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A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

By Tosha Anderson
A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, powered by The Charity CFO, explores the most important business and culture topics in the nonprofit sector. Hosted by Tosha Anderson, each episode will feature an informative, lighthearted and insightful discussion about what’s trending in today’s organizations. This podcast is designed for nonprofit leaders and listeners alike, and we thank you for making this podcast part of your day!
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How to Create a Leverage a Brand for Your Nonprofit

A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

Why “Branding” Matters to the Modern Nonprofit
A lot of people will tell you that your nonprofit “brand” is critical to your success, but what is a brand anyway? Is it a logo? A color palette? More visibility? Or the right messaging? In this episode, branding master Beth Brodovsky joins Tosha to talk about what branding actually is, how it’s misunderstood and why it impacts every corner of your organization. Beth is the President of Iris Creative Group, a marketing consulting agency that works only with nonprofit organizations. She and her team have helped dozens of nonprofits develop strong brand messaging to drive support for their missions. You can learn more about Iris at Or email to get a copy of her free “Are You Ready for a Rebrand” guide. Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out
September 07, 2022
The Truth About Nonprofit Audits
In this episode, Tosha will walk you through the most common misconceptions about nonprofit audits to let you know exactly what you can expect (and NOT expect) from a nonprofit audit before you commit. Audits scare the daylights out of nonprofit founders. But at The Charity CFO, Tosha and her team need to prepare 50+ nonprofit partners for audits every year. Thankfully, they’ve got 5 former nonprofit auditors on staff, which means they know all there is to know about audits. Listen to this episode to make sure you’re fully prepared for your audit!
August 31, 2022
Driving Nonprofit Growth with Data
If the terms cloud software or data quality make you want to run for cover, you’re not alone in the nonprofit world where hand-keyed spreadsheets are still commonplace. But the most successful nonprofits are already leveraging interconnected software systems to raise money more effectively, optimize internal communications, and work SMARTER instead of harder. In this episode, Tosha is joined by Stu Manewith to talk about how cloud-forward technologies can help your team eliminate confusion, optimize communication and work much more efficiently! Stu is the Director of Thought Leadership and Advocacy for Omatic Software, a data-integration software for non-profits that allows them a complete view of their donors, promoting data-driven decision making. In this episode, he’ll show you: How cloud-forward software is more affordable, safer, more accessible, and more accurate than legacy software systems The 3 C’s of data quality that can help you raise more money Why better data can boost donor retention dramatically How companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple make it mandatory that you step up your game when it comes to effective communication And more… Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more information on Stu and to see how Omatic Software can help you centralize and organize your data, head to
July 27, 2022
Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Recession? with Tosha Anderson
In this episode, Tosha Anderson, CEO of The Charity CFO, breaks down the specific steps nonprofits can take today to prepare for a possible recession. The possibility of recession is dominating the economic news these days. If you’ve turned on the TV or scrolled through your phone, you can’t miss it. If a recession does hit is your nonprofit financially ready to weather the storm? If there’s one thing we should have learned over the past few years, it’s that life is unpredictable. So whether it’s recession, pandemic, natural disaster or something else, your organization should always be prepared to survive the worst-case scenario. Listen to this episode for some practical tips on how to strengthen your financial picture now so you’re ready for whatever comes your way! Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out 
July 14, 2022
Should you hire an operations manager?
Nonprofits teams have a tendency to break into silos that don’t communicate well with each other, like fundraising, programs, finance, HR. And when those groups don’t communicate well with each other, things break down and get much harder than they need to be. The founder or executive director can sometimes bridge those gaps, but they should really be more focused on large-scale vision, rather than micro-execution. And that’s where the Director of Operations, or an Operations Manager, comes in. The Operations director plays and increasingly important role in a modern nonprofit, especially when organizations start to work with outsourced teams for critical services like accounting, human resources, and IT. And this week, Krysta Grangeno joins us to talk about what an Operations Director does and it might just need to be your next hire! Krysta is the Director of Operations and Wellbeing at United 4 Children in St. Louis. In her current role, she helps coordinate and direct the work of several outsourced teams to ensure her organization hits their goals and stays on budget. In this episode, she’ll will share with you: The specific responsibilities of a operations director How she manages external teams to get results Why an operations manager helps to bridge the gap between “silos” in your organization How to get the best out of outsourced providers and consultants Why “assuming positive intent” is critical to building productive collaborative relationships And more… Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more information on Krysta and her team help the children of St. Louis, check out or follow United 4 Children on Facebook or LinkedIn. To connect with Krysta directly, reach out to her at
June 28, 2022
Building Public Support with Strategic Communication Campaigns
How intentional is your nonprofit with your communication plans? Is there a strategy behind the image your organization is presenting to the world? Houda Elyazgi joins A Modern Nonprofit to talk about building integrated and strategic communication campaigns to help build momentum and get public support for your most important initiatives. Houda Elyazgi is the Chief Client Officer at Saxum, an integrated digital agency obsessed for good. Houda is committed to making the world better through her work in diversity, equality, education and public policy. In this episode, Houda will share with you: What a strategic communication plan looks like How to choose the right tactics for spreading your unique message The 1 question to ask yourself BEFORE launching a communication effort How the concept of ‘Social Permitting’ helped build community support for “America’s Greatest Park” And how to know if YOUR communication strategy is working Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more information on how to improve your communication, visit to learn about how they can help!
June 01, 2022
Why Marketing Matters
When it comes to marketing, many nonprofits shift right to thinking about development. But development and marketing are different skills, with different needs and separate goals. A robust marketing strategy that’s founded in clear and powerful branding, can help you raise money while also increasing your visibility in the community and around the world. This week, Emily Heck joins us to talk about how marketing should fit into the plans of a modern nonprofit that wants to thrive and grow. Emily is a marketing consultant and owner of Evergreen Strategic Communications. After years of working in the nonprofit and higher education industries, she launched Evergreen to help nonprofits and small businesses who may not have the time, resources, or skillset to grow their engagement through marketing. In this episode, you'll discover... Why social media is a money-making tool, not just a waste of time (3:18) The most important thing successful nonprofits do with their marketing (7:00) ONE move smaller nonprofits can make to improve their marketing quickly (11:20) Why trying to DIY your marketing is a risky move (20:11) Is outsourcing your marketing to an agency a good idea? (23:40) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more information on how to work with Emily, visit or connect with Emily on LinkedIn!
May 20, 2022
Building A Better Nonprofit Board of Directors
What role should your board play in fundraising? Do all board members need to donate? And how do successful nonprofits recruit and engage new board members? If anyone has the answers to these questions, it’s Linda Lysakowski. Linda has trained over 30,000 nonprofit professionals worldwide–from Nevada to Mexico to Egypt–and is only one of about 100 people to hold the prestigious title of Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive (ACFRE). And this week she sits down to talk about every Executive Director’s favorite topic–the board of directors. Listen to our full conversation on Apple Podcasts, AnchorFM, or Spotify In this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Linda shares the best practices for recruiting, developing, and motivating board members that she’s picked up over 30+ as a philanthropic expert. She’ll share her advice on: How many members do you need on your board of directors? (2:30) Ways to overcome your board’s objections to raising money (6:45) Why you MUST train your board to fundraise (14:30) How — and when — to set your board members up for success (hint: it’s not at orientation!) (17:00) The #1 under-used strategy for finding board members who are a perfect fit for your organization (33:30) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For learn more about Linda, her books, and her services, visit her website at Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out clips from this episode on YouTube now:
May 04, 2022
Why Do People Donate? Understanding Fundraising & Human Behavior
Tim Kachuriak has dedicated the past 15 year of his life to answer this question… “Why do people give to nonprofits?” And while he’s found that the answers vary wildly, he’s managed to identify some core principles that can predictably boost giving to your nonprofit. In this week’s episode, Tim sits down with me to talk about some simple techniques and everyday strategies you can use to attract more donations and build a better relationship with your donors. Tim is the Founder and Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer for NextAfter, a fundraising research lab and consulting firm that works with businesses, nonprofits, and NGOs to help them grow their resource capacity. In this episode, you’ll discover: How human behavior impacts fundraising (4:00) The biggest communication problem most nonprofits face (13:25) How to optimize your “donation” page for more conversions (23:00) How to use your donor data to drive bigger gifts (27:30) Why you need to “humanize” your communication. And one proven strategy for doing it (33:15) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more nonprofit accounting resources check out For more information on how to optimize your fundraising, check out the NextAfter’s free resources and join their mailing list @ Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
April 27, 2022
Why Do Nonprofit Accountants Quit?
During the “Great Recession,” nonprofits have lost their accountants and financial directors at record rates. And finding new, qualified help that they can afford is nearly impossible… At the same time, hundreds of nonprofits are waking up to realize that the financial structure they’ve always relied on doesn’t work as well any more. And they’re tired of the hamster wheel of hiring, re-hiring, training, and re-training bookkeepers and accountants. So why do accountants leave nonprofit organizations? And what can nonprofits do to create consistency and predictability in the financial side of their operations? Triná Owens is a former nonprofit financial director who left her job to become an Accounting Manager at The Charity CFO. In this episode, she and Tosha tell you the top reasons that your accountants don’t stick around. And show you how modern nonprofits are rethinking the way they handle specialized skills like HR and Accounting. In this episode, you’ll discover: The top 3 reasons nonprofit accountants quit How turnover in the financial department is SO damaging for nonprofits The surprising reason your finance director spends just 25% of their time on finances Why HR compliance issues are a bigger risk than tax compliance  for most organizations (and why you shouldn’t trust your accountant with HR) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more information on how to create consistency and peace of mind by outsourcing your accounting, visit Or book a free consultation at Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
April 15, 2022
Building Better Solutions for the Nonprofit Community
Why is it so hard for nonprofits to find the help they need? From choosing a fundraising software to getting financial advice to finding a grant writer, nonprofits struggle to find good help. Despite being a sector that employs 20 million people and spends $1 billion each year, the market for solutions and services for nonprofits continues to lag a decade behind most of the rest of the business world. That’s the solution that Mitch Stein set out to solve as a co-Founder of Pond, a website that helps connect nonprofits to solutions and providers in a trusting environment. So how did a former VP at Goldman Sachs end up serving nonprofits? And what can the for-profit world learn from the nonprofit world? Find out in this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Mitch talks with me about some of the hottest topics in nonprofits today, like: The role technology can play in today’s nonprofits Why the $1B nonprofit industry is so horribly underserved (and why it’s a HUGE missed opportunity) How the leading tech companies’ attempts at corporate philanthropy are failing The 3 BIG things for-profit companies could learn from nonprofits Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! If you’d like to join Pond’s growing marketplace, visit to sign up today! And don’t forget to Mitch Stein on LinkedIn for updates. For more nonprofit accounting resources check out Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
April 06, 2022
Solving the ‘Founder’s Syndrome’ Problem in Nonprofits
When a founder plays a significant role in building and running a nonprofit, it’s easy for people to think that the founder “is” the nonprofit. They often have an out-sized influence on the board, the staff and even donors. When that happens, it makes the transition to new leadership very hard, when they do decide to step down. Darcella Craven of VetBiz joins me for this episode to talk about the warning signs for when a founder is “too important” to a nonprofit and how to handle the transition when you’re taking over for the founder of an organization. Darcella is the President of VetBiz and replaced a founder when moving into her role 17 years ago. Now she helps counsel nonprofit leaders on how to make their transition successful. In this episode, you’ll discover: Darcella’s 3 tips when taking over for a founder (4:05) The first things to do when moving into the leadership role (14:00) Why you MUST have uncomfortable conversations with your board members. (19:20) What is “Founder’s Syndrome” and the key words that let you know if you have it. (23:35) The 3 signs that it’s time for a founder to step away from their leadership role (28:20) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out For more information on Darcella and the good work she and her team do, go to or follow VetBiz on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out 
March 30, 2022
The Secrets to Successful Grant Writing
Grant writing may be the most valuable skill in nonprofit fundraising. In a single grant application, you could change the fortunes of your entire organization. Many nonprofits–established as well as new ones–are intimidated by the process. But you don’t need to be. Grant writing is more of a science than an art, and in this episode professional grant writer Kate Hephner sits down with Tosha to reveal the secrets that have helped her secure grants for nonprofits for over 20 years. Kate is a freelance grant writer and Grants Specialist at Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin. In this episode, she’ll share: The FIRST place to look when you’re ready to start with grants The best resources for searching and finding grants Why “following the rules” is essential to getting funded How to organize your team to meet your grant application deadlines Why program directors make the best grant writers What NEW nonprofits can do prove they’re worthy of funding And much more… Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  If you need a freelance grant writer to help you win more funding, you can reach out to Kate through her LinkedIn page: Links to the grant directories mentioned by Kate: Want to learn more about finding grants for your organization? Check out our episode with the founder of Grantwatch here:
March 16, 2022
Making Events Accessible for Everyone
Do you want your events to be accessible for everyone, but don’t know where to start other than choosing a venue with ADA ramps? This week on A Modern Nonprofit, Dr. Daniela Ferdico joins us to talk about sensory disabilities and how to make events accessible for EVERYONE. Dr. Ferdico is the Co-Founder of Sensory Access and is a global leader in inclusion and accessibility. The #1 way to make your events more accessible (5:52) What resource every accessible event must have (6:57) 5 things to consider when designing accessible events (11:41) How providing the right information to attendees automatically makes an event more accessible for everyone (19:40) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more information on how to make events accessible for everyone, visit Sensory Access @ to learn more. Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
March 09, 2022
Cleaning Up the Skeletons in Your Financial Closet
Is this you… “I don’t know if my nonprofit’s accounting systems are bad… and I probably won’t know for sure until something bad happens.”  99% of nonprofit founders we work with don’t have a background in finance. If you struggle with feeling confident that your books are in order… and don’t know how to tell if they’re in order or not, this is THE episode for you.  This week on A Modern Nonprofit Podcast we discuss common red flags you can check today to verify your organization’s financial health.  In this episode, Isabel Sippo joins me to talk about the most common reasons why your nonprofit’s finances might be a mess, and ways to clean them up.  Isabel is the Onboarding Specialist at The Charity CFO. She focuses on helping new clients feel more confident about their financial records by re-engineering financial systems and minimizing opportunities for errors.    In this episode, you’ll discover… Key questions to ask if your books are out-of-date (5:50)  3 common issues that lead to messy, inconsistent books (10:56)  The Big Red Flag you need to check for and how to fix it (15:28)  Tips for how to minimize opportunities for errors (31:29)  Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week!   For more nonprofit accounting resources check out
March 02, 2022
Data Privacy Strategies for Modern Nonprofits
You think your information is encrypted… but is it? No one took data privacy seriously for 20 years, and we’re now having to play catch-up on making sure valuable information is secure. This week on A Modern Nonprofit Podcast we discuss today’s biggest cybersecurity threat and how nonprofits can use technology without putting themselves at risk. My guest this week is John Gilmore, Director of Research at and He helps clients pinpoint where they are most at risk, and the steps needed to secure their data online. In this episode, John talks about why organizations are more concerned about bad press than a data breach, and why you should be cautious when using a third-party organization to solicit donations. In this episode, you’ll discover… Today’s biggest data privacy threat and why it causes such havok for businesses (5:43) Tips to keep your information more secure online (11:47) How nonprofits can use technology to work smarter without putting themselves at greater risk. (18:38) The one question you must ask if you outsource any work or data collection. (31:05) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more information on how to increase your data privacy, visit
February 23, 2022
Three Secrets to Scaling a Nonprofit
Do you ever think, “if we get any bigger, this organization will crush me?” Are you ready to scale, but you’re afraid that growth will make you even more alone in your leadership role? This week on A Modern Nonprofit Podcast we’ll show you how to build the right team to scale your organization effectively. In this episode, Dirk van Reenen joins us to talk about why nonprofits need a defined business structure, the right team (not just a passionate team), and the mental shift founders must make to scale. Dirk is the founder and CEO of BERGFlow. He empowers founders to build better teams and prepares them for scalability and greater impact. Why working in silos stops your growth, and you  can avoid it. (4:25)  The 3 factors for determining if someone is right for a position and your mission? (7:13)  How to shift your mindset from founder to collaborative business owner. (17:30)  How to feel less alone in your leadership role. (28:09) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more information on how to building a collaborative, mission-oriented team, visit BERGFlow @ Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
January 19, 2022
Beyond Donations: Growing Your Mission with Earned Income
How do you grow your mission without chasing the money? Are you a nonprofit leader struggling with how prioritize revenue to avoid the trap of money becoming the mission? Curious about how you can be sure a new revenue stream is a great fit for your organization? You need to listen what Bill Woolsey has to say about earned income. This week on A Modern Nonprofit, Bill Woolsey joins us to talk about how nonprofits can diversify their revenue streams with earned income opportunities, and tips for making sure those opportunities align with your mission and values. Bill is the founder of FiveTwo Network and focuses on helping entrepreneurs grow their mission and build better programs by prioritizing revenue generation. Tosha and Bill talk about how you can diversify your revenue streams with earned income. In this episode, you’ll find out: Ways for-profit companies can set up a nonprofit operation or foundation to advance their cause of choice. (4:02) How diversifying your revenue streams communicates a hand-up, not just a hand-out. (7:34) Why your earned income sources MUST align your mission (9:34) The #1 scarcity mindset shift nonprofits need to make and why it’s so hard to find a balance between your mission and the money needed to grow it. (15:50) The role every nonprofit founder has to own in order to grow their mission, and why that can be hard for many nonprofit leaders. (18:52) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  For more information on how entrepreneurs can combine faith and business through new ventures, visit FiveTwo Networks @ Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
January 12, 2022
Supervision, Trust & Culture Strategies for a Healthy Nonprofit
Nonprofit leaders often struggle to create an open, trusting culture that supports their staff in executing their mission. If you’re looking for proven ways to engage your team and improve the mindset of your nonprofit team, this episode is for you. This week on A Modern Nonprofit, author and nonprofit consultant Rita Sever joins us to talk about the top three challenges nonprofit leaders face, and how to tackle them head on. After working in nonprofits her entire career, Rita experienced firsthand the struggles of growing a viable nonprofit with a positive, inclusive culture. In her books, Leadership for Justice: Supervision, HR and Culture, and Supervision Matters: 100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team, she details the importance of supervision and how three important factors can shift an entire workplace culture. Rita works with nonprofits all over the country to help them be more successful- as individuals, teams, or entire organizations. For more nonprofit accounting resources check out For more information on how to work with Rita Sever, visit her website, or connect with her on social media. Rita’s books are available for purchase at Leadership for Justice: Supervision, HR and Culture Supervision Matters: 100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team In this episode, you’ll learn: The unique challenges of leading in a nonprofit environment ( (3:54) Why a “kitchen in the living room” is typical weakness for nonprofit teams (4:58) The 2 key qualities that are essential to successful leadership (12:00) What too many nonprofit leaders do to lose the trust of their staff (18:00) Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out  Prefer to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
January 05, 2022
How to Escape the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle
Ever wondered why so many nonprofits are stuck in their financial struggles that they end up failing their communities? Want to make sure your nonprofit doesn’t suffer the same fate? Then you have to listen to what Chyla Graham has to say. Chyla is the Founder and CEO of CNRG Accounting Advisory. She helps nonprofits get financially established so they can achieve their goals. In this episode, Tosha and Chyla talk about how you can give a better support system for your community by helping yourself and your staff first. Find out: Why Chyla lists “You Need to Eat” as one of her company’s values. And why nonprofits need to learn to put themselves first. (2:47) The first 2 core decisions you need to make before building your operating budget. (6:58) How you should think about money as a nonprofit leader (11:13) The #1 behavior you should adopt from for-profit entrepreneurs you need to learn from for-profit entrepreneurs (17:06) The ONE thing that all financially sustainable nonprofits have in common (24:36) Thanks for listening. Be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out For more information on how to get your nonprofit financially established so that you can achieve your goals, visit CNRG Accounting Advisory @ Some books to help you start and grow your nonprofit mentioned in the podcast: eMyth by Michael E. Gerber Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
December 22, 2021
Celebrities, Wealth & Giving Back
Have you ever wanted to pull back the curtain on a celebrity charity to see how they’re run? Or how much money they actually give to their own foundations? Well, today is your lucky day… In this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha is joined by Marc Pollick of The Giving Back Fund who shares his insights from over 2 decades working with celebrities and their charities. He’ll tell you the truth about celebrity giving patterns. And reveal his simple secret for connecting with hard-to-reach public figures. reveals why he made a move away from most celebrities toward less-known high net worth individuals. Don’t miss it! Almost 25 years ago, Marc Pollick founded The Giving Back Fund. Initially established to advise Hollywood celebrities, famous musicians, and sports stars on creating their own non-profit organizations, GBF has diversified into helping less-known high net worth individuals, and corporations, who truly want to give back to their communities.  The Giving Back Fund provides a wide range of consulting services to non-profits including management and administrative advice. GBF are experts on starting a non-profit from the ground up, and help to establish community-based foundations for those who want to support the communities that once supported them.  Marc is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, and consultant in the field of philanthropy and charitable giving. Before taking on the world of philanthropy, Marc’s career was in academia specializing in Holocaust Studies, including working with 1986 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Elie Wiesel. In addition, Marc was recognized for his achievements as a recipient of the prestigious University of Chicago Alumni Award for Public Service. In this episode, you’ll discover… How Marc’s experiences working with celebrities can give you insight into your own non-profit. (2:00) A surprising fact about the giving habits of most celebrities. (5:25) Why The Giving Back fund expanded to serve more than just celebrities. (6:54)  What changes GBF has experienced since the onset of Covid19 and what you can expect going forward. (13:16) The not-so-secret, but underutilized, skill that Mark credits for opening doors to his biggest opportunities(17:38)  Why mentorship is so important and the unexpected value it brings to your non-profit. (20:30)  Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out For more information about The Giving Back Fund visit  For more information their partnership project with the NFLPA visit Want to WATCH to A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
December 16, 2021
How to Grow Your Mission with In-Kind Gifts
Could your organization benefit from getting more in-kind donations of goods or services? If you’re like most service-based nonprofits, you probably already have some level of in-kind gifts. But what if you could get the gifts you NEED (rather than what your donors think you want)? What if you could track your in-kind donors easily, to build relationships and get ongoing donations that let you save your cash for where you really need it. And what if you could do all of this WITHOUT reducing your cash donations? Would that be a game-changer for your nonprofit’s finances? This week on A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha is joined by Allie Meador to talk about how you can leverage technology to get much more out of in-kind donations. Allie is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at RightGift, a platform that’s making it much easier for nonprofits to get more in-kind donations while simplifying the gift accounting process. What is an in-kind gift or donation? (0:41) A practical example of how in-kind can work (2:27) The role technology can play in getting more in-kind donations (8:07) Do cash donations decrease when you get more in-kind gifts? (9:30) Why more nonprofits don’t focus on in-kind gifts (12:15) How the pandemic has changed in-kind giving forever (16:50) Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out To try RightGift for free, visit Or reach out to Allie at Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
December 08, 2021
What I Wish I’d Known About Being an Executive Director
If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a great executive director, you’re not alone. After all, you don’t study it at school. And if you’re like many ED’s or aspiring ED’s, you probably worked your way up through the nonprofit world by doing it all yourself. And that skill set isn’t what will take you to the next level. Enter Erik Hanberg... After getting thrown into the fire in the nonprofit world at the age of 23, Erik worked for a variety of nonprofits both big and small. And after learning how things were done at the best nonprofits, he asked himself a simple question: “What if I could teach my younger self what I wish I’d known about running a nonprofit?" His answer turned into a series of books on how to be a more effective nonprofit leader. And in this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Erik joins us to talk about how YOU can be a more effective Executive Director. From plunging toilets, to fundraising, to dealing with the board, this episode has a bit of everything. So jump right in and enjoy! In this episode, you'll discover... What it means to a “small” or “very small” nonprofit (2:28) The #1 thing Erik wants every nonprofit ED to know (4:18) Why your goal should be to “work yourself out of a job” (8:18) The “4 D’s” to accelerating your nonprofit’s growth (10:24) Tosha’s top tip for simplifying documenting your processes (13:20) Why the board-ED relationship can be so challenging (15:11) 3 steps for dealing with a micromanaging board of directors (18:13) Erik Hanberg has spent nearly 20 years working with nonprofits. In addition to serving as the director of two nonprofits, he has worked for nonprofits in marketing and fundraising, and served on boards and committees for more than a dozen organizations, often in leadership roles.  He is the author of four books for nonprofits, focusing on fundraising, social media, and board governance. He was elected as a Metro Parks Tacoma Commissioner in 2011, a junior municipality with an annual operating budget of $50+ million. Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out For more information on his consulting services or to buy Erik’s books, visit You can find the “Book Bundle” Offer that Erik mentions in the episode here: Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
November 24, 2021
Building a Nonprofit in the Social Media Era
If you’ve ever wondered how to leverage social media, influencers, and your network to boost your impact, don’t miss this... You know that social media is important, right? But does it ever feel like it “just doesn’t work” for you? Have you ever wondered how to leverage the audience of influencers to raise your profile and grow your impact? If so, then catch the most recent episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Krista Kleiner joins us to talk about how she leveraged her network and a social media “challenge”  to launch a successful new nonprofit, from scratch. Krista Kleiner is the Founder and Executive Director of The One Heart Movement. The One Heart Movement exists to foster unity and well being through the power of community love. They work in partnership with people from a wide range of backgrounds who are coming together in support of our vision of a kinder and more unified world. In this episode, Krista will show you… Why networking is important for increasing growth and awareness (5:10) Why people are reluctant to reach out to influencers or influential people (7:30) How to get in touch with influencers (9:52) How to build your nonprofit’s social media presence (12:34) Krista’s advice for increasing engagement on social media (15:39) How to build and keep the momentum on social media (18:36) As a published author from the age of 16, Krista has become known for creatively bridging culture and community, media and entertainment, philanthropy and advocacy, telling stories through her writing, TV hosting and public speaking as a way to foster understanding and compassion. Her reach quickly expanded after winning the Miss Philippines International title in 2010. She has worked in influential roles including being spokesperson for nonprofit organizations such as the National Diversity Coalition, National Asian American Coalition, Asian World Film Festival, Miss Philippines Charities, The Philippines Foundation, Club 42, The Red Whistle Campaign and more. Thanks for joining us! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out To learn more about Krista and The One Heart Movement: Instagram: @Krista Kleiner @TheOneHeartMovement Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
November 16, 2021
The Nonprofit Entrepreneur: How to 10x Your Impact
“Your time and your talents and your energy should be able to be spent with the people you serve.” -Molly Ola Pinney If you feel like you can’t be replaced or don’t “have enough time” to set up systems… Then don’t miss this episode of A Modern Nonprofit, where Molly Ola Pinney joins us to show you how growing a nonprofit entrepreneur mindset helps you have a much bigger impact on the world. Molly Ola Pinney is the Founder/CEO at the Global Autism Project. The Global Autism Project is an international community of entrepreneurs, educators, Autistic Self-Advocates, and leaders working together to co-create content, resources, and spaces that inspire an accepting, empowering world for everyone. But more than anything, she’s a strong self-built nonprofit entrepreneur. And she’s passionate about sharing the innovations and mindset shifts you MUST embrace to make your nonprofit organization successful in 2022 and beyond!  In this episode, you’ll discover… 1:54 How nonprofit leaders be more like entrepreneurs (and why they should do it) 10:34 How Molly keeps up with latest tools and tech solutions for booting her efficiency 14:32 Molly’s favorite hacks for running an entrepreneurial nonprofit 24:02 Her best advice for leaders shifting from the program side to the business side of their organization Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week! Thanks for joining us! For more nonprofit accounting resources check out If you’d like to reach out to Molly: Instagram @GlobalAutismProject Want to WATCH A Modern nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
November 04, 2021
How to Master the Art of Nonprofit Leadership with Scott Drake
Do you ever struggle with imposter syndrome? Do you wonder how you're supposed to know if you're a good leader? Or struggle to prioritize your own training when there’s SO MUCH to get done? Well, you're not the only one! Many leaders, nonprofit and otherwise, struggle to master the art of leadership. It's not a skill you learn on the way up, but once you're at the top it's the #1 skill you need to grow. On this episode of A Modern Nonprofit, we're joined by Scott Drake to discuss how to make leadership simpler, shortcut your learning curve, and help you reach your potential much faster.  Scott is the founder of JumpCoach. And after 10 years of developing himself into a strong confident leader, he's dedicated himself to helping the next  generation of leaders maximize their success.   In this episode, you’ll discover:   1:17 Why do nonprofit leaders not invest more time into their own training? 4:26 How can leaders be more intentional about their own or their staff’s training? 7:29 Scott's advice for transitioning from a role player to a leader 9:24 How would you define the “moments that matter” as a leader? 14:36 What can leaders do to monitor that they’re doing a good job? 17:05 How would you advise leaders to build trust within a team?   Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe for new episodes every week!   For more nonprofit accounting resources check out   For more information on how to grow as a leader, visit JumpCoach @   Want to WATCH A Modern Nonprofit? Check out this episode on YouTube now:
October 28, 2021
Level Up Your Nonprofit with Corporate Sponsorships, Featuring Ken Ungar of CHARGE
Have you ever wondered how to get corporate sponsorship for your nonprofit organization? How does that even work? And how would you get started looking for sponsorship partners? In this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha speaks with Ken Ungar, the Founder and CEO of CHARGE. CHARGE is the leading source of sponsorship advice for brands and properties, so Ken knows exactly what corporations are looking for in a sponsorship candidate. And in this episode, he'll answer all your questions about corporate sponsorships, like: What's the difference between a corporate partnership and a standard donation? How do you know when your nonprofit is sponsorship ready? How do you cut through the clutter to make your sponsorship request stand out to a potential sponsor? And much more! Your journey to corporate sponsorship starts right here! So watch the episode right now. BONUS CONTENT: Click here to take CHARGE's Nonprofit Readiness Assessment:
October 21, 2021
Kivi Leroux Miller: Nonprofit Marketing and Building a Brand Your Mission Can Be Proud Of
1. Marketing and branding might feel like corporate concepts to many in the nonprofit sector. So why are they important? 2. What differences have you seen during the pandemic between nonprofits that understand marketing and branding and those who don't? 3. If a nonprofit is just getting started with taking marketing seriously, where should they begin? 4. How can nonprofit executives be more supportive of their communications staff? 5. What are some of your favorite professional development tools or opportunities for nonprofit communicators?
October 07, 2021
The most effective ways to expand visibility and maintain funding in your business.
On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites Eric Ressler as her guest. Eric Ressler is the Founder and Creative Director at Cosmic, A Social Impact Creative Agency.   Eric Ressler expresses his opinions and expertise about, “The most effective ways to expand visibility and maintain funding in your business.” Why do so many social impact organizations struggle to find, grow, and maintain funding? Eric breaks this question down and gives listeners tips to implement in your own processes. What does the future of social impact fundraising look like? Eric goes into the importance of your digital footprint and doing it in an authentic way. We cover why does social impact organizations invest in their digital strategy and platforms? We also hit on why should social impact organizations concern themselves with their brand when it seems like there are more important things to focus on? Finally why is the overhead percentage the wrong metric for assessing a social impact organization's effectiveness?   This episode is a wonderful conversation and a must listen.   Reach out to Eric Ressler @  Website:
September 29, 2021
How to work with your donor’s financial advisors to create the greatest impact.
On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites David Foster,  CFP®, CAP® as her guest. David Foster is a financial advisor at Gateway Wealth Management of our client.   David speaks about, “How to work with your donor’s financial advisors to create the greatest impact". He gives advice to listeners on should development officers ask for specific dollar amounts why or why not? He also hits on whether or not development officers should be afraid to ask about planned giving and how to  be direct when asking about planned giving? Should you ignore your donor’s team of professionals, CPAs, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, when asking for large gifts? Or should you offer to reach out and get to know your donor’s professional advisors? You may think that getting a donor’s professional advisors involved will increase the time you spend and reduce the size of the gift you ultimately “bring in." What are the three reasons the opposite is true?  These are just a few questions David answers, this episode is an interesting conversation with to experts in their fields.  This episode is a must listen.  Follow David’s career and reach out for any help with all nonprofit donor questions and more. Here is how to get in contact with David Foster.  Website: Click on Talk with David Email: Twitter: 314-349-2711
September 29, 2021
ClimbHire: Speaking with the founder Nitzan Pelman
On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites Nitzan Pelman, as her guest. Nitzan Pelman is not only a friend of The Charity CFO but is the founder of an organization called “ClimbHire.”   Nitzan Pelman speaks about, tells the viewers more about her program at ClimbHire and why she believes it be so unique. She talks about the training and placing students that they do and how it is incredibly relevant in the tight job market we currently face. Tosha asks Nitzan what she feels is the most important when helping applicants in this process. They also hit the hard question that every founder must ask themselves. How do you believe your organization might run differently (for the better) from an operations standpoint. Nitzan tells the viewers the struggles in her organization and how her team works to make those outcomes successful.   This episode is uplifting and tells the story of a wonderful non profit organization.  Website:
September 29, 2021
Libby Hikind: How to Find Grants
On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites Libby Hikind as her guest. Libby Hikind is the founder of Libby Hikind expresses his opinions and expertise about, “How to Find Grants.” What types of grants are available for nonprofits? Libby explains to listeners why because of the pandemic, there have been more grants posted and more applicants than in previous years. She answers the question are grants easy to apply for and how are grants different from loans? She also hits on what sort of categories are available in grants? Libby ends on ​why grants are doable for small nonprofits and the average person? This episode is tremendously helpful and opens up the conversation about all there is to know about grants in the nonprofit world.  Visit Website:
August 11, 2021
"Why Wealthy Donors Don't Give More" with Elliot Dole
On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites Elliot Dole as her guest. Elliot Dole is a Wealth Advisor at Buckingham Wealth Partners.  Elliot Dole speaks on, "Why Wealthy Donors Don't Give More", and goes into detail on many aspects of this topic. He states what research professional advisors report believing holds back wealthy clients from making larger charitable gifts? Elliot also tells listeners from his experience what the wealthy donors themselves report is holding them back from making larger gifts to charity? Tosha asks Elliott what can advisors do to help donors get more comfortable making larger gifts? And on the flip side what can charities do to help donors get more comfortable making larger gifts?   This episode is a great listen.   To reach out to Elliott Dole @
July 21, 2021
The Role of a CEO in Fundraising
On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites Scott Baier. Scott Baier is the president & CEO of our client, College Bound. College Bound students are provided individualized coaching to help them try strategies and test theories of academic growth. The students develop a strong working theory of what works for them by the time they walk into their first college class. Scott speaks about, "The Role of a CEO in Fundraising". He covers how he became so effective in fundraising? What his #1 piece of advice he would give a new CEO that has no experience in fundraising? What does a week look like for him as the CEO of College Bound and how he allocate his time? What has been the biggest lesson learned as a CEO as it relates to fundraising? What would Scott say to those CEOs that are uncomfortable with fundraising and want to delegate that to someone else? This episode is a must listen. Find Scott Baier website:
June 30, 2021
How to Create a Leverage a Brand for Your Nonprofit
On this week's episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO invites Bill Cummings, the CEO . Bill Cummings is the Founder and Consultant of Groundswell. Groundswell serves impact-focused organizations with supportive coaching, clear messaging, and compelling design that moves people to action. They work in collaboration with an incredible group of freelance designers, developers, and writers to make life better for you, your organization, and the communities you serve. Bill speaks will Tosha today about his experience in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and what he thinks is similar and what is unique to the world of nonprofits. Bill has led and supported nonprofit organizations, he explains two things that consistently stand out as opportunities for improvement/growth in the nonprofit industry.  Nonprofit leaders are very busy, often overwhelmed, running organizations with limited budgets/staffing. Tosha and Bill share ways that leaders can rise above to be more effective and impactful. Bill touches on the balance of leadership, messaging, and design and why  these things central to his work. While wrapping up the episode Bill gives the listeners three things that nonprofit leaders could implement in the next few weeks that would immediately add value to their work. Please listen and learn from these two influential leaders in the nonprofit world. Find Bill Cummings @ or on LinkedIn- Bill Cummings
May 26, 2021
Tips from a Nonprofit CEO on a Merger Experience
On this week's episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO invites Karen Nolte,  the CEO of Family Forward. We speak on tips from a nonprofit merger experience. Karen shares important ways to distinguish your organization. She addresses crucial messages for leaders of organizations. Gives advice about how to go about partnerships and new opportunities. And one of the key factors in keeping a successful organization alive, Karen speaks on ways beyond programming to improve and keep stability in your organization.  Karen Nolte is the Chief Executive Officer of FamilyForward. FamilyForward’s mission is to move vulnerable children in the direction of hope by delivering comprehensive therapeutic and educational services to support biological, foster, and adoptive families.  To follow Karen Nolte:    Don’t forget to request to join A Modern Nonprofit Facebook Group on Facebook to talk with industry leaders, volunteers, and professionals as we create a space that is inviting as it is informative.
May 19, 2021
Should Nonprofits Run more like For-Profits?
On this week's episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO invites Julio Barreto Jr., the CEO of Barreto Real Estate and Development Bread Corp, LLC Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach and Mentor, Leadership Development, Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Legacy Guide. We speak on whether or not Nonprofits should run more like For-Profit organizations? It is sometimes said nonprofits should learn to operate more like for profit entities to create greater efficiency. Barreto tells us what nonprofit executives can learn from the private sector. People who work in the nonprofit arena do so out of a sense of duty and service. We speak about ways and ideas leaders can create work environments which capitalize on that sense of duty and service without taking advantage of staff. What are signs of burnout and how can a leaders address those signs. And lastly what type of training or skills should a leader develop to be effective in a leadership role?
May 11, 2021
Risk Management in the Nonprofit World with Ted Bilich
For nonprofit organizations, understanding risk management is essential--especially after a year like 2020. And while nonprofits may try to be very careful and strategic about managing business risks, they often make mistakes when the organization feels a false sense of security in its relationships and charity practices. To best understand what nonprofits be thinking about right now in terms of risk, Tosha Anderson welcomes Ted Bilich, the Chief Executive Officer of Risk Alternatives, to discuss the types of nonprofit training and organizational and professional development engagements he provides to nonprofit organizations across the United States. The two also talk about the nonprofit challenges in evaluating risk and the unique resources available to not-for-profit organizations. 
April 19, 2021
Modern Fundraising: Community Centric Fundraising Movement with Rachel D'Souza-Siebert
It is important to prioritize the entire community over individual organizations, foster a sense of belonging and interdependence, present work not as individual transactions but holistically, and encourage mutual support between nonprofits. Fortunately, that's exactly what Rachel D'Souza-Siebert advocates for as part of Community-Centric Fundraising, a fundraising model that is grounded in equity and social justice. This week, Rachel joins Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO to discuss how nonprofit can integrate some of these points into their fundraising strategy and even the ongoing barriers when discussing equity in the nonprofit space. To learn more about the vision of Community-Centric Fundraising, one that envisions a sector that believes in the principles of Community-Centric Fundraising and uses these fundraising principles and practices to build the power and voice of communities of color, visit their website here. 
April 12, 2021
Scaling Your Nonprofit: Moving from a Solo Operating to a Team with Travis Johnson
Every nonprofit will have to determine what and when they need to scale itself as an organization. "Scale" can mean many things, and to best grow your nonprofit, you need to have certain structures in place that will allow you to remain successful for the long haul. That's why Travis Johnson, the host of the Nonprofit Architect, was invited to discuss how to best scale your nonprofit on this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Tosha and Travis break down this fundraising-centric topic and highlight discussion points such as: "What do nonprofits need to scale so they can get paid?" and "What is holding nonprofits back from taking the right scaling steps?" To effectively scale your nonprofit, this is the best podcast episode for all nonprofit leaders and board members hoping to improve their organization. 
April 05, 2021
Strategic Planning vs Scenario Planning with Dr. Emilie Socash
Recognizing potential situations and environments your nonprofit may encounter in the future, and determining how your organization should react, are important towards its long-term success. Scenario and strategic planning helps answer how nonprofit leaders should consider factors outside of the organization's control, how those factors might change and arguably, most importantly, how the organization can effectively respond. Listen as Dr. Emilie Socash, the CEO of Nonprofit Help Center, who has experience driving success in nonprofits and the people who lead them, discuss strategic and scenario planning on this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. It's an important, audio journey you don't want to miss! 
March 29, 2021
From a Nonprofit CEO: How to Understand Your Financials, featuring Sara Lahman of Annie Malone
For someone that is struggling to grasp the accounting or financial part of their nonprofit, there's hundreds of thousands of various pieces of advice at his or her disposal online. But, for someone that wants to ensure their not-for-profit organization has the most efficient and cost-effective finances, beyond the simple "how-to" knowledge, then that's where A Modern Nonprofit Podcast enters. On this episode, Sara Lahman, the Chief Executive Officer for Annie Malone Children and Family Services, sits down with Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO to discuss how nonprofit leaders can understand financials. The two discuss financial reports, breaking down numbers and best business practices as it relates to bookkeeping and finances. It's an episode that is sure to pay off, both figuratively and metaphorically!  To learn more about Annie Malone, visit their website here. 
March 20, 2021
How to Raise Donations with Online Marketing, featuring Jeff Roman of EPIC Agency
For years, nonprofit fundraising has been quietly evolving. Specifically, industry professionals have been watching as it moved further and further online. And in 2020, the COVID pandemic accelerated this process, ultimately changing your options as a not-for-profit leader to raise donations. Such a drastic change has forced fundraising practices to transform into digital endeavors. That's why Tosha Anderson, founder & CEO of The Charity CFO, invited Jeff Roman, founder & president of EPIC Agency onto A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. In this prevalent episode, the two cover topics like: the importance of digital marketing as it involves nonprofit fundraising; how social media is much more than hashtags and memes; and tips that new nonprofits can implement to dive headfirst into the digital marketing space. To learn more about Jeff's company and its services, visit his website here. 
March 13, 2021
A Founder's Story: High School Student turned CNN Hero
Zachary Wigal is the founder of Gamers Outreach Foundation, a nonprofit that helps kids cope with long-term medical treatment by providing gaming hardware and software to hospitals. He recently joined Tosha Anderson, founder & CEO of The Charity CFO, to discuss how one can truly become a "modern" nonprofit.  Tosha and Zachary outline the powers of social media and online marketing, navigating the not-for-profit space if your organization's mission is a bit unique, and many more exciting topics. For any individuals with any involvement in a rapidly growing nonprofit, or for listeners who want to learn more about getting started in today's space, this is a very insightful episode! 
March 08, 2021
How to Create a Budget for Grant Writing
Tosha Anderson, founder & CEO of The Charity CFO, welcomes Kate West to this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. As a fundraising consultant with more than 25 years of experience, Kate boasts experience with professional instruction of grant writing skills and provides grant writing services for nonprofits in need. That said, the two discuss the importance of grant writing and budget limitations as these relate to the success of your nonprofit. They review: how to create a grant budget and what grant funders want to see; the importance of unpaid staff and volunteers; common income categories used by nonprofits; and more. Make sure to listen to the episode to receive a discount code for Kate's grant writing courses, which are available on her website! 
March 01, 2021
Creating Performing Arts in a Virtual World with Matthew Kerns
If your creative and artistic endeavors have taken you down a path of community service, then this is the episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast that you have been waiting for. Listen as Tosha sits down with Matthew Kerns, the executive director of the St. Lou Fringe, to discuss the tips and challenges he faced when trying to conduct events during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this episode, the two discuss virtual events, scheduling and festivals, and encouraging support during uncertain times. For listeners with a history or interest in the arts, as well as those hoping to learn more about successful strategies for hosting events as it may relate to your nonprofit, then you're in luck. Also make sure to check out St. Lou Fringe, which builds the community by connecting uncensored, unjuried performing arts with accessible and affordable performances for audiences, on their website here: 
February 22, 2021
Common HR Compliance Mistakes in a Nonprofit
In this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO sits down with Moses Balian of JustWorks to discuss the key components of HR compliance mistakes that today's modern nonprofits frequently make. Over a period of just 30 minutes, the two discuss the differences between being a nonprofit employee versus an independent contractor, the pros/cons of paying interns, navigating how to create lasting relationships with volunteers and going over the specifics within per diems. For listeners: this is not intended to be legal advice. Also, consider growing your business with JustWorks, using our customer referral link here: 
February 15, 2021
Experiences of a Millennial Nonprofit Founder, featuring Alicia Robinson
Behind every nonprofit organization is a talented, passionate and dedicated nonprofit founder. This individual likely has a  transformational mission and vision for improving the community that he or she is part of, which is why they started a nonprofit in the first place. On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, The Charity CFO’s founder & CEO Tosha Anderson sits down with Alicia Robinson. As the executive director and founder of Limitless Ambition, she [Alicia] oversees a nonprofit organization that helps empower young women to dream without limits through teen mentoring and women’s leadership programs. If you are a nonprofit founder or leader looking to make the most of your organization, this episode is for you. 
February 02, 2021
Episode 07: Starting Your Nonprofit Journey with Ellicia Lanier
Are you interested in starting a nonprofit? Are you wondering what training, funding and resources can best help you start your nonprofit journey? What type of mission or cause are you most passionate about? This week, Ellicia Lanier joins A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Ellicia is the founding Executive Director of Urban Sprouts, a diverse Reggio Emilia school focusing on early childhood education. There are many things to consider when you take the first step forward towards starting a nonprofit organization. Points like leadership, fundraising and mission statements are just starters! So, that's why you must listen to this insightful episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. 
January 25, 2021
Episode 6: Nonprofit Governance with Kiesha Davis
Understanding the mechanics of the mission should be your ultimate goal as a nonprofit leader. Thinking about responsibilities, open communication and holding others accountable are just some of the points discussed by Deaconess Foundation Director of Partnership & Capacity Building Kiesha Davis, who joins The Charity CFO Founder and nonprofit accountant Tosha Anderson in this week's episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Subscribe and join the conversation in A Modern Nonprofit Facebook Group! 
January 18, 2021
Episode 5: Program Outcomes and Measuring The Effectiveness of the Work You Do with Sarah Buek
Many nonprofits are afraid to define and measure outcomes because the truth may reveal something a board member or nonprofit leader is afraid to know. While the work your nonprofit may do is hard to define, Sarah suggests many tips and tricks to help your organization find a method to measure your processes. Communicating your nonprofit's value and telling your story is so important in the world we live in. That's why you must understand how to report and measure your organization's processes. There is a lot of data at your fingertips, now it is time to learn how to gather, measure, and utilize it to help your non profit maximize its mission. Measuring the effectiveness of your organization is simple if you utilize program outcomes.
January 11, 2021
Episode 4: What to Look for when Hiring a Fundraising Professional with Linda B. Haley, CFRE
Is your nonprofit ready to hire a fundraising professional? Confused as to what a chief development officer really does? The answers to these questions, and more, are all answered in the latest episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Powered by The Charity CFO, Tosha Anderson sits down with Linda B. Haley of Let's Build Hope to discuss exactly how an organization can increase efficiency and longevity in the development side. In this episode, the two discuss the hiring process, red flags within the development sector, how chief development officers and leaders can or should think strategically, when an organization should consider hiring a chief development officer, and tips for having a connection with donors. 
January 04, 2021
Episode 03: Preparing for a Not-For-Profit Audit with Jeanne Dee of Anders
Do I need to hire a CPA firm for my nonprofit? Why can't my finance person just take care of and publish my not-for-profit finance statements? Preparing for a not-for-profit audit is not something you should fear. In fact, this is why Jeanne Dee, a partner at Anders CPAs + Advisors, was this week's speaker on Episode 3 of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Tosha Anderson's latest guest dove into the specifics of what a certified public accountant does. Additionally, Jeanne discusses the differences between a review versus an audit. Sometimes, different states have different expectations when it comes to the audit of a nonprofit. Nonprofit finances has a lot of standards that you must know! Fortunately, Jeanne highlights the types of expenses, fundings, and risk assessment process for not-for-profits. Plus, Jeanne explains the difference between procedures and policies. This distinction is important for having a good business mindset. Also, good documenting, risk assessment, and succession plans are points that auditors will want to consider. So, why should your charity consider an audit? Listen to the latest episode to learn more, all powered by The Charity CFO! 
December 17, 2020
Episode 2: Nonprofit Taxes and Avoiding Trouble with the IRS featuring Ben Golden of Golden Tax Relief
Tosha Anderson and A Modern Nonprofit Podcast are back! Powered by The Charity CFO, Episode 2 takes you - the listener- along on a journey where the two professionals discuss everything related to nonprofit tax compliance. Ben discusses the consequences that face nonprofits if they fail to submit the proper tax forms and reviews strategies that charity organizations can implement to avoid any legal trouble. Tosha inquires about the challenges within nonprofit accounting and for any organization that is starting in the nonprofit space, which Ben responds to by listing the most important forms you should be aware of when reporting your funds. That- and much more- is packed within this important, insightful episode. 
December 11, 2020
Episode 01: Diversity and Inclusion with Eileen McGhee of Veer Up
In the inaugural episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha Anderson sits down with Veer Up founder & CEO Eileen McGhee to talk about diversity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector. They talk about the obstacles within hiring, how organizations can devote themselves to be more inclusive and  talk about the best strategies that ensure diversity is achieved within an organization as well as community. 
November 27, 2020