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Insights with Ampsy

Talking with industry experts about the in's and out's of influencer marketing, audience activation and how to ultimately drive more customer action.


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02. Insights with Samantha: From Local to Global Influencer Marketing

02. Insights with Samantha: From Local to Global Influencer Marketing
We sat down with Samantha Ley, the Director of Client Development at Find Your Influence (FYI), a local startup leading the charge in the world of influencer marketing platforms and managed services, to talk about the art of influencer marketing. She shares her journey, starting with her time at Marriott and their incredibly innovative but time consuming approach to influencer marketing. A few years later she crossed paths with the founders of FYI who shared their idea for the platform. That was almost three years ago. Since then the company has jumped from six to 34 employees with a global presence and client base. She goes on to share some advice for businesses looking to engage influencers, an exciting international campaign FYI managed as well as advice for aspiring influencers looking to build their brand. This is a great chat for anyone looking to learn more about the world of brand and influencer marketing!
April 19, 2018
01. Insights with Mike: Defining the Role of CDO
We sat down with our very own Mike Alonzo for our first Insights with Ampsy podcast. He shares his story leading up to joining Ampsy two years ago including his first bigwig job, publishing an indie magazine called PROVOKE, making the ranks at GoDaddy, and then trying his hand at entrepreneurship again before pivoting to run an agency. He goes on to explain how each of these experiences taught him lessons and prepared him to dive into his current role of VP of Product for Ampsy. When he gets home, he also plays the role of CDO, Chief Do Whatever He’s Told Officer, for his wife’s company Briabay. Mike shares he and his wife’s entrepreneurial journey, consistently increasing Briabay product sales month over month, with a booming social presence and tremendous thought leadership in the mommy blogger space. We go on to discuss different methods for engaging influencers as well as ways that influencers partner to promote each other.
April 5, 2018

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