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The AMIRA Show!

The AMIRA Show!

By Amira
Empowerment of women, the LGBT+ community, sex/sex work and THE TWERK TIME!!
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Ep. 140 - Wet Wednesday w/NeNe at Nite! - Asking All Them Questions
In tonight's collab of Wet Wednesday!! We addressed the art of ASKING SEX RELATED QUESTIONS when dating someone! The importance is a HIGH PRIORITY and many of us don't utilize this communication. WE GOTTA DO BETTER! Sex is one the most dangerous and frequent things humans participate why don't we ever feel comfortable in advocating for that and taking control of that? Listen in as we drop some example questions that are good to ask on the 1st date, 3rd date, or even AFTER the test run in the bedroom! Great information as always and we were joined by Jasmine of Femme Drip (and The AMIRA Show! SQUADRON Member) for more perspective and commentary! It's all love. Visit for more content. FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @neneatnite @_jazzysworld @femme.drip
October 22, 2020
TONIGHT! We did nothing but bond over a good, wholesome game of Never Have I Ever! Such fun with the crew as usual. Listen in and learn a little about us...and learn how I'm a serial loser. Whatever. Get ya drink and prepare for a laugh! It's all love. Visit for more content. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR. FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @iono_iguess @_lovinjohn @_jazzysworld
October 20, 2020
Ep. 136 - LIQUID *Obsession* with The Latin Barbie Heaven - PRIDE TINGZ AND TEA
We got the TEA! Asshole talk, Grindr, and who getting blocked? Welcome to another special episode, LIQUID *Obsession* with the Official Drag Queen of The AMIRA Show!, the Latin Barbie Heaven!   We discuss pride a little bit as this was the very day before we would've been attending the Louisville Pride Festival, but it's fine! You'll be seeing us next year so stay tuned!  Listen and enjoy banter and STORYTIME!   It's all love.   Visit for more content!   I DON'T OWN ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR.   FOLLOW US!  @the1amirashow  @thelatinbarbieheaven  @_lovinjohn  @iono_iguess
October 15, 2020
Ep. 138 - Shame Behind Dating Multiple People
In today's episode, we had a SPECIAL REQUEST!!! A CALL FOR SOME HELP!! The SQUADRON and I discussed the shame that people experience behind dating multiple people or having multiple partners. A great conversation and we hope that we've dropped some jewels for you to pick up and pocket! Check it out and cannot deny what makes you evolve and develop into the happy human you're meant to be. It's all love. Visit for more content. I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR. Follow us! @the1amirashow @femme.drip @_lovinjohn @_jazzysworld @shantii.way @iono_iguess
October 14, 2020
Ep. 137 - FILLER EPISODE - On the Go!
SQUADRON member Anthony accompanied me for a road trip to Texas and I wanted to record a show! Haven't done and ON-THE-GO! episode in a while, so this was a fun throwback! THE TOPIC...Gas stations. In lieu of us traveling, it was fitting...and I like gas stations (because I travel so much)! Have fun listening to this goofy, filler episode! It's all love. I DON'T OWN ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR! Visit for more content! FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @iono_iguess
October 7, 2020
Healing AF Ep 3: Get Yo Birth Chart & Get Yo Life
We have our THIRD installment of HEALING AF! In this episode, we discuss the basics of astrology, natal charts, and WHY they're necessary to YOUR life! Shoutout to Bri Renee of Love, Sex and Magic Co. for teaching us the baseline, but if you want to learn more, let us know and she'll see what she can do for you :-) Visit for more content AND shop for all things spiritual! Crystals, jewelry, plants, waistbeads, Tarot Card readings, and soon to come...NATAL CHART READING SERVICES! YAY! Spend $30 and use discount code AMIRASHOW for a discount. Spend $50, use the code and you receive a gift! It's all love. FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @lovesexandmagicco
September 9, 2020
We got together for our first Friday of the month to discuss BEASTIALITY in lieu of the CANCELLED Kentucky Derby...I thought of horses and that led to the topic (LMAO). We also got a surprise visit from THE LITUATION ROOM 502!!! Congrats to FamilyEnt for coming up and making their way to 97 The Beat! We took shots all night and there is NOTHING BUT LOVE! Shout out to them! Tune in for a night of confusion and fun! It's all love! I DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS TO WHATEVER MUSIC YOU HEAR. Visit for more content. FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @thelituationroom502 @_jazzysworld @shantii.way @femme.drip @_lovinjohn @samtheeducator
September 6, 2020
Ep. 132 - COLLAB WITH NENE@NITE - "Keeping it Clean"!
In our collaboration this month! We were joined by a guest to discuss KEEPING THE VAGINA CLEAN! Always a fun and engaging time when we link up! Listen in, ladies! The vagina is unique and complicated to each and every individual owner. Don't feel bad that you gotta learn it and learn what it likes! Even learn what works to keep it clean! I DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR. Visit for more content. FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @neneatnight It's all love.
September 3, 2020
It's been a minute! In this episode! We discuss PUSSY ANTHEMS! Everyone is tripping over the explicitness of WAP by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion...but did we forget there were more to pave the road before this hit? Honestly...WAP isn't even that bad compared to many of its predecessors. What's your opinion? You can already guess ours! Did we miss a Pussy Anthem? Put it in the comments! I DON'T OWN ANY RIGHTS TO ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR. Visit for more content! FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @_jazzysworld @shantii.way @femme.drip @_lovinjohn @iono_iguess It's all love!
September 3, 2020
"HEALING AF" with Love, Sex and Magic Co. EP. 2
YAS! New episode! Episode 2! And more to come. For this installment of "Healing AF", Bri Renee and I had a chat about Trauma, Trauma Bonds, and how we can heal from them. Some very interesting gems have been dropped throughout the episode along with the Google and spiritual definitions of our topics! Do you relate and need some insight, tips, and empowerment? Please enjoy, and be healed! Visit and USE MY DISCOUNT CODE!! AMIRASHOW to get 15% off of any purchase $30 and over! Anything $50 and over will get you some extra goodies!!! SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT!! ALSO, visit for more content and episodes! Follow us! @the1amirashow
August 13, 2020
WET WEDNESDAY with NeNe at NIte! - Sexpert talk with Lyric of Beyond the Shade and Jada and Will!
OUR FIRST COLLAB WITH A TITLE! Catch our collab every middle of the month because we like it in the middle..."Wet Wednesday"! We had Lyric, a sexpert in training and creator of sex positive organization, Beyond the Shade, join us on the mic! We discussed sex and relationships, astrology signs and the situation with Jada, Will and August Alsina. (NeNe's mic was too low :-( my apologies) Enjoy! Visit for more content and visit for sex toys! WHATEVER MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN. FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @neneatnite Facebook: Beyond the Shade
July 17, 2020
"HEALING AF" with Love, Sex and Magic Co. EP. 1
NEW COLLAB! WELCOME, Bri Renee of Love, Sex, and Magic Co.! We're coming to your favorite podcast platforms with our monthly collab episodes titled, HEALING AF!  Together we'll be discussing topics of spiritual healing and knowledge...anything else relative to the movement of healing and caring for your soul. Check out our introductory episode and watch out for us every 1st Wednesday of the month!! Visit for more and visit to shop for your healing supplies today! FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @lovesexandmagicco
July 16, 2020
Ep. 130 - Season 5 Begins! - Dope Ass Black Women for the Revolution!
We start our new season! SEASON 5! Hitting the ground running with talks of the Revolution with Revolutionary women! I'm joined by Kaileigh of Frontline Queens and SQUADRON member, Jazzy to discuss the modern role of women in the fight against injustices. We also talked about our experiences this past month being on the frontlines and protesting for arrest, prosecution, and CONVICTION of Breonna Taylors' murderers.  Tune in to listen and be sure to SAY HER NAME. #BreonnaTaylor Visit for more content. WHATEVER MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN. Follow us! @the1amirashow Frontline Queens - Facebook @_jazzysworld
July 6, 2020
Ep. 129 - We Finna TWERK IT! wit Baby Blue!
TONIGHTS EPISODE! We got a special guest, Baby Blue on the mic to chat with us about her musical career, inspiration and we touched on the looting that has been taking place in the city. Listen to her single "Twerk It" featuring Say'von Da Don and song from her newest project called "Facts". We had a full house tonight, I'd like to thank The SQUADRON for joining us and Dovie, Baby Blue's sexy boothang! Visit for more content. I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR. Follow us! @the1amirashow @syncbarz @shantii.way @the_duchness1 @iono_iguess
June 9, 2020
Ep. 127 - SPECIAL EPISODE w/The Latin Barbie Heaven - Liquid *Obsession* - Corona Updates, Birthday Surprises and more Fuckery!
Tonight we had a packed house!   THE SQUADRON and our OFFICIAL DRAG QUEEN of the show The Latin Barbie Heaven accompanied with drag friend, Natalia Jolie!  We surprised SQUADRON member, Jazzy of Femme Drip for her birthday and had a whole party!   Topic? We touched on some updates and opinions of COVID-19, our favorite thing about drag and the power of the changing room, along with storytime and other banter!   Listen in for a fun time!   Visit for more content!   It's all love.     WHATEVER MUSIC YOU WANT TO HEAR, I DO NOT OWN.     Follow us!   @the1amirashow   @latinbarbieheaven   @nataliajolieee   @_jazzysworld   @shantii.way   @iono_iguess   @the_duchness1
May 27, 2020
Ep. 128 - Solo Dolo - 21 Questions!
I was solo on the mic tonight! Played everyone's favorite, 21 Questions! Some questions were sent to me to answer on the air and I invited the participation of anyone who joined me on my Instagram Live as well! So questions came from all over and were answered on the air! A cute, fun time on a chill Friday night! Listen in...and think of questions to DM me next time! I might do it again! Shout out to my cousin, best friends, The Squadron and anyone else who sent me questions and entertained me :-) It's all love. ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN. Visit for more content. FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @_jazzysworld @the_duchness1 @joethomascarter @werkoutbarbie @iam_thenelly
May 26, 2020
Ep. 126 - Collaboration w/NeNe at Nite - 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!
Tonight we celebrated the 3rd year anniversary of NeNe at NIte!! We broadcasted on this very day three years ago...which was the first day of the podcast airing! We had a chat about the start of NeNe at Nite and the usual tips and tricks on toy usage, clit talk, sprinkled in with live audience/man's perspective, and lots of laughs! Listen in for the reaction when we tell the men that a dick is an enlarged clit! Shout out to THE SQUADRON for coming through and participating in the collab! Visit for more content and sex toys. FOLLOW US! @neneatnite @the1amirashow @the_duchness1 @iono_iguess @_jazzysworld
May 18, 2020
Ep. 127 - SPECIAL EPISODE w/The Latin Barbie Heaven - Liquid *Obsession* - Corona Updates, Birthday Surprises and more Fuckery!
Tonight we had a packed house! THE SQUADRON and our OFFICIAL DRAG QUEEN of the show The Latin Barbie Heaven accompanied with drag friend, Natalia Jolie! We surprised SQUADRON member, Jazzy of Femme Drip for her birthday and had a whole party! Topic? We touched on some updates and opinions of COVID-19, our favorite thing about drag and the power of the changing room, along with storytime and other banter! Listen in for a fun time! Visit for more content! It's all love. WHATEVER MUSIC YOU WANT TO HEAR, I DO NOT OWN. Follow us! @the1amirashow @latinbarbieheaven @nataliajolieee @_jazzysworld @shantii.way @iono_iguess @the_duchness1
May 18, 2020
Ep. 125 - LOVE is a DRUG w/Music Artist, Danielle Chavis (SheSoMorena) - Love P.T.S.D.
On the mic today! We had St. Louis singer and long time friend, SheSoMorena (Danielle Chavis) to share her story behind the beginnings of her music career and the meaning behind her fresh Diana Ross-inspired single, "Love P.T.S.D."! Gotta listen in to hear a telling tale behind the drug of LOVE! Great interview AND reunion on the air! This disco bop, "Love P.T.S.D." is available on all platforms, so be sure to download and listen! It's all love. Visit for more content! ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN. Follow us! @the1amirashow @shesomorena
May 10, 2020
Ep. 124 - SPECIAL EPISODE The Monthly Check-Up "Get PrEPPED!" w/Carmen Mitchell
On this show, we had THE SQUADRON on the mic to join me with our chat with Carmen Mitchell in our SPECIAL EPISODE! We had a conversation about our opinion on the country lifting lockdowns state to state. Carmen always has great perspective due to her studies in the field and is a great resource to you all (and us) as listeners! Tune in to hear our thoughts! And ask yourself, what are yours? Visit for more content. It's all love! WHATEVER MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN. Follow us! @the1amirashow @carmeninpointe @iono_iguess @the_duchness1 @shantii.way
May 4, 2020
Ep. 123 - Waistbead Warriors! Starring Donna Storey!
We had the Waistbead Warrior of waistbead/health and wellness business, A Natural Hair Storey, Donna Storey!  Our official interview was full of gems and knowledge and I'm SO BLESSED to have a collaborative partner who spreads confidence and cultural knowledge!   Visit @anaturalhairstorey on all platforms and put in an order of beads today STRAIGHT from the motherland! Also, subscribe on YouTube!   It's all love.   Visit for more content.   WHATEVER MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN.   Follow us!  @the1amirashow  @anaturalhairstorey
April 30, 2020
Ep. 122 - Collaboration w/Nene at Nite - Spicing it Up! Sexual Exploration During Quarantine, Masturbation and Sex Toys!
In this month's collaboration with NeNe at Nite, we discussed ways to spice up your sex life, solo or with a partner, featuring sex positions, masturbation, and sex toys!   Listen in for a confidence boost and benefits behind this healthy and sexy exploration! Also, need a toy to get started? Visit for your toys today!   It's all love.   Visit for more content.   WHATEVER MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN.   Follow us!  @the1amirashow  @neneatnite
April 30, 2020
Ep. 121 - SPECIAL EPISODE *Liquid* Obsession w/The Latin Barbie HEAVEN
In our SPECIAL EPISODE *Liquid* Obsession, we had The OFFICIAL DRAG QUEEN of The AMIRA Show!, The Latin Barbie Heaven of Lousiville, Kentucky! We watched and had some commentary about Lousiville Pride Festival's Digital Pride! Happening every Friday from 8pm-9pm. Heaven also had a chat about how Queens can keep their skills tip-top or improve while being on the lockdown! Some awesome gems from yet another healthcare professional along with some fuckery through STORYTIME! Tune in for tonight's story in the life of The Latin Barbie Heaven! ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN. Visit for more content!\ It's all love! Follow us! @latinbarbieheaven @loupridefestival @the1amirashow @iono_iguess
April 19, 2020
Ep. 120 - INTRO to Waistbead Warrior, Donna Storey!
In this episode, SQUADRON member, Jazzy of Femme Drip and I chatted about a few things! One of those was a brief discussion on WAISTBEAD WARRIORS! Our special guest, Donna Storey of "A Natural Hair Storey" (and also a partner/collaborator of The AMIRA Show!), will be making her OFFICIAL appearance in a couple of Fridays! Tune in on the 24th to hear about her business, her journey as a WAIST BEAD WARRIOR, and how you can get yours! Enjoy her intro and the anticipation as we discuss adorning our body and the historical purposes behind it! (Unfortunately, some of the episode cut off at the end, so I apologize for that!) It's all love! ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DON'T OWN. Visit for more content! FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @anaturalhairstorey @femme.drip @_jazzysworld
April 12, 2020
Ep. 119 - The Monthly Check-Up "Get PrEPPED!"/w Carmen Mitchell
In this episode! We tried out our new CALL IN feature with Carmen Mitchell! It was fun and worked out so we had another successful special episode, The Monthly Check-Up, "Get PrEPPED!" while obeying social distancing! Today we chatted and touched on some harsh realities of COVID-19 in terms of government administration and the absence of actions taken to help prevent this pandemic! Don't worry, we also checked in on one another and got some Netflix suggestions from Carmen to keep your Quarantine interesting! It's all love! ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN. Visit for more content! FOLLOW US! @carmenonpointe @the1amirashow @iono_iguess @the_duchness1
April 5, 2020
For TONIGHT'S episode, I thought I was going to be alone which I was terribly scared about because I like to be with my SQUADRON and GUESTS! Luckily, I took it to Insta Live for some engagement and SQUADRON MEMBER Jonny joined me along with many others chiming into our topic.  Which was...THE QUARANTINE! Just checking in to touch on these past couple weeks in terms of how people are staying entertained, the trending topics and videos from this and how people are creating opportunities for social distancing with social media!  An interesting check-in! Listen in for ideas and catch up on what's been viral! ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR ISN'T MINE. Visit for more content. FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @the_duchness1 @iono_iguess
March 30, 2020
I was invited on to Femme Drip to chat about one of our favorite topics! PORN! Shantii and I casually chat about preferences, the industry and how to profit independently in the industry! An interesting chat that you want to hear! Jazzy was sick, so we'll have to do this again soon so we can have all three of us, bad bitches, on an episode again. ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, WE DON'T OWN. Visit and for more episodes and content! Follow us! @femme.drip @the1amirashow @shantii.way @_jazzysworld It's all love!
March 22, 2020
Ep. 117 - Collaboration w/NeNe@Nite - How to Ride a Dick 101
EARLY COLLABORATION THIS MONTH! We were posted up with NeNe at Nite early this month to promote Pretty and Painted 3, happening this Saturday! We also had a discussion with the demonstration...HOW TO RIDE A DICK. We got the step by step program and conversation confronting the insecurity of riding a D and how to do a 360 on it! Women of all sizes...he knows what he signed up for...have confidence...go at your speed and comfortability and RIDE IT LIKE YA MEAN IT! It was a live audience, shout out to Jazzy and Anthony for coming through to watch and comment! Tune in to listen! Visit for more content and for tickets for Pretty and Painted 3! Follow us! @the1amirashow @neneatnite @_jazzysworld @iono_iguess
March 13, 2020
Ep. 116 - SPECIAL EPISODE - The Monthly Check-Up "Get PrEPPED!" w/Dr. Jelani and Carmen Mitchell
We had our FIRST SPECIAL EPISODE (finally!) with Carmen Mitchell and Dr. Jelani (he was sick and absent, so you won't hear him in this one!). Together with our collaboration, we will be normalizing the conversation of SAFE SEX and HIV in the Black LGBT+ Community! We also will be getting real-time updates and insights on Project Afya and involvement with PrEP HIV Protection! Today we discussed Carmen and her background in Public Health and we chatted a little bit about public health conspiracies and COVID-19. Visit for information on HIV prevention and protection! These are about to be exciting and educational as The AMIRA Show! is gaining an element of academia! Visit for more content and YouTube visuals. ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DON'T OWN. Follow us! @the1amirashow @carmenonpointe @iono_iguess @the_duchness1 IT'S ALL LOVE!
March 11, 2020
Ep. 115 - Disney Announces...Another Gay Character!
Disney made a spoiling announcement by introducing Officer Specter as Disney's first openly gay character in the upcoming movie, "Onward". We're excited for more representation in our media and "children's" movies. Listen in to hear more of our thoughts about the announcement and Disney's content in general! Shout out to The SQUADRON for the conversation as usual! ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DON'T OWN! TWERK TIME!, by The OFFICIAL DJ of The AMIRA Show!, DJ Samosa! Follow us! @the1amirashow @femme.drip @shantii.way @iono_iguess @_jazzysworld More content at!
March 1, 2020
Ep. 114 - Special Episode w/The Latin Barbie Heaven - LIQUID *Obsession*
Had a BOMB first special episode with The OFFICIAL DRAG QUEEN of The AMIRA Show! We had The Latin Barbie, Heaven on the mic running her episode of LIQUID *Obsession*! Every third Friday of the month, tune in for the fuckery and cray stories along with advocating conversations about the LGBT+ community and Drag culture! ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DO NOT OWN. TWERK TIME! by The OFFICIAL DJ of The AMIRA Show!, DJ Samosa! Follow us! @the1amirashow @latinbarbieheaven @femme.drip @_jazzysworld @the_dutchness1 @iono_iguess @djsamosa Visit for more content!
February 25, 2020
Ep. 113 Collaboration w/NeNe at Nite - Sexualizing Kids, Gender Identification and Zaya Wade
Had our monthly collaboration with Nasty NeNe of NeNe at Nite! We had a great discussion over the mentioned topics in the title. WARNING: in lieu of the audience that The AMIRA Show! serves, triggering and traumatizing comments are made by the opposition. While these conversations are necessary and while everyone is entitled to their reality and opinion, The AMIRA Show! holds the opposite beliefs (of course) of debating guests and validates, loves and appreciates your existence! Follow us! @the1amirashoe @neneatnite Visit for more content and also check out for more NeNe at Nite!
February 21, 2020
Ep. 112 - Anti-Valentine's Day!
Today Anthony and I held down the show with the conversation of ANTI-VALENTINE'S DAY! This year, the celebration of Anti-Valentine's Day has appeared to be a movement of self-love, embracing the single status, and rebelling against the pressures of Valentine's Day being a day to celebrate monogamy. GUESS AGAIN!! Listen in to this great discussion! Oh...big shout out to Jasmine of Femme Drip who made a last-minute appearance at the end! She was late because she took herself out on a date! More content on Follow us! @the1amirashow @iono_iguess @_jazzysworld @femme.drip
February 15, 2020
Ep. 111 Show of Joe - REBOOT Episode!
We had a GREAT REBOOT SHOW! In honor of my best friend, Joe Thomas Carter's birthday, we had a themed show of JOE! We utilized the character traits and interests of Joe and turned them into questions/discussions with the SQUADRON! You DEFINITELY want to tune in and listen!  We posed the following discussions: The evolution of the TWERK Being late to Dick/Pussy Appointments Sex with Food Birthday Sex What music you like to have sex to Roleplay with Dolls! More content at! FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @joethomascarter @femme.drip @_jazzysworld @the1_dutchness @iono_iguess
February 8, 2020
SPECIAL BROADCAST!1 Candy's Candy Shop: Dungeon Experience
First OFFICIAL show as the new season KICKS OFF officially this year!! The AMIRA Show! Squadron was posted up in The Candy Shop: Dungeon Experience with our live broadcast of banter and discussion of kinks, fetishes, and dungeon related conversation. Shoutout to Nauddy of Meeting in the Ladies Room Radio, KY! - @meetingintheladiesroomkyradio Shoutout to NeNe at Night! - @neneatnite Shoutout to Panty Pilot Diaries! - @dearpantypilotdiaries Shoutout to Candy! - @candypleasureparties Follow us and The SQUADRON! @the1amirashow, @femme.drip, @the_dutchness1, @iono_iguess
February 2, 2020
NeNe@Nite Collaboration! Topic? BDSM!
Ahhhhh it was our first collaboration of the year as we all gathered together to discuss BDSM! Joining us also on the show was Candy of Candy Pleasures, Bri of Love, Sex, and Magic Co. Podcast, Breketa Goodwin of Conversations with Queens, and Nipsey...a purveyor of the LIFESTYLE! Check us out and follow @the1amirashow on Instagram, Twitter, and @theamirashow on Facebook! Follow @neneatnite for more sex talk! Also, visit for more content!
January 24, 2020
Special Broadcast Femme Drip Collab for the New Year!
Before we stepped out of for a night on the town, we wanted to broadcast a mini-episode for New Year's Eve!! Question: Are New Years Resolutions Bullshit or Nah? What do you think?? We wish everyone a Happy New Year! Whatever your style, live your life fully and how YOU want it! Visit for more content and follow @the1amirashow and @femme.drip on Instagram!
January 3, 2020
Posted up at Meta Bar for this show! The AMIRA Show! Squadron and I invited guest Danny aka Heaven (in drag) to discuss CONVENTIONS...COSPLAY conventions! In the spirit of GalaxyCon over the weekend, I felt this was fitting and we even touched on DragCon and got a live testimonial from Danny being in attendance this past year! Tune in! Visit for more content! FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @latinbarbieheaven @the_1dutchess @femme.drip @_jazzysworld @ant_skylark I OWN NO MUSIC YOU MAY HEAR.
November 25, 2019
Ep. 106 - Collab w/NeNe Nite Kids and the Sex Topic
We had our monthly COLLAB Episode for November! Partnering with NeNe @ Nite, Sexpert of Louisville, to chat and normalize that topic of SEX! This month our topic was: Parents and Kids THE SEX TALK. Hope you enjoy as we hope to give you some insight and tips on how we feel you should approach and adapt to educating your child about SEX! Visit for more content! FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @neneatnite NeNe Lynn - Facebook I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC YOU HEAR.
November 17, 2019
Ep. 105 - Guests of Project Afya
We had guests of The University of Louisville visit The AMIRA Show! to talk about the importance of protection from HIV in our community. They shared an interesting porject dedicated to the cause to spread awareness and begin conversations all throughout the city and we discussed it here! Project Afya and PrEP/HIV! Tune in and get informed! ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DON'T OWN! Visit for more content! Follow us! @the1amirashow @prephivprotection @carmenonpointe @femme.drip @_jazzysworld @the_dutchess1 @ant_skylark
November 12, 2019
Ep. 104 - A Spooky Time!
Our Halloween Special!   Trivia, scary movie talk, clowning and goofing off, TWERK TIME!, squad, and special feature from partner JoVan of Fcuked Up Fridays!, Von Productions and Snatched Fitness LLC!   Visit for more content.   Follow us!  @the1amirashow @jovan_o @snatched_fitnessllc @femme.drip @_jazzysworld @the_dutchess_of_beauty @ant_skylark   WHATEVER MUSIC YOU HEAR, I DON'T OWN ANY OF IT.
October 30, 2019
Ep. 103 - Where Should We Be at Age 27?
In this episode...I'm veering off from what we usually focus on due to the inspiration of my day. It wasn't the best one, and I always wonder who has these feelings of not being where I should be based on the perceived positions of my peers and the pressures of my role models, parents, etc. We discuss and chat about this dilemma haha! And it's a fun one. Check it out! More content found at FOLLOW US! @the1amirashow @pandamclovin @femme.drip @_jazzysworld @the_dutchess_of_beauty
October 22, 2019
Ep. 102 - National Coming Out Day! First Night in the Station!
Check it out! For the first night in the station, we discussed National Coming Out Day and shared our realities and stories behind it! Disclaimer: I forgot to turn off the mics during TWERK TIME! so you'll probably hear banter and MY BANNER UNVEILING! Sorry about that haha! I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR!
October 16, 2019
Ep. 99 - BODY HAIR usual, we're posted at the lovely Virtue the Venue of Old Louisville, Kentucky. And todays topic is on the subject of BODY HAIR! This was a fun discussion inspired by an earlier discussion at my job and I always think its an interesting conversation in this day and age because of the trends in non-conformity, etc. We even had a male perspective! Which is ALWAYS fun with The AMIRA Show! Listen in! Follow us! @the1amirashow @femme.drip @_jazzysworld @theklezzo @virtuethevenue Visit for new content! ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR ISN'T OWNED BY ME!
August 22, 2019
Ep. 97 - Self-Care Perspectives Going into 2020!
I was kicking it with Jasmine of the podcast, Femme Drip, and my girl Shelby! We discussed the importance of getting your self-care routine on for the anticipated year of 2020! We also touched on the release of Cyntoia Brown and the need for resources to help integrate her back into this big crazy world. Resources such as therapy and maybe even an expunged record to help her obtain a know. Thanks, Sally of The Klezzo and thanks, Virtue the Venue for your support! Follow us! @the1amirashow @femme.drip @suzie_withan_uzi @theklezzo @virtuethevenue More content at! I DON'T OWN ANY MUSIC YOU HEAR!!
August 19, 2019
Posted at Virtue the Venue again for another dope night on the mic! Had the crew of Femme Drip with me again to discuss the transformation of MASTURBATION! A fun and interesting topic that I had to touch on since I've been REALLLLY into pleasuring myself lately. We discuss myths, some stories, and experiences along with the beginning of exploration. GOOD STUFF! Also...I mention that this is the 99th episode...I was wrong...I miscounted lol I DON'T OWN ANY MUSIC YOU MAY HEAR.
August 19, 2019
Ep. 97 - WITH LEMAJ TONIGHT! Support your LOCAL artists!
We posted up at Virtue the Venue tonight AND THEN moved to the Seafood Lady's spot! Lol We was real, REAL mobile this evening! Ashanti of Femme.Drip joined me for a heartfelt and informative interview with local Louisville music artist...LEMAJ! We discussed his newest album, "Velvet" which dropped last Friday the 26th at MIDNIGHT! Go COP IT! Available on all platforms! Music...I own none of it!
August 1, 2019
Ep.95 - PITCH A TENT! "Stereotypes on Women Who Play "Masculine" Sports"
We were LIVE AS HELL at Pitch-A-Tent...a tournament for rugby players and lovers! This topic was a fun one with multiple voices in the discussion of these particular stereotypes. I thank the many men and PUSSY SQUAD for the contribution, love and support! I don't own any of the music for TWERK TIME! by the way. NOW go listen!
July 29, 2019
The Lion King Has Returned! With Beyonce!
Today our topic circled around the CIRCLE OF LIFE ITSELF...on The Lion King!! My squadron and I posted at Virtue the Venue and discussed my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Also...we touched on the big hype with Beyonce starring in the live action as Nala! Tune in to listen!
July 18, 2019
Will Chris Brown Let Me in His Section???
I purposely avoid a lot of what is relevant...BUT C-BREEZY IS MY INNER F*** BOY lmao so this topic was PERSONAL! Lol we decided to chat a little about America's Indigo Child and pose one very simple question...WOULD CHRIS BROWN LET ME IN HIS SECTION??? We know of the light skinned v. dark skinned war...but we never hear any talk about those in the middle! So, I randomly wondered (because I have peanut butter skin) if I would be allowed in the VIP section with the light skins.  We had fun with this one! Shout out to my people, Sally from the Klezzo and Virtue the Venue for hosting us! NOTE - APOLOGIES FOR THE SOUND. THE DJ WAS LIT.
July 11, 2019
Interview with Louisville Local, Nick Brittle about Art Showcase: A Post Modern Renaissance
We attended the opening art showcase of A Post Modern Renaissance by Nick Brittle! Check out this interview and check out for video content!
July 8, 2019
First Episode of the 8PM Hour! Live at Meta!!
Stationed at the Meta of Louisville, Kentucky, I'm joined with Anthony and Jasmine (Creator of podcast Femme Drip) to chat about a few things and answer a couple of questions out of the one and only...SLUT BUCKET! I haven't brought it back out since California so it was a nice welcome. do ya'll feel about the live action of The Little Mermaid? You'll hear how we feel! Tune in!
July 5, 2019
Live on Fourth! With guest-host Jazzy!
If you hear us during the transition...I just forgot to mute the mics...LOL whoops!
July 1, 2019