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The Cultivating Jewels Podcast

The Cultivating Jewels Podcast

By Amber Durgan
This show is all about embracing the promise of abundance (John 10:10) and cultivating what really matters in life.
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032 - Friendship Matters Series Chapter 6
see Full show notes here
July 27, 2022
031 - Friendship Matters Series Chapter 5
See full show notes at 
June 29, 2022
030 - Friendship Matters Series Chapter 4
See Full show notes here 
June 16, 2022
029 - Friendship Matters Series Chapter 3
See Full Show Notes here 
June 03, 2022
028 - Learning to view the Scripture through its correct Context with Bree Blum from Intentional Filling
Introduction: Bree Blum is the Ministry Leader + Community Connector of Intentional Filling, an online ministry that seeks to help women intentionally study the context of Scripture to become rooted in the Word of God. Bree has always been a lover of the Word, but used to struggle studying it. Since learning to read Scripture through a Middle Eastern Lens, from the perspective of the original audience, she has found confidence in the context, and a passion for getting to know the heart of God better. The same is possible for you, pinky promise! What we chat about in today's episode: Bree shares, from the work she does in her personal ministry, all about the importance of viewing scripture through a Jewish mindset and how that impacts our personal relationship with the Lord. - We get to know God ( and His character) better when we read through the cultural, historical, geographical and religious linguistic context. - Getting to know Jesus as we better understand the correct context of the Word -  The difference in a Western mindset and a middle eastern mindset in reading the Bible - How Bree herself started studying the Scripture in it's correct context and how she now has a ministry of helpoing others to do this very thing. - Learning to see the Bible in living color - In the Western world our faith can be one of comfort, one of wanting ease and safety. We can be hard pressed to find a church that is sinking their teeth down into the meat of the Word of God. - How over the last two years more people are seeking comfort in their Bibles and from the Lord after all we have walked through as a people - Evidence that the Lord is moving in this generation - Becoming familiar with your own study Bible – learning how to use the resources inside the covers of your Bible - The power of starting our Bible reading in Genesis and learning the backstory of the New Testament -Bree encourages us to get comfortable writing in our Bibles, taking notes in the margins, underlining and highlighting … - The importance of names in Judaism   - Don't be afraid to use Google to search out information, as long as you are checking multiple sources as we all know anyone can put anything online - Bree's favorite resources in studying the Word - Devotion takes time, we cannot grow by checking our Bible reading off of a to-do list - Community being huge to our walks with the Lord and each other, fulfilling the two greatest commandments - Not shying away from hard questions - Biblical feasts and their importance to us as believers today To view full show notes visit: 
May 20, 2022
026 - On Being a Working Mother with Bailey Ketteringham
Find full show notes at Introduction: Bailey Ketteringham is a Christian wife, mother of two littles and high school math teacher. She is passionate about teaching others to balance work and home life with peace and purpose. What we chat about in today's episode: Bailey's experience as a working mother. - What a typical day looks like for Bailey as a working mom - Ways she is intentional with her time - “Mommy wars” and the comparison game - Walking by the Spirit in making decisions for our personal families - The ways Bailey has grown closer to the Lord in this season - How the Lord has provided just the perfect amount of time for Bailey and her family - Encouragement Bailey would have for fellow working mothers - The importance of letting our children see us walking out our faith on a daily basis - Biblical discipleship is not always done in lesson form - The peace of living into the season you are in and not putting unneeded stress on your shoulders - Let go of the “Pinterest expectations” you have set on yourself - What Bailey's husband said to her that opened her eyes to the need of slowing down - Practical tip of how to make the most out of the time given - Living out a Deuteronomy six type faith - Bailey's journey of trusting God into the place she is in now - The trap that can be following some people on Instagram and ending up feeling less than - The wisdom Bailey would pass down to her own children from what she has learned in this season of her life as a working mother - - and more!!!
May 12, 2022
025 - Friendship Matters Cultivating Meaningful Connections in an Isolated World - Introduction and Chapter 1
Topic: We are starting a series on the book I wrote with my dear friend, Rebekah Hargraves; Friendship Matters Cultivating Meaningful Connections in an Isolated World.   What we chat about in today's episode: Friendship - The definition of friendship - The idea of friendship being all over the media - We get to choose our friends (unlike our families) - The bedrock of friendship is affection - The connection of “me too” - What the book of Proverbs has to say about friendship - Friendship should be lifegiving - The promise we can pray for friendship and the Lord will bless - We have to be the type of friend we want - Going back to a slower growth, rather than a hustle culture - What loneliness is not - Our fear of being real - We are meant to be a communal people - The blessing of belonging - The importance of sharing our story - Walking with the wise   - Iron sharpening iron friendship ** SEE FULL SHOW NOTES HERE : 
May 05, 2022
024 - On Gladys Alyward (Wrapping up the mini-series on Christian women throughout history)
What we chat about in today's episode: This is the final episode in our mini-series on Biblical womanhood, looking at Christian woman down throughout history. We recap the ladies we have studied and what they teach us that we can glean for our own lives The women this week is Gladys Alyward who was a missionary to China in/around the 1930s. We talk about her story of how God planted the seed in her heart to serve the Chinese people, obstacles she encountered in trying to get to China and how it eventually all played out. We discuss the work she did as a missionary and how the Lord provided for her We delve into a little bit about praying and waiting for God to answer our prayers ...and more! Quotes from our Chat:   “We don't come to Christ in order that we continue to live in our sinful flesh, we come to Christ in order that we would be sanctified and daily look more and more like Him.” “She (Corrie ten Boom) trusted, that no matter what color He chose to weave with, no matter what circumstance he brought into her life, it was purposeful and it would grow her in Him.” “The words of Jesus where He is talking to Martha and says 'Martha, Martha your are anxious and troubled about many things but only one thing is necessary'; how many times in our own lives have we heard that voice of the Spirit in our hearts telling us we are worried and concerned over many things when truthfully only one thing matters?” “How many of us are actually taking the time out of our days to go beyond just reading the bible for ten minutes in the morning to check it off of a to do list, and instead really sitting at His feet to learn from Him; to learn His voice, to learn His will for our lives, to learn what a great and glorious God He is.” “It's very easy for us twenty-first century American Christians, who are comfortable in our faith, and value that comfortableness, to more or less shut down any idea of serving God when it is in the face of danger. We do not like to be persecuted, we don't like to be brought out of our comfort zones. Yet this teenage girl (Mary) teaches us so much about what that radical kind of faith should look like.” “I would venture to say that for our flesh, Biblical womanhood is not an easy calling, it is the dying of our flesh. But, it is the most beautiful thing a woman could be called to.” Full shownotes found at
April 28, 2022
023- On Susanna Wesley
What we chat about in today's episode: We continue our mini-series looking into a handful of Christian women in history, this week with Susanna Wesley. She is known as the mother of Methodism. Why black and white thinking can be harmful What it means to be a Christian Susanna's early life (family, education) Susanna's marriage Susanna's motherhood and upbringing of her children What it is we can learn from Susanna   Quotes from our Chat: “Just because someone does something charitable does not mean they wear the name of Christ. The prophet Isaiah (from the Old Testament) tells us that all of our righteousness, apart from Christ of course, is nothing but filthy rags.” “It is very harmful when we are trying to use one crayon to paint a whole picture. As with all things there are nuances.” “We would not identify as a soccer player, if we had not ever touched a soccer ball. We would not call ourselves a soccer player if we were sitting on the sidelines and making up our own rules for how the game should be.” “Susanna's father did a magnificent job of educating even his daughters, in a time where the education of females was not something that was highly prioritized.” “Just because infant death was more common in her day, does not mean it was any less painful.” “The more I looked into and studied Susanna's life, the more the word resilient kept coming up in my mind. I do believe a part of being a Christian woman is to have the character trait of being resilient.”   “Us mothers can appreciate the fact that Susanna took it upon herself, that when her children were being fed “spiritual milk” to give them meat. It wasn't just something that she put up with because that's what they had, instead she stepped up to the plate and really taught her children spiritual matters. Likely John and Charles ideas of Methodism grew out of some of these teachings she had taught them.” Where you can find Cultivating Jewels Email – Facebook Instagram Website Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
April 20, 2022
022 - The Women of Easter
What we chat about in today's episode: This is the second installment on our mini series devoted to studying Christian women throughout history. Today, we took a moment to look at the three “women of Easter”, ironically all named Mary.   - The fact that Easter is not as big as it should be in the church body - We celebrate a Risen Savior...we are missing out if we are not making this a big deal - Women were the first to be witnesses of Jesus Christ's resurrection - The call to be reflective over the Easter narrative this year - Mary of Bethany anointing Jesus' feet - The response of the pharisee - The connection of Mary to Lazarus, how that has caused her to be viewed in the church - Neither Mary of Bethany, nor Mary Magdalene were prostitutes – its not Scriptural - The importance of how we read Scripture - The battle of good and evil in our hearts - Find time to draw near to the Savior's side - Mary Magdalene was set free of 7 demons - Mary Magdalene was one of the few women who stayed by Jesus' side through His death, burial and resurrection - The importance of slowing down and immersing ourselves in Scripture -  Mary the mother of Jesus and her role in Jesus' life, the truths that she was not holy but rather an open vessel for the Lord - Jesus taking care of Mary (His mother) even as He hung on a the cross and why this was important - Reminiscing “through the eyes” of Mary of Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus Resources mentioned: Sites read in research- Quotes from our Chat: “Mary of Bethany has been made a hero, especially in our busy world where a lot of our church messages revolve around slowing down to spend time with Jesus, we give this Mary (Mary of Bethany) a place of reverence.” “The battle of walking by the Spirit versus carrying out the desires of our fleshly nature is a battle we are well acquainted with. But the best news of Easter is that Jesus died on the cross and rose again and therefore has final victory!” “You do not need a church building to draw close to the Lord.” “Jesus set Mary free of seven demons, what is it that He has set you free of?” “Those of us who have been forgiven much, have learned to love Jesus much, He is the one and the only One that was able to smash our chains! He loved us enough right in our darkness that He brought us through the darkness. He stood in the darkness with us, and instead of leaving us there, brought us into His eternal life!” “Love drew me near, freedom made me stay.” Where you can find Cultivating Jewels online: Facebook Instagram Email –   Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
April 14, 2022
021 - Detoxing Our Homes with Rosie Lapp
Introduction: Rosie is a young mom of three littles with one on the way, she has been married for nearly 7 years. She started her Instagram to encourage other moms in regards to health and wellness. What we chat about in today's episode: Areas of our homes which can be detoxed Why it is important to detox our homes Detoxing our bodies The role screens have Learning to read labels Taking baby steps (focusing on a journey rather than changing over night) Rosie's personal journey of finding wellness Green washing what is it and how do we avoid it? The importance of researching ingredient on labels (as long as you are using reputable sources to do your research) Quotes from our Chat: “Detoxing our homes is a very holistic thing. It includes not only the products we use in our homes but what is also going in and on our bodies.” “Sugar is in everything.” “A lot of us experience health issues that we just learn to live with. It's not until we begin to detox our home that we begin to realize the affect something has on us.” “Educate yourself on how to read labels.” “The laundry room might be the easiest place to start, because it has the least amount of things to change.” “Do the best you can and bless the rest. Knowledge is great, but we don't have to walk in fear either.” “People who are advocating for detoxing your home are in most cases doing it out of love because they care about you.” “God gave us our bodies to steward and to steward well. It does matter everything that goes into it, from food, to the media we consume, to the products we use.” Resources mentioned: Book – Satisfied by Alyssa Joy Bethke Where you can find Rosie online: Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
April 07, 2022
020 - On Biblical Womanhood Featuring Corrie ten Boom
What we chat about in today's episode: We are starting a new mini-series, beginning today March 31 and going until Thursday April 28th, each solo episode we have. Mini Series Title: A Deep Dive into Biblical Womanhood * God stories behind both characters in the Bible and our lives * Two camps of where the church places themselves when it comes to Biblical womanhood * My story in how I came to find more balance in this area * Gleaning wisdom from those who have gone before * The call to find balance * Biblical womanhood can look many different ways – there is no cookie cutter * One is beautiful, but when we come together they are exquisite * Defining women in the Bible with Scripture and not tradition * Examples of women from the Bible * Characteristics of women in the Word * Corrie ten Boom – her life and what we can learn from it Resources mentioned: Book –The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom Quotes from our Chat: “Biblical with so many other things needs to strike a balance.” “God created womanhood, so He gets to define what it looks like.” “There is no cookie cutter version of what a Christian woman ought to look like.” “Not every woman of the Bible had the same personality, the same life story, the same roles to play.” “Hannah realized that what God had given her in Samuel, had always been the Lord's and she gave him right back to God.” “Corrie ten Boom teaches us to love the Lord in the face of hardship. It can be easy to follow after Christ when things are going well, but when things turn hard it can be a different story.” “It's super easy for us to love our people, but what do we do in the face of loving our enemies? Maybe they are not 'enemies' like we would have in a war, but what do we do with that person who gets under our skin just a little more than we would like them to? Are we willing to love them as well?”    Where you can find Cultivating Jewels online: Facebook Website Instagram Email Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
March 31, 2022
019 - On Overcoming Trauma with Grace Atherton
Introduction: Grace Atherton is a transparent speaker, writer and blogger. Using timeless principles paired with personal stories, she encourages others to overcome challenges and be everything they are created to be. A Communications major, she is currently working on her first book. What we chat about in today's episode: Grace's personal story of how the Lord has brought good out of evil in her life *What the enemy meant for evil, God meant for good * How the Lord has specifically worked through this situation in Grace's life * The power of prayer * The ministry she has since been able to do * How grace has been able to use her story to encourage others * Cautions to take with our children to protect them * A balance between protection and teaching our children to not walk in fear * Teaching children to be obedient to adults versus being able to tell someone “stop it”. To stand up for themselves * Safe adults for parents * Encouragement for parents to always believe their child no matter what their feelings toward another adult are * Teaching our children what is and is not safe (and not just the blatant) * Trauma having a lasting impact * How Grace has cultivated the good from the times of trauma in her own life * We have a voice and it is okay to use it * Find people who will be in your corner * Safe processing is important * The truths of Romans 8:28 being written all over Grace's story * Not treating people who weren't the trauma like the trauma * There is more in your life than just the harm * There is so much freedom on the other side of healing Resources mentioned: Book – Safe People by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend (Authors of the book Boundaries)   Quotes from our Chat: “Being transparent in our stories can allow others to relate and therefore overcome.” “It was a day that, though I thought it would be like any other day, would stick with me for years.” “I could see and almost feel the darkness that was controlling him.” “God has the ability to help you over come fear, memories, trauma.” “As a parent you want to make sure your children are protected, but that they do not walk in fear. There is a balance.” “Trust is earned.” “Forgiveness is powerful.” “Just because somethings are normalized in our society does not make them actually normal.” Where you can find Grace online: Facebook Instagram Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
March 23, 2022
018 - On What Walking by Spirit Looks Like in Our Christian Walks with Anne Markey
Introduction Anne Markey is a Christian speaker and author of the Bible study:Who and I? Discover who you are in Christ. Through her blog One Determined life she helps women understand the Bible and apply it to their lives. What we chat about in today's episode: The heart of this episode is found in what it means to walk by the Spirit. In it Anne and I discuss: * What that phrase actually means * The faith journey we are all on and how following God's leading plays such a crucial role * The control we fight for and how it's easier (and so much better) to simply trust the Lord * How listening to the Lord's leading (walking by the Spirit) truly is a process, a journey * God stories from Anne's own life as she has learned to heed the voice of God * God is very specific when it comes to the direction He gives * How you can learn to walk by the Spirit if this is a new concept to you * Steps to know it is truly God speaking and not an “outside voice” * The truth that most often obedience comes with a journey * Encouragement from Abraham (a father of the faith) * The importance of writing down your God stories and remembering the work of God in your own life Resources mentioned: Book – Educated by Tara Westover Quotes from our Chat: “Walking by the Spirit is looking to God for directions in the steps that we take.” “Just because it's a good choice doesn't mean that's the next step Jesus wants you to take.” “We can have really very strong direction from the Lord and know exactly what He is calling us to, but still be unsure of the specific steps we need to take.” “The Lord in His time will open the door as He comes.” “Steps to know it's God speaking 1. Get to know God – through reading Scripture 2. The Lord's voice will never (ever, ever) contradict what the Bible says 3. The Lord will always repeat, or affirm it in other ways” “There are going to be times when we doubt and we have to wrestle it out and we have to work it out and trust God. What I have found is that each time we trust the Lord and we see Him provide for us and work in our lives, the next time it is a little bit easier.” “The more times the Lord provides for us and shows Himself to us, the easier it becomes.” “Write down your God stories so that when you are in that place of discouragement you can go back and see specific examples in your own life.” Where you can find Anne online: Website: Facebook Instagram Pinterest Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
March 10, 2022
017 - On What the Lord is doing in my life ...
On this Solo Episode we're chatting about: The Lord laid on my heart the idea of sharing what the Lord is doing in my life right now, often I have a predetermined topic when I am writing or speaking but today I felt led to share what the Lord was doing in my life at this moment. * The importance of sharing our stories so that we can inspire and encourage others * God's character * The impact of the words “me too” * The fact the Lord is always doing a lot in our lives * What we can take from the book of Leviticus * What I am learning from my current Bible reading   * Our Sanctification Journey * The importance of keeping God first * The power of prayer in our lives   * The restoration of the Lord in our lives Quotes from our Chat: Sometimes it takes walking through a season and realizing that puzzle piece fits there sometimes it takes talking to a friend as they are able to pull out what the Lord is doing. Other times it is readily apparent. The laws of Leviticus were not created to hold the Old Testament believer in legalism. They were laws to set them free, laws that they would be able to commune and have relationship with God. Sanctification can be downright exhausting. Change is hard, growth is hard. Getting out of our comfort zone is hard. If we take the lesson from Leviticus, if we know God's character to know that He is tender and He is faithful and He is full of grace and wants the best for us, sanctification becomes something we are more willing to bear. Don't lose (track of ) the goodness of God (in the fire). Cling to Him. When we go to anyone else before God, we are inadvertently putting that person in a place they don't really belong in our lives. Look for areas where you lost something and the Lord restores. We don't walk through hard things alone. He doesn't leave us in the fire alone. Trust the Lord, go back to His character. God will not keep us in the fire any longer than He needs us there. He is right there in the fire with us. Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
March 03, 2022
016 - Food Triggers with Amber Lia
Introduction Amber Lia is an independent certified health coach who has been on her own transformative health journey. She has written and coauthored several books, including her latest, Food Triggers. A former high-school English teacher, Amber is a sought-after mentor for women and a regular contributing writer for The Better Mom. Amber and her husband co-run the faith-friendly production company Storehouse Media Group, and they live in Southern California with their four boys. To learn more, visit What we chat about in today's episode: Amber Lia's new book, Food Triggers Exchanging Unhealthy Patterns for God Honoring Habits * Her desire for writing this book and whom she wanted to reach with it * Her definition of what a trigger is and how that plays into our healthy lifestyles * There being both internal and external triggers we must learn to navigate in our lives * How our physical health is connected to our walk with the Lord * The importance of our why * The connection that the idea of “me too” creates *  The difference between guilt and Godly conviction * Being open to God and walking by the Spirit to make better choices for our health * Eating disorder recovery and the truth that there is hope *  The truth that it is okay to want to look better in our clothes as long as that's not becoming an unhealthy obsession For full show notes head to
February 24, 2022
015 - My Husband Joins me for an Episode
Today, I brought my husband onto the podcast with me! Being that Valentine's day was earlier this week, and our eleventh anniversary of meeting on the 23rdof February, I thought it would be fun to do an episode with him. Lance is a loving and devoted Christian, husband and father. He works as an engineer and grew up on a family ranch. He has lived in Montana all of his life, except for a brief stint in Kansas after college. … I think he is pretty amazing! What we chat about in today's episode: In this episode we share our story, from both sides. I think so often when we hear people's love stories, it comes from the woman. I wanted to include his thoughts and perspective into our chat as well. Hear how I went from vowing I would never meet someone online, to in fact meeting my Lance online. The couple who was the most inspirational for both of us in starting our relationship. Our advice for newly wed couples. We talk about some of the hard things we have walked through as a couple. We chat about our favorite things about each other. We answer the question of what it takes to have a Godly marriage. For full show notes visit
February 16, 2022
014- On Eating Disorder Awareness and Recovery
What we chat about in today's episode: This solo episode is in awareness of February 21-27thwhich is National Eating Disorder Awareness week. We discuss: - The importance of ministering to the addicted population (and specifically for this niche, those with eating disorders). - What an eating disorder is and is not - Statistics regarding these disorders - My personal story of having an eating disorder - Encouragement for the person who is walking through the fire - How to support your loved one with an eating disorder Resources mentioned: Quotes from our Chat: “We are not called to wash our hands of those with addictions. We are called to love them, to create relationships with them, to invite them to sit at our table, to love them to the Lord. And friends, I don't know about you, but I would much rather it say on my resume if you will, she was willing to enter the mess to love on people. she reached a hurting people with the gospel meeting them right where they were, right in their brokenness. Rather than “she was too holy to leave her safe zone, she didn't want to get her hands dirty. She failed to love even the least of these.” “The Lord never wastes a hurt, the Lord never allows us to walk through something without coming away with a lesson. That lesson is not only for us, but also to reach other people.” “It is estimated that 30 million people overall have eating disorders, to put that into perspective a little bit, the entire population of the state of Texas is 29.7 million. We are no longer talking about a fringe minority.” “Symptoms are mostly secretive at first, but there comes a point for someone who is struggling with eating disorders, where the symptoms can no longer be secretive.” “For someone facing an eating disorder (or any other type of addiction) covering their tracks is a full time job.” “There is caution for parents, or anyone really, who has a role in a child's life to be very careful about how we speak in front of them. The momma who looks into the mirror and criticizes her body has a young child – girl or boy – who is looking on and learning the same traits.” Where to reach me Online Instagram Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
February 10, 2022
013 - On Living in Surrender of our Emotions with Laura Anslow
An Introduction to Laura I am a wife to my Handsome Hubby and Mumma to our four beautiful kidlets. I love reading and writing and speaking about the truth and love of God. I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus and love doing this life with Him. I am in awe of the power of God’s Word and the revelation of His Truth to bring freedom and wholeness to our lives. What we chat about in today's episode: Looking at emotions as something neither right or wrong, simply an expression of our hearts and minds Being created in the image of God, an emotional God, and what that means in relation to how we handle emotions Walking by the Spirit and daily surrendering our feelings to Him Bible verses and resources to help you along the way Taking every thought captive Resources mentioned: Dr. Caroline Leaf books Louie Giglio – Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at your Table Joyce Meyer – Battlefield of the Mind Greg Rochelle Winning the War in Your Mind Francine Rivers – Her Mother's Hope Series Francine Rivers – The Masterpiece Quotes from our Chat: “Living in surrender should be our whole lives... our emotions are an integral part of being human, of how God created us.” “I think surrendering our emotions is an integral part of living the way Christ lived, and living the way He called us to live. If we don't surrender them I really believe it leaves the door open for the enemy to come in and speak his lies.” “Scripture is very clear that fear... (2 Timothy 1:7 were not given a spirit of fear...power, love, sound mind) is not of God. yet it is an emotion we feel.” “Is this emotion rooted in the truth of who God says I am...of who God says He is?” “I always thought 'well that's just who I am, I am an emotional person', but as the Lord in His gracious way, began to teach me about walking in freedom. I had to come to a place of realization, of what was not surrendered. The Lord really opened my eyes to the fact that my emotions were not surrendered to Him.” “He is such a loving Father, it's not like He just says “come on, get up, get on with it, you know I am real, you know I am true, you know we all win in the end, you know the story.” “Journaling is a great way to work through what we are feeling and the emotions that we are experiencing. I really think that is a great way to be aware and then when you are aware you can surrender them, especially if they are not in alignment with God's word.”
February 02, 2022
012 - On Parenting Children with special needs/disabilities with Lauren Bellows
Lauren is a homeschooling mama to 8. She loves hiking, cooking and Jesus. What we chat about in today's episode: This episode is all about the blessings and journey of special needs parenting. In it Lauren and I talk about: - What the term Special needs incorporates and how to go about correct word usage when speaking of those with special needs or disabilities. As well as differing opinions and feelings on the terminology - Lauren's personal journey of special needs parenting - Not ever wanting to change our children, because, we know and trust God gave them to us just as He meant for them to be in this world - Whatever struggles are happening right now, will not last forever. As easy as it can be to get caught up in the words, letters, therapies needed, etc. Our children wont be in this hard forever - The importance of finding your village who understands and supports you as a special need parent -  Mental health/Disability in the church : resources to help - How to deal with negative comments - It's okay for it to be hard and exhausting but these kids are made in His image just the same as any neurotypical child is - God made this child and gave them to you to parent on purpose Find full show notes here
January 19, 2022
011 - Rejoice with those who rejoice Romans 12:15
What we chat about in today's episode: In this solo episode we take a look at the scripture verse Romans 12:15, which tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice and to mourn with those who mourn. Resources mentioned: Books – Don't Waste your Wait by Naomi Quick Quotes from our Chat: “I believe in this verse (Romans 12:15) God (through Paul) is asking us to pay attention to the work of His hand through other's lives. Ecclesiastes 3 shares that there will be times of rejoicing and times of mourning. No matter where someone is we, as Christians, have to know how to sit with them in that, have to know how to point them to Christ in that. Learning to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep is a way the Lord sanctifies us.” “If our enemy can make us doubt the Lord's work in our own life (through the trap of comparison) he is all that much closer to pulling us away from the Lord overall.” “God is going to write a more beautiful story...a more holy story...a more sanctified story with your life than you could ever dream of.” “I am of the opinion that God would rather wrestle with us in prayer so that He can sanctify our hearts, than to for us to say some syrupy sweet prayer, where inside our prayer life we are falsely accepting the will of God, but outside we are doing anything but.” “It's when we study and know the character of God that we know of His goodness. … When we know and trust God's character we realize He is not holding out on us. In turn we can rejoice with those who are rejoicing.” “Watching for what the Lord is doing in our lives, and thanking Him, will work against that mentality of “oh look at all He is doing in someone else's life.” The devil is going to slip into our mind with the comparison game, we don't want to be people who play that game.” “(Encouragement to write down God stories) ...because how amazing would it be to tell your grandchild even... when she/he is walking through something hard look what the Lord did for me years ago, I know that He is going to provide something for you too.” “God is not having you wait to wait...there is a purpose behind it. We should not (should not should not) waste our wait, by wishing way the season we are in. God has jewels and gems for us in this season as well.” “No one has a perfect life, do not allow the devil to trick you into not rejoicing for someone else.”
January 13, 2022
010 - Living a Life of Intentional Faith with Brittany Pennel
Brittany Pennel is a wife, mom and author living in NE Kansas with her sweet family on a farm. Her heart is to equip and encourage women to live more intentionally. What we chat about in today’s episode: The Importance of Intersectionality Brittany's story of becoming more intentional in her faith and how that has been live changing for her How we can all be more intentional in our walk with the Lord Setting intentional goals this New Year and avoiding the all or nothing mindset Resources that will help you to become more intentional Resources mentioned: Settle my Soul by Karen Ehmen and Ruth Schwenk 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs Brittany's blog and Etsy shop (see below) A Few Quotes from our Chat: “It is super important for my children to see me setting my intentions for the day, my child is seeing me spend time with the Lord, which I feel is super important, especially in the way I am trying to be intentional in running our home and intentional in walking in my faith, which includes raising my children in the faith.” “I was walking with Christ before my accident, but it made me realize that in an instant things could have changed for me and my family. … It put so many things into perspective for me. Including many many reasons why I needed to be more intentional than I was being in my time with God.” “I just kind of thought about if I had died in that moment would I have stood before God and been able to tell him that I led my home as a mother and wife the way I should have, did my kids see me build a foundation in Christ myself, even if it was 6 am and they need a snack? Would I have been doing my best in loving and serving my family best and sharing the gospel...could I have said yes to these questions if He had asked me?” Where to Find Brittany Online Instagram Etsy Shop Blog Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
January 05, 2022
009 - Christmas Through Their Eyes
What we chat about in today's episode: In this episode we take a look at the Christmas Story found in Luke 1-2 and Matthew 1. We discuss the story from the view points of Zechariah, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, the angels and the Shepherds to see what they can teach us this Christmas season. Resources mentioned: Books - Good News for a Women's Heart: An Advent Devotional Study by Rebekah Hargraves Quotes from our Chat: “Zechariah was truly grappling with the idea that somehow in their advancement of years, they were now to be given a baby. We see him grappling with this truth when he asked the angel “how will I know this to be true?” ...In our human nature it's easy to understand where Zechariah was coming from, we've all had our times of doubt and our times of questioning God and what His will for our life is. “ “This time of being mute would have been a daily reminder for Zechariah, a faith builder, reminding him to trust the Lord. No matter how outlandish, or crazy the Lord's ideas seem in our hearts as humans, we must trust the Lord! .. It is not up to us as His created beings to question Him.” “Not only had Elizabeth walked through all these years of heartbreak herself (because many women do, naturally want children) she was also faced with the cultural and societal pressures telling her she was worthless for not being able to have children.” “Elizabeth, could have been angry that her life plans changed, but she was so faithful and full of joy to instead turn around and thank the Lord and give Him praise, even in the midst of what her life had become, looking nothing like I am sure the young bride Elizabeth thought it would. She did not go into marriage expecting to be infertile, she did not go into marriage expecting to have a babty in her eighties and yet still she turned and praised God.” “Mary's response was not to doubt, but instead to say “here I am Lord, use me”. “Mary's obedience and faithfulness to be used by the Lord should inspire us all. Whether that is something big (such as He asked Mary to do) or even the small, everyday, what you may look at as the mundane tasks. Mary teaches us what that old hymn teaches us, to trust and obey. “ “It is easy for twenty-first century Christians to flip open to Luke and just read the account and know that everything ended well. They didn't have that same knowledge, they had the assurance of God. But, just as the same as we don;t when we are walking through things they didn't see how it would all play out. So here is this young girl who is still living with her parents, who is engaged and prepaing herself for marriage and an angel appears and lets her know she is going to become pregnant with the Savior of the world. It's weight, it's beautiful...” “One of the things the Christmas story so beautifully portrays is that suffering and joy can co-exist, trial and joy. We have grown up in churches and been told not to look at the humanism of this account, not to look at it in the trial that it really was ..I think we rob from the Christmas story when we don;'t look as yes magnificent... and yes heavenly...and yes God ordained but then also that God used humans, God used a 14 year old child...that God used a woman in her eighties to have a child that would prepare the way for Jesus. It's a “both and” situation.” “Before the angel even visits Joseph we see what a kind heart he has. He did not wish to disgrace her publicly, but instead was to break their engagement off quietly. … If anything, in a society such as we live in today (given the last two years) being kind and having a kind heart is a huge lesson for all of us. We need kindness.”
December 23, 2021
008 - Sacramental Living and the Advent Season with Lahni Jones
Introduction Lahni is a small town Kentucky girl, sharing life with her husband Clay and two children. Most of the time you’ll find her at home being “mom” to Wilder and Avynlee, but you might also spot her at her local coffee shop where she enjoys being a barista a couple of days a week, serving the people of her community with a warm smile and tasty drink! She is passionate about theology, knowing God’s Word, and has enjoyed learning what it means to live a sacramental life, seeking out the places where God’s hand is reaching down and reconciling all things to Himself. What we chat about in today's episode: - What sacramental living means, and how we as Christians can carry it out - Facing the season of darkness, the season of waiting - The call to slow down this season to focus on the true meaning of the season - How we can include even our children into the advent season - The perpetual season of advent we live in as Christians Resources mentioned: Books - Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Jesus Christ by Flemming Rutledge This Beautiful Truth by Sarah Clarkson Studies - She Reads Truth Advent Studies Quotes from our Chat: “In the Christian church, a sacrament is a ritual seen to impart Divine grace in the life of a believer....sacramental living then is a call to see the moments all around us in our everyday lives as moments where God's grace is imparted into our lives ...they are gifts given to us.”   “Advent just means coming. Within Christianity we of course celebrate the first coming of Jesus as a baby...but it doesn't end there, He is coming again.” “Historically what Advent has been  in both the catholic and protestant church..its more of a time about  facing the darkness. Without God in the world.  Advent for the church is a time of almost mimicking what the first Christians did, as they waited in the darkness for the birth of Jesus. Advent is a season about facing the darkness in our world.” “Advent doesn't end in the manger...because if advent ends in the manger...than we are all without hope still.” “God is with us and yet He is absent in a sense, it's this paradox we live in as Christians. God with us Emmanuel, and yet God is not yet fully here...the liberation of sin and bondage that will happen in the new age to come has not happened.” “The goal of advent (or really practicing any part of the church calendar) is to lean into what Christ is teaching you, what the Holy Spirit is teaching you, through the life of Christ.” “Facing the darkness and getting uncomfortable, asking ourselves what is my purpose in this darkeness, what is the purpose of the darkness, how long will the darkness last, really leaning into this season of waiting in whatever way you need this season to be but not being afraid to sit in those uncomfortable spaces.” “Though it is dark, we do catch glimpses, and we can catch glimpses of that grace everyday if we are intentional to grow in that journey and be more aware of His presence, while also grappling with the moments where He does seem far off. It's that tension we hold, but the goal of sacramental living is to grow in our perception of God in the world as we wait for the second coming of Christ.” “We have to claim our little piece of ground, if it is little, if it is big claim that too, but that's what we do in this perpetual season of advent that we are in as Christians, waiting the second coming of Christ. We wait while claiming where God has us and what He has called us to do in the darkness and where we show up as God in the world.” * To see complete show notes see
December 16, 2021
007 - (Solo Episode) Preparing our Hearts for The Holiday Season, Keeping our Cups Full
What we chat about in today's episode: This episode is all about how we can plan for Christmas and keep our proverbial cup full. In it we talk about: - The importance of keeping Jesus first, even in the hustle and bustle of the season. - Walking by the Spirit in what our holiday looks like. - What is our proverbial cup and what things cause it to not be full - A planning tip to keep your holiday meaningful for your family - Encouragement to bless others Resources mentioned: Rebekah Hargrave's Facebook ministry Page - Quotes from our Chat: Going into the Holiday season is a step above normal life, we have to be intentional about the holidays in order to make them what we want for them to be. Days that our children will look back on and remember the nostalic magic that was Christmas, times that we will recall even into the next year of sitting around the table with our loved ones sharing our hearts and meals. We simply will not experience fullness if we allow our cups to run empty and don't take a moment to fill them back up. How will I prepare Him room in the twenty-four hours I am given each day? (Quote from Rebekah Hargraves writing read on show) If we take Him out of the equation....sure we can check off all our boxes we can go Christmas shopping we can make cookies we can do all the traditional things that we do at Christmas...but if we don't have Christ, if we're not walking by the Spirit and daily taking time to slow down and commune with our Father, our cups will eventually run empty. The good thing is – just with any other time of year – there is no formula (to spending time with Christ). You don't have to wake up to a silent house, and have a perfect cup of coffee, have birds singing outside while snow silently falls outside to have a good time of connection with the Lord. You'll want to ignore the voices telling you if you don't make your aunts fruit cake your Christmas will surely be ruined. Unless of course it will be. If you love your aunts fruit cake and that's a tradition you've had in your family for a long time...sister friend make the fruit cake! We grew up with different traditions (than that of our spouse) and sometimes something that doesn't mean a lot to us, is a huge deal to them. We want to make sure we are doing our best to incorporate those things into our season. Be very careful that you're not overextending yourself this Christmas. … You don't want to have so much on your plate, trying so hard to make a perfect Christmas for your family and your children that it becomes the opposite because you're so stressed and burned out by the end of the season. May I encourage you to add at least one thing to your schedule this season that is going to bless someone else? It doesn't have to cost a lot of money. You can write up a nice card and send it to someone, you can bake cookies for a neighbor I know from experience that doing things to bless others, blesses us and brings such a richer meaning to our seasons. Where to Find Cultivating Jewels Online Blog Facebook Instagram Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
November 17, 2021
006 - Reflections of Our Urban Farmstead with Courtney Shevchenko
Introduction Saved by the Lord's wondrous grace, Courtney Shevchenko is happily married to her Australian sweetheart, Daniel. Together, they run Our Urban Farmstead, a suburban-homesteading effort on their one acre neighborhood lot. She and Daniel have two children earth-side, Oliver and Esmeralda; who stay busy learning and growing by the day, with baby Beatrix due in February of 2022. In her free time, Courtney enjoys taking road trips with her husband and kiddos, teaching music lessons, singing with a local chorale group, pursuing photography, reading, and working on lots of different crafting endeavors. On a rainy day, you are most likely to find her curled up with a book and a cup of coffee. You can find her on instagram @our.urban.farmstead What we chat about in today's episode: This episode is all about Courtney's book project (to hopefully be released this coming Spring) Reflections of our Urban Homestead. In Reflections from Our Urban Farmstead, Courtney shares 52 reflections on Christian life, family living, homesteading, homemaking, and lots of things in between! Drawn from wisdom found in scripture and her own personal day-to-day experience walking with the Lord, it is her desire that this book be an encouragement to women no matter what season of life they are in. She will be sharing things she has learned through her single years, and then through her courtship, betrothal, and later marriage to her husband. She will also be writing about the tender mercies that have been taught through motherhood, and of the Lord's faithfulness through pregnancy and miscarriage alike. In addition, Courtney wants to share some of the ways the Lord teaches us through His creation, drawing from observations of Biblical principles that have come to life through the farmsteading and gardening efforts of she and her husband. Featured throughout the pages will be original photography taken by Courtney herself around her family's farmstead. May this book be a blessing and a source of light and encouragement to all who read it! Resources mentioned: Books - Mama Bear Apologetics by Hillary Morgan Ferrer Sing! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family and Church by Keith and Kristyn Getty Where to Find Courtney Online Facebook Instagram Where you can find the Podcast: Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
November 04, 2021
005 - (Solo Episode) Purity Culture and Lies the Church has taught regarding Sexual Intimacy
What we chat about in today’s episode: What motivated the start of the Purity movement Looking at both the good and bad side of issues The intent of Purity culture being good How purity culture has caused long lasting negative impact on some 4 lies the church has taught regarding sexual intimacy Resources mentioned: I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris (now out of print) Phylicia Masonheimer's blog Quotes from our Chat: Gods law and standard for us is to keep sexual intimacy for marriage. Purity Culture started in evangelical churches with the intent of reigning in the free sex, free love culture (of the 70s-80s) and replacing that with purity. Christians often make a hierarchy of sin...however God's word says we have ALL sinned, ALL have fallen short of His glory. Not one stands before Him as perfect. God created sexual intercourse and sexual intimacy and so therefore He and He alone is able to define and determine how and where it is used. (From Phylicia Masonheimer blog). God in His wisdom knows that the only healthy and safe place for us to open the gift of sex is within the relationship of marriage. We need to be very careful to avoid a legalistic black and white mindset. Yes we need to be teaching God's standard but we also need to be following it up with 'once you ARE married here's what you need to know about sex'. Purity is not a one sided issue and it is not fair to blame and pressurize one gender. God created the woman body it is not bad. In fact it was the one thing God said 'it is good' after He created it. Where you can find Cultivating Jewels Facebook - @Cultivatingjewels Instagram - @cultivatingjewels Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
October 21, 2021
004 - A Holy History with Bella Easterbrook
Bella lives in Austraila with her husband and two sweet sons. She is passionate about knowing God's Word and helping other women become well acquainted with it as well. To that end her latest project is A Holy History which you can find on her blog. A Holy History is a short booklet which has six reflections looking at the big sweep of Old Testament History and the promises God made to His people and how Jesus fulfills them every step of the way. What we chat about in today's episode: The Bible as a whole encompassing both the Old and New Testament into one story God is the same, throughout the Bible, He cannot change. How God uses people (Esther, David, Abraham, etc.) to point to Jesus God always had a plan to redeem His people God is merciful, loving and kind Looking for Jesus in your own Bible reading Resources mentioned: The Next Right Thing Podcast by Emily P Freeman Quotes from our Chat: “The Old Testament really shows God's heart to rescue His people (through Jesus).” “God is Holy, and still He has a deep love for His people. The big question of the Bible is how can a Holy God be in relationship with sinful people?” “He makes a way for us to be with Him, and this is the story of the Bible. We see Him doing it again and again.” “The Old Testament narrative is like the pieces of a puzzle, all coming together to show how God is working to save His people. The picture comes together with Jesus.” “My big bit of advice (on how to get into the Bible for anyone who is struggling) is to look for Jesus. It is the same God in the whole Bible, God does not change. Anything we can say of God in the New Testament we can say of Him in the Old.” “Queen Esther reminds us of Jesus because Esther comes into the King's presence to intercede and save her people. This reminds us of Jesus because, we were in great danger (by our sin) and Jesus comes into the Father's presence to intercede for us. Jesus didn't just risk His life, He laid it down for us.” “All the heroes of the Old Testament have a story of sin.” “The groundwork for every promise that is to come is found in Genesis 3 when Adam and Eve sin against the Lord and sin enters into the world. That God would send this one person (Jesus) to defeat the enemy.” “God delivers them (The Israelites) and He gives them the law and He gives them the Sacrificial system to help them live out that covenant relationship.” Where to Find Bella Online Facebook Instagram Bella Easterbrook Website Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
October 07, 2021
003 - (Solo Episode) The Great Commission
What we chat about in today’s episode: What the Great Commission is God's heartbeat for our ministry (making disciples) The power of our personal stories in bringing people to Christ What everyday ministry looks like in our lives Two great heroins of the faith and how their stories can impact our own Resources mentioned: Walk by the Spirit by Rebekah Hargraves, Kayla Nelson, Lauren Bellows, Amber Durgan and Kathy Schwanke The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom Quotes from our Chat: “The Great Commission is Jesus' last recorded words to His is our task He has equipped us to complete.” “No matter what our world looks like, no matter what kind of shaky ground we are standing on, no matter what our political climate and culture looks like God has promised to never leave us.” “Look what Jesus has done, look who Jesus is, look how Jesus has changed my life.” “There is no mistake you are where you are, God has you right there for a purpose.” “If we don't share about Christ, our grandchildren...our great grandchildren, who is going to know the name of Christ in the future?” “The Great Commission and sharing Christ must be a lifestyle. There is not one peson who is untouched by brokenness and we may be the only gospel some people ever read.” “What if instead of focusing on preaching to a large crowd, we instead focused on the one person God crosses our path with?” “God's command was not to have people pray a sinner's prayer and leave them be. We are to make disciples.” “Any work that brings people to Christ and teaches them to be His disciples is ministry.” “It is when we help with their needs, leading them to the only One who is truly able to satisfy their souls, that our world will be changed.” Where to Find Cultivating Jewels (Amber) Online Instagram @Cultivating Jewels Facebook @Cultivating Jewels Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
September 23, 2021
002 - All about Senior Photography with Michelle Nichols
Michelle Nichols is a Senior photographer aficionado. The work she does in capturing pictures for her senior girls is super inspiring and beautiful. I have loved watching (even if from afar) Michelle's journey as she has built her business. This show is all about her photography, and how she is able to encourage, inspire and pour love into these girls lives.   What we chat about in today’s episode: The journey Michelle took to becoming a senior photographer The ups and downs of small business How she is able to encourage and inspire her seniors at such a pivotal time in their lives How her photography has made a difference in her lives and the lives of her seniors Tips for how to create a good photo if you are taking one yourself, or to have a good photoshoot with a photographer. Resources mentioned: Jesus Always Sarah Young You are a B.A. At Making Money Jen Sincero Quotes from our Chat: “I was always hesitant to want to do a career in that (the arts) because its never looked at as a very good job. I wanted to do something creatively and I've always gravitated towards photography. In the back of my mind I never imaged I would be owning my business one day.” “Hard work really does pay off. Mine was not a fast overnight thing at all, it was a lot of hard work of years.” “I want them to feel like this is a stress free, fun experience. I think the biggest way I support the girls is words of affirmation, because its tough to be in front of a camera.” “Self esteem is such a huge factor in the girls I work with, they are right at that pivotal transition in their life. There are so many more pressures in today's world. I am able to build their self confidence so that they don't have to Photoshop themselves to look beautiful.” “I am all about unique photos where they can feel like themselves later on.” “I try to make an impact to where you feel good enough to take photos around your friends, without croping yourselves out of them.” “Sometimes I wondered if my photography was making an impact, and then once I was able to influence these girls lives' it opened my eyes to it being important what I do.” “It's normal to be self conscious in front of the camera, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it...still give yourself permission to take the photos, you deserve it!” “It's really about who you are in your life right now. You are worthy of feeling beautiful now not waiting until you lose 10 pounds, not until you figure out you have the best hairstyle. It's important to embrace each season because they don't last long.”   Where to Find Michelle Online Instagram michellenicholsphotography Where you can find the Podcast Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify As always, thank you for listening! If you feel so inclined leaving a review would be great as it helps boost who can listen to the show!
September 09, 2021
001 - Biblical Hospitality with Rebekah Hargraves
Rebekah Hargraves is a wife, homeschooling mama of two littles, blogger, podcaster, and author whose passion is to edify, equip, and encourage women in their journey of biblical womanhood, particularly with an emphasis on the gospel and its implications for everyday life. Rebekah's first book Lies Moms Believe (And How the Gospel Refutes Them) released the fall of 2017, and the Lies Moms Believe the Companion Bible Study came out the following spring. Since then, Rebekah has written Advent and Lent devotional studies for women, co-authored a book on walking by the Spirit and living the Spirit-filled life, and most recently co-authored a book on friendship. When she isn’t busy homeschooling, writing, or podcasting, you can find her with her nose buried in a book, drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee, and listening to Celtic music. You can reach out to Rebekah on her website Hargraves Home and Hearth, on Instagram @rebekahhargraves, or on iTunes via The Home and Hearth podcast. She would love to hear from you! What we chat about in today's episode: The Biblical definition of hospitality and how our current “Pinterest culture” may have it wrong. How the mission of hospitality is something all Christians are called to be a part of. How Rebekah first became interested in hospitality and her families story. The ripple effect of blessing people through hospitality. The ability to simplify hospitality and the truth that we can practice it no matter where we are in life. Being made in the image of God who is a God of initiation and who craves relationship. Praying for a heart of hospitality. Resources mentioned:   Blue Letter Bible Quotes from our Chat: “Our God is a God of initiation. From Old Testament to New Testament He is constantly initiating relationship with people.” “There is a ripple effect in being able to bless people through hospitality.” “We can make it too hard. It's as simple as inviting a neighbor over to dinner, the whole purpose is loving people.” “God did not say 'go and be Martha Stewart to the people you know and love'. We are to love the STRANGER”. “The Triune God is relational and we are created in His image.” “I think we have our ideas of what hospitality is but when you study Scripture – it is then that you understand a better picture of what hospitality actually is. That we are to be loving strangers.” “We need to pray for a heart of hospitality, because it is so easy to make excuses.”
August 12, 2021