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Wide Open Conversations

Wide Open Conversations

By Ami Shroyer
Let's have Wide Open Conversations about Whole Health, Spiritual Family Life, and Wellness. No one cares for your family more than YOU. No one knows your body more than YOU. Be the health hero in your story, and rise up to advocate for the WHOLE family!
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511 - Let's Get Back to Life!
Today is Michael Shroyer's birthday -- his seventh birthday that we're celebrating without his life here on earth. This episode will give you a glimpse into the content that is coming soon with the 511 Wholeness Journey, and how YOU can get involved! Let's get Back to Life! XO! Ami
May 11, 2022
Friday Five - Thoughts, Thinks, Imaginings
Sometimes we need to reign in our thoughts, and set the mind on higher things. A friend who has overcome severe addiction told me that it took him a while to ready his mind for what it would take, and that's a great point! It's not easy, but is much needed. Sometimes we can help reset our calm with simple things like making the bed, cleaning out clutter — even one drawer, making the right kinds of foods, calling a friend, or taking a bath.  In this episode, I share a short clip from a song that I wrote on a kids' worship project. The song is based on Proverbs 3:5-6. In the bridge, I wanted to use my four-year-old prayer "Bless my thoughts, my thinks, and my imaginings..." so I adapted those words to ones that we can all relate to — young and old alike: Bless my thoughts, my dreams, my imagination. Step by step, Your delight, Your Creation. And yes, renewing the mind is something that we will always seek and practice. It is vital, for what we think, we become. So set your mind on higher things this weekend. Join me Tuesday for the next Wide Open Conversation! XO! Ami
April 23, 2022
Thoughts, Thinks, Imaginings
When I was a little girl, I would end each prayer with, "And God, bless my thoughts, my thinks, and my imaginings... and Lord, please give me a puppy." Today, we hear a lot of teaching around MINDSET. Let's have a conversation about it! (Ignore the dog noises in the background — clearly, God has answered that prayer time and time again, and I love dogs!) Head to for more info on Brooke Castillo's thought download process. And visit my Instagram account in the videos section, click on the word "series" and there you will find the "After the Sadderday" short videos I created a few years ago. There are six of them. Guard your heart and mind this week! You are loved. Be Love, Beloved. XO! Ami
April 20, 2022
Five Minute Friday - Life to Life (Good Friday)
So much for keeping it to FIVE minutes! I get excited about Resurrection, and as a follow up to Tuesday's Life to Life Conversation, many friends sent me their stories of struggle with faith during times of tragic loss. Here is Steven Curtis Chapman's song Rememberer to Remember that I referenced (live) or here (official studio version) Happy Weekend - God says, "It is my JOY" as He reconciles His people! Celebrating and Remembering - The Gift of LIFE! XO! Ami
April 15, 2022
Life to Life & Back to Life Again
It's Passion Week! [Passion: endurance through suffering] I LOOOOOOVE everything about Easter week celebrations. What Jesus so generously gave in order to bring us out of death and into life deserves to be celebrated year round. In this episode, I share a secret to living with hope and resilience. It has everything to do with the power of the Cross, and in its shadow-to-resurrected-power, we find Life and Life again. Have a beautiful week. Talk to your kids about the Life and Resurrection of Jesus. Our minds, our longings, and our suffering find reframe, and seeds of purpose will rise. XO! Ami
April 12, 2022
Friday Five - Conversation with J Michael
Easter is my FAVORITE time of year!!! This is the Back to Life week of all back to life weeks of each year, and I'm excited for next Tuesday!!! For now, here is a recap of just a couple of great comments J Michael had in our last episode, and some thoughts on HUMILITY. Humility is a precursor to creativity, to love, to connection, and to life. Let's put on humility this week as we honor the Passion of Christ, the One who brought us Back to Life! XO! Ami
April 09, 2022
A Conversation with My Son, J. Michael, on living active faith
Last week, I gave away a free ebook of a conversation my late husband wrote, unpacking some encouragement that he received from our son, who - at the time - was ten years old. You can grab that free download at Today, I am having a talk with J Michael - NOW NINETEEN - touching on the authenticity that the 18-25 year old crowd is seeking when it comes to faith and God, community, and life. The key is discipleship, and that's really just a fancy word for "walk your life openly with others, and honor Jesus as you seek him with your whole heart." YOU are a difference maker. YOU have passions and gifts and talents that can be used to create an environment that builds up the faith of the people around you. Let's get back to life, live in the wide open, and create connections in our everyday lives. Head to and connect with us! XO! Ami
April 05, 2022
Friday Five - Don’t Give Up
Thanks for joining the conversation this week, "Don't Give Up!" God uses creative - and CREATED - things to uplift His people. I believe that His favorite resource is found in... PEOPLE! What can YOU provide a person in need to recharge and refresh his or her Back-to-Life way of living? Your story matters, and you will make a huge impact on another person who feels like giving up. Please visit TODAY, and receive a gift from me to you! I want to bless loyal listeners with a FREE ebook that my late husband (who was never late for anything) wrote, out of a conversation that he experienced with our son when J. Michael was ten. Our son deeply revived his dad's weary heart to keep moving forward with a family wholeness center ministry that we were building. It was in a tough stage, and Mike questioned whether or not it was even worth it to continue. I hope their conversation inspires you and gives you life. The FREE ebook is yours today!’t give up On Tuesday, I will have a conversation with our son J Michael -- now about to turn nineteen. So join us Tuesday for a great conversation! And until then — Be loved, Beloved. XO! ✌️ Ami
April 01, 2022
Don't Give Up
Have you felt like giving up? This episode is for you! To single parents, to tired ministry leaders and families, and to anyone worn out or worn down... Take heart, join the conversation, and know that you are a difference maker! XO! Ami
March 30, 2022
Friday Five (or Six) - I Went on a Date
Listen to a short bonus each Friday from the LISTENER side of each conversation! XO! Ami
March 26, 2022
I Went on a Date
It's been over six years since I lost my champion husband. Two thousand, two hundred, seventy-two days had passed. A persistent person noticed that my voice was going silent. He took an act of heroic bravery, and I am changed today because of an uncomfortable action step that I took in response. A date that helped me see my walls, and choose to be and become. Maybe today, you’re the hero. Or maybe like me, you need to give yourself the grace to be, and the courage to become. And all of those things come true when they start with love. Life is in constant transition. Please be a part of this journey, and transition with me - it’s time to tell stories that inspire us all to get Back to Life! This is a great episode to share with widow friends, or just anyone who finds himself or herself in a place of solitude and resistance to be fully who they are called out to become! Find me at  Please subscribe and leave a comment or a review! Become a part of the Wide Open Conversations! Much Love,  Ami ✌🏼
March 22, 2022
Don't Debate - Create! (A timely recorded talk from Michael Shroyer)
Hello friends! In today's episode, I'm bringing audio recording of Michael Shroyer, my late husband, with parts of a talk he gave entitled, "Don't Debate; Create!" I have received personal messages of gratitude for sharing his message in the "Be and Become" episode, and I was even thanked by a church leader who had asked his entire staff to listen to that message in order to shift a ministry dynamic within their church culture. Nothing could make me happier, and that is indeed MORE than what I was hoping that these episodes would accomplish! I am about to send a manuscript of Mike's to a publishing company - he spent five years working on a small but packed book, entitled Name on the Front of the Building. It is blunt and reads like a charge. I used to tell him that it was full of much-needed messages, and he would say to me, "Ami, I don't want to put a target on the back on our family."  In the months leading up to his unexpected passing, he was doing his final edits, and was stuck on how to bring it to completion. He'd say to me, "I don't know how to end it, and I don't know how to begin." I'd laugh, and say, "That's because I am going to write the Forward and the Afterward for you, silly!" And while this is absolutely NOT how I imagined that this would take shape, here we are. This week, I took a few days to myself to edit and prepare the manuscript for this week's send-off, and in order to get myself back in the framework of what ministry was like with Mike, I opened files of his audio messages, and prayed, asking God to help me select just the right one, and "Don't Debate; Create!" jumped out to me like a flashing light. With what's going on in our culture, with having just watched the most chaotic presidential debate in all of history, and with some vision and local mission that we have reawakening with Wide Open Ministries, this could not have been more perfect! I invite you to listen with an open mind and heart to this message and think about how we can apply these simple truths. Not only does Mike talk about debate; he recaps what he cleverly called "The 7 Ways of Creation" which actually turned into eight cultural standards that we valued with the integrated family ministry and wholeness center that we were beginning on the 47-acres of North Carolina property, in Cre8 Home. Just like in the "Be and Become" message, I will interject here and there to. give you some context, as will as some landing points that we can apply TODAY, in the environments we are currently wrestling through, both in our heated cultural climate, and in the home. Mike's Points: 1. The most important things to God are repeated. He says the same things over and again, in order that we learn to live accordingly. Look for what He repeats, and it takes out the debate. 2. There are times when a scripture is a scripture and what it says is what it says. Let's stop taking half of God's Word and negating the other half. There are times when the debate just needs to stop. Choose to embrace what God is saying, and ask for help when it's hard to live out. 3. We end up missing it. We waste opportunities when we could really be making a difference. Don't debate; create. Create life. 7 Ways of Creation: 1. Life. Style. Redefined. 2. Connect. Celebrate. 3. Shared. Experience. 4. Stop. Performing. 5. Offering. Sacrifice. 6. Be. Become. 7. Don't Debate. Create. Let's feed LIFE and stop fueling HATE -- let's take up for one another rather than taking sides. Let's believe that a person is more important than being right. And let's see what can happen! Because God says, 'Beloved, you are MINE," you and I can learn to do the same. XO! Ami Check out:
October 08, 2020
511 Countdown - Journey to Wholeness Series
Hi Friends! This episode is a brief beginning - an overview - of where we are heading over these next few weeks. Listen as we discuss the 511 Countdown, and start to discover ways to recognize areas in our bodies, souls, spirits that need attention, and what to do when we find them... or they find us! Be. Loved. Ami
June 29, 2020
Friday Faves and Feedback! Be and Become
Friends! How's this for determination? With life going full speed, I may not have gotten the first Friday Fave out on Friday... but here it is on Saturday! Enjoy this weekend recap, with application as to how the Be and Become challenge played out in our home. Take the challenge, and see what doors you can open in yours. Happy Weekend! See you Monday! XO! Ami
June 27, 2020
Be and Become - A Conversation with Michael Shroyer
Hello friends! There is no one I wanted to share this first "guest episode" with, more than Michael Shroyer. On this day after Father's Day, I'm honored to piece together some recorded audio clips of a message that Michael lived quite well. I was a recipient of his great outpouring of this way of life, and I watched Mike help others rise to become more than they believed they could be. He used to say, "Ami, I live to protect your smile. I want you to spread your wings as far and as wide as possible."  He wanted to see EVERYONE become, and he championed on behalf of many. For those of you who knew Mike, you will love hearing the reminders of these truths he valued greatly, and offered freely. To those of you who have not known Mike, let me introduce him to you today! You will feel as if you've met him by the time this episode ends, and I believe that his life will mark a difference in us all. Above everything, Michael wanted to see others lead with love, and feed the actions that produce LIFE! We sure do need that focus today. Who is this episode for? * This is for husbands *This is for leaders *This is for those who serve in the local church *This is for those who have been hurt by those who serve in the local church Thank you for lending me these 38 minutes -- I know you will be blessed! ***If you would like to hear the song that I wrote, Three Little Minutes,
June 22, 2020
Maiden Launch
The maiden launch of Ami Shroyer's podcast - Journey Through Fields of Daisies.
June 02, 2020