I AM. the podcast // with photographer Amber Melody

I AM. the podcast // with photographer Amber Melody

By Amber Melody
LISTEN + VIEW THE PORTRAITS: ambermelody.com/iam

Hosted by photographer Amber Melody, I AM is an experimental mixed-media platform that is part-photographic journal / part-podcast for the modern woman.

Join us every week for candid, relaxed conversations where together we traverse our intimate and often complex thoughts on self-love, style, art, ambition, wisdom and everything in between.

These are interviews - and accompanying portraits - to evoke, empower and inspire... because we all have a story to tell. What’s yours?

View the portraits: www.ambermelody.com/iam
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I AM with Zoe Elyse + Amber Melody
At 5’2” today’s guest has made her mark on the fashion industry with unique passion, punch and personality. Zoe Elyse’s stellar modelling career has challenged many mainstream norms so it felt pretty cool that before we sat down for this remotely-recorded conversation where we discuss body-diversity, representation, how she got into modelling & the changing landscape of fashion - I photographed Zoe in her home in LA from my home in Byron Bay, Australia - using some clunky wifi connections and the wonders of FaceTime. This is a new age, the rules are changing, and I for one am excited to start exploring the new frontier, so please make sure you visit the journal to see the photos we took as I welcome Zoe Elyse to the stage that is I AM. Let’s go!
May 29, 2020
I AM with Chloe Belle + Amber Melody
Amber Melody Today we are talking to American beauty and LA-based model Chloe Belle who I photographed in LA. In this episode - recorded remotely, during the time of Covid-19 self-isolation, we talk about body confidence, the hard reality of eating disorders, life in lockdown - and so much more. I hope you find our conversation as honest and thought-provoking as I did. Let’s begin... - SHOW NOTES TITLE I AM. the podcast + the journal EPISODE 01 HOST Amber Melody @ambermelody + @i.am.thepodcast GUEST Chloe Belle @goldenchlo PUBLISH DATE 22nd May 2020 LENGTH 42:57 LISTEN ON Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pockets Casts, Breaker Audio, Radio Public and Anchor. PHOTOGRAPHY CREDIT Amber Melody COPYRIGHT © 2020 Amber Melody All Rights Reserved
May 13, 2020