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A Mostly Green Life

A Mostly Green Life

By Messica Media
Join us on an eco-journey as we explore environmental, health & wellness, and other topics with guests from around the world.
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Household Waste Deep Dive: Going Lower Waste with Stacy Savage of Zero Waste Strategies

A Mostly Green Life

Household Waste Deep Dive: Going Lower Waste with Stacy Savage of Zero Waste Strategies

A Mostly Green Life

Which quality standards and certifications should you care about in the grocery store? Joe Dickson of Whole Foods Market and Merryfield App helps us discern
Joe Dickson is the absolute authority on quality in the natural foods industry. He helps us break down the different certifications and labels and shares how his new company, Merryfield, is helping people make better choices in the grocery store. 
January 19, 2022
When does food go beyond nutrition? We explore with Marissa Epstein of Springdale Ventures
We explore various food topics from the psychology of merchandising to Marissa’s experience in working with Michelle Obama on the Let’s Move! campaign. In this episode, Marissa reminds us that culture and happiness play a impactful role in our lives when it comes to food choices we make. 
January 12, 2022
What do music festivals, booze, and sustainability have in common? Aimy Steadman of BeatBox Beverages and Naturally Austin
Sustainability doesn’t have to come at the expense of fun and with Austin, Texas being a mecca for the natural food industry, there’s no shortage of either. Aimy shares her passion for sustainability in business and fostering a community for entrepreneurs and brands with similar ethos. See show notes at -
December 29, 2021
What the heck is chrononutrition? Paul Janowitz of Mantra Labs explains the basics
We've all been learning a lot lately about what we need to eat. But did you know when we eat the nutrition can be as important as what we eat? We'll explore chrononutrition with Paul and learn about the impactful reasons he has dedicated his company to raising awareness for mental health. Show notes here -
December 22, 2021
How safe is your water? Sara Evans, founder of Well Aware and Well Beyond teaches us the importance of clean and accessible water
You may be surprised to learn what’s really behind 80% of the water problems in the US. In this episode, we dig into the the world’s profound water crisis with Sara Evans, founder of Well Aware, an Austin-based nonprofit that implements clean water systems for impoverished communities in East Africa. For show notes, visit
December 15, 2021
Sustainable Stories - Jake Stewart of Sweetwater Farm & Shire
In this unique series we'll hear inspiring stories of people devoting their lives to sustainability. The first installment is a scientist turned agri-forester. Listen to hear his journey and perspective on reconnecting with nature, how to work on a farm and learn what it's like, and evaluating risk in one's career and life. Show notes can be found here -
December 12, 2021
Household Waste Deep Dive: Summary of learnings by Jess and Mason
In episode, Jess and Mason do a complete overview on the trio of Household Waste Deep Dive episodes with fact checks, useful information and actionable tips on how to do better by the planet. The United States is 4% of the world’s population but produces 12% of the world's waste. By taking small steps, we can collectively narrow this gap and increase our positive impact on the planet. Show Notes -
December 08, 2021
Household Waste Deep Dive: The Dirty Truth About Compost with Jeff Paine of Break It Down
"Did you know that food is the largest single source of landfill waste in the U.S. and more food ends up in landfills than plastic or paper? Listen to learn about ways to help minimize your impact, while also improving the health of your house plants or garden! In this episode, Jeff Paine of Break It Down, the most comprehensive recycling and composting service in Austin, Texas chats all things composting with us. For show notes visit -
December 01, 2021
Household Waste Deep Dive: Going Lower Waste with Stacy Savage of Zero Waste Strategies
Are you curious on ways you can lower your household waste or get more involved at your place of business when it comes to decreasing its carbon footprint? We can all learn something from our guest this week, Stacy Savage, founder and president of Zero Waste Strategies. An active community leader working to affect positive environmental policy and change, Stacy started her company to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Visit the show notes for more at
November 24, 2021
Household Waste Deep Dive: Recyling with Richie Getter of Balcones Recycling
Are you confused on what should go in your recycling bin and what shouldn’t at times  - especially when it comes to the various Amazon packages? Listen to learn some tips on the right way to recycle & find out which metric of recycling Austin tops the nation in! In this episode, Jess and Mason chat with Richie Getter of Balcones Resources, a  comprehensive environmental services company that specializes in recovering resources through recycling, document and product destruction, and alternative energy. For show notes, visit
November 17, 2021
Roy and Ryan Seiders, co-founders and brothers of YETI chat fishing, conservation and sustainability
Roy and Ryan Seider’s father was a small family business owner who engrained in the brothers “if you can’t find what you want, make it.” So that’s exactly what they did. In this episode, Jess and Mason sit down with Roy and Ryan, co-founders of YETI, to chat about their founder story, love for fishing and conservation efforts. Listen to learn about how a pivotal new product development that catapulted the brand was also a major win for sustainability.   For show notes, visit -
November 10, 2021
Former co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, Walter Robb, shares his journey of success and fulfillment
Whole Foods Market, the world's leader in natural and organic foods, grew from 12 stores to over 500 under the leadership of Walter Robb. In this episode, Mason and Jess had the opportunity to connect with Walter about his eco-journey and profound retail success. Something we all struggle with is whether to choose balance over fulfillment or money over it all. Walter shares the path he chose to focus on and some new projects he’s really excited about right now.   Visit the show notes for more at
November 10, 2021
A conversation around ocean plastics and sustainable fishing with Claudia Tibbs of Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Monterey Bay Aquarium is deeply committed to making a difference on critical ocean conservation issues and continues to make big waves to protect the ocean. The organization’s Sustainability and Operations Manager, Claudia Pineda Tibbs, enlightens Jess and Mason on some big topics around ocean plastics, sustainable fishing practices and how social equity can affect sustainability decisions. Listen to learn about a comprehensive program MBA created to help people make better seafood choices for a healthy ocean. See show notes for additional information -
November 10, 2021
What's actually in your wine? Dave Schavone of RedThumb Wine teaches us a thing or two
When there’s wine, there's a way! Jess and Mason join Dave Schavone, co-founder of RedThumb Wine, a new transparent & natural wine company with a ‘do no harm’ approach in their low-intervention winemaking process. What’s really in your wine, where and how can you get great wine on the cheap and what’s the minimum you should spend on a bottle of wine are just a few questions uncovered in this episode. Check out our show notes at
November 10, 2021
Meet Mason and Jess, co-founders of
Welcome to A Mostly Green Life podcast! Founded by sustainability nuts Mason Arnold and Jessica Kezar, is a new company helping people navigate the crazy world of just trying to do the right thing for the planet. In this episode, the duo shares how their individual eco-journeys got started, what prompted the this new eco-venture and their takeaways from the first few podcast recordings. To learn more, visit
November 10, 2021
A Mostly Green Life Podcast Coming Soon
While we admire and respect our eco-warrior friends who are pushing quite hard on all of us to make better decisions, we think there’s a voice missing for those who want to do the right thing but are confused or maybe overwhelmed. To the eco-curious out there who aren’t sure how to make sense of it all and who are interested in learning what’s the best thing to do in any given eco-dilemma. We want to join you on an eco-journey. From health & wellness topics to at-home sustainability practices, to conservation efforts we can all support, we’ll talk to sustainability pioneers, regular people like us trying to do the right thing, and dig into environmental issues without all the politics and polarization. A Mostly Green Life podcast is here to save the day….and the planet!
October 20, 2021