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Weird Growth

Weird Growth

By Ammo Marketing
The Weird Growth Podcast is about the journey of growth which is often strange and unpredictable for founders. Startups don't grow in a linear fashion but in a weird way. In this podcast, we hear founders share their stories about taking the first steps towards finding early customers, finding the right marketing channels to grow, through to rapid expansion and success.
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Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #17 - with David Cannington from Nuheara - Sound advice for global growth
David has lived all over the world and spent years between San Francisco and Australia. His current day-to-day as the CMO for Nuheara is exciting but it's taken 7 years to become and overnight success. As we know hardware is hard. However, David and the team have made it work packing a lot of software and complex technology into their award winning earbuds and now a partnership with HP. Hear more about their journey on this episode of Weird Growth.  Show notes: - Naval Reservist & Cyber Security Specialist - Mark Anthony (Mark from Texas) - Nuheara Website - - National Acoustic Laboratories - - Indiegogo Crowdfunding - - Wanderlust -
April 21, 2021
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #16 - with Adam Barrell from So Media Group
What started with a tweet, quickly become a voice for social media users of Perth. So Perth shares stories, questions and local conversations. It is Australia’s fastest growing new media publishers with over 460,000 followers, average 5,300,000 impressions on Facebook per month and 1,400,000 website views per month. Now the So Media Group is raising capital to expand their community driven media. So, we thought it would be a great time to bring Co-Founder Adam Barrell on the show to tell us all about his journey and the weird growth of the community so far.  Show notes: - So Perth - - So Media Group - - So Perth Birchal Page - - BuzzSumo - - Superhuman -
March 18, 2021
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #15 - Hayley Rolfe from Ardea Waste - Don't Waste Time, Start Now
From a Startup Weekend came Ardea Waste. Ardea provides online waste management to businesses across Australia. On this episode of Weird Growth, we discuss the War on Waste, Commercial Waste, The Blue Chili Accelerator and why it's important just to start and back yourself. Show notes: - Ardea Waste - - War on Waste - - Startup Weekend - - Blue Chili - - Slack -
February 11, 2021
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #14 - with Jamie Davison from Carbon Group - If you're not making mistakes, you're not running fast enough
On this episode of Weird Growth Jamie talks about the evolution of Carbon Group and how he and his co-founder Nathan Hood combined their bookkeeping and tax advisory businesses to create a one stop shop for core business needs. The group now has 180 people across Australia in multiple business advisory disciplines. Carbon provides accounting and business advisory services for business nationally. During 2020 Carbon Group continued to thrive. Cam and Jamie discuss all things culture, startups, professional services and Angel Investing. Jamie's advice for founders if you are not making mistakes you are not running fast enough. Show notes: Carbon Group - Perth Angels - Rhinohide - Vital Trace - Jason Calacanis - Cake Equity -
January 14, 2021
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #13 - with Matt Pound from Varsity - Creating a scalable brand that people love
Matt Pound from Varsity Group shares his journey with Varsity Bar, Boat Parties, Consulting, Accelerators, Tech Gnomies, Burgers and Long-Machs in this episode. Matt's mix helped him create a unique hospitality experience and a cult following for American food & culture that has seen them open 6 restaurants in five years. Learn how he did it in this episode of Weird Growth. Show notes: - Atomic Sky: - #LMTU - Long Mach Topped Up: - Varsity Bar: - Alan Watts: - Shatki Mats: - Craberry Juice Guy -
November 30, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #12 - with James Salt from Constructive Software
Constructive Software makes it much more enjoyable to build a house. When  you build with Constructive you'll be able to stay up to date with build progress, select finishes, and visualise a tailored view of your home design in 3D. The builder has control over the options for the homeowner making the process from start to finish more transparent and enjoyable for everyone involved. Founder James Salt originally from the UK, shares what it was like growing up in a family in the construction industry and why one summer they had a whole kitchen in their garage. Listen to how he bootstrapped his business from consulting to product and learn from the constructive advice he has to offer. Show notes:   - Constructive Software - - Getting things done -
November 2, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #11 - with Lucas Calleja from Compositis
Ex - Revolut and British Airways, Growth Marketer Lucas Calleja joined us in the studio while he was back home in Perth. He shared some fantastic growth lessons from experience working with companies big and small. After years of experience in funds, corporate and fintech Lucas now focuses his energy on building strong unit economics for companies. The key to growth according to him - feedback and testing. Listen to this great chat to learn how you can apply these world leading marketing techniques in your business. And we have our first addition of "Ask us anything" in this episode, where we answer any questions you have about marketing with some of the best founders and marketers in the world. Show notes: - Lucas Calleja's LinkedIn:  - Growth tools: driving incremental gains and other business considerations: - Compositis: - Revolut:
July 24, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #10 - with Jesse Emia from Keepspace - Whatever it takes - Unlocking Growth Through Customer Obsession
Jesse Emia has been around the block a few times when it comes to getting a company off the ground. Since 2016 Keepspace has been automating ecommerce fulfillment for online businesses. Now they process thousands of orders a day. The secret to his success, his wife. Listen to all the ups and downs of Jesse's journey to growth, how he went from getting married to selling wedding dresses and why focusing on the gaps in your industry will pay off.  What we talked about: - Keepspace - - Asana - - Slack - - Airmail - Show & Tell: - Pin Payments -
May 26, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #9 - with Isabelle Goldfarb from Spacecubed - Why 1-on-1s are crucial to building community
It was a pleasure to have Plus Eight's Program Manager Isabelle Goldfarb on the show. She touched on her diverse startup experience, moving to Australia from Brazil and the importance of keeping it simple. When it comes to building community Isabelle says 1-on-1s are a must. If you want to build insights and truly understand your customers needs 1-on-1s can be a great source. This comes back to the common sentiment of doing things in the beginning that don't scale, so that when you do grow you grow with a product that people actually want. What we talked about: Spacecubed - Plus Eight Accelerator - Olabi Makerspace - SheCodes - Meshpoints - Show & tell:  Hubspot CRM - House Party -
May 8, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #8 - with Miles Burke from 6Q - Measure your pulse
Miles Burke joined us to share the growth journey of 6Q which was indeed weird. They built the first version in a day and had over 1000 users to deal with in the morning. Listen in to hear how 6Q went from a side-project to improving company culture for organisations of all sizes globally. Learn more about things we discussed with Miles here: 6Q - Australian Software Startup Guide - Guest Blog Posts - Bam Creative – 80s/ 90s Hip Hop -, Show and tell: Insight Timer -
April 20, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #7 - with Tyler Spooner from The Uno Group & Co - Timing, Team and Relentless Customer Focus
Weird Growth's first live episode with special guest hosts Dave Newman and Scott Glew from Morning Startup Perth. Hear the fascinating story behind Uno Group's early days back when they were "tinder for food" right through to their recently announced partnership with the world’s largest market research company Nielsen. Tyler also touches on how Uno Group has adapted in the new landscape bought about due to COVID-19. Show and tell/ Discussion links:  Morning Startup Perth - Redash - YouTube Music - Intercom - Learn more about The Uno Group & Co here:
April 7, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #6 - with Iain McIntyre from Humm - Neurohacking and Unlocking Humanity's Potential
While Iain was on his last visit to Western Australia we managed to catch him for an episode to give us an update on Humm.  Humm is a neurotechnology hardware startup that has gone from a few university graduates in Perth to a VC funded Silicon Valley startup in a few short years. New revolutions in brain science have allowed Humm to build the most accessible brain enhancing device ever. What's the catch? As Iain reveals in this episode "Hardware is hard" and what they are doing is such a moonshot that people often take some time to understand what they do and how their latest product a patch really does to your brain. Come with us now on a glimpse into the future of Neurohacking and how stimulating our brains might be the 20% we need to improve humanity. Learn more about things we discussed with Iain here: EMAS - Bloom - PlusEight Accelerator - Berkley Skydeck - Blue Yard - Humm - Show and tell - Noom -
March 23, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #5 - with Chloe -The Kaleidoscopic Career of an Innovation Consultant
We recently caught up with Choë Constantinides to discuss her interesting portfolio career as an Innovation Consultant that spans across Startups, Apps, SAAS products and eCommerce. She’s taken over conferences, manufactured ethically sourced makeup brushes and worked with companies big and small on Innovation. Her biggest lesson experiment, experiment, experiment and she goes into why this is so important as a founder or anyone in business in this episode of Weird Growth. Learn more about things we discussed with Chloe here:   Funtionally -   Kisanii -   Rateit -   Curtin Ignition -  UWA IQ Academy - She’s doing a cool sound course at the moment too which you can find here:
February 21, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #4 - Pragma Lawyers - How to beat the big players at their own game
In this episode, we caught up with Aaron McDonald, Founder and Director at Pragma Lawyers, who grew a law firm from scratch to over 30 employees in just 6 years. How did he do it? Simple. Provide a better service in an old inefficient profession. Something that people seeking legal advice were crying out for.  We also touched on Aaron's new online arbitration service, Judicate.  Learn more about the two companies here:
February 3, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #3 - DigitalX - Beyond the blockchain bubble
In this episode, we caught up with David Beros, Head of Product at DigitalX, a blockchain technology consultancy and development company based in Perth. We discussed the current blockchain scene, where it is heading and how DigitalX uses this technology to improve business process.
January 10, 2020
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #2 - Trackmysubs / EXTAG - Give The People What They Want
Ammo Marketing caught up with Trackmysubs & EXTAG founder Gabe Alves. In this podcast, Gabe discussed how he built two customer-centric startups and how to navigate the often silent killer "feature creep". To Learn More on Trackmysubs: For EXTAG head here: 
December 6, 2019
Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #1 - Cordially - How do you sell a product that doesn't exist yet?
Ammo Marketing caught up with Cordially App founders Ryan & Rob. Cordially is changing rental inspections for the better. In this podcast, we focused on a common occurrence for startups; how to sell a product that doesn't exist yet. Learn more about Cordially here:
December 5, 2019