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The EquiNation App

The EquiNation App

By Amna Ahli
A discussion about all things Equestrian with professionals, experts and riders
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All about Equine Touch with Equine Touch Practitioner Harriet Fortune

The EquiNation App

Rider Mindset with Jenni Winter Leach
This week we spoke to Jenni who is a rider mindset  and sports phycology coach, she works with riders of all levels from fun riders to 5* riders. Her work help riders overcome fear and nerves or just give them that competitive edge. We learn about how she developed her program, and some of the techniques she uses with her riders, as well as discussion common issues and her favourite and least favourite part of her job. You can contact Jenni on the EquiNation App, available do download from the APP or Play Store Follow Jenni on Facebook Follow Equination in Instagram or Facebook
October 24, 2020
The wonderful world of horse bits
The vast world of horse bits is very complicated, in this episode we talk to Matt he owner of Expert bits, who has over 20years experience with horse bits and bit fitting. We find out what he looks for when assessing a horse to fit a bit and some of the common bit fitting problems he faces. Find Expert Bits on the EquiNation App Download on Apple or Android
October 3, 2020
Equine Nutrition with Lizzie Drury, Equine Nutritonist
In this Episode we took a more specific approach to equine Nutrition and answered some of the common horse feed related questions that owners have. We discuss how a horses feeding regime can change in the winter as well as looking at the benefits of feeding horses pre and probiotics. If you are listening please screen shot and share to Instagram Download the EquiNation app on Iphone or Android
September 26, 2020
An introduction to Equine Nutrition with Lizzie Drury, registered equine nutritionist
In this episode I was joined by Lizzie who is a registered Equine Nutritionist. We discussed the basic nutritional needs of a horse, some problems owners might face in feeding their horse, some misconceptions about equine nutrition, as well as discussing how the wrong diet can negatively affect your horse. If you are listening please screen shot and share to our Instagram at Equi.Nation Connect with Lizzie on Facebook at Lizzie Drury Equine Nutritionist or find her on the EquiNation App, available to download on Apple or Android
September 11, 2020
Juggling being a rider and a mum with Eden Markl
In this episode I spoke with Eden a mum and aspiring England Dressage hopeful in how she manages riding, training and competing whilst looking after her 4 year old daughter Harper. We discuss her current horse Patrick, a bit of her story so far, as well as her struggles and hopes and dreams for the future. Follow Eden on Heelsdownandkickon Follow EquiNation Download the EquiNation app on Apple or Android
September 5, 2020
An Eventing discussion with eventer Christa Dillon
Christa is an Eventing trainer and rider, as well as creating hilarious content for Tik Tok and publishing a book on the tales and struggles she faced trying to break into the world of Eventing. In this podcast we talk about her background in horses, some of the struggles she faced, and still faces as well as answering questions on who's her favourite horse,  such things as spurs, and we even discussed the London and upcoming Hong Kong Olympics. Christa can be found on the EquiNation App, her book is available to buy on amazon. If you like this podcast please subscribe, screenshot and share. You can also download the Equination App from the Apple and Play stores.
August 22, 2020
Dressage Chat with Mohamed Al Serkal
To celebrate Dressage week I chat with Mohamed  Al Serkal, currently the only Emirati Dressage rider at his level. This year he aims to compete at Inter 1 and Prix St George classes. We learn all about how he got into dressage, why he decided to train for dressage in Holland, as well as the horses he currently has. We discuss the difference between flat work and dressage as well as answer questions such as how to get your horse more off your leg and whether any horse and rider can do dressage. Download the EquiNation App now  Follow Mohamed on Instagram
August 14, 2020
All about Equine Touch with Equine Touch Practitioner Harriet Fortune
In this episode we explore all about Equine Touch with Equine Touch Practitioner Harriet Fortune who operates under the name Equine Natural Balance. We learn how Harriet was able quit her job as a teacher and spend 18 months training as an Equine Touch practitioner, flying back and fore from Dubai to the UK to complete her Equine Touch training. We discuss how Equine Touch works with the horses Fascia and Muscles and through a series of choreographer moves can help release stiffness and tension. We talk about how all horses can benefit from Equine Touch sessions from Happy hackers to 5* competition horses. I learnt how the happy hackers often have more problems that the sports horses and we talked about Harriet's most memorable horse as well as her  avorite and least favorite part of her job. Harriet can be found in the EquiNation App, Available to download from the Apple and Play Stores Follow EquiNation at  Follow Harriet at If you like this podcast please share and tag us, we would love to see that you are listening.
August 7, 2020
Riding your horse in the heat
In this episode I talk to you all about riding your horse in the heat, now that we are well into the summer sometimes it's hard to tell when its safe to ride and when it is not. I talk about a simple calculation you can do to determine whether or not it's safe to ride as well ad tips and tricks for keeping cool and the warning signs that your horse might be suffering from heat stoke or heat stress.
July 31, 2020
All About Rose hip Supplements
This week I am joined by Maxie Heppell from Elite Equine supplements, to learn about Rose Hip. We chat about the benefits for your horse and how this particular Rose hip is harvested by hand high in the mountains of Lesotho, providing essential jobs for local workers.
July 24, 2020
An Introductiom
An introduction to the creator of the EquiNation App and podcast, as well as an explanation of where the idea came from.
July 13, 2020