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Hair Goals

American Scouser Podcast

Stock Up On Alcohol!
International break is almost over.. Thank God!!!  Trio is back this Monday taking a look at the drama behind international selections especially for Trent and a look ahead to October
September 27, 2022
Saving American Sports
Timucin and Gally are joined by Macka who is filling in for Bickler. Topics range from consoles and gaming to more serious ones like comparison of US Sports to European soccer... Give us your take on our youtube channel or Facebook page and let us know what you think
September 21, 2022
To postpone, or not to postpone, that is the question
Premier League games postponed for LFC... does it help us or hurt us in the long run? Will the team bounce back against Ajax? The trio discusses it all in this week's episode
September 13, 2022
The Derby Debacle
Our Monday trio discusses the Merseyside Derby, how Mo is used in attack, and what the future hold for the front line
September 06, 2022
Treat Fest
Trio is back to talk about the 9-0 win! Late upload this week! Do not forget to join our live podcast on Mondays and Thursdays
August 31, 2022
Misery Mondays
Gally and Timucin try to make sense of the season so far after the loss at Old Trafford
August 24, 2022
Klopp Talk
We recap the game against Crystal Palace, squad issues, injuries, and Klopp's methods.
August 16, 2022
Bizarro World
The trio is back but somehow the moods feel very different as they recap the weekend match with Fulham, look at the injury mess, and predict the next steps for Liverpool
August 09, 2022
Hair Goals
Community Shield, Nunez vs Haaland, Bobby is back and more on this week's episode
August 02, 2022
Is The Dinner Plate On The Wall?
The trio is back as they discuss Nunez, Bobby as well as a look at the overall LFC transfer strategy We also evaluate the impact of 5 subs in the PL and discuss how it will affect teams in general
July 26, 2022
Love The Hate - Soccer in the US
Timucin and Gally talk about how American fans are viewed in general and discuss ways of improving the soccer culture in the US Quick recap of the two preseason games with the biggest takeaways along with a lot of laughs as always
July 19, 2022
Size Matters
Nice to talk about games even if it is preseason We analyze Klopp's comments and look ahead to a possible 4-2-3-1 formation
July 12, 2022
Mo Good Times
Gally hosts this week's podcast and is joined by Paul as they recap all the recent LFC news. Timucin makes an appearance from vacation to keep the trivia going and chime in on Mo's extension
July 08, 2022
Defensive Midfielders, Contracts, and Wives
The Monday Trio is here! We talk transfer needs, players playing out their contracts and more... A therapist's nightmare of an episode!
June 28, 2022
Sorting Out The Youngsters in Midfield
Our Monday Trio looks at recent transfer news including Mo's contract, Ramsay signing as well as rumors about Gini and Pulisic This week they also take a look at some of the younger stars and how they will fit into the long term plan at LFC
June 21, 2022
Nunez Time!
We welcome the news of Nunez joining Liverpool and project how it might affect our play and formation. Bobby, Taki, and Ox are the three players we discuss on this week's episode as we look ahead to the next season
June 14, 2022
Ghost of Lucy
60-70% of podcast listeners wanted this episode so we did as they asked. Monday Trio is here and are visited by the ghost of Lucy. We record live every Monday 7PM central so join us for the live recording on our Facebook page, Youtube, and Twitter
June 07, 2022
Paris Aftermath
Monday Trio is back as they take a look at the events at Paris and give their takes on the season
May 31, 2022
Ready for 7
Gally and Jamie recap their weekend's emotional rollercoaster and preview the final
May 27, 2022
Hope Kills - Monday Therapy Session
Timucin and Paul discuss the final day of the season and how the day evolved. Listeners join in with their takes as we close the Premier League chapter
May 24, 2022
Buckle Up For Sunday
Timucin, Jamie, and David are on this Thursday's episode. Southampton recap as well as end of season projections along with fan reactions at Nottingham Forest and Everton games.
May 20, 2022
Make it a double...for now!
The Monday crew is here as they look at the FA cup game and what it means to them as well as the club We roll the dice to see who starts against Southampton as the chase for the quad is still on!
May 17, 2022
No rest for the weary
Gally is the host this Thursday with David Rice and Scott Fishkin as they recap the Villa game and look ahead to the final. 
May 13, 2022
We Still Have Hope
Monday Trio takes a look at the Premier League landscape after the weekend games. We still have hope on our side!
May 10, 2022
Tickets to Paris
Timucin and Jamie are on the Thursday edition of our podcast this week as they recap the Champions League Semifinals and look ahead to the Spurs match.
May 06, 2022
Gally, Can I Have Your Jersey
A bizarre Monday podcast sees Bickler and Timucin watch Gally yell at the cloud in amazement. Recap of Newcastle game as well as the impact of Klopp's extension on contracts moving forward with a preview of our CL matchup 
May 03, 2022
Ulla & The Gang
The Irish Trio is on this Thursday with Gally hosting Chris and Jamie. Champions League Semifinal is the main topic along with the news of Klopp feeling fine until 2026!
April 29, 2022
Going Down!
The Monday Trio is here to recap the Merseyside Derby and give their takes on Gordon diving, Pickford's antics, and their feelings on Everton going down.   
April 26, 2022
Thiago United, Manchester Disunited, and EverDONE
Gally is joined by Scott and Jamie as they look at the beating we gave United and look ahead to the one we will be giving Everton
April 22, 2022
The Ride Continues
Quick look at the FA cup semi-final against City including some individual performances and a look ahead to the rest of the week!
April 19, 2022
Semi Finals for Everyone!!!
Timucin hosts Chris Strain and David Rice as they talk about the Benfica lineup and substitutions as well as a look ahead to the first of many semifinals ahead. They also talk about David Rice's article and discuss why some fans are not able to appreciate the season as it unfolds
April 15, 2022
Making of a Social Media Superhero
Monday Trio recaps the big game over the weekend and tries to predict the rotation over the next 2 games
April 12, 2022
Ready For The Big Game
Gally hosts Jamie and Scott as they recap the Benfica game and look ahead to the big game against City this weekend Jo Goodall joins in from Liverpool Women's Supporters Club. Check out to learn more about them and become a member to support the LFC Women
April 08, 2022
Good Start to April
The Monday Trio is here! Watford Recap, LFC Women, and a look ahead to the Benfica matchup
April 05, 2022
Buckle Up for April
Our Monday squad is here to talk international football (yes, we hate it, too), title race with fixtures for both teams as well as the tough April schedule ahead
March 29, 2022
So Far So Good
As we head to the international break, the chase for the quad is still on Gally hosts the usual Monday Squad this week as they recap the FA Cup match and look discuss CL and FA Cup matchups ahead
March 22, 2022
For The Love of Bobby
This Thursday edition is hosted by Timucin where he is joined by Chris and Scott as they recap the Arsenal game. Key talking points from the game and Klopp's postmatch comments as well as a preview of the weekend game are all here. 
March 18, 2022
Mo money, no problems
Brighton vs Liverpool match recap where we discuss Diaz's impact, his goal, and VAR's reasoning for not showing Sanchez a red card. Mo's injury and what that means for the midweek match with Arsenal. And of course Mo and his impending contract situation.
March 15, 2022
Old Men Yelling At Clouds
Timucin hosts Jamie and Scott as they recap the Inter game, and look ahead to the weekend.  Chelsea, the mess that is PSG, midfield preferences are some of the other topics as Jamie and Timucin show signs of being old as dirt!
March 11, 2022
Another Three Points
Our trio is back again with a recap of the weekend game against West Ham. They also discuss what is new at and some of the contributors behind the scenes. Trivia, fantasy recap and a look ahead to the Inter Milan game
March 08, 2022
The Irish Fest
2.75/3 Irish is the closest we can get at AmericanScouser and why not? Gally hosts Chris and Jamie as they recap the FA Cup game against Norwich and check out some of the individual performances
March 04, 2022
1 Down 3 To Go
What a final that was!! Our trio discusses some of the key moments of the game as well as some of the referee decisions. Trivia fun as always and a lot of interaction from listeners during the live recording!
March 01, 2022
Next Stop: Wembley!
Chris Strain and David Rice are the newcomers to the podcast as Timucin takes the hosting duties. Recap of the Leeds game and a look ahead to the final at Wembley
February 25, 2022
Rotation Issues
Our Monday Trio takes a look at the Norwich lineup and individual performances. How will Bobby's injury affect our lineups and where we stand with some of our midfield depth
February 22, 2022
Full Speed Ahead
Gally hosts Jamie and Scott as they recap the Inter game and look ahead to the PL matchups coming up
February 19, 2022
VAR, flags, and technical difficulties: Valentine's Day Edition
Crazier than normal this week as Timucin hosts Bickler and Gally. How crazy? The trio discusses anything from Timucin's famous grandfather to the Super Bowl and everything in between. Listener comments randomly appear everywhere nearly causing an epic Valentine's day meltdown but some great discussion on the Burnley game, the state of refereeing in the Premier League, and a look ahead to the Inter Milan game.
February 15, 2022
The Brace and The Giraffe
Gally hosts our Thursday edition with Jamie and Scott joining to discuss the Leicester game. Performances of Jones, Jota, Elliott, and Mo is the main focus as they analyze the game
February 11, 2022
Drinking coffee and talking LFC
Timucin hosts Bickler and Gally as they recap the Cardiff game and the AFCON final. Squad depth and a brief look at Leicester matchup along with some good old-fashioned trivia. Want to earn trust? Grab a cup of coffee
February 08, 2022
AFCON festivities
Timucin hosts Jamie and Scott as they give their takes on AFCON and International football in general as they welcome back LFC football coming up this weekend. They also take a look at who is the fastest on the LFC team and the AmericanScouser team. Spoiler alert! The latter is just freaking slow!
February 04, 2022
Deadline Day Shenanigans and State Vegetables
Our Monday trio covers anything from the Luis Diaz signing to your state vegetables. That's right! We are here to inform! Check out this week's episode and you will be googling your state's vegetable soon after
February 01, 2022
Winter Break and The Curious Case of Adama Traore
Gally hosts Scott and Cozzy as they take a look at the PL standings and transfer rumors Cozzy gets a chance to make his case for Adama and OLSC Delaware and Tampa weigh in on Kelleher/Alisson talk
January 28, 2022
Sweet Potatoes and Centerbacks
Timucin hosts Gally and Paul as they discuss the Crystal Palace game, the performance of our center-backs, and the choice to have Kelleher start the final
January 25, 2022
We're going to Wembley
Sing it!!!  The Reds are headed to Wembley after defeating Arsenal and our Thursday gang discuss the performance. Gally hosts Jamie and Scott as they recap the game and look ahead to the weekend
January 22, 2022
Divock Comedy Tour and Why We Love This Team
Our usual Monday trio is back together as they recap the Brentford game as well as take a peek at what is happening around the league with Coutinho, Benitez, and the COVID situation Pure comedy relief as they talk about some of the players in the squad and the joy they bring our lives
January 18, 2022
The 11v10 Debacle
Brand new Thursday edition of the podcast kicks off with Timucin as the host and he is joined by Irish Jamie and Scott. Recap of the Arsenal game along with Covid issues and Brentford preview are on the agenda. Brand new segments Tampa Bay Kop Talk and Ola's Fantasy Fix make their debut
January 14, 2022
FA Cup and the Kids
Timucin is MIA this week so Gally takes over hosting duties as Irish Jamie is back on the podcast along with Paul Bickler Recap of the odd week we left behind is on the agenda and the trio try to look ahead in this COVID mess
January 11, 2022
January Came Early This Year
Our trio discusses the loss of points and where it puts Liverpool FC as we look ahead to the rest of the season
January 04, 2022
Leicester City Again
With no Timucin in this week's episode, Gally hosts Bickler as they recap the game against Leicester and look ahead to our next matchup with the Foxes
December 28, 2021
'Tis the VAR Season
Our trio discusses the COVID effect on PL, VAR effect on the game as a whole and some of the player performances of the past week. A lively debate over various topics accompanied by the usual trivia and fantasy recap
December 21, 2021
All the balls in the right places
Our usual trio recap the Villa game and look ahead to the busy schedule ahead CL League draw(and redraw), Taki's future, COVID scares, MLS, and the game's future in the US are some of the topics discussed... 
December 14, 2021
The Divock Origi statue blueprints are in!!
Timucin and Gally recap the derby as well as the late Origi winner against Wolverhampton. Bickler makes an appearance. We are all working on our own version of the Divock Origi statue.
December 07, 2021
Getting Ready for the Derby
A three-question trivia gets us going in this week's episode as we recap the Porto and Southampton wins and look ahead to the Everton matchup Klopp's rotation, Gomez's future, recent performance of Ox are among the many topics addressed. Timucin is worried as always... Bickler is angry as always, and Gally is still not the best fantasy football guy in his own always!
November 30, 2021
Moment of Silence
We mourn the loss of Ole in this episode but at least Bickler gets to celebrate Peacock Recap of the Arsenal game along with a look ahead to the week and a lot of laughs as always
November 23, 2021
International issues
The trio is back with a recap of the Premier League so far, Stevie G.'s return and a look ahead to the Arsenal game
November 16, 2021
No Bickler No Problem with Guests
What an episode! We make up for Bickler's absence with several guest appearances throughout the show. Guest appearances by Daz, Ben, Barak, and Jamie as we cover the A.Madrid and West Ham games. Lots of laughs and great discussion..and since Jamie is on, there is singing as well!
November 09, 2021
Christmas Ornament Designs
Our trio discusses the Brighton game and looks ahead to the tough matchups ahead. Celebration of Kellie's fantasy football team is in the fore-front as they take a closer look at some of the players in the squad like Ox and Taki. 
November 02, 2021
It's A Wonderful World
Might be one of our longer podcasts but that 5-0 victory deserved it!! We recap the games against Atletico Madrid and Manchester United, discuss performances of Keita and Konate. We talk about United and we laugh and laugh... then laugh some more
October 26, 2021
Stitch's Treats
Stitch enjoys the Watford game despite the VAR checks...and we discuss the game as well as looking ahead to the week's fixtures
October 19, 2021
Riding in cars with the Saudis
Our trio discusses the Newcastle owners and how it affects the game moving forward Pickler is still adding to his pumpkin collection, Timucin is in a Turkish National Team deja vu, and Gally has a rant for the ages(again)
October 12, 2021
Points lost or points gained?
Timucin hosts Gally and Bickler as they recap the week with a closer look at the City game as well as the squad selection for the game against Porto Gally hates the question of points gained or lost(but gets asked anyway), Paul expanded his fall decorations, Timucin just likes to harass the two with the trivia section
October 05, 2021
Black Suits and Gourds
Timucin hosts Gally and Bickler as they recap the Norwich game, analyze the defensive struggles against Brentford, and look ahead to the Porto/City matchups coming up this week. Several followers join in with their takes as well Do not forget to check out the video recording live every week and the video itself on our Facebook and Youtube pages so you get to appreciate Gally's jacket and Bickler's gourd collection
September 28, 2021
League Cup & Steamed Veggies
Timucin has the hosting duty as always and is joined by Gally and Paul. The trio look at the matchup against Norwich as well as the weekend game against Brentford. A look behind some of the numbers of the Crystal Palace game as well as interaction with followers during the live recording Paul is not a fan of steamed vegetables, Gally is looking over his shoulder as Kellie's team closes in, Timucin might try oats in beer this week
September 21, 2021
The First Rule of Fight Club
We do it all.. from therapy to predicting winners of fistfights in this episode of the AmericanScouser Podcast. Timucin hosts as always and is joined by Paul and Gally as they recap the Leeds game and take a look at the state of refereeing. Paul is becoming a positive person, Timucin is here to turn that positivity down a notch, and Gally is still good at fantasy football
September 14, 2021
International Chaos
Timucin hosts Gally and Bickler as they go over the crazy week of World Cup Qualifiers, possible LFC implications as well as the preview of the Leeds game. Timucin is still in fantasy football, Paul is against British Imperialism in fantasy sports, and Gally is really upset over USMNT! This was our first live recording of the podcast which you can now join live if you wish with your comments and suggestions. We will be streaming our live recording on our Facebook page as well as our Youtube channel so join us next week!!
September 07, 2021
Is it September yet?
Timucin is joined by Paul and Gally as the trio recaps the Chelsea game and the transfer market deadline. Timucin is staying off of social media for a few days(or as needed), Paul is fighting all the online battles, and Gally is trying to keep his fantasy football reputation.
August 31, 2021
So far so good
Timucin hosts Mateusz and Paul as they recap the Burnley game and look ahead to Chelsea.  The trio takes a look at the departure of Shaqiri and how his time at Liverpool will be viewed. Will departures translate into arrivals? Are arrivals needed for this squad?  Mateusz takes over as the pessimist, Bickler is picking nails from tires, and Timucin loves to see Sean Dyche lose.
August 24, 2021
Off To A Great Start
Our trio recaps the Norwich game and takes a deeper look at some of the specific performances during the season opener Timucin likes to instigate, Paul likes to rant, and Gally likes his fantasy football
August 17, 2021
Let's Get This Party Started!
Do we really need to sign anyone? What did we learn from the preseason?  Paul, Gally, and Timucin cover the preseason games and their takes on player performances. The big question is do we need signings and if we do, where? Timucin is trying to avoid tornadoes, Paul has lost 12 pounds, and Gally is ready to hit the pubs!
August 10, 2021
Waiting Mode
Contract extensions and player loyalty are just some of the topics the trio discuss this week as Timucin hosts Paul and Gally. We also look ahead to the possible lineups against Norwich for the season opener
August 03, 2021
Diving, Turkish Rugs, and Unfiltered Cigarettes
To dive or not to dive? That is the question Timucin hosts Paul and Gally as they try to answer this question as well as covering Gini's comments and the latest LFC transfer news.
July 27, 2021
Bring On The Silly Season
Timucin hosts Gally and Paul as they talk about the Hendo rumors as well as all the other craziness taking place in social media The trio go over the fringe players of the squad and give their take on if they should be sold(and at what price) or used in a different role
July 20, 2021
The Euro Wrap
Timucin hosts Mateusz and Paul as the trio recap the Euro final and the tournament as a whole.  The games, brand of football being played, refereeing, VAR, and penalty takers are all reviewed Paul forgets his hat behind, Timucin is keeping it for auction, and Mateusz always agrees with Paul!
July 13, 2021
The Crazy Euros
Timucin hosts Paul and Gally as they recap the round of 16.  The upsets, stars, and duds of the Euros are covered along with some of the hottest transfer rumors Timucin still hates Neymar, Gally is playing Price is Right, and Bickler has technical difficulties. Despite some sound issues, we make it happen this week and make sure you get your weekly dose of American Scouser podcast.
June 29, 2021
The Euro Effect
Our newest contributor Chris Gallivan aka Gally joins Jamie and Timucin as they take a look at the Euros and how it will affect Liverpool's summer plans Shaqiri and Neco are the main focus as the trio also give their takes on the overall performances of teams in Euro 2020
June 22, 2021
The Eriksen Saga
We look at the coverage and the aftermath of the Eriksen incident, the Adrian extension as well as the Euro 2020 in general Bickler is trying to recharge, Jamie is being hunted by the English, and Timucin is not happy with Finland.  Listen to this week's episode full of laughter for more answers!
June 15, 2021
Bring on the Euros
What does international soccer mean to us and do these tournaments have a special place? We take a look at the group stage in Euro 2020(2021) and make our predictions. Bickler is looking for a receptionist, Jamie is not fond of England, and Timucin has the Turkish jerseys ready to go.
June 08, 2021
Transfer Chaos Begins
The trio covers the Konate transfer, a recap of both European Finals along with a glance at the transfer market for the top Premier League teams. To offset Bickler's singing on last episode, we feature some beautiful music from the always great Ash Harris. Stay tuned for more from Ash in the future on 
June 01, 2021
Paul's Singing Debut Is Here
A promise is a promise and Paul is singing on this week's episode to honor our great finish to the season which secured a Champions League spot. Listening to it might make Timucin enemy #1 for getting Paul to do it, but it was a risk definitely worth taking. A debut and a finale perhaps for Paul's singing career. We talk about the reasons behind the recent form, Gini, our CB situation along with some more singing and laughs Do we keep Nat or Kabak? Who qualifies for "homegrown" players and how it will affect some off-season decisions are some of the other questions the trio attacks with varying success 
May 25, 2021
Getting Ready To Sing
Timucin, Jamie, and Paul talk about the Alisson miracle, the Old Trafford victory, and the anticipation of getting Paul to sing on the podcast.  The young center-back pairing, our front three, and Big Sam are just some of the topics this week as well as the usual shenanigans.
May 18, 2021
The Cynical Duo
Timucin and Paul discuss the Southampton game and look at the battle for the top 4 Tough questions are asked and some are answered while the duo provide a whole new reason to root for a Champions League spot
May 11, 2021
Glazers vs FSG
Timucin is joined by Jamie and Paul as they discuss the events of the weekend. How do Glazers differ from FSG? Different perspectives of what the FSGout crowd really want and the reasons behind the fan unrest are discussed along with possible solutions moving forward. 
May 04, 2021
Where is the Fast-Forward button?
Timucin hosts Paul and Jamie as they discuss the Newcastle game and look ahead to the Manchester United matchup. They frantically search for the fast-forward button so this team can come back after a proper offseason and show its quality. Some offseason speculations along with the regular segments of news and trivia. 
April 27, 2021
European Super Podcast
Special guest and our newest contributor David Jennings joins Timucin and Paul for a chat about the ESL. We look deeper into how the ESL came about, how it might or might not go away, the reasons behind fan outrage, and where we think we go from here.
April 21, 2021
Don't F$$$ with my Football
The usual trio covers all leagues from Premier to Champions to Super League. We look at the actual football being played on the pitch as well as some of the shenanigans going on in the background. We give our takes on the new proposed tournament and how it relates to Liverpool. Stay tuned for our special episode this week with guest David Jennings as we cover the European Super League. We will look at some of the facts and numbers as well as give our more detailed opinions on the concept as a whole.
April 20, 2021
3 Grumpy Old Reds
Pets hate VAR ( we know of at least one!) and the grumpy old men in this episode are not too fond of it either. Timucin hosts Jamie and Paul as they recap the week for Liverpool and look ahead to the Champions League 2nd leg as well as the race to the top 4 in the Premier League Turn on. Tune in and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast!
April 13, 2021
Mustache Monday
The usual trio recaps the Arsenal game and looks at the huge week ahead. Tough questions are asked and answered (kind of) Quest to #7 and the top 4 in Premier League discussed along with performances of Jota, Fab, and the team as a whole
April 06, 2021
International games, rumors, and back to the LFC life
Timucin hosts Jamie and Paul as the trio give their unique takes on how they view international games. They sift through some of the transfer rumors and take a look at the Arsenal matchup ahead. Some great trivia along with many laughs as always. Turn on. Tune in and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast!
March 30, 2021
Winning and Math
A win in the Champions League followed by a tough away win in the league as the Reds get back to their winning ways. Timucin hosts Paul, Jamie, and Parker as they recap the week's games while helping Jamie with math. A truly educational episode with a lot of laughs.  Stay tuned till the end for our latest contest info
March 16, 2021
Can it get worse?
We take a look at the week we left behind with losses on and off the field. Looking ahead to a gameplan to salvage the season by winning #7. Can this team regain its swagger? Timucin hosts Paul, Jamie, and Parker this week hoping to give you a few smiles along the way as the Reds get back to work in CL
March 10, 2021
Back in the win column
The usual suspects recap the Sheffield win and give their takes on some of the individual performances. Did we find our ideal CB pairing for the time being? Will Kabak be with Liverpool next year? Why is Bobby's performance such a controversial subject among LFC fans?  Answers to all these along with a lot of laughs are in this week's pod! Turn on. Tune in and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast!
March 02, 2021
Demolition Derby
Definition of a plastic fan, media, VAR… we address all in this week’s episode as our usual crew recaps the Everton game and addresses all the hot topics on LFC social media
February 24, 2021
Champions League is back!
Timucin hosts Paul and Parker as the trio recap the Leipzig game and look at some of the specific performances. They also address some of the odd takes on social media during this recent run and look ahead to the Everton match-up. 
February 18, 2021
Perspective is a great thing
This week we recap the week's games and talk about some of the top talking points like Alisson, FSG, and everyone's favorite, Divock Origi. Fighting the knee jerk reactions and the "hot takes" of some fans on social media, the crew brings some perspective to the current struggles and where the blame should go We reference a few articles on this pod which are both great and worth a read. We battle through some minor sound issues on this one but go over some key topics so let us know what you think
February 10, 2021
Transfer Deadline Special
The boys are back recapping the impressive week that brought two key wins and take a look at the newest additions to the team on the last day of the transfer window
February 03, 2021
Keep smiling through the struggles
The usual squad is back at it as they discuss the Burnley and Manchester United games. Tips on how to get past these tougher days, Peacock, and a lot of laughs as always. We even compare Divock and Pogba... makes more sense than it initially sounds. Give it a listen and don't forget to check out the video format on YouTube
January 26, 2021
Waiting for goals and points
Jamie hosts Paul, Parker, and Timucin as they discuss the lack of goals and points for LFC. The usual silliness and then some on this week's episode. Do not forget the check out the video version on our Youtube Channel
January 20, 2021
Bye Bye 2020
Timucin hosts Jamie and Parker as they discuss the game against the Magpies.  The News Year's Eve recording also gives the opportunity to look back on 2020, the good and bad that came out of it.  Turn on, tune in and Kop out 2020 with the American Scouser crew #HNY2021
January 01, 2021
Last gasp saved WBA... still top of the tree
Jamie is joined by Barak and Paul to discuss the WBA game, Big Sam, the continuing injury issues, and the wonderous first touch of a certain red in #10. Turn on, Tune in and Kop out with
December 29, 2020
The Magnificent 7
Jamie hosts Timucin and Parker as they recap the 7-goal away win as well as other LFC news, even covering the top hits of Abba
December 21, 2020
Best Team Won!
Jamie and Parker are back to address the spurs game! Si senor!  The better team won and we sang it loud enough for the people at the back to hear!  Filled with fun facts, nutmegs, memes and of course VAR and José too.
December 18, 2020
Memories of Houllier
Jamie hosts Parker and Paul as the lads discuss their memories (or lack thereof) of Houllier, the match versus Fulham, the upcoming Tottenham match, and the Champions League draw!
December 15, 2020
The fans are back
Jamie hosts Parker and Paul on our latest episode.  A recap of the game with a focus on the return of the fans to Anfield along with a glance to the Champions League lineup as some of the things the lads touch on. All accompanied with the usual silliness and laughs 
December 08, 2020
Champions League mission accomplished, back to the PL
Jamie hosts Paul and Parker as they recap the Ajax game and evaluate some of the performances.  They also look ahead to the weekend matchup as they discuss lineup possibilities in goal amongst other positions Do not forget the checkout our video version of the podcast now on our youtube channel. YNWA!
December 05, 2020
Glad that is over
Timucin hosts this episode and is joined by Jamie and Parker as the trio discuss the Atalanta game and look ahead to the weekend fixtures. Jamie's education on American Sports continues while they also give their take on Diego Maradona Don't forget that the pods are now also available in video format on our YouTube channel
November 27, 2020
There's something that the Kop wants you to know
Our Irish Jamie hosts Timucin and Parker as the three recap the Leicester game. Sifting through the injuries, Atalanta game strategy, and possible Premier League challengers are some of the other topics which are accompanied by a lot of laughs as always Give it a listen. You can also access the podcast in a video format now on our AmericanScouser YouTube Channel
November 24, 2020
OLSC Spotlight - Colorado Springs
On this OLSC Spotlight Podcast, we chat with Trason Merritt from OLSC Colorado Springs. Trason talks about the humble beginnings as well as the rapid growth of the group that became official very recently.
November 23, 2020
Back from break
We took an international break of our own but just like the Reds, we are back.  Jamie hosts Timucin and Parker as they talk about the international break, the injury crisis, and look ahead to the weekend matchup. A lively discussion on what the replay technology has brought to the table and what it has taken away.. Give it a listen! We are back!
November 20, 2020
Derby Day Preview
Jamie and Timucin discuss all things football as we look ahead to the big game this weekend. Ola joins the crew with his fantasy football tips for the week. Check out for more information about the fantasy football and FIFA leagues being referred to in the podcast
October 16, 2020
Third time's a charm!
We are back from our own little International Break with the other half of our Irish Contingent Jamie on hosting duties! Jamie is joined by Paul and Mateusz to discuss the International break, More players with the RONA and everything that's been happening behind the scenes at American Scouser inc. a NEW FIFA tournament in the works, Fantasy football, and all the usual LFC centric banter! Turn on, Tune in, and Kop out with the American Scouser podcast!
October 14, 2020
Chelsea 0 - 2 Liverpool! 2 down 36 to go!!
Irish Chris is back on hosting duties and is joined by the OG Timucin to discuss the recent win at Chelsea, The arrival of Jota and Thiago, and A little chat with our resident Fantasy Football Expert Ola *Asterisk Sapo to discuss the players that are and aren't performing and some tips to keep you in the race!! Don't forget to give us a follow on IG & TWitter: @americanscouserblog Get in on the conversation n our Facebook group: LFC America  Plus stay up to date on all the news, latest articles and check out our merch store at Plus you can pick up some original American Scouser Apparel in our online store
September 23, 2020
Chelsea v Liverpool Preview
Timucin is back on hosting duties and is joined by Jamie and Mateusz! Rumors abound and the news is swirling in the run-up to this Sunday's game with a new-look Chelsea side. Timucin revels in his American Scouser Cup win and Jamie gives us the lowdown on the fantasy league week 2! Turn on Tune in and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast! Give us a follow on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog Get involved in the conversation in our Facebook group: LFC America  And catch up on all the latest news, articles, merch store and past episodes of the podcast at
September 19, 2020
Liverpool V Leeds Utd - Heavy Metal Recap!
Irish Chris is back on hosting duties and is joined as always by the OG Timucin. LFC 4 - Leeds Utd 3. The lads recap the highly entertaining and nerve-shredding opener against the premier league "new" boys. Penalties, HatTricks, and some not so calm as you like! Plus we chat the American Scouser cup, Fantasy, and all things happening around American Scouser. Turn on Tune in and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast. Don't forget to check us out on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog Get in on the conversation in our Facebook group: LFC America and as always you can catch up on all the latest news, articles, competitions, merch, and previous episodes at
September 18, 2020
We go again!!!
The new Premier League season is finally here and Chris is on hosting duties! Joining him are the OG Timucin and Jamie. Liverpool welcome Leeds United back to the Premier League for the opening day of the 2020/21 season. Good to see them back or not? We chat all the new things happening with American Scouser inc. FIFA Tournaments, Fantasy Soccer/Football, Prediction games and just some all round good banter and excitement for the forthcoming season. Turn on, Tune in, and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast! Give us a follow on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog Get in on the conversation in our Facebook Group: LFC AMERICA and catch up wth all the latest articles, news, fantasy, FIFA and catch up on old podcasts at
September 11, 2020
It's just a big plate anyway....
Timucin is back on hosting duties and joined this week by Jamie and Mateusz to chat about the big plate and penalties, transfer rumors continue to swirl, and Fantasy Football and FIFA tournaments to get you in the mood for the start of the Premier League next week!! If you want to pick up some tips and a lick to join our Fantasy Football/soccer tournament: The American Scouser Cup, Click HERE! Don't forget to give us a follow on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog Get involved in the conversation in our Facebook group: LFC America And catch up on all the latest articles, news, competitions, and of course our merch store at Turn on. Tune in and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast!
September 05, 2020
Lionel who? A Charity Shield Preview...
Timicun is on hosting duties and is joined by Jamie and another of our new contributors Mateusz.  The season officially gets underway this Saturday with the Charity Sheild.. and a chance to rectify the defeat to Arsenal late last season.. Will we bring home the big plate? Plus the usual transfer rumors, news and some ramblings about some Argentinian guy.... Turn on, Tune in and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast! Don't forget to check out for all the latest news, articles, Fantasy League, FIFA tournament and you can listen back to past episodes Check out IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog and get involved with the conversation in our Facebook group: LFC America YNWA  
August 28, 2020
Fantasy Football er.... Soccer
Chris is back on hosting duties this week and is joined by the OG Timucin and last year's American Scouser Cup (Fantasy football/soccer) winner, Ola *Asterisk Sapo. We have a quick chat about Stuttgart and the usual transfer rumors but as you've probably already guessed by the episode title and guest that our focus is on Fantasy football/soccer and our own league on Barclays Fantasy Premier League for this season, The American Scouser Cup. Ola is not only the winner of our league but is a bit of a fantasy football professional, (he writes for a so we figured who better to come and chat about the game of fantasy than him! To sign up for the American Scouser Cup click HERE  Don't forget to check out for all the latest articles and news as well as listen back to past episodes. Check out our IG & Twitter: Americanscouserblog And get involved in the conversation in our Facebook group: LFC America Turn on, Tune in & Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast YNWA
August 25, 2020
Preseason Ponderings
Timucin is back on hosting duties and is joined by one of our newest website contributors, Jonathan Slape. Jonathan is the chair of OLSC Nashville and co-host of the Speedway Soccer Podcast and contributor to their website covering MLS franchise Nashville SC. With the season fast approaching and preseason in full swing, the guys discuss the news around the club and hopes for the coming season as well as the champions league and the transfer rumors surrounding some players still involved. Turn on, Tune in, and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast! Don't forget you can catch up on old episodes and all the latest articles and news at Check out our IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog and get involved in the conversation in our Facebook group: LFC America YNWA
August 21, 2020
Mike Wilson: Steps 4 Stephen
In this special episode, Chris is joined by Mike Wilson from Steps 4 Stephen: Darbs goes home. Mike has been organizing charity walks around Football/Soccer stadiums and other sports arenas for many years. He joins us today to talk about the upcoming Steps for Stephen walk & the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation. A charity set up by former Liverpool player Stephen Darby and his friend Chris Rimmer who is also battling MND (Motor Neuron Disease/ALS). Stephen was diagnosed at the age of 29 forcing him to retire from the game and he dedicates his time to bringing awareness and fundraising to help #AttackMND To find out how to book your slot on the walk roster, order your event t-shirt, and make a donation in support of the Foundation, follow this link. Don't forget to check out for all the latest news, articles, and podcasts. Get involved with the conversation on FB: LFC America And give us a follow on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog Turn on, Tune in & Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast! YNWA
August 06, 2020
New Kits! A new dawn or more of the same?
Chris and Timucin discuss the new Nike kit launch. Do we like the new home jersey? Chris asks "Who is Lebron James?" and does a team that finished 20 points ahead of everyone else, really need to spend megabucks in the transfer market? Turn on, Tune in & Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast! Don't forget to check out and give us a follow on IG & Twitter; @americanscouserblog Follow us on Facebook and check out all the latest articles, Podcasts, and our merch store!! YNWA
August 04, 2020
The wait is finally over! CHAMPIONS
THE FIRST EVER CHAMPIONS EDITION OF THE AMERICAN SCOUSER PODCAST! Irish Chris is joined by American Scouser OG, Timucin, and our man in PA, Hooch to discuss the Chelsea and Newcastle games, and finally lifting the Premier League trophy after a 30-year wait!! Plus a little on what to expect in the close season with transfer rumors abound and the young players staking a claim! Plus a little on our newest section on the website Turn on Tune in & Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast! Give us a follow on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog Get in on the conversation in our FB Group LFC America and check out our FB page facebook/americanscouser Check out for all the latest news and articles as well as our newest section... OUR BRAND NEW STORE: American Scouser Boot Room! YNWA
July 28, 2020
Chelsea Preview - We are the Champions!!
Irish Chris and the OG Timucin are back to preview Wednesday's visit of Chelsea to Anfield. Trophy presentations, Players with new numbers, and a little about footballing/soccer happenings outside of Merseyside! Turn on, Tune in & Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast! You can stay up to date with all the latest happenings (LOTS of happenings!!) and articles, as well as access to old podcasts at Give us a follow on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog Follow us on Facebook: @americanscouser & Get in on the conversation in our Facebook group: LFC America YNWA
July 21, 2020
Arsenal 2 -1 Liverpool: Goons against the Gooners
We're back with another American Scouser Podcast! Chris is on hosting duties today & chatting to the American Scouser OG Timucin, Complacency, upcoming rule changes, and a little about what's to come from American Scouser in the coming weeks and months.... Turn on, Tune in & Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast! Get involved in the conversation over on our Facebook group: LFC America Give us a follow on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog And catch up with all the latest news, articles and check out past podcasts at
July 18, 2020
OLSC Spotlight - OLSC Jersey Shore
WE are back with another American Scouser OLSC Spotlight! Allez Allez Allez to our man in P.A, Hooch chats with Eddie & Mike from OLSC Jersey Shore! From growing up together to celebrating a league championship and everything in between. Turn on, Tune in & KOP out with the American Scouser Podcast! Check out our socials IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog Stay up to date with all the latest news and articles at ALSO, if you want to get involved in the conversation? Join in our Facebook group: LFC AMERICA YNWA
July 04, 2020
LFC Utah
We are back with another spotlight on LFC Supporters groups around the country. Timucin chats with Vicki & Todd from LFC Utah and they chat about the groups inception, growth and how you can get involved. Turn on, Tune in & Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast. Don't forget to check us out on IG & Twitter @americanscouserblog and all the latest news and articles on YOu can also get in on the conversation in our Facebook group: LFC America YNWA
June 26, 2020
LFC v CPFC - The Boys are Back in Town!!
The American Scouser Podcast is back!!! Irish Chris is on hosting duties and he's joined by Hooch & American Scouser OG TImucin. Liverpool are finally back at Anfield and the guys recap the 4-0 over Crystal Palace and wax lyrical about Trent, Fabs & Mane. Do we want a Chelsea result and a guard of honor or to win it at the Etihad? And a little but what's coming up from American Scouser in the future!! Turn on, Tune in & KOP Out with the American Scouser Podcast! Follow us on IG & Twitter @americanscouserblog and check out all the latest news and articles at!! You can also get in on the conversation in our LFC America Facebook group... YNWA
June 25, 2020
Timucin sits down to chat with Alex Malone from KopConnect. KopConnect is set to be held next summer and we are delighted to be joined by one of the founders and organizers Alex Malone to share all the details of this amazing event. Turn on, Tune in, and KOP out with the American Scouser Podcast! Don't forget to check out our socials & give us a follow! IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog for all the latest news and articles click on over to and if you want to get in on the conversation join us in our Facebook group: LFC AMERICA YNWA
June 18, 2020
LFC Ottawa
Continuing our International Supporters Interviews, Timucin is joined by Jim Hancock from LFC Ottawa in Canada.  They are hoping to become an Official Supporters club soon and also chat about the growth of the game in Canada in recent years. Turn on Tune in & Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast. Don't forget to check us out on IG & Twitter : @americanscouserblog You can check out the website for all the latest news and articles at And you can also join in the discussion in our FB Group: LFC America YNWA
June 16, 2020
OLSC Spotlight - OLSC Berlin
Continuing our OLSC Spotlight Series.  Timucin chats with Andre Volkel from OLSC Berlin in Germany, to discuss the many similarities and a few differences in supporters clubs in both the US and Germany. And a little history on the growth of the LFC fanbase in Germany and Redmen Family there. Turn on, Tune in & KOP out with The American Scouser Podcast. Don't forget to check us out on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog and join in on the conversation in our Facebook group: LFC America YNWA
June 11, 2020
OLSC Spotlight - OLSC Des Moines
American Scouser OG Timucin continues our Spotlight series chatting to Ben Bergman from OLSC Des Moines, Iowa. A Lawyer by trade, Ben discusses how it doesn't matter what size your supporters' group is or how long they've been around. Any group can get Official Status as long as you have everything in order. And of course, we delve into the beginnings and continued growth of LFC Des Moines and soccer as a sport in the Des Moines area! Turn on, Tune in & KOP OUT with the American Scouser Podcast. Don't forget to give us a follow on IG & Twitter : @americanscouserblog and get involved with the conversation over in our FB Group: LFC America. Check out for all the latest articles and news from the world Liverpool Football Club and its supporters Statside!
June 08, 2020
May or something...
Back with another Pandemic edition of the American Scouser Podcast. Chris is back on hosting duties and he's joined by American Scouser OG Timucin, along with podcast (kinda) newcomer, Journalist, and most importantly... LFC Fan Cady Siregar. Premier League meetings, website "technical errors" & a little discussion on the recent court ruling that went against the USWNT this week. Turn on, Tune in, and Kop out!!! YNWA Don't forget to check us out on social media via IG & Twitter; @americanscouserblog along with getting in on the discussion on our Facebook page LFC America. And as always everything can be found in one space on our website
May 04, 2020
Kerry Somewhere Interview
Back with another segment in our Interviews series. Chris is on hosting duties with Travel Blogger and LFC Fan Kerry Macuska aka Kerry Somewhere. Kerry is one of the founding members of LFC Orlando. Kerry travels the globe. mostly solo and usually wearing some form of LFC apparel. From party times with LFC fans in Lebanon to going viral in the Middle East. Dunkin Donuts sending her to meet Jurgen Klopp and creating a travel guide for the solo traveling LFC fan. Turn on, Tune in, and Kop out with the  American Scouser Podcast. Don't forget to check out our IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog and get in on the convo in our Facebook Fan group: LFC America
April 28, 2020
Cady Siregar Interview
Continuing our special interview series, Timucin is joined by journalist, blogger and LFC fan Cady Siregar. New Yorker Cady is a regular contributor to on various subjects ranging from music to football and especially LFC, as well as various other publications like VICE & DIY magazine. But today she's here to chat LFC and the feeling of being an "outsider" and her recent article which delves deeper into what being a foreign LFC means and how perception has changed. Turn on, Tune in and KOP out with the American Scouser Podcast. Don't forget to like, share & subscribe. Check out our Socials @americanscouserblog on IG & Twitter and get involved in the conversation on the LFC America Facebook group. And as always you can get up to date with all things A.S at  YNWA
April 21, 2020
Furlough Fallout - Graham Lee Interview
A special episode of the American Scouser Podcast with the Grand Daddy and man who put the "Scouser" in American Scouser - Graham Lee. He joins AS OG's Timucin and Gordo (aka Graham's son) for a chat about the recent furlough fallout.  Dig a little into the politics of a city like Liverpool, from the mind of a Liverpudlian. And just some straight-up views of a fan of the club from the City. Which, if you haven't already discovered? Is a brilliantly unique and often hilarious view, only Scousers possess.  Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share! Check us out on IG & Twitter: @americanscouserblog  Join our Facebook Group: LFC America and join in on the conversation and connect with other Reds across The States and Beyond.... YNWA
April 11, 2020
The New Normal?
We're back in the saddle for what is the "new normal"... for the next few weeks anyway. Irish Chris is back on hosting duties with Parker and American Scouser OG Timucin to chat about the lack of football, options for finishing the season, and what we've been doing to quell the boredom of this pandemic lockdown!!! Don't forget to SUSCRIBE & Share!! Check us out on IG & Twitter @americanscouserblog our FB fan Group LFC America and of course
April 09, 2020
OLSC Murfeesboro Spotlight
Continuing our Spotlight of Official Supporters Clubs.  Timucin chats with JD Deckard from O.L.S.C. Murfeesboro, Tennessee. Fire whiskey, strangely procured banners and all the hot chicken you can handle.  LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!!! don't forget to follow our socials @americanscouserblog and get in on the LFC conversation in our LFC America facebook group! YNWA
April 07, 2020
Wham Bam Thanks West Ham!
It's an all Irish affair with our resident Celts, Jamie and Chris recapping West Ham from Mondy evening and a little general chit chat about American Scouser, The VIrtual Pubcast plus a little tribute to a fellow Irishman! LIke, Subscribe and review!!!! and if you wanna get involved with the future VIrtual Pubcasts then drop as a DM on IG  @americanscouserblog or hit our FB page don't forget to check out our Twitter comp and a chance to win the superb book by NC resident and OLSC Raleigh stalwart Ken Kendra - A Golden Sky. YNWA
February 26, 2020
AS Virtual Pubcast
In a BRAND NEW section, we have opened the AS Virtual Pubcast! Tim, Barak,  Jamie & Paul grab a few brews and come together (Virtually) to watch some of the weekends Premier League football. Banter, beer and a bit of back and forth on all things football-related with a heavy emphasis on our beloved Reds.  If you like what you hear and you're interested in getting involved with the VIrtual Pubcast? Reach out to us through our various socials..IG&Twitter: @americanscouserblog FB: to find more details! And don't forget to give us a follow while you're at it!!! YNWA
February 24, 2020
At long last......Norwich!!
 Irish Chris debuts on hosting duties with American Scouser OG's Timucin and Gordo. Norwich Preview, Stadium Expansions and dick-measuring contests among fans! Oh and an apology........  Listen and Share! Don't forget to follow our Socials @americanscouserblog IG & Twitter and get involved in the conversation in the LFC America Facebook group, YNWA
February 14, 2020
FA Cup Replay review
Tim and Gordo Chat about the LFC "kids" recent FA Cup replay with Shrewsbury Town.  We also discuss Hotel's price gauging for traveling fans and the absurdity of fans arguing about when we'll actually clinch the league title! All of that and the usual American Scouser banter!!
February 07, 2020
19 teams ❎ 19 points ✅
This weeks trio hosted by the Irish Nat Phillips, aka Jamie discuss the Hammers, debunk VAR myths, have a sing song and some good laughs as always. Barak is here to talk us through "Stanga"... a great game he played throughout his childhood. Meanwhile Chris Scott tries to channel his inner Klopp, but ultimately lets his inner Red run riot. 
January 31, 2020
Nike chat & Spurs preview
Tim is joined by the dynamic Irish duo of Jamie (Irish Nate Phillips) & Chris. Along with American Scouser new comer, Parker to discuss the Nike deal becoming official and a little look ahead to this weekends Premier League fixture against Jose Mourinho's Spurs.
January 10, 2020
The Merseyside Derby - FA Cup Edition
We are back after that mental holiday schedule, and what a game to come back with!!!!!  Gordo, Timucin, Chris Scott, and the Irish Nat Phillips (Jamie) discuss the 25th FA cup Merseyside derby! Join us for the usual banter, business and blowing smoke about these kids!!  YNWA
January 06, 2020
O.L.S.C Spotlight - Detroit
Continuing our Official Liverpool Supporters Club Spotlight series,  Tim chats to Ryan from LFC Detroit who have been an OLSC since 2013. Don't forget to like, share & review the podcast and   follow us on IG, Facebook and Twitter. you can also join in the chat in the LFC America Facebook group!!
November 12, 2019
Season Review so Far with Cozzy & Jamie
Fresh from Anfield... Cozzy returns to American shores. He and Jamie discuss the season so far, starting at the bottom and In a typical Hot-Take fashion the pair deliver their opinions on possible relegation battles, floundering top six aspirations, Brendan Rodgers, Genk @ Anfield and of course VAR. Join in on the discussion, subscribe, share and follow us on FB, Twitter and IG! 
November 05, 2019
Aston Villa V Liverpool Recap
Gordo, Timucin & Jamie recap the thrilla at the VIlla!!  With a little ode to TAA's 100th game for the club and all the usual banter!!  Follow us FB, Twitter and IG! and don't forget to subscribe & share!!!
November 04, 2019
EFL Cup Recap and Villa Preview
Timucin Uras and Paul Bickler go over their takes on the EFL cup, our crazy game against Arsenal at Anfield, and look ahead to this weekend's Premier League fixtures.
October 31, 2019
Spurs Review & Gunners in the cup preview
Jamie, Chris and Paul volley the Spurs Game into the back of the net, along with tackling the midweek game. Jamie puts the lads on the spot asking the questions we all want answered. Join the trio for another barrel of laughs and serious topics that continue to flow at the heels of LFC. 10 Games into the prem and with two cup competitions underway, follow the mayhem and madness that is FOOTBALL! 
October 29, 2019
Genk Recap & Spurs Preview
With Timucin hosting the 2 Irish Lads in Chris and Jamie,  the trio talk KFC in Belgium, Spurs coming to Anfield, crazy stats and some big laughs. Champions in 19, Liverpool overcome the away run in Europe, and try to pick a winner in the rerun of the victorious Final which need we remind you..... IN SUNNY MADRID WE WON IT 6 TIMES. 
October 25, 2019
Man Utd GW 9 Preview
Cozzy leads the tenacious group of Jamie, Gordo, and Hooch all thirsty to get back to Premier League action.  They smell blodd, and for the first time in decades, Liverpool play the away favorites card.  The boys think they're up for it though, and get pretty cocky about the hiding United could be in for.  The group also does a tribal rain dance to pray the heavens open up for the Palace City game.  Hilarity ensues as always, and like all good pods, ends with a pep talk from Cozzy.  
October 18, 2019
Liverpool vs Leicester City Instant Reaction
Cozzy hosts Timucin, Gordon, and Chris Strain as they break down key parts of the game and the huge win for the Reds
October 06, 2019
Salzburg, Leicester, & Our Rivals
Cozzy and Gordo go deep into tactics, wages, and bitter nostalgia as they assess the Champions League win against Red Bull and look ahead to what looks to be the toughest test of the season when "The Brodge" brings the Foxes to Anfield on Saturday. Stick around til the end as Cozzy has an important message for those of you who had any worry after the mid-week match.  Put the lids back on Reds and bask in the glory!!!! 
October 04, 2019
Sheffield Recap and Look ahead to Champions Leage
Cozzy hosts Timucin and Chris Strain as they review the weekend's action. The three also take a look at the upcoming Champions League fixture.
October 01, 2019
OLSC Spotlight - Raleigh
We talk to OLSC Raleigh President Ken Kendra about the OLSC and what makes the London Bridge the perfect place to watch the Reds if you are in the area
September 25, 2019
The Win @ Chelsea & The Emotional Rantcast
Gordon hosts Chris and Jamie in a weekend wrap-up after our nervy win at Stamford Bridge.  They get deep in the woods for your listening pleasure though as discuss the affects of money on a club's identity, the growth of the game in the States, and have a bit of a Klopp love-fest at the end.  The heart-on-the-sleeve-attitude slips out full force in this one and as LFC set their sights on the longest win record in EPL history, these boys hit the longest podcast record at American Scouser. Enjoy!  
September 24, 2019
LFC OLSC Spotlight - Nashville Supporters Club
Timucin Uras of American Scouser sits down with Chris Unick, the Vice President of the Supporters Club. Chris talks about the amount of work that goes into creating a thriving community of Reds fans in Nashville
September 19, 2019
Champs League Recap v Napoli & Chelsea Preview
Jamie and Chris discuss the dramatic end to our 90 mins in Naples. The duo also delve into the Sunday game away to Chelsea. Helped along with quotes from the team Cozzy, Timucin and Gordon.
September 19, 2019
5 Points Clear
Cozzy hosts Timucin, Gordon, and Chris as the fab four break down the weekend's action.  Bobby's brilliance, Mane's excellence, and the sheer belief in this team is all discussed.  The gang also gets into the Norwich v City match and the mid-week UCL clash in Naples.   Our Pukki shirts are in the mail after this one.  Still can't believe we only have 15 points after 5....
September 16, 2019
GameWeek 5 Early Kick Off V Newcastle
Cozzy host Jamie and Chris to discuss this weekends Games, the turmoil the Geordies are in, and past glorious and not so glorious memories... ah the joys of the International Break.. Finally Real Football Returns!
September 13, 2019
Midweek Chat
Cozzy hosts Chris Thomas and Timucin as they talk about the importance of international games and how it affects the Reds. The trio save the future of US Soccer and talk about ways to improve the sport in the USA.
September 10, 2019
We sit down with Jody Fleming Jr. today to discuss the OLSC in Pittsburgh as well as the advantages and challenges of forming an OLSC.
September 08, 2019
Int'l Break Chat
Gordon hosts two of our newest members Chris T, and Chris S (Irish Chris) in their first podcast with American Scouser.  Since it is an international break the lads chat on the stats from the first 6 competitive games, the UCL team sheet, and the great domestic cup question.
September 06, 2019
Burnley Recap
The crew, hosted by Jamie this week and joined by Timucin and Barak, discuss all the main headlines from the Burnley Game... and there were a few. Shankly  The International Break... Also the end of the transfer window .
September 03, 2019
The American Scouser Crew this week hosted by Cozzy, joined by Hooch and Jamie discuss all things LFC. Cup draws, Young Duncan fiasco, the quest for 7, GW4 away to Burnley, the lost podcast... and of course our thoughts go out to Luis Enrique who tragically lost his 9 yr old daughter to cancer.
August 30, 2019
American Scouser GW#3
Cozzy and Jamie discuss the line up options v Arsenal, Ox's new contract, Naby's difficult time and the rest of the leagues worries. Cozzy poses some difficult questions for the listeners...
August 27, 2019
OLSC Interview- Madison
Timucin hosts Bryn Griffiths, founder of OLSC Madison and co-founder of OLSC Chicago.  Bryn tells his story of growing up in the South of England with Scouse parents, and the struggles of finding a broadcast of the Reds in American.  His desire to recapture the English camaraderie around the club lead him down the path of piecing together both OLSC groups!  He's a Midwestern Red legend and a nice guy!
August 23, 2019
Southampton Recap
 Timucin hosts Cozzy and Jamie as they review the Premier League weekend including an in depth look at the Southampton game. The trio touch up on a host of other subjects like the VAR, new rules, and Sturridge's trip to the Turkish League. 
August 21, 2019
Norwich Wrap-Up & Super Cup Final Preview
Gordon hosts a full house as Jamie, Timucin, and Cozzy get into depth about the season opener against the Canaries.  The Alisson injury, Origi's growing value (and kissable-ness), Lovren to Roma, and Ryan Kent's social media outburst are all put in the spotlight as the gang hashes their feeling out.  The conversation moves to a Super Cup preview as Liverpool make their 6th appearance in the final and look to lift their 4th cup, making them England's most decorated club of all time.  Finally, the age old question is hotly debated, is Istanbul in Europe??? Turns out yes and no!  Join in the fun! 
August 14, 2019
Liverpool vs Norwich Game Week 1 Preview
  Hilary and Timucin go through the first game of the season.  How will we line up and what does this season have in store?  All the season excitement comes to a head in the first pod of 2019/20. 
August 11, 2019
OLSC Interview- Miami
 In the third installment of our Supporter's Club spotlight, Timucin chats with Robby Robb of the Miami Supporter's Club about the ins and outs of following the Reds in the Sunshine State.  Since Miami is such a big city, Robby describes their initial approach to creating the OLSC, as well as what attracted him and other Miami members to the sport and the club we love so much. 
August 07, 2019
Community Shield Review
Hilary hosts with Cozzy and Gordon, discussing the Community Shield game against City, the new league rules and first season with VAR, our new signing, and whether or not Pep's pants on Sunday could've had any more pockets.
August 06, 2019
Preseason Recap
Timucin hosts Jamie and Hooch as the three recap the preseason games and look ahead to the Community Shield matchup.
August 02, 2019
OLSC Interview- Austin
Timucin continues our Supporter's Club Series with a sit down with Austin's Steven Wilson.  The pair discuss the noticeable supporter increase Steven has witnessed over the last two years, as well as ways OLSC Austin gets out and about in the surrounding communities.   Steven shares his wisdom about how to get involved and even how to start own of your own!   
July 18, 2019
OLSC Interview- Albuquerque
Timucin sits down with Graham Matthews, Founder of the Albuquerque New Mexico Official Liverpool Supporter's Club, to discuss the ins and outs of the OLSC.  The pair cover Graham's supporter background, the evolution of the game in the states, and everything in between.  He even gives advice on getting involved with your local chapter and how to go about setting one up.   
July 07, 2019
Listener Facebook Q&A
 Cozzy runs Timucin and Gordon through a few select questions from the Facebook group.  Greatly appreciate the fan response to our post!  Test running our new intro as well so give us your feedback. 
June 20, 2019
Transfer Market Hysteria
With only a handful of days left before the big final in Madrid, American Scousers filled the premier league void.  Gordon sits down with Cozzy and Timucin to discuss the media circus that is the open transfer market!  Who do we need, who should go?  Pep to Juve?  We'll buy his ticket for him.  Indulge us! 
May 24, 2019
Madrid Here We Come- The Comeback Review
Probably the quickest final whistle to pod on record, we couldn't contain our emotions.  Join in as the Hooch, Timucin, Hilary, and Gordon pour their hearts out in the most dramatic comeback in Semi-Finals history.  
May 08, 2019
Liverpool vs Newcastle Postgame
Debrai and Timucin go over the thriller against Newcastle and look ahead to City's game against Leicester
May 06, 2019
Sad Pod- Recap of Livepool's UCL Loss to Barcelona
Hooch and Gordon take part in a bite sized podcast to discuss the cruel result at Camp Nou.  Despite the score line, the guys discussed the optimism they see in taking the tie to the bitter end and dive into a bit of astrology. Strap in, it gets emotional, spiritual, and maybe a bit physical.  *Disclaimer- Podcasts are unable to get physical, just a marketing scheme.*   
May 03, 2019
Previewing Liverpool's UCL Semi Final Against Barcelona
 Gordon hosts Timucin and Hooch as the guys discussion their thoughts on how we will line-up, if it is better to start at home or away, and will Coutinho be a factor in the tie. 
May 01, 2019
Instant Match Reaction to Liverpool vs Huddersfield
Debrai and Timucin give their instant reaction to Liverpool's 5-0 victory
April 26, 2019
Recap of the Week; Laughing at Rooting for United
 Timucin hosts Cozzy and Hooch as the three discuss the Cardiff game, analyze the mess that is Manchester United and look ahead to Friday's matchup 
April 24, 2019
Recap of Liverpool's Chelsea and Porto Matches, and a Look Ahead to Cardiff
Gordon hosts Tim and Hooch as they dive into a rather dull Porto victory in mid-week and the complete performance against Chelsea at the weekend.  The gang also discussing the upcoming fixture of Cardiff and discusses some difficult questions regarding the future of the club.   
April 20, 2019
Liverpool's Weekend Recap and Look to the UCL Quarterfinals
 Join us as Debrai leads his guest Gordon through a recap of a thrilling goal drought ending win over Southampton at the weekend as well as a pre-match discussion of Porto's visit to Anfield tomorrow.  A history lesson ensues as well as getting personal about feelings heading into the final month. 
April 17, 2019