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Body Whispers Contemplations

Body Whispers Contemplations

By Amira Ayad
Body Whispers Contemplations is a place where you learn to listen to your Body Whispers before they turn into screams... A place to learn and explore how to nourish your body while nurturing your heart, mind & soul. My name is Amira & I’ll be your host. My work combines the latest of modern science with the wisdom of love and wonder. It integrates research and data with real human life and feelings. You can learn more about who I am and what I do by visiting my website:
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Body Whispers Contemplations: Do I Have to Forgive?
When I asked my sheikh about forgiveness, he told me that I’m not obliged to forgive; he told me that it was my choice. Forgiveness is a highly praised value in our Islamic teachings, but still, it’s optional, not mandatory… I could choose not to forgive, that’s my right… My wise sheikh paused for a moment, and then added, “Yet, at a certain point on our spiritual journey, we can go no further if we do not forgive.”
September 23, 2020
Body Whispers Contemplations: Wake Up Call
It took a global pandemic to force us to pause our fast-paced life, slow down the mad pursuit forevermore, and to replace our FOMO (Fear of Missing out) with legitimate fear for our simple ability to breathe… a priceless luxury that we all took for granted. It took a global pandemic to make us face this dark lifeless spot that lurked deep beneath the surface of our hearts and lay at the core of our being perfectly camouflaged that we failed to see it for what it really is… Depression!
September 15, 2020
Body Whispers: Embracing The Wisdom of Our Feminine Cycle
The female cycle holds much more than the physical reproductive power. It holds the power of producing ideas, meanings, missions, and changes. Research in neuroscience shows that we receive, perceive, and process information differently at different times of our cycles. The menstrual cycle with its regular repeated pattern of hormonal change carries regular and repeated patterns of emotional change. By understanding these changes, you can access your own deeply held wisdom and make the most out of every “time of the month.”
September 8, 2020
Body Whispers Contemplations: Loneliness
In this COVID era, loneliness is looming over our lives, over everyone’s life and it could be affecting not only our emotions but also our physical health. Loneliness is radically different from solitude. Loneliness is not about being alone; it is rather about feeling helpless, powerless, and lack of belonging. As human beings, we need to feel seen and heard. Our loneliness requires courage to keep going. It requires patience, flexibility, and trust. Our darkest moments help us slow down, reflect, and absorb life lessons, challenges, and trials. It helps us find the perfect rhythm that synchronizes our heart with the delicate flow of life, with all its ups and downs, joys, and sorrows. 
August 28, 2020
Body Whispers Contemplations: Don't Kill The Beast
We all have challenges, pains, and struggles… we all have ‘beasts’ that keep us awake at night and bring tears to our eyes… they are here for a reason… they are here to teach us something, to help us grow… Don’t kill the beast… Instead, let's find a way to make it beautiful.
August 25, 2020
Body Whispers Contemplations: Self-Care
The fear and frustration the COVID pandemic has caused made us all in a definite need for self-care… but our “advanced” society did not teach us that we deserve it… We learned to define our worth by our achievements and accomplishments… We learned to keep running and running… And, when we feel down or depleted, most of us just looked for diversions and “painkillers”… We might do useful stuff … but are they self-care? Do we take care of our hearts and souls along with our bodies and minds?
August 6, 2020