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A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

By Tosha Anderson
A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, powered by The Charity CFO, explores the most important business and culture topics in the nonprofit sector. Hosted by Tosha Anderson, each episode will feature an informative, lighthearted and insightful discussion about what’s trending in today’s organizations. This podcast is designed for nonprofit leaders and listeners alike, and we thank you for making this podcast part of your day!
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How to Create a Leverage a Brand for Your Nonprofit

A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

"Why Wealthy Donors Don't Give More" with Elliot Dole
On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites Elliot Dole as her guest. Elliot Dole is a Wealth Advisor at Buckingham Wealth Partners.  Elliot Dole speaks on, "Why Wealthy Donors Don't Give More", and goes into detail on many aspects of this topic. He states what research professional advisors report believing holds back wealthy clients from making larger charitable gifts? Elliot also tells listeners from his experience what the wealthy donors themselves report is holding them back from making larger gifts to charity? Tosha asks Elliott what can advisors do to help donors get more comfortable making larger gifts? And on the flip side what can charities do to help donors get more comfortable making larger gifts?   This episode is a great listen.   To reach out to Elliott Dole @
July 21, 2021
The Role of a CEO in Fundraising
On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites Scott Baier. Scott Baier is the president & CEO of our client, College Bound. College Bound students are provided individualized coaching to help them try strategies and test theories of academic growth. The students develop a strong working theory of what works for them by the time they walk into their first college class. Scott speaks about, "The Role of a CEO in Fundraising". He covers how he became so effective in fundraising? What his #1 piece of advice he would give a new CEO that has no experience in fundraising? What does a week look like for him as the CEO of College Bound and how he allocate his time? What has been the biggest lesson learned as a CEO as it relates to fundraising? What would Scott say to those CEOs that are uncomfortable with fundraising and want to delegate that to someone else? This episode is a must listen. Find Scott Baier website:
June 30, 2021
How to Create a Leverage a Brand for Your Nonprofit
On this week's episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO invites Bill Cummings, the CEO . Bill Cummings is the Founder and Consultant of Groundswell. Groundswell serves impact-focused organizations with supportive coaching, clear messaging, and compelling design that moves people to action. They work in collaboration with an incredible group of freelance designers, developers, and writers to make life better for you, your organization, and the communities you serve. Bill speaks will Tosha today about his experience in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and what he thinks is similar and what is unique to the world of nonprofits. Bill has led and supported nonprofit organizations, he explains two things that consistently stand out as opportunities for improvement/growth in the nonprofit industry.  Nonprofit leaders are very busy, often overwhelmed, running organizations with limited budgets/staffing. Tosha and Bill share ways that leaders can rise above to be more effective and impactful. Bill touches on the balance of leadership, messaging, and design and why  these things central to his work. While wrapping up the episode Bill gives the listeners three things that nonprofit leaders could implement in the next few weeks that would immediately add value to their work. Please listen and learn from these two influential leaders in the nonprofit world. Find Bill Cummings @ or on LinkedIn- Bill Cummings
May 26, 2021
Tips from a Nonprofit CEO on a Merger Experience
On this week's episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO invites Karen Nolte,  the CEO of Family Forward. We speak on tips from a nonprofit merger experience. Karen shares important ways to distinguish your organization. She addresses crucial messages for leaders of organizations. Gives advice about how to go about partnerships and new opportunities. And one of the key factors in keeping a successful organization alive, Karen speaks on ways beyond programming to improve and keep stability in your organization.  Karen Nolte is the Chief Executive Officer of FamilyForward. FamilyForward’s mission is to move vulnerable children in the direction of hope by delivering comprehensive therapeutic and educational services to support biological, foster, and adoptive families.  To follow Karen Nolte:    Don’t forget to request to join A Modern Nonprofit Facebook Group on Facebook to talk with industry leaders, volunteers, and professionals as we create a space that is inviting as it is informative.
May 19, 2021
Should Nonprofits Run more like For-Profits?
On this week's episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO invites Julio Barreto Jr., the CEO of Barreto Real Estate and Development Bread Corp, LLC Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach and Mentor, Leadership Development, Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Legacy Guide. We speak on whether or not Nonprofits should run more like For-Profit organizations? It is sometimes said nonprofits should learn to operate more like for profit entities to create greater efficiency. Barreto tells us what nonprofit executives can learn from the private sector. People who work in the nonprofit arena do so out of a sense of duty and service. We speak about ways and ideas leaders can create work environments which capitalize on that sense of duty and service without taking advantage of staff. What are signs of burnout and how can a leaders address those signs. And lastly what type of training or skills should a leader develop to be effective in a leadership role?
May 11, 2021
Risk Management in the Nonprofit World with Ted Bilich
For nonprofit organizations, understanding risk management is essential--especially after a year like 2020. And while nonprofits may try to be very careful and strategic about managing business risks, they often make mistakes when the organization feels a false sense of security in its relationships and charity practices. To best understand what nonprofits be thinking about right now in terms of risk, Tosha Anderson welcomes Ted Bilich, the Chief Executive Officer of Risk Alternatives, to discuss the types of nonprofit training and organizational and professional development engagements he provides to nonprofit organizations across the United States. The two also talk about the nonprofit challenges in evaluating risk and the unique resources available to not-for-profit organizations. 
April 19, 2021
Modern Fundraising: Community Centric Fundraising Movement with Rachel D'Souza-Siebert
It is important to prioritize the entire community over individual organizations, foster a sense of belonging and interdependence, present work not as individual transactions but holistically, and encourage mutual support between nonprofits. Fortunately, that's exactly what Rachel D'Souza-Siebert advocates for as part of Community-Centric Fundraising, a fundraising model that is grounded in equity and social justice. This week, Rachel joins Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO to discuss how nonprofit can integrate some of these points into their fundraising strategy and even the ongoing barriers when discussing equity in the nonprofit space. To learn more about the vision of Community-Centric Fundraising, one that envisions a sector that believes in the principles of Community-Centric Fundraising and uses these fundraising principles and practices to build the power and voice of communities of color, visit their website here. 
April 12, 2021
Scaling Your Nonprofit: Moving from a Solo Operating to a Team with Travis Johnson
Every nonprofit will have to determine what and when they need to scale itself as an organization. "Scale" can mean many things, and to best grow your nonprofit, you need to have certain structures in place that will allow you to remain successful for the long haul. That's why Travis Johnson, the host of the Nonprofit Architect, was invited to discuss how to best scale your nonprofit on this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Tosha and Travis break down this fundraising-centric topic and highlight discussion points such as: "What do nonprofits need to scale so they can get paid?" and "What is holding nonprofits back from taking the right scaling steps?" To effectively scale your nonprofit, this is the best podcast episode for all nonprofit leaders and board members hoping to improve their organization. 
April 5, 2021
Strategic Planning vs Scenario Planning with Dr. Emilie Socash
Recognizing potential situations and environments your nonprofit may encounter in the future, and determining how your organization should react, are important towards its long-term success. Scenario and strategic planning helps answer how nonprofit leaders should consider factors outside of the organization's control, how those factors might change and arguably, most importantly, how the organization can effectively respond. Listen as Dr. Emilie Socash, the CEO of Nonprofit Help Center, who has experience driving success in nonprofits and the people who lead them, discuss strategic and scenario planning on this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. It's an important, audio journey you don't want to miss! 
March 29, 2021
From a Nonprofit CEO: How to Understand Your Financials, featuring Sara Lahman of Annie Malone
For someone that is struggling to grasp the accounting or financial part of their nonprofit, there's hundreds of thousands of various pieces of advice at his or her disposal online. But, for someone that wants to ensure their not-for-profit organization has the most efficient and cost-effective finances, beyond the simple "how-to" knowledge, then that's where A Modern Nonprofit Podcast enters. On this episode, Sara Lahman, the Chief Executive Officer for Annie Malone Children and Family Services, sits down with Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO to discuss how nonprofit leaders can understand financials. The two discuss financial reports, breaking down numbers and best business practices as it relates to bookkeeping and finances. It's an episode that is sure to pay off, both figuratively and metaphorically!  To learn more about Annie Malone, visit their website here. 
March 20, 2021
How to Raise Donations with Online Marketing, featuring Jeff Roman of EPIC Agency
For years, nonprofit fundraising has been quietly evolving. Specifically, industry professionals have been watching as it moved further and further online. And in 2020, the COVID pandemic accelerated this process, ultimately changing your options as a not-for-profit leader to raise donations. Such a drastic change has forced fundraising practices to transform into digital endeavors. That's why Tosha Anderson, founder & CEO of The Charity CFO, invited Jeff Roman, founder & president of EPIC Agency onto A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. In this prevalent episode, the two cover topics like: the importance of digital marketing as it involves nonprofit fundraising; how social media is much more than hashtags and memes; and tips that new nonprofits can implement to dive headfirst into the digital marketing space. To learn more about Jeff's company and its services, visit his website here. 
March 13, 2021
A Founder's Story: High School Student turned CNN Hero
Zachary Wigal is the founder of Gamers Outreach Foundation, a nonprofit that helps kids cope with long-term medical treatment by providing gaming hardware and software to hospitals. He recently joined Tosha Anderson, founder & CEO of The Charity CFO, to discuss how one can truly become a "modern" nonprofit.  Tosha and Zachary outline the powers of social media and online marketing, navigating the not-for-profit space if your organization's mission is a bit unique, and many more exciting topics. For any individuals with any involvement in a rapidly growing nonprofit, or for listeners who want to learn more about getting started in today's space, this is a very insightful episode! 
March 8, 2021
How to Create a Budget for Grant Writing
Tosha Anderson, founder & CEO of The Charity CFO, welcomes Kate West to this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. As a fundraising consultant with more than 25 years of experience, Kate boasts experience with professional instruction of grant writing skills and provides grant writing services for nonprofits in need. That said, the two discuss the importance of grant writing and budget limitations as these relate to the success of your nonprofit. They review: how to create a grant budget and what grant funders want to see; the importance of unpaid staff and volunteers; common income categories used by nonprofits; and more. Make sure to listen to the episode to receive a discount code for Kate's grant writing courses, which are available on her website! 
March 1, 2021
Creating Performing Arts in a Virtual World with Matthew Kerns
If your creative and artistic endeavors have taken you down a path of community service, then this is the episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast that you have been waiting for. Listen as Tosha sits down with Matthew Kerns, the executive director of the St. Lou Fringe, to discuss the tips and challenges he faced when trying to conduct events during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this episode, the two discuss virtual events, scheduling and festivals, and encouraging support during uncertain times. For listeners with a history or interest in the arts, as well as those hoping to learn more about successful strategies for hosting events as it may relate to your nonprofit, then you're in luck. Also make sure to check out St. Lou Fringe, which builds the community by connecting uncensored, unjuried performing arts with accessible and affordable performances for audiences, on their website here: 
February 22, 2021
Common HR Compliance Mistakes in a Nonprofit
In this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO sits down with Moses Balian of JustWorks to discuss the key components of HR compliance mistakes that today's modern nonprofits frequently make. Over a period of just 30 minutes, the two discuss the differences between being a nonprofit employee versus an independent contractor, the pros/cons of paying interns, navigating how to create lasting relationships with volunteers and going over the specifics within per diems. For listeners: this is not intended to be legal advice. Also, consider growing your business with JustWorks, using our customer referral link here: 
February 15, 2021
Experiences of a Millennial Nonprofit Founder, featuring Alicia Robinson
Behind every nonprofit organization is a talented, passionate and dedicated nonprofit founder. This individual likely has a  transformational mission and vision for improving the community that he or she is part of, which is why they started a nonprofit in the first place. On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, The Charity CFO’s founder & CEO Tosha Anderson sits down with Alicia Robinson. As the executive director and founder of Limitless Ambition, she [Alicia] oversees a nonprofit organization that helps empower young women to dream without limits through teen mentoring and women’s leadership programs. If you are a nonprofit founder or leader looking to make the most of your organization, this episode is for you. 
February 2, 2021
Episode 07: Starting Your Nonprofit Journey with Ellicia Lanier
Are you interested in starting a nonprofit? Are you wondering what training, funding and resources can best help you start your nonprofit journey? What type of mission or cause are you most passionate about? This week, Ellicia Lanier joins A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Ellicia is the founding Executive Director of Urban Sprouts, a diverse Reggio Emilia school focusing on early childhood education. There are many things to consider when you take the first step forward towards starting a nonprofit organization. Points like leadership, fundraising and mission statements are just starters! So, that's why you must listen to this insightful episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. 
January 25, 2021
Episode 6: Nonprofit Governance with Kiesha Davis
Understanding the mechanics of the mission should be your ultimate goal as a nonprofit leader. Thinking about responsibilities, open communication and holding others accountable are just some of the points discussed by Deaconess Foundation Director of Partnership & Capacity Building Kiesha Davis, who joins The Charity CFO Founder and nonprofit accountant Tosha Anderson in this week's episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Subscribe and join the conversation in A Modern Nonprofit Facebook Group! 
January 18, 2021
Episode 5: Program Outcomes and Measuring The Effectiveness of the Work You Do with Sarah Buek
Many nonprofits are afraid to define and measure outcomes because the truth may reveal something a board member or nonprofit leader is afraid to know. While the work your nonprofit may do is hard to define, Sarah suggests many tips and tricks to help your organization find a method to measure your processes. Communicating your nonprofit's value and telling your story is so important in the world we live in. That's why you must understand how to report and measure your organization's processes. There is a lot of data at your fingertips, now it is time to learn how to gather, measure, and utilize it to help your non profit maximize its mission. Measuring the effectiveness of your organization is simple if you utilize program outcomes.
January 11, 2021
Episode 4: What to Look for when Hiring a Fundraising Professional with Linda B. Haley, CFRE
Is your nonprofit ready to hire a fundraising professional? Confused as to what a chief development officer really does? The answers to these questions, and more, are all answered in the latest episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Powered by The Charity CFO, Tosha Anderson sits down with Linda B. Haley of Let's Build Hope to discuss exactly how an organization can increase efficiency and longevity in the development side. In this episode, the two discuss the hiring process, red flags within the development sector, how chief development officers and leaders can or should think strategically, when an organization should consider hiring a chief development officer, and tips for having a connection with donors. 
January 4, 2021
Episode 03: Preparing for a Not-For-Profit Audit with Jeanne Dee of Anders
Do I need to hire a CPA firm for my nonprofit? Why can't my finance person just take care of and publish my not-for-profit finance statements? Preparing for a not-for-profit audit is not something you should fear. In fact, this is why Jeanne Dee, a partner at Anders CPAs + Advisors, was this week's speaker on Episode 3 of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Tosha Anderson's latest guest dove into the specifics of what a certified public accountant does. Additionally, Jeanne discusses the differences between a review versus an audit. Sometimes, different states have different expectations when it comes to the audit of a nonprofit. Nonprofit finances has a lot of standards that you must know! Fortunately, Jeanne highlights the types of expenses, fundings, and risk assessment process for not-for-profits. Plus, Jeanne explains the difference between procedures and policies. This distinction is important for having a good business mindset. Also, good documenting, risk assessment, and succession plans are points that auditors will want to consider. So, why should your charity consider an audit? Listen to the latest episode to learn more, all powered by The Charity CFO! 
December 17, 2020
Episode 2: Nonprofit Taxes and Avoiding Trouble with the IRS featuring Ben Golden of Golden Tax Relief
Tosha Anderson and A Modern Nonprofit Podcast are back! Powered by The Charity CFO, Episode 2 takes you - the listener- along on a journey where the two professionals discuss everything related to nonprofit tax compliance. Ben discusses the consequences that face nonprofits if they fail to submit the proper tax forms and reviews strategies that charity organizations can implement to avoid any legal trouble. Tosha inquires about the challenges within nonprofit accounting and for any organization that is starting in the nonprofit space, which Ben responds to by listing the most important forms you should be aware of when reporting your funds. That- and much more- is packed within this important, insightful episode. 
December 11, 2020
Episode 01: Diversity and Inclusion with Eileen McGhee of Veer Up
In the inaugural episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha Anderson sits down with Veer Up founder & CEO Eileen McGhee to talk about diversity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector. They talk about the obstacles within hiring, how organizations can devote themselves to be more inclusive and  talk about the best strategies that ensure diversity is achieved within an organization as well as community. 
November 27, 2020