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The Grief Gang

The Grief Gang

By Amber Jeffrey
Welcome to the gang...the one you never asked to be apart of.

My name is Amber Jeffrey and I’m a 23 year old everyday girl!

I lost my mum at 19, 3 years ago from a heart attack and it changed my world forever. My journey with grief has taught me many things, good and bad.

This podcast has been created to normalise the conversation of grief amongst the younger generation and to let them know it’s okay to open about your grief and not feel ashamed.

Your grief does not define you, but it is a part of you.

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It's all about August-Louisa Harris.
Welcome back to another episode of The Grief Gang podcast! This week I was joined by Louisa Harris, the lady behind the account It's All About August.  Louisa and her partner Liam sadly lost their baby girl August to Group B Strep, resulting in Louisa delivering August stillborn.  We recorded this episode 4 months to the date of August's birth. I sat in absolute awe as Louisa so bravely shared her story with me at my dinner table. Louisa set up her instagram page to raise awareness of group B strep and stillbirth.   For those that don't know, strep b is not routinely checked for in a pregnancy unless detected in other tests such as urine samples. Yet it can be so life threatening to baby. August would be here today if it was picked up and Louisa was prescribed an £11 antibiotic. The injustice of it all is something I have no words for.  Since Louisa has shared her story online, she has motivated expectant mums to push to get tested for strep B. Some stating that they tested positive for it and are so thankful that they went and got checked.  Louisa, amongst all of her grief hopes that sharing her story will prevent something like this happening again. A true wonderwoman. And for August, wherever you may be little darling angel, I hope you know that you are changing the world. Your Mummy and Daddy are making sure of it, Rest easy. Big love, Amber x IG- @thegriefgang Twitter- @gang_grief Facebook- The Grief Gang If you like what you hear, please leave a rating and review, it really means a lot. Thank you!
October 12, 2020
Afua Adom
Welcome back to another episode of The Grief Gang podcast! This week I was joined by the fabulous guest journalist, broadcaster, presenter and commentator, Afua Adom! You might recognise this beautiful woman if you have an obsession for ITV This Morning like I do, where she is absolutely smashing it on her appearances. It was a pleasure to sit down with her! In this episode, Afua and I discuss the loss of her dad Samuel Acheampong. Afua speaks so beautifully about their relationship and their unwavering bond. How those days in her early grief when she just couldn't fathom getting out of bed, but how the pull of being a mother to her darling daughter Naima was what got her through. I was in awe just listening to her. Guest appearance from James Mcbunninson too...AKA the sweetest bunny I've ever laid eyes on! Find Afua and her incredible work by following her on Instagram at - @afuathescot Big love, Amber xxx
September 28, 2020
Ben Acquaah and Jermaine Omoregie-Thinking Out Loud Pod.
Welcome back to another episode of The Grief Gang podcast! This week I was joined by two fantastic men doing bits in the online male mental health and grief world, Ben and Jermaine, the creators of Thinking Out Loud podcast. The gents have lost both of their parents. Jermaine losing his parents within a year of each other and Ben losing both by the age of 19. Their podcast explores many topics. Exploring the unspoken truths from bereavement to masculinity taboos. It was such a breathe of fresh air to 1) Come across these two and 2) have the opportunity to sit down with them both and chat to our hearts content. You can find their fantastic page on Instagram by searching Thinking Out Loud pod, and can listen their podcast by searching the exact same on wherever you get your podcast fix! Happy listening and enjoy! Big love, Amber x IG- @thegriefgang Twitter- @gang_grief Facebook- The Grief Gang If you like what you hear, please leave a rating and review, it really means a lot. Thank you!
September 14, 2020
Poppy Chancellor-Founder of The GriefCase
Welcome back to another episode of The Grief Gang podcast. It's been a while, but this weeks ep is a GUEST EPISODE! With none other than the darling Poppy Chancellor, the founder of The GriefCase instagram page and monthly meet ups.We had so much fun recording. If you've watched Poppy and I on our lives, you'll understand why!  Poppy lost her father, Jock, 4 years ago. Her first 3 years of grieving, she coasted by, thinking she really had this grief thing in the bag! Low and behold, grief came to say hey and Griefcase was born. The Griefcase page consists of beautiful poetry and art, As well as monthly (virtual for the time being) meet ups. Poppy does such a wonderful job at explaining what her community is all about. Happy listening! Find Poppy by following @thegriefcase on instagram. Big love, Amber x Instagram- @thegriefgang Twitter-@gang_grief Facebook- The Grief Gang If you like what you hear, please leave a rating and review, it really means a lot. Thank you.
August 10, 2020
Father's Day.
Welcome back to the Grief Gang podcast.  It's Father's Day and it goes without saying, it is a tough day for all of you spending today without dad.  I decided to dedicate this Father's day episode exactly how I did Mother's day. By passing the mic over to you. Giving you all the opportunity to talk about your wicked Dad's. I thank each and everyone of you who wrote in about your dad. I hope when you listen, it will give you somewhat peace. And know that you are not alone. Sending all my love to you today and always. Big love, Amber xxx
June 21, 2020
Enough is Enough
Welcome back to another episode from the Grief Gang podcast. This weeks episode may be something different from what you’re used to hearing from this podcast. But nonetheless, something that needs to be addressed today and always going forward. That is racism. In the past few weeks, the band aid has been ripped off, and the world has been forced to look at what the black community deal with every single day. It’s a shame it’s taken this long, but that wound is no longer being covered up. I can only hope and pray, that now it will begin to heal. In this episode, you will hear a number of entries from the black community on what they grieve and hope for. It’s powerful. Beyond powerful. I can’t thank everyone who wrote in enough. I thank you for sharing. If you are non-black person and listen to this, use this a start for your own independent study. Not an excuse to pity your black friends or community, but recognise this as an opportunity to learn about how you contribute to the system which is racism. Take this episode and make a change. A change in your everyday life. So that podcast episodes like this no longer have to be done. Big love, Amber x
June 15, 2020
As we get older without them.
Welcome back to another episode from The Grief Gang Podcast with me, Amber Jeffrey. In this weeks episode, I wanted to discuss getting older. More specifically getting older without our loved one around. I just celebrated my 23rd birthday and thought it was very apt. I talk through some of my previous experiences and attitudes towards my birthdays over the last 3 years, what I've learnt from them and the mentality I have towards them now, and hopefully for the foreseeable. Everyday we miss them, even more intensely on our birthdays and life's big events. I hope this episodes gives you some hope that better days and frame of mind is coming. I never thought I would be where I am today with the mentality that I do, but here I am! And I'm not going to shut up about it, Because I wish it for all of you too. Big love, Amber xxx Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by following @TheGriefGang
May 18, 2020
They're not just a number, or statistic. They are your loved one.
Welcome back to another episode of the Grief Gang podcast. Right now, we are welcoming more members to the Grief community than ever. There are loved friends and family, passing everyday. There is also a mass fear, anxiety and pain for the loved ones of these people who have passed, that they will just become another number, another statistic in the ever rising death toll. But they are not. They are people and their death deserves to be acknowledged individually. In this episode I share an Instagram post from @selfspace, a contemporary mental health service, who really put this whole episode into more articulate words! (Unlike myself). I also read a couple of entries from two people who wrote into me, about the loss of a loved one during this time and the difficult measures that have been put into place for them. If anything I'd like you, the listener, to take from this episode is that, All of our journeys are different. We already know this. But what "New Grievers" are experiencing right now, is hands down something not a lot of us can even slightly relate to. You may not know the words to comfort them, something like they're upset they can't hold a funeral, but you were actually able to! There will be a lot of things that will most likely stump us! But what we all share, is LOSS. Our stories may be different, in so many ways, but we can all share that unanimous feeling of loss. Empathise with them, love them, support them, ask about their loved one. Let them know that even if they think the world has forgotten, you haven't. If you're listening to this episode because you have lost a loved one in this current time, and you're fearful they will just fade into a number. Keep saying their name, keep telling everyone you can get your hands on (figuratively) about them!!! With you doing that, their spirit will never die.  And they will never be a number. Big love, Amber x Instagram-@Thegriefgang Twitter-@Thegriefgang Facebook-The Grief Gang If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a rating and review! It really means a lot. Thank you.
April 20, 2020
Going back to work.
Welcome back to another episode of the Grief Gang podcast. This week I wanted to cover going back to work and my own experience with it, good and bad. How I carry my grief and my everyday working life, together. Going back to work is one of the hardest and in some cases easiest things to do after losing a loved one.  We all cope differently in our journeys. There is no manual to this! Happy listening! Big love, Amber xxx Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook under @thegriefgang.
March 30, 2020
Our Mother's Day.
Welcome back to The Grief Gang podcast. It's Mother's Day and it goes without saying, it's a tough day for all of us Motherless children. If you're following the Grief Gang Instagram page, you will have seen a few weeks ago the idea I had for my mother's day episode. I wanted it to feature you. You the motherless children who inspire me everyday.  I asked you all to answer 4 questions 1) What's your mums name? 2) Describe your mum in 3 words. 3) What's 1 thing you're thankful your mum taught you? 4) If she was here this Mother's day, what would you say to her? The entries were beyond what I could of imagined. Thank you to everyone who sent me an entry, they were all beautiful in their own rights. I may not be able to take my mum out or buy her flowers like the previous years. But she will always be my mum, and I will always be her daughter.  Happy Mother's day mum. Enjoy. Big love, Amber xxx
March 22, 2020
Emma Winterschladen - Writing my way through grief.
Welcome back to another episode of the Grief Gang podcast. This week I was joined by Emma Winterschladen.  Emma is an editor for BEAST magazine, a food and travel editor for Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine and a freelance writer and illustrator. I came across Emma and her stunning writing through Instagram and fell into a deep rabbit hole. Her writing is stunning and moving and hits the nail on the head when it comes to those feelings inside with grief that you just can’t put into words.  Emma lost her mum, Jenny, when she was 16 to cancer. We speak of what it was like for her and her family, going through womanhood without mum, and how Emma very vividly can pinpoint meals and foods with very key points throughout her mum’s diagnosis and beyond. I left feeling hungry after this episode!  Happy listening!  Big love,  Amber x  You can find Emma on Instagram at -  @hungryromantic Sign up to her newsletter "The Hungry Heart" over on -
March 9, 2020
Meet Jack Baxter and Ben May, The founders of The New Normal Charity.
Welcome back to another guest episode of the Grief Gang podcast. This weeks guest, I met up with the founders of the New Normal Charity, Jack Baxter and Ben May. Both lads lost their dads. Jack's dad Dave, died of Skin Cancer in 2013. Ben's dad Steve, died of a brain tumour in 2016.  In this episode, we talk about both their individual stories, how the dynamic duo met and the outright bloody incredible charity they have created in the face of their grief and their hopes and dreams for it. I absolutely adored sitting down with these two and also attended one of their meet ups after we recorded, which I cannot recommend ENOUGH! Hand on heart, I will be attending again.  Hope you enjoy listening to this episode just as much as I enjoyed recording! Big Love, Amber x Find The New Normal website at Find TNN Instagram at-@tnncharity Find The Grief Gang Instagram at- @thegriefgang
February 17, 2020
Meet Angharad...AKA The Daddy Issues Podcast!
Welcome back to another episode of the Grief Gang Podcast! This week is another guest episode (You lucky things) This week I was joined by the fabulous Angharad George Carey, but most of you may know her as the host of The Daddy Issues Podcast. (And if you don’t, you really should) I met Angharad at a Grief meet up back in November, and we bonded immediately! She is pure electric and I am honoured to of had her as a guest on my podcast💛 Angharad lost her dad over 21 years ago, in a tragic car accident whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka for New Years Eve. We delve into that deep, traumatic experience and what life held for her and her family afterwards. From thinking it was all a dream, developing an eating disorder and above all, creating a phenomenal podcast exploring fatherlessness, and specifically fatherlessness in successful people. Happy listening! Available on all major platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify🎧 Big love, Amber x
January 29, 2020
27 and Widowed...WTF?
Hey Grief Gang, Welcome back to the Podcast, and the first guest episode of 2020! It’s not only the first guest episode of 2020, but it’s also the first ep that is exploring a totally different loss other than parental. We’re going down the widow route. And I can’t lie, In a messed up way...I’m so happy Grace was my first widow! Lol. All jokes aside, Grace, you’re a boss. You’ll listen to the story of how Grace, lost her partner Ryan in August of 2019. We talk about how they met, Ryan’s cancer and their relationship, Ryan’s bravery and courage in his illness...and Life after Ryan’s death. I’m not saying anymore because it’s golden and I don’t want to give much away! Happy listening! Big love, Amber xxx
January 21, 2020
New Year, Same Grief.
Welcome back to the Grief Gang podcast! First one of 2020, how bout dat! This episode may sound a little different as I FINALLY created an introduction (Lazy cow in me eventually got round to it) I chat about my own experiences and feelings towards New Years Eve/New Year and how my view point has changed over the years. Its a new year, full of new opportunities, new blessings, new goals...but the same grief. We will carry our grief with us. Every year when that clock strikes midnight on december 31st, its always going to be there. But its never going to hold us back.  Happy listening! Big love, Amber xxx Check out the Grief Gang instagram here-
January 6, 2020
Merry Christmas...And all that malarky.
Welcome back to the Grief Gang podcast, Here's a little christmas special for you all! I'll keep it short and sweet, we know this day is tough. But I am sending you all big love and support, you got this! And guess what, if this year is've always got next year! Big love as always, Amber xxx
December 26, 2019
Meet Gemma - Becoming Mum Without Mum
Hey Grief Gang, and welcome back to this week's episode. This week, I was joined by the lovely Gemma. In a nutshell, Gemma lost her mum at the age of 15 down to heart failure, and a previous history of cancer. Gemma was a young carer for her mum, way before she passed away too. Gemma had no immediate family to support her during mums illness and after her death. The day her darling mum died, she went back to an empty home, can you imagine? We discuss everything from that day, what life was like for Gemma after and her finding family again, what it’s like to become a mum without mum...And how bloody amazing she is! We laughed, we cried, we bared all. Happy listening, I hope you enjoy it! Big love, Amber/The Grief Gang xxx
December 16, 2019
Meet Liam Sullivan.
Hey guys and welcome back to another episode. This week I was joined by a guest, Liam Sullivan. Liam lost his dad when he was at the young age of 14 to a cardiac arrest. Tune in to hear Liam recount his mental health battles before and after the loss of his dad, his struggle with substance misuse and his gratitude for the life he lives now.  Happy listening! The Grief Gang 
December 9, 2019
Places of Rest
Hey guys, Welcome back to another episode of The Grief Gang! This episode is all about places of rest. I got thinking about places of rest, and what my mums grave does and doesn't mean to me after I was asked earlier last week by my previous guest, "Where do I most feel connected to my mum?" Enjoy! Big love,  Amber xxx
November 26, 2019
Meet Megan - Losing Mum to Cancer
Hey guys and Welcome back to another episode,  This week I met up with Megan Fairhead.  I first heard of Megan's story through a mutual friend of ours and I immediately knew I had to meet this girl and have her as a guest on the podcast. I hope you enjoy this episode just as much as we did recording it. Big Love, Amber xxx
November 19, 2019
My Psychic & Medium Experience
Hey guys and welcome back to the podcast. This one is all about my psychic and medium experience. I do get a bit emotional in this one as my experience was very home hitting. Bare with me and my tears! Hope you enjoy it. Big love, Amber xxx
November 11, 2019
Living With Guilt
Welcome back to another episode of the Grief Gang. This episode is about living with guilt. We all experience guilt when grieving, no matter how big or small. I talk about my own guilt and what I did/ still do to lessen the burden of it. Big love, Amber xxx
November 4, 2019
Family... It's Not Always Smooth Sailing
Welcome back to Episode 4 of the Grief Gang podcast. This one's all about family. As I’m sure many of you know, grief can change a whole family dynamic in the blink of an eye and change your worlds forever. I hope this episode lets you know that this is normal, and that you and your family aren’t the only ones who may not see eye to eye sometimes! I also hope it gives you the courage to express your feelings with your family members, I know how hard it can be. Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe on Spotify and share! Check out the Instagram page too -The Grief Gang Big love as always, Amber xxx
October 28, 2019
How My Relationship & Grief Coexist (feat. Joe)
Hey guys, and welcome to episode 3! All about my relationship and how grief flipped it upside down and turned it all around...featuring my lovely lover Joe. I really love this episode, I won’t lie. I love the fact that myself and Joe have opened up about our relationship and shared the truths about how grief can really rock a young relationship. I hope you love it as much as we do, and for any couples that are feeling the wrath of grief on your relationship, trust me when I say, things do get better! Ya just gotta be honest baby♥️ Subscribe, like and share this episode pretty please! Check out The Grief Gang Instagram page too🤗 Big love as always, Amber xxx
October 21, 2019
Friends, some advice for you.
The last part of the Friendship Episode, Part 3! This one is me talking to and about the friends of grieving people. Send this episode to your pals, whether you're the griever or friend! This is a great way to start that conversation if it's not already happening! Enjoy guys, Big love, Amber x
October 14, 2019
Grievers, Communicating Your Wants and Needs
Welcome back to part two of episode two! Part two is all about us, the grievers. Here I'm going to talk to you about what I learnt, wanted and needed from my friendships, from previous friendships to current friendships.  I will cover realistic expectations, unrealistic expectations and the brutal honest truth, because after all that's what this all all about. Short and sweet, enjoy! Big Love, Amber x
October 13, 2019
My Experiences With Friendships
Here’s episode 2 part 1, my friendships and experiences. This is a insight to what I have learned through my grief and friendships. I’ve split this episode into 3 parts to cover all ground! Stay tuned for part 2&3. Big love, Amber xx
October 11, 2019
My Story
Welcome to the gang...the one you never asked to be apart of. My name is Amber and I’m a 22 year old everyday girl! I lost my mum at 19, 3 years ago from a heart attack and it changed my world forever. My journey with grief has taught me many things, good and bad. This podcast has been created to normalise the conversation of grief amongst the younger generation and to let them know it’s okay to open about your grief and not feel ashamed. Your grief does not define you, but it is a part of you. Please like, subscribe, rate and share this podcast! The more people we reach, the better. Follow the Gang on Instagram and Facebook-
October 4, 2019