go forward.  Think of all the people who support you and who mean the world to you. Take a deep breath and say, "Accountability is my friend."  With love and light, Riah Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: -- Connect with Viktoria: FB: Business Block Buster Web: BBA Programs FAQs: LI: Viktoria Szilagyi, PCC
September 25, 2020
Ep 40: Money Mindset and Practical Moolah Tips
Money represents different things for different people. To some, it may mean choice -- the ability to choose what makes you happy and what will make you feel fulfilled. To others, it may mean time -- more time for themselves, for family and for the things they love. Today, we have Beth Hostetler. When she shifted from being a CPA and went into Core Wound Healing, everybody went, "What?" But she stuck to her guns. And she is a great example of how the right mindset can bring you the right results! Beth believes that, "If your belief system does not align with the actions that you want to perform, then it will not work at all." But before starting with an entirely new belief system, we need to deconstruct our older ones. The most common questions that women ask about money and their journey to entrepreneurship and independence are: 1. Can I really get paid to pursue my passion? 2. If it's deductible, should I buy it? 3. How can I spend responsibly? 4. Should I really get a bookkeeper? 5. Should I be proud of working too much? 6. Can I allow myself to be proud of my achievements and my earnings? 7. What kind of business should I register as? Can I change it later on? 8. How can I improve the way I receive money? In today's episode, Beth answers all these questions and gives us practical and solid moolah tips from her own experience. And not just that, Beth encourages us to pursue our passions and find the value in investing in YOU...being YOU. As she would fondly say, "It's time to be YOU. It's safe to be YOU." Will my love, Riah Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: -- Connect with Beth: FB: Beth Hostetler IG: @eahostetler Everywhere Else:
September 18, 2020
Ep 39: Designing Your Company Culture With Heart
Gabriela is the founder of Calibrated Leadership. They know that behind every winning leader there is a winning team, behind any successful business there is unified effort and desire for excellence. Whether you come from a corporate or a small business backdrop, Gabriela believes that the DEDICATION with which you lead plays a very important important part. We got a handful of valuable leadership insights from Gabriela. Check out the rest of them and listen in to see what we learned about each of them:  1. The resume doesn't always indicate success 2. Hiring doesn't end after an employee has joined 3. Humans crave validation but rewards and recognition are the in short supply in organizations 4. Leadership does not start with "I" 5. "Tailorism" -- does it work? 6. CRMs are for your employees too! Employees see it when you are in or out of touch with what matters to them. It's easy to forget about these tiny things when we are pressed for results. It's important to remember that there are human components to leadership that we always have to be aware of. As Gabriela reminded us, "Bring curiosity to your leadership and do not be afraid to try new things, taking into account the dynamics of your organization." And..."When you set your mind to doing something, do it well!" -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: @adminprestigeplus -- Connect with the Gabriela: LI: Gabriela Manciulea FB: Productivity Think Tank Web:
September 10, 2020
Ep 38: Marriage and Business: Can You Win At Both?
Dr. Sakeisha and Eric Hylick - the powerhouse couple on today's episode talk about the realities of marriage and shifts in dynamics when business comes into the fray. How does one spouse on a 9 to 5 job and another one who is an entrepreneur balance their marriage and life? How do these dynamics affect each spouse? Their children? Their intimacy? What if both of you are entrepreneurs? What do couples need to do to avoid resentment when it comes to inconsistencies in income? In visions and in passions? The Hylicks' words of wisdom are: Never make a permanent decision in a temporary situation. At the end of the day, we will learn about the best ways to use COMMUNICATION, TRANSPARENCY and LOVE. When you're in business, things can be scary and there's so many ups and downs. Having someone on your side as cheerleader can be a great source of strength and motivation. In marriage, there will be good and bad seasons too. What's important is being present for each other today and for all tomorrows to come. So to go back to our question, the answer is yes. YOU CAN have a healthy and happy marriage while being successful in business too. Like anything precious, it will take a lot of work, effort and time. But it'll all be worth it. 💜 -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: @adminprestigeplus -- Connect with the Hylicks: Twitter: @marriagecanwin FB: Marriages Can Win IG: @marriagecanwin
September 03, 2020
EP 37: Delegate That Sh*t!
There are four questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding to delegate a task. And this is going to look like a long list of questions, but you'll be glad you asked yourself: *WHY (is it important)? - Do you want to delegate to save time? Reduce stress?  * WHAT (can you delegate)? - Social media management? Bookkeeping? Customer Service? *WHO (is going to do the work?) - do you want to sign an employee or hire an independent contractor? Do you want to outsource or go domestic? How much can you afford? *HOW (do you find that somebody)? - What websites or methods can you use? Do you do it yourself or get an agency to do it for you? I've obviously asked myself these questions a lot of times and I've found the perfect balance. No matter what stage you are in your business, you can't do it all and THERE IS help that you can afford. If you ever need someone to walk you through the whole process, I'm your person!  Talk soon? Love, Riah -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: @adminprestigeplus
August 21, 2020
Ep 36: Create Your Own Superwoman Everyday
Believe it or not, Jessica Samson struggled with weight in her "past life". And being the superwoman that she is, she used this challenge to turn her life and her habits around. Now, Jessica is on a mission to end restrictive diets forever, make you lose those love handles and give you back that energy that you had in your 20's! So how do we works towards being the superwoman that we deserve to be? How do we feel good and fall in love with ourselves again? Jessica shares some of her strongest strategies: 1. Planning - From the moment you wake up, you begin making decisions for the day and for yourself. By the end of the day, you've made thousands of decisions and you experience decision fatigue. Establishing routines and planning for the future WILL RELIEVE YOU of a lot of stress.  2. Keep it simple - There's no need to go into macro computations or 6 small meals a day. There are ways to keep eating delicious food and exercising everyday without over complicating our lives. 3. Enjoy your life and have fun - it's not always about weight. It's about WELLNESS. "One step at a time. Brick by brick. Go 45 miles per hour instead of going 100 miles an hour." This is Jessica's philosophy.  Before you know it, you've laid down the foundations for a mindful and beautiful life.   You can do it! -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: @adminprestigeplus -- Connect with Jessica: Web: FB: Coach Jessica Samson FB Group: Fit Mind, Fabulous Body
August 07, 2020
Ep 35 - Part 2: Today is my January 1st: The Secret to Unlimited Sales
Have you ever had that "never again" moment in life? When you come home and there's no power in the house? When you have to lie to family about your situation? When you feel like a burden to those you love because of your mistakes? Coach Che Brown hated selling but soon realized that he needed it to succeed. And while money is not everything, it is important to "never run out of money." And in this episode, he teaches us exactly how to achieve that."The more sales you make, the more money you get!" as Che empasized. So how do I get more money? "Don't chase the money. Add value and the money will chase you." In other words, how can I be the Tylenol to someone's headache? In Che's favorite words, "People will pay you today if you help them solve a problem today!" And I absolutely agree! He teaches us further about problem solving and overcoming objections using the 4s method. Che is on FIRE and he's sharing that high energy y'all! I won't spoil the fun by writing them down here. Get to know Che and learn all about his sales secrets today. Dig in! -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: @adminprestigeplus -- Connect with Che: Twitter: @chebrownsales FB: The Happy Entrepreneur Show LI: Che Brown
July 30, 2020
Ep 35 - Part 1: Today is my January 1st: The Secret to Unlimited Sales
Have you ever had that "never again" moment in life? When you come home and there's no power in the house? When you have to lie to family about your situation? When you feel like a burden to those you love because of your mistakes? Coach Che Brown hated selling but soon realized that he needed it to succeed. And while money is not everything, it is important to "never run out of money." And in this episode, he teaches us exactly how to achieve that."The more sales you make, the more money you get!" as Che empasized.  So how do I get more money? "Don't chase the money. Add value and the money will chase you." In other words, how can I be the Tylenol to someone's headache? In Che's favorite words, "People will pay you today if you help them solve a problem today!" And I absolutely agree! He teaches us further about problem solving and overcoming objections using the 4s method. Che is on FIRE and he's sharing that high energy y'all! I won't spoil the fun by writing them down here. Get to know Che and learn all about his sales secrets today. Dig in! -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: @adminprestigeplus -- Connect with Che: Twitter: @chebrownsales FB: The Happy Entrepreneur Show  LI: Che Brown
July 30, 2020
Ep 34: Effective Online Marketing without Spending a Dime
How do we do effective marketing economically? How can we increase our presence without spending money?  With the uncertainties surrounding us, it may not be a wise choice to be adding to your expenses now. So I wanted to put together a couple of tips that can get you maximum impact without impacting your pockets!  1. Partner up with another expert in your field 2. Encourage user generated content 3. Affiliate Marketing 4. Build an online presence and be consistently present 5. Use free online tools 6. Recycle your posts 7. Keep your brand imaging consistent 8. Video, video, video! This is the right time for us to buckle down and really look into this. Take time to sit down today and do one thing. Remember: "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!" Let's do this! And if you ever need to talk, I'm here.  -- Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: @adminprestigeplus
July 22, 2020
Ep 33: Happiness Hacks for Today's Entrepreneurs
So much is going on with politics and the pandemic that we as entrepreneurs sometimes forget to find joy in our businesses. Come back to center with me, dive in to the details and rediscover why you started your business with my happiness hacks!  * Build a foundation before putting up a house.  * Develop a level of spirituality and decide what that means for you. * Find a way to invite more into life. * Continuously learn, choose how and stick with it on a weekly basis.  * Align your business with your gifts. * understand your vision and allow it to light your way. * Expand your vocabulary. * Be comfortable with chaos. * Work towards financial independence despite how far it seems.  *Increase boundaries in order for your heart yo run free.  * When a problem arises, be the one to solve it despite who started it. * Find a community of like-minded individuals who can bring out the best in you.  I promise you, it's going to be okay. And if you ever need a helping hand, no strings attached, I'm here! With love, Riah Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: @adminprestigeplus
July 14, 2020
Ep 32: "I like your earrings!" and Other Social Media Content Strategies That Work!
Posting on social media is so much fun on a personal level. But when the demands of posting as a business catch up with us, it becomes a scene of drudgery and you find yourself avoiding those apps because you just can't do it anymore! When the stuff that used to be fun is now downright uninspiring , what do we do? Today we have the sensational Caroline Thompson from Social Granola. Caroline shares her tried and tested processes to see us through our content creation process and basic strategies for social media. Here's a quick lowdown: Be in tune with your brand. Know your voice, your values and your vision. Understand why you're posting on social media. Gauge your audience and which platform they can be found in, Maybe your current platform isn't where your ideal audience lives? Find a VA that understands your company and your brand. Don't settle for help if it strays away from what you stand for. Find inspiration from other areas of your life. What are you interested in? Do you like astrology? Pull inspiration from there. Ask your audience. Lower the barrier to entry by making engagement easier for them. Create polls instead of questionnaires. Gary Vee's 1.80 Strategy - works every time!  Engagement means communicating with your audience on a regular basis. Connect with people that you like!  We all love to be complimented. Why not give out some compliments when engaging? You can make a new connection, a new friend or maybe even a new client!  And the most important things to keep in mind: Be Genuine Be Sincere Be Relatable Be You The best way to finding content and finding the energy to re-engage is to take a step back and stop for a while. There's no shame in being  "social media silent" for a while when you can come back with a louder and clearer voice.  Try it!  All my love, Riah -- Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter Connect with Caroline Facebook Instagram Facebook Group
July 07, 2020
Ep 31: Find Your Purpose to Reignite Your Life
The average lifespan of women in the US is 83.3 years. And that's a pretty long time to be living your life like it's well, average. Dr. Kim Warren-Martin is on a mission to help professional, burned-out women reignite their light and reclaim their life purpose. Dr. Kim's love and vigor for life is infectious, but in the podcast, she shares that it wasn't always that way. She had to go through her own professional journey to realize that her ladder of success was against the wrong wall. Sometimes, we hinder our own progress to purpose because we feel a sense of guilt or obligation due to our success. Deceptively good-natured and well-intentioned thoughts and beliefs like "Well, I need to support my family!" or, "I've made it this far, I can't quit now..." or, "This is good work!" may be all true, but Dr. Kim urges us to reconsider if they are true for US. As we discuss in the podcast, don't believe everything you think. Now, Dr. Kim develops methodologies alongside her clients to help reignite their light and find the correct avenue for passion love their life again. Repeat after me: I will learn to not settle. I am worthy of joy, love and abundance! In this episode we discuss so many gems, including: How to overcome the guilt and isolation associated with success A critical lesson in professional courage and audacity What it means to 'count the cost' PRO-tire or RE-tire? The difference between being comfortable and 'comfy' (which is better)? The impact of our three stages of life How to avoid regret on your deathbed The power of our thoughts on our identity The 3 core questions: Who am I? What do I want? Why do I want it? Core identity versus role-playing Developing a guiding 'North Star' to inform aligned decision-making... And a great quote:  No [woman] has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind [her] distinct and legitimate reasons for having gone through it. - George Washington Carver Dr. Kim is an inspiring storyteller and I learned so much from hearing about her experiences. I'm inspired to evaluate the areas of my life where I am unfulfilled. What are some of yours? Let's chat and hold each other accountable! Share in our Facebook group Let's all reignite our lights (and lives) in 2020, friends! Best, Riah --- Get Kim's Free Fulfillment Formula Cheat Sheet here: @reigniteherlight Connect with me: Join the Client Experience Revolution Facebook Group: @adminprestigeplus
June 24, 2020
Ep 30: Working through Wounds to Realign with Your Professional Path
Feeling stuck and stalled out lately? That feeling could be attributed to hidden trauma and wounds that are unknowingly keeping you from reaching your full potential. This week, I had a heart-to-heart with Monique Gaffney, a core wound healer and purpose guide who helps professional women to get unstuck by digging deeper to heal their core wounds. Core wound: a person, place, time, and/or event that completely shifts the trajectory of our lives. It could be trauma, limiting beliefs, or a series of actions. A core wound is that it is something that informs our actions, feelings, and ultimately inhibits our success. I first started working with Monique recently, and noticed an immediate change in the way I was able to resolve a deep, internal conflict with one of my family members.  Monique shares with us why so many people are missing out on the healing required to move past and a lot of it has to do with quick fixes, shortened process, and In other words… “Band aids don’t fix bullet holes” - Taylor Swift Luckily, in this episode we go through some ‘soul surgery’ so you can get on the right path to holistic healing and reach your full potential. Are you ready to work? In this episode we discuss: Why personal development and self-help is NOT the answer Breaking through glass ceilings Healing forward so we can lead and empower others The false metrics of success Why self-image is so important The power of authenticity How compartmentalization is self-defeating Releasing our burdens The biology of trauma Reversing generational wounds Monique’s insights about networking marketing And MORE! You don’t wanna miss this episode. A lot of the times, we get in our own way (intentionally or not) through self-sabotage. But the minute we begin the work to uncover those deep, hidden core wounds we shift our energy, stop that destructive cycle, and allow for our glory to shine through. Remember, if we fight for our limitations, we get to keep them. So let’s make a promise to fight for our strengths, for our potential and unique qualities.  A first step to healing is to be vulnerable.  I created a Facebook group solely for badass women to feel free and inspire each other to move forward. Join with the link below. All my love, Riah --- Connect with Monique: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Facebook Group Instagram Twitter
May 29, 2020
Ep 29: From Burnout to ON FIRE!
Calling all businesswomen, solopreneurs, and chronic overachievers!!! Listen up: Aren’t we all sick and tired of being sick and tired?! I think yes. For this episode, I brought on Karrie Brazaski of Redwood Executive Coaching. With a long successful career in healthcare, she has an eagle eye for burnout (I know because she spotted mine from miles away). Some things we discuss in this episode to tackle burnout: The relation to chronic stress and disease How COVID-19 is changing our perspective on workaholism The importance of sleep Recognizing our safe places The paradox of the to-do list: how perpetual busy-ness is actually costing us time Managing stress and decision fatigue The ‘woman’s load’ and how it has changed over time Connecting with our friends and family for support And… what the heck does a redwood have to do with burnout? Hint: they burn silently on the inside, too. This episode emphasized a great classic quote by Eleanor Brownn: “Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” The best defense against burnout is taking care of yourself first. No matter your obligations, familial, vocational, or residential, it’s important to remember: we show up best for others when we show up for ourselves. I hope you enjoy this episode. Burnout is very real and something we can all better equip ourselves with. I challenge you to take some time for yourself today. That could be a few minutes, an hour… whatever time you have, but commit to it. Do not let any distractions interrupt YOUR TIME. See how it impacts your mood, productivity, and general state of being. Reach out to let me know how it goes and if I can support you in any way fighting through - or recovering from - burnout. We’re in it together. Wishing you love and light! Connect with Karrie: Redwood Executive Coaching Facebook Connect with me: Twitter: @theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: @adminprestigeplus
May 22, 2020
Ep 28: Alright, This One’s Personal: How I Deal With Unsurety... And yes, It's a Word!
This will all blow over... NOT. When my daughter told me to buy masks at the start of this COVID-19 outbreak, I chalked it up to her conspiratorial tendencies. Wow was I wrong. I think I am just now beginning to fully process the implications of thispandemic we are going through. In this episode, I discuss the unique challenges Admin Prestige faces as a B2B agency, and how I’ve tried to create meaningful, empathetic content in the face of so much unsurety (I just learned that IS a word). I talk about my personal struggle trying to overcome depression, fear, and anxiety relating to the economic downturn and what is on the other side for small businesses, including myself. But - not all is doom and gloom, I consider how this pandemic has brought to light some baggage that I need to pack up and ship. I’ve taken some time to get organized: both in head and home. This extra time has allowed me to sit through a lot. I’ve revisited project management software, cleaned out my home office space (Shout out to Amy Woidtke, my clutter-busting fairy), and dealt with emotional baggage. Whew, it’s a lot. I know. I want to encourage you that whatever your process is... it’s valid. If that means throwing yourself into work, do it. If that means laying on the couch because you can’t really function in this chaos, I totally get it. This is a challenging stage in our lives. We are probably all going through it right now, but we have to focus on the good that comes of this situation: the intentionality of cultivating relationships, the novelty of managing routines, -and hopefully getting to know ourselves just a little bit better. Even if you’re struggling right now (mentally, physically, emotionally...), try to ask: what is one good thing that I can make out of this? I think the ultimate lesson here is this: Yes, it is painful to face these challenges. But your approach to dealing with them can affect whether they are worth it- or not. My take: we’re going through it anyway - try to make the hardships worth it. If you are in the depths of despair... connect with me for any number of resources. I want to help you anyway that I can. It’s my calling to serve you with heart. If you are in the depths of despair... connect with me for any number of resources. And if you aren't part of the Client Experience Revolution Facebook Group yet, feel free to join and be part of the fun and support too! Thank you for allowing me to be real and vulnerable in this episode. It was a doozy!
May 15, 2020
Ep 27: Keys to Success: How a Certain Farm Animal Has the Lock on Business Achievement
We are all in the mindset of making our businesses sustainable. Gary Vee says being the GOAT - The Greatest Of All Time -  is the answer. So how do you become the GOAT? Here’s my secret sauce to success: Don’t Tolerate The Intolerable - Hold yourself and others (your team and your clients) to a higher standard. Do not accept results that are below par so you can have more energy for more important things. Finish What You Start - Find time to close off personal and professional projects. This will give you more peace! Use what tools you need to get things done. Do not shy away from software that can make your life easier. If you need help, I’d be happy to give you advice! Simplify Your Life - Balance is easily achieved when you declutter your life -- physically, mentally, spiritually. Amy Woidtke from Making Space For You has been my secret weapon to achieving order, function and simplicity with my physical spaces. Her services are available virtually too and I encourage you to book a free consultation with her so you can get a new perspective on your space and reinvent it into something more inspirational and spiritual for you. Reinforce Your Structures - Make sure you meet your own needs first. When you do this, your fears will be replaced with confidence. Keep What Matters Close - Organize your life so that it revolves around the things that matter to you. What are the most important things in your life right now? Create your schedule around them. Always Create - Strive to improve and don’t lose your creative side. Constantly try new things and experiment with old things. Strengthen -  Your strengths need to be tested, pushed, and built upon in order to become more solid. The EXTENDED DISC assessment is the best way to understand where your strengths and opportunities lie. If you want to try it out and get help with interpreting the results, call me! Reserve - Learn how to stockpile in every aspect of your life. Incorporate - Be aware of how the different aspects of your life fit together.  Strive to maintain adhesion and connectivity in your life. Perfect - Make sure to constantly work at all of your unique elements. Through attentive care, you can polish your life into a work of art. I would like to do a special shout out to the F Bomb Breakfast Club. It’s an amazing group of fabulous female founders and women business owners who help each other launch, grow, and survive their businesses. I can't express how much support I've gotten from this bad ass group! If you want to get connected, you are welcome to reach out to me and I will hook you up. And if you aren't part of the Client Experience Revolution Facebook Group yet, feel free to join and be part of the fun and support too! Till next time!
April 13, 2020
Ep 26: From Clients to Raving Fans: Get Referrals in 3 Easy Steps
Times are tough now and business is even tougher. So I’ve put together a couple of simple and actionable tips that I hope will help you as much as they’ve helped me! You want to be the go-to person in your field for people in your community. When clients think of a service or product, it just has to be you! But how? REMEMBER. RAVE. REFER. According to Marisa Corcoran, these are the 3 R’s that we hope to accomplish. And this concept perfectly ties up with one of Noah Fleming’s tidbit last February. How do we create customer loyalty? Let me count the ways: STAY TOP-OF-MIND - No matter how good you are, or how excellent your process was, THEY NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE. CONSISTENT MESSAGING - Your messaging, communication and approach has to be consistent and relevant. Customers should see that you are dependable. If you are only present in times when you gain something from them, they see it. Let them know you are always there for them. TRACK AND MEASURE - Ensure that your business and your customer sales process are seamless. The experience should be as clear, smooth and comfortable for them as it is for you. And whatever it is that you implement should be monitored so you can understand which works and why, or the other way around. If they don’t remember you at the end of the day, then you’ve most likely missed one of the three. Here are a few of my own tips as well: When dealing with a new or existing client, set expectations that you will be asking for referrals or recommendations at the end of your cycle. Do it. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and testimonials from existing clients. This increases buyer confidence even if they haven’t worked with you before. Request for recommendations on LinkedIn. You can use these recommendations as references in social media or everywhere else later on. Try them, and please let me know how if they worked for you. Do you have something up your sleeve that has helped you with your business? Share your tips or strategies too. Till next time! ❤
April 03, 2020
Ep 25: Roots and Riches: How Understanding Culture is the Key to Your Success
In this episode, we'll talk about how you can take advantage of blending culture and business. Today’s guest is Stacie De Armas, a first-generation Cubana who lives in Los Angeles and currently works for Nielsen. While we often associate Nielsen Global with media and viewer interactions, they also conduct social and economic research and that's Stacie’s area of expertise. 2020 Trends for Businesses One very simple, but powerful, statistic is blowing everyone’s minds: The Changing Demographics of America. Let’s talk about good old Mean, Median and Mode. For the US Hispanic community, the median age is 28. On the other hand, the median age for non-Hispanic whites is 44. This means that the next 10 years, which are considered to be the big acquisition years for the 20-somethings of today, are going to be populated largely by Latinos, Asians and African Americans. Whether it's home purchases or cars, the new group coming into this space will demand the attention of brands as the shift in their ages and lifestyles occurs. According to NAHREP, Latinos are the fastest-growing population of first time home buyers as well. What does this mean for your business? Talk about the opportunities for your business to grow and where that's coming from. At this point, we can see that the steps you choose in the context of Hispanic marketing will matter. Collectivist Culture: Traditions hold, and they are now married with Technology A collectivist culture is one that's based on valuing the needs of a group or a community over the individual. The roots of the Latin community remain strong despite the individualistic culture in the US. In essence, they continue to value the interest of their peers and use the same communication and business channels that their community uses. What does this mean for your business? The Latin culture is strong and is not about to melt away into the fabric of the American culture. It’s not just about marketing to them and making them want your products or services, you have to understand what makes them tick. Be knowledgeable of places online where the Hispanic community converges. These are your best target locations. They think highly of products that provide value -- products that provide a direct answer to their needs. And these products must come from companies that are engaging and meaningful to them. And that is why Latino entrepreneurs are now growing at faster rates. As Stacy says, “I really mean this, I say your business does well, because of who you are. And I don't mean, who YOU are, it's who you are CULTURALLY. You are naturally high touch, you are naturally engaging. That's a cultural predisposition, you can't take that away.” What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given or someone has told you? My dad always says it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Whether it's an extra degree or an extra sweatshirt. Whether it's a pair of socks when you're going bowling. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it now. So whether this information comes to you at a time that you don’t need it, it could be handy for you in the future. And if it helps you now, well then all’s well that ends well. Thanks for listening! Links: Twitter: theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: AdminPrestigePlus Nielsen 2019 Latinx Report Telemundo Latina 2019 Report
March 03, 2020
Ep 24: Not Your Grandma's Ice Breakers
Can you break the ice? Are you able to come into a conversation and have something meaningful to contribute? Are you able to connect with a person? Today’s episode is all about getting into a meaningful conversation with the use of a simple tool. One of the tools that I wanted to highlight that I've used in my workshops before is something called the Connect Deck created by a woman named Marli Williams. It's a collection of questions that are designed to cultivate meaningful connections and to increase interaction, build community and enhance engagement. These are great for workshops, training and retreats. Personally, I think they’re great just to have as random little questions in your pocket to fill that awkward silence that sometimes comes with meeting new people. Here are a few questions I’ve pulled out that I’ll be answering too: What do people come to you for? What's something you're really good at that you don't like doing? What were you like as a kid? Were you similar or different from how you are now? What is one of the goals that you’re working on right now? What do you love about myself? What is something you need to hear right now? What do you need in your business right now? What would be different in your life? What didn't work and what did you learn from that? What do you believe is very important and under-discussed? And if you could wave a magic wand and change something in your life, what would it be? What are you most excited about in your life right now? Where are you one year from now say it as though it were already true? Of course, these are not all elevator questions. They're meant to push you beyond the run of the mill icebreaker questions. Did you like them or did you REALLY like them? Let me know what you thought about this episode, hop into the group at Client Experience Revolution on Facebook. Post your comments emojis, hearts, sick faces, whatever you want, make this broken CEO feel less unbroken with my plates in my arms. And if you have been wanting to know how you can better connect with other people and learn more about relationship marketing, I’m there! I’ll teach you the ropes. Don’t forget to rate and share. See you next week! Helpful links: Client Experience Revolution Group:  Color Street - The Connect Deck - Marli Williams -
February 21, 2020
Ep 23: From Real to Red Carpet
Joining me in this episode is make up and brand consultant, Miles Berdache. He shares a preview of his Bedroom to Boardroom to Broadcast video series, a 4-video series that talks about the important elements and steps to help women express their “Visual Message” across. What is a Visual Message? “To me is really being in alignment with who your target market is.” - Miles If you're a fitness instructor, and your goal is to attract CEO business type clientele, you're probably not going to look like Lady Gaga in your video. However, if your target market is millennials who like Lady Gaga, you might want to look like Lady Gaga in your video. So your visual message is really dependent on who you're trying to attract and how you do it. It's one thing to have wild, outrageous, fun makeup. There's always a time and a place for that. But it may not be the time and the place for your business if your goal is to attract clients who are completely on a different wavelength. Forbes magazine put out a study that only 7% of our message is our message. 35% is our tone and how we deliver our message. 55% of the decision process to do business with us is based on our appearance and our body language. More than half of why people are making a decision to do business with you is based on how you're visually representing what you're doing. People are choosing to do business with you, so you are the brand. One of the best books I think I've ever read was ‘Be Your Own Brand’ by David McNally and Carl D. Speak. Mistakes That People Do In Their Videos With makeup and hair, I think the biggest mistake that a lot of people are making is they're just not doing it. They think that they can get away with this whole authenticity. The lights are going to completely wash you out so the makeup is actually used to bounce information back to the camera. There's all science behind makeup and what it does for the camera and it's based on the light. Miles’ Advice on Evaluating Your Visual Message The number one thing to do when you're evaluating your visual messages: really work backwards. Take a look at who your ideal client is, and what they may be looking for. And then ask yourself, is that how you're being representing yourself? I think that's the number one thing I would tell your listeners is to just really make sure that you are aligning your message with not only your brand but your ideal client! Find Miles Here: Website - Facebook Page - Instagram - LinkedIn - YouTube - Bedroom to Boardroom to Broadcast in 20 Minutes or Less! - Be Your Own Brand -
February 12, 2020
Ep 22: Why You Shouldn't Pay It Forward
"Grace" has always been more than just a word or a name for me. This week, I wanted to go into a bit of storytelling to share a few things on the topic of Grace and how it resonates with me in life. How do we show grace to other people? Do we grant ourselves grace when we need it the most? Or in the process of self-doubt and growing insecurities, have we forgotten about it? My Name is Amariah… The biblical definition of Grace is “unmerited favor”. This means that even though you don't deserve it, someone can give you an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual. My full given name is Amariah Grace. It means God has promised you Grace -- which is extremely ironic because if you take grace in the sense of walking with ease, I am a bit of a klutzy. That’s just not me. I fall all the time. I could get really emotional thinking about my name and what it means. I often ask, “Why would I deserve to be loved in the way that I get kindness that I don't deserve?” It sticks in my craw. It’s easier for us to do that for other people, but it's just so hard for us to do it for ourselves. We are all so mean and so critical on the inside that we tend to treat other people better than we treat ourselves. And so, I want to share this poem that I found by Lara Heacock which speaks about giving ourselves grace: When you’re doing hard things. When you’re going through change. When you’re noticing old patterns creeping back in. When you don’t feel like you showed up at your best. When you’re lost in the whirling dervish of busy. When your heart feels heavy. When your mood feels flat. When you pick a fight for no reason. When you lose your temper. When you make a mistake. When you are having a very human experience, give yourself grace. The Gift of Grace I named my third daughter Grace as well. She doesn’t fall as much as I do -- more graceful, if I may say so.  My great grandmother's name was Grace, and so was my father’s biological mother. The point is, I have this legacy with this word “grace” and it needs to be part of my journey. Especially this year when I've declared that the words of the year for me are healing and abundance. And if I am to achieve those, I absolutely need to include grace for myself and grace for other people. I still fall, and I know that I will fall in the future. But there is grace to be found within us. As the poem teaches, we have to find those places in our bodies, minds, spirits where we feel so tightly wound and give ourselves ease in those areas. “When you are having a very human experience, give yourself grace.” And if you need help doing it, please reach out and we’ll talk about it over coffee:
February 07, 2020
Ep 21: Plan for PROFIT
We are going to talk about planning & achieving results for this year. Here are the key points we'll be going over today.  Strategy vs Tactics So many business coaches out there are teaching tactics and they're calling it strategy because the word STRATEGY sells. But the bottom line is this: strategy is the ‘why’, and the tactics are the ‘how’. Kelly helps us with the process of understanding our own business down to the core and translating our motivations into strategies tailored to our needs and goals. Plan For Profit What are all the things that we need to do in order to be successful? WE HAVE TO PLAN FOR THAT. We are planning to create a profitable business that works for us. And we start with that end goal in mind of having the ideal life and the ideal business that we desire. And we reverse engineer so that we can focus our limited resources that we have as growing companies on the money productive and most profitable aspects of our business, which ultimately, you know, eliminates a lot of time-wasting a lot of money wasting and a lot of just general screwing around. My Advice from Experience Kelly's website holds so much information on growing one’s business & you can take this hilarious but extremely accurate quiz where you can discover “What Type of Profit-preneur™ Are You?” Mine was CEO, but I’ll let the quiz explain that for you! Go to  Profitology Crash and take advantage of the free resources offered there. Get a quick glimpse of how it would look like to have a solid plan for your business without going crazy. Think about it, and if you feel that it can help you too, join Profit-ology. I know I did. As an entrepreneur, sometimes it can be lonely and having people around to support you, remind you of your accountabilities and simply just be there for you is such a big help! Find Kelly here: Marketing to Millionaires - The Profit-preneur™ Circle - Profit-ology - Profit-preneur Assessment - Kelly O’Neil -
January 19, 2020
Ep 20: How To Make A Profit From DAY ONE
Today’s episode is all about how to drive, build and gain profit from Day 1 of your business. And yes! There really is a secret formula and it's not really a secret. I’m going to cut to chase… Feeling apprehensive and thinking that there was no way it could possibly work, I followed Profit First by Mike Michalowicz Profit First was written with the intention that “rather than you serving your business, your business serves you.” This book introduces several systems that will ensure any business will become permanently profitable. I know it sounds too good to be true. But it is TRUE! And Profit First really is about giving back to yourself but also being smart about how you are investing in your business.  This takes me back to when I was young and I saw how my grandparents handled their money. They had a beautiful life and plenty of money to do whatever they wanted to do. However, what I saw from them was an example of stringent budgeting which allowed them to travel & do what they wanted to do. They would take out cash and they had actual physical envelopes to sort their money with. They had a “Frolic Fund” for when they wanted to go to the movies or eat outside. Profit First teaches us the same principles. Set up your bank accounts and divide them into different categories. So you have, a bank account that is your income account and all money flows into that account. And twice a month, say on the 10th and the 25th, you evaluate and add up how much money has come in. And then depending on percentages, you go and you split it up amongst profit, first; then, owner distribution, taxes, operating expenses, etc. Once operating expense is depleted, you gotta get creative. And this is where business intelligence and street smarts come in. I switched up my favorite project management software,, to a new one -- Freedcamp. Primarily because it would cost me less for the entire year but also because I saw how there were features that weren’t there on I’ve started using the website and I’ve taken advantage of several discounts on software instead of paying full price. It makes me excited about this year and it makes me think about how I can save myself money and be mindful. Mike Michalowicz’s procedure & the process is really an equation for profitability from the get-go and this is not something where you have to be making billions of dollars to be able to do it, he says to start at the beginning, start small. Even if you have a 1% profit, you’re making a 1% profit. Even if you are only paying yourself 10%, you’re still paying yourself 10%, it’s allocated for you! Even Gary Vaynerchuk talks about living simply, living humbly. If it’s important to you, spend the money on it, if it’s not that important, find a cheaper way. And above all, have a way to make a profit a priority in your business and to live within the means of what it is your business is doing so you can continue on that path and just increase in your profits. Remember, start making a profit today! Even if it’s just 1%. Even if you don’t wanna do the profit-first model, just divert 1% of your incoming gross funds for your business into an account, and LEAVE IT THERE. This is the first day of the rest of your profitable business life! If you have any questions, reach out to me in the group. Resources: Client Experience Revolution Facebook Group Mike Michalowickz FreedCamp Profit First (Audible Link)
January 17, 2020
Ep 19: The Failure That Kicked My Ass
As we move into 2020, I wanted to do an episode in retrospect and talk about The Failure That Kicked My Ass and how it changed my life...for the better. Why should we talk about failure? Some people feel shame in talking about their projects or jobs that didn’t pan out. I feel the exact opposite! I think it’s important to look at the reasons that we got into the places that we did in the last year or two... or further back. It’s important to think of what we can do to carry forward these lessons that we’ve learned as well as forgive ourselves for the things that we’ve done to participate in that, and just recognize that that’s now part of our story. That’s the WHY. And there’s no shame in it. My Story I’m not going to list down my entire timeline here, but I do talk about it in detail in this episode. What I will say is this, in 2018 I experienced heartache, rejection, depression, unemployment, and fear. I felt tired and unappreciated at times, and I was constantly questioning myself. I have seen my loved ones get hurt and I have hurt myself emotionally as well. I was scarred, but I kept going. By 2019, a few windows had opened and I saw a spark change in me. I’m convinced now that if I hadn’t been pushed out, I would never have accomplished the things that I have accomplished and this is the universe or God saying “Ok, Riah you have to do this different thing because you’re not gonna do it on your own so I’m gonna go ahead and close this for you.” Once I grabbed on to new possibilities with both hands, things rapidly grew. By the end of 2019, I have gained 5 employees, a marketing apprentice and I a heart full of hope and an ass that is still bruised from this failure. It still hurts, and the fact that I was fired weeks before my 40th birthday really still ruins my birthday. But this is my story, I’m sticking to it, and I’m not ashamed. I’m not ashamed to say that I failed because it means I have left myself available for all of the opportunities that are to come and I am embracing every single bit. It took me a while, but I have learned to move from that part of my life into something better. To anyone who is reading and listening, thank you so much for supporting this podcast and for being part of my year. I ask that you would share this podcast with other people that might benefit from it. Join us on the Client Experience Revolution Facebook Group and put your 2 cents in, I want to hear what you would like to hear about. And let’s all be human on my social media. Let’s walk alongside each other in the good times and the bad and let’s just keep talking about it because that’s really what it’s all about. -- Find me: Twitter: Facebook: Client Experience Revolution Group: Instagram: Linkedin:
January 09, 2020
Ep 18: Small Talks, Big Profits
Dennis Cummins is a serial entrepreneur, real estate and financial investor who believes that the secret to being successful and happy in life is not to work harder but to work smarter. What do you mean by non-professionally speaking? Non-professional speaking is a conversational way of speaking that drives value and action. Learning how to do small talks can create tremendous profits for your business or product. What is one thing about developing a signature talk or some type of go-to topic that you are able to deliver in that form that translates that over to the personal side? Authenticity - The story needs to be true and authentic for the person delivering it so I never want to teach people that I work with, how to talk like me. Nobody is the same. Confidence - People buy your confidence. Say something true, say something of value that’s authentic for who you are, but do it confidently. Mechanics and the Mechanic The Mechanics are the ‘how-to’ stuff, the order in which things happen, the understanding, the steps, processes and the order in which things go. The Mechanic is about the individual, who do you need to be when you are standing up in front of a room, to have that confidence, to be compelling, to be believable, to be someone that people will want to learn from, or perhaps buy from or follow or become part of your community and it depends on a number of things. “Who you are is the determining factor in how well what you do works.” It starts with THE MECHANIC. SALES = SERVICE, not MONEY! Why do people not use speaking as a major business builder? Fear. What-ifs. what if this person’s life is ruined because they have never heard of you? More people will get involved if they realize how powerful it was and what a difference they can make. Fear goes away with knowledge. Fear is very often caused by uncertainty. When you understand that there is a very clear, very effective, simple, reproducible system that you can use to generate a talk on any subject at any time What is the biggest mistake people make when talking about their business? They tell people what they do. People want to hear about what you do that would benefit them. Why selling is important and how do you get over the resistance to doing it? The resistance to selling is because people are afraid of being judged and they are afraid of rejection. It’s your job to offer what you have and it is your job charge for that. If you don’t assign a value to it, no one else will. Takeaways: Be super clear and confident of the value you are delivering. Be passionate about your product and polished in your presentation. Passion wins every day, you can be fumbling with words but when they feel the excitement with what you do and your product, they’ll buy into your excitement and they will not worry about your delivery. -- You can reach Dennis on email: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: YouTube Channel:
December 27, 2019
Ep 17: When Customer Service and Technology Have a Baby
Welcome to our geeky episode on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems! Today, Sarah Kappler talks about how essential it is to have your own CRM no matter what size your business is. What is a CRM and how can it help your business? It’s a centralized repository of leads and contacts. It’s about being able to systematically follow up with them and deliver a great customer experience. As your business grows and you get more opportunities, a CRM will become essential so you don’t drop the ball even on small things. At some point, carrying a journal or relying on Excel isn’t going to cut it anymore. With over 600 CRMs in the market, it’s important to understand what kind of information you need to capture and to find the best ways to simplify your processes. Here are some basic examples: The Sales Process - This can start with an online form where you gather information. A CRM can assign these new contacts as a lead to be followed up on. Payment/Purchase History - If someone makes a purchase, you can make a history of it and analyze which products sell the most or understand trends in your customer demographics. FREE CRMs Not all CRMs are created equal. Some may provide more functions than others, while a few may be limited but function extremely well within their scope of support. Here are some free CRMs Sarah recommends for anyone wanting to try them out: Hubspot Free CRM - includes email sync, web tracking, email marketing & newsletters Capsule CRM - works well with Gmail, up to 250 contacts, free project management system When choosing a CRM, you always have to ask: is it as great as free beer? Or is it more of a free puppy? Meaning, will it be easy to use? Or will it be too much work and is it better to just get a paid license? Sarah’s Advice As your team grows, your needs change as well. Sarah converses with business managers and makes the assessment on what the perfect CRMs for them are. But if you prefer to DIY the entire CRM selection process, then here is Sarah’s top advice: Free trials are your friend. Try it before you buy it so you can get a feel of the product before putting your money into it. You can also try asking for an extension of the trial. Sometimes providers will agree to this to keep you interested. You can also take Sara’s “Does your business need a CRM?” Quiz to find out how CRMs can help your business grow! As a self-certified geek and lover of CRM systems, I am always bursting with enthusiasm to share my thoughts and also share my success stories on some tried and tested tools. What CRM are you currently using? And what do you hope to achieve with your business that a CRM can provide? Let’s gather round and talk about it in the Client Experience Revolution Facebook Group. See you there! -- Find Sarah on: Website - Instagram - @sarakapplerconsulting Facebook - @sarakapplerconsulting
December 13, 2019
Ep 16: Random Facts about Riah!
Not everybody knows that I ran away and got escorted home by a cop car when I was young. Or... that I once sported an afro. Welcome to the ridiculously fun and wacky episode where I answer random questions and you get to know me better. I listed some of the best questions here so you can answer them for yourself too: What are the three things that you love about yourself? If you were in a witness protection program, what would your name be and where would you go? Why can’t women put mascara on with their mouth closed? What song would you sing for your American Idol audition? If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title would be? Describe the worst haircut you’ve ever had. What is the worst thing you ever did as a child and what was your punishment? Name 3 things you love the most and why? What’s the biggest personal change you’ve ever made? What would you do if you were a lone survivor of a plane crash? What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why? What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever cried about? If you could be on the cover of a magazine, which one would it be? What fashion trend do you wish would come back? What fashion trend do you wish would go away? If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? Who was the last person you argued with? What is the one thing that you refuse to share? If you could get away with a crime, what would it be? What were your childhood pets? What 2 languages would you like to be fluent in? What is the worst job you have ever had? What’s the meaning of life? Of all the questions I answered, I thought I would highlight this one: What is the best job you ever had? I would say... the one that I have now. It’s not the one that I had originally planned, but it’s something that I am definitely passionate about now. And I am awesome at it! I’m on a mission to promote client re-engagement and it makes me so happy every time a business owner comes back to me and shares how much their business has turned around. I have room for a few more calls in my FREE Strategy Session calendar. You are welcome to set a time and date so we can talk about your business too! And while you’re at it, pick a question and let me know what your answer is. -- Join me on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:
December 04, 2019
Ep 15: Reclaim Your Roar!
Corissa Saint Laurent is a professional motivational speaker and coach for The Hear Me Roar Program. It’s an amazing online program that encourages women to use the power of their voice to enhance their life and business. Today, Corissa shares the most important points of finding that power within you to Reclaim Your Roar! “Becoming better means going deep into your soul to find what you want and what you’re made of.” Being vulnerable and connected to who we are should always come first. This mindset allows us to be more genuine to the people we interact with. Before even getting to know who our clients should be, we have to know who we are first. “Love and Acceptance” These are two things that we always strive to achieve and to give. We are so driven by external successes that we oftentimes forget to give these things to ourselves first. Tap into who you are. Accept who you are and love that person. When done this way, we eliminate all insecurities and we are able to give wholeheartedly. The Basics Face Your Fear - Because we really need to dig deep into our souls, some people feel fear and apprehension. The idea is to acknowledge and conquer that fear in order to finally find the courage to move on. Changing Your Response - When we feel fear, we signal our body of impending danger or death. By telling our minds that nothing bad will happen, we will be able to take the next step. For instance, if you are afraid of speaking in public, telling yourself that it’s okay, and that rejection from your audience does not mean the end, will subconsciously help you alleviate that feeling. From Meowing To Roaring The hear me Roar Program Program begins with a process of self discovery. It will challenge all the ways you have been acting, thinking and feeling. It will teach you how to connect to the heart of who you are and find your center. And from that center, you will find the freedom to express yourself. BONUS: For all my listeners out there, you can use promo code CXREV to get the online course PLUS the 1 on 1 coaching session with Corissa, for just the price of the course ($195 instead of $295). It’s our very first exclusive offer and I’m so excited to be able to offer this  to you! More to come! “Who you surround yourself with matters.” Surround yourself with people you want and hope to be. Join communities that can help you tap into your full potential. Take the first step by joining the Client Experience Revolution Facebook Group and let’s surround ourselves with grace and positivity there. Hear us roar! -- You can find Corissa on: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Pinterest:
November 29, 2019
Ep 14: Self Care So You Can Care For Others - Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of Self Care So You Can Care For Others. We’ve talked about being able to PAUSE. It’s very important to have some quiet time...some alone time. If your mind is not where you need it to be, then you are still no good. One way of being able to do this is by making sure that the beginning and end of your day is anchored to an activity that keeps you centered and reminded of who you are and where your faith is -- It can be meditation, journaling or just simply a moment of tranquility. As my aunt Charlotte said, “Every good book has margins.” In order for us to be able to write the good books for our lives, we should leave enough space for delight and unexpected things. If we drag ourselves all the way to the edges, we may never get this chance. To help with this, Jerrica advises her clients by “Walking It Out”. It’s an exercise where you play out the worst case scenario of a problem in your head, and verbalize how you would react to it when it happens. Most of the time, our worries revolve around, “What will people think?” “What happens if I fail?” Here’s the most important lesson: What people think or failing in something will not kill you! Celebrate your mistakes and realize that you have won, because you have learned something. Final Lessons from Jerrica In business, you will never reach your full potential if you don’t prioritize yourself. Your physical, mental, spiritual health all matter. Being able to serve and help other people are noble intentions. But… “I am best when I prioritize myself.” And whatever it is that you decide to do right now and whatever challenges you are facing… “Live your life.” Stay tuned for Episode 15 on Friday! -- You can find Dr. Jerrica Dodd on: Facebook: Twitter: Website:
November 27, 2019
Ep 13: Self Care So You Can Care For Others
Welcome to a special 2-part episode with Dr. Jerrica Dodd -- Consultant Pharmacist, Health & Wellness Advocate, National Speaker, Author, Coach and Founder of JerricaSpeaks. I met her at the recent Superwoman Summit where not only was I blown away by her talk, but also connected with her on a deeper level. Today, she talks about how going back to basics can help us find our center and make us more capable of serving our loved ones -- remembering how to take care of ourselves. Jerrica, much like many of us, didn’t realize that her body was calling for help until she discovered that needed to have brain surgery in 2015. After recovering, she quickly slid back to her old ways of being overworked and putting everybody before herself. When something becomes urgent, we tend to turn our sights to it. But as soon as it’s over, we revert to our old habits and go back to doing what is familiar. Her message resonates with many men and women out there who have failed to prioritize themselves for the longest time. Even more so as leaders, entrepreneurs and family makers, we worry about our families at home and at work. But at some point, we need to understand that if we don’t take ourselves offline, then there’s a 100% chance everything could come to a crashing halt. You could be risking yourself if you don’t. Beginning With The End in Mind It is as Stephen Covey puts it. Jerrica talks about how reverse-engineering your mindset can help you with this self-care process. Instead of fashioning our lifestyles around working for the life that we want to have, why not live the life that you want to have and do your work around it? With that, I leave you with these questions to ponder upon: *What do I want my life to look like? *Do I have time for the things that matter to me? *If I don’t have anything to give myself, what is it that I can give to *my children? To my spouse? To my parents? To my clients? We’ll see you on Part 2 of Self Care So You Can Care For Others, as we answer these questions and talk more about how to ease ourselves into this process of self prioritization. Till next time! -- You can find Dr. Jerrica Dodd on: Facebook: Twitter: Website:
November 26, 2019
Ep 12: Network Like a Boss
This week, I’ve been entrenched in Kelly O’Neal’s Collaborate to Accelerate Course in Profit-ology. In her course, I got to thinking about what it really means to network on a sincere level. Networking by way of collaboration has undoubtedly changed my life and has helped my business grow. Today, I want to share this process and encourage everyone to try it out: 1. Look Around and JOIN An Organization That You Are Passionate About Serve on the board or help with events. This helps you develop relationships with like-minded people. Once you’re in, WORK THAT DIRECTORY! Reach out to people on that list, set up a meeting and CONNECT! 2. Have a MINIMUM of 3 Meetings Per Week Come to the meeting with an open HEART, an open SPIRIT, and open EYES. How I do it: I turn the table and let them talk: You can open with statements like: “Tell me about your business.” “Tell me about how you started.” “Tell me who you serve.” I genuinely open myself to where they’re coming from. I always prepare to ask for what I need. 3. DOCUMENT. DOCUMENT. DOCUMENT. My deep and undying love for CRM comes into play here. Get to the habit of dictating your notes after your meeting. This helps you capture even the smallest details and allows you to keep to the heart of the conversation. And when you meet again, you have those tiny details at your fingertips. Pro Tip: If you have an assistant, you can pass the dictation along and they can enter the information in your database for you. 4. Follow Up! Thank the person for the appointment. Sending an email is great. If you can find the time to send a hand-written card, even better! Include your follow up information to make room for another meeting down the line. In a nutshell, you can establish and nurture long-lasting relationships only if you: PAY ATTENTION. SERVE FIRST. ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED. DOCUMENT. CONSISTENTLY FOLLOW UP 5. CONNECT Them With Someone That They NEED After listening to their needs and getting to know them more, you’ll soon SEE INVISIBLE LINKS to people in your network. A person you know may be able to help another person you’ve just met. Do these things sincerely, and you will be surprised by how they come back to help you. People sincerely want to help people they know. If you don’t have anything else going on for a few days, fill your calendar with these meetings. At the end of the day, your intention should be geared towards finding people to start meaningful relationships with. Networking will organically happen. And that is what it means to NETWORK LIKE A BOSS! --- I am always looking forward to meeting new people and collaborating on anything! If you have something in mind or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to message me on Facebook or schedule a call from my website. Till next time! 🙏
November 15, 2019
Ep 11: You Are Not Supposed To Be There
Welcome to our very first “televised” and “internet-lized” episode! I have nothing but gratitude for having my good friend Wendy Sterling with me today. With her help, we all get a closer look at one of life’s realities... No matter where you are and what you have achieved, life will sometimes level you. Life will derail you. So then how do you pick up the pieces? Wendy shares her journey about how she turned a life-shattering experience into an opportunity that not only helped her, but now allows her to reach out to other women and help them push through their pain as they become their most confident, positive, energetic and sassiest selves yet! A bit about Wendy… Establishing her career as a top-level advertising sales executive in the digital space, at the world’s most progressive social and lifestyle website brands (such as Who What Wear and Refinery29), Wendy Sterling had it all… successful career, two beautiful children, and a (seemingly) devoted husband. But after enduring a traumatic and unexpected divorce along with her mother’s cancer diagnosis, Wendy’s entire world was rocked to its core. It was in that dark moment when she decided to screw the “poor me” attitude, and allow her sass to emerge alongside her class. Leveraging decades of experience as a mentor, problem-solver and strategic thinker, Wendy followed her heart and rebooted her career. She transformed her mission into being a Divorce Recovery Specialist with the goal of helping divorced women boost their confidence and sense of self through her proven, first and only Divorce Rehab™ program. Lessons We Learned Now we certainly don’t condone divorce and the glorious mess that comes along with it. But here are a few things we do want you to take note of, regardless of what you’re going through right now: Don’t look for instant gratification from sudden shifts in your life. Be PATIENT. Things don’t happen to you. They just happen. Turn your vulnerability into POWER by finding the silver lining in your situation. LISTEN to the universe. Dire circumstances can often mean that it’s time to pivot and move to another direction. Oftentimes, they are not what we expect, but they are what we are meant to do. Wallowing in negative spaces can be familiar and convenient. But you DON’T have to. And you don’t have to do it alone. Acknowledge the NOW. And look to the FUTURE. Set small, clear goals and work towards those goals one day at a time. Our Message… If this talk speaks to you or if you have a friend in the same space right now, BE KIND. Pass the message along and reach out to Wendy. “You always have the power to change your life and make different choices.” Growth hurts and it’s certainly not comfortable. But it’s not impossible. Hold your head high and power through! You deserve BETTER. Now. Go grab a glass of wine, clean up that mess and start anew. Wendy Is Available On: Facebook: @wendy.sterling.7 Instagram: @youtwopointo Website: Email:
November 06, 2019
Ep 10: If I Could Host My Dream Guest, Who Would It Be?
In this special mini-episode, our host Riah goes solo as she talks about her dream collaboration -- Gary Vee! Today, we get to see Gary Vaynerchuck in Riah’s eyes and discover how he has inspired her to be the force that she is now. Most importantly, we discover why he has to be on this podcast as soon as possible! Who is Gary Vaynerchuck? Gary is a worldwide influencer who built his career during one of the most difficult times in the economy. He pioneered e-commerce by selling wine online from his father’s liquor business. He is now the chairman of a modern-day media and communications company, as well as the CEO of a full-service advertising agency. Gary is all about taking risks in new ventures and is one of the most sought-after public speakers of our time. Why Gary Vee? He Speaks About Hard Work and Leaving a Legacy For Gary, the ultimate goal is to leave a legacy on this planet. He believes that in order to build a product or service that people will become loyal to, you’ll have to put in hard work. Becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen overnight. But if does, how sustainable are you? He Speaks (Extensively!) About Serving With Heart “You can be a winner and a sweetheart!” Gary encourages everyone to go the extra mile, to always do the right thing and to develop relationships. To him, it is possible to build lasting relationships and still make money. There is absolutely no reason to treat other people unkindly because it is always better to serve with heart -- and isn’t this what this podcast is all about? He Believes In Connecting With The Public “Call somebody up and tell them ‘Thank you!’ for being your client.” “Do something specifically to make somebody’s day.” These are just a few of the tips coming from Gary’s text community. He reaches out in a way that other influencers don’t, he encourages everyone to pay it forward and do something out of the box every now and then. Riah On Creating a Legacy Gary is playing for legacy, and so am I. My goal is to create a world where we serve our clients to the HIGHEST level, RE-ENGAGE with people, and offer services with LOVE. My hope is that everyone I touch with my business would be in a better place. Listen to Gary Vaynerchuck on Spotify: The GaryVee Audio Experience  DailyVee Selects
October 25, 2019
Ep 9: Mindset reset: Conquer Your Burnout with Kori Linn
You already know I was stoked for this episode when the first words were “Crush it,” the infamous book by none other than my fave, Gary Vee. But this episode was less about working your ass off a la Gary Vee, and more about how to manage your mindset to thrive at work, without the tax on your mental and physical well-being. I talked with Kori Linn, a burnout coach for women in tech who’s passion is to deconstruct the mental blocks we have that drain our resources. Her tagline? Crush it at work without work crushing you. AMEN! Kori was inspired to coach women in tech when she saw how the male-dominated culture led women to compensate for their womanhood by exceeding expectations, working longer and harder- at the expense of their health. Women typically don’t identify as perfectionists, but we tend to mas perfectionism under the guise of perpetual self-improvement. We think, ‘I’m not trying to be perfect, just better.’ But if we are never content with where we are… we are essentially striving to be perfect. This often happens by default. Our brain absorbs subconscious patterns and programs that exist in our environment. We take in ideas, attitudes, and stories from those around us to form the world as we know it.  These programs are mostly automated, and we don’t check them to see if they are true or aligned with our values. That means there is a lot of destructive nonsense floating around in our head... indoctrinated as early as our toddler years, from our parents, teachers, or even media. In order for us to begin to change that culture, we first have to acknowledge and fix our own mindset so we don’t pass our destructive automatic programs and thought patterns to others. I love Kori’s approach of deprogramming the junk that lives in our heads by cultivating thoughts of success and resilience. She shares some tips to fight against those pesky programs, such as thinking on purpose and evaluating our thoughts instead of automatically accepting them as true. Kori also underscores the importance of shifting perspectives, and how to find excitement when your thoughts are proven wrong. Kori encourages us to fight against confirmation bias that keeps us stuck in the same thought processes, especially if they are not ultimately beneficial. My two biggest takeaways: Fun gets things done: Done is better than perfect, but in order to not procrastinate our way out of doing things, we need to enjoy the process. We need to find the fun to build momentum in our work. Practice makes progress, which in turn produces results. Embrace all the emotions: Kori said, it’s not feelings labeled as ‘bad’ (sadness, disappointment, etc) that are the problem, but our resistance to the feelings that create suffering. When we numb the pain, we also numb the joy. Free the feels. The good outweighs the bad. This episode challenged me to think about the automatic programs I have in my head and how they are holding me back from my potential, and maybe even perpetuating some self-sabotage. Support of family and friends, and professionals can help us recognize and change patterns that we see within ourselves. However, it is on us to practice the vulnerability and accountability required to grow. Mindset is a muscle. Of course, I’m also here to support you to overcome your challenges. Please reach out if I can help you in any way. -- Connect with Kori: Kori Linn Coaching Facebook Connect with me: Twitter: theriahgonzalez FB: Client Experience Revolution Group IG: AdminPrestigePlus
September 30, 2019
Ep 8: "How collaboration beats competing any day" with Dana Corey
Executive Coach, Dana Corey discusses how her business is different in connecting with other business owners and with other executives. We dive deep into what sets her business apart from the rest, what she believes hinders growth or causes plateaus, her candor as her strength, and how she sparked a new way of networking for fellow entrepreneurs. What her business is about 02:13 Most of my clients are established, they've been in business anywhere from 3-10 years, and they've gotten there on their own wherewithal, their own wit, their own grit, their own determination. But they always hit a place where everything that they thought to do, everything that they knew to do, everything that had worked in the past stops working. And that's when I come in and I help & give them a different perspective and get them over that hump. Common plateaus that people experience 05:10 Most business owners think that the way to get from here to wherever they're going is a shift in doing. It’s a shame that people think that the words that you use are the answer to selling. It's like a doing-ness problem. But the truth is that "doing", whatever it is that you think that you have to do, is only 10 percent of the issue.  Candor as her strength 08:17 Being nice is a kiss of death. Being kind is one thing, and being kind is really fundamentally important to being human. But being nice is walking a line trying not to take a stand one way or the other so people will like you. And that doesn't produce results of any kind, personally or professionally. Nourish Dinners 13:19 I am somebody who is deeply committed to having real relationships with people, real friendships with people. And so I started Nourish Dinners as a way to create that kind of atmosphere for business owners where we get together for dinner, we don't talk about business but everybody in the room owns a business, and owns a successful business. And so there's this foundation upon which we stand where we understand each other, we get each other, we get what we've been through in a way that we don't have to talk about it, and instead, we get very personal. Dana’s piece of advice 22:07 Remember that you have a singular point of view. And that takes you far, but only so far. And that there comes a time when you are going to want a mentor, or a coach, or somebody else who has a different life experience but a lot to offer. And use their eyes to help you see the next place to go because from where we are standing we only see what we see. And if you invite somebody else to come in and use their eyes as a guide to see the things that you can't see, you will go much much farther. Best advice given to her 23:08 Sandra Yancy of E Women Network once said, "In order to build a business- a big business, you wanna always ask yourself, ‘What are the things that only I can do, and what are the things that I'm doing that somebody else could do?’". Because in each of our businesses, there are the things that only we can bring to that business and oftentimes, we get distracted by all of the stuff that has to get done so the time that we allot to doing our magic gets smaller and smaller. Next Nourish Dinners - October 29, 2019, Portland To join, connect through the Nourish Dinners page on her website, Or send a message through her Facebook page.
September 28, 2019
Ep 7 - Let’s get down to the nitty gritty! How being an entrepreneur can change your life.
In this episode, we will discuss: The top 3 ways having my own company have changed my life Increase in Confidence Never thought I’d be my own boss but Life kicked me in the ass and i had to do it It cost me a lot in terms of my ego and what I thought was my own ethos in security It’s about constantly putting myself out there & Having to talk about things that are most important to me It takes a level of confidence to act as an expert and Getting out of the scarcity mindset GRIT - good old nitty gritty You have to be able to fully invest financially emotionally to look in the eyes of insecurity You have to laugh in the eyes of danger If you're not confident about the way you look -- STRUT. I am going to stick it out. I am petrified but Im going to stick it out. The ability to trust in others Being able to trust other people is a huge step for me Let people help you To be a client experience consultant -- to help them figure out their own processes to serve THEIR clients at the next level. To be the faith, the relationship of admin prestige. To refer people, connect people, and loving and giving back to the community. Learned so much from giving things over and Allowing myself to be in my genius zone - connecting with people, teaching, loving and leading It's hard to say sometimes that we need help…..but when we do allow people in our lives to bless us... the result is way better than what we would have achieved on our own. “Find the thing that really have changed your life and think about how your business itself translates to the other areas of your life.” “If you're doing something authentically you, then you will find it will carry over to the other areas of your life.” “I for one, love what I do and want to stay in that light and be able to continue to love it because that is what will sustain us in the long term.”
September 24, 2019
Ep 6: Use your noggin’! The new secret to converting leads and keeping happy clients
Melina Palmer, expert in Behavioral Economics, unlocks secrets to reaching our clients in a way that they intrinsically understand. Using science, we learn how to convert more leads and price our services in a way that increases desire! For our audience only, she offers a special pricing on her upcoming courses. Find the course here: Info for the Brainy Pricing Course is at And here are your codes: - For the bundle of the full 10-module course and a seat at a half-day virtual workshop (value $798, discounted to $699 when bundled together) there is an additional $100 off (bringing the price down to $599) using the code CER100OFF
August 30, 2019
Ep. 5: Speaking to your ideal client’s heart starts with knowing what to say
In this episode, Riah interviews the fabulous Feminine CEO herself, Jessica Riverson. We discuss in detail how understanding your niche and even specializing down further helps business owners serve on a higher level. Don't forget to catch Jessica's amazing podcast channel: You can also join her FB group where she is often found helping others work through the challenges of balancing womanhood and business:
August 23, 2019
Ep. 4 - Authenticity! The Signature Statement is YOU!!
EPISODE 4: Erin Keam of The Happy Wardrobe The Signature Statement is You Link: FB page: The Happy Wardrobe Email: Contact number: 4258026771 In this episode we will discuss: Image consulting — story on how Erin became “The Wardrobe Therapist” Women empowerment, self discovery and self care Impact of clothing and one’s energy in making an impression and a statement Building one’s confidence and on being your true authentic self What it’s like working with women especially people in the LGBTQ community @8:48 “Women’s style statement are just two or three words. Words are used as a talisman to conjure up a very clear image or vision on your mind. So that when you choose clothing or when you get dressed you hold an image on your mind and you say “this is an alignment with that, this is the image I want to perceive and this is who I wanna be when I walk out the door.” — Erin Keam @10:20 “This is not about our body being out of alignment with what the world says. It’s really about how we package ourselves in a way that is loving and kind and highlights what is good about our body instead of hiding behind clothing.” — Riah Gonzalez @14:09 “It’s about creating an environment in which your message will get through without any static or any distractions and will convey that that message is authentic and as true to yourself.” —Erin Keam @14:22 “They don’t tend to buy your products. They tend to buy your energy.” — Erin Keam Best advice Erin’s ever been given @16:23 “There is enough time, money and love.” Best advice from Erin for women in the business world @18:29 “If you’re in business think about three words that define your brand and look at the clothes in your wardrobe and see if they live up to that brand."
August 13, 2019
Ep. 3 - Next Level Rapport
On the 3rd episode of Client Experience-Revolution with Riah Gonzalez, Riah discusses all things rapport with guest speaker, Adriana Perezchica -- a leading licensed real estate broker who has been in the industry since 2005 and is known for her proven sales and track record. Clients and real estate professionals alike seek her out because of her commitment to excellence and knowledge of the real estate industry. Adriana shares her tips on building rapport with clients and maintaining relationships, setting goals, as well as how to ignore the naysayers and pursue your dreams. Adriana believes that passion and desire are not enough--  we also have to have tactics, education, and business plan. She shares the most challenging thing about building rapport for her, which is that, “People don’t think of you as much you think they do.(16:23)...The most work comes from behind the scenes -- having a system. It is a bridge to go into relationships. Look how you can help. There’s nothing better than understanding their needs. Ask a lot of questions. Guide them because they need help.” When asked about the best advice given to her (17:14), she said, “Don’t try to do it all on your own. Ask questions. Find mentors. Look for either people or books, and look for answers.” She recommends books by Napoleon Hill. “If you really want it with all your soul, you’ll find a way.” Adriana’s philosophy in real estate --” When you make a decision, you need to make an educated decision. And that’s what we are here for.” For more info on Adriana and Via Real Estate: Website - Instagram - Adriana.perezchica Facebook -  Adriana Perezchica Real Estate
August 06, 2019
Ep. 2 - Drama at the Water Cooler!
Host, Riah Gonzalez and guest Katie McLaughlin dive deep on corporate culture and how doing things right improves life all the way around.
August 01, 2019
Ep. 1 - Viva La Revolucion
Viva La Revolucion Welcome to the very first episode of Client Experience-Revolution with Riah Gonzalez. In this podcast, we will discuss how we will come together as a business community and teach business owners on how to re-engage with the clients they already have. In this episode we will discuss: What this podcast is about. Who is behind Client Experience-Revolution What to expect in the coming episodes, and What’s going on around the Seattle Community
July 30, 2019