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Entrepreneurs are Awesome

Entrepreneurs are Awesome

By Shante Stoner
Hello Loves💕

I'm all about entrepreneurship and helping small businesses succeed. I've started a small business of my own called Amira Bella Agency where I help small businesses with social media marketing. On this channel, be prepared to learn tips and tricks about social media marketing and motivation to love and stay in your business.

I appreciate all of your support.

Well wishes, Shante🌺

Cover art photo provided by rawpixel on Unsplash:
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Endless Possibilities!

Entrepreneurs are Awesome

Let the Past Be the Past Because You're Awesome!
In this episode I touch on the importance of not letting your past be a hinderance for your entrepreneurial journey or your future😘
April 10, 2019
Endless Possibilities!
This episode discusses the progression of African Americans going from restriction in America to having endless possibilities and taking advantage. This is for everyone of all races but was inspired by a trip to the African American History Museum at the of Black History Month. And of course, there's a tip for all you Awesome Entrepreneurs out there! Enjoy, Shante🌺
March 2, 2019
Just Start🌺
Hi loves💕 This is just a quick intro so that you know why I'm here and what this channel is about. I'll also share 1 quick tip! I hope to see you back here again. Enjoy😁
February 28, 2019